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Stumble Guys App User Positive Comments 2023

Stumble Guys app received 168 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stumble guys?

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Stumble Guys for Positive User Reviews

Great game just one concernThis game is overall great, everything about it is fun and enjoyable to play. The only problem that i have with this game is that sometimes i go to log in and it doesn’t let me, i have no clue if its glitches but the log in process is there for ages and and nothing happens, also after i win or lose games it says “sorry could not connect to this server” all i would like to know how to fix this problem so i can overall enjoy his amazing game..Version: 0.37

Love the gameI love this game !! Such a great style of battle royal with races and elimination rounds I have some suggestions 1. I would love to chose a specific game to play rather than only have random selection option as sometimes I feel like playing the team games like football and some times want to play eliminations and races 2. I would like to see more free competitions for people to compete in specific games 3. More team based games 4. Less glitches of falling through map lol 5. An option to block certain maps that you dont like and dont want to play 6. Ability to change colour of all skins 7. More opportunity to earn gems and tokens 8. The ability to set up our own private games or tournaments 9. Community polls for new game concepts entering the game 10. Daily challenges to complete in the game itself like win 3 games or punch someone into water/lava etc..Version: 0.40

GLITCH!!I purchased the starter pack and received every thing i payed for and it was all good until this morning when i logged onto the game i used the in game currency i payed for to buy 3 epic or better spins it said there was an error and didn’t give me my spins but took my coins. other then that the game has been a fun experience and i suggest downloading it.Version: 0.37

MapGreat game!!! However I think if you want players to keep playing this game then there will need to be new maps!! Just Work really hard on getting 3-4 new maps in a month or so….. Other than that good game.Version: 0.41

Great game but…Stumble guys is a fun casual game you can play with your friends but I have a few suggestions that they could easily add. Firstly, I think it would be wise if they added some form of quests to grind out the stumble pass as it is fairly hard to do so right now. Secondly, I think that the team games like rocket rumble and the soccer maps are just not fun and overall annoying when you are playing with friends, as it will divide you apart and not let you progress together through the rounds. Nevertheless stumble guys is a brilliant and fun game to pass the time I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys mobile and online co-op/multiplayer games..Version: 0.41

Best game ever but some lagsI have played this game for years and I still love it 🥰 so I am very happy 😃 that you made it but there is a problem with it because when I play it sometimes it doesn’t work because it glitches when I click the game and it keeps on glitching and I finally get on the game and I want to change my character so I press the button and I press a new character and it keeps on saying it can’t be changed and sometimes I press a character and it changes back to the same character I had before so you have to fix some things but again good game 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️😻😻😻😻😻😻😻🥰😘❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💘💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💞🧡🧡🧡🧡💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙🤎🤎🤎❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😘😘😘😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Version: 0.49

Great gameIf you’re going to compare this game to fall guys, of course it’s just a knock off, but that’s to be expected. All in all, it’s a great game with slight differences which separate it from the original. One great benefit is the fact that it can be played on mobile, so my friends and I are able to play together no matter where we are. It also has an array of global competitions to participate in which provide the chance to win gems which can then be used to purchase new character skins. And the developers are very good at updating the game, meaning new levels are constantly being added, making it so that there is never reason to get bored of playing..Version: 0.41.1

Good gameIts been a year Daddy. I really really miss you. Mommy says your safe now. In a beautiful place called heaven. We had your favorite dinner tonight. And i ate it all up. Even though i dont like carrots. I learned how to swim this summer. And i can even open my eyes. When im under water. Can you see me? I miss you Daddy. Its been 5 years Daddy. Im in 5th grade now. I really like computers. But math is hard. Mommy lets me sleep in one of your t-shirts. I think it still smells like you. I dont need to sleep with the light on anymore. I try not to cry Daddy. But its hard. I really miss you Daddy. Can you see me? Its been 10 years Daddy. I started high school. i made the honor roll. I hope your proud of me. Im also on the soccer team. Can you see me on the field? I started thinking about colleges. Do you think i could be a doctor? I know youll be with me when i walk down the aisle. I try not to be sad. But it hurts. I hope you know your my hero. I love you so much. Can you see me? I miss you Daddy.Version: 0.39

Great game!Let’s just start off with I absolutely LOVE the latest update. The new map is so fun and there’s less glitches in the game. I also remember that before I wasn’t able to get gems without paying money, but now all I have to do is watch 3 adds and boom! 15 free gems to save up! And the game has a lot more clearer images of the maps and it’s easier to understand where everything is on the Home Screen. And the new skins I love the most. Their so cute! The game is very good to play with friends as well. I know me and my friends love it! Everyday after school we would meet up and sit down to play this game! We would play for a long time before we set our phones down to go play outside. It’s so entertaining I can’t get enough of it! I definitely recommend this game!😁 Edit: why did you have to do this to me stumble guys. Just why…….. my whole game reset. All my 735 gems (which I’ve been saving for the stumble pass for at least 6 months) all my skins, emotes, everything is gone. I’m very sad 😔 I won’t be playing this game for a while but I just wanted to let you know this. I know this is not that big of deal and there’s a lot more worst things going on in the world but again I just wanted to let you know this..Version: 0.33

Love this gameI really love this game, and I think that the regular updates are great. I just got the premium stumble pass, but I do think it should be a little cheaper. I also think that there should be more skins and less glitches. Some of the courses are very easy to cheat on, but I suppose that is a good thing in some ways. Also in custom party there is no option for the course that has lava and blue platforms. It is one of my faves can you please put it on there! Finally I get very confused about who is real and who is a bot. Could that pls be clearer? Overall I am very addicted to this game and I think it’s very fun. Thanks a lot!!.Version: 0.44.2

Good game but…People who pay for the stumble pass have an unfair advantage over those who do not pay by way of them getting the punch and kick emotes. This results in several losses from the low level players who are robbed from getting to qualify by these pay to win people. Either you nerf the emotes, give them to all players, or remove them. Besides that though, it’s a really good Fall Guys clone..Version: 0.42

🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Name Sprinkles3pSo goodBut I have some ideas so you can add a place where your stumble guy has a place to stay like a house and people can come in it and you can Lock in and unlock itI would really like it if you’d be available to pick the game you play next gameAnd see who gets to pick the game like spin around and see which player gets to pick the game and can you add parties the game plans and like what season please be a Christmas gift when it’s Christmas and a candy when it’s time Halloween in the Easter egg hunt when it’s Easter adjusted by really like you to do this cause it’ll be even funnier if you do this and can you be a little shop that you can buy with your little things like you could buy different characters or you can buy like footsteps and emotions and stuff like that please do all of the suggestions if you have time and thank you bye thank you for reading this..Version: 0.45.4

More improvementI love the game it’s just that I hate how I keep getting the same map over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I think there could be a mode where you battle bots and the worst thing. When you use a taunt animation you can’t move. I think that you should make it where you can move while you do the taunt animation And I just got the starter pack and bought some spins. I then got the stumble pass and got everything and I got 3 additional legendarys.Version: 0.43.1

Please fix this!I love the game hilarious and fun with friends and family but one slight problem people keep pushing me off the side whenever I’m jumping. But apart from that it’s a fantastic game!!!.Version: 0.39

Stumble guysI really love this game but due to game bugs and glitches I’m going to rate stumble guys. 4 stars. Although the game has similar like details to other games I recommend stumble guys as your go to game. I love this game and I only got it a few mounts ago. I very much recommend stumble guys.Version: 0.40

Why this game is the 🐐I have been playing stumble guys for just over a year now and I think it is an amazing game. I really like how there are casual’s and than the pro and competitive side, There is a good balance and a good skill gap. There are many different colorful maps, they go for racing to elimination to collection and others. I think Scopley has done amazing efforts to the game after buying it. There are many different skins as well while some run some glide. Stumble guys has been making lots of collaboration and managed to get a collab with nerf and rabbids. I would love to see custom colors or title for streamers and their clans. I think this would be very cool to have in game. I am very competitive at stumble guys and have 1100👑+ and 1400💎 earned and I would love crown ranks. If you want to see my progress on the leaderboards for UK my name is nx:Khanada>> (if you care 😂) anyways download now! If not I will be 😢.Version: 0.49

Need to fix Gamepad/controllerWhen I try to use my controller I can only rotate my camera down or run around. No jump button or proper camera rotation. I think that the game is really enjoyable but it needs an option where you can map controls for a controller. Overall great game and is really enjoyable to play with mates..Version: 0.39

ImprovementsI love this game. It is fun to play anywhere anytime. You can be any chatter you want, but there are some things that should be improved (all my opinions). First off, the only way to get tokens or gems without burying them is through spins or the stumble pass. I like this but with the spins it is very rare to get more than one stumble token (from my experiences). Another thing is the AI situation. I’ve been playing this game since October 10, 2021 and I have seen more AI’s every game I play. Yeah it is easier to win this way but I rather get 1 win a week from a full human lobby than 100 a week from an AI lobby. I also would like to have better chances to get skins since the chances of getting a skin on the free spin is 24% which is crazy since I just want to get skins instead of tokens or gems all the time. Also in the stumble pass if you have the free version only, you shouldn’t get a reward for every other level. I get that if you want batter rewards buy the pass but I would like to get a reward for every level I pass. For the free version it should be every level but lesser rewards. For example of the first level for the stumble pass (paid version) is epic or better than the free version should be Rare or better. Developers please get back to me I would appreciate it so much..Version: 0.37

Include Trading, add more rounds!!I love this game me and my friends love playing this together it’s so fun! But please consider adding trading because I would love to trade skins with my friends and other players, because I have some skins my friends want and they have some that I really want and it would just make it much easier! I also recommend adding more rounds than just 3, because I feel like having 8 people in the third round and only one can qualify just isn’t as fun. I would love the last round to be a 1v1 with 2 players, and I’m sure a lot of other players would love that too. I think the first and second rounds should stay the same, keeping as only half of the players qualify to the next round, meaning in the third round 4 out of 8 players qualify, making a fourth round with only 2 qualifying, and then the last round would be a 1v1 with 1 out of 2 players qualifying. I think having these extra rounds would make the game a lot more enjoyable to a lot of people. But I love this game!.Version: 0.37

Game is so Good but here are some suggestionsGreat game, absolutely addicted but here are a few suggestions 1)XP Becoming more relevant: XP is kind of only to show how much you h a replayed the game but that could change with rewards for levelling up, these could be a spin of the character wheel, some stumble tokens and some gems. 2)Stumble Pass Star System becomes much more balanced, at the time of writing when you get eliminated in the 1st round you get 20 stumble pass stars and when you win the whole competition you get 35, this could be fairer with the system below: Eliminated in 1st Round: 10 Stars Eliminated in 2nd Round: 20 Stars Eliminated in 3rd Round: 40 Stars Winner: 60 Stars While this may seem like too many I think it makes the game much more desirable to win 3)Daily Challenges: 3 Simple Challenges per day which reward you with gems, stumble tokens, XP and stumble pass stars. This would certainly make the game much more fun. They could be something simple like win a game or get to the 3rd round 5 times or something a bit more difficult like qualifying on a certain map 2 times. Thank you for reading (if you did) I hope you take my suggestions on board and potentially add these features to the game but I can understand if you don’t want to. Also thanks to the developers for creating such a cool mobile game..Version: 0.44.1

