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Bridge Race App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Bridge Race app received 200 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bridge Race? Can you share your negative thoughts about bridge race?

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Bridge Race for Negative User Reviews

Good game but try to limit the adsThis games good if your bored,but there’s two things wrong with it 1 The ADS there’s way to may ads you need to limit the amount of ads this app has it’s also annoying when you can place your bricks on a bridge and 2 it’s quite annoying when you fall and you press the revive button it takes u to an ad then the x doesn’t pop up so u sit there for ages waiting for it and the x on the ad never pops up please fix your game 🥲.Version: 2.920

It sucks!If you like a game that shows you adds 5 times in the middle of a round and 2 after than this is the game for you! THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE!.Version: 2.50

Game reviewOk so! It’s an amazing! And super super fun game but their is only one problem!! The ads! I hate how theirs just random adds and it’s as your playing the game too, it’s not very fun/far if I’m stuck in this add and the people who I’m playing against isn’t, and it’s not fun being in an add every two seconds but other than that it’s a very fun and amazing game!.Version: 2.71

Too many ads!So, I’ve recently been playing this game, and it’s overall PRETTY good. But, there’s just this one thing... ads. Like literally!! There are too many. When I was just playing the game, a ad always pops up. That’s just absolutely ridiculous! Like can you please add LESS more ads? People would really appreciate if you didn’t add to much ads. Like most of the reviews are just people complaining about how many ads there are. 1 star!! 🙄.Version: 2.02

It’s okayI really do like this game BUT 1) there’s too many ads. It’s like as soon as you’re getting somewhere a random 30-60 second ad pops up. 2) it’s too easy to fall off the edge, you could be doing great and all of a sudden fall of the edge and then you’re screwed. I deleted the game after playing a few times because the ads were just too much. Ya understand one after you die but to have 3-4 per game randomly throughout the game, that sucks & makes the game unenjoyable. Currently only giving 3 stars. Could be worse but could be WAY better..Version: 2.953

Ads ruin game play!The ads are horrendous! Every 2mins an ad pops up and it makes the game impossible to enjoy. This would be an awesome game without the ads. I have uninstalled. I did not want to give a star as the ads frustrated me but i had to give at least 1 star in order to post my review..Version: 2.73

This is why most games don’t always have 5 star ratingsI have downloaded this game that I thought would be “interesting”. I enjoyed playing it for a few seconds, then I suddenly got an AD. I kept getting ads while I was in the middle of playing the game. Maybe add ads when your not playing or sometimes getting coins (something like that). Anyways, I have been looking at other reviews BUT they have no replies from the game company on them!? They’re also complaining about what I am complaining right now. If you ever fix this up, thank you. And if you don’t see the reviews I am going to be very angry. Thank you for reading (if you even read it).Version: 2.50

Something’s wrong!I’m nof sure what’s wrong, but there are ads after ads, ads within ads playing. I can’t even play the game as the stupid ad’s pop up and there seems to be something wrong with the screen orientation as I can’t see my character or the bridges to build.Version: 2.912

TOO MANY ADDSSo I started playing this game in hopes it would be fun, it is but the first round I ever played was so disappointing. There was an add about 20 seconds into the game and one kept popping up about every 20 seconds it was always causing me to lose, get frustrated, or make me restart the game, this was very frustrating and disappointing, especially when I was about to win the game. The game is very fun, but not fun because of the adds. If you download this game I would delete it after the first round, that’s how disappointing this is. Developer needs to fix this. I immediately deleted this game, I was kinda sad because that day I was going on a road trip and needed a game to play, I had this one, the only game I have but I didn’t play it cause it had way too many adds, so if you’re thinking of downloading this, don’t it’s a disappointment, I would put 0 stars down if possible. THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE, and only playable in airplane mode.🙄😟😐😞😔😩😭.Version: 2.60

Not good enoughI thought it would be great but I went into the game and it was really laggy and glitchy, idk if it’s my device but once I come off the app nothing is laggy. Also there is far too many ads, I got ads while in the middle of a game so I lost because everyone else kept going. There is also an ad at the bottom of my screen and it keeps me from clicking buttons. So the ad is covering some of the buttons I need to press so I can’t continue playing anyway. I rate this 2 stars..Version: 2.953

HorribleAbsolutely one of the most terrible apps I’ve ever downloaded! There’s so many adds!!!!!! When your in the middle of the race an add pops up and then you have to wait forever!!! Totally not worth it.Version: 3.0

Ads will destroy the enjoyment of this gameConstant ads mid game is a turn off. Seriously guys, ads are fine before a game and after, but when you have to stop mid game and wait for an ad to pass before you can continue on with the game makes playing it not worthwhile. I realise you are trying to get people to purchase non ads version, but if the player has to stop playing the game because they have 3-5 ads per game, you will get more people turning off the game and uninstalling it than purchasing the ad free version. Other than that, it’s a fun game to play when you don’t feel like the developer of the game is cheating..Version: 1.5

Should be called - ADS R US.I’m starting to dislike these pure money grab apps. I mean.. ads during the game is infuriating let alone ads every literal 5 seconds. I gave it two stars because I like the concept of the game but each time I play it’s the same course!? Played it for like 8 turns then deleted. Not worth the amount of ads. Hope the developers got their money and will run and never create an app again..Version: 1.5

NoThe game itself is good but there are way too many adverts literally I downloaded it 10 minutes ago and now I’m uninstalling it because every time a game starts, ends or even in the middle of the game there are adverts and it’s just not worth it.Version: 2.913

Terrible!!This Game Has Ads Every 2 Seconds!!! 😡.Version: 2.02

Ads mid play?This game sinks to a new low putting ads smack in the middle of game play. App deleted., too bad cause the game itself is fun..Version: 2.40

