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Stumble Guys App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Stumble Guys app received 59 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stumble Guys? Can you share your negative thoughts about stumble guys?

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Stumble Guys for Negative User Reviews

PingThis game is cool and all but THE STUPID PING gets in the way and it gets really laggy and that’s what made me delete it.Version: 0.30

Your game is the worst game on earth!First of all your update was the worst and the game is so unfair all because people use punch and kick so much it’s so unfair that there is punch and kick because then you lose also today the was a tournament and it was a 2v2 and I had to sign up and it cost 10 GEMS!!! And also I had to make a party or join someone and I had no one to play with so I could not do the tournament and it kicked me out so then that’s a waste of 10 Gems first of all why do you allow tournaments and why does it have to cost 10 FRICKEN Gems why can’t it be free and my skin crate opening luck is soo bad🤮 and I lose crowns all because people using punch and kick I HATE YOUR GAME Fall guys is way more better!!!!!!!!.Version: 0.33

Two big fixes to solveI think generally it’s a good game. But there are two very major problems. 1: server connection is quite bad and lag spikes will ruin your game. 2: you can kick and throw people… if you pay enough, paying to win is a horrible game mechanic. Overall, good game ur two major fixes that are needed ASAP..Version: 0.33

LagSo much lag for no reason.Version: 0.33

TrashTrash.Version: 0.33

To much pushingThere’s to much pushing because when I’m really close to the end people push me off and then I get elimanated.Version: 0.33

Hate to see itThe game can be fun sometimes but it makes me bad so much.Version: 0.33

Too many ads for goodness sakeOk, I get it ur advertising games and all, but I wanna hurry up and play because it’s so fun. If u were to lower the rate of ads, this game would’ve been perfect..Version: 0.33

Okay gamePretty good but lots of ads and I wish you could trade skins. Lots of glitches and that’s why I can’t win it’s pretty difficult. Overall best game ever.Version: 0.30

Fun, but frustrating and has too many ads.A very fun game, but it gets so frustrating when you are accidentally pushed off or away by other people. I hate that we get adds after every game, so annoying. So we play you game, and this is what we get. I know you are trying to expand and earn more money by playing us ads. But maybe you should just stop the ads for a while or less on it, because I am so tired of this. I do not want to play this game anymore because there are just way too many ads. And they're way too long..Version: 0.33

Pay to win, not worth your timePaying let’s you get emotes that give you advantages over your opponents. If you want a game like this play Fall Guys which this game is a blatant rip-off of..Version: 0.24

Biased/ Pay to win/ Skill based/ ServersThe game is fun don’t get me wrong, but that’s if you only have 0-2 wins, then you get matched up with the most sweaty players who paid for advantages. If this game had a non skill based matchmaking system it would be better. Also I hate that the final round can be on any course, I would like a few exclusive or set final round courses. Also something needs to be done about these servers I play through two rounds with little to no ping then all of a sudden I’m disconnected like what. That is all..Version: 0.37

Fun game, needs workThis game is so much fun to play but is glitchy as hell. Please fix the game and maybe it will be more enjoyable and not make me want to delete it. Fix the game..Version: 0.33

Such a scamI bought the stumble pass, played a few games and then it said I didn’t have it and it took all the things I got from the stumble pass away. SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY..Version: 0.33

Too Many ads and Little things that make the game worseOverall this game is a well designed knockoff version of fall guys on mobile. But the controls can be a little too sensitive and I always slide a bit even though it’s not an Ice map. Also too many ads!!!!! After each round you get an ad and it can be really annoying Nice Revenue developers. And customisation isn’t really good but an overall an alright game probably the best Mobile Fall guys.Version: 0.33

A S SThere’s sometimes when U can be pushed by a ball or diving or just simply running and u can go through the map. There’s also sometimes where ur at a certain checkpoint and it will spawn u countries away from there, almost like u guys do it on purpose lol.Version: 0.33

Used to be great but…Everyone in this game used to be so nice, and I sometimes meet people who do the heart emoji to me. Everybody is really kind, but since yesterday or this week everyone is using the premium emotes to punch you off and they kicked off the heart emoji people off. I’m afraid I have had to uninstall this game again. Conclusion: Great, but there are toxic people everywhere. Stay safe!.Version: 0.33

TrashThe joysticks don’t work the maps are rigged you can’t move or jump and I have a iPhone 12 you can’t even get past icy heights. [don’t download].Version: 0.33

