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Bridge Race app received 199 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bridge race?

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Should be less than a star option.The game itself is decent and a time killer but the amount of ads is not worth it at all. You literally start the game and within 10 seconds you get an ad. If you knock someone down and steal their tiles you get an ad. You start building up steps and you guess it you get an ad. It takes literally over 5 mins to complete a game, that should only take 2 mins Max. Then to make it worse is it’s the same ad over and over sometimes for another game. I understand you have to have ads to make money on free games but this is ridiculous and makes it not worth downloading or playing. Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!.Version: 2.02

DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU PLAN TO PLAY WITHOUT WIFI OR DATA. way too many ads.It’s always the same on every game but this games takes it to the next level. usually new games have an ad after EVERY round which is like a 30 second ad after 15 seconds of playing BUT THIS GAME!!! this game has an ad DURING YOU PLAYING. it just...cuts you off. been playing for about 45 seconds, had two ads and when the 3rd came up i gave up. oh, and basically you just run round a lil bit, again and again and again. in circles. one circle. then another. then another. pointless, useless, rubbish..Version: 2.09

Ads will destroy the enjoyment of this gameConstant ads mid game is a turn off. Seriously guys, ads are fine before a game and after, but when you have to stop mid game and wait for an ad to pass before you can continue on with the game makes playing it not worthwhile. I realise you are trying to get people to purchase non ads version, but if the player has to stop playing the game because they have 3-5 ads per game, you will get more people turning off the game and uninstalling it than purchasing the ad free version. Other than that, it’s a fun game to play when you don’t feel like the developer of the game is cheating..Version: 1.5

Disruptive adsGood game but not worth it. The levels are only about 1-2 mins long so having 2 ad breaks in that time just takes any momentum out of the game. More ads in between levels too, but I have absolutely no issue with that - it’s the trade-off for the free app. It’s the ones popping up constantly during gameplay which stop this being a game you can enjoy. Deleting after a couple of levels as it was just not worth it at all..Version: 2.20

AdwareAds ads ads ads ads ads ads ads.Version: 2.01

Too Much AdsWas a really and I mean REALLY cool game but there were so much ads during the game.. I’d be playing and it will randomly cut into an ad mid game. I HATE IT!!.Version: 2.40

Ads ads and basic gameAd ad ad ad ad ad ad ad to many ads if I keep saying ad you will realise ads are annoying because ads ruin the game ads are frustrating me, I don’t like ads ads ads ads ads ads is that annoying I KNOW IT IS stop putting so many ads in this game. ads ads so annoying and anyway this game is alright just a bit basic.Version: 2.01

To many adsIf there were ads after the game it would be better because in the middle of the game you become afk while watching the ads and it would be much better if ads were on after..Version: 1.5

So many ads...Ok there will be like 7 ads in one round, the game will freeze and it’s SUPER ANNOYING. I really don’t like writing reviews, mostly because I don’t have much to say but this game and the ads though... I’m pretty patient so ill just keep playing lol but for anybody who gets frustrated easily should not go anywhere near this game. I know ads are for sponsorship and stuff because you need money for the actual development of the game but omg how much debt are y’all in?? Anyways I really like the concept but PLEASE I’m begging you to cut down to maybe 1 ad per round? There are ads in the middle of the game while you’re playing so it’s really tedious. Please, fix the ads...Version: 2.06

AdsWhy are there ads in the middle of the game 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.5

😑😑😑ehhThis game is all right it’s just I hate all of the adds in the middle of the game your playing. Like I totally understand that there are adds after each game but every 10 seconds like come on. I watched an add on YouTube about it it looked amazing so I bought it and the first time I played I lose because of how many adds there are. I do not recommend getting this game do not waste you r time playing on this game it is horrible.Version: 2.40

So many addsThere’s so many adds like not even after the game like you’ll be halfway through a round and then have like three adds! Like jeez at least wait till the end of the game I’m gonna delete it now all because of that! It’s just so annoying.Version: 2.06

Obviously paid reviewsObnoxious awful game that won’t even let you play one level without at least 2 ads right in the middle of play.Version: 2.40

Constant ads. How did anyone give this 5/5You can get like 4 ads during a single round. And whenever a round is finished you have to watch at least one ad..Version: 2.40

Absolutely love the game hate the adsLove this game so much that I paid to have the ads removed, yet you still need to watch countless ads to get coins, and certain items, and you can’t get the skins that you’ve waited 5 rounds for, without watching an ad, you can’t play the bonus round without watching an ad, and then within the bonus game, you wanna do the boss fight? You got it! Another Ad!! Do not waste your money like I did! Delete the game or put up with the ads during game play, but don’t part with your money for it!.Version: 2.30

The most annoying ads!Ads playing in the middle of a level is a new one - I didn’t even make it to the end of the first level, I got so annoyed at the constant interruptions. Deleted the app..Version: 2.06

Too many adsWay too many ads that interrupt the actual game right in the middle of the action. Love the game but those ads come every 10 seconds it’s ruined it..Version: 2.0

TrashMore ads than I’ve ever seen in a game. Another case of a company manipulating their App Store rating with fake 5 star reviews and releasing a terrible unplayable piece of garbage.Version: 2.40

ADDSWAYY TO MANY ADDS ITS A COOL GAME BUT MAN WHY HAVE YOU GOT ADDS IN THE MIDDLE OF GAMES😴😴 if it wasn’t for that I would give this that game a good run but man it even crashes too and just black screen.Version: 2.03

DO NT DOWNLOAD ON IPAD!!!!!I was on YouTube and this add popped up it was bridge race I downloaded it and was very exited to play it.then it glitched me out I went in it again it glitched me out again I tried about six times and all the times it glitched me out I have the newest iPad so it not my iPad so please fix it I really wanna play🥺🥺.Version: 1.5

I QUIT CAUSE OF THE ADS!Before you download this app, be prepared for the ads. I love this game and I love the design of it but the ads are uncontrollable, every time your in the middle of a game an ad will pop up every I don’t know 10 SECONDS?! And the worst part is all the ads are 20 to 30 seconds long, this app makes you watch a 29 second ad and then you get to play the round for about 10 seconds, that’s insane and outrageous and don’t get me wrong, I’m not that kind of person who will go in apps and fine something to complain or go off about, but this is a lame app, nothing about this app is bad but the ads are crazy. All I have to say is that if I had to send my ex-bestfriend to this app, I wouldn’t. Thanks for taking the time in your day to read this review, Goodbye now -Leia Damon.Version: 2.03

Good buttt.............I rly like typhus game it’s rly fun and I play it a lot buttt.... there are some bugs that should be fixed 1- there are a lot of adds like one time I got almost 5 adds in one game and every time I click a button bam an add pops up and it rly annoying 2- when I first played the game I lost and all the other rounds I also lost cuz... it rly laggy for some reason idk if it’s just my iPad and phone that’s making it laggy or if it’s laggy for anyone else, so every time I play the game I lose cuz it lags 3- so if you’re playing and u “bumpl into some one right well I be right here 😗and the person will be here😂, And my bricks will fall (Me). (A person I’m playing with) down and that is another reason I lose So there are more that I don’t want to say but there are some big fixes you need no fix (On 3 the emojis are me and the person in the game).Version: 2.08

Just a platform for ads.Come one guys. Every 20 seconds an ad interrupts the game. Can’t go to the next game without watching an ad. It’s such a great game but you’re doing it wrong..Version: 2.04

Honest reviewSuch a fun game, however the amount of ads it has is ridiculous..Version: 2.07

Not worth itI played the first level and gave up because two ads started playing *during* the level. I know these sort of games have ads usually between levels but the fact they happened in the middle of gameplay was just stupid.Version: 2.40

It’s okayWould be good, but during every game, not at the end, literally during the game ads pop up. Like you’d be winning then all of a sudden an ad comes on, i get at the end of the game, but during the game is ridiculous. Please fix that.Version: 2.02