😡I like the game but there are way too many adverts, when you finish a round, advert, in the middle of a round, advert, before a round, ADVERT!!! It’s so annoying like adverts Adam but I thought all that is in the game is adverts you don’t like oh my God like do you know what I’m trying say it’s like in this game is like there is no game it’s so annoying As soon as you start playing there’s just so many adverts it’s the dumbest game ever know when you can play game because there is way too many I other as soon as you start playing there’s just so many adverts it’s the dumbest game ever know when you can play game because there is way too many adverts and all the other reports would you see adverts and also they’re basically every two minutes sometimes even 50 seconds sometimes 40 sometimes every two seconds so REDUCE THE ADVERTS ALREADY!!!!!!.Version: 2.50

ADS holyTrash. Absolutely garbage. The ads make it unplayable.Version: 2.953

AdsThere’s too many ads. There’s even ads DURING the game. The game is so much fun but it’s ruined by having ads right in the middle of the game. If there were ads at the end of the game or even at the start of the game then I wouldn’t mind but the fact that there’s ads while I’m in the middle of playing the game literally just ruins the whole game and makes me think what’s the point which then leads me to close the app and not play it. Whoever created this game and put the ads in between the gameplay is without a shred of doubt the dumbest person in the world no cap..Version: 2.50

False AdvertisingGame is fun, but paid to have ads removed and still get ads between every level. Also; shop said $2.99, they charged me $3.99. So twice lied to by the game developers. Won’t recommend as you spend more time watching ads than playing!.Version: 3.0

AdsThe ads need to be fixed I mean I am not a patient person abd I am going on vacation soon and it gonna take seven hours to get to the condo ima be board and squished with my siblings asleep on me so do me a favor and fix the ads or I change my three star rating to a one star and deleting it is unexceptionable that you are so greedy so u freaking let all the companies that ask if they can put their ads in your game and u say yes to them all and then so u get even more money u be like okay we will put all of these ads in thinking it will make people spend money to remove all ads well guess what it did not work whoopdy doo who would have guessed instead it made everyone is mad giving u bad ratings and writing bad reviews about it So FIX IT got it good 𝑺𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒓𝒍𝒚 ٫ 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅.Version: 2.50

AdsThis game is pure garbage for the fact of how frequent the ads are. having ads after games and you using them for double rewards is acceptable. but getting random ads everytime time you progress in a match??? why the hell is that even a thing, i finished building a bridge and instantly got an ad, and once i finished the second bridge, i got another ad??? it not only cost me the game but is just pure annoying having to sit there and endure the ad... 1 star from me.Version: 2.03

Best game to watch ads instead of playingMore time watching ads then utilizing the app.Version: 2.60

Not goodDoes not work without wifi but when wifi is on random ads come on halfway through..Version: 2.50

AngrySo in some games you can play the game without internet but with this game you can’t so you can’t even play the game without internet or without ads. It’s a good game okay but like the amount of long ads through this game is horrible I get an ad every like 25 seconds (I timed it) which is horrible and wastes my time. I am very disappointed in that which I am so close to deleting the app because of how angry I am with the amount of ads, so I recommend the person who made this game get that fixed or people will hate you game..Version: 2.61

Fun game that is completely ruined by the adds!Way to many ads during the game! Can’t play a single game without having at least 5 ad pop ups that you have to wait for them to end! App won’t retain players as it’s so annoying!! Change it.Version: 2.04

The only mobile game I know that has ads mid-game.I thought this would be an ok mobile game that I would play every once in a while, just for fun. I thought this would be better than Voodoo, because they give ads AFTER almost every round. I thought that was too much, and I saw this was created by someone different, so I got it. (I also got it because I gave in to all of the ads for it) I played a round, and I’m only halfway up the first staircase, and it gives me an ad. I thought, well maybe I accidentally tapped something, or one of the bots beat me. Neither. It resumed the game right afterwards and I realized what was going on. I HAD THREE ADS BEFORE THE END OF THAT ONE GAME! I understand that this is just one of those games that takes you one week or less to make, and put ads in it to make money, but this is just unexceptional. For once, I’ll say Voodoo is actually better than I’d recently thought. The concept is good, the execution was done fine, but all of the ads - because of it being mid game - I’m giving it a one star. You are VERY welcome for this one star rating. Think it through next time..Version: 2.21

Way to many adds!There is to much adds even if you put Airplane mode it still will show adds. Every 2-3 seconds there are adds..Version: 2.61

The AdsThe ads in this game are stupid.. absolutely ridiculous. How can you expect anyone to like this games when there are ads halfway through a level.. Don’t even bother downloading.Version: 2.06

My opsOk look, don’t get me wrong. It’s a good game but the ads are getting out of hand. I was literally about to win and then an ad comes in the middle of my game. I get the need of having to put ads up but this is too much. I don’t mind lots of ads after the game but please remove them from coming on in the middle of the game because it just gets all laggy and sometimes kicks me out of the game. I’m not sure if that issue happens to anyone else though. But I’m just giving my honest opinion and feedback because the ads are getting on my nerves. It’s a great game though!.Version: 2.73

Has beenThe game has potential, but ads keep popping up in the middle of a game also I thought you could play with no wifi but you can’t. I really am disappointed, the game is actually quite enjoyable.Version: 2.72

ADSThis is actually a really really good game, it’s fun and entertaining BUT there are wayy to many ads. when ever i try to start a game or end a game there is always an ad without fail, sometimes i can’t win any game because of how many ads pop up before after and during the games. hopefully they can fix this because if not i’m gonna delete this game; it gets very annoying at times, other than that it is a great game.Version: 3.3.2