This game is better than roblox doorsOkay, first of all, I love the graphics, its so easy to use the walking thumb-stick and the jumping button is really quick and easy to use. The quality is better than Gordon Ramsays cooking, and its not laggy at all. I love all the skins from common to legendary, And I really think you should keep the game going, with more awesome updates and more skins. And I love how I can play fall guys on mobile, and I love how the main menu looks a little bit like the Fortnite menu, (Even though, I hate Fortnite.) and I love how there is no ads. But there is a few things I hate with stumble guys. First of all, why do you have to pay to get the good skins, I know you need money, but don't you get money just by people downloading it. Or am I wrong? Also, why do we fall after we do the double jump, it just wastes time, and you move while your on the floor after the double jump, it makes you fall, and it gives you a higher chance of being eliminated. Also, the maps are a little too easy, can’t you make the maps harder? But other than all of that, I love this game and you should really keep it going!.Version: 0.43.1

Great Game *Improvement suggestions*If you are looking for a great game to casually have fun with friends and online players then this is great. A game of customisation and free rewards, it really is enjoyable. Here are some improvements… (PLEASE READ) I can’t lie, this game gets boring. different modes of gameplay such as a single mode for capture the flag or a new team game mode sounds awesome. Please consider, On behalf of all players. This game could also do with some cool limited time only events where you can play games and do challenges to claim free and exclusive rewards! The more rewards the more enjoyable so consider! Maybe some possible rewards options could be skins or trails or even gems or tokens. Theme made battle passes sounds terrific as well. Some themes include, a Pirate theme, Love theme, Toys Theme, Sport theme or Ninja team. I am aware to do so, the rewards would need to differentiate from normal rewards such as wheel skins. A new rarity could be a Pass rarity or Heroic rarity. Thanks for your consideration. Nik.B.Version: 0.39

Good gameHi my name is Pepsi. I wanted to tell you that this game is really awesome and I think you should do it. It is a very fun game and I want everyone to know that they get to pick their own game but I think this is a good one play. There’s a bunch of maps and skins you can choose from and there’s a bunch of obstacles courses and you could pretty much do like anything with it. You can play anywhere even on road trips some people might think that this is not a good game but I like it it’s their opinion. You can get common and rare items or even epic. I want you guys to know that it’s your opinion if you want something but I think this is a really good game that you guys should try. Are you just a five star because it’s entertaining and they work really hard to make this game there’s probably a bunch of people who made this game so I just wanna say how much I love this game and then it’s really good I don’t want you to have to do boring stuff. I hope you like my suggestion..Version: 0.37

I love this game!! But a problem please read.This game is fun and all but there’s a couple things you need to note. For one there needs to be a way to win gems and not just have to wait a day once using all your spins i bought stumble pass so I have to free spins and then I don’t mind the ads so I just use them all. But once your done you have to wait for 24 hours before this game has value. Two collision. Collision is the reason I don’t win my games I am super good at this game talking 10 legendarys but I can never win cause if I get to close to the edge of a surface and I’m jumping onto it I’m just going to no-clip right through three also I tried winning games to see if I would win ANYTHING ANYMORE but no. So this is what I was talking about if you have finished both the free pass and premium pass then this just gives nothing for your player to do within 5 days. If they do not know there is a reset overall they may quit. I love this game and everything else is fun but just add a way to earn gems and fix noclip and make it more engaging to people who have finished both passes. -Elliott Bostrack.Version: 0.41.1

Great game but…There is like jumping is a really good thing but then pushing people of just makes people quit the game like me cousin deleted it because he found a hacker please fix this the hacker could not die and please stop letting pushing it’s really annoying! 🥺🥺.Version: 0.39

Improvements for stumble guysStumble guys in general is a really good game, with new ideas always coming out and new skins always up for grabs. However their are some things that I just hate about the game which I think can be improved 1. With stumble tokens, the only things you can buy are epic skin wheels. This is strange but this isn’t really what I’m mad about. What I’m annoyed about is it costs 35 tokens, and half the time I get a duplicate, which results into 15 tokens back. In total I just lost 20 stumble tokens to the lack of money I get back 2. We all know the push and grab and kick emotes. We all hate them if your new. I personally think they should be kept in the game, but be restricted to certain games that would be extremely unfair if you used the emote. Deleting them would simply annoy players, because they might’ve grinded the battle pass to get it, and it would be more boring. 3. Last but not least, is the lucky wheel. The lucky wheel is very generous, since just watching an ad can grant a reward, but something I absolutely despise about this is how repetitive it gets. Most of the time I always get 5 gems from it, but it seems impossible to get a special skin or a bunch of gems or tokens. I wish they could change the rarity’s of the gems, tokens, and skins, to 33 percent each. In conclusion, stumble guys is a great game but with considering all of these reasons to fix it it would be so much better..Version: 0.51.2

Stumble Guys Five Star ReviewThis is a very fun and addicting game which I would recommend for all ages and I would definitely play it whenever you can get the time to. The best part is that if you have fall guys on Xbox or any kind of console but you want to play it while your out and about, use this, it’s the latest portable on go fall guys, “stumble guys!” Over all though I would like to see a few more updates coming out such as new secret skins that are in secret place and only spawn once completed a special sequence or quest, one other thing is putting better winning odds on the wheels so you could possibly get 75 stumble tokens in a 1 in 45 chance. Keep up the good work and hope to see more maps and fun things to do in the future. Sincerely, have a good time🤣👍..Version: 0.43

Bad pingReally cool game and pretty fun to play! At first it was running well, but now the ping is so bad we can hardly enjoy it or get far just because it glitches so hard..Version: 0.39

UpdateLOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! The only really thing you could add would be training games where you could choose your map but otherwise it is PERFECT. me and all my friends love this game, keep it up.Version: 0.40

❤️✨😡Ok..hi, I’m Zoe and I think this is amazing 🤩 app. I’m nine and I love this game so so so much. Love the quality, love the maps, and I love how you can change ur skin. One problem…HACKING 💀. Quick back story.. 🥰I won a game (not custom) and I got my hundredth win. I was soo excited and I quickly claimed my reward and looked at my wins…. ALL OF MY WINS WHERE GONE. I was sooo Angry and I talked to bff 👯‍♀️ about it (bc she knows ALL about this game) she said I got HACKED 💀. I was like “WhAt?????” I was soo mad 😠 like, developer, please 🙏 ban the hackers or something like that. Regards, Zoe P.S: please developers, respond and fix this problem. PP.S, LOVE THIS GAME!!!.Version: 0.46.2

Good, but has a few flawsStumble guys is a fun enjoyable game without its problems. It keeps you occupied and is hilarious. However, not everything is perfect. One thing to point out is that it glitches. The recent nerf arena event caught my attention and I went straight to update the game. I was able to play the first round, and when I qualified it would always to load the next map, which was the nerf gun map. So thanks to that, I haven’t been able to enjoy the Nerf Arena event. Some other things I’d like to mention is that it is quite hard to get lots of gems and stumble tokens, get special characters and there are some maps I really want to do, but have never had the chance to. Overall, Stumble Guys is awesome and I hope to see lots of cool updates in the future. But please take my feedback on board and change a few things. P.S. Plz make it easier to get special skins..Version: 0.48.3

Needs some workI n the next update can you make so you have inf tires cause it’s been 2 days in and I’m at 27 already and can you make the stumble pass 600 witch is walk or make it 800 campuses people have already gotten all of the stuff and I’m just jealous cause all my friends that are spoilt can get it but my family is broke we can barely arfford our mortgage and can you make a button that says clan and you can look for a clan and press tryout and you will do a tryout with out them and it will send to them and if it’s good you can add them into clan, if you read this it will be an honour if you can just add one and if you do make it so you need 500 gems to make one.Version: 0.41

I love WalrusI love walruses so much, there are just so yummy and nutritious, my bozo forgot his toothbrush but I’m sure his teeth will so Yummy and nutritious as well. Thank you for reading my well constructed review I hope you enjoyed From JJ.Version: 0.39

The game is great! Here are some recommendationsOk whoever’s reading this review I just wanna say Stumble guys is a Amazing game. It’s like my favorite game. The maps are Fire just like the skins and just like the Emotes. I just wanna recommend you guys make More First person Maps like the Blaster base map so that it engages more players to enjoy the game. I also wanna say Bravo with the tournaments like I remember when there was Tournaments that were Sent at times when I was not online but now that you’ve changed it I like the game much better. I recommend you guys make more whole new special emotes than making Variants of Types like the Fire punch. I also think that the people who cannot afford the Golden section of the Stumble pass can at least get like two decent skins in the Blue section. Ok after saying all that I also wanna say that for the Custom Party maybe you can like Create one and other players who are not your friends will have like a button where they can find Viral parties and join them. Anyways that’s all I have to say Good Luck!.Version: 0.51.2

Amazing gameThis game is amazing. If you are a mobile player who is trying to download fall guys but you can’t because your on mobile, well download this game. It is amazing and terrific. The reason I give it 4 stars is because of the punching box. I understand why that the developers added it to make money from the game and investing it to make this game better than ever before..Version: 0.46

Stumble guysI. This is such a good game and even better when I win🤣when I bored I click on this game and spin the wheel it will ether give me a not common ,common,epic and ledengery this is a great game!!!!!🤪😎😊🤩👏😂😅🤣.Version: 0.41.1

Greatest Mobile Game In History Of Mobile Gaming!!!So much Amazing stuff, where do I start? So many fun and vibrant maps! Cool Character customisation 😎! Season pass and updates added regularly! And So much more. Brought me many hours of joy and exciting moments! Greatest Mobile battle royal game, yes, more fun than games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Mech Arena, I’ve played all of them but this one stands out from the crowd, thank you game DEVs, for being the first Mobile game DEVs to finally create the PERFECT mobile game! 🤩🤩🤩 So what are you waiting for, dive in and join millions of players worldwide!!! Will you become The greatest Stumble Guy??? Go and find out!!! 😎😎😎.Version: 0.43

Stumble guys- Fun interactive game for friends and family!I think stumble guys is an amazing and fun game to play! You can play with friends and family and you get prizes each day for free! It’s my favourite game (personally better than Roblox) I think it would be better if you weren’t given the same map over and over again (it can sometimes be quite boring) I would highly recommend it! And I think it’s worth downloading it as it’s free too! Very fun maybe change some of the rules, but it’s a great game and it’s always a fun way to spend an hour with your friends and family. xx.Version: 0.41.1

Game!Awesome game but.. can you make it less gegga bites?.Version: 0.37

ImprovementsOkay, first off, this game is one of my fav mobile games. I’ve never rlly written reviews on apps I get, but I wanted to make suggestions. So, some people have been saying that they should add more rounds to create suspense, and I totally agree with that. Next, I feel like the Premium stumble pass is a little expensive, it requires you to buy a pack of there gems, unless people have saved up, which I highly doubt. Bots are definitely added to parties, not all the players are. Correct me if I’m wrong, me and my friend have discovered that in parties some of the players are real. It is weird bc it’s only supposed to have the people that joined the party then bots ig. Skins are awesome, but I feel like they should make it easier to get specials and legendaries. Just bc they are very hard to get. I would also like to point out that when you go in skins, you can get epic or better for 35 stumble tokens, I feel like that is a bit excessive, giving that they are kind of hard to get. That is all I rlly suggest, but other then that stuff, the game is awesome!.Version: 0.37