Annoying AdsThe game is not bad, a little repetitive but passes a few minutes on. But this game produces a whole new level of Ads, I can tolerate an Ad at the end of each level, but when Ads actually pop up mid level, numerous times, it is just a little bit much..Version: 1.5

Too many adsGame is great but stops thru the collection of bricks for an ad. Made it to level 3 and uninstalled it. Tooooo many ads, cut ads down and will play again.Version: 1.5

Only playable on airplane modeThe game itself is pretty entertaining and not too challenging. However, you get ads every two minutes WHILE you’re playing. And not just pop up ads that are on the side of the screen, like the entire game pauses and plays you a 30 second ad that you have to watch at least 5 seconds of before you can skip it. And after you skip, you have to wait another 5 seconds until you can skip the part where it displays the ad on the App Store. It’s ridiculous and totally ruins the experience. The only way you can play an entire game all the way through is if you have your Wifi and cellular data turned off (or just have airplane mode on) so you can’t get the ads. To be completely honest, putting that many ads in this unoriginal and mildly enjoyable game just feels rude. If you really need to make money THAT badly, add in more interesting features to the game that you will have to pay for..Version: 2.02

It’s one of those mobile games filled with adsWhat’s there more to say..Version: 2.40

ADS TAKE THE FUN AWAYAs everyone is arguing about is that there are way too many ads like seriously whenever I’m in the middle of a game and I’m winning an ad comes up and when it finishes I lose it’s so stupid pls fix it I don’t want to delete the game other than the ad problem it’s all good.Version: 2.40

Ads😡The games good but has wayyyyyy to many ads, it’s an ad every ten seconds 😡👎🏻.Version: 2.40

This game should die in the ashesThis is the worst game for people on free time, their is to many ads and developers please make their be less ads. Other then the ads it’s good but I have a feeling the people in the lobby are just bots because when I press the X on a ad everyone is moving! So in my opinion the game should go die in hell and never get remembered 👎🏽.Version: 2.08

Ad centralBuild two blocks of your 100x....Version: 2.30

Honesty idekThis game is fun and what not but bro if u really wanna see games every 5 seconds in this game then yeah go for it 😐.Version: 2.30

Poorly thought outThe game itself is okay, honestly I like it. However having adds pop up constantly while you are in a level is just annoying. I’d have actually paid for the game straight out, and while you can buy the add opt out part; it’s turned me off getting it due to the pop ups..Version: 1.5

Don’t recommendAlthough the game was good, waaaaaay to many ads. Even in the middle of the game. I even put my phone on airplane mode to try and avoid them, they still came up..Version: 2.40

WAY TOO MANY ADSThis game is really fun but there are way too many ads. You have the option to make your score higher in the end and even if you press no you get an add. Something REALLY ANNOYING is that in the middle of the game you get no less than TWO ADS. In the middle of the game. I Hate the number of ads and I think the developers should change this if they want this app to be known as a good game..Version: 2.40

It won’t open for meI try to open it several times but then it just glitches and its me back on my home screen. Haven’t even played it yet! I have an I phone 6 and not sure if it is just the type of model of phone or the game glitching. Looks fun but I can’t play 😩.Version: 2.02

I like this game but wayyyy too many adsI hate the amour of ads every two secoues I downloaded it and played one add and watched 50 ads.Version: 2.06

Could be betterFun game, but the constant ads mid game doesn’t make the app enjoyable. I’ve turned off the game and uninstalled within 5 minutes as it got frustrating with the ads constantly blowing up in your face. Not going to spend $3 for a non ad mediocre game..Version: 2.21

Too many adsAbsolutely terrible. Unplayable due to the obscene amount of ads literally every 15 seconds..Version: 2.40

Stupid ads and bugs in gameUsually the game is fine but today when I was playing level 15, I was winning and I walked up to where’re you have to make one of the bridges and I was walking on my blocks and then I suddenly fall through and it said dropped out. This caused the NPC to win meaning j have to retry the level. Please fix this. There is also WAAYYYYY to many ads! As all the other reviews say there will be adds all through the game. Nobody I gonna buy ad free version, they will probably just uninstall the game. Other than that it’s a good game..Version: 2.05

Are you serious with these Ads??I downloaded this game just to try it for a little while. The simple game itself might be fine for what it is, but how anyone finds playing it with ads just starting out of nowhere and interrupting your game is beyond me. The ads literally just start in the middle of you playing a level; I have never seen this before. I understand maybe before or after a level, but during???? The first time I thought it was maybe just a glitch since I had just downloaded it, then it happened 2 more times on the same level !! I don’t think I’ve ever uninstalled an app faster than this one because that was ridiculous..Version: 2.07

ScamI bought ad free but am still getting ads. Please help..Version: 2.02

There is ads in the middle of playing!I just played a round with 4 ads! Each add was 30 seconds and I couldn’t skip. Otherwise it’s a fun game.Version: 2.40

Too many ads!I started playing this game because it looked fun but it has way too many ads, loading issues and space problems. Like you can get overtaken or lose all your blocks while playing and you get like 5 ads come in the middle of a game! It can be super annoying sometimes, if the makers took out all of the ads I’m sure more people would play. But apart from all that it a really good game..Version: 2.40

Business destroyed this gameI give it one star because it’s not worth the time specially when they think they are too good and give this many ads thinking we will continue playing it. They basically made themselves look so money hungry coz of the ads. Please don’t download this game they don’t deserve it. The idea of the game is good but I swear they added as many ads as was possible and that shows how much they don’t care about the gamers they just care about money. That’s not what a game creator should look like. I’m out..Version: 2.21

Too many ADS!All in all, this game is amazing! Very creative and fun, but the ads are absolutely crazy. I am in the middle of a game, and I get an ad. About 4 seconds later, there is another ad. And so on. There is just way to many I had to uninstall the app. I really love this game but it would be a big step up for lots of people if you wouldn’t have so many ads. I haven’t learned a lot about ads cause they don’t teach you about ads in school-🤣 nor if you control the amount of ads, but I would bring the ads down a notch..Version: 1.5

The only mobile game I know that has ads mid-game.I thought this would be an ok mobile game that I would play every once in a while, just for fun. I thought this would be better than Voodoo, because they give ads AFTER almost every round. I thought that was too much, and I saw this was created by someone different, so I got it. (I also got it because I gave in to all of the ads for it) I played a round, and I’m only halfway up the first staircase, and it gives me an ad. I thought, well maybe I accidentally tapped something, or one of the bots beat me. Neither. It resumed the game right afterwards and I realized what was going on. I HAD THREE ADS BEFORE THE END OF THAT ONE GAME! I understand that this is just one of those games that takes you one week or less to make, and put ads in it to make money, but this is just unexceptional. For once, I’ll say Voodoo is actually better than I’d recently thought. The concept is good, the execution was done fine, but all of the ads - because of it being mid game - I’m giving it a one star. You are VERY welcome for this one star rating. Think it through next time..Version: 2.21

AddsThere are so many adds in the game. Some times I’d be in the middle of a round and I would get an add people then would pass me and I’d lose. Sometimes there would be more then one add in a round. I have had a few rounds where once I got to a new platform it would give me an add. I gets super annoying. Then when you have the chance to make more money the adds won’t work. It’s all random, sometimes I’ll get a round done with out adds but sometimes I get so many. It would also take a long time to get the adds and gets be a black screen for a bit. That’s probably the most annoying thing in the game for me..Version: 1.5

Write back!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬This game is a really good game but there is way to many adds. I’m was about to reach the end and get first place but there was an add. Right in the middle of the game! When I’m done writing this review I’m deleting this game! Like when I saw the add for this game I thought it would be a really good game so I downloaded it. The first 3 rounds were amazing don’t get me wrong. But the so much adds came. The really bad part is I watch the add that I hate. Which isn’t the games fault but then when I get back to the game 5 seconds later More adds come. So plz fix this and reply. 😤😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 1.5

