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Stumble Guys app received 157 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stumble guys?

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Stumble Guys for Positive User Reviews

Really goodNever played it just a random review 🙂.Version: 0.28

Amazing but......This game is so good and so many people I know play it now but the only thing I would say is that it’s really hard to get gems but other than that I absolutely love this game :).Version: 0.28

Feels like the real deal!So I had just started playing this game, and I thought it was gonna be one of those cheap knock off games but this game is AMAZING. The maps are fun and not to long, it has just the right amount of players, cool skins, and even more. Stumble Guys is a must have game for mobile, it’s great for passing time with a little game from here and then. Even when it seems like you don’t wanna play this game it’s really good. I recommend this game it’s really well made. -SpicyNuggs.Version: 0.33

Stumble GuysVery good I played 1 game like half a year ago and said this game is trash but when I gave it a chance it became my favourite game so keep up the good work! I told my friends about this game and after 2 games they became addicted to it 1 friend unlocked the whole stumble pass and the other has 100s of 100s of gems and I personally can’t find a better mobile fall guys! If you like fall guys but you are on mobile this is the game!.Version: 0.28

Goated gameI love this game.Version: 0.33

Amazing game!!Honestly best mobile game I have. There might be an issue here and there but otherwise it’s just amazing. Especially with friends, friends just make it 10x better. And it’s easy to play with them. Honestly in my opinion, 5/5. Only bad thing I could find is the pay for better skins, but even of you don’t pay you still have a chance at amazing skins. Also ads are kinda frequent but most of the time skipable..Version: 0.33

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I honestly just love it sm, me and my husband were in a really bad place a few weeks ago and we thought we’d try a new game to cheer us up! we came across stumble guys and thought we’d give it a go, little did we know it would end up saving our marriage! this game brings us nothing but joy, we even sometimes roleplay the characters in bed. we just can’t help ourselves. thank you stumble guys for all you’ve done for us!!! hugs & kisses, sincerely skye and danny😊.Version: 0.33

AwesomeAdd a mode where u pick the mini game and only play w friends.Version: 0.28

Give more SG coinsWe get so less Sg coins we should get at least 8 sg coins from Common skins. One more thing why are you making Sg pass expensive We have to grind like 90 days! just to get sg pass Are you playing with us. But You guys are one of best games.Version: 0.33

Repetitive gamesThe game is really fun but I keep getting the same levels every round which makes the game a bit boring as the times goes on. I hope the developers will fix this because this is a really enjoyable game..Version: 0.30

Amazing gameStumble guys is a really enjoyable game to play with friends in school after me playing it. It was spread around the year group and became the most popular game.Version: 0.33

Never left a reviewI don’t think I’ve left a review on a game unless it gives me something that’ll benefit me in the game, but I’m writing this one at free will, gameplay is 5/5 yes it’s like fallguys and yes it’s actually real people. You can party with people, the only thing I would change is make the thumb stick bigger, I’m on an iPhone 11 and don’t have any lag while playing my internet is pretty decent and I get 34 ping. So this is definitely a great time killer and I do enjoy games where it’s 100% fair and even playing field. So I hope you’ll read this and get a good understanding of what you’re getting into..Version: 0.28

Best game probably ever, besides the pay to winStumble guys is one of the best games I have ever played. I could sit here for hours playing over and over again. The ranking system is next to flawless. The only thing i have a problem with is the pay to win aspect. I haven’t spent money on the pass, and people that have usually get higher in the rankings, due to the punch and hug emote. when I got far in the ranking system I would only match up with people with the punch emote. this brings extreme infuriation to myself, and I would bet others that have played this game without spending money. I don’t think it’s that bad either, it’s a good way to get people to spend money. I also wish there was an offline mode to just go through the levels and practice..Version: 0.29

Play it nowGreat game I love it one problem is I sometimes fall through the floor if devs fix that it’s great. Ads are there but not annoying (if your in a party you don’t get an ad after each round btw) Great game great with friends Fall gu.. i mean Stumble guys is one of my favourite mobile games and it gives me the feelings I had when I first played among us..Version: 0.33

Nice gameGreat game.Version: 0.28

Unstable pingAds and unstable ping, so it’s not that smooth. But it’s a fun game and exactly the same type of game as fall guy.Version: 0.33

Good game but addsThis is a good game and it a free version of fall guys but there too many adds. I know that you have to make money somehow and that you pay on pc but adds on mobile but after each game you get an add and it’s really annoying.Version: 0.30

Question About AIJust wondering how many players on average would be AI in a game?.Version: 0.28

WowSo this game is very similar to fall guys and it’s fun and addicting but one thing i need to say i saw a person hacking he was flying and somehow flinging everyone off the map but overall amazing could u plz fix this Thx.Version: 0.30

Awesome game, but!!The game is so much fun, but the ads are the most annoying thing in the world!.Version: 0.33

Amazing, Just AmazingBetter than fall guys.Version: 0.30

Amazing game please readThis game is great, constantly looking for multiplayer games I can play with friends and this game isn’t just funny but great fun, the levels are fun and looks like the game is constantly updating for new maps, I really like the character customisation and the reward scheme but the only negative is when like me you reach tier 30 ( played the game a lot ) you can no longer earn rewards, I havnt paid for the special pass which I imagine would be great but even with that when players reach tier 30 it stops, should be some sort of reward system either Dailey log in bonus ( not just watch video for reward, although that works ) or something along the lines of instead of unlocking new stuff every time you reach a certain amount of stars you get something smaller, just so grinding the game is still rewarding, I’ll still be playing the game for fun but would like to be rewarded the same as people who only play it a little bit ( still doing the tier pass ). Conclusion, great game and recommend to everyone !.Version: 0.33