It’s a good gameIt’s a great game, and it’s one of my favourite games..Version: 0.46

Bugs/GlitchesHello Stumble Guys, i am here to say that the amount of bugs is uncountable. Tournament bugs has half of the Stumble Guys community complaining, i’m sure you have heard of the “Jump bug” this is a bug/glitch that when you jump it doesn’t put you in the jump position, i understand that this is a game bug and there’s not much you can do about it however i’m sure all of the Stumble Guys community would love for you guys to fix the “Rematch glitch” this glitch is a thing that you guys could fix with enough effort. This is a glitch where you could win a game in a tournament and it would not process through the system, this means you have to redo the match, this can repeat again and again until you eventually loose. I find this very unfair and ruins the joy of winning a tournament..Version: 0.49.1

Super fun!Honestly, it’s better than the actual Fall Guys game. It’s so competitive and fun. The graphics and controls are awesome. One thing though, is that there are so many advertisement. Every time I finish a game, an ad pops up. I understand that the developers of the game need money to upgrade the game, but I think that they are better off having no ads. Other than that the game is super fun because you can play with fiends against other randoms. Thanks developers of the game..Version: 0.30

It’s okThis is a really fun game for all ages makes me mad and makes me annoyed but it’s all for the fun of it the one problem I’ve had is the glitch where the controls don’t work and I sends you spinning around into the void and also turning you invisible if you want your game to be more popular fix it.Version: 0.39

Best Game Ever!I love this game so much because there are so many different maps, skins, and people. I love collecting new skins, and playing the new maps, it’s always so exciting. I only got this game yesterday day and I love it so much! I also have like 7 wins in 1 days LOL. The only thing you can do is on the space map, after the second Saturn, it’s so hard to jump, and I didn’t qualify. But, Overall, It’s my favourite game so far (except of Roblox and Minecraft) but it’s my favourite obby game! Please reply, I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, Thank you!.Version: 0.37

Absaloute love this gameThis game is really good! I think you should focus on updates and then u could get more people i think that this game is very fun to play if your bored and you can play with family! Because you can friend your family or anyone! I think you should do a update where theres bears and skins but the bear skins cost bears and there can be an event where you can collect the bears to buy the skins and different colours like white grey and all the other colours and this is all i have to say thank you for making this game it made my day.Version: 0.47

HelloGood game but give us more gems every day instead of 15 We need more gems and second: add skin events: limited skins based on something that blows up ( gets super popular) like fnf, poppy playtime, and among us. It can blow up YOUR game, Stumble Guys even more. Three: add ingame chat and delay messages with swear words. Game detects a swear word, you cannot post the message. Fourth: more maps. Think some maps, and rebuild fall guys maps. Well, great game! But… 5. I HATE CATS but it’s ok. 6. WhyCanWeNotBeAbleToMakeOurOwnRoundsPls 7. Why no nsw 8. I can’t buy stuff im not allowed 🚫 9. Thank GOD the turkeys are over 🦃 🇹🇷 10: HOW DO U GET 2023 STUFF.Version: 0.44.3

Fun gameThis game is very fun in fact that there is many maps you can do and there is special offers in the shop. This game has a “stumble pass” that gives you free items for playing the game and gaining “stars XP” you can buy the premium pass for only 1200 gems and can get exclusive special items. There is many tik tokers out there that make the game more alive as well. I rate it 5/5 in my opinion, I play it everyday when I have nothing to do. Very glad that this game was made to be in my life. Also one more thing,.. You can hang out with friends in parties and you can compete against people on the leaderboards. There is also tournaments that you can compete against 32 people I’m sure and can get a prize. There is also skins in the game that makes it much cooler. These skins include up to legendaries and specials, Tho it is like a spinning wheel that you have to be lucky to get those types of skins. So far I have 2 legendaries. I had this game for 2 months. One more thing is there is a daily spin, this spin I’ve won many stumble tokens from it and even gems, I would spend these stumble tokens and gems to getting skins or saving up..Version: 0.41

My favourite mobile game ever but…I love this game it is so fun to play with my friends and all of the different maps with the custom game feature and stuff and the many new updates and wheels but I wish that there could be more soundtracks like keep the current two they’re really good but it could use some more and finally, maybe add some daily quests where you get gems and tokens or something like-score 3 goals in stumble soccer:Reward=5 gems maybe or like win a game in lava rush-10 gems. Something like that. Please please please consider adding these and thank you for reading.Version: 0.45.4

Stumble GuysI’m an 11 year old who likes simple games and puzzle games. This really hit the spot! It’s got simple gameplay, easy controls (just a joystick and jump button) and all the players are nice, easy going, and quite often funny! This game is great. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys simple, exciting games. If you are wondering why I’ve given it four stars, here’s your answer; adverts! I can’t stand adverts, however, you’ve got to make money somehow and often games use this method. But the adverts aren’t inappropriate in any way, so it isn’t a massive issue. Thanks for reading all the way down to here! Foxy ♡.Version: 0.44.1

Stumble GuysIt is a very good and enjoyable game. The only thing is that every time after a game, I am constantly watching the same old ad.Version: 0.37

AwesomeThis game is awesome. I have no issues at all!! Just a suggestion, maybe you could make the deluxe wheel not real money. Because ever since I’ve downloaded the game in total I’ve spent around 100$. So I would love if you made it coins instead. But over all I give it 5 star, it’s absolutely awesome. Thank you for creating this game. And if your wondering you don’t HAVE to buy the deluxe wheel it just gives you really good items. And anyway there’s a wheel you get daily and that’s given me so many rate skins. This game is awesome. Really you guys should download it right now!!!! 😀😀😀🤩🤩🤩🤠🤠👍👍👍👍.Version: 0.44.1

Your game is racistBro just because I’m a default doesn’t mean I can’t win anything fix ur game or I will sue your stupid mf game why does it even exist anyway delete😒😒.Version: 0.39

Pretty goodPlease add so you can have a longer name when I Try change my name with Color’s says to long thank you.Version: 0.40

Sick gameStumble Guys is an amazing game For people that say the stumble pass is unfair as people can just pay to get it. You can literally buy it easily if u do all of ur spins each day. Stumble is an amazing game. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 0.45.3

Stumbley gaysOh no we don’t need it to do anything but I can’t do anything for the whole day and I’m going back in a bit to see if you want me llamo and I’m going back home to go home for the day so I’m not sure what time I can do it for the next couple of weeks but I’m going back home and I can get a shower at my moms and then I’ll head back to work so I’m not sure what about you think I should be there in the next couple days I need a ride home from the bus bye love bye to see me when I see your next couple minutes away bye love bye see bye love you love love you too love bye bye see what about it ok I’m going back to bed bye love you love love you too love you bye love you love love bye bye see bye love bye see.Version: 0.41

Amazing game! Just needs a upadateAMAZING GAME! Stumble guys is a amazing fun entertaining game! But it just needs a update. The update would be if you could trade with other people like, ur freinds, family, or strangers! And you may also be able to friend people, and chat with them! You should make more different skins and let others make there own. But they have to pay tokens or gems. You guys should also get more different maps, 1. This is just a idea but maybe a dessert. Hopefully you read this and update the game xoxo. Thea❤️.Version: 0.41.1

Amazing gameAmazing game it’s super fun to play with your friends or even just going solo. I love the skins and I have a suggestion for one! It would be called graveyard growler. If you add it the designs up to you. I also have another suggestion as well it would be cool if you added element events. So if it was fire frenzy you would get 3 chances for a skin that has fire elements on it. If it was earth elemental 3 chances for a skin that has earth elements on it. If it was ice impulse 3 chances for a skin that has ice elements on it and if it was air action 3 chances for a skin that has air elements on it. How it would work is by completing a match/ winning a match would give you fragments depending on what map you’re on. These fragments give you the 3 chances more for element skins etc. other ideas for skins are tree troubler, ice inpaler, air ambush and fire frawcrow. Overall 5 outta 5..Version: 0.47.3

Amazing, Just AmazingBetter than fall guys.Version: 0.30

My Honest ReveiwThis game is an amazing game and is so fun to win and you will find it addictive almost instantly. It can be frustrating when you lose but when you win it’s the best feeling ever. I don’t think there is a better game out there. How to play: So there starts off with 32 people and the game randomly selects a map. The first 16 to lose or die will be eliminated and can spectate or do different matches. Then the next 8 then it will be the last man standing. Double tap to slide but watch out as it can be very tricky to control your dives as they make you faster but much slippier. Honestly it’d one of the best games out there. I highly recommend it so trust me and give it a try. 😄.Version: 0.42

Best Game EverSo much fun and perfect mechanics.Version: 0.37

Stumble guys suggestionThis is a great game! You join matches quick and waste no time! Spins everyday is awesome as well. In my opinion this game is fantastic although, the maps take quite a while to load. I would also suggest to add training mode where you can play by yourself and choose what map to play (it doesn’t count as a win) I would also like if you could get gems and tokens after each win. For me, I think the stumble pass is a bit too expensive. If you don’t want to add tokens and gems after every win I would love if you’d lower the stumble pass price to about 950 gems or 700 tokens. Thank you.Version: 0.39

Pay to winThe pay to win emotes are the most annoying thing, people punching and kicking where loads of people are and them losing from that, players using the kick for a speed boost and advantage, people punching and hugging you off to eliminate you, I like the ideas of making emotes like that but if your gonna do it at least make them much easier to get or make them free, it’s just so annoying getting in a survival game to be punched or kicked off. Even considering all off that, stumble guys is a really fun game and if you haven’t played it before I would really recommend it..Version: 0.40

Great, needs small improvementsTo be fair, stumble guys is a great game. The skins and courses all being fun and unique makes it actually enjoyable. There are a few problems that could be fixed in future updates. 1. The stumble pass, yet being quite interesting, is too short. Something that is supposed to be a challenge to reach to can be achieved in a matter of days. A bigger pass could be more fun so you don’t just grind for crowns. It would also be nice for you to be able to get 1200+ gems. This would mean that you wouldn’t need to pay every 30 days for the pass. Another tip would be to add challenges for xp. Stuff like getting to a final round or scoring in stumble soccer would be more fun to grind then just playing. The special emotes are a great idea but are just too unfair for people without them. A way to play with or without them would be better for newer players, as after a certain time, you start to get into games with sweats with punch and kick. One problem I have is team modes. They really ruin a game as they depend on your teammates. This means teamers and bots can make the game worse. Removing them or improving them would be best. The final idea would be to add more maps more frequently. This is so maps aren’t repetitive and annoying. I hope you get to seeing this and considers these ideas..Version: 0.41

The game is good but I can’t update or redownloadI tryes to get the new update but I didn't work so I deleted it trying to fix it and now I can’t reinstall. I have also spent money on this game so fix soon!.Version: 0.39

