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Stumble Guys App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stumble Guys app received 81 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stumble Guys? Can you share your negative thoughts about stumble guys?

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Stumble Guys for Negative User Reviews

It WAS to be good kinda 😡Well, when I started playing I knew straight away that this was going to be like the IOS version of fall guys. But I didn’t expect it to be like this first it was fine a good ping on 24 and no warning internet symbol but after I got my first 3 extra characters the ping went right up to 378 ping and had a warning symbol so when I started playing it lagged me behind so I couldn’t move and when I finally got to move it had already finished. I thought it would only be a one time thing but it kept happening😡my friends suggested it would just be the internet but even when I had full bars of connection it still did the same thing I tried resetting my iPad and the game I even tried to delete it and it didn’t work I don’t recommend until they fix this. And I don’t know why but it only kept playing the same 4 games.Version: 0.39

Just a really bad copy of a gameThe controls are very bad with many bugs in different maps and it’s also just a copy of fall guys and now that fall guys is free I see 0 reason to get this game also this game has so many ads when doing anything it seems like you get an ad.Version: 0.37

Scopely ruined this game.The game used to be just a fun game, if there was a bug it would be fixed within around 3-4 days. However the old owners, kitka, sold the game to scopely. There used to be really hard to get skins that were known as special skins. There used to be only 5, kitka made one last one before they sold it to scopely. There are so many bugs in this game but all scopely does is make more special skins, ones that are way uglier too. There used to be 5 as I said, now there’s 35+. I used to love this game but the reason it may take longer to load a match up nowadays is because nobody likes the game anymore simply because scopely ruined it. I still play the game, it is a fun game I will say but I have been playing it less and less and less over time because the game is so buggy and scopely will never fix them. They’re finally done with special skins! Oh nevermind they just made a whole new rarity known as the mythic rarity, it came out around a week ago and there’s already 5. Content creators have beta and they show everyone some sneak peaks of what’s gonna happen. There’s gonna be like 15 mythic skins all in one update. What’s next? Probably more skins. **** you scopely..Version: 0.51.3

Good, but for a bad reasonI, much unlike some other people, know that this is just a Fall Guys nock off and I have nothing wrong with that. What I do have a problem with is that they have ingame purchases and ads. This means they make money, and not once in the game OR in any developer responses do they mention Fall Guys. This means they are practically stealing from Fall Guys. The game itself is good and fun to play with friends BUT if you have any type of console then download Fall Guys and play that instead. Until they give credit to Fall Guys, I will believe this game to be a sloppy-cashgrab. And devs, use a different physics engine. This one is so bad. A player can get nudged by and obstacle and get sent flying. Thanks for reading my review..Version: 0.37

Kitka games was betterScopley just made stumble guys worse, and they’re adding too much new specials.Version: 0.46

Fun gameI enjoy playing stumble guys and even throw some money into it since i have money there's some minor things i find unfair like the fact that some items on the stumble pass end up featuring as purchasable in the shop. Maybe it's not a big deal but i personally prefer the exclusivity of some items because i sacrificed so much by playing for a long period of time to be able to achieve certain items in the stumble pass and then all of the sudden somebody can just buy it in the snap of a finger in the shop. The other thing i wanted to mention was that recently i just saw some LGBT skins. Why? Why did y'all sell out to these pedophiles, these creeps that are tryna get into the minds of children! This is a kids app, what does a kid have to do with a transgender skin?I have 2 kids of my own and all they care about is getting the diamond banana or the golden ninja skin. Disgusting, if y’all wanna get political then you might as well throw in a Jesus skin for me since i'm christian! If y’all really wanna support the lgbt then please, please advertise this app as a game for people 18 years old and up!.Version: 0.50.3

Absolute donkey crapThis has to be one of the most rigged, toxic and most glitchiest mobile game ever. The spinner always gives me the most garbage useless crap. and when I do sometimes get an epic I get a stupid skin which looks like a five year olds ipad wallpaper. And the graphics look like you just rushed them. The gameplay is stupid and pretty much all of the maps make you glitch out of the map and fall through the floor, and it’s a straight off duplicate of fall guys. I bet the developers are like police helicopters searching over games to copy from. Never playing again even if the spinner gets sorted out. (It’s probably meant to be like that knowing kitka games) if anyones reading this and wants to find a good mobile game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. Its a waste of time, stress and money. Fall guys is way better than this absolute monkey crap and fall guys actually has fair and agreeable prices. do not play this game..Version: 0.40