Awesome but…I just like to say that this game could’ve been fun without the ads and error like literally the ads just go crazy every time I’m on the last level or the second level or when I’m getting so many blocks literally the ads are the worst part of this game and the errors sometimes when I play it just freezes and I’m like what is going on my friend told me about this game and I was addicted but we just get a rageAction when ads pop up or errors pop-up errors are basically the same thing as coaches but that’s another topic we all hate the ads in this game so please can you not add ads or errors because errors scare people if anythingIs going on and besides the ads are like every second this is the worst part about the game I’ve never seen an app with this many ads so please remove the ads just give us like 10 minutes and then ad a add.Version: 1.5

Fun and competitive, but the add bombs ruin the gameI have never had so many adds pop up so randomly and so quickly in any game app before. I played 1 rounds and had to sit through 4 separate videos before crossing the finish line. The adds ruin this would be fun and competitive game. You could pay $2.99 for the add free version but it’s ridiculous that you have to. Not worth he annoying random adds that pop up in the middle of collecting your first 6 bricks.. or the 11th.... or while you're running up your bridge to the next platform... or when your 2 brick steps away from crossing the finish line.. It’s disappointing an ridiculous..Version: 2.21

Ads!Way to many ads,, like in the middle of a game?? why? the game i kinda like in general but the ads no way 👎❌ uninstall.Version: 2.40

Absolute TrashI only played ONE game and it was enough to determine that this is hot garbage. Firstly, you get ads automatically DURING the race! I mean it seriously stops you from playing and forces you to watch an ad. It’s not even a pop up, it just automatically does it. This is supposed to be a race isn’t it? Making someone watch an ad DURING a race is insane. Secondly, despite being forced to watch ads, I still won! That’s pretty evident that the other players are just bots. I didn’t turn off my WiFi to test or anything, but do I really need to? We all already know. I hate companies like this because they aren’t trying to make a good game that they are passionate about, it’s all a forced advertisement cash grab. If you don’t know how that works, it means companies like this make money based on how many ad impressions they get... basically meaning how many viewers the ad gets. The more viewers, the more money they make. And that’s all this “game” is. Do yourself the favor and just skip this one..Version: 2.40

Money HungryThe game itself is somewhat mediocre, but the instantaneous and constant ads are what i hate about this. I don't mind an ad every 2-3 levels, but an ad every minute While you're playing a level? That's just ridiculous.. Anyone who's getting the ads about this game should really consider changing to airplane mode more often or just staying away from this horrendous hellhole of ads. The developers of these games are hungry for cash due to all these constant pop-up ads. If the developers need advice, just get a subscription added in where you can get rid of the ads for a small price. Not saying 9.99, nor 7.99, but for a game this horrible, i'd go for 0.99 a month. Instant delete..Version: 2.03

Not greatThis app is pretty good a lot of ads tho but you can’t play with other people and it stops in the middle of the game for ads but it’s fun.Version: 2.30

Bridge raceToo many ads and the game is just slow.Version: 2.21

.I found this game from an ad and thought ‘you know what, ill give it a try’ (obviously I expected ads to pop up at the end of every match) but they constantly popped up in the middle of the game and it got to the point that i had to delete it, its insufferable when you’re trying to play a good quality game and then to get interrupted by ads just makes it horrible. Overall, its a good game, you just need patience to get through the ads 24/7..Version: 2.30

WOW ADSI understand having ads but the interval makes this unplayable.Version: 2.30

WHY IS THERE SO MANY ADS??!!The game is fun and all until you knock someone down. Literally every minute or 2, there’s an ad! I know this is how you make money and all, but this amount of ads is unnecessary. We already have an ad bar on the bottom. So why do we need so many ads to ruin the game experience? Then charge us $2.99 just to remove them? I know $2.99 isn’t a lot, but in a game? JUST TO REMOVE ADS is a joke. There’s high end games/apps out there that charges you $0.99 just to remove the ads. And don’t you read the reviews that people leave? There’s dozens and I don’t see not one of you replying. SMH!!!.Version: 2.01

Ad every 2 sDo not waste your time with this money addicted game and their owners. Such a waste of time..Version: 2.40

Hate it a lotI’ve been working lately and and had extra storage for a small game to play with,I’d seen ads for this game so decided on getting this one. Unfortunately,the amount of ads was ridiculous and I uninstalled with in the first 3 minutes of playing. It”s good but the ads are way to much and the game is glitchy and bad over all,I would highly NOT recommend..Version: 2.09

Festival de la pubPub entre chaque niveau je comprend. Mais 2 pubs dans le niveau, non?.Version: 2.40

Avoid! It’s a haven for Ads!This game could be a little fun to pass the time but never in my life have I come across so many Adverts! Every level you complete you get an advert and midway into a level you’ll get 2-3 ads! It’s very disruptive and they expect you to pay £2.99 just to have an ad free game, nowhere near worth paying any amount of money just to remove this amount of ads. Downloaded and played for two mins before deleting, don’t bother with this game..Version: 1.5

Ads suckI really enjoy the game and all but when I’m in the middle of playing ads interrupt me and it just really annoys me.Version: 2.02

So many adssss!!!!!Ads in the middle of when u are playing this game was made just to make money.Version: 2.30

Fix this gameI like this game, but the adds need to stop I try to get bricks but every second literally there was a candy crush add then the second after that one there were more and it stops you in the middle of the games i please suggest not downloading this game and not want your time there are non-stop adds. Please fix this and also there a lot of glitches, like I go up the stairs and somehow I teleport to the bottom and if I’m at the bottom somehow I’m at the top. Please fix this game and I don’t want the develop thingy going we will fix it. No actually fix it I now hate this game.Version: 2.10

Too many ads!!!I rate this app two stars because there is ads like every three seconds.I would rate it five stars if there were not as many ads. Maybe just put like two ads at the end of each round..Version: 2.06

So badI don’t like your game because you keep adding so much ads we’re trying to get through level why keep adding those we just want to get to the level and you keep ads everywhere I start to go I just want to get to the level and I died because of this I don’t know why you added it but anyways your game is so glitchy to and why do you have to collect so much coins to unlock just one skin and why are they not other colors there’s so much colors in the rainbow and why do you need to get so much coins to get so much stuff in this game I might delete this game so please fix your game or please just do something to it update it and fix it with no ads and don’t do that much money please I want you to do this because your game is a little not fun for me just a little bit but please fix your fingers a little.Version: 1.5

Too many ads, but it’s still funI’ve been playing the game for about a week now and there are WAY too many ads. If there was an ad after every game play, that would be irritating but would be much more understandable. I’ll be in the middle of the round when an ad pops up. It’s just very frustrating. I haven’t noticed that it affects my game play and makes me loose because I typically win, but it’s still frustrating to be trying to play a game when an ad pops up almost quite literally every ten seconds..Version: 2.01

ReviewGreat game, love the way they’ve made it with how you can run into other players and steal the blocks, love the bonus levels, fantastic game overall, but while playing it, if you don’t turn off WiFi you are constantly being hounded by ads, like.... do you want me to play the game or not? Each level while playing the game you get atleast 2-3 ads, cut back on the ads, it’ll improve how many people play it because of how much more enjoyable it is not waiting for an ad whilst your in the middle of a game. I overall give it a 3 for it’s performance, but needs some work. Maybe a multiplayer?.Version: 2.40