Please stop Pay to WinThis is a fantastic game and with only a couple of days played I’m having a blast. After gaining many trophies I found it’s hard to win because you play with better players, which is fine, but these players sometimes hold an unfair advantage. In the game there’s an emote that is a boxing glove. I noticed when this emote is used the player punches everything around them and can possibly knock someone over. I was in a final match on the lava pillars map, and I was standing next to a player when they used this emote, which pushed me off when I was about to win. I get it is homage to fall guys mechanics but after doing research I found the only way to get punching and grabbing emotes is through stumble passes, therefore the only realistic way to get them is pay with real money. It’s disappointing as this game has potential and is basically portable fall guys, but it ruins the fun when you lose a match in a final round because someone can do something that you cannot..Version: 0.39

BEST GAME EVER!!!!I love this game so muuuuuch! I highly recommend for you to get it. I love the new maps and skins. Sometimes it has glitches. This is undoubtably the best game I have ever played in my life! This game is toooooo cool. You should make a stumble girls too that has cool new skins and different maps!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME! I LOVE how you pretty much put in a new map every 2 weeks. Maybe also there could be a surfing or skating map and whoever does the coolest tricks could win. If you ate reading this get this game. There is no way any other game could be better than this one. 😆😆😄😋😛😝😜🤪. THANKS Scopely, Inc.Version: 0.50.2

. . . . . . Wow. 😯This game was surprisingly good! 😁 I downloaded it thinking it would be just another weird guy game 🙄 (wonder why . . . #StumbleGuys) but it was quite good! Btw, the players are real. Me and my family members play this game together in the same map, so they is real people. This is something I’m still unsure about, but maybe change the name? Some girls might not want to get this because it says stumble GUYS and not stumble PEOPLE or something like that. They might be more inclined to download it. Also, VIP is a little unfair in the pass because there’s this effect where people can make other players temporarily paralyzed. (😡) Plz remove that. Anyway, I like this game and it’s a great way to connect with the family or with friends in a fun way. I’m a little competitive, so family games are a little heated. But you should totally download this game! It’s really fun and time consuming If this review disencourages you from downloading it, ignore my review! Jus download it and have fun. Thank u for making this great game!!!!! 🙏.Version: 0.46.1

Love it!Hey, I love stumble guys it’s really fun but when it comes to the rounds I would actually like for us all the people who play Stumble guys be able to vote what round we get to play other than that all the games are really really fun but I’ve never really got into get the game that I wanted. I’ve never played that one so that’s why I really want us to vote which one we want but other than that I love Stumble Guys all the games are really really fun, it’s very interesting as well. Don’t tell anyone this but I think stumble guys it’s a little bit better than fall guys.🤫.Version: 0.45

Good but emotesThe game is fun obviously a rip-off from fall guys which I don’t care about. The thing I do care about though is those stupid emotes that cost money and can change the game. I don’t know who came up with the concept but it’s dumb and ye not many people have it but when they do it annoys me so much and if the devs really care they will fix it . It’s been a while but when I was writing the review it hadn’t happened to me but now it is happening every game especially in the final game where the tiles drop down and you have to climb high the pinch emote gives the person a free win you get punched bye. It’s annoying because it’s more just waiting my time if a pay to win player comes in and ruins it.Version: 0.39

Stumble guys 5 starsBest game ever,Way better then fall guys.Version: 0.39

AmazingWOW this game is amazing I love it it is unique in its own way it is like a dream game the creativity and charioteers is amazing that is y I give it a 5 stars out of 5 but yet there could still be improved the stumble pass a bit bigger and better prizes and the maps are great. The friend request idea is soooooo smart now I can play with all my friends when we both like and see all of each other’s wins and stuff. I could not recommend a better game it is based off fall guys I do. Really think that it is better more updates will be great and love the tournaments I could do them all day if I was allowed to it is. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing please make more updates the more stumble does the more I love it.Version: 0.46.1

Adds Adds Adds and internetWho likes adds? Know one does so why did you put so many adds in stumble guys it’s so annoying. Firstly if you won a match and trying to collect you stuff an a add comes on and that add can do a lot of things because when that add finshies sometimes it glitches so you can’t collect you stuff. Other than t he Adds your game is amazing except that if your on a roadtrip and you wanna play stumble guys well to bad you can’t because internet if you don’t have internet connection you can’t play this game and your gonna end up watching Peppa pig!!! So that’s it I hope you guys respond and and and do the little things that I asked for you to fix. Bye.Version: 0.45

AnnoyingI rate five star for this game because I wanted to get attention to everyone who wanted or played this game. This game is annoying, it sometimes don’t let me play, but if it let me play, it always went error and I had got not many chances to played this games. I think the people who is in charging this game wanted people who played this game a lot to play again and again every time this app went wrong, but the opposite, every time this game went error it will make the people get annoyed, and deleted this game..Version: 0.43.1

Add tradingI think they should add trading but u have to get to a certain level it would make the game so much fun.Version: 0.37

Trading skinsHi I LOVE stumble guys is is the only game I ever play but a really cool update would be to trade skins I think trading skins would be really cool and that way you would probably get a lot mor visitors so please consider this as a new update!.Version: 0.44

My opinion that doesn’t matter whatsoeverOk, this game is pretty good. im not calling it a fall guys clone because to be honest, these guys advertise stumble guys way more than fall guys. the mechanics are pretty nice and is only buggy when you have high ping. I loved the crossover between hit wheels and stumble guys. one con i have is that some of the final rounds are racing maps( not the hot wheel collab map, that one is fine for a final round) but some common maps for final rounds are paint splash and jungle run. they are fine for both 1st and 2nd round, however, when there is only one person to qualify in a racing map it will be challenging since if you mess up there is no way to bounce back. but the pros outweigh the cons when in general, the main parts of the game shine like the sun. Friends, joining lobbies together, daily spins for a chance at a specific item, certain deals, the list goes on. but this game is a blast and you can see that it gets regularly updated and has new and fun ways to play the game, every time. most if the updates add something new to the player( even bug fixes are a major help because they get in the ways if the players experience) so, if anyone even THINKS this was specifically to be a cash grab, let them know that it has a huge population, and ( including myself) play fall guys and think that this is great for on the go or just having a slightly different experience than fall guys.Version: 0.44.2

GiftsDear developers, This game is probably the best game I have on my device. It’s very fun and entertaining, I could honestly play it all day. Though I do have some recommendations, I have so many skins and so many friends that also play stumble guys. It would be great to gift some skins, gems, or tokens to them. Since most of them just started playing I could send them gifts to boost them a head start. Just like you can donate premium passes, I hope you can allow to donate skins and stuff like that. Thank you all for taking up your time to read this..Version: 0.43.1

Great but pros and consGreat and fun game but the keyboard doesn’t work to well but overall if you don’t have a console or away from your console play stumble guys instead of fall guys Xx thanks Stumble Guys.Version: 0.39

ChatWe need to chat to people like our freind on freinds list to join our party stumble guys is good but make it more like fall guys please I’m begin.Version: 0.44.2

Great game, though could be betterThis Fall Guys copy is better than the actual game! Stumble guys is so much fun but I think you should make the Stumble Pass a bit bigger because I finished it so quickly. The maps we currently have are so cool. Though I wish you guys could add a practise mode so people could practice the shortcuts that they found on TikTok, Twitter or Instagram. It would be very cool if you added a legendary or special skin spin because right now I'm good at this game but I don't have the much good characters so I would really appreciate if you added one of the following. A map I should recommend adding is probably “Stumbasket”. “Stumbasket” is basically a basket ball 8v8 arena. So if you guys could add that I would be happy. Stumble Guys is a fun, sensible game that I think everyone should download..Version: 0.40

StumbleOne of the best games I’ve honestly played in my phone this got me through years of rough school and added a little enjoyment to each day and there are so many different fun maps and bright colorful skins you can wear in get also a lot or real players and competition and a bunch of little fun cut through and faster ways to complete the map that you can find highly recommend this game to others and they have a party mode for friends and family this game got me through cancer and harsh racisms from my peers on school I was I tall skinny black kid who was broke but it got me through and now I am dyane the rock Johnson and I am a boy searching through a man’s world and a boy searching for good men and it stopped me from bullying from my penis which was small and bent right but now it is 13 and a half centimeters and bends left… all of these factors grew from this amazing game and became the worlds greatest curling and cricket player and actress and adult film star cause of the aray of skins and professions.Version: 0.37

Why people must rate stumble guys 5 stars!Many people must absolutely rate stumble guys 5 stars because it is so fun to play and keeps you online with other people. It also helps people to try to be solo for once in their life. Who wouldn’t want to try that? People must rate stumble guys 5 stars!!! Firstly, stumble guys keeps kids entertained by trying to pass many obstacles and by trying stay in the epic rounds. When you are playing and having so much fun you don’t even realise that you are actually exercising your fingers. Who wouldn’t want that? Secondly, playing stumble guys will help build up a creative goal and help you get together with your friends if your sick by joining their party. Can you believe that some people don’t want to play stumble guys? Also, by playing stumble guys you will finally be able to feel very soothed and relaxed. Thirdly, if you play stumble guys, it will help you learn to not get angry if you lose the more you play it. It will also set you a positive mindset, for you will be happy for others if they have won that round. Can you even believe that other people would rather play other games? In addition, I strongly believe that people must play stumble guys!.Version: 0.41.1

Fun Game! DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR NO ADS!! 👍😁I will admit I’ve only been playing stumble guys for a little bit, but I find in my game it’s really glitchy and takes a while to pick a game round for me to play. I don't really care about taking a little bit to pick a round game but the glitches are really annoying and I would like them to stop. Once I start the round with the 32 players I will be mid - running or in the middle of jumping, my screen will freeze then start me back at the starting line of the round! When everyone else is half way through it or qualified already, and I am at the end! It’s really annoying and I could do without it! Because of the glitches I always loose… 😢 It’s no fun not making it even through the first round…. Otherwise it is a fantastic game! I really do like playing it though! I love all the round ideas and I love the way you run the rounds and obstacles! Even if my game glitches, it is still fun to play! THANK YOU FOR NO ADS!! I CAN NEVER FIND ANY GAMES WITH NO ADS! THANK YOU 🙏😊 Love the game! ❤️.Version: 0.44

GOD GAMEI can’t play fall guys since I play on ipad and instead I found this on the 30th July 2022 and I’ve been loving this playing and been playing 2-6 hours a day. It’s been extremely fun with friends and just in general. Streaming this game is fun aswell. 22 Maps now as 0.41 Update came out today and I can’t wait for more. Each update is great but this is really good. So I rated this 5 stars becuase in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with the game, bugs get fixed quickly, so many skins, many maps, fun with friends and no ads unless wanted with the free spins. Although it can be ptw you have to try and avoid it and if you get punched or hugged or even kicked and lose because of it then think that your better and you can improve by playing more. This game is so fun in many ways and I can’t wait for more! Thankyou for creating this game, applause ti the dev team.Version: 0.41