BadIt’s just soulless. There’s no catchy music that gets you hooked or fun and unique designs or crossovers or animations or seasons or dedicated finales that hype you up or polished and refined controls or any reason to have this over fall guys other than you don’t have any console or PC. Both are free so why bother. It’s also pay to win due to a locked punch and kick. WHY! Ironic this came out at the height of fall guy’s popularity. This game is a leach. Play fall guys. The same un-catchy and repetitive OST of 2 songs are engraved into by brain but at the same time aren’t due to the fact that they sound royalty free. One last thing, WHY DOES THIS “GAME” HAVE A COMMUNITY? It’s just a knock off so why. Why am I of all people writing an essay about this game? I don’t need to so why? Anyway thank you for coming to my TEDtalk..Version: 0.40

Disgusting & pervertedI gave this game a “1 star”, that was generous. My little boy (who is 10 really enjoys this game. Who ever designed the “Transvestite, the non-binary and the pride” stumblers is morbid!!! Y’all are sexualizing “children” which use to be evil and against the law. Now it’s against the law if you don’t brainwash your child “that is to young to go through puberty” into some sick perverted and sexual agenda. Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. That’s exactly how it is now. Even if you don’t don’t do it, but agree… you might as well be doing it. Romans 1:28-32 just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what I thought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, agreed, and depravity. Luke 17:2 It is better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck, and thrown into the sea than that he may cause one of his little ones to sin. Matthew 18:10 “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones; for us say to you, that their angels, in heaven, continually see the face of my father, who is in heaven.” Y’all need to leave children alone and quit destroying their lives..Version: 0.50.3

Remove punch and the other pay to win itemsIt would be fun if there was no pay to win items it’s so annoying they could punch you and it will cost the whole game it sucks like this remove it.Version: 0.39

Pay to win, bugsGame is purely pay to win, you can buy ability’s to enhance your performance pretty much saying the creator is money hungry, also a few flaws with falling through ground quite a lot.Version: 0.39

It was good for a bitNgl when fall guys was not free I was playing this game 24/7 and it was really fun and a nice alternative to actually fall guys, that is until fall guys got bought by epic games, now lets be honest, stumble guys is great for a month, you play you get really addicted to it beat everyone and get a 3 win streak. And then one day something happens overnight. You went from going against trash people, to not being able to play a single game without getting trolled 5 million times, this is my perspective of stumble guys and honestly it’s boring now, like in reality fall guys is what’s supposed to beat out this game, I like the creativity and all that stuff, but this is just one of those games that makes you watch ads for stuff, vs fall guys that has you work for it and the pass um… is a lot worse. I mean cmon why do you have to pay money to punch kick or hug someone like just add a cooldown to it and give everyone the ability to kick someone but add a cooldown! I really liked the game for a bit and I hope the game still gets more updates but it does not look like a bright future for them. But hey that’s just my opinion and I hope you guys all have good day! And that peace ✌️.Version: 0.39

This game in bad 👎It is just copying fall guys.Version: 0.39

FeedbackThe punching emote is the worst! It’s so annoying that players can move and punch people and the only way they can is because they PAY for it!.Version: 0.39

Whoever created is a prodigyI know what your thinking. “How do I know you, a person who struggles to tell the truth on a bad day, has not only played the game but also that your opinion can be trusted about this matter” And what I would say to that is, yes I didn’t play the game but no my opinion is worthwhile reading so gosh darn it READ it. Thank you. Now I believe this game is very interesting. The lore alone behind this game is explored well in depth. And the graphics are on peak. I’m telling you this game must have been designed by NASA or the CIA because the graphics are so realistic, after 6 hours of constant gameplay, because yes it is that addictive, I struggled to tell wether I was in the real world. And to put the sugar on the cake, the cherry on the ice cream it has a great community. The community and the game go together like butter and bread, or for the non English speakers, like the twin towers. One stands tall the other stands tall, one gets hit by a plane the other gets hit by a plane..Version: 0.46.1

Pay to winDear Stumble Guys Developers Please please please get rid of the pay to win emotes. The punch emote hug emote and kick emote are all as worse as each other. The punch you can punch other players and in lava land that’s an automatic qualify or win. The hug emote you can literally grab players and push them off the edge of obstacles. The kick you can kick other players and also get a boost with the dive which is crucial for the last qualifying spots or in the dying meters for the win. I don’t mind the emotes like this but at least make them free. And before you say you can just save up for the stumble pass with the free gems. NO. You can not. It will take at least 6 months to save up the gems and even worse you only get 300 gems back from the stumble pass instead of the 1200 gems you need to buy it. Also in humble stumble there’s a glitch where if you fall off the edge with the moving blocks you spawn back at the start Thanks Two4twentytwo.Version: 0.39