Ads DURING gameplay. Sheer greed!I understand freeware has to have ads in order to pay developers etc, and people should be paid for creating good games. But for you to force unskippable ads into your app DURING gameplay, is just shameless greed and you should be ashamed of yourselves. So not only do you get ads dropped on tou while you’re busy trying to play the game, but when you’re done the game asks if you’d like to watch an ad to increase your score. If you select no, the ad plays anyway! How many ads do you really need?! I know ads nobody watches or cares about in the slightest are par for the course when downloading free apps and games, but this is just a joke. Here’s a quick note for the developers who actually bother to read these reviews. People HATE forced advertising, and actively avoid the company, or product or whatever the ad is about as a form of protest against this form of advertising. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER BASE! You only make money because people download your apps, why not actually TRY and create one that’s about a good app and not good ad revenue!.Version: 2.06

Adds kill the gameAn add ever 10 seconds in the game makes the game unplayable, if the added were at the end of each match players would have a chance to enjoy the game then decide if they would like to pay a minimum of $2.99 to remove them The fact that you can’t play a full match and the cheapest option is to pay $2.99 just to play a full match is the reason I will delete this game and hope that a game maker makes a simpler game without the [email protected]#t.Version: 2.07

Overall ok/to may adsIt’s overall a really good game but there is ads like every two seconds. When I started playing I just started and a ad came up and then another and then another I wish there weren’t so many ads and it’s not what I expected but it’s and overall ok game..Version: 2.30

Ads in the middle of playingI can understand an ad here and there AFTER playing a level... but interrupting me while I play with 3 ads!? Ads in the middle of game play? No thanks you get one star for being incredibly annoying.Version: 2.40

The Number of Ads is OUTRAGEOUSThis game is great, and would deserve a 5 if I didn't have to put my phone in airplane mode to be able to properly play it. It's super annoying that you get ads every 30 seconds, in the middle of the game. And not only is it annoying, it can mess up your game. Another down side, that's more of a suggestion and doesn't really affect the score, is the facts that you can't choose your avatars color. This is just my opinion, but I prefer using the original skin because the other ones don't appeal to me. My color is blue, though I am not sure that is the same for everyone, is not my favorite color, so I would appreciate it if you could add that feature..Version: 2.21

Errors and adsThis game is very fun! You get to race people online too, but the only thing l struggle with is ads. Every time I am on the 1st to last level an ad just pops out of nowhere and leaves me in a raging fit! I still enjoy this game, and if you are looking for an active game and raging game then this is the one to get. Other than that this game is really fun and challenging. I enjoy the people l play with and how you can knock them over for more blocks. It makes me laugh sometimes. I have won every game l have played, so far. Well l hope this review shows you how fun and also annoying this game really is. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy this game!.Version: 1.5

Way too many adsIn the middle of a game??? LAME!!.Version: 2.40

Love the game but 🥰🤦‍♀️Every time i am in a game an advert pops up mid game and you can’t skip it so you have to wait a whole round waiting for the advert to stop which gets Annoying since it pops up every two minutes😡🤦‍♀️. But I love the game it is so fun but the adverts ruin the game so much since you don’t want to wait so you go off the game so please can you change that. I would definitely recommend this game it is amazing but be aware if you don’t have the time for ads do not play this game because you can’t skip them mid game. 😔😞🥰🙃.Version: 2.0

My Bad review...These ads are saying that you can play with friends but it won’t let me! Please do add the feature of being able to contact friends to join your game! It would be a really cool feature and I’d even recommend it to many of my friends!.Version: 2.04

It’s okayIt’s a good game but all the ads ruin it.Version: 2.06

Fake reviews and too much adsQuite clearly the developer has paid for a bunch of 5 star reviews as there are actually very few written comments with the 5 stars (and nobody would give this game 5 stars lol) There are MULTIPLE ads mid game play which ruins the game. Very unfortunate as it was a decent game in the first 1-2 games (which they don’t put any ads in) It’s honestly best to just not download this game so that you don’t support developers like these that use these scummy tactics..Version: 2.01

Sad AdI couldn’t even get through any round without an ad. At least let us play the game.Version: 2.40

Adds and glitchingThis game is fun but it took me a while to fret onto it this was because it took a while to load but the worse part is it kept kicking me off the game. This was not because my device is faulty it is just this game! The more common feedback is ads it is so ANNOYING this needs sorting out pronto. Thanks for listening.Version: 2.02

-_-It’s such a good game but ads literally pop up every 10 seconds the game is more ads then gameplay.Version: 2.02

Honest ReviewIf you looked at the other reviews you probably saw something about how there are ads in the middle of the game and, yes it is true I normally get about three ads and there about 30 seconds each . . . But I have seen other player say they got fifteen! I do understand the game wants to made a profit but instead of annoying players that support the game a better way to made money is to offer double coins or something in that era, but If you have or not have the app I would really appreciate you continuing to read, so if you have the app ,or don’t you can turn on airplane mode on your setting and you will get no ads, even better they don’t make any money off you! Or just delete it.. I appreciate your time!.Version: 2.40

GarbageToo many adds can’t enjoy any game anyone puts out.Version: 2.30

Adds.Ok I’ll admit this game is really fun and I would play it so much more if I didn’t have this one problem, adds. Now adds are normal in a game and normally I have no problem with it, but it becomes very annoying when there is an add WHILE you are playing the game. I get it you need adds to make money off the game, BUT this much adds is way too much. For example, say I was playing the game and I was about to finish making my bridge then out of nowhere BOOM add. Having adds in a game is completely fine but a game should never have this many adds. Overall it’s a good game and is fun to play when you are bored BUT the adds are WAY to much..Version: 2.0

AdsToo many ads ! It’s ridiculous.Version: 2.30

Ok gameIt is an ok game. adds don't give rewards like they say they do not trying to brag but it is very easy. there are so many adds in the middle of the game and it makes you lose concentration..Version: 2.40

Too Many IdeasJust to do one level you have to sit through 2 adverts and when you can close them it just takes you to another page for the same advert. That’s before you actually finish the level and are bombarded with more adverts before the app has the cheek to ask you to watch another advert to collect your reward. Complete waste of time on what could have been a good concept..Version: 2.09

ADSIt’s a good game but seriously there’s WAY TOO MANY adverts. May as well call it the advert game..Version: 2.0

THIS GAME UGH 🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩😒😒😒😑😑😑😫😫😫😤😤😤I made the mistake of not reading the reviews before getting this game. This game is so fun but it has some very frustrating qualities. Almost every 30 seconds another ad pops up!!! It is so annoying!!! Even suiting the middle of the game there are ads. I know you might be thinking well why don’t you turn off the WiFi???!!! Dummy!!!??? Well I did turn off the WiFi and the data. IT STILL HAD ADS!!! Feel free to get this game, but please fix the ads in the middle of the game!!! It is very frustrating!!! Thank you!!!!.Version: 1.5

Not worth itLook I understand the game has to have ads to make money however adding in 2-3 ads per level is ridiculous. And only adding them after the first level so you think it’ll be okay. The ads keep increasing the more levels you play..Version: 2.04

Ridiculous!😡I saw this ad and thought whatever and this ad kept popping up and I thought maybe people like this game so I download it It was great until in the level 20s it was RIDICULOUS and how? Will let me explain first TOO MANY ADS!!!! Second..IT WAS REALLY DIFFICULT and last reason when a FREAKIN AD plays it does not pause the game yep.. How to beat them!!! 1. When a AD plays put airplane mode on or turn the WiFi off. 2. The difficulty sadly no there’s no way of doing that just you have to be good at the game.. Let’s rate the game! Ok so we have five stars so about the ads I will take away a star + the level in the 20s so bye bye star now we have three stars ✨ and finally the one that I’m so mad about the ADs that keep popping up and when the game is not paused so + 2 stars taken stars away now we have one star ⭐️ so that’s it but I get that the app needs money because the app is free but like make things special that cost at least less than 4.99$ and at least make an ad every single other level? You reapply with: Thank you!.Version: 2.04

Too many ad interruptionsI have only just started playing this game but there are frequent ad breaks in the middle of the game. Why? Most free games have ads between levels which is acceptable. I may delete this game because of this..Version: 2.02