Perfect Game but….Needs updates for real, new maps, new achievements for people who already reached lvl 30… and some bug fixes like falling down the floor! 🤞🏽.Version: 0.33

We need more mapsThis is one of the best iOS games but it would be so much better if there were more maps and maybe more skins and a bit less advertising.Version: 0.29

Great game!Let’s just start off with I absolutely LOVE the latest update. The new map is so fun and there’s less glitches in the game. I also remember that before I wasn’t able to get gems without paying money, but now all I have to do is watch 3 adds and boom! 15 free gems to save up! And the game has a lot more clearer images of the maps and it’s easier to understand where everything is on the Home Screen. And the new skins I love the most. Their so cute! The game is very good to play with friends as well. I know me and my friends love it! Everyday after school we would meet up and sit down to play this game! We would play for a long time before we set our phones down to go play outside. It’s so entertaining I can’t get enough of it! I definitely recommend this game!😁 Edit: why did you have to do this to me stumble guys. Just why…….. my whole game reset. All my 735 gems (which I’ve been saving for the stumble pass for at least 6 months) all my skins, emotes, everything is gone. I’m very sad 😔 I won’t be playing this game for a while but I just wanted to let you know this. I know this is not that big of deal and there’s a lot more worst things going on in the world but again I just wanted to let you know this..Version: 0.33

Great gameThis game is fun you can play with friends unlock new skins Very good game(:.Version: 0.33

IncredibleThis game is amazing it’s really fun to play especially the tournaments I really like playing with my friends I play for like 20 hours per day and I never get bored it’s exactly like fall guys maybe even better some problems are that you should get gems after you return to the lobby from a match also you glitch a lot through the floor also you should add more maps but the skins are so cool but overall this game is awesome..Version: 0.33

Two things to fixI love playing this game I would definitely recommend it. But there are things you guys should fix. First I think you should make another round with four qualifiers then do the final winner. Next it’s really annoying because people could push each other so I think you should just make people able to go through other people.Version: 0.33

Good but has a huge risk of account hackSo let’s talk about the good parts of the game, a perfect game for people who can’t afford fall guys, fun maps, cool features, now the bad things, huge risk of hacked accounts, for example I lost my £10k account..Version: 0.37

Brilliant free to play gameMe and my friends love this game we play it every day, i love the stumble pass method and the game is super fun with custom lobbies, i cannot wait for more maps to be released the devs have all of our support.Version: 0.28

This game is epicThis game is so good that I still my mummy’s credit card to buy infinite gems. I am now paying off her serious debt. Sincerely Timmy. 📮📮📮.Version: 0.30

Good..but..It’s a good game I got to give me that.. but there’s a few minor issues at least on my screen, first of all good game good game but second is the Real details. Stumble guys kind of like fall guys I’m not kidding but I like a lot when people are in front of me it looks like they’re pushing me and when people are behind me it looks like I fall off the edge! But one of the biggest issues is… The expense of getting skins why is The common 55 why can I be like 30 I’m not telling you how to run your game I’m just saying it’s not to my expectations yet I’ll keep playing a little bit but fire you I would consider not downloading this game until they fix those details if you’re a person like me P.S. ( this is note to developer) hey developer if you’re reading this I just wanted to say I would really like to see more skins and that’s really lower my expectations because some of them are mad if you do this you don’t have to but you really make my day I would like to see parkour maps that’s my specialty lol, anyWho please read this.. Ps i’m not trying to bring down your game I’m just saying can you fix these problems and having..Version: 0.33

RecommendationI have wrote one before but I think you should add meteor shower that comes out from the sky and you have to avoid. For 2 & 3 rounds.Version: 0.28

Best gameThis is the best game by far it’s fun and easy to play.Version: 0.33

Ads for free skin and gemsI can longer watch ads for the free skin or gems it says loading and never actually gives me an add to watch anymore..Version: 0.33

Hilarious GameHilarious game, would recommend to anyone trying to have a laugh. Only criticism would be that while you are in a party you can still access the home screen and customise your character etc. Other than that, no flaws!.Version: 0.29

Awesome game but pay to winThe game is very fun and very addictive, especially fun to play with friends. However, the pass that you can buy grants you a kick feature which is only obtainable from buying the pass and grants a competitive advantage, I feel that it should be removed since it is unfair for free to play players.Version: 0.33

Very goodStumble guys is amazing but there are to many ads.Version: 0.30

The Best gameStumble guys let’s you choose if you want to be a girl or a boy, you can choose any name like potato person, I love this game and you will love it too.Version: 0.30

AmazingThis is the best game it is basically fall guys on mobile and it brings all my friends together and we have a hell of a good time plus it is possible to win quite a bit so you feel good about yourself but i think the developers should add a version where you can play a match only with your friends (plz reply developer).Version: 0.28

Amazing gameThis game is very fun even though it’s a lot like roblox just safer don’t get me wrong my step sis plays and now I’m addicted overall out of one million it’s one million thank you for your time very recommended.Version: 0.33

