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Spectacular New App!I have NEVER liked any App enough to write a review on it. Let alone on a brand new App! This first offering, first version 1.0 of Counter Social is simply superb. The experience on the site is second only to using a desk top system. I can hardly imagine any mobile App doing as well to mimic the experience of a true fully functioning PC, LX or iOS The developers should b congratulated on a job well done! It gets five stars from me AND my first ever written App review. BRAVO! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3

Nice ChangeThis is such a nice way to socialize, and there isn’t the disinformation rampant like on Twitter (which I deactivated). Since Musk purchased Twitter I wanted to find a place to go that wouldn’t be toxic, and this is such a warm and welcoming community. I was honestly pretty shocked that people communicated in a truly kind and human way. Very glad that I really did end up trying it out..Version: 1.3

Love it! Ignore the recent DDOS attacksBeen using CoSo for a few days now, in which it’s been under constant cyber attack (which has caused a few negative reviews here sadly), but honestly it’s wonderful! Great people (128.8k as of nov 5 ‘22 and rising rapidly), great words, chats and thoughts, awesome features, no bots, no trolls! It’s an absolute breath of fresh air after the cesspit that is the bird app. It feels like something really special is happening here. Can’t recommend highly enough!.Version: 1.3

So much better than the restWanting an alternative social medi after what’s happened to Facebook and Twitter but didn’t realize I’d stumbled into something so much better. There is a sense of community and trolls are banned. Migrating from the corporate-owned social media companies into Counter Social is like a breath of fresh air. I adjusted to the format within days. I cannot recommend Counter Social highly enough and my only regret is that I hadn’t found it sooner..Version: 1.3

CoSo is a safe place… and friendlyI was never going to join a social network after the cruelty and disinformation seen on Facebook & Twitter. But I gave Counter Social a try after a trusted person recommended it. I joined on the second day and have been supported through some very hard times by wonderful, kind people. Folks share their joys and there are mostly laughs… food cook off challenges, book reviews, tons of music sharing, cat cat cat pics 🥰 (of which I’m wholly guilty) and all pets and funny animal pics. Meme bombs to brighten your day. There is also news… mostly, news is shared with an attached valid reference site which I appreciate. There’s something for everyone: science, art, music, technology, cyber security, food, gardening, the love of coffee… any interest a person has, they can find others with the same. There are no bots and cruelty or hate speech is not tolerated. Opinions and ideas are freely shared in an adult way. The creator of the platform is an active member and issues are addressed quickly. I feel safe on Counter Social and that’s asking and saying a lot in this social media environment. Come give it a try and you’ll fall in love the way I did 🥰.Version: 1.3

Best social media app out thereNo bots, trolls, or digital garbage. Truly a place where I can find content I enjoy and want to see. No algorithms means I get to choose and The Jester’s dedication was apparent from the moment I began learning how the app works. I look forward to the sploots (iykyk). There is obviously a laser-focused team here that has integrity and believes in its product. This is now my go-to social media, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time..Version: 1.3

The best thing to happen in the social media universe.A great place to meet great people and enjoy actual discussions about important stuff. The absence of bots and bullies makes it so..Version: 1.3

Enjoying the spaceGreat to have a troll free social media platform with no commercial imperative..Version: 1.3

A Great PlaceI just joined this week. It’s been a bit up and down mostly because it has been under almost non-stop attack but despite this and exponential growth due to the bird’s mismanagement and possible demise, it has remained a place I want to stay. There’s no hate speech. No vile attacks on posters, just a pleasant exchange of ideas. I hope more journalists and scientists and even media outlets will consider joining. Will you immediately reach thousands? No. You will have to build a group of followers by producing things they want to read and share. One by one. Step by step. No ads. But if you’d try it, I think you would like it. A breath of fresh air! Thanks Jester!.Version: 1.3

Easy to join, easy to use. Find your communities!Doomscroll no more! Counter Social is what I loved about Twitter when I joined it 15 years ago. No ads, no trolls, no misinformation. Use hashtags to find others who share your interests. The app is pretty basic, but intuitive. Upgrades and new functionality come online regularly. Excellent support for new users from documentation and from the community. Doomscroll no more!.Version: 1.3

A good place to beThe app interface is clean and functional, and the learning curve isn’t too difficult. One of the only social networking apps to have precognitive text as an option, which is great for people who are autistic and such. The community has very few hate miners, racists, misogynistic people and such, and blocking them is easy. A nice place overall..Version: 1.3