Fun game that is completely ruined by the adds!Way to many ads during the game! Can’t play a single game without having at least 5 ad pop ups that you have to wait for them to end! App won’t retain players as it’s so annoying!! Change it.Version: 2.04

Way too many adsI downloaded this game and it is really good but within t space of 1 game I had 12 ads! Especially when you're winning it’s quite annoying if they fix this or you don’t mind lots of ads I’d download otherwise don’t bother downloading.😊.Version: 2.04

To many addsWhen I got it I got a add didn’t think much then in the middle of all the games add after add it’s annoying cuz to remove them you have to pay and your just gonna lose people playing cuz people don’t like paying for something stupid like that so stop adds in the middle of the games cuz this just stopped me liking the app it’s not a problem with other apps but this just gives me adds right after each other IN THE MIDDLE OF GAME.Version: 2.03

MindI don’t mind the game they could make some interesting things for you and make some more harder levels like if you run into another colour you get deleted like all your blocks go away but other than all that I’d give it a three star rating because it’s not really what I was hoping it was and that you could like maybe get some upgrades or something to it but yeah.Version: 2.21

I’m heart broken 😠I loved this game I played it non stop for weeks and then it glitched and whenever I opened it the app would just freeze or close. I tried to fix it by closing out of the app, restarting my phone & waiting a day and it still didn’t work! I ended up uninstalling the app & reinstalling it. All my purchases and data is gone and yes I’ve tried the “restore purchases” button and NOTHING I actually don’t mind too much that I have to start over but not being able to restore my purchases is annoying 🙄 to say the least! I paid to have the ads removed that’s how much I loved the game and now I have to suffer through them again because the game decided to glitch 😡.Version: 2.06

Good gameWayyyyy to many adds makes it not worth playing.Version: 2.40

ReviewThis is a good app but the annoying thing is that there are so many ads which is very annoying!.Version: 2.04

A very stupid game.Like it says in the title it is very stupid. There is ads right in the middle of when your playing the game. It is very annoying.🤬.Version: 2.08

AdsThe ads appear way to often that it just makes the game boring honestly.Version: 2.21

To many adsWould be a good game if there weren’t as many ads and you have to watch the whole damn thing.. and in the middle of playing there are ads too so not cool.Version: 1.5

Don’t waste your time!READ THIS BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE GAME!!! You may have gotten an ad and thought to download this, but don’t waste your time. I was like you and downloaded it I played it for only 3 minutes and couldn’t even finish the round! There were way too many ads and it ruins the game. There should only be an ad once every round. And it’s also kind of laggy I don’t know of that’s only for my device but it’s pretty laggy for me. So if you are the creator of this game and see this please improve your game and take away most of the ads please..Version: 2.40

I HATE ADDSIt is a good game but adds keep popping up in the middle and it is really annoying. They are forcing us to buy the ‘no adds’ but it is l just going to lose people who are playing. Adds should got at the end for a reward or others not in the middle of the game. Adds should be vandalism in this game!.Version: 2.01

Your gameOk I love your game but the adds there way to many also if you play another game your add button to get off is way to small so your having to reset your hole game again and that is really annoying.please fix it.Version: 2.08

WHYThe game itself is very good, much fun BUT but but but but 🍑, if you’re connected to the internet whilst playing, you can (and most likely will) get an ad mid game. That, dear creators/ developers, I have named this review WHY. The only reason I gave it three stars is because of that and that if you go on someone else’s bridge, you lose your blocks and then even if you’re at the top have to go down to get the last block. So frustrating 😡..Version: 1.5

Way to many adsThere is ads when I am building and ads when I’m done way to many ads great game but when I am so close to finishing the bridge ad and I can’t more and take a few seconds for me to move aging after the ad but I really like this game I will give it a good 7 out of 10 you can try it 😡!!! And out of five I will give it a 3 aging lower on the maybe a higher score I mean like I get like a few ads at the end of the game but just not in the not in the middle of the game please take away some of the ads it might help this game !!!!!.Version: 2.02

TRASHHThis game already sucks without ads and it’s way Tou easy THERS absolutely no purpose of me playing this game.Version: 2.06

Too many ads in the wrong placeIt was ok but there were too many ads and always got in the way while I was playing and it completely ruined it. If you are going to play ads don’t do it when I’m in the middle of a game..Version: 2.30

I Want To Like ThisBut the ads are too much. An ad in the middle of every single level for 30 seconds is ridiculous.Version: 1.5

HateI love this game but I have to delete it cause of the amount of adds. I watched an add and if I watched I. I was supposed to get a new skin but I didn’t watch the add Four or five times and still didn’t get the skin plus I already had the skin but then it told me to watch the video to get it again so dumb.Version: 2.05

Loved the game but way too many adsReally enjoyed this game BUT there’s are ads alllll the time! Twice in the middle of a game, which puts you off completely! Most games like this only have ads at the end of the game, but this one just has too many. Would not recommend.Version: 1.5

To much addsThere is way to many adds in this game I am trying to play and I am about to win but then a add comes up and the other Color takes my spot 😡 If there was at least adds at the end or start I would be fine with it but in the middle of a game that’s really annoying.Version: 2.04

Way too many ads and glitchyFar too many ads. It would be understandable if they were at the end of a level, even if unskippable, but to have in the middle of gameplay is just frustrating. I’ve never deleted a game after only three levels. Also, twice it glitched where I could only go forwards and backwards. Pretty poor..Version: 2.09

HORRIBLESo I downloaded this game and read the reviews. People said it was stressful and trash. I thought that the adverts of this game were cool and didn’t believe the reviews. However they were right!!!!!! I have had ads IN the MIDDLE of the gam. It made me lose😩😩😢😤So peeps don’t download this game unless u like ads. IT IS TRASH. the ads not the actual game. I had to put the lowest amount of stars ⭐️ moreover one is too kind. If u don’t want your phone life to be helll delete this app NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡🤬😤😣😔☹️😫😭👺👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾.Version: 2.02

Stupid ads in the middle of a round!!!This game is so annoying because when someone is in a middle of a round, a ad is popped up on the screen which is so annoying for everyone when they are trying to play this game as their free time. Can you please stop putting the ads in the middle of rounds, it is so annoying and irritating when a couple minutes later a ad will pop up on the screen for people who are playing this game thank you.Version: 2.02

The adds in middle of games should be blockedWhy hello there 😁 So I’m just playing the game as usual and in the middle I get an add I lose every round because of that like this is a great game but there so much annoyances like can the developer be more stupid than idiots licking a curling iron? Probably not but like why did this developer do this. I give this a 8.7 out of ten The adds are annoying and so much annoyances like The longest adds are too much 30 seconds A VERY LONG AD like this needs help SO MANY ADDS LIKE BRO I get it they need to make profit but 9 adds?! NO THANKS I highly recommend you avoid downloading this game if you hate so many adds but I’d u prefer the game turn on airplane mode. Overall I love the game (not anymore :( but I still like it just Hate 7-9 adds each round but seriously I’d recommend you don’t download this if you are very picky with the adds. Only playable on airplane mode but if u want like the add things Welp..then do it. But overall the amount of adds I had: 15 ads each round like this is so mindless please fix the amount of ads and it would actually be fun thank you for your time. Signed by~ Valerie Dior 💖 Bye bye!!! Have a nice day/night!.Version: 2.30

Too much ads2 advertising during a single level ... game erased after not even 5 minutes. I understand that the ads fund the game, but this is really too much..Version: 2.21