1 more changeThis game is an amazing game suited for kids! I love it and it’s my favourite ever game! I think every thing is fine but 1 thing. I think players should be able to get to higher levels than level 30. :).Version: 0.28

É bomO Jogo em ci é muito legal só acho que ele tava demais e o povo fica falando que vai atualizar mas não vai nunca! Acho que tem que por menos propaganda e deixar o preso mais baixo pra comprar as gemas e pra compra lá na loja..Version: 0.33

Missing crownI love this game so much, but when i won a round it didn’t give me my crown :( a bit upsetting to say the least.Version: 0.33

MeYou need to make players transparent so they stop blocking your jumps knocking you off the edge and glitching your jump.Version: 0.30

Wow great amazing 😻JUST WOW GREAT WORK ✋ 100 / 10 just wow Ps one thing you should make a events like New Years or Christmas you should have like special games for those right Anyways great job 😃😄😘.Version: 0.33

Not good controller supportFun game, but if you try and connect a controller and switch the settings to game pad, the only way to jump is by pressing the start button (instead of A or X). I even tried reconfiguring my Xbox elite controller so that A was the start button and it still didn’t work. The devs need to fix this. The start button isn’t even that responsive. Sometimes you jump, sometimes you don’t. Please fix for 5 stars.Version: 0.30

FriendPls make it so u can add friends.Version: 0.29

Update inability to be shown through app storeHey I really enjoy this game but there’s only one issue when I try to attempt joining my friends they have version 0.29 but I have 0.28, so whenever I go to the App Store because I think I may need to update it but it never showed any signs of an option for updating the game it only allows me to open the app straight through there. Please help and thank you..Version: 0.28

Simple, fun, no ad spam!This is what a good phone game is. Nowadays every free game has tons of ads they slam into your face and you end up bored after an hour. But this game is quite fun, load times are very short, you only get an ad after a game or if you choose to get free rewards. Great job, keep updating more maps and games and I’m sure this app will blow up..Version: 0.33

From JacksonBit hard to get coins.Version: 0.28

Just like fall guysHi I played this game and it’s fun the reason why I rated 3 stars is because people are putting swear words in (edit thanks for stopping it) and I put it up to 4 stars looking forward for updates and there is one other thing I am keep getting the same maps every time I have played this for 1 month and I haven’t had a chance to play the football one.Version: 0.29

So fun!I really enjoy this game!but 1:the menu screen is a copy of the brawl stars menu screen and 2:its a copy of fall guys.Version: 0.33

WOWThis game is amazing!!! It’s one of the first games that I actually like to play when I get bored! I have some suggestions though! It would be cool to make a level editor so you could like create your own levels and invite your friends to try and beat it or visit people’s creations from all around the world! You really don’t have to do this because this game is great and it will always be GREAT!!! :).Version: 0.28

How my friend got the world record in EuropeHi, my friend got the world record because he an actual god at the game, the world record was 29 wins and he got 30. For proof sign into his acc Name: JOEY112 Please read this review Kitka Games because he is crying in joy for him about to be famous. Thank you Yours Sincerely, Tawhid283.Version: 0.33

Amazing GameThis game has barely any adds, half online half offline players because there’s not enough players, and has good graphics and no glitching or lag. I recommend this game to people who want a game like fall guys. Your regards, CadenTRV.Version: 0.23

YesBetter than fall guy.Version: 0.28

ReviewLove the game, just do some more updates, and even small comps,.Version: 0.29

Pretty goodVery similar to fall guys and is a lot quicker, only thing I would say is to add more people to the room like instead of 32 add 50 and take less people out each round so that there is more rounds.Version: 0.29

Uncle OsamaGreat game, but add more skins idk.Version: 0.29

Stumble guys 👍👍👍This is one of the best games I have ever played it’s fall guys just way less hard and way funnier I could play this for hours especially the fact that you can play with your friends and collecting skins is super fun to do with cool animal skins and ninjas (which are my favorite) I just see no way I could go on without this game..Version: 0.37

Fall Guys but the better and more fun mobile version (Except)This game is one of the most underrated mobile games to ever exist. Even though it is *based* off of fall guys it brings the fun that it never did. It has good customization, tournaments, casual and practice scrims. I would have 5 stars instead of 4 but the p2win punch emote is super-over powered please remove this it makes the highest form of competition pay to win due to most paying to get a free knockout to some random free2play bystander.Version: 0.30

Love but wish there were new gamesI play this game with my bf all the time and i absolutely LOVE it. but we always seem to be complaining about not getting certain courses (or maps). it always seems to be the same ones every time. we’ve been playing this for awhile now and there are some courses that we haven’t even played yet. i really wish they would come up with new ones and/or have us play a variety and not the same ones over and over. if that changed, i would be playing this literally 24/7.Version: 0.33

Read thisThis game is so much fun but I think there should be 60 then 32 in one lobby.Version: 0.33

Great game but needs more mapsSo really good game but needs maps like slime climb, gate crash, door dash, button bashers, whirligig and dizzy heights to make the game the best once this done you need to fix the bug in which you fall through the ground in the cannon one then after that the game will be perfect.Version: 0.33

This is an absolutely amazing gameIt’s really good and fun to plan I definitely recommend. There are no bugs or anything and it isn’t laggy. Download it it is amazing!! 😁👍🏻.Version: 0.33