Very good gameThere’s no ads and it’s a very good game 5 out of 5. But sometimes when you’re in a game glitches and it’s kind of annoying if you are in the Lead. The game is good with party and all but it would be good if you could add friends and like you could have friends and play with friends. So yeah if you could add like a friends thing it would be really good because I have some friends what play and like I can only party with them not like add them as a friend and have them all the time playing with me so will be good competition..Version: 0.39

Could use some fixesFirst of all stumble guys is really fun but their could be some things they could fix. Like lucky wheels I feel like they rigged it. It always lands on the one next to the special so I feel like I never get any good skins. Second of all the emotes in stumble guys is a problem. Its not really fun when you keep getting slide tacked over and over again. And there is nothing I can do about it because I do not have any emotes. And I don’t want to spend money on stumble guys. it would be more fair if everyone started out with emotes I don’t like losing every time somebody has an emote. Third, everything in the item shop is way over priced. Like I was looking in the item shop and I saw gems that were 20 dollars anyways I hope someone gets back to me. I still love to play stumble guys it could just use some fixes. That is why I rated it five stars every game could use fixes. Thank you for reading my review.Version: 0.51.3

So goodI really like this game but I hate that most of the time the obby is Super bowl scramble😒..Version: 0.46

Pretty good some minor errorsThis is a good game don’t get me wrong. But, there are some minor details you should fix. I hate when people hit, or kick people of maps there are two reasons I hate this 1. A lot of younger kids play this like 5 and under and if they have those power ups and do those things they will think that’s ok and it will get worse and worse till there a adult and killing people. 2. It is super frustrating, and when newbies come in they have no idea and have trouble playing and you will get no new players and the game will fall in popularity. Another thing is I think those things in the game like legendary s and specials I think there should be more of those like, Mythical, Amber, Diamond etc. And a huge thing you need to do is colab with people like Harry Potter, Sponge Bob, The Amazing World of Gum-ball, Super Mario, even YouTubers etc. You should make some more things you can buy with the purple coins. When I go to the shop that’s all I see I can buy. Lastly you need to unite with Fall Guys. You guys are both such good obstacle games and I think it’s time for you to put your differences aside. Thanks for reading ❤️.Version: 0.49.1

Stumble guys feedbackStumble guys is the best game I could play but if I could give feedback I think you should listen. 1st of all I must say if you could shorten the stumble pass to like 250 gems it would be better. 2nd of all with the skins I think they are perfect but maybe you should make some at least 100 gems then you could get a free skin but just one of them. Also you should make some of the skin packs for example the legendary skin is 400 you should make it a less price of getting. But of all things I think stumble guys is the best so thanks for making it😊.Version: 0.47.1

Fix Up The Game A BitHey owners of sg, I really like this game and in have been playing it for a while now and have got a few wins but I have some complains and suggestions I think you should do 1. This is really important for all people who live in oce you developers really need to have a Oceania region it’s crazy how every other game I know has a oce region but not you guys it’s so hard for a lot of us to play on asia because the ping can range from 100 to 200 ping. 2. DELETE TEAM GAMEMODES I’m pretty sure I don’t know a single player who likes team game modes usually if I get a team game mode I would just close the game they are just so bad just about luck and how well your team can play, maybe add another team game mode but the ones u have right now is everyone’s f tier maps. Thanks for your time devs I hope u keep these in mind! Also last thing add a practice mode where u can play offline by yourself this would be so cool and it would make the game less boring and repetitive.Version: 0.41.1

AwesomeI love the idea of the new round.Version: 0.46

Addicting and FunIt’s clear that this game is a knockoff of Fall Guys, but it’s pretty fun in its own way, plus you don’t need to pay for it, giving it extra points from me. The Maps are fun and challenging, and there are quite a few of them, too. The thing I would say, though, is that I often get the same Maps over and over and some of them I don’t get at all. Not sure if that’s just my iPad glitching or something though. Speaking of which, often the game glitches out for me, and kicks me from the game in the middle of matches, or just vibrates franticly. Sometimes when I go past the finish line the game doesn’t register that I have qualified, which is really annoying, but, once again, it could be my iPad. As for the music- Just please, please, PLEASE add some more songs, because I physically cannot take listening to the same two songs over and over anymore. Ok, that was pretty harsh, and besides there are some good parts to the game too. I must say I think you did a terrific job with the graphics. They’re smooth and relatively glitchless, and the animations are super cool too. The different dance moves the players present when the qualify are so adorable and well created, it’s great! The game itself is addicting and I can’t stop playing it. I was mildly disappointed that crowns don’t really do anything, but overall, good game, keep up the good work :) -Moon.Version: 0.44.1

Amazing game, but a few suggestionsI love stumble guys, it is so much better than fall guys but I have a few suggestions. 1. I tried to download this game on my MacBook, but it is only available on windows laptop, so I had to download it on my iPad, I would love it if this is available on Mac. 2. The Punch, Kick & Hug emotes are pay to win because you have to spend loads of gems to get the stumble pass & people use them to eliminate others, I have been eliminated as the second last person in a round because of these emotes, I would like it if they were removed, or made easier to get. Overall an amazing game, great job 👍..Version: 0.41

Good Game but it needs some improvementsIt is a very fun game with lots of enjoyable moments but it gets repetitive a lot if the time. I think the daily wheel is kind of rigged but I wont complain. If I spin it I am one off of a legendary and then it goes straight after it or it doesn’t go on the skin. I know it’s hard to get a legendary but I still find it a tiny bit rigged. Last thing, the stumble pass costs A LOT for the premium. I know it is supposed to be hard to get but 1200 gems is a big price and maybe there should be a way on the epic or better you have a chance to get a premium stumble pass. Overall, this game is very enjoyable and fun but it needs a couple changes. I hope you at least consider these rules. Thank you for making a very fun game!.Version: 0.47

Rewards from stumble tokensMy best friend and i LOVE this game. it’s our favorite game. but. i do have an issue. i have been saving and saving my purple stumble tokens to get the 35 stumble spin. i was so excited. me and my best friend watched in awe as it spun. but when i got my reward… it was a reward of 15 purple stumble tokens… when i spend 35 purple tokens… i expect to get a reward valued at 35 purple stumble tokens. when i received 15 purple token. i hope to see the reward system change to really benefit the players. i just don’t like how exclusive this purple token spin was made out to be. like i saved for at least a week or two. when in reality i was getting scammed. i basically spent this tokens for nothing. i’m just a very disappointed player. i love this game. this game has brought me and my best friend closer and we could not imagine where we would be in life if we didn’t play this game. i hope that i could change your mind on this flaw of the game. other than this little incident, i’m a VERY VERY happy player. i love this game with my whole soul and i’m not even exaggerating. thank you for your time. xoxo.Version: 0.44.3

Needs DevelopmentFor once, this is a mobile game that stands upon the rest and it stands-out quite ever so nicely. However, there are various needs of development within the game such as lack of rewards, tokens, gems, so on and so fourth. For instance, what’s the point of playing the mini game if our rewards only give us exp, trophies, and stars? To elaborate, the exp used in this game to level up doesn’t give us any rewards in general, making it frustrating for users to get more skins and etc. trophies are used to level up in the pass HOWEVER, only the first 5 or so levels are free rewards. After those you have to pay with gems for other rewards. The pass doesn’t reset everyday, and users can play a various amount of mini games and end up with no rewards after 15 at the least, games. Although the game gives 4 free spins every day with chances to get skins, tokens, and gems, the overall point of playing the mini games is absolutely pointless after “finishing” the pass. Please work on this..Version: 0.37

Great game, but pay to winI play the game all the time at home and at school with my friends, however, there are some aspects of the game that are unfair to ‘free to play’ players. There are “special emotes” in the stumble pass that make the game completely unfair. Me (free to play), struggle to win the final rounds like ‘lava land’ and ‘honey drop’ due to the stumble pass players using their special emotes, like ‘kick’ and ‘punch’ to stun me. This will result in me falling off the platform etc and being eliminated. Overall the game is great and lots of fun, but very pay to win (I am aware that the stumble pass is available to ‘free to play’ players for 1200 gems, however it is hard to obtain)..Version: 0.39

Pretty good but…This game is really fun, but I’m always getting the same maps. Most of the time I play the floor flip one and the ice race to the finish and that one where there are things that swing and push you off. We barely ever get to play any other maps and it’s really annoying. But other than that problem this game is really awesome! I was also wondering if you could: .add more maps where it’s not a race to the finish .fix a glitch where I fall through the floor and die sometimes (it doesn’t happen very often though) Thanks for reading this review I would appreciate it if you could add more maps that are not race to the finish! 😀😄😁.Version: 0.44.2

So much funI had a great time playing this with my friend at schoolIt’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.Version: 0.40

More soundtracks?I have been enjoying the game for a few days and can clearly see it’s a knockoff of Fall Guys. However, as FG isn’t available on mobile, I’m happy there is an alternative to play. As I’ve played both games, I can’t help but compare them: - I am happy to see that in Stumble Guys, all skins can be obtained by just playing without paying anything, which is not true for FG. - I also like the fact that you can’t grab people, which is very much a relief for me, as I find grabbing in FG very irritating. BUT, I find the punch feature almost just as annoying. - I was disappointed to realise that crowns do nothing in SG and they’re basically just for bragging rights. I think it would be better if you could buy something unique with them or something. Otherwise I find there not much incentive for me to win. - PLEASE add some more sound tracks. I’ve actually muted the game while playing as I can’t stand listening to the same track over and over again. - Also, please add an option to move the jump button. I have big hands and have therefore missed pressing jump at crucial times in the game too many times, because my thumb hasn’t quite been in the very unnatural position it needs be to be able to jump. Thanks.Version: 0.39

Pls change this!!Hey! I love ur game sm, but there is just one thing. I really would like if everyone was see-through not like invisible, just so people can’t push u because it’s so annoying when I am going so well and I jump but there’s so many people so I get pushed and then I die and lose. But apart from that ur game is very fun!.Version: 0.37

Spell it corectlyYesterday. When I downloaded the game I was delighted I went up to my brother and slapped him silly in the wolly jumper (what did you think!) and said yes yes ohhhh yes he was like omg bro bro are you ok k I said YES OHHHHH YES I haven’t felt that exited about a game since melted bread and I said to my brother, and I would never forget these words ‘I downloaded fall guys’ he was like WOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG BRO BRO IS IT GOOD? But then my heart sank I released I’ve never played this game before sweat dripping from my 12 inch forehead I then replied with… no. My brothers eyes sunk into he’s skull he was ashamed I knew he was gonna call daddy on my a-and.. get the belt! BUT I told him don’t worry bro bro I’m going to play… now! He was delighted I’ve never seen him glow so much for a split secound I thought he was pregnant and he said YESSSSS WELL DONE BRO BRO PLAY PLAY IT NOW! I replied with yes ok I’ll play and as I loaded the game my and my brothers face went from a smile… to a frown and I through my phone across the room but my mum in the head (she’s ok) and I said this just just said these 5 words They spelt fall guys wrong. And I’ve never seen my brother since 😞 (Spell the game right please and thank you).Version: 0.41

WhenHensnsnem.Version: 0.46

Stumble guys reviewI love this game, it’s better than fall guys.(In my opinion.)The only thing I don’t like is the emotes for example the punching emote is really annoying..Version: 0.46