MehI think this game is super fun but I agree with Bella. Every like 2 minutes an ad comes on and it bugs me so much! And I’m not very happy how people can steal your stairs. It is kind of frustrating and it annoys me a little. But I really hope you fix your advert problem! That is driving me nuts! Don’t take this seriously but I am going to delete this game after I finish writing this. I can’t live with watching boring adverts every second I turn my phone on! Please pleeeease fix your advert problem. As I said before, it drives me crazy!! Thank you, Olive.Version: 2.02

HAS ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF MATCHESIdea of the gram is really cool and fun! but there's ads in the middle of the races which cause you to lose or muck up and it's really hard to control. remove the ads in the middle of teams and have them after rounds and i will download again..Version: 2.06

Too many ads with 20sec of gameplayI dont write reviews but the just rubbed me the wrong way. The game literally lasts for about 20 seconds, meanwhile you are spending nearly a minute between each game watching ads. Do waste your time downloading this rubbish game..Version: 2.86

Time waist and ad thirsty app a big scamI deleted this game in 5mins after being very patient. Don’t bother downloading it as before you even attempt level on you will have to watch 3 to 4 full ads sometimes even in the middle of the level. It’s just a scam and so soo soooo annoying. I won’t be recommending wasting your time. Feel sorry for the people who make these kind of scams just to make money. If the makers would have made the game popular then in the long run you would have got so much more why think for a short time..Version: 2.71

DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU PLAN TO PLAY WITHOUT WIFI OR DATA. way too many ads.It’s always the same on every game but this games takes it to the next level. usually new games have an ad after EVERY round which is like a 30 second ad after 15 seconds of playing BUT THIS GAME!!! this game has an ad DURING YOU PLAYING. it just...cuts you off. been playing for about 45 seconds, had two ads and when the 3rd came up i gave up. oh, and basically you just run round a lil bit, again and again and again. in circles. one circle. then another. then another. pointless, useless, rubbish..Version: 2.09

Absolutely horrible this game should be taken off the app storeIf i could give this game -5 stars i would. the game glitches every 5 seconds and the ads are DURING THE GAME i tried playing it on airplane mode and it still gave me ads 😡 then i tried it without wifi but for some reason it requires wifi when all your doing is playing against bots 😑 and the bots are so easy to beat, even a 3 yo could beat them. i totally DO NOT 🚫 recommend this game. when i first read the reviews they all said there were too many ads but i expected it to be between levels like most games. THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME 😒 i immediately deleted it after giving it way too many second chances. i kept it for about an hour and during that hour i could only get to level 4 because whenever ads came up it would just be a blank screen w/o a way to exit it so i would have to leave the app and start the level over. i was on level one for 15-20 minutes just because of that..Version: 2.71

OH MY GODStop it with the ads this game is fun but flippin’ ads in the middle of a game is ridiculous. i dont like watching ads to claim prizes but you get something out of it. ads in the middle of the game dont reward you except for playing the game after but that is whats supposed to happen. nobody likes ads unless they advertise YOUR app. fix this otherwise nobody will download it. if this doesnt get fixed then the only game i will play is roblox. shout out to roblox btw. bye thanks. from FroggyPlayz.Version: 2.73

WAY TO MANY ADSThis game could make a heart attack for an old woman (maybe) just, if anyone had a a heart attack, by this game, then you HAVE to be responsible for it, and, when I’m building my bridge it’s really nerve racking when I’m going down (but that’s not a problem) it’s the ads THEY ARE SO annoying, Just, if you were playing, would you be annoyed by your own ads? If you do, Just decrease the amount of ads in the game, and if you do so, I would rate this game higher than 1 star. I downloaded it like almost a year later and your stupid peanut brain hasn’t thought to decrease the ads. Ridiculous p..Version: 2.920

Far too many ads.It really is beggars belief that this game has so many high reviews I cannot begin to fathom how much they have spent gaining those. If you’re looking for a game where you spend 90% of your time watching adverts then by all means download this game, if you think you’ve beaten the system by employing airplane mode; think again the game physically won’t function without it. I could tell you to avoid this game but if you’re like myself it will just be 60 seconds of your life wasted whilst you download, try it and delete it. Hope this helps..Version: 2.73

Advertisements in untimely fashionJust a minute in and I honestly love it. However, what I don’t like is ads popping up in the middle of building bridges. I understand that ads means money to game makers, but think from a customer’s perspective. It really distracts us from enjoying this game to the fullest. In other words, it is utterly annoying for those who are enthusiastic when it comes to things like this. Overall, I give this a 3 out of 5. I’m gonna see how much I can get the ad-blockers. If it’s over my budget, I will try and enjoy this with the ads as much as I can. But please make the amount of ads less so that we can enjoy the experience a bit more. Thank you and I wish the best..Version: 2.50

ReviewI love the game, just downloaded it and I’m obsessed! It’s really fun but I have a few complaints. First the ads, every time I’m close to winning or overtaking someone there is an ad in the middle of my game. Second, I’m not a big fan of how you can steal blocks from each other cause then what are you supposed to use to build. Thank you for your time, keep up the work, and making amazing games!.Version: 2.50

That’s a no for meTOO MUCH ADDS! You can’t even finish a game without adds..Version: 2.952

1 starI’m giving this game 1 star because I came across this game and seen the very bad reviews of 1 or 2 stars quite a bit but I ignored it wanted to give The game a chance I downloaded it it looked good and as soon as I pressed play I “dropped out” and it said revive anyway I pressed no thanks and tried again and again and again for like 15 times it did it so I deleted it and came right to right this review. Just a tip for The developers listen to your players and fix the bugs please thank you for reading my review.Version: 2.912