Add one thing plsCan u add daily rewards to the game pls? The free stuff in the store is great but u have to watch multiple adds to get 1 skin and 15 gems and wait another 24h to to it again. So can u pls add daily rewards and also one more thing. The people who have the stumble pass gets better rewards.Version: 0.33

A1 CUSTOMER SERVICEI had just gotten this game yesterday and bought the ultimate pass, and then I ended up getting a new phone and my progress wasn’t on my new phone and I was kinda bummed considering I just bought the pass, but I emailed stumble guys support and they were so quick to assist me with getting my account back. It took under 24 hours! Very good customer service, very fun game too!.Version: 0.33

VersionExcuse me, my brother with a Samsung has version 2.9 what are these privileges! I can’t even play with him!! I love the game but this is utterly ridiculous!!! This should be fixed immediately :(.Version: 0.28

WOW BETTER THAN ROBLOXBest game on earth plz put updates soon I really like it me and my friend play it all the time thanks..Version: 0.33

It’s a fun gameHello! I am TheDice | YT with over 700 wins . The reason why I put it as a 4 instead of a five like I would have, I bought gems last month in march for the stumble pass and this morning the new stumble pass came out and I had to restart without the pass. Im pretty sure this is intentional and I’m sure some other people don’t like this, If you want to fix this that would be nice. This game is very fun to the people that are reading this so download the game..Version: 0.37

Only One Music Track gets boringGreat game, but one music track gets really boring. Also, I have a new elimination system to replace the current one: 40 players start, 28 qualify for round 1, 18 qualify for round 2, 12 qualify for round 3, 8 qualify for round 4, and round 5 is a finale. Also can you categorize the type of round each round is? And have specific finales rather than using a normal round with first to reach the finish line/last to fall wins?.Version: 0.33

Great game! 🤩I don’t have a lot of complaints about this, the game is fun to play, it has a lot of skins, a lot of maps, and different objectives, my only complaints are that there aren’t a lot of girl skins, they aren’t easy to unlock, and changing the name costs 100 gems, and they are hard to get. 50 gems, in my opinion, would be more reasonable..Version: 0.30

😮‍💨CLEAN😮‍💨Very well put together game very smooth although it’s great they need to make the pick a map quicker sometimes it takes minutes.Version: 0.30

This game is awesomeYo I just got this game and when I played the game I almost won and then the seconds game I won! This game is so addicting and I got a character and I got over 300 gems! I’m on level 12 and this game is so so so good and I am loving it! So make sure to download this game 🥰.Version: 0.30

AmazingThis game is super addictive. It is very fun to play. Maybe you could add more levels because most of the time, you keep playing the same levels and it gets boring..Version: 0.33

GoodBi pog :) my whole school plays the game lol.Version: 0.33

Fall guysJust fall guys.Version: 0.33

Amazing gameMan my friend was playing this game in my school and he said that he recommended for me to get it and as soon as I got it I grinded so many levels I love the water slide map it my favourite My only issue is just I lag quit often and I lose because of it but other than that I live the game.Version: 0.33

Gamepad/Controller not fully workingSuch a fun game, however I changed the controller option to ‘Gamepad’ on the setting. It work to move the character around, however no button to jump. And the camera can only go down with the controller, cant control it to go back up. Please fix the gamepad setting so player can jump and rotate cameras.Version: 0.33

Amazing, addictive, and updates frequent! Suggestions!First of all Kitka devs team, thanks so much for this game! I love to play this for my brother and we even use it to decide who gets the tv or pick the movie at the theater. The powers you get from the stumble pass premium are amazing, and you even make new maps and bug fixes very regularly! Thank you! But there are some ideas I have: 1. Make more special emotes and 2. A bigger amount of elimination a game. Thanks again!.Version: 0.29

CoolAmazing game better than the real fall guys.Version: 0.28

This game is greatI have been playing this game for a long time now and it is still great.Version: 0.33

Special abilityIt’s an amazing game it’s very good and well done jsut plz take out the special emote ability it is so unfair and it’s yeah plz plz take it out or at least make it so that you can counter it Beacse it’s impossible to counter it and make it so you have a chance but if not it’s like yeah plz take it out I love the game great work but take out the special emote ability’s and put like a rare skin or somthing st the end.Version: 0.37

Other players can be annoyingThe game is awesome and I think its great to have accept it can be very annoying where you make precise jumps other players can push you out of the way. I lost a lot of games this way but it is the only negative..Version: 0.33

Reminder from a user.The game is pretty fun to play as it is quite similar to fall guys! I wish the number of players were much higher than 32, cause the game ends so fast ,that even though I come to 1st place it doesn’t make me feel worth of my time! I wish the game was quite more competitive and longer than it is now. Also the shuffling of maps....Man bored of playing same 2-3 places again and again wish the shuffling was better so that my interest would last longer in the game. But overall Still a 4 star game, please respond to this kind of issue asap, I will be glad with the change..Version: 0.29

Tumble guys is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Bro this is in my top games don’t listen to ⭐️star listen to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ best game better than fall guys.Version: 0.33

Good game with immense potentialI got about 20 of my friends to play for about two hours the other day and it was a whole lot of fun. The unanimous decision made was that the idea of the game is super fun but the majority of the games are races and after a while doing races over and over again it gets boring. If I could change two things about the game they would be more diverse games, and less time waiting for the games to be chosen. This game has so much potential that I wish I was on the developing team because it’s potential for group setting entertainment is so high..Version: 0.30