An ex ornithologists dreamFor all those tired of observing that feathered friend, this provides solace, support and relief. Heavily recommended..Version: 1.3

The app you didn’t know you neededCoSo puts the social back in social media. Platform is highly engaging. If your just looking to follow public figures soak up every word they say, then current platform is not what your looking for. If your looking to have active discussions without the hate and vitriol of other sites then you will enjoy CoSo..Version: 1.3

Love it! That was my original review. Its been a while now and I love it even more.I’m loving the CoSo community. CoSo doesn’t be things that make other social sites so gross (bots, trolls, ads etc). I’ve never experienced better “management” online or otherwise. The creator/owner devotes himself to keeping coso a safe and comfortable environment and it shows. The community is an awesome bunch. Couldn’t love it more..Version: 1.3

Great People, Great PlaceDo we need yet another social media platform? If it’s Counter Social, I’m going to say yes. It took me a minute to figure out how to navigate around the site, partly because there are so many useful features. But most folks find out pretty quickly, if you ask for help it’ll show up either from the platform owner himself (!) or from other generous members online. Are you into bots & misinformation, yearn to boost your popularity & count your follower numbers, or enjoy being the target of abuse just because…? At CoSo, bots are blocked, follower numbers aren’t prioritized. And abuse is strictly not tolerated. Certainly, there are quite a range of member interests, discussions, talents, and personalities and, yes, there are differences of opinion. But at CoSo the norm is to keep disagreements respectful. Want a platform without ads that doesn’t track your online behavior & monetize you? Don’t come to CoSo. But if you’ve been looking for a social media platform that over delivers in amenities and attracts truly interesting and thoughtful people, Counter Social is the place to be..Version: 1.3

Works well and a friendly place tooWell where do I start? Counter Social is a friendly place to jump in and chat with like minded individuals. Trolls are short lived and not tolerated which makes the platform safer for everyone to use. Once you go CoSo you won’t go back…..Version: 1.3

Excellent!Worth the wait and a solid release. Everything is in a place that makes sense and the only way to improve on the CoSo experience is to use a desktop to access a bunch of additional features but for mobile, this is the way to go! A dedicated app without worrying about other federation’s content. No trolls, no bots, no bad actors, no ads! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.3

Excellent social mediaLove the site, it’s everything a microblogging/real-time-conversation platform should be. The culture of the place means even disagreements I’ve had all four as positive interactions, and it’s generally a pleasant place to be. My only issue is that the app was a bit unstable when I was using it and would frequently log me out, so I use a third-party social media app to access it on mobile for now. Will try this app again down the track..Version: 1.3

Love this app: the sanest space on social media!CounterSocial is my new home on social media. No algorithms or ads targeted at “my interests.” No pushing me to see certain “toots” before others. The app is working fine now for me. Considering CounterSocial’s explosive growth in membership in a matter of days, combined with a documented DoS attack on its servers, they are working tirelessly to get and keep things running smoothly. Customer service has been super responsive and the Jester keeps us up to date the whole time. The whole vibe on “CoSo” is different from anything I’ve experienced with a social media app before. It’s also super easy to use on the phone. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for the app and the site..Version: 1.3

So Far So Good.I’d seen this app talked about as the best alternative to the others (especially the one losing its soul) so finally decided to download it. Well, let me tell you, I thought I’d picked the wrong day, as it so happened to be the one where they were having issues because of hackers attacking the site. Not only was I still able to sign up but, little *quirks* (profile pic sideways, temporary no posting) were fixed within hours. So, pretty stable. So far I’m only on my phone but I understand the laptop experience is even more. I’ll keep using it for awhile, following what seems to be super supportive and welcoming people, then decide if Pro is for me..Version: 1.3

Great social mediaThe app runs well. It may lag a bit right now with the influx of users, but it’s growing quickly and that’s expected. Helpful community and the firehose has all the posts in one feed. No looking through a bunch of communities to find your place. Very interactive..Version: 1.3

No trolls or botsWhy go anywhere else ? A safe place you can post on and debate and know people won’t get angry with you.Version: 1.3

Very SocialI have used Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but Counter Social is something special. The app works well but that’s secondary to the actual feel of the place. It’s like being in a small town where everyone is neighborly. You can strike up a conversation with anybody and not be worried about being deluged with hatred. Once I found this place I deleted Twitter. I think I found my home..Version: 1.3