Multiplayer game perfect for the familyVery well made game which will give you hours of fun for all ages. Such a neat game to play and there’s no bullying or creeps etc as no chat… only speech icons. Very cool and addictive game. Kid version of squid games lol..Version: 0.42

Good..but..It’s a good game I got to give me that.. but there’s a few minor issues at least on my screen, first of all good game good game but second is the Real details. Stumble guys kind of like fall guys I’m not kidding but I like a lot when people are in front of me it looks like they’re pushing me and when people are behind me it looks like I fall off the edge! But one of the biggest issues is… The expense of getting skins why is The common 55 why can I be like 30 I’m not telling you how to run your game I’m just saying it’s not to my expectations yet I’ll keep playing a little bit but fire you I would consider not downloading this game until they fix those details if you’re a person like me P.S. ( this is note to developer) hey developer if you’re reading this I just wanted to say I would really like to see more skins and that’s really lower my expectations because some of them are mad if you do this you don’t have to but you really make my day I would like to see parkour maps that’s my specialty lol, anyWho please read this.. Ps i’m not trying to bring down your game I’m just saying can you fix these problems and having..Version: 0.33

Love it!This game is soooo fun! After playing it for a while it gets addicting. The only thing is that I would not suggest this games for people with no patience as you could easily rage quit. The only other thing is that this game came up in the no wifi games so I was hopping it would would with no wifi but it does need wifi. Otherwise the game is a hilarious ragdoll game where you race to the end and get new characters and more. I would highly suggest getting this game as it is great fun but some people may not enjoy it as much as others. Just one tip with getting games: look at the reviews and ratings! :D.Version: 0.39

Simple things that make it annoying.I like this game. It’s ok. 1. I started playing a week ago and have played quite a bit. Now, I have a female skin that is one of the standard starting skins you get when you download the game. I have SIX other male skins and no other female skins. We can’t customize the hair like we can the skin. I can’t do anything other than wear the exact same female skin with no other options or customizations unless I do extra stuff that I wouldn’t have to do if I was a male. I’ve already gotten so many male skins, only male skins. I know in most games there is more skins for guys, but this is terrible. Make more female skins please! 2. I know the developers have heard this complaint multiple times. The last round is terrible. Only 1 out of 8 can win?? It should be at least 1 out of 4. It’s easy to get to the last round but nearly impossible to win it. Lastly, this game has a lot of potential. And could easily be made better, so developers please listen to the feedback from the people actually playing it and focus in fixing the issues, because that will make your game more successful and everyone knows that’s what we all want. It’s a decent game with a lot of potential, but it won’t soar unless you give the people what they want..Version: 0.37

Great game! A couple of suggestionsThis is a fun and addicting game, I love playing it with my friends and I’m really happy that you can be in the same game using the party feature. I have a couple of suggestions that I think could make the game better, first of all, I think daily quests would be cool, for example ‘score 3 goals on the football map’, ‘qualify in humble stumble 3 times’ or simply just ‘win a game’. I think these should reward gems or stumble tokens. Secondly is what I would call ‘secret skins’. These are skins that can only be obtained by finding them in maps or the Home Screen. For example, in icy heights, there is a secret pile of snow which if you go on top of, you fall through, where there is a room and a pair of skis, which, if you touch, you get a skier skin. There is also a trampoline that bounces you back to the course on the other side. Another example might be, in the Home Screen, there is a secret button which, if you press, you get a free skin. Once again, great game, and I hope the developers consider my suggestions..Version: 0.37

GET RID OF ITThe games fun until some paying rich person comes in with the punching emote and stops me from qualifying so plz get rid the special emote good game but pay to win.Version: 0.39

Stumble guys is so goodI got addicted to this game as soon as I opened a crate. The only reason I play this game is to spend my hard earned money on beautiful stumble tokens. Who would of thought this game was worthy of my money. I had to stop going out as it was to expensive to carry on my vindictive purge on destroying that buy tokens button. I have yet to unlock all the skins but am extremely close. I’m total I have spent about £2,000 on this game. But I ensure it was worth every penny! I hope this review helps anyone in doubt of buying stumble coins, thank you..Version: 0.39

Love it, few issues tho😶First, the offer wheels are a complete RIP-OFF bc I spent 90 gems on the amethyst wheel and got a uncommon! I at least would have preferred a rare. So please, if your going to make those, make them with epics or better. Secondly, I want there to be more levels. And more interesting ones, like honey drop, or block dash. Thirdly, I wish they’re were more free spins, bc some of my friends have it and they can get the wheels with ads, I would be fine with that, but mine always says “ad is not available” and I only get one free spin a day. Last but not least, I wish you could change your name for free, bc that’s a WHOLE LOTTA GEMS you have to pay to change your name, and I wish that when somebody types something inappropriate as a name, the game would tell them they couldn’t use that, bc I’ve seen a heck of a lotta bad words or inappropriate names on Stumble Guys. I hope you are able to answer some of these requests, and yeah! Thanks! Byeeeeee!🫠🫠🫠.Version: 0.45.2

Gamepad/Controller not fully workingSuch a fun game, however I changed the controller option to ‘Gamepad’ on the setting. It work to move the character around, however no button to jump. And the camera can only go down with the controller, cant control it to go back up. Please fix the gamepad setting so player can jump and rotate cameras.Version: 0.33

It’s a great game but the lag. :/I love the game and think it’s really great but there are some bugs. People can walk along walls to completely bypass all the obstacles, and the lag! Yes it’s great that they show your ping on the side of the screen but it’s small and you can’t do anything about it! And there’s no turning back in a final match so you try to run but keep getting thrown of the side as others bypass you and get the win. All in all though I do like the game and it does have nice features like open access Premium Battle Passes that if you work hard enough for you can get without paying money! The rag doll emotes are nice it’s just that I find them over used. The gacha system is good way for saving or spending on smaller. The daily spin is also good! It makes it like a nice little way you can get currency but it’s kinda of the only way you get it besides for small times in the battle pass. I will say the game is a nice little relief from Fall Guys cause Stumble Guys is mobile friendly and still has ways to connect with friends have smaller lobbies for less lag and time spent in a match but it need work so best of wishes on that Kitka Games! Wish you luck with this product!.Version: 0.39

Amazing game please readThis game is great, constantly looking for multiplayer games I can play with friends and this game isn’t just funny but great fun, the levels are fun and looks like the game is constantly updating for new maps, I really like the character customisation and the reward scheme but the only negative is when like me you reach tier 30 ( played the game a lot ) you can no longer earn rewards, I havnt paid for the special pass which I imagine would be great but even with that when players reach tier 30 it stops, should be some sort of reward system either Dailey log in bonus ( not just watch video for reward, although that works ) or something along the lines of instead of unlocking new stuff every time you reach a certain amount of stars you get something smaller, just so grinding the game is still rewarding, I’ll still be playing the game for fun but would like to be rewarded the same as people who only play it a little bit ( still doing the tier pass ). Conclusion, great game and recommend to everyone !.Version: 0.33

P2WThere an emote in the game that is only obtainable by spending money, the emote gives you a small speed boost and if you hit someone, they get flung up in the air, i just lost 3 games in a row for this reason.Version: 0.37

LOVE THIS GAME but…..I love stumble guys and I think it’s such a great game when your board but…I have a few things that could make it better like you could have a button on the Home Screen that says BIG GAME and when u click it you can choose what game you want to play and it has 3 rounds and if you survive easy, medium and hard you get stumble tokens, gems or a free skin and you can pick please consider this idea or add some sort of element of choice another sugestion would be to add mini games without a timer where you have to run around and find items hidden around the map. If you find enough of these items you can buy limited things with them or keep them and use them as boosts in the actual stumble guys game please look at this I would be veary happy if these features were added have a lovely day! 😘.Version: 0.46.1

Great game, just pay to win is annoyingStumble guys is a great game, and I recommend it, but the fact that you have to pay to get the special punch and kick emotes is annoying, please end that. Also, I don’t know if it’s the game or just my iPad, but recently it won’t load so I can’t play this great game anymore 😭😭😭😭.Version: 0.42

Pay to winMake it easier for us to get the stumble pass cause people just pay and it’s insanely hard to get 1200 stumble gems pls.Version: 0.44

VERY GREATI love this game! A lot. It is soooo good. And fun to play! But, there is one thing that I do not like at all.. the punching emote and the love/hug emote… I hate these so much! I would have a great game and about to win. And then some guys punch me. And then I fall of, or fall into a lazar. It’s so unfair! It is also hard to get when you have a life but also plays at a time when you can. How would they get those emotes so quickly!? However I love the good work and the free spins! And how come I see so many people get specials, they make it look so easy. They have allllll the skins.!! How?? I can’t even get, or get close to a legendary. But it’s also good for like the whole lobby isn’t just wearing specials. Anyways I love the game. It’s just the emotes….. that make me rage!.Version: 0.41

Better that fall guysThis game is way better then fall guys why it free I’m not sure if it’s available on pc but if it is that just makes it better and you don’t need that Much players to load into a match only like 32 but is like at least 60 players in fall guys the way yo can unlock skins for free by watching adds plus you don’t even need to watch the whole ad it only like 5 seconds and then you can skip it there only one thing I think the matches are like quick and players get out easily like I think there should be a bit more players NOT TO MUCH THO!! If you know what I mean.Version: 0.37

Developers read this if you actually care about makin the game better❗️Okay now see first of all…you guys should be very proud of this game because it jus so happens that this is the first mobile game that i consistently play and have played since fortnite mobile🙃🙃 AND this is like the first time i’ve ever written a review onna game before. i would definitely recommend playin this game. but to make this game wayyyy better is to add more rounds…right now the rounds are like this, the first round has 16 qualifiers…2nd round: 8 qualifiers…3rd: 1 qualifier. and that isn’t very satisfying to play and doesn’t build enough suspense AT ALL. for the third round it should be 4 qualifiers and then make a 4th round and have that as 2 qualifiers. because for one, players that are eliminated have a higher chance of staying to spectate the last two because..the wonder who’s gonna win the 1v1 because…you jus do. it’s jus more fun if it was like that. and the second thing is that when someone wins the game, the victory screen takes way too long. i was playin with my friends and when the victory screen showed the winner, they thought that the game glitched or it wasn’t workin because it took so long to send you back to lobby. and MAYBE later in the game you could add accessories instead of jus skins. don’t get me wrong..the skins are dope but you should add accessories too later on in the game..Version: 0.28

Seriously The Best Game Ever (Few suggestions)I love this game so much, but after a while all the map things (not 100% sure what they are called) get a little boring after having to do them over and over again like cannon climb and pivot push. My other suggestions⬇️ After I accidentally deleted the game, all my progress was set back down and I lost all of my characters I was legit so sad, and I still haven’t got them back😔. So if you could make it a tiny bit easier on the lucky spins to get others but commons that would be really great. Thanks 😊.Version: 0.40

Make it so people can go through peopleIt really hard last match a lion skin tried pushing me off the map! It was so annoying and plus a usably win on that match. Not trying to be a Kevin but yeah it’s really annoying! So if you could please fix it thanks..Version: 0.37