UnplayableThe ads are so aggressive in this game that it is rendered unplayable. No joke, seconds into opening this for the first time, I literally only wrote half my name before I was forced to watch an ad. Then I finished writing my name and had to watch another ad. Died 5 seconds in because there’s no tutorial level and didn’t know you could fall off the edge, had to watch an ad. Then was forced with choosing between two ad choices the second that ad ended. Started a new round. Fell off again, had to watch an ad to revive. Finished the (very short) round. Chose next level instead of watching an ad for a reward. Had to watch an ad anyway. I swear to god, I just sat through five minutes of ads to play 20 seconds of game. Developers should be honest and just charge for the game. If you don’t want to offer a viable free option with a reasonable amount of ads, then just don’t have a free option. It wasted my time downloading and attempting to play it, and I NEVER write reviews and wasted more time writing this one because it was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. Game seems like it would be fun if I could play it. But I can’t even see if it’s worth paying for ad free because my entire experience with this was 95% frustration and anger and watching ads and a few seconds of actual game play..Version: 2.913

Stupid ads and bugs in gameUsually the game is fine but today when I was playing level 15, I was winning and I walked up to where’re you have to make one of the bridges and I was walking on my blocks and then I suddenly fall through and it said dropped out. This caused the NPC to win meaning j have to retry the level. Please fix this. There is also WAAYYYYY to many ads! As all the other reviews say there will be adds all through the game. Nobody I gonna buy ad free version, they will probably just uninstall the game. Other than that it’s a good game..Version: 2.05

I hate the game for many different reasonsSo, I saw this game in an advert, and it looked quite entertaining. So I downloaded it, but as soon as I started playing, and advert popped up. It’s very annoying that there’s an advert every minute! Secondly, it said you can play with friends? Well, my friend downloaded it, but we couldn’t play together. That disappointed me. Thirdly, there’s no way to get RID of the ads! I can’t turn off WiFi or pay for no ads! This is also extremely annoying. Finally, the game is a total rip-off and there’s no point downloading it. I don’t mean to negative, but this is my honest opinion. If you minimised the ads, the game would be much better. Just a suggestion..Version: 2.50

Love the game but 🥰🤦‍♀️Every time i am in a game an advert pops up mid game and you can’t skip it so you have to wait a whole round waiting for the advert to stop which gets Annoying since it pops up every two minutes😡🤦‍♀️. But I love the game it is so fun but the adverts ruin the game so much since you don’t want to wait so you go off the game so please can you change that. I would definitely recommend this game it is amazing but be aware if you don’t have the time for ads do not play this game because you can’t skip them mid game. 😔😞🥰🙃.Version: 2.0

Good game but please add some improvements (maybe even my suggestions)Hello! Don’t get me wrong this game is not bad but maybe some improvements. These are my suggestions I will tell you more at the end and if you’re lucky you might get a nice comment! Anyway 1: THE ADS OK I know you guys are trying to make money but this is ridiculous. These thangs are driving me NUTS. So I suppose you at least have more less of ads thanks. 2: Why no walls? First time I played I fell off the edge. So I suppose maybe add some walls at least on the edges? Thank you if you do! 3: So much people on the first level! OK OK people are good. But THIS MUCH ON THE FIRST LEVEL! I think you should probably set up practice rounds for first time players that would be great! 4: Why can’t you choose your own color? Don’t get me wrong colors aren’t that important but it would be nice if you added for you to pick your own if you can. The reason for that is because people like different colors and maybe they don’t like the randomized color that the game picks for them. So why don’t let them pick? Anyway those are all of my suggestions thank you if you recommend some in your next update or maybe in the next month. Have a great day or night to all and have a Merry Christmas P.S- Please in the notes recommended me if you picked a few or all of them. I’m not trying to be rude I just want to be apart of who didn’t really make it but had some suggestions..Version: 2.90

🦥💨📱🕴😵‍💫Many people have said this already, but the ads are so dumb. You get ads during the actual gameplay which is very annoying. I’ve only played for a couple minutes and I’m already sick of it. So yeah, I don’t recommend you get this game coz it’s a waste of time and data.Version: 2.71

Not goodThe ads in this game are so bad it’s unplayable and you cannot turn data or wifi off because it’s required to play. You spend more time watching ads than playing..Version: 2.913

Good game but reduce adsRight so I downloaded this game because it seemed fun and it was until the ads kicked in. The amount of ads in a game is just annoying. If you want people to get this game then reduce the amount of ads. It’s just so annoying. At one point, There were around 4 ads in a GAME. Seriously, I was in the middle of a game collecting my bricks and then it was cut off by an ads which I hadn’t even consented, and by the time I was back in the game it had finished. Deleted the app after this, might consider re downloading if you get rid of ads.Version: 2.920

AD during gameDeleted the moment I got an AD in the middle of the game.Version: 2.952

Ads Ads Ads Ads AdsCan’t even play game for 5 seconds without ads. It’s impossible to progress through game without playing them. At least let us get through the stage without bombarding us every 2-3seconds of game play with multiple ads. I understand playing ads to get boosts, but if we don’t select the boosts, we shouldn’t have to suffer through multiple ads every 2-3 seconds. Will be deleting app if this isn’t resolved..Version: 2.50