Bringing back “social” in social mediaIt’s an excellent alternative to Twitter. Nobody trying to sell me stuff I don’t want, and nobody trying to swindle me out of my $$$ either on this platform. Oh, and the ability to edit posts (or “tweets”, as short-form written content has come to be known) comes standard for everyone..Version: 1.3

This app beings back “social” to social mediaI had been longing for a good online communal space for a really long time. I was tired of the hateful hateful people on FB and Twitter. When I found Counter Social is was like a breath of fresh air. The community of people there are so kind, caring, and able to ha e actual discussions about things that matter. Having the ability to also use filters helps me choose the context I want to see and knowing there aren’t ads or algorithms that force me to see what the app wants me to see instead of content I want to see, makes this a great place to spend my social online time. Oh and the fact that there aren’t bots either further makes it a safe, fun, and caring environment. If you are looking to simply replace Twitter or FB but want the same atmosphere of those places, stay where you are. If you want something different, something focused on kind connections and caring interactions, Counter Social may be the perfect place for you..Version: 1.3

Fantastic AppI come from Twitter after about 10 years or so using it, and it was very different on Counter Social in a good way. There has been tons of medical and voting misinformation on the bird app, but when Twitter tried to do something about it people called that censorship, and Musk the new owner agreed. No, those are objectively bad and dangerous things. So I moved to this app not knowing what to expect, just know I wanted to escape toxic Twitter, and I was warmly welcomed by a kind and respectful community since day one. And there does not appear to be the hostility towards science, medical professionals, democracy (voting), that Twitter is famous for. I am very excited about this growing community..Version: 1.3

Breath of fresh airThough the site has had some tech glitches lately because of a large influx of users and some DoS attacks, it's a great site/app with a fantastic community. No ads. Very bot-resistant. And missing only the functionality that has caused you to get unhappily addicted to Twitter toxicity and doomscrolling. Oh yeah, and an edit button (basically)..Version: 1.3

The Way Social Media Should BeAlmost every social media platform treats you, the end user, as the product. Your data, your preferences, and your usage turns into ads to spit back at you. The only exception is Counter Social. What’s a social network like without bots and bad actors? Pretty much like real life! You have the power to pick and choose who you interact with and what topics interest you..Version: 1.3

Counter Social Is The BestI’ve been on CS since it’s beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. No other Social Media platform is a safe. It’s like being back at the beginning of Twitter….without the haters. People are incredibly friendly and fun to chat with. As with all Social, sometimes they can get attacked. Typical Jester, the Owner, taking it in his stride and fixing the little glitches here and there. They are Tech geniuses that created Counter Social. We are in amazing hands and I couldn’t feel safer. To much ugliness on other platforms…just not for me! Thank you CoSo🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖.Version: 1.3

Truly “social” media!I joined CoSo back in the early days and have enjoyed every moment! It reminds me of early Twitter when it was ad free and organic. They are responsive to user needs and while they recently had some downtime due to massive numbers of new users, it just the same kind of growing pains any other platform experiences. If you’re looking for authentic interactions with real people, this IS the place for you!.Version: 1.3

How it should beThis social media website is how social media should be. I have not experienced the technical difficulties that the reviews on here state. Sign up was easy. Once inside there is lots of help available. Being social is encouraged and trolls and hate speech and blatant misinformation is booted. Real people who care..Version: 1.3

Excellent experience except for iPadsUsers who get the 99% error have signal strength issues. The app originally worked on iPads but not very well, so the iPad compatibility was removed. Perfectly fine on an iPhone..Version: 1.3

Great appNot bad at all for a “new app”, really smooth and will probably have me on CounterSocial a lot more..Version: 1.3

Best social platform by far!CoSo is by all measures the best social platform available to security and privacy minded users who want a safe, sane, fun online experience with access to great functions like encrypted video calling, custom built VR realms, setting up Groups, DMs and more. The creator is a visionary with a talented team dedicated to the user’s experience..Version: 1.3

Move over to CoSo…So much better than Twitter. Some issues at the moment due to DOS attacks but things will ease..Version: 1.3

Wonderful Social Site!All you refugees from other social sites should check out CoSo! Filled with great people from all over the world who treat each with respect and kindness. The site can be daunting when you start, but everyone is very friendly and will offer up tips and suggestions and it won’t be long till you get the hang of it! Come on in, the water is fine at CoSo!.Version: 1.3