The game has no variety but is also p2wAt first it’s all fun.. but when you get grabbed and punched by people it just ruins the fun because you can only obtain that by the Stumble pass which is fully p2w because the only other way you can obtain rewards is by spinning 4 times every 24 hours which is really annoying and the amount of crowns you get per game isn’t fair for the amount of rewards you get out of it.. Make the game more f2p, not completely over advantaged and also make bots more useful!!.Version: 0.39

Can’t purchase anythingI was trying to bye an offer and I would tap on the offer and nothing would happen what should I do.Version: 0.37

Great game, but gets boringSo I have been playing Stumble guys for a while, I enjoyed it at first but now I am bored of it. If you people at SG want to get a 5 star, you need to tweak the game first. 1. I keep on playing the same world, and it’s just not fun anymore. I see lots of other worlds to play and they look so cool, but I never play in them. I would like you to have a wider variety of worlds to play in, not the same 3 I keep playing in. 2. Ads pop up from nowhere! Please fix this. 3. I keep on getting a bug and it kicks me out of the game. And the ping goes so high so I can’t play anymore. It’s so annoying! Do something about this. Other than those 3 complaints, SG is a great game. I love the skins and how you can customise it. I also like how you can play with friends. Thanks!.Version: 0.44.3

BadI downloaded this because my friend said it was good. After I had downloaded it it failed to log in, I tried deleting and downloading it again, I turned my phone of and on again but noting worked. A few days late I tried it again and it still didn’t work. So on my ps4 I downloaded fall guys, loaded right away. This game is just a fall guys rip off don’t download it it’s either got a bug or there’s something wrong with the game and the owner hasn’t sorted it out yet, so I rate it 2/5 because it looks fun, everything else is bad though. I hope you read my review and sort your game out, I hope you don’t download this game because it won’t work, I hope you enjoyed reading my review..Version: 0.41

Pay to winIt’s a fun game but when people kick you and punch you and grab you so you fall it’s not fun and you lose every time because people who paid to win.Version: 0.39

Good game but pay to winReally like the game but as you get more trophies it becomes really hard to win because of pay to win emotes. Not a problem at low level but later on people can buy these emotes and kick or pinch you to slow you down with the emotes. Very frustrating. I just got robbed of a win by a guy emoting and knocking me over. Overall good game but can be very frustrating with pay to win emotes..Version: 0.39

A pay to winIt’s a pay to win with the battle pass emotes.Version: 0.33

Pay to winIts a pretty good game but they have ruined it by making it completely pay-to-win. The special emotes shouldnt be for stumble pass buyers, but for people who have reached a certain milestone in game… maybe also make it so you can only use it a couple times in the game or something. It makes me want to delete the game when i get punched or kicked into a laser or something, especially now that so many people have it..Version: 0.41.1

Too much advertisements ☹️If I was able to rate it worse, I would give this game half a star, the advertisements after each games makes it bad, because you already lost, and after that it makes you watch a 1 minute advertisements, sometimes I get lucky and the advertisements is 30 seconds, I only have 10 minutes to play something fun, but the advertisements take up most of the time, if the game creator could decrease the number of advertisements, I would be very likely to give this game a 5 star review, the drawing and everything is magnificent, all this ruined by the advertisements. It’s really sad to see such a good game with marvellous art like this go to waste. Please remove the advertisements, it will make the game a lot better. Anyways thank you for making this game..Version: 0.28

Monotonous pay to play gameAs others have said, game starts out really fun. However, I learned pretty quickly that I was going to keep coming in 3rd, 4th, 5th — over and over, on the same courses — unless I started investing in gems. I did that, but learned I still can’t seem to get the bump / punch / kick actions that some of the long time players have, so even paying leaves me at a disadvantage. On top of that, the game does get old fairly quickly since there is a limited number of courses that have repetitive obstacles. Another problem with the game is that, once you’re out, you’re out. At most times of day, the level of competition is high enough so that one mistake (or punch from another player) will eliminate your chances of qualifying. If you get hit by an obstacle on many of the courses, there is little to no chance of recovery. The last issue is that there are a bunch of very juvenile players who seem to get significant joy from making it impossible for many players to succeed. On one course, they spend their time literally tipping the scales so that you can’t advance through the course. Game developers need to create a way around this, because these sadistic toddlers basically wreck the playing experience for other players..Version: 0.44.3