ADS GALOREI have never been so annoyed by the amount of ads that have popped up while trying to play a game. Usually there is an OPTION to watch an ad if you want to gain extra powers or something of the sort but if you don’t want it you go straight to your game, well, not with this game, if you decide you don’t want to watch the ads to get extra speed or extra blocks so you can just jump right into it, think again. You have to watch an ad before you play, after you play, WHILE you play, and whenever you earn something after a certain amount of games you STILL HAVE TO WATCH AN AD TO CLAIM IT, otherwise you lose it!!! This game looked intriguing when I saw it but I have been playing for about 30 minutes and more than half of that time was spent watching ads. I wish that was an over-dramatization but the game play lasts about a whole 30 seconds maybe a minute and you have to watch AT LEAST 3 ads every time you play which also last about 30-40 seconds, so, this game is fun but the ads completely ruin it and unless they take it down a notch or 20, there is no chance of me playing this game ever again..Version: 2.90

It’s okayWould be good, but during every game, not at the end, literally during the game ads pop up. Like you’d be winning then all of a sudden an ad comes on, i get at the end of the game, but during the game is ridiculous. Please fix that.Version: 2.02

VERY GLITCHY AND HEAPS OF ADSSo, this game is good to play until all of the GLITCHES and ADS start happening, I reckon there is at least 3 ads in 2 minutes and also the glitches just happen randomly like I could be playing a match and in the middle of walking there could be a glitch that won’t fix and I will have to close the app and open it again, it’s so annoying. Oh and also when there’s ads after the ad it will glitch and the screen will go black until I close the app its SOOO ANNOYING..Version: 2.50

Stupid ads in the middle of a round!!!This game is so annoying because when someone is in a middle of a round, a ad is popped up on the screen which is so annoying for everyone when they are trying to play this game as their free time. Can you please stop putting the ads in the middle of rounds, it is so annoying and irritating when a couple minutes later a ad will pop up on the screen for people who are playing this game thank you.Version: 2.02

Wayyyy to many adsToo many ads and the game Doesn’t allow you to play without internet connection though I’m Very sure I’m only versing bots. Never got a chance to enjoy this game. Do not download unless you love ads in the start, during and the end of your games.Version: 2.82

Adds pop up in the middle of racesThere are so many adds I normally don’t complain about adds but they pop up in the middle of the race and it’s impossible to win because when the add pops up the game resumes but someone else has built over your bridge you we’re almost finished building and then you’ll fix it and another add pops up I had 5 adds in the middle of one race I’m not playing it anymore if the adds were in between races it would be fine but they are popping up more than once right in the middle of a race.Version: 2.73

Absolutely love the game hate the adsLove this game so much that I paid to have the ads removed, yet you still need to watch countless ads to get coins, and certain items, and you can’t get the skins that you’ve waited 5 rounds for, without watching an ad, you can’t play the bonus round without watching an ad, and then within the bonus game, you wanna do the boss fight? You got it! Another Ad!! Do not waste your money like I did! Delete the game or put up with the ads during game play, but don’t part with your money for it!.Version: 2.30

Way too many adsI like the game but ads will pop up twice in the middle of a level which is frustrating cause you just get on a roll then get stopped. If it was just in between levels it would be fine but I’m gonna delete this app now cause it’s not worth it.Version: 2.71

Ads Ads AdsIt’s non stop ads, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, devs should be ashamed.Version: 2.953

Seems like the developers don’t care for reviewsThere have been too many reviews about the irritating ads in the middle of a game, yet the developers don’t seem to care to fix it. So I’ll say this instead. Don’t even download the game. It’s not worth your time. I uninstalled it 5mins after trying it out. Not because the game itself isn’t good, I uninstalled it purely because of the amount of ads you get in the MIDDLE of playing your game. Not worth your time- there are plenty of better games out there to try..Version: 2.71

Too many adsGood concept but so many ads that it makes the game unplayable.Version: 3.0

Reduce the FLAMING ADVERTS!!!I downloaded this game cause it looked fun and it really was fun but the amount of ads is so sickeningly annoying that I had to delete it. How can I be playing the game, collecting my coloured bricks to make my bridge and being cut off because of an advert. This happens ever so often that I end being back in the game and it’s already finished. Seriously, you’ve got a good game here full of competition and drive that’s making people addicted but the you’ll lose people playing this game because of the ads. I know you want to make money but come on; having ads in the middle of the game and it appearing with or without you clicking on extra coins/percentage is a bit much. Please fix this cause I would like to re-download this game and play it till my hearts content as I’m trying to find another addiction aside form Candy Crush Saga..Version: 2.04

The ADS are invasiveThis has a solid foundation, but would be more fun to play against other users. I think the maps should get progressively harder and it should take longer to get to the finish line. An average game lasts about 45-60 seconds. So, again, solid foundation with improvement for longevity play. The reason this game gets a 1 star from me is because the ads are ridiculous! The ad breaks between each game are about 3-4 ads long, which takes about 3 mins in total. 3 mins of ads vs 45 seconds of gameplay can drive you mad. The WORST part is that you even get ads MID-GAME, like right during the action. I was just playing and got two ads before I even constructed my first bridge. I was fed and immediately deleted the app and wrote this review. I’ve play games with ads before (ie. the io games), but this was far too much. If these things get corrected I’ll consider downloading again and changing my review; but until then I’ll look at this game with disgust..Version: 2.913

Makes my phone freezeI was excited about this game and first rated it five stars, but I’m so disappointed that I have to follow up with a one-star review. The reason why I initially rated the game 5 stars was because of the sounds in the game. The sounds are the only reason that I wanted to play the game. Unfortunately the drawbacks are no where near worth it. The first problem is that the game is too hard and the character falls off. The second problem is that the game is confusing due to unnecessary add-ons — the sounds of the blocks are great but there are so many annoying sounds and buttons that just cheapen the gameplay experience. And possibly the worst problem is that every time I open the game it freezes my phone or crashes or otherwise makes my phone act WEIRD where apps open and close automatically and buttons don’t work so I am wondering if it’s dangerous or something? I have the newest phone so if the app is running the newest softwares it doesn’t make sense for it to affect my phone like that. For this reason, I have to delete the app because I don’t know if this app is safe for the hardware or not. I didn’t even mention the ads, but they’re too much too and may be part of the lagging problem..Version: 2.920