Awful adsSay to many ads on this game not worth getting.Version: 2.05

Great Game, Too Many AdsThis is an awesome game it’s so much fun but......-here comes the downside- there are too many ads. When I first got this game, I was so happy but after I played a ROUND AND A HALF I left the game and deleted the app. I have this thing with ads that I can’t stand them so if u do too, I recommend NOT getting this. If u are chill with adds then, sure, get the app. Here are some emojis to explain this: 😄😀☺️🤨☹️😫🤬😕. (Here’s something totally unrelated) You all should read Keeper of the Lost Cities! Yes, you! It’s an awesome book that is super interesting and adventureus! Keeper of the lost cities rules!!!🥳😊😄📖...... Bye! Have a nice day or good night!.Version: 2.05

100% disappointedIt’s a racing game but you put Ads in the middle of the race? Doesn’t make sense..Version: 2.05

Adds Ruins the gameMid game get an add.. only way to play the game without getting annoyed by an add is too turn Data/WiFi off or pay to remove adds 🤦🏽‍♂️ these games are annoying....Version: 2.03

Wayyy to many addsAdds legit every second! We don’t like ads and lower it down like to per 4-5 minutes please or atleast a round not every second.Version: 2.04

Great game but to many ads....I like this game but the ad interruptions during the game rounds are really annoying. If the developer could please do something about this that would be great and I would play it more often.😬👍.Version: 2.04

Ads mid play?This game sinks to a new low putting ads smack in the middle of game play. App deleted., too bad cause the game itself is fun..Version: 2.40

STUPID ADSI thought this game would be super addicting when I got it only last night, and it is but I am raging with annoyance about the amount of ads! They just don’t stop! I can’t even enjoy the game bc of the ads interrupting!.Version: 2.40

Should be called - ADS R US.I’m starting to dislike these pure money grab apps. I mean.. ads during the game is infuriating let alone ads every literal 5 seconds. I gave it two stars because I like the concept of the game but each time I play it’s the same course!? Played it for like 8 turns then deleted. Not worth the amount of ads. Hope the developers got their money and will run and never create an app again..Version: 1.5

Too much adI can’t even play one game w/out any an ad!! Tooo muchhh!!!!! 4 ad for one start??? Seriouslyyy no this is madness.Version: 2.21

Way too many adsThere’s way too many ads and it’s really annoying, ypu are making people not like the game, we get you want us to get more games but stop. It’s a fun game but stop the ads. Do it like maybe start and end NOT mid game, anyway amazing game.Version: 1.5

AdsI rate the game 2 stars because the app is laggy and an advert will pop up every 5 seconds DURING GAME which has caused me to lose matches I should have won. However, despite the overwhelming amount of adverts and game inequality, it is a fun concept and looks like a good game, which is what earned it 2 stars. Please fix these 2 problems, and then I will rate it 5 stars!.Version: 2.02

Waste of time. Don’t botherThe game looked fun and addictive. Little did I know I played for literally 6 seconds and ads popped up every 6 seconds. Then it crashed. I tried to reboot the screen. Well it would have been a good game. I don’t have time for playing on rubbish games. If they put tye adverts after say every 2 levels or when the game was won overall I may decide to down load it. You’re going to lose people and star rates. Good luck with the app..Version: 2.40

GarbageAre you kidding me! Ads in the middle of the game!.Version: 2.30

I literally can’t with these adsDONT DOWNLOAD! (you’ll most likely rage with the ads) Nobody is gonna play your game if you have too many ads. Every 2 minutes there’s an ad whether your in a game or not, I literally timed it and I got 2 minutes and 12 seconds. When I downloaded it I was in love but for my second round whenever I move THERES always an ad that makes me loose. You’d think the whole game would pause right? I come back from an ad and the other contestants are moving. It’s literally unfair. I deleted this app because of the ads. I can deal with ads after the round. BUT DURING THE ROUND. this game is horrible don’t download it too many ads.Version: 1.5

Greedy developersIf I could pick 0 I would the developers are really gotten greedy and decided to put adverts in mid game I get you need ads on a free game platform but not in mid game and also when people pay a lot of money fortune ads to be removed they aren’t removed so fix that otherwise you won’t get good reviews 1 ⭐️ because the game is good and the concept but the adverts are to much they pop up out of no where and when I’m about to win the ad finishes. And I’m either 2nd or 3rd it’s terrible customer service and if you don’t fix it your gonna get lots of bad reviews like this one.Version: 2.40

OflineI hate ofline games 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿.Version: 2.21

Not very happy😞I downloaded this game and it took a very long time. When i opened the app there was a black screen and it took me to the home page of the app but then it exited the app. I wasn’t sure what happened and tried a few times. Then i defeated some games on my ipad thinking about storage. But it wasn’t that. I looked at a few reviews and came across one that said the same thing happened. It said that the app should work on all devices but it wasn’t true! It didn’t work on mine. I was unhappy with results and wrote this review. Some people managed to play but with a disturbance of ads! I had to rate 1 starts because you have to rate to send a review. You can’t give no stars so the lowest o have given was 1. I hope this helped and hope this app works for you. I downloaded another game called Hide n seek and i enjoy it! If you can’t download this try hide n seek. It worked for me and i produced by the same producer of this game! Bye!.Version: 2.02

HAS ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF MATCHESIdea of the gram is really cool and fun! but there's ads in the middle of the races which cause you to lose or muck up and it's really hard to control. remove the ads in the middle of teams and have them after rounds and i will download again..Version: 2.06

ADDSThe game is fun but there are way too many adds Pls fix it.Version: 1.5

Too many ads!!!I really was enjoying the game after I finally figured out a decent strategy to win a few rounds. When I hit the 4th round and the ads started popping up I was like, ok so one ad. NO it wasn’t one but 4-6 in a single round. I would play for maybe 10 seconds before the next would pop up. If I could close them fast it would be one thing, but you have to wait 30 seconds before you can close it. I don’t mind sitting through the ads to get added bonuses in play but randomly and half a dozen??? Not worth the frustration! The game itself is a blast to play. I was looking forward to playing this but not now..Version: 2.01

I played for 2.5 seconds before deleting1st time playing only just downloaded the game and I couldn’t even get to the finish line simply because the ads take over during the race. In the 5 seconds I was racing 2 ads interrupted and I closed and deleted the game straight away. Would be ok without ads during gameplay. In between levels sure but definitely not during a race.Version: 2.40

TaribleI do not recommend if you have a low tolerance for ads because they show up every two seconds.Version: 2.40

TOO MANY ADS!!You can’t even play a full game without having 4+ ads IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!!! Would be fun with out that 😒.Version: 2.40

Ads.Don’t get me wrong, this game is entertaining. But what ruins it and haves me give this only 3 stars, is because of the ads. There is way to much ads. Even in the middle of a match. A MATCH. A ad pops up. This drives me insane and reading all these other reviews, it seems everybody’s mad about this to, and I’m sure the devs have read these other reviews and ignored them. Sure, it would be okay if they put ads at the end of the game, but in the middle of a match is way to far. This can get really annoying and this game would have better reviews if it didn’t have so much ads! But, this game is good other wise, and it’s really enjoyable (except for the ads of course.) Thank you for reading. -Anonymous.Version: 1.5

Be ashamed of yourselvesIf i could pick 0 stars i would. the concept of the game is amazing! and very enjoyable, its the adverts that are the problem. i understand adverts after games, but mid-game? you should be ashamed i installed this to have fun. not to watch ads. (to add on, the ads are unstoppable, so every minute im playing the game, half of the gameplay is adverts). This is quite annoying as when u finish and press no ad for an extra score, you get an ad anyway! i just think it’s outrageous a game this good has such a MASSIVE downside. I’m using adblock and until the issue is fixed, it will stay on! seriously, do better yours sincerely, -Karen.Version: 2.21

The AdsThe ads in this game are stupid.. absolutely ridiculous. How can you expect anyone to like this games when there are ads halfway through a level.. Don’t even bother downloading.Version: 2.06

The adds RUIN the game 🤬😡I understand that people need advertisement and the game is free for a reason and whatever, but I can’t play with all the adds, the game is fun but every 1 minute I get an add making me fall behind in the game. The constant adds stress me out in which was the cause for me deleting the game. And I can’t just keep turning my wifi on and off just to play the game..Version: 2.40