It’s good but it’s So rigged sometimes😢Stumble guys is one of my favourite games but it is really rigged or at least it is for me I have just got cannon climb 3/5 rounds in a row, in fact I’m only getting 4 out of the possible 21 Maps!! those are: jungle roll cannon climb floor flip and humble stumble also it always glitches out and freezes then everyone is half way to the finish while I’m still at the start and also one more thing , the punch emote thing should be removed if you have it (which I don’t) you most certainly have won as especially on the ‘don’t be eliminated’ maps eg: block dash you can just knock people off then you automatically get through as everyone else is eliminated. But honestly I love stumble guys but can I actually get to play some of the maps more than like once or twice Thank you 🙂.Version: 0.48

Stumble guys reviewThis game is ok.It is fun until someone uses that stupid punching thing. Remove it makes me stop playing the game..Version: 0.37

Pay to winThis game is extremely fun with friends, enjoyable game play, good rotation of game modes. As a new player though, it’s extremely frustrating that I do not have access to the punch and kick emotes that were available in previous battle passes and completely alter game play while playing solo. I have lost countless amounts of times specifically because of these pay to win emotes that I can’t even pay for anymore simply because they were in previous battle passes. So not only have these emotes made the games pay to win, it’s not even possible to pay to win anymore because they’re no longer available in new seasons. I have no clue how this is at all fair for new players and it allows for a complete advantage for players who played previous seasons. Now players with more experience also have more tools to their advantage to beat new players. This game will not last long if this trend continues. If you’re going to make it pay to win, at least let everyone pay. Either nerf the emotes or allow for new players to get them somehow, I’m tired of losing because players are kicking and punching me off the map at finish lines while I have no way to deliver that same attack back..Version: 0.37

This game is unfairThis game is so fun until u get punched or hugged or kicked by another player this is most annoying when ur on the honey blocked or lazer jump it’s unfair because u have to pay to get that and players that don’t pay for that don’t get it. if everyone had it mabye it would be better.Version: 0.39

Give all free to play players a free special emote.Everyone a special Emote because nowadays I don’t think that the game is fun any more here’s why. Sweats people that have special skins and emotes they will use them to win the game for example I was about to qualify and someone with a special emote used it and I didn’t qualify. I’m a free to play player and don’t say “ You can still get a special emote as a free to play player.” But there are some people in the world that have a life and don’t play stumble guys all day. So pleas give all free to play players one special emote it could be any just pleas do it for the sake off your free to play players..Version: 0.42

Please read it’s importantSo basically this game was so much fun, me and my friends having such a laugh. However I got so addicted one time I couldn’t get to sleep because I was waiting for the free spins. However time passed and one night around about 9pm my house was broken into as I was upstairs watching tv I heard glass smash. But my phone was down there. And all I was thinking about was stumble guy thinking they might steal my phone. I darted down the stairs and as I walked into the living room they guy shot me in the leg. And then came up to me a whacked me in the face. I blacked out. As I woke up in hospital I said did you get my phone? They said no sir everything was gone even your stairs, they trashed your house. And I shouted nooooooooooo not MY STUMBLE GUYS. After that I had to have people helping me because I was so addicted. Please do not let your kids have more than 30 mins on this game!.Version: 0.41

Worst fall guys copy ever no capIt is such a bad game you would jump then out of nowhere you teleport… if u download this ur not that smart.Version: 0.39

Good game but…Its a good game but there is one problem. When you jump on another players head you glitch and teleport somewhere close and it messes you up. And this game makes you rage way to much :).Version: 0.40

SpecialWhy are y’all putting special emote juste for the people paying its advantage them so much you should delete this.Version: 0.37

Horrible GameSo many pop up ads. Can’t get any cool characters. Pay to play..Version: 0.37

I love this gameO think this game is the best and even though somethings are pay to win i still in joy it and i think its a good game and needs a little of improvement number 1/ i think that the animations that you have to pay for and you don’t want to so you try to grind for gems but you see its dam expensive i think that the animations should be not that much and the people that want to grind could actually want to grind then give up because it’s so expensive number 2/ i think every free gift you get and your done with the first one and go for the second one buT you HAVE TO WATCH AND ADD makes me really angry 😤😤😤😤😤😤 I can’t explain how that makes me so angry and i think in the games that all of the people should be alive not 7 or 8 of them being bots any ways the game is super fun i think you should fixs a little of the things but the game ok 👍🏽 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 but one more thing i want to tell you a joke why was 6 afraid of 7 because 7 8 9 lol its a classic any ways i hope you fix some stuff in your game.Version: 0.42