Doesn’t workGame is really laggy and won’t let me join a game..Version: 0.26

Season pass pointsThis games season pass points is just horrible. You do not get rewarded well for moving onto the next level. You are better off to keep losing the first round to gain maximum points on the season pass. What do I mean. If you play and lose the first round you get 20 points towards your season pass. If you go and lose the second round you get 25 points towards your season pass. If you happen to go on and win all three rounds. You get 35 points towards your season pass. Now instead of playing all three rounds to try to get 35 points. If I were to just play the first round three times and lose each one. I would get 60 points. I get double the points by losing than I would if I won. How stupid..Version: 0.33

P2WI love to game but the slide tackle emote from last season is way too pay to win. It needs to be removed or nerfed..Version: 0.37

Good funI don’t typically play games very long. Most don’t hold my attention long enough. This game, I’ve consistently played daily for the last week. I get to play with my children and we all have a blast as a family. The only way this would get 5 starts from me, is if they add a friends option. I don’t want to always have to make a party room. My kids play brawl-stars a lot, and I/they love the friend feature, they can see when their friends are online, they can spectate them, as well as join a party together. Since playing I’ve only played the same 4-5 maps. I see so many in the scroll but consistently get the same few maps. Variety would be awesome. And a “practice” offline mode would be a bonus..Version: 0.33

Never get this gamePeople are op and allowed to punch you and makes you restart it’s so much worse than fall guys if I could rate it a zero I would..Version: 0.33

Season 2Man season 1 is already 1 year old and make a new pass and delete punch in tournaments...Version: 0.30

Impossible to win.It’s a fun game to play at first but after a couple games it puts you in better lobbies. These lobbies are impossible to win. When I first started playing the game I would win a lot. Now I haven’t won the game ever since. I’m convinced it’s a bunch of bots your competing against that never make a mistake therefore they win every time. You will most likely make it to the third round which is the round of 8 then you will always lose no matter how good you are. Games rigged. Download this game only if you feel like playing with friends because it’s only fun with your friends and you will then be placed in bot lobbies making it actually possible to win the game..Version: 0.33

Correct gameThe game is very fun the only problem that I see is : This video game is pay to win. Like the punch and the heart..Version: 0.30

ToxicThere is this especial emojis that’s veery pay to win in there just toxic player and the maps terrible and on luck to win them.Version: 0.33

Too much advertisements ☹️If I was able to rate it worse, I would give this game half a star, the advertisements after each games makes it bad, because you already lost, and after that it makes you watch a 1 minute advertisements, sometimes I get lucky and the advertisements is 30 seconds, I only have 10 minutes to play something fun, but the advertisements take up most of the time, if the game creator could decrease the number of advertisements, I would be very likely to give this game a 5 star review, the drawing and everything is magnificent, all this ruined by the advertisements. It’s really sad to see such a good game with marvellous art like this go to waste. Please remove the advertisements, it will make the game a lot better. Anyways thank you for making this game..Version: 0.28

Bots on party modeFun with other real players but sucks when you make a party with a friend and have to play with 30 other bots.Version: 0.33

Stumble guysIt is a good game but I spent 3 dollars on gems and got nothing good and I really wanted something really good so I spent another 6 dollars and I could not even get one legendary and it always landed right near the legendary that I wanted but it always Mostley got me Commen and uncommon but I did get to epics o think but you should make it a bit more easier to get legendaries overall a good game.Version: 0.30

Updated the game and lost all my dataUpdated the game and it took me to a brand new account and lost all my items/emeralds/progress.Version: 0.33

Add more different levelsThe game is very fun but some levels keep on repeating. A new level needs to be added. The game is also getting slow in the middle. There should be some more fun and interesting so that it is fun to win till the third round..Version: 0.29

Fun but too littleThis game is amazing, it has so many different maps and I just picked up my first win. All I’d like to say is there is kind of only one thing you can do. I wish their could be more different things that you could do. And there is no way to have a skin which plays better in some maps. The skins just make you look cooler but not play better. Still a fun game though..Version: 0.28

It’s an alright rip offFirst off the gameplay is pretty fun and skill based! It has tons of fun skins and great maps. One thing that I have a problem with it the stumble pass. Which is nearly impossible to get for free to play players therefore people spend money on it and get skills in game that can actually make you lose a game. There’s the hug one which forces you to be unable to move while someone hugs you and a punch one where they can hit you. These two items should either be removed or given to everyone because right now they are a P2W nuisance which makes me lose games. Hopefully this gets fixed and more maps are added. Thanks..Version: 0.30

A pay to winIt’s a pay to win with the battle pass emotes.Version: 0.33

Dog waterThis game is so bad no one even wants to play and the only reason that I want to play is that my friend told. It’s so rigged I just want to bash everything.Version: 0.33