NOPE!Way too many adds!I hop on this game and i really enjoy it. i’m getting caught up in it and… BAM! an add. i’ve literally been on the game for two minutes and there’s already an add. if you’re fine with watching adds for a living then i recommend this game..Version: 2.06

Ads IrritatingIt’s a nice game but why ads coming in between the same. We well be Eagerly playing and getting irritated by the ads in the between. In other games also ads r there but it ll come after the game ends. For this itself I’m uninstalling the game.Version: 1.5

Too many adsCan’t even play without an ad popping up in the middle or a game. Stupid!!.Version: 2.01

Way to many adsCan we stop with ads it is to many please and thank you☺️😌.Version: 2.30

Reduce the FLAMING ADVERTS!!!I downloaded this game cause it looked fun and it really was fun but the amount of ads is so sickeningly annoying that I had to delete it. How can I be playing the game, collecting my coloured bricks to make my bridge and being cut off because of an advert. This happens ever so often that I end being back in the game and it’s already finished. Seriously, you’ve got a good game here full of competition and drive that’s making people addicted but the you’ll lose people playing this game because of the ads. I know you want to make money but come on; having ads in the middle of the game and it appearing with or without you clicking on extra coins/percentage is a bit much. Please fix this cause I would like to re-download this game and play it till my hearts content as I’m trying to find another addiction aside form Candy Crush Saga..Version: 2.04

Fun but WAY too many ads.If you like watching 30 seconds of ads for every 15 seconds of game play, this one is for you. If you like to ACTUALLY play a game, give this one a skip..Version: 2.0

Absolute TrashTerrible game sucks for anyone don’t download you will get ads and every 5 seconds including mid round.Version: 2.30

Fun but lots of addsI really like this game it’s really fun but there’s way too much ads you get an ad during the game and before a new round which is really annoying apart from that this game is amazing.Version: 2.30

This games is greatBut there is so many adds and it makes me get really frustrated with it. It could also make it a bit more fun by making more obstacles and it would be better if you could jump over things too! 👍.Version: 2.04

Way too many ads, ruins gameplayFairy decent game, although the format gets old fairly quickly as it doesn’t change or adapt - you just do the same thing over and over again. To make matters worse, several ads pop up DURING gameplay. Not worth the hassle..Version: 1.5

WHY!! Don’t Put ADS During A Game 😡.Look I know that company’s pay you to advertise on your game but why during a match!! Why can’t you just put ads when they are browsing the shop or when they click start!! It is so annoying and I hate it. Sometimes it ruins my game since I might have won if I knew where I was!! If ads don’t bother you a lot then I suggest you get this since it is really good. If they do, DON’T GET THIS GAME!!! You will honestly want to hit your phone with a hammer🤣. Thx for reading (don’t hit your phone with a hammer) Xxx.Version: 2.01

Kill meIf there was a option to give this game a zero i would. way to many adds, you get them in the middle of the game. it sucks if you actually want to play a game..Version: 2.30

Rosanna pansino fanThere are just too many ads even ads when you’re playing the game it’s just silly, and also yeah that’s it that’s just too many hands and it’s not very fun game is it now. How to improve the game would be to stop the ads or to do less ads, more fun and different types of hats/skins it’s not really a fan game I mean it’s quite boring when I first started it was quite fun but now I’m just going to delete it... please make it more fun.Version: 2.10

Good but to many WAY too many ads.I downloaded this app and as soon as it was ready, I went on and played it. The first round everything was fine. It played me an ad right after I won, but that’s fine. I played the second round or whatever it’s called, and then I got my first ad during gameplay. One time thing? NOPE! 1 minute later, it played my second ad. About 15 of 30 seconds later, third ad. Mind you, all of these ads are during gameplay. So they pause the game just for you to watch an ad when you just want to play. Then a while later, my fourth darn ad. What seemed like 10 seconds later, my fifth and final ad. The last ad froze, so I wasn’t able to continue the game at all. (I’m not sure if there was just internet issues) Anyway, I deleted the app and immediately wrote a review. Someone, PLEASE fix this..Version: 1.5

Bridge RaceIt is really unfortunate that there are ads in the middle of the game..Version: 2.40

Please read: extremely disappointing, suggestionMy friends and I got this app on our phones and i pad a couple of years ago but were very disappointed when the app came on to a black screen and exited the app. I found that all supersonic games were the same. They all look like amazing games but unfortunately we will never have a chance to play them. Although it clearly states that it should work on all my devices could this be to do with the type of phone you have? Eg. i phone 6/7 i phone 8 seems to work.Version: 2.0

Ads ads and more adsFun game. Time killer. The concept of the game is an interesting one, racing to build bridges is actually pretty fun and there is a bit of strategy involved too, if you don’t just blitz through to the end. It would easily be a 5* for me but the number of ads is outrageous: Middle of the level? Random ads pop up (2-3 per level). Completed the level? Ad Bonus level? Ad Starting a level? Ad Told the game “no thanks” because you didn’t want to earn the reward promised after watching an ad? Ad Paid for the “no ads” feature but still want your bonuses? Ad (this is brought to the users attention before completing the “no ads” purchase so that you are not surprised by still having ads after purchasing so credit where credit is due for honest principals) Granted, the only ads that you can’t skip are the ones that are giving rewards (bonus level, double prize payout, new costume) but the amount of time spent even leading to the ability to skip the ads that can be skipped is roughly equivalent to the regular play time. I don’t want to “play” a game where 50% of my time is wasted on ads. Concept and gameplay earn this app 6/5 stars in my book. The sheer volume of ads drops the rating to the 3 stars that I gave it and led me to delete the app. I fully understand that the developers get their revenue from ads, and people who pay to avoid them, but this is excessive to the point of unplayable..Version: 2.08

No good with adds just turning up in the middle of a gameI understand the need of adds but this is ridiculous that an ad turns up right as you make a breakthrough At the end of a game I can handle, in the middle it is giving me anxiety So not playing game anymore until the problem is fixed.Version: 1.5

I QUIT THIS GAME BECAUSE OF THE ADS!I Can’t Take it ANNYMORE!! I Can’t Take All The Ads in The Middle Of The Game. I’m On Level 628. And the Ads Completely RUIN THE GAME. I Understand The Ads are The Whole Reason why the Game is Able to Be Free. I Get That. But Before the Latest Update All The Ads Used to Be After the Game was Over and Before the Game Starts. And that was All Goood &&Fine. But Now the Ads are STRaight in The Middle Of While your Playing. ((Sometimes More than One)) And it’s Supper FRUSTRATING. 😡😡Also I don’t Understand once your about to get to the Finish Line and your way in Front Of All the Other Players that Your “Supposedly” Playing. Then All Of a Sudden Another Player Pops Up On The Last Platfom.... when Literally a Half a Second Ago they were Still Trying Stack Their Color Blocks up The Ladder. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PLease. Please. PLease Fix This Problem. As I Am Suure I’m Not The Only One that is Having This Issue. I Would GREATLY APPRECIATE it. THankkYOuu..Version: 2.02

TOO MANY ADSIt’s infuriating! You will almost definitely get an ad in every single game, probably more than one! I do NOT think you should gay this game at all! I was just playing the game and I got 5 ads in one game! It absolutely RUINED my day and I was just about to win when I got an ad for a rubbish game! I am so incredibly annoyed with the game makers for not sorting out this issue so if you are reading this and you are one of the producers of the game then you need to address the issue immediately! I am deleting the game and I STRONGLY SUGGEST you do too! All it does is create stress..Version: 2.0

Bridge race 💜🦉💵☪️.Version: 2.40

Ads have taken overCould have been such an addictive game but the ads at the start, an ad mid way through each level and then despite only clicking continue without the bonus an ad comes up anyway so deleted it after 5 games..Version: 2.0