Too many adsI actually really like the game… but the ads every 20 seconds is pretty annoying.Version: 2.73

HowHow could this game be so boring? How does this game have such good reviews? How did this game even get made and not shot down like it should have been? I will never get back the 5 minutes I spent playing this abhorrent game, and because of that, I will never be the same. The person I was an hour ago, is not the same person I am now. I feel empty. Yesterday I was happy, healthy, and dare I say, wealthy. At this moment in time, I am sad. A shell of the man I once was. I would give everything I own to go back in time, before I played this sad little game, and stop myself from doing so. In fact, I would like to go back in time and stop the useless wench, who carried and delivered the idiot that thought of and made this silly game, from ever exiting. I feel ashamed that I have to walk on the same earth as this schmuck. I hope they, and everyone they hold dear, board the next flight 370 and never get to make another brainless and idiotic “game”..Version: 2.72

ADSDo not get this game, a complete waste of time because every 10 seconds there's an ad that you cannot skip which gets in the way of you actually playing the game. Very glitchy and patchy in some stages too, not worth it!.Version: 2.82

Too many ads, unplayableAds play in the middle of the round causing you to lose. Literally unplayable. Stopped after 2 mins..Version: 2.953

Too many ads!!!I rate this app two stars because there is ads like every three seconds.I would rate it five stars if there were not as many ads. Maybe just put like two ads at the end of each round..Version: 2.06

HORRIBLE but FUNOkay so, I am almost positive many of you have to go through this too. THE PLAYERS TELEPORT. That game helps who ever is my opponent WIN by teleporting them to where I am! For example, I saw a player going to a path or whatever and I am like Ok but then they disappeared and I thought they left the game BUT THEN,I SAW THEIR COLOR OF BLOCKS ON THE ISLAND I WAS ON. THEY TELEPORTED TO MY ISLAND! THE GAME HELPS THEM WIN! HONEY, NO 🙄.The person who was teleported or whatever had barely any blocks but it showed on my screen, HE WAS BUILDING WITH LIKE 20 BLOCKS. HE STARTED OFF WITH LIKE 5. HE COLLECTED NOTHING!!! So today I made it from the first stage to the second and ALWAYS a random color POPS UP😡 AND THAT COLOR PERSON OR WHATEVER HAD BARELY ANY BLOCKS ON HIS BRIDGE. HE HAD LIKE 5 BLOCKS ON THE BRIDGE. Also ads SUDDENLY POP UP DURING THE GAME! I DIDN’T EVEN STEP ONTO THE AD PLATFORM THAT SAYS SLOW PLAYERS OR SOMETHING. THE AD JUST POPS UP. I HATE ADS! PLEASE FIX BOTH OF THESE ANNOYING PROBLEMS!!!😡.Version: 2.911

Really fun but way to many ads!!Like I was about to win but an add came and someone won like that’s not fair!! not even just that there’s way to many ads, but I really recommend this game.Version: 3.0

Ad centralYou know, this game looked super fun. And it is. But literally every 10 seconds there’s an ad. I’m not paying $3 just to get through a level. If that’s your attempt and trying to make sales by putting so many ads people pay to have them gone, then that’s messed up. Any other game will give you an ad between levels, and that’s expected. But I can’t even make it through one level without 4-5 ads. I don’t even know if it’s worth keeping the game at this point because I’ve only played for a few minutes and I’m already so irritated with ads that I came here to review because if I’m going to waste time every 10 seconds I may as well make it useful for others so they can be warned that this is an ad app with a small game in between, not a game with ads in between. Disappointing.Version: 2.73

Fake multiplayerYou don’t play against real people, it’s fake multiplayer. There are ads at the start of a round, in the middle of a round, and after you finish a round. Don’t bother..Version: 2.952

Just gonna delete the app after I post this.This is a game with a great concept! I love that you can knock people off if you have more than them. Also love the variety of levels in each level. However, when an ad plays in the middle of a game… I become disappointed. When an ad plays right before the game begins… I become disappointed. When I win, and an ad plays that makes the game freeze overall and I have to force close…. I become disappointed. When the app starts typing the message as the round ends but skips right to the main screen… well 🤷‍♀️ Overall.. (as you guys can see) I’m disappointed with this app. And deleting (if you haven’t read the title). Thanks to the developers who made it this far.. keep pushing guys! This could be amazing!.Version: 2.920


Has the potential to be a good gameLove this game it’s a good wind down game however the amount of adds is frustrating you cant complete a level with out 3 different adds popping up and interrupting as you are running to collect bricks to build the bridge..Version: 2.71

Far too many ADSI downloaded this app seeing the star rating and thinking, ‘Oh, this app looks pretty good.’ I didn’t check the actual written reviews which was a BIG mistake. Little did I know that when I first played it, I would get bombarded by three 7-10 second long ads. This game needs some development to actually allow normal gameplay and fun without just wanting profit. It is clear that the developers don’t really care about the people who are playing the game, and that they are simply focused on the money. I deleted the app after playing the first three levels (to test if I could play one without getting surrounded by ads). The game would be great to play and much more entertaining with at max 1 ad. Overall, the app is pretty poor with the ads, and, in my opinion, would actually generate more profit from people viewing the ads if they only included 1 every couple rounds..Version: 2.71