Pretty good gamePretty good although i do have some suggestions, like decreasing stumble pass to 800 gems so u dont have to keep spending money and can just get it if you complete the stumble pass from last season (kinda like fortnite.) I would also love to see lvling rewards for example when u lvl up you get 50 gems or smth. Last thing can u make a feature called “private servers” where only u and ur friends can compete in, these would give no rewards for winning but would be a fun feature to add! Anyways thanks for reading.Version: 0.39

A great gameI love das great game.Version: 0.44.3

It’s the best game I’ve ever playedStarted playing it awhile back and it’s really addictive but I recommend a one V one choice I really don’t know what else say it’s just a really great game I think it might be better than the real fall guys actually it is I’ve been playing this for hours on end and i’ve been loving it also if anybody says that it is the worst thing ever they’re probably sitting there in their 40s not knowing what to do in their life and just make other people feel bad by leaving A horrible review and it’s the best game ever they probably haven’t even played it they’re stupid and they don’t know what a good game is because they don’t even know what the Internet is.Version: 0.44.3

Stumble Guys Is FireThis is Stumble Guys, a game based off of fall guys (just a little more scuffed) it is fun rage quitting, and easy and somewhat pay to win. If you like mobile games that involve racing, surviving, and versing friends in games. You will like this game, and you can create a party of 32 people and add your friends to play with you, there’s also some good and bad glitches. But once you get used to then their just kinda normal, and there’s a stumble pass which is 1200 gems that comes with wheel spins to get skins like a common or better, rare or better, and epic or better spins. The best type of skins are special skins like Golden Pirate, Blue Ninja, Green Samurai, and Red Dragon. They can only be obtained by epic or better spins which you get in the stumble pass or by spending 35 stumble tokens witch you get by spending money or from the stumble pass or spins that you get for free by watching a add, you can do this 4 times. There are a lot of maps like Spin Go Round, Pivot Push, Block Party, Super Slide, Lava Land, and many more. There are over 100 skins too, there also adding more to the game when updates come and they will also add maps and bug fixes. I would love for them to add multi player, like squads, duos, and trios, Thank you for reading my review, Bye..Version: 0.40

This game made me buss cause of how good it was.This game is absolutely amazing and I’m very excited for the next one to be played as a full time team member for a team in my city 🏙️ of about two years from this past weekend to next weekend to the weekend of the second week and I am very much excited 😆 so far this year I think 🤔 lol 😂 lol I’m excited for this one to be coming to a close and I will be able to get to know outwit with you guys more in a year and more in a month and a year or two years of play it will all come together and be able to play it will be a lot of people will be so much fun 🤩 so much to hug in person and I will be so excited to see you all excited to see you both and I will be excited to see you all love you guys have a great weekend and I will be praying that everything goes well with your surgery skill emoji 💀 I will be sending prayers for uwoq for the future ueupdate wuwwiwiw I love you all very happy 😊 birthday 🎂 my love 😍 you have an incredible and happy birthday to the world and all your beautiful 🤩 and many blessings and many more love you guys love to see the world 🌍 love to see all your family and all of your friends and many blessings for the whole family and all of the family happy 😊 love ❤️.Version: 0.51.3

So fun!I really enjoy this game!but 1:the menu screen is a copy of the brawl stars menu screen and 2:its a copy of fall guys.Version: 0.33

Only giving 5 stars so you can seeThe ping in this game is so bad. I keep lagging and my WiFi is fine and you developers keep removing settings that help prevent it. You developers have trashed this game so much I could play it perfectly fine with my friends yesterday now it’s like I can’t even play it keeps disconnecting and my friends are using the same WiFi as me and they don’t disconnect and there ping is fine. Fix this or else I’m deleting this game. It’s not even fun anymore with lag I keep getting disqualified because lag holds me back. Oh and also on the wheel that chooses the map. It lags and then the time the other guys are already going I get in and play but here it comes the lag and then I keep falling through the floors, lagging through the air, Glitching into the void what else can I describe? This game used to be so much fun and I mean so much fun but now I can barley play it. DO NOT GET THIS APP IT LAGS AND IS NOT WORTH IT AT ALL DONT SPEND MONEY EITHER!.Version: 0.39

Good game butI really enjoy this game but, there are problems across some maps where you fall through the ground. I enjoy the game but I find it annoying and frustrating when you fall through the wall. It would be great if they fixed it asap..Version: 0.37

Hilarious GameHilarious game, would recommend to anyone trying to have a laugh. Only criticism would be that while you are in a party you can still access the home screen and customise your character etc. Other than that, no flaws!.Version: 0.29

This game is amazing, but it could use some fixesSo fist I would like to say, it’s a great app for people you do not have computers. It’s really easy to play, and get the hang of; and overall really fun. Though, the maps are the same maps over and over. Now, there still fun, but I would like some new maps maybe. Because, they pop up on the choosing thing, but the other ones never get picked. I know the developers are PROBABLY (not verified) working on new maps or something. But if there not out yet, why put them on the choosing thing. I would also like to mention how it seems like some of the players are not really players and there AI (Artificial Intelligence) or bots, computers, whatever you call it. I like playing with real players, not some computer. Now the game is still fun, but it’s just more fun when I know I’m playing with real people. But it’s mostly in the first round the bots are in, then they just get out because they were to slow. I also have a suggestion, maybe you could add more pro servers, practice servers, and “noob” servers for the newer players. But maybe if they have more then 5 wins they can’t access the “noob” servers. Just a suggestion I made up in the spot. Anyway, this game is overall very good, and that’s why I gave it 5 stars. Every game has some stuff that needs fixing, and that doesn’t mean I will take a star away (Unless it’s like, really, really, really bad) anyway, thank you for whoever read this..Version: 0.43.1

New player supportI really think that this is sort of unfair to new players. There is no tutorial, sliders, huggers and punchers are really hard to obtain. The soccer map is a great way to solve things like this though. :) Maybe you could only eliminated 8 players in the 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 7 in a additional 4th round please. This would make new players eager to play the game and happy that they have a good chance of winning This would be good for the games popularity and it would be much more enjoyable. I love playing the game but I couldn’t help but notice these issues..Version: 0.40

Special emotesReally fun game, but with the special emotes I think we all oils agree that you shouldn’t have to pay to get those special emotes to be able to use. Like maybe give them when you reach a certain point in the game like 300 wins or something. But yeah really cool game overall but if you guys could please try this update and yeah..Version: 0.40

Please give me a good skinPlease give me a good skin please I really need it please.Version: 0.44.3

DEVS PLZ DON’T ABANDON THIS GAME!This is hands down 1 of the funnest most relaxed Mobil games I’ve played in years! The character skins, the levels, the various challenges, etc. ITS NOT A “PAY2PLAY or PAY2WIN” system of any kind! Sure I’ve made some IAPs but were they necessary for me to stay competitive? Absolutely not I bought them bc I wanted to unlock some cool skins which I did. So I’ve spent prolly $15 I think and I’ve still won events & still lost events. The skin your character has isn’t gonna get you the W. You gotta have patience & make the right moves. I’ve noticed a lot of these games that get made that show amazing potential but then the devs will just leave them to rot in the App Store with no more updates or anything. I pray that it doesn’t happen to this game bc if anyone was like me looking for a mobile version of that very popular Steam game then THIS IS IT! IMO it’s even better in some parts! So please keep the updates coming and I’m sure the players will continue to pour in. It’d be cool at 1 point to be able to create your own skin out of the skins you already own or you can buy some more. Say for example I take the T-REX head & put it on Lonesharks body. The alien head on the lion, etc..Version: 0.37

My favourite gameOn holy Jesus god I admit that this is the best game to ever exist. I have made up my mind and yes, I do think this is better than fall guys. It lets my use the N-Word as my name and I gotta say props to whoever did that. I’m not racist😛.Version: 0.39

I like but there is one thing that is offWhen people have the stumble pass it gives you emotes right but not all of us that is played this game has not a big advantage as the people who bought the stumble pass and I love the skins and the new events but those emotes are the one thing that makes me a little bit annoyed because I would either get pushed off or even slide tackled by the speed boost emote but i still love it don’t worry just one complaint and I think that you should delete the emotes from the game because of my stated reason.Version: 0.46.1

Great game but…Stumble guys is great. It’s basically Fall Guys mobile, and is really fun. I can play with my friends, and alone, and the daily spins thing is cool. The main goal is simply to get to the end of the map before other people do, while avoiding all of the various obstacles along the way. My only issue is the amount of toxic people who use the pay-to-win emotes. There are three emotes that I absolutely despise. The punch emote knocks you to the ground and stuns you for a time, the kick/slide emote knocks you into the air and stuns you, and the hug emote allows another player to literally pick you up, carry you to the edge of the map, and drop you off the edge, sending you back to the last checkpoint. These three emotes are so incredibly infuriating, and I have lost more than twenty games because of them. These three emotes make the game toxic and annoying to play for extended periods of time. If these emotes were removed, not all emotes, just the punch, kick, and hug, it would easily make this game a five star, easy..Version: 0.37

AmazingI love this game because u can play with friends and family members and your self and no joke I play stumble guy’s every day it is so fun for the people who made the idea you are a genius i love the game 💗😜✌️😀🤩🎉👍😍.Version: 0.37

Glitch issueReally great game and I play it all the time, however today when I went into the app to play all my skins, tokens and gems were gone?! Really disappointed about this when I have worked so hard to get legendary , epic skins etc . I really hope you can fix this glitch and I can get my characters back 🙏.Version: 0.40

7This game is stressing but I gave seven wins if you have gems it disent matter what you want to be a good idea of the year old girl eating bubble tea and the other hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in hand in a while ago and now I'm just saying that he was shut down the street from the start to be a good idea of the year old girl eating bubble tea and the year old girl eating bubble tea and the year old girl eating bubble tea and the year old to be a good idea of the year old girl eating bubble tea and the year old girl eating bubble tea and the year old girl eating bubble tea..Version: 0.46.2

FANTASTIC! …but could be betterI am absolutely addicted to stumble guys it’s the best game I’ve ever downloaded (other than Roblox, go download that now!) but there are a few things that could be improved. For one I’ve realised I’m always getting the same maps over and over such as cannon climb and pivot push. Since the new update I installed a week ago I’ve only been able to play the new map once. I think we should be able to choose our maps and play with other players choosing the same map each round, but maybe you can’t select the same map twice! Also I think the reward pass should have a reward to get every level and better rewards too! The pass you have to buy with gems I think is too expensive so maybe could you lower the price please? Other than that absolutely love the game and the characters and you should definitely install it! Going to go play now! Bye! X.Version: 0.41

BEST GAME EVER😃😃😃😃🥇🏆When I saw this game come up on an ad I really fancied it so I got it - free. It gives you multiple options whether you would like to register for a stumble pass - not free - or just go as you are. You get free prizes every 10 - 24 hours which include stumble coins - purple, gems - green and new skins/characters. You get to play with real people and it’s totally safe, you can make rooms so you and your friends can play together and you can have tons of fun. I definitely recommend this game: no ads, plenty competition and loads of fun for all ages! 😃😊😃😊😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😀🎽🥊🏵🏆🥇🥈🥉.Version: 0.41.1