A super fun social networkIf you’re looking for an alternative to Twitter, Counter Social has it all. A friendly community and chill vibe. Tons of cool features 👍.Version: 1.3

I like it a lot so farI was in the middle of creating an account there when the Musk deal went down so I was a bit early in the rush before servers were being overwhelmed. First of all it’s friendly. Supposedly trolls are shut down in a manner of minutes. I probably got more interaction in 1.5 days there than I did in a year on Twitter. Picked up about 200 followers and followees in that 1.5 days and had a few nice discussions about; politics, pets, books, and a few other things. I haven’t seen a troll or a bot yet. I was ready to money up to the pro account, but that’s when their servers got too overwhelmed. I’ll probably look upgrade to that once I can get back on, though what’s there for free is quite nice..Version: 1.3

So Worth It!I found Counter Social in 2016 during the election, used it quite a bit then, came back in 2018 and haven't looked back. Jester keeps things running smoothly and when we got slammed with new users in April 2022, upgraded and worked 36+ hrs to get to scale. Just have been scaling up again, and it has been a pretty smooth process until some DoS attacks, but the downtime is minimal and worth the wait for him to get cleaned up. Great community- and we aren't the product, as no advertisers are allowed. So many great conversations, the way social media is supposed to be. Joining is free, and if you want to contribute, you can. Love this place. The desktop version is above and beyond, btw..Version: 1.3

Finally!Finally a place I feel safe in, no ads flying through your time line every 3rd post, no trolls allowed to stay and play like the bird app. No limits on how many posts you can read a day and no hidden fees. And unlike some apps, I don’t have to worry that my personal information will be sold long after I leave. Yep, still getting spam thanks to the bird’s newish management. If you want friends this is where to go..Version: 1.3

Great AppThe font is small with no way to expand it, but other than that it’s a great app. The upgrades have been completed so there aren’t any more interruptions. No ads and no trolls make it a calm site. I decided to get the pro account as I don’t want this site to turn into Twitter or Facebook. After about 10 ads on those sites I’m finished, it’s just too aggravating..Version: 1.3

Mood BoosterSupport has worked so hard on the influx of users for a great experience. People posting poor reviews likely are not willing to adjust their brain to a different platform. Very thankful for this as a choice and they have some pretty amazing built in specializations that not only make it more secure, but customizable beyond expectation. Great community as well..Version: 1.3

Such a reliefSocial Media had SUCH potential, until bots, algorithms, hatred, disinformation, invaded our spaces. Counter Social understood what was happening, and created an alternative. Without the outrage incentive, the monetization of hateful behavior, we can return to that original promise: connecting with one another across geographic boundaries. There are amazing tools to curate ones own experience, a wonderful security conscious pirate behind the scenes protecting the community members, and a set of norms that resurrects what social media was like in the early days. Great people, talking, sharing, learning, supporting, agreeing to disagree. Glad I found my way to Counter Social, encourage everyone to try it..Version: 1.3

Love this app!I joined Counter Social back when Musk first threatened to buy Twitter. I didn’t think I could live without twitter at the time. When his purchase recently became final, I left twitter and began using CoSo. I LOVE IT so much better! All the nastiness of Twitter is absent and I don’t miss it at all. I love the pet pics, random thoughts, and music that flow from the community firehose. I love that my friends are in a different column and it’s easy to see their posts. And I really love that there is now a choice between dark and light mode! Very quickly after becoming active here, I deleted twitter off my phone and gave it’s spot on my Home Screen to CoSo!.Version: 1.3

Love it!What an awesome friendly group! Make sure to give it a try!.Version: 1.3

Excellent!I’ve been a user for five years and have NEVER encountered any of the trolls, bots, hatred, and lies that are rampant on Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you need your ego stroked with a blue check mark and millions of followers, this isn’t the platform for you. It simply doesn’t work that way. If you want to interact with real people in a sincere way, sign up. It’s not hard to use, it’s just not the same as the others and YES, it is FREE. If you want all sorts of really cool bells and whistles, it’ll cost you $4.99 per month. If you want to pick fights, spread lies, be hateful, look elsewhere..Version: 1.3

Finally!Been waiting for an app for this community. It’s a civilized and informed community. You don’t need to provide it your personal phone number and doesn’t have a shady TOS. Basically, opposite of Parler..Version: 1.3