Used to love this…A couple months ago I played this a lot, I was able to play it without wifi or data so it was great for when I was in the car, however, now you can’t play without Internet connection and ads pop up every few seconds… you get AT LEAST 2-3 ads in the middle of the game which is really irritating. I can barely play 1 game without getting irritated from the ads so then I don’t want to play more. Personally I don’t think it’s worth getting since you can barely play the game… unless you want to just watch ads, I wouldn’t get it :/.Version: 2.71

I literally can’t with these adsDONT DOWNLOAD! (you’ll most likely rage with the ads) Nobody is gonna play your game if you have too many ads. Every 2 minutes there’s an ad whether your in a game or not, I literally timed it and I got 2 minutes and 12 seconds. When I downloaded it I was in love but for my second round whenever I move THERES always an ad that makes me loose. You’d think the whole game would pause right? I come back from an ad and the other contestants are moving. It’s literally unfair. I deleted this app because of the ads. I can deal with ads after the round. BUT DURING THE ROUND. this game is horrible don’t download it too many ads.Version: 1.5

PublicitéImpossible de jouer. Il y a des publicités aux 5 secondes.Version: 2.953

Not very happy😞I downloaded this game and it took a very long time. When i opened the app there was a black screen and it took me to the home page of the app but then it exited the app. I wasn’t sure what happened and tried a few times. Then i defeated some games on my ipad thinking about storage. But it wasn’t that. I looked at a few reviews and came across one that said the same thing happened. It said that the app should work on all devices but it wasn’t true! It didn’t work on mine. I was unhappy with results and wrote this review. Some people managed to play but with a disturbance of ads! I had to rate 1 starts because you have to rate to send a review. You can’t give no stars so the lowest o have given was 1. I hope this helped and hope this app works for you. I downloaded another game called Hide n seek and i enjoy it! If you can’t download this try hide n seek. It worked for me and i produced by the same producer of this game! Bye!.Version: 2.02

I like this game but wayyyy too many adsI hate the amour of ads every two secoues I downloaded it and played one add and watched 50 ads.Version: 2.06

UnfortunateI am very saddened to be giving this game a 1 star. I am speechless about how many advertisements there are in one game! To make matters worse, I have came across many advertisements which are extremely inappropriate for children that play this game. I am mortified by this disgusting behaviour and hope you are willing to do something about it at once! I do not recommend this game for a few reasons- the advertisements are rude and there at way to many of them - I do not think that children under the years of 13 should be playing this. I hope whoever is reading this thinks the same as I do..Version: 3.3.2

I QUIT THIS GAME BECAUSE OF THE ADS!I Can’t Take it ANNYMORE!! I Can’t Take All The Ads in The Middle Of The Game. I’m On Level 628. And the Ads Completely RUIN THE GAME. I Understand The Ads are The Whole Reason why the Game is Able to Be Free. I Get That. But Before the Latest Update All The Ads Used to Be After the Game was Over and Before the Game Starts. And that was All Goood &&Fine. But Now the Ads are STRaight in The Middle Of While your Playing. ((Sometimes More than One)) And it’s Supper FRUSTRATING. 😡😡Also I don’t Understand once your about to get to the Finish Line and your way in Front Of All the Other Players that Your “Supposedly” Playing. Then All Of a Sudden Another Player Pops Up On The Last Platfom.... when Literally a Half a Second Ago they were Still Trying Stack Their Color Blocks up The Ladder. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PLease. Please. PLease Fix This Problem. As I Am Suure I’m Not The Only One that is Having This Issue. I Would GREATLY APPRECIATE it. THankkYOuu..Version: 2.02

Way to many adsThe game itself is alright but there’s barley any gameplay because there are too many ads. And what’s worst you need internet connection for this game. The ads will probably make you mad because there’s more ad time then playing the game so it’s easy to tell all the 5 star ratings are from bots. DEFINITELY DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!.Version: 2.73

The ads ruin gameplayI have never seen any game with this level of ads. There 2 or 3 separate ad stops in each short level. It’s a shame, because I really like the game itself, but you just can’t enjoy it with this overkill on advert interruptions..Version: 2.71

Hate the addsThere’s wayyyy too many adds in such a short time period. You get the option to watch an add to get an advantage with additional blocks or play the game as normal and it makes you watch an add anyways. Then multiple times in the game it stops you to watch 1-3 more adds. Then you can watch another add to get points towards a new skin and even if you choose not to it’ll play an add. Each 30 second round you play you’ll see at least 5-6 adds and it’s ridiculous. I love the idea behind it but there’s way too many adds and it makes the game unplayable… very disappointed as this game could be so big..Version: 2.73

Literally ad simulatorYou can’t go 5 seconds into the home menu without an ad or two playing, then when you start it’s another ad, ads literally pop up during gameplay and at the ends as well. If you try turning off your internet, which clearly isn’t needed as it’s a single player game, it refuses to load, saying it’s got no internet connection, just so it can play another ad for you. The gameplay itself is boring at best, would give one star but :/.Version: 2.73

Too many addsIt has too many adds, even in the middle of a game it gets interrupted by an add and they are very long, you cant skip them its horrible.Version: 3.0

.I found this game from an ad and thought ‘you know what, ill give it a try’ (obviously I expected ads to pop up at the end of every match) but they constantly popped up in the middle of the game and it got to the point that i had to delete it, its insufferable when you’re trying to play a good quality game and then to get interrupted by ads just makes it horrible. Overall, its a good game, you just need patience to get through the ads 24/7..Version: 2.30

ADsBefore I downloaded this game I saw a review that stated this game had too many ads. I didn’t really take any notice because most games have annoying adds and that’s how they make their money I get that. However this on is totally over the top. Before the first game had even started I had to watch an ad to get to into the game then buy the end of the first game I had to watch 4 ads. The actual game play wasn’t even 30 seconds long but took nearer 5 minutes due to the constant ads. Also the game isn’t great. I played once and won’t be playing again!.Version: 2.84

Great game but the ads are worse than the ads on big battle 3dGreat game but the one thing that honestly is so bad that might make me delete the game just because of this one thing is the ads. Literally every minute there is an ad. In every round there is about 2-3 ads. I used the play Big Battle 3D a lot but i deleted it cuz of the ads. In the title I said that this game is worse than Big Battle 3D and Big Battle 3D was a horrible game because of the ads like I explained. So when I say that this game is worse than Big Battle 3D in terms of ads, you know I absolutely mean it. I suggest to the owners of this game to lower the amount of ads because for sure many people will delete this game possible me too just because of this one thing. So please owners of this game, lower the ads on this game because I really enjoy this game other than the ads and I really dont wanna delete it so please lower your ads game creators..Version: 2.50

Npc’s CheatI love the game but wished it was harder since I always win and had everything unlocked the first day. The two problems I have are the random ads that can mess up your gameplay, especially if your about to knock someone over. My biggest issue is the cheating npcs get to do. They will have no bricks on their back and barely a bridge and when I finish my bridge it’s like bam there a sec behind you. I wrote this review because on my last game I got enough bricks to do whole level on first floor by knocking everyone over for awhile. Still the box was behind me with no bricks and no bridge. Than for second bridge I watched the npc create his bridge to the door and come up without a single brick on his back. I still enjoy but I know this has to mess up people badly especially if you don’t notice that..Version: 2.03

Adds kill the gameAn add ever 10 seconds in the game makes the game unplayable, if the added were at the end of each match players would have a chance to enjoy the game then decide if they would like to pay a minimum of $2.99 to remove them The fact that you can’t play a full match and the cheapest option is to pay $2.99 just to play a full match is the reason I will delete this game and hope that a game maker makes a simpler game without the [email protected]#t.Version: 2.07

Keeps freezingKeeps freezing and to many ads.Version: 2.953

THE ADS!!!!I downloaded this game as it kept popping up in other ads but when I downloaded it, EVERY SECOND THERE WAS A NEW AD DESTROYING THE GAMEPLAY! I ended up losing every time because the bots could overtake me whilst I was watching the ads! This game is broken and how does it have a 4.3 star rating?!?! These creators need to learn that success doesn’t come from 5 ads per round in a mobile app!!!!!! Don’t even bother playing it on airplane mode because you need internet connection to play the game (for some reason) and it would still be supporting the creators. Thank you for your time. Please fix this creators you have gone too far!!!!!.Version: 2.60

Only playable on airplane modeThe game itself is pretty entertaining and not too challenging. However, you get ads every two minutes WHILE you’re playing. And not just pop up ads that are on the side of the screen, like the entire game pauses and plays you a 30 second ad that you have to watch at least 5 seconds of before you can skip it. And after you skip, you have to wait another 5 seconds until you can skip the part where it displays the ad on the App Store. It’s ridiculous and totally ruins the experience. The only way you can play an entire game all the way through is if you have your Wifi and cellular data turned off (or just have airplane mode on) so you can’t get the ads. To be completely honest, putting that many ads in this unoriginal and mildly enjoyable game just feels rude. If you really need to make money THAT badly, add in more interesting features to the game that you will have to pay for..Version: 2.02

To many advertsThe idea of the game is really good and it is so addictive but my only downside is the adverts. I understand games have to have adverts but this game has way to many and right in the middle of a level. It can be one after another after another really close together which is really frustrating when all you want to do is complete the level your on. Why does it have to be so many and can’t they just play after each level is completed rather then disturbing the game??? I’m really on the verge of deleting it because of this!!!.Version: 1.5

Would give a 2.5 but I can’t :/So if this was a 1 to 10 star rating it would be a 4 bc the adds are like whenever you start the round the have to watch at least 1add before you even start and after you finish like 😒 2nd it is just too easy too fall of like- I was getting the blocks and then i had I fell off doesn’t make scence 3rd when ever your getting blocks some times there’s a add button and there was a block right next to it- so I pressed the block 5 seconds later a add pops up-like I was away from the block I already collected the block 😑don’t recommend play on low battery with no charger, for an example I started playing at 7:16 and finished at 7:24. I played ONE ROUND and it took 8 minutes- so I highly don’t recommend playing unless your board and have NOTHING else to do.Version: 2.913

I can handle it lolHi So today I just got the game and it was very fun but I realize that there’s a lot of ads and it kind of made me very frustrated. And I am I got very mad at some point because I thought that I was going to like no stopping me now like I’m gonna get there and I got that now because they’re 8 to 10 ads and if you are somebody Who is very picky with ads I don’t recommend getting that game but if you’re not picking about them you should get the game because I love it besides the ads lol. But otherwise I love the game and you should totally get it. It was the best thing and it’s better than all my games that I have besides the ads and I recommend getting it and you should totally get it and I guess that’s all I have to say about this game❤️( if you are still reading god bless you and live the best life ever and god loves you!) ❤️❣️👍 Sincerely, Raegan.Version: 2.50

AdsSeems like it could be a good game, but the ads ruined it for me. 4 ads just to get through one level is pretty brutal..Version: 3.0

Don’t waste your timeThis game looks like it would be fun but the amount of ads every 3 seconds is a laugh. It could be worth paying to get rid of ads, which you