A little bug, but overall ok!I’ve recently downloaded this game from an advert, and it’s super fun! i wanted to play it today but it’s taking ages to log in? i’ve turned my phone off, swiped it away multiple times, and it’s still taking forever? i don’t know what to do. it’s quite irritating. please try and fix this! overall, it’s a very fun, time-killing game. i recommend! UPDATE: i need to delete and redownload the app to get it to function?? and i need to sign back into my facebook + apple ID. it’s extremely irrational. whenever i’m done with the game, i swipe it away. when i go back onto it, i need to delete and redownload again. please fix this, or i’ll need to delete it permanently, and i don’t want to do that..Version: 0.37

I can’t collect my free daily rewardI watch the add to get my free daily reward but then it dosnt grant me my gift. It just simply scams me!.Version: 0.37

😡The overall game is great but this is about the emotes. I’m furious now because I’m so sick of people pushing me off the edge. This is so unfair that you have to use REAL money to pay just for some stupid emotes. Some people aren’t as fortunate as other people are. My suggestion is you can get the emotes with a IN GAME currency like the gems or the tokens. Kind regards, Mila.Version: 0.42

Purchase’sI was on the game right and I went to look at the new pirate skin and I didn’t even click the button to buy I just clicked on it to have a look and I bought it and used up all my saved gems please fix those or get me refund.Version: 0.41.1

Fall Guys RipoffWhen I first saw this game I thought that it was fall guys. At that time I had never played fall guys but could tell Stumble guys was a ripoff of some sort. When I finally got Fall Guys I realised so many more similarities with fall guys. Many obstacles and even whole maps were copied. The selection screens and elimination screens are extremely similar. If you have played both games you will know what I mean. The biggest thing is the name Stumble GUYS. What I am not trying to say is that this is a bad game. It is not but they have taken someone else’s game made it mobile and gotten more downloads doing this. Some may argue Stumble Guys is better because of this but No this is because of the amount of mobile gamers. Stumble Guys is a fun game but it doesn’t deserve to be top of free games in the App Store. If you want to play this game go ahead but I can’t support it..Version: 0.39

I’m only theeThrash Poopy Just play fallguys Fok Messi Suiiiii.Version: 0.46

Extreme plagerismThe game is a complete copy of fall guys and brawl stars. They copied the brawl stars ui and copied the entire idea of fall guys, the games name is even stumble guys. Please be original and come up with your own ideas..Version: 0.37

BadDon’t get this game go play fall guys.Version: 0.39

Win didn’t registerI just won my first match and then my game crashed when it said I won I went back on and didn’t get my crown or trophy and now I have no proof pls make ot so that when that screen shows up it straight away saves your win.Version: 0.40

Kick emoteWhy does the kick emote exist? It is the stupidest game mechanic ever, remove all skill required, and what’s more, it’s locked behind a pay wall! Most blatant pay to win I’ve seen in a while. Either remove it or make it accessible to everyone. Otherwise a good game..Version: 0.37

Meh.I have had stumble guys for a while now, it’s fun and cool how you can play with good quality with bad wifi and play with your friends. But recently I’ve came over a few problems. On lots of maps SOOO many people always use the emotes like the heart, foot and punch and I think it’s unfair because some people can’t afford it so it’s literally pay to win, and if you can’t afford it you always lose basically. Also, it’s getting to the point where on maps like cannon climb when a ball hits me I just lag through the map and if you don’t touch a certain point you go ALL the way back to the start. Idk if you have a Xbox or PlayStation or switch just play fall guys. Meh.Version: 0.40

Just needs shapingI downloaded this game to have fun with my cousins and I was addicted for a week. However then it just got really boring and there should be a bigger variety on games. I wouldnot download this game for the long term Secondly, I always play in a party which is a cool idea but then in the second round there are those team games (rocket rumble and stumble soccer). This is such a cool game but I am always against the people in my party which is a really bad idea because then only a few can make it into the finals. I would make it so people ina party are together. This game has really good potential and is hyped up with the new fall guys craze so fix these minor issues and this game will easily be a five. 👍👍👍.Version: 0.39