Wonderful experience but it has its flaws🟩🟩I want to start off by saying that there is some real time and work put into the design and mechanics of this game. I have to give props to the developers for making this goofy fall guys ripoff into more than just that. The gameplay and customization is simply fun and amazing. My girlfriend and I like to play it together and we don’t experience too many problems online (except that we get put into more bot filled lobbies when in a party).🟥🟥 Here is where the problems start. For one, it is pay to win. The kick and punch features are all locked behind a battle pass and they’re extremely useful in certain maps. Its a distasteful move and is the reason I didn’t give this app the 5 stars. Also, I would love to see custom matches introduced with some different ways to play the map. The devs should find a way to add variety (like have some obstacles change on certain maps or maybe even make the players do some maps in reverse). If the devs find a way to make the gameplay more varied, I’m sure this game will become even more successful..Version: 0.37

Why I recommend!This game has so many things included and so many games in it! You can interact with so many people. I'm surprised this game is free I love it and if your reading this let me say one more thing..... There is a glitch where your avatars can disappear and that's the thing I hate so for anyone who can get mad easily with things like this I wouldn't recommend but I must say it's a game with many experiences. But when u update it let me warn u it can take a while. That's why I'm writing a review to waist time So it will hurry up. Anyone who would like to upload this I'd say you'll definitely enjoy it!.Version: 0.45.4

Most fun game on mobileThis game is so fun and so many things u can do and isn’t like a normal pay to win bad mobile game..Version: 0.39

Love the game! add more maps.Really awesome game but I have a few things to ask. more maps please! the game gets boring after playing cannon climb or tile walk for the 10,000th time in a row. please add more to the stumble pass or at least add some extra reward system after you finish it because I literally finished it two days into the month. please add some kind of friend system, i like the party thing but if you could invite people to join and stuff like that (think brawl stars) that would be super epic. somethings I like: I love how you can get good skins without having to pay, it makes the cosmetics so much better! I love the current maps, they are literally SO MUCH FUN!!! I like the odds of winning, it never feels too hard to get a crown like some other games. thanks again for making this awesome game and I really hope you can see this review, -sam.Version: 0.39

Fun in small dosesGreat game. Lots of fun. Looks easy but is difficult to master. My only criticism would be the levels seem to repeat too often. I’ve played at least 50 games and soccer/football has only come up once. It would be nice to see more of all the levels instead of the handful that seem to come up over and over again. Also, please make winning worth more stars. To get 20 stars for being knocked out in round 1 and 35 stars for winning seems disproportionate. IMO 50 for a win would be more reasonable. Love the skins etc. Really hope new levels are in the works..Version: 0.39

Devs I don’t like this feature.When I first started I had already won first try. But then that’s when I saw the premium pass. I use barely all my money and for what. I used the pass and enjoyed it. Until the second day is when I had to buy it again. I was mad and sad because I had only 2 dollars in my account. Don’t buy the premium pass it’s not worth the money. Unless you want epic rarity skins I guess but you only have a 10% chance of getting a special or legendary. I was mad because I almost got one. But don’t buy it it’s a waste of money and waste of time as you have to earn the levels to get these special skins. But overall I enjoy the game and think it’s pretty good. But I think there could be a little bit of improvement in it. Overall the best fall guys knock-off I’ve seen in a long time. But if your on computer or have on. I suggest you get the real fall guys on epic games. Or if your looking for a good knock-off. Bro falls or something. It’s like fall guys but broccoli is trying to kill all the food so it could be first. Very weird but it’s a good knock-off. Overall this is why I gave it a four star review as I wish you could have the premium pass forever..Version: 0.39

Amazing game!!!I think stumble guys is a great game but I don’t appreciate the starter or any special offers especially the ones that say “no more ads” but the it makes me watch ads after game and for the free skin I do see that it says this but what’s the point of spending £4.00 just to watch ads for skins its a bit of a scam but apart from that the game’s awesome. One more thing, this is my favourite part of stumble guys it offers in-game offers for gems and the epic other better lucky spin is stumble tokens and you only need 35 for a spin, especially talking how easy it is to get stumble tokens. P.s I also love the updates and special mode. Great game definitely a game to consider downloading. THANK YOU!!!.Version: 0.47.1

Love this Game!!!Stumble guys is SO fun I play it literally every day. One thing that is kinda annoying is that after u get 4-5 spins in a day u have to wait til the next morning to get ur spins in. And right before school starts I try to play a little bit but the free draw starts right after my school starts so I wish they would pick a earlier time for the draw to be at. Speaking of the daily draw I want to talk about the special skins. I don’t know if this is specifically planned but almost every draw u get right in the special skin and barley gets over it or doesn’t hit it. It’s so annoying for someone that doesn’t waste time buying in game purchases on mobile games. Another thing is the free stumble pass. U get a reward literally every other level and get such bad items. Most people don’t buy the stumble pass and they get almost nothing. Another thing is the cheats. I HATE the cheats emotes. When ur in a intense tournament and the win is on the line u randomly get punches or kicked by some guy that wins the whole thing. Like I said people don’t usually like to spend money on mobile games and about the only way to get the kicks and punches are to get the stumble pass or spend a wheel for like 135 diamonds and u don’t usually get them, u get some stupid little message that pops up in game. I love this game I’m not tryna give any negative energy to the new players , this game is fun and enjoyable..Version: 0.49

So Addictive 🤩I LOVE playing Stumble Guys. It is so much fun, and such an addicting game. All the characters are so cute and I love the different varieties of maps. I play it for as long as I can every day. I’ve been trying to find a new mobile game to play and this is perfect! I like that it has a pass feature (like the Stumble Pass) where you can earn prizes as you get better instead of only having to buy stuff. I really don’t have any issue with it, except for the name feature. Believe me, I love it. It makes the game so much better for me if I can choose my own name lol 😭. But maybe you could add a feature where it doesn’t allow inappropriate words? It’s just that I’ve seen a couple people with swear words in their name, and not like it makes any difference really but I’d just prefer if they weren’t allowed. Especially because I play this game around my family a lot 😅. That’s really only the one small thing I don’t like though, and I would definitely recommend this game!.Version: 0.40

Amazing gameEven tho this is a copy of fall guys it is still an amazing game.Version: 0.45

10/10So fun to play with friends.Version: 0.46

LeviThis game is so good the graphics are just amazing skins are so good to get because you get a free spin everything that the little things are so cheap the game so good because it’s very easy for you to win like poo guys so please make more updates more updates the best Levi vos.Version: 0.39

This game is the bestIt so fun i love the game my whole family love the game.Version: 0.44.3

Please Please Please Please Please Please Please read PleaseReally good game but I would like it more if you could make it easier to get rarer skin than common because every time I come close to getting a special or a legendary IT TICKS BACK ONE SPACE!!! So yeah that is really annoying and I’d like the changed and also can you make the legendary spin permanently a spin? Cuz it would really help. And make special spin permanent as well but put all of them in the spin and make some more special skins to put in, there’s Not enough really. Oh and make the special spin and legendary spin cost tokens. So that is all I think you should add for now….Version: 0.44.3

Stumble guysThis game is good but the punch 🥊 is annoying.Version: 0.39

WHAT A GREAT GAME!I love this game so much, don’t get me wrong. My favourite map is block dash and I can play it all day long. A couple things that I wanted to mention though. First of all, no matter what server I am on I get constant lag spikes but this never happens on other games. I’m not sure if it is something with the servers but sometimes when I am hopping on someone’s stream (like JaspSquad. he is a great streamer. I totally recommend him if you are in EU) I join the lobby and when he starts the game I just don’t even load. I mean, if it was some simple lag spikes I wouldn’t mind, but these lag spikes just make me run in a direction with no control and I die. Maybe this is because I play on mobile, and if it is, it would be great if you guys just checked it out. This is just a minor thing which I don’t think happens to many people. Maybe my iPad is just old. My last suggestion is if you aloud people to play elimination maps alone. You would be able to practice learning new tricks in elimination maps without needing to worry about everyone else dying. So basically, if you die, than the game ends. I know it might be weird that one person wins but I think it would make many people happy. Anyways, these are just 2 minor things but besides that this game is great! Thank you Scopely for keeping this game good and making it even better after Kitka Games! This really has been my life for a year and a half. (When Block Dash came out).Version: 0.49.1

Great game, but…I enjoy playing this game with family and friends and I have had some great memories playing it! Its a very addictive game and I can’t stop playing when I start. Sometimes when I'm in a round the screen stops when I’m jumping. I have had quite a few times when I’m about to win but the screen stops. I also think that Stumble Guys should have challenges. Stumble Guys is an amazing game and I think that you would enjoy it. A lot of my family and friends don’t have any problem with the game, so it could be just me. I hope you download Stumble Guys and I hope you have a great time playing with friends and family. Enjoy!.Version: 0.44.1

This game is really fun but I need some fixesGame needs updates more fixes but other than that it’s fun you guys should really try it it’s like really fun but In botbash it’s like oh my cousin was about to qualify I just said you died when seven people had died and I was still going and then it said round over when I was supposed to qualify and also when I was just about to go meet my my friend in stumble guys she just got pushed over by a bot in botbash so I am right now in my brothers room and it’s just like going crazy we’re just playing a game with alcohol but anyways we’re still playing some more guys but I would rate this a five stars yeah anyways but for the fixtures in the face I would rate it a four out of five but anyways I hope you enjoy it and if you do just comment this one and also some people are dumb dumbs but they qualify but anyways I hope you like this message and also our favorite ones are super slime and I’m gonna roll!.Version: 0.44.1

GlitchyAlthough the game is very fun sometimes it glitches a lot even though I have really good wifi. And it’s annoying because then I can’t even play the game properly at this point.Version: 0.39

🤍🍉✨🦋BEST GAMEThis game is probably one of my top three. I looovvvee this game it is SOOOO FUUUN to play just I think you need to add more maps because sometimes you want something different other than the same thing. It’s a good feel good game that is not to hard to win and also one more thing to add to this already perfect game is if you could friend people so you could join your friend see if their online and maybe even a chat. But the person you friend has to know you haha. Hope people get to see this and I also hope this review will encourage others to try this game Liv 🤍.Version: 0.40

Best free mobile gameThis is the best mobile game because it has tons of skins for you to get and unlock it has 2 different currencies called Stumble Tokens and Gems that you could get stumble passes from and you can also buy some items in the shop for real money and the game’s money. The stumble passes include free skins and some spins to get skins with emotes and at the last level there is a special emote you can get. The passes only cost 1200 gems and it’s a one time purchase and they are a month long pass. There are different trails to go with your skin and there is a skin tone changer so you can change your skin tone if you want. There are tons of rarities from common all the way to special and I’m pretty sure mythical is a rarity too. There are tons of maps and the game is multiplayer so you can play with your friends or play solo. There are three rounds in the game, it starts at with 32 people then 16 qualify then 8 qualify and then 1 person qualifies and wins that lobby. There is an option where you can play with friends in custom lobbies where it’s just u and ur friend and some bots or there’s real lobbies with u and ur friends with real people..Version: 0.45.4

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