Amazing!This game is much like a mobile version of fall guys which is what I was looking for but I keep getting the same levels and not any new ones I hope that soon it will give me other levels because I once I go the same level 4 times in a row .thank you for your time. Record this game if your looking for something like falls guys when your out and about.Version: 0.33

Poor clownI’m soo sorry for that clown I pushed of pls forgive me and I hope you win every game! Also sorry for those over guys I push back of the might be good people pls don’t hurt me.Version: 0.30

LOVE IT!! It’s just like Fall Guys.I love this game so much since I found it. I’ve been constantly playing it. I do have a question for Devs though. Could I use my Bluetooth XBox controller to play the game?.Version: 0.33

Great gameI love this game. Best game I have on my phone. Also I wanted to play fall guys but didn’t have a PS so I downloaded this. Even though I could buy fall guys soon, I’d still be wanting to play this! Awesome and addictive game!!! The only thing is that gems are kind of hard to get unless you win a tournament, which is a low chance, and I rlly want one of those special skins they look sick!! Thanks for reading!.Version: 0.33

Best game ever!This is the best game that i have on my phone. Its such a good game! Not one thing is wrong with it! Its a fabulous game and i reccomend for you to download it today!.Version: 0.29

Surprisingly Good :)Even though this game is a ripoff of Fall Guys, it has many differences and is very fun to play! The only issue is that, as many people say, there needs to be more maps. As well as this, please add it to Steam, I think it’d be great on there. (yes, I know it’s being added, but please do it faster if possible) Amazing game overall, 9/10.Version: 0.30

BestBest game ever 🧑‍🦼🤓🤓🤓.Version: 0.30

Great Game, Should have more.This game is amazing and fun to play with friends. I believe their should be other game maps. because the ones that are currently in the game are getting boring and replayed every match. This game is probably one of the bests mobile games out right now. Their are some Bugs in the game that need fixing such as getting hit under the map. Having different types of game modes would be nice too. Maybe if you added more team-based game modes and maps the game would be a bit more funner. but other than that this game is amazing and has a great long lasting future in the mobile game industry..Version: 0.33

Great game!!I LOVE playing Stumble Guys! It is so fun to play, especially with friends and family. I love creating games and playing with those I know but I also think that it is fun to play just with all people you do not know. The only thing that I would change about this game is add more levels and make the selection of courses more even. I think that if there were more courses it would be even more fun and make it more exciting. I also think that some courses are selected way to often and I have never even played some which I find sort of frustrating because I want to be able to try all of the fun courses. Overall, this is a very fun and well set up game! I would just change those 2 things.😄.Version: 0.33

Really good game to kill some time!I usually play this game when I am bored and the fast rounds make a short car trip seem really fun. It’s is great because it is a multiplayer game and you can party with your friends! Although there are ads, it is nothing excessive and there are a lot of maps! I would totally recommend!.Version: 0.37

More mapsCan you please make more maps because once you’ve played for a long time it gets kinda boring so in the next update can you please make like 5 new maps maybe one like slime climb..Version: 0.29

Great gameA few of the maps are a rip off of fall guys like tile fall is tip toe, cannon climb is fall mountain and there is a map literally called lost temple. Apart from that, I really like the stumble pass and how even though there is a 1% change of getting a legendary and special skins, all of the special skins and legendary are not a rip off, and most of the other skins aren't..Version: 0.33

This game is fantasticI was annoyed when I couldn’t play a game like this on my PS4 and when I found this hidden gem on the App Store it made me 10x happier. Me and my friend would sit for hours playing this on a WhatsApp call.Version: 0.30

Not that badBut Advertisments and stuff are annoying.Version: 0.29

Feedback and Request for DevelopersI play this game everyday at school with my friends! This is one of my favorite games to play and I highly recommend it. The developers did a splendid job with the game. But I only have one request, please please please make a tiger skin! 🐅 The lions are cool but I feel like a tiger should be added because they are just super cool and my favorite animal! 🐯 The best game to play with friends EVER!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 0.33

Very good game but a couple fixesJust to start this is a very fun game to play especially with friends, but sometimes it can get a little annoying having to start a party and have everyone join. I would suggest making a friends system where you can friend people based on their name and xp level. Also sometimes during matchmaking it will disconnect you and will leave a message on your screen saying you have been disconnected because of your internet. Please check that you still you good internet. But when I check me internet it’s perfect and when I go to a different game it runs perfectly fine. All in all, it’s a great game and I will continue to play, but please read this review and maybe implement these suggestions into your game..Version: 0.33

Stumble guysSo every day when I’m on the bus I’m always asking my friends if they wanna play a cheeky round of stumble guys and they Always yes because I think stumble guys brings life to the community of games and it also brings me closer to all my friend and this game always pleases but sometimes I always get the same which makes me really mad and now because of these lack of maps o wanna speak to your manager and I Will also be leaning a 1 star review for this lack of quality Thank you. Karen.Version: 0.33

Cracking GameI can’t tell you how much fun I have playing this game. The thing that makes it the most enjoyable is the bad players that i get to laugh at, such as Raphy and Kitty. It brings out laughter and tears and is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. Would recommend to download!!!.Version: 0.30

