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CounterSocial App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

CounterSocial app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CounterSocial? Can you share your negative thoughts about countersocial?

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First time using thisThis is my first time using this. I’m looking a platform similar to the one with the blue bird (to not say the name), because I don’t like anything that have been happening with the new crazy management… Anyways! This platform looks decent for my taste it could be better styled. Can be a replacement from the blue bird 🐦 but it will need a lot of referrals and promotions. Maybe also open it for 3rd party creator since they were kicked out recently also form the blue bird company. I’m still playing around with this but I think it can be better organized..Version: 1.3

Not a good startI'm using it on my iPad and it doesn't work. I'm told to open it on an IOS device..Version: 1.3

No iPad supportNot supported on iPad even though it claims it is.Version: 1.3

No email came.Tried to register with the app. Waiting 2 hrs for my email to confirm my account. Not in my trash or junk mail either, never arrived. 😏👎.Version: 1.3

UselessIt doesn’t work on an iPad. Someone made the same complaint months ago and it still hasn’t been fixed. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.3

Fine print size textThe app makes it impossible for people with bad eyesight to use. Even with glasses on, the font is tiny tiny tiny. I can’t read it. Of course I went into the preferences to find a way to make it larger, or to ask it to my phone’s system font. But the option isn’t there. So if your vision is spot on, you may love the app. But if your Vision isn’t perfect, good luck reading anything here..Version: 1.3

What social media should be.A welcoming community of diverse humans..Version: 1.3

Device not supported?IPad 7th generation apparently not supported, which is a pity as I’m loving CoSo on other devices. Any plans to make a version for this iPad?.Version: 1.3

This is the glitchiest app I’ve ever usedIt took 15 minutes just to get something other than an error message to update my avatar (equivalent of Twitter’s profile pic). I also went to delete my account after realizing this app was not it and not only is the user interface terrible and hard to navigate — I got an error message for trying to delete my account and was told promptly by the app they couldn’t delete my account right now. Yet somehow, my account was still deleted. I was logged out & when I tried using my login credentials again to verify, it said I didn’t have an account. So. Don’t waste your time. It’s not a replacement for Twitter. Not even by a long shot….Version: 1.3

Error code 1020Getting error code 1020 developer blocks access am in uk...Version: 1.3

Nice infrastructureThe mechanics of the platform are well done. Great features and tools. However, site and user base are very one-sided and shallow-minded. Frivolous humor/music/etc… gets old after a while and rational open-minded discussions aren’t to be found. I don’t doubt that this is probably one of the less dramatic social media sites (if you agree with their perspective), but it caters to a very specific audience. If you’re into social media, then it doesn’t hurt for you to try it out yourself and make your own decision..Version: 1.3

Welcome to PleasantvilleIf you are looking for a massive audience as you grow your clout and get dopamine hits from a large number of likes and reposts move on. Counter Social is a small community in which you may find a few topic based connections for conversations and links/memes of interest. Trolling and hate speech are not tolerated. Muting, blocking accounts and muting hashtags are welcome options. Coming from Twitter you might miss trending hashtags. Your account privacy is better protected than most other sites. The iPhone app is lackluster. Uploaded images may come out sideways, there are workarounds. You should read manual. Maybe it’s for security, but having to log into the app frequently is a pain and my IPhone, with the latest IOS update, does not prompt to save username/password..Version: 1.3

IpadHeyah - what’s the status on this app for Ipads? Am patiently waiting..Version: 1.3

I hate itThis app is terrible.Version: 1.3

No thanksNothing’s perfect and works all the time. But I signed up and added content to my profile and it crashed. Then re-opening the app had to login again and it got to 99% and hung. Had to close account via website..Version: 1.3

No verificationI haven’t received my verification and it’s a week. I’m going to delete the app because I can’t reach anyone for help. I need to delete my account and I can’t do it because I can’t access my account. I give this app no stars because of a simple verification email was never sent..Version: 1.3

ApparentlyThis app works best on a desktop - the iphone is too small as it can only show one screen. Recently I saw a person post how easy it is to create a column to follow a trending hashtag #pizzawar. Well I tried and there was no way it was working on a phone. It might work on an ipad but I sm not sure this runs on that device - many complaints that it doesn’t. I also find that the iphone interface goes to sleep, sometimes for 18 hours. Currently I am on 8 hours of nothing new. Twitter bombards you with posts. This app lets you work and sleep. And not check it.Version: 1.3

A vast empty place!I’m not sure why this app gets such high reviews. It’s empty of any real information. You want news? Information from experts? Sports? Movies? Etc….? You’re out of luck! At best you may get some nobodies posting about a topic you’re interested in but there’s no telling if they’re actually experts. It does seem to keep the trolls off but I be interested in seeing if they could do that if they had a higher user base. Also, the search function is next to useless. I don’t think I’ve seen a worse search function before. In the end I would recommend staying away from Counter Social..Version: 1.3

Not usable on iPadCan’t be used on iPad - having to connect via a browser is not really a solution.Version: 1.3

Why?Why is this app available for the iPad yet it’s not supported?.Version: 1.3

Unable to register. I give up.In spite of using only letters, numbers, and underscores, providing my email address, having 8 or more characters in my password, and checking the terms of service box, I’m unable to create an account. There’s no explanation other than “looks like something is wrong” Looking through the reviews I can see this is a recurring problem. No information about this problem is available anywhere. The frequently asked questions sections of their website does not address this issue in any way shape if form..Version: 1.3

Too Complicated, Server Issues > iOS App FreezesGood idea but not ready to replace Twitter. It’s too complicated, which will disuade people from leaving Twitter. On top of that there are too many server freezes. (The servers are probably overloaded since Musk’s purchase offer of all of Twitter, but could have had better planning for the eventuality once he did in fact own 9.2% of Twitter stock). Once there is a server freeze, the only way to see if the iOS app is working again is to delete it and then re-download it. Not acceptable..Version: 1.3

App for iPadUsing on an iPad is not supported..Version: 1.3

Does not work on iPadMessage window immediately pops up: "Sorry. This device is not supported at this time...".Version: 1.3

If only it worked on iPad!I was so disappointed to discover that CounterSocial is not configured for iPads: when I tried to load it, I got a prompt telling me it only loads on a PHONE. This seems very short-sighted, since I’m one of many folks who have a flip-phone and use an iPad for mobile connectivity. Not to mention that my laptop is not always accessible or convenient. Dear CounterSocial Developers: Please make an app that works on an iPad!.Version: 1.3

BlockedTried to set up profile and it blocked me. Can’t do anything. No I’m not buying phishing software sorry..Version: 1.3

Doesn’t workApp just brings up blank screen..Version: 1.3

IPad support?Does work on the iPad Pro.Version: 1.3

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