Ruined potential - Pay to WinBrilliant game! Loads of fun! The big issue I have with this game is it’s special emotes… especially “kick”. The kick emote literally allows players to jump further and move quicker and totally ruined the fairness of the game. Ruined potential. This is an awesome F2P… but you have to pay real money to have a fair chance at winning. And no, you won’t build enough gems to purchase the season pass from spinning the roulette every day and saving up. It would literally take years to save up for all 3 season passes… ignoring the fact that the season renews every month..Version: 0.37

EmotesEmotes sould be banned.Version: 0.44.3

Pay to win DuduThis game is pay to win with these emote that kick you to ded in like laser game.Version: 0.37

Developers read this and replyOk “kitka games” I HAVE 5 REASONS FOR WHY TO REMOVE STUMBLE SOCCER. Reason 1: I understand you guys add more challenging games for more popularity (probably not), BUT TRUST ME your players will be happy. Reason 2: its not fair for people how are not more experienced like others like me and people who have the stumble pass use the punch emote to their advantage and a lot… and when I say A LOT of people don’t like that im serious. Reason 3: it is also not fair for when your team loses not only you get eliminated team goes with you so if you consider deleting this map you got 2 options, either make a map to eliminate half the players or make more rounds like 4 instead of 3 and player like 40-54. Reason 4: (this is a fix it or delete it reason), when you dive into the soccer ball you can only hit in a specific angle like perfectly in middle or in the corner, and this bothers me very much. Reason 5: if you do not consider deleting this map at least disable kick and punch emotes because it is really annoying when people self-sabotage their own teammates like for example, you are being goalie and a player from your team comes up to you and punches you into the void and the you respawn making your team lose wouldn’t that be annoying? Thank you for your time..Version: 0.41.1

Terrible ,rigged, and unfairOk so the game is rigged and unfair at this time when I tried it myself it really was the graphic is ok but everything else is terrible ok so I was playing right and then it kept on spinning and Spinning and spinning and spinning and then the second time I reloaded it picked the same one for multiple rounds and then the name ok so it is ok too but the thing is they need to put a limit on that because if it’s to short or to long you can’t have idc about that but what I DO care about is let’s say you want a funny one so you put something inappropriate (you know what I mean) if it’s not taken or to long or short you can have it WHAT your not gonna put like to inappropriate name please change. Ok next I was playing this and i realized Roblox is better than this because when you run you can walk and when you stop running or walking it doesn’t it take like a few more steps then stops ,then THE JUMPING ok I don’t like it either if you accidentally hold it or tap it twice it make you slide and it just make me mad if you want to see for yourself and STUMBLE GUYS IM WARNING YOU IF YOU DELETE THIS I WILL TYPE MORE AND MORE AND MORE.Version: 0.49

Needs more social featuresGreat game but if you could add friends then invite active friends and chat with them in lobby it would make the game 100x better..Version: 0.43.1

Why is the premium pass only one month I got so mad and pretty much got scammedCan u make it it longer.Version: 0.44.1

GarbageIt’s a:garbage B: annoying and impossible because people camp at the end when there’s only one more person who can qualify then steel it from the other person.Version: 0.37

Bad controlsI try to double tap jump to make sure it registers but then I dive and it’s so annoying where as fall guys they are different buttons.Version: 0.40

It’s fun but not perfect😐I do like this game, but I have several ways to make it better. First of all, I do not think it is fair that player can punch or kick you because this throws off the competitive part of the game. I get it, the developers want to make money off of the stumble pass but I wish they would make players pay for skins instead or something because I have been kicked or punched before and it has prevented me from winning, and I have seen this happen to other players so if the developers read this, PLEASE FIX THIS! Another thing I want to mention is that there should be more rounds, there are three each having a number of qualifiers, 16, 8, and 1 which is the winner. I agree with one and two, but I think after round three with eight qualifiers, there should be round four with four qualifiers and round five with two qualifiers to carry out the suspense. After focusing on the errors, I don’t want to hate on this game, It is fun and I would recommend taking a look at it. Thanks for reading this long review😅.Version: 0.41.1

SCAM MEI got a wheel for a new skin then it froze then I cleared my backgrounds and it say you claim it but I did not..Version: 0.37

Special emotesEvery time I play the ice pillars maps I always die cuz of the special emotes🤬🤬😤😡.Version: 0.39

Very buggy and glitchyThis game is quite fun but most of the time it is buggy. Sometimes i would fall through the floor and it would make me lose the match. Also, i would try to qualify but when i touch the finish line, it doesnt make me qualify. Thus, making my review of this game 2 stars..Version: 0.44.3