Some ideas I haveFirst off I love this game it’s just the better version of fall guys and fall guys should have been a mobile game so this is perfect and fun. So first off I’d like more game modes the game only has the normal rounds so far. Game modes like elimination only maps or race only maps. Getting into tournaments easier needs to happen it’s so hard to get in one right now. I’d also love a randomize button for skins and emotes that would be nice so I can use all my skins without having to switch each game. Anyway I love your game and keep up the good work!.Version: 0.37

TradeIt’s a great game just in the update make it so u can trade skins with people and make it so u can friend people.Version: 0.37

Request for controller supportYour game is pretty awesome, I remember the first time seeing someone play it and I was contemplating to give it a shot. Glad I did lol but I was thinking that controller support would also be great. As much as I’d love grabbing the tiny joystick and jump button on screen, my hands get tired after awhile. Imo that’s all your missing to make this to a more pleasurable mobile gaming experience..Version: 0.33

Great appIt’s a great game very good graphics and everything super smooth I would love for there to be a option so when you are playing with friends that you can choose if you wanna be on the same team in team games rather than always playing against each other.Version: 0.30

AdsGreat game but too many sweats and ads.Version: 0.28

Same levelsVery similar to a certain game… and is pretty good! However I keep getting the same 4 or so levels when playing the game, which makes it a bit repetitive. It’s annoying as I am sometimes given other levels so I know there are other levels out there to play, but they are rare to actually be given them! Hoping that this is something that could be fixed in the future!.Version: 0.28

Great Concept, but too much free adA fin game in a long time!.Version: 0.33

Amazing game but…I love this game, I’ve played hours of it. It’s just those Pass emotes that ruin the experience for others, because they can absolutely throw your games, especially if you don’t have them. It would be cool if they were in the free pass or if the Stumble pass would be less expensive. That is all, keep up the great work. I’m especially loving the new maps. <3.Version: 0.30

Just like fall guys, but on iPad, the best! 😃😃😀😀Need to rate 5 stars!!!.Version: 0.28

What you guys can do to make the game EVEN BETTER!I love this game but I really would appreciate if you would allow us to trade. Like make a auction room and people can add a offer also I don’t like that we have to wait 25 days for a new pack. Can you make the packs a little cheaper possibly? I’m pretty new so it would help a lot!!! Tysm I hope you make one of these changes! It would make me for sure turn into a 5 stars. Love, your favorite player..Version: 0.33

👍Great game and fun to play with friends so would like to see a friends list in the future and btw when is the stumble pass premium going to end because im trying to grind it Thx.Version: 0.23

HiHi.Version: 0.28

Very funI only downloaded the game yesterday but after a few games I played I just got used to it and I just can’t stop playing. It’s so much fun the game modes and everything. Keep up the good work..Version: 0.33

Great App!!!!I just got this app for a day and guess what it’s insane!!! it’s just like the real fall guys. it is very satisfying. Definitely would recommend!.Version: 0.37

Love itI think this game is SUPER fun, and don’t be fooled, although it’s similar to fall guys this game brings a completely different experience I definitely recommend!.Version: 0.33

Stumble Guy ReviewHonestly it’s the best better maps more then fall guys It’s just the ads after each game that annoys me but let’s not talk about that it’s just a great game in general and family friendly.Version: 0.30

BienJe crois que c’est inspiré de fall guys mais sinon il n’y a pas vraiment d’annonces ni de bug sinon il n’y a pas de problème..Version: 0.33

Super fun!Honestly, it’s better than the actual Fall Guys game. It’s so competitive and fun. The graphics and controls are awesome. One thing though, is that there are so many advertisement. Every time I finish a game, an ad pops up. I understand that the developers of the game need money to upgrade the game, but I think that they are better off having no ads. Other than that the game is super fun because you can play with fiends against other randoms. Thanks developers of the game..Version: 0.30

Spectacular!Yes.Version: 0.37

My ReviewStumble guys is a brilliant game so fun, the problem is that whenever I leave the game it always comes up with an advert. I also keep getting the same stage over and over again but like I said an amazing game..Version: 0.33

Wow! What an amazing game!I play this so much and LOVE IT! Although I think you shouldn’t be taking the ideas from other games to make this but it is an amazing game for granted so four stars from me!.Version: 0.29

Good game but 1 problemMy account go lost because I deleted it and reinstalled it because it wouldn’t let me log back in please could I have it back it’s called Ahmadcool420 I have a load of great skins and I bought the stumble pass for £3.50 because I got the starter pack please can you get it me back it’s a really fun game aswel just that slight problem thank you.Version: 0.30

Great With FriendsI downloaded this game the other day and played it for hours. I saw party mode and had to put my friends on. Now we play everyday after work in a group of 6 and have some of the most fun we have had in a while. There is near no flaws to the game besides rare falling through the map bug. There should be a way to earn more gems after each game because once you complete the battle pass it is hard to get gems without watching a lot of ads. Therefore no new skins often once completing the battlepass. I would like to have more gem opportunity because for each skin, there are 3 styles and two cost gems to get. Overall i would like to see more maps added because they get old after you learn all the shortcuts. That is what all 6 of us would like.... NEW MAPS PLEASE!! Couldnt say it any louder..Version: 0.28