Solid alternative to the blue bird siteCoSo is reminiscent of social media platforms from years ago, in that it’s fun and welcoming. Yes, it has some features and elements that can (and no doubt will) improve with time. And it’s experiencing massively fast growth pains. (And annoying DoS attacks, that are quickly dealt with.) But they’re all worth working through, because of the fantastic community that’s building there. Many “refugees” from Twatter are coming in every day, and it’s like a family reunion, but little bickering. Trolls aren’t tolerated, nor is any type of abuse. It’s actually refreshing to be there. CoSo is what social media was meant to be: social. (Perfection will be achieved when the iPad app is issued.).Version: 1.3

CoSoThe place for grown ups to talk. Leave the drama behind and join the best social media platform on earth. No trolls. No tracking. No misinformation. I’ve gained so much knowledge on a variety of topics from an amazing group of subject matter experts. From writing to cybersecurity to humor. Join. You will not be disappointed..Version: 1.3

Twitter EscapeeLeft the hellhole that is Twitter and found Counter Social which is its polar opposite. It is without bots, trolls, ads, algorithms, vicious attacks and death threats which I experienced on the other site. The grown ups gather here to discuss news, politics, lifestyles, pets, health, cooking, travel etc without rancor or nasty disagreements. Counter Social is a 5 year old supportive online community that welcomes any and all who are not looking for chaos and drama..Version: 1.3

Great social media community, decent appThe social media network itself is great - no ads, bots, and trolling/disinformation is forbidden. So just good interactions with friends and strangers. The app is perfectly usable, but does have a few minor inconveniences - no notifications support, and it’s obviously just an app that loads the web interface..Version: 1.3

Excellent Alternative to TwitterI was on Twitter for over 10 years, and can honestly say the place it has devolved into breaks my heart. I was told about CounterSocial so figured I’d check it out. It’s a completely different vibe in a good way. Calm, kind, but still super interesting content. I’m looking forward to the site evolving in ways Twitter never could at this point. Highly recommend..Version: 1.3

What Social Media SHOULD BeI have been on CounterSocial since its inception in 2017. It has been remarkably stable that whole time. Lately, with the chaos happening over on Twitter there has been a double barreled challenge to the site. 1. A *massive* influx of people these last few days seeking an alternative and 2. An unprecedented and sustained DoS attack on the site’s servers by miserable people who want everyone else to be miserable, too. Counter Social is a place that is safe, free from trolls and bots, FREE to sign up, no ads and an incredible community filled with so many diverse interests. There’s also a bunch of cool features. I can’t list them all here, but I implore anybody looking for an alternative to the mess that social media is today to give Counter Social a try. #CoSoRocks.Version: 1.3

This is itI haven’t been on this social network long, but I know this is going to be home base for me. Tons of features, friendly people, no bots, no deep fakes and no ads!! Fantastic job by the developers..Version: 1.3

Alternative!Excellent job Jay has done 🙏🏻.Version: 1.3

More than a social network.I love CoSo. It is a breath of fresh air. It is a safe space to truly explore things you’re curious about - and expand your horizons. I joined looking for a place to connect, what I found was a community. One of the principal tenets of CounterSocial is that users are encouraged to curate their own experience. There is no algorithm, there are no ads, trolls are not tolerated, and the community thrives on the concept of mutual respect. Since joining, I’ve made quite a few new friends. The environment is supportive and welcoming. Regardless of what you’re passionate about: movies, music, sports, art, philosophy, science, politics, etc. you will find a place to further your interests - and a community that supports you in doing so..Version: 1.3

Great Alternative to TwitterNow that the site has been upgraded, the speed and fluidity is unparalleled. It may take a little bit to understand all of the available tools on CS, but once understood, you begin to wonder why Twitter hadn’t thought of implementing them before. I got rid of Twitter and won’t be looking back now that I’ve found CS. Nice job!.Version: 1.3

Finally I am treated like the customer, not the product!Love everything about this app. Definitely a viable alternative to twitter on every level. No trolls, not bots, not ads, no harassment. How refreshing!! Absolutely lives up to the tagline, “More chat. Less asshat.” Lol. The community is friendly and supportive, while the creator is incredibly responsive to customer service needs, questions, and requests. It’s a complete reframe of social media with a noticeably positive shift in mood. The app itself works fast and smooth without crashing or glitching..Version: 1.3

Looking goodLooks a lot better than Face-ache. Looking forward to trying out all the features :).Version: 1.3

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