EmotesThe game is really (really) good, but the game itself is pay to win. See, the punch, grab and kick emote are all pay to win as they are only available in the stumble pass which since this is a mobile game, the only people who will buy the pass are little sweats who sit on their phones all day playing stumble guys who obviously have bought the stumble pass because they’re life is literarily self centred around it. But us however who want to just play the game and not actually buy the stumble pass because we’re just here for fun but others who are competitive buy the stumble pass and get these emotes which does not make the game enjoyable at all and that is why I have uninstalled Stumble guys. So please If you are listening please remove these emotes because they just do not make the game fun AT ALL..Version: 0.42

Fun but gets annoyingThe game is 10/10 until someone uses the punch or kick emotes then it becomes unfair. It’s just pay to win.Version: 0.44.3

Sorry it sucksThis is an off brand of fall guys plus some of them are final rounds but they just put a random round fall guy is so much better because you get the battle pass for free.Version: 0.37

Ehhh could use some workOverall stumble guys is a really good game but there is some major flaws first of all you can get horrible paying even if no one is on your Wi-Fi and you were literally sitting next to you Wi-Fi it will not work the ping is horrible and usually leads you into disconnecting number two it gives you a daily spin to see what you would win and every day you get excited hoping that you get something good and you always end up with a common skin and usually it is one of their dumb soccer skins like Cristiano Waldo and Mpapa and lie-down messy I also really think they should change what you want to play with because I have gotten beaten so many times because of people who play with a controller instead of mobile when I’m trying to win with my mobile I just don’t think it’s fair and wish that they created a setting where you can be either controller or mobile and would create an even advantage for everyone. this game has been really fun for me and da bois to play but been all around week game and I really wish it could get a little better.Version: 0.44.3

My father beats meI have been on the run for 50 years and have lost both of my fingers and my only arm that i was born with, i was convicted in Haiti for money laundering a business to hide unimaginable amounts of money. while on my escape i found this game and i need you to improve character designs. they're all small and chubby and the game is pay to win remove all kick punch and hug emotes and remove some of the shortcuts making it fair for new players. change some of the animations and the overall movement feels blocky. add way more maps and different variations of maps for example adding more obstacles for some one map but the obstacles gone in the same map but a different round. also please add more games because it will get loads of new players and will blow up like my right leg.Version: 0.42

I dont like thisCopy of fall guys.Version: 0.40

This game is not letting me win the second roundAnd they are always bots the game just disconnects me.Version: 0.37

Fun game, but improvement neededI really love this game. It’s really fun, and it’s time consuming, and so fun to play. I think this game needs some improvement. One thing you can improve on and change is there are glitches and lags sometimes, but I don’t think it’s just something with my iPad. So many of my other friends and my sibling experiences it a lot too. Like in the Icy Heights map, I fell through the bars that were made to prevent you from falling through there. Also, in Tile Fall, only three people out of sixteen qualified, when the round was supposed to be over when sixteen out of sixteen were supposed to get qualified, and that kind of makes the game a little less fun because there aren’t too much people to compete against, and you have to wait forever for the round to be over. There also constant lags that engulf the screen and you can’t see where you are moving to. All you can see is the stumble guys screen going upwards and downwards and glitching, and other players are going ahead and qualifying. I get eliminated a lot of times because of that. Also developers, I think you could be a bit more creative. You could maybe add a new update or something, where you could get a bit more than only four free spins, and you could also add bug fixes and some tweaks, and you could like make us enabled to buy tokens with gems or buy gems with tokens. This is a really good game though, and you should be proud of this game..Version: 0.39

White noiseIf I turn off sound and put my ear near the speaker I hear white noise, you guys are listening to what we are saying.Version: 0.39

Best rip off game ever (it’s still trash tho)I am a hater and try to change my mind but I did install it so I can have a final opinion and this is it: It’s bad but it’s good for a rip off with poor quality textures and non exciting and boring soundtracks. If u want to become a good game and not a trash game that people installed because it’s the closest thing to fall guys on iOS until epic and Apple sort’s something out but at least give credit to the creators AND CREATE ORIGINAL MAPS AND REMOVE THE CHEAP FAKE ONES. I would also recommend to add something original and replace everything you copied. As a founder of a game studios on Roblox called CatScratch Studios (search Lastnight on Roblox plz) I do see success if you consider some changes, if u don’t this will happen: Fortnight,rocket league and fall guys comes back in 400 days (about) and because fall guys is back in the App Store, bye stumble guys💀 I hope u consider some of my recommendations (even tho I am a hater but still) and read this carefully as this may save your game in 2 years… The read why this is 5 star is because if it is, it has a higher chance of people viewing this.Version: 0.47