Very good but some annoying partsGame is very fun and very good to play with friends. There is one thing though. Skill based match making kind of ruins the fun. I play a lot with my friends and I now have 40+ wins from playing with my friends. Sometimes my friends aren’t around so I try to play by myself and get absolutely crushed. Another thing is that team games are very annoying because many times I don’t qualify because my teammates did bad. So I could be the best player in the world but never win because my teammates are terrible. Also, I don’t like how in a lobby everyone in it gets split up. I’d prefer it randomized or everyone on the same team. Because of this, if I lose I always have to watch my friends. If we are on the same team, we lose at the same time or both keep going. Thanks for reading this!.Version: 0.30

Read this if you care about making this game betterThis game is supper awesome! This is the first game I go to when I’m bored, but I feel like there should be more rounds example "round 1, 16 qualifiers round 2, 8 qualifiers round 3, 4 qualifiers round 4,2 qualifiers and round 5, 1 qualifier". It would make it so much more satisfying to play. It would also be nice if we could customize our caricature with hair styles, sunglasses, ect…. I love getting to group friends and family to compete against each other! I usually don’t wright reviews but this game is definitely worth downloading!😁.Version: 0.37

Good gameI always win^ ^.Version: 0.33

Awesome gameI love the game but there is some stuff they could change bc on humble stumble so much people go middle then u fall and i also dont like the soccer map and rocket rumble map overal thats the only things i would change but the game is amazing and rlly fun to play when bored.Version: 0.37

Need more mapsYou should create more maps different kinds.Version: 0.33

Ideas 💡I think you should add places 2# and 3#.Version: 0.30

FunSo fun to play with friends.Version: 0.33

Love this game... ButThis is an amazing game you can play with your friends and have some fun! Great constant updates and tweaks to give a better gaming experience. However, I would love to see more team modes instead of single player racing modes..Version: 0.33

Needs more ratings😤This is a great game and it is good for people who long to play fall guys on mobile but... why does it have 67 ratings?? Anyway I would totally recommend playing it's super entertaining👍🏻. My big brother showed me that he had the app and he showed me everything about it. So 2 days later I downloaded the app! Thanks to my brother for making me feel like downloading it..Version: 0.28

This game is incredibleMe and my friends found this game because we have nothing to do at lunchtimes and free periods at school and it is the best find ever, literally not a moment passes where we aren’t playing a game of Stumble Guys, top class game.Version: 0.33

GREAT GAME, NEW MAPS!This is such a good game the whole system is so good just BUT MORE MAPS PLEASSSEE add another 5 maps to keep it interesting gets boring after a while. plus a couple things here and there like more team games or stuff would be awesome to make this game perfect!.Version: 0.29

Mr hippoMy friend, you have met a terrible, terrible demise. But you know I don’t feel to bad about it. After all, if it weren’t from me, it would have just been from someone else, ya know? I guess what I’m trying to say life, life goes on. W- well, for everyone else, life goes on not for you, you’re dead. That’s neither here nor there. That reminds me of one summer day in the park, I was having a delightful picnic with my good friend Orville. And I said to him, I said “Orville, I-I have a story” And he said to me “What’s the significance of the story?” I said to him “Orville, not every story has to have significance, ya know? Sometimes uhh, sometimes a story is just a story. You try to read into every little thing and find meaning in everything anyone says, you’ll just drive yourself crazy. Had a friend do it once, wasn’t pretty, we talked about it for years. And not only that, you’ll likely end up believe something you shouldn’t believe or thinking something you shouldn’t think o-o-or assuming something you shouldn’t assume, ya know? Sometimes I said a story is just a story, so just be quiet for one second here life and eat your sandwich, okay? Of course, it was only then I realized i made sandwiches and poor Orville was having such difficulty eating it! Elephants have those clumsy hands, ya know? Actually, I suppose that’s the problem, they don’t have hands at all, they’re all feet. I couldn’t imagine someone asking me to eat a sandwich with my feet. Now, if I recall correctly there was a bakery nearby, I said to him “Orville, let me go get you some rye bread.” Now, I’m unsure elephants enjoy rye bread, but, I assure you that Orville does. Now this was on a Tuesday which was good because rye bread was always fresh on Tuesday. They made sourdough on Monday and threw it out Wednesday. or rather they sold it at a discount for people who wanting to feed the ducks and then probably at the end of the day they threw it all out. I do remember a man who would being his son to the bakery every Wednesday, and go feed the ducks. He would buy all of the sourdough bread, of course, you know, you’re not supposed to feed the ducks sourdough bread at all. It swells up in their stomach and they all die, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Ya know I never saw any ducks die myself but I did notice a substantial decrease in duck population over the course of a few years. I just never thought to stop the man and tell him he was killing the ducks by feeding them sourdough bread. And if you want my opinion on the matter if you wanna feed ducks or birds or any kind for that matter, especially buy seed. I mean, when you think about it, breads of any sort don’t occur in nature, they don’t grow on trees or spring up from bushes! I don’t think birds know what to do with bread. What was I saying? Oh oh yes yes. So I bought Orville some rye bread. What a fine day it was..Version: 0.37

Good gameThis is a good game and has good graphics and it is free and fun to play however playing the same games gets boring. It needs new games..Version: 0.30

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZINGThis is an amazing game that I got to play with my friends on the bus because we are on separate ones at first thought it would be a bad but it’s AMAZING I only have one request: Practice mode where you can just play by yourself and chose which level You want to play like I’ve only got the space one twice and I’ve been playing for 1 year now and if I did get it again then I would be very bad If this isn’t possible then just where you can choose the level even if your not playing by yourself Thanks soooooo much for this AMAZING game.Version: 0.33