To many addsThere are too many adds in this game an add will come up every 10 seconds but other than than it is alright.Version: 2.04

Good, but needs helpI like the game because you get to battle people to get to the top quickest. This part is fun, but the constant adds aren’t. About every 30 seconds or less, you have to watch the LONGEST adds ever. This takes away the fun of the game because you will be moving and just go into adds. Another thing that makes the game less fun, is that there are the same levels over and over until you reach the next level. In most other games you play on time, and then it is the next level. But not with this game, you have to play the first, or what ever level you are on, about 5 or 6 times, until you reach the next level. This game was fun in the beginning, but now with the adds every 30 seconds when you are trying to play, and the repetitive level, I think I am going to get rid of this game..Version: 1.5

Awesome game, if ads don’t drive you crazyDownloaded it, played it. Awesome game! Then deleted it because of the ads. I understand the need for the ads but right in the middle of the game?.Version: 2.20

Awful, TOO MANY ADDS DURING GAME PLAYI saw the advert to this game and quite like the look of it, so i downloaded it as i love simple games like this. It’s a good concept to the a game but there are ads DURING GAME PLAY which i think it’s pathetic and awful. Such a shame as it would have been a good game if they didn’t have so many ads and especially if they didn’t have them during the middle of game play..Version: 2.06

Too many ads!This game is very good but the adverts ruined the entire game! It comes in between while your playing which makes me feel so angry and i end up losing. I instantly deleted the app when i couldn’t handle it anymore. Hopefully the developers can shorten the ads shown. However, i know that’s how they make there money but it’s just too much..Version: 1.5

ADSWAY TOO MANY ADS. I stopped playing this game because of all the ads. After every time I get a new block it gives me an ad. And every time I make it to the top of the bridge.. AN AD. It gets boring because of all the ads. I knew about 25 people who played it and now I don’t think that there is one. For a better game cut down on the amount of ads..Version: 2.05

To many advertsThe idea of the game is really good and it is so addictive but my only downside is the adverts. I understand games have to have adverts but this game has way to many and right in the middle of a level. It can be one after another after another really close together which is really frustrating when all you want to do is complete the level your on. Why does it have to be so many and can’t they just play after each level is completed rather then disturbing the game??? I’m really on the verge of deleting it because of this!!!.Version: 1.5

Terrible!!This Game Has Ads Every 2 Seconds!!! 😡.Version: 2.02

Ad every damn minuteI’m neutral I like the game but you have to watch ads every minute wich gets annoying.Version: 2.40

Ads ads and more ads!The title speaks for its self! To many ads!!!.Version: 2.40

Too many addsCan u please get rid of the adds u put to many and every time I’m about to win there is a add and then I lose. I can’t play with to many adds but the games good! Just get rid of the adds and only put a couple :).Version: 2.04

To many advertsLove the game, but just as I’m getting into it adverts keep coming up in the middle of the game. Don’t mind them at the end of level but not in the middle of the game, and it’s not just once. I had five adverts in the middle of the game come up which is really distracting. I think the one star is being generous as the game is good, but the constant adverts take away from the game play and I don’t want to spend nearly £3.00 to remove the adverts..Version: 1.5

The ads are so annoyingWhenever I reach a new area an ad plays and it stops the flow of the game and slows you down. It would be much more fun if the ads were at the end of each full round and it should probably tell you how you could lose to others, there is no tutorial which makes it harder also the game gets boring after a bit since you are doing the same thing over and over again..Version: 2.04

It’s a great game but,This game is really fun and I really enjoy playing it. The only thing that I really don’t like about the game is the amount of ads it has. In the middle of the game, about two ads will pop up and you’ll have to watch them. In my opinion the amount of ads you have in the game is over and is to much. I would love if you could lower the amount of ads that is in the game. Because of the amount of ads, the game starts to get very boring and it isn’t fun anymore. Besides the ads the game seems to be fun and I love the idea and creativity in it. I hope you are able to read this and maybe take this idea of less ads to mind. Overall, the game is really fun and I enjoy playing it very much. I’m sorry if I wasted your time ready this. Thank you for listening to my idea and I hope this gives you a idea to change about the game.Version: 2.21

AdsThis game is pure garbage for the fact of how frequent the ads are. having ads after games and you using them for double rewards is acceptable. but getting random ads everytime time you progress in a match??? why the hell is that even a thing, i finished building a bridge and instantly got an ad, and once i finished the second bridge, i got another ad??? it not only cost me the game but is just pure annoying having to sit there and endure the ad... 1 star from me.Version: 2.03

To many adds!I’m giving this game two stares because it is a good game but there is so many adds I don’t usually complain to games but this needs to get fixed I couldn’t play the hole time with out a add ever five seconds but other then that it is a very good game :).Version: 2.30

FrustratingImagine this, you’re in the middle of a game which you need to be quick at to beat the other players, and you are doing well but then an ad or two pop up right in the middle of your game you have to wait 1 min before getting back to the game and you find out you’ve lost. You don’t need to imagine it..!!’ Just play this game, absolutely crazy to have ads pop up right in the middle of your game. Come on developers sort it out..!!!!.Version: 2.40

Nothing but adsGot 2 ads mid play. The ads took longer then the actual game itself. Don’t waste your time.Version: 2.30

About to delete itI am about to delete this gam! There are way to many ads to be able to enjoy it. You get about 4 30 second ads in every game, do that is about 2 minutes of ads for 1 minute of game play. You need to fix this because it is so annoying. Don’t waste your time downloading unless you want to spend your day watching adverts..Version: 2.03

Abuso de publicidadNo se dejen engañar por los comentarios. Pasas más tiempo videndo publicidad que jugando. El concepto de juego está bueno pero ponen publicidad intensiva en el medio de la partida. Es un asco.Version: 2.30

MehI think this game is super fun but I agree with Bella. Every like 2 minutes an ad comes on and it bugs me so much! And I’m not very happy how people can steal your stairs. It is kind of frustrating and it annoys me a little. But I really hope you fix your advert problem! That is driving me nuts! Don’t take this seriously but I am going to delete this game after I finish writing this. I can’t live with watching boring adverts every second I turn my phone on! Please pleeeease fix your advert problem. As I said before, it drives me crazy!! Thank you, Olive.Version: 2.02

Bridge RaceI like the game but I don’t like the way that people go onto your bridge. I feel like the person who created the game should make it so that you can’t go on other people’s bridges. I also don’t like the way there is adverts every 3 minutes. And to stop adverts from playing you have to buy it to stop them from playing. I think the adverts should be 2 in every 40 minutes or so. But other than those two things I think the game is amazing. I have two stars because of those two complaints. But yeah other than them things I love the game it’s amazing and so inspiring. I love the way it’s got so many vibrant colours on the game..Version: 1.5

Npc’s CheatI love the game but wished it was harder since I always win and had everything unlocked the first day. The two problems I have are the random ads that can mess up your gameplay, especially if your about to knock someone over. My biggest issue is the cheating npcs get to do. They will have no bricks on their back and barely a bridge and when I finish my bridge it’s like bam there a sec behind you. I wrote this review because on my last game I got enough bricks to do whole level on first floor by knocking everyone over for awhile. Still the box was behind me with no bricks and no bridge. Than for second bridge I watched the npc create his bridge to the door and come up without a single brick on his back. I still enjoy but I know this has to mess up people badly especially if you don’t notice that..Version: 2.03

Too many adsGood game but way too many ads in the middle of collecting bricks. Makes it really hard to play. Ads after each level I can handle but every level at least once if not more right in the middle of collecting makes it very annoying..Version: 1.5

Why should I report an issue with Bridge Race?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bridge Race to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bridge Race customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bridge Race.

Is Bridge Race not working?

Bridge Race works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bridge Race.

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