BugToo many bugs !!!!😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 0.37

Good but…For me, this game would be a great concept but it’s just a massive knock off of Fall guys which is why it’s not the developers “great concept”. It’s literally, “you want to play fall guys but its 40 quid”? “Well, take this free game”. The developers are clearly milking the game for money. Having said that though, it is a pretty addicting game that I always play with my friends with the party mode. DONT BUY GEMS!!! It’s a massive waste of money, if you do, deep down, you know it’s just to flex with others! One more notice… INSTANTLY REMOVE THE EMOTES THAT CHANGE THE GAME…I don’t play the game… but imagine an emote in fortnite that does damage…yeah you have to pay for these. There is a punch and a slide kick that knocks you over if others hit you. And like I said I’m not going to pay some money just for this. I’ve seriously lost games to people that have this. E.g the laser and the brick one..Version: 0.37

PlagerismOk, as soon as I opened the game I just saw the brawl stars menu screen but cheap and copied. It’s like you stole their homework and barely changed it so you thought the teacher wouldn’t notice. I think you could make a good game, but you don’t have to copy other developers work. change the menu screen. Plagiarism is illegal.Version: 0.33

Good Game but a few issuesVery good and enjoyable game but I have one problem with it, and that’s lag. I get multiple lag spikes before I start so then I cannot qualify. Whenever I accidentally clock out of the game on my phone, it will lag and I can’t play the game properly. Another thing I would like to say is remove the special emotes, because it’s basically pay to win, it gives a huge advantage to people how have bought the battlepass, or maybe instead of having to buy the battlepass to get it, but it in a epic chest. Also would recommend an OCE server. But when it does not lag the game is excellent and the game modes are really really enjoyable. Well done 👍..Version: 0.39

Really good game expect one big problemHey developers of Stumble guys. Your game is really fun and addicting expect the fact that it is pay to win. The three premium emotes that cost money give such an advantage on some maps like punch emote on lavaland means you have a extremely high chance of winning and the slide emote gives your that little extra boost when it comes down to qualifying last. These emotes should be removed from the game and owners of them should be given some gems or tokens in return. This would make the game much better and I would enjoy the game much more..Version: 0.39

Sick of getting duplicates on my spins when I pay for gems to spin.So not fair, I paid for gems and did spins to try and get different skins. Its too often that I get duplicates. I did 4 spins one time and got 3 duplicates out of the 4. If you already have the skin, it should be an option on the wheel! Not buying no more gems..Version: 0.44.3

Okay gameFirst you copied brawstars a bit of fall guys and the other game I forgot what it was called okay game some small improvements 1.don’t copy 2. You know about the spinning wheel and it has characters and tokens don’t make the tokens 1 tokens or coins 🪙 it’s soo annoying 😡 like could you not? 3.the controls are good but are hard I forgot about he sliding thingy when you click too times can you make a bottom for that? 4.can you make other seasons like brawstars like in Halloween 🎃 of Christmas 🎄 make some things for it don’t copy anyone else 5. (Positive feed back) it’s a good game you don’t always have to copy everything is good 👍.Version: 0.44.1

I hate this game I put it 0 stars but I have no choice but to give it oneI don’t recommend this game at all I hate these garbage it’s unplayable and a collect ur character and run the game is more character base than a game it’s self and it’s impossible to play if you don’t like rage games I don’t recommend this game can you put more mini games and maps there’s only 6 different maps can you put a difficult chart from easy to extreme no game is fun when you literally have 0 chance of winning and people finish the game in 15 seconds this game isn’t even kid friendly like I said put a difficulty chart so everyone can play and can you put more mini games and more features and put more maps we get the same maps everytime so like I said I don’t recommend this game it’s more collect ur character they have over 802 characters in the game and 6 maps and 30 seconds of game how about make more features so we can all play and have fun thank you.Version: 0.39

Oh my god.This is disgusting. It’s a knock-off budget fall guys with a brawl stars styled menu. The name won’t trick anybody into thinking it’s original. Stumble Guys? Really? You couldn’t be anymore creative? The worst part of this is that it is actually sort of well made, which will attract more people into playing, which will ultimately end up in the company getting more money for something that isn’t even theirs. It makes me angry and things like this should never exist..Version: 0.37

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