Love this game but sensitiveThis game is great and really fun to play with friends but I’d like for one tiny thing to be fixed. I was hoping that the creators would see this and maybe fix the issue. The issue is that sometimes for me the belly slide thing can be a bit too sensitive for me too play. I’ve noticed that sometimes nobody touched me and I has trying to jump from one honeycomb to the other in the Honeycone hop game and it made me fall the whole way down. I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining too much, but I would love if the creators could do something to make it a bit less sensitive on the belly slide double tap control. Thank you for reading :).Version: 0.37

It’s ok :/Good game but give us more gems every day instead of 15 We need more gems and second: add skin events: limited skins based on something that blows up ( gets super popular) like fnf, poppy playtime, and among us. It can blow up YOUR game, Stumble Guys even more. Three: add ingame chat and delay messages with swear words. Game detects a swear word, you cannot post the message. Fourth: more maps. Think some maps, and rebuild fall guys maps. Well, great game!.Version: 0.33

Great gameGreat game but the new most recent update is so laggy for me and nothing loads like the daily gifts and the games are so glitchy.Version: 0.33

(More maps please) The first free to play mobile game I gave 5 starsI’m a big fall guys fan, and it blows my mind fall guys don’t have a mobile version. I played a bunch of fallguys clones on iOS, they either aren’t real online games or have small player counts such as 8 per lobby. To be honest I think this game feels even better than the original just because it’s so easy to play a few casual games on mobile. Another big plus is this game has very few ads, so I happily paid for the battle pass 4$ to support the devs. My only feedback is please make more maps! Please keep supporting the game. (Also a small UX feedback, I’m a UX designer, the party button should be above play, they should be the same level of importance so try to have more hierarchy there. It is easy currently for ppl to misclick play when they want to play with friends).Version: 0.33

VendiVendi minha vó pra comprar celular pra jogar stumble mudou minha vida..Version: 0.33

MORE MAPS PLEEEEAAASSSEEEEIt’s really fun would recommend. It gets boring because you keep playing the same game over and over again..Version: 0.30

Developers please read thisI love this game, it’s just like fall guys and it is so fun. But I’m pretty much playing the same like 6 levels over and over again and a new one every like 3 rounds. There are so many maps I want to play but may never cuz I play all the same maps every time. Also I fell like 16 people, then 8, then 1, isn’t very fun because it’s not very suspenseful, after 8 it could be 4 then the last round could be a 1v1 because it’s so suspenseful being in 1v1 situation more than 8 people and then 1 winner. I’m not saying this isn’t a fun game tho, this is so fun but a few changes could make it more awesome!.Version: 0.33

More mapsThis is a great game for all ages and family. I have played it with family and have so much fun together. The only thing is that once you’ve played it over a dozen times, you’ll feel that the maps get repetitive so for the next update. I hope that you can add in more maps or gamemodes to make it more interesting..Version: 0.28

Stumble blokesStumble blokes made me want to rumble folks. Made me want to mumble jokes about how bad fall guys is. Made me want to rumplestiltskin 🌚. Fall guys has got nothing on this masterpiece, I win races faster than these bars of heat. Rap so good I’m never past the beat, making a casserole ayo pass the beet. Pull down those socks young man, expose your feet. Make more maps pls.Version: 0.37

Great game but...You should take off the boxing glove and the heart on pass because seriously it ruins the experience of the others. Some can troll players but others cannot defend themselves. It should therefore be removed from the game or given to everyone.Version: 0.30

Good but could be GreatFirst off, I love this game and the revamp of fall guys. Since there’s never been a Fall Guys mobile iteration this is a great addition. BUT the battle pass is my only problem. There’s a free battle pass and a one with gems(a lot to the point where you have to pay for it) and in the pay one THERES LITERALLY EMOTES TO SHOVE PEOPLE. If this isn’t pay-to-win I don’t know WHAT is. Please add this for everyone or at least put it in the free battle pass because good lord this is unfair and annoying in games.Version: 0.33

Amazing gameThis is one of the few games I have in my phone and I do have to say, it’s definitely the best one. Short games are good so that you have time to play anytime. Very good customisation. 10/10.Version: 0.30

This game is great only one flawSo I downloaded this game to play with friends, and while it definitely does rip off fall guys a bit, fall guys isn’t on the App Store. So this is a perfect game to fill in that gap. It offers creative levels and an overall fun experience. The only flaw is that users can have extremely inappropriate names. Yeah, I know, all these reviews are talking about pay to win gameplay, but I find that you can still win even without these pay to win features. Also, what is the deal with the reviews that say the game is racist? I mean, the game’s not racist the players are. So yeah, PLEASE just fix the inappropriate names. Overall a great game.Version: 0.33

Good game but one thingThis game is amazing and I think this is one of the best mobile games I have ever played, however there is one flaw that can be changed. When I am using the double jump, I notice that it kinda spins my guy outa control. Even tho I try to control him, he still spins out of control. This is not really a big deal though because I can just one jump. If you change the flaw though this game would be the best game ever. I also want to say this is better than fall guys. Fall guys is too expensive and complicated. This game is nice and simple. I love your game!.Version: 0.28

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