Not fairToo many hackers, bad game..Version: 0.28

Fun Game but pay to winI really enjoy this game and I was trying to unlock the stumble pass by watching ads however I realised there was a 50 ad limit. This forces the player to pay for the stumble pass to unlock the punch and makes the game pay to win. The amount of games I’ve lost was due to being punched in the finals so I think only cosmetics should be payed for, and punch should be the end reward of the free pass, as kids can’t pay for it so they can grind for it instead, making the game much more fair..Version: 0.29

Great gameIt’s fun and it’s free, but it drains my battery pretty quick D:.Version: 0.33

Too many bugsThis game is very good and fun but there are too many bugs and glitches for example going through the map getting pushed by players which is impossible finishing a run but then you dont qualify. This is really annoying and frustrating i dont recommend unless they fix it.Version: 0.33

AwfulWas working perfectly then as soon as i bought gems for the premium pass the game wont even open anymore.Version: 0.33

LaggySuper laggy even tho I have perfect connection.Version: 0.33

GameGame wont let me in a game it pauses when its picking a map.Version: 0.26

Need to fix resolutionWhen I tap on the resolution it just breaks my screen and then i have to delete the app to fix the issue. Could you please fix this??.Version: 0.30

Great work but…When you are in a party, and it’s a team game, it shouldn’t separate the people in the party..Version: 0.33

I AM MAD!Sooooo I was playing the game because how addictive it was…. Until my friend deleted the app……. I got it back and all of my progress is now gone!!😭😭 SO MANY HOURS WASTED!.Version: 0.29

Играю на андройде самом хорошем за 3тысячи рублей и лагает Исправте ашибку пжпжжпжпжжпжпж.вллвшвв.Version: 0.30

Terrible gameThe game is to easy and it’s way to glitchy I keep getting glitch into the ground.Version: 0.33

Great game but….I’ve only been playing this game for a few days but so far there is a issue. I found out that there are emotes in the game that can kick or punch a opposing player. This seems harmless but it can sometimes cost someone a game because they got punched in the middle of a round and then they fell of or got hit by a laser or cannonball. I get the fun idea behind it but the game feels pay to win because you can’t get this emote for free. Otherwise it’s an amazing game.Version: 0.37

Getting boringNeeds to be updated more frequently as it’s very repetitive and getting boring..Version: 0.30

Time WasterThere are so many ads and it even takes so much time for the map to be selected. Fix this, it’s annoying..Version: 0.33

Its good but developers helpIts very fun, but my ads to get rewards are not working, although when i finish a game, an ad about vodaphone or something else pops up. Its says i need to change my consent, but when i press the button, it does nothing! Please help me out.Version: 0.30

It’s okThis is an alright alternative for mobile players who want to play fall guys.. however It doesn’t let me change my consent for videos for some reason. Overall it’s an alright game but i often find it only plays a few games and some other games I’m not playing.Version: 0.28

GarbageWorst game ever. Super glitchy and not worth it. Copy wright on fall guys and you fall through the ground. Very bad graphics game.Version: 0.33

PlagerismOk, as soon as I opened the game I just saw the brawl stars menu screen but cheap and copied. It’s like you stole their homework and barely changed it so you thought the teacher wouldn’t notice. I think you could make a good game, but you don’t have to copy other developers work. change the menu screen. Plagiarism is illegal.Version: 0.33

It’s funIt’s fun but please remove soccer it makes me want to throw my phone.Version: 0.33

Good game but…The game is very good in itself but I feel like the punching and the rollover blades should be removed because it just makes the experience less fun when you don’t have those and someone else at the very end punches you it prevents you from winning 70% of the time from my experience also another suggestion is to add better sound effects and more songs for diff maps. Those are the only things that I don’t like about the game. Everything else is very good..Version: 0.37

Good game but has a ton of room for much needed improvementsOverall the game is really good but isn’t without its holes. To make it easier to read, I’ll divide them into separate sections. The chat function can only be used towards the end of a match when you’re less likely to use it so there’s no point in having the chat function especially when you can only say 4 things. The ads are horrible! Every single time you finish a game, you’re stuck watching an ad regardless of how time consuming your game was. And unless you want to spend the $3.99 to have them removed, you have no way out unless you want to close the game out and then go back in. There are also sooo many glitches during gameplay that result in my character and the characters of other players being sent to random spots on the map. If you win a challenge, you should be able to choose the upcoming map or challenge. There should also be a “final four” rather than only one person winning it out of 8..Version: 0.33

Video limit and Gems Cost1 star because of ad system of gems and buying gems are very costly remove video limit reached.Version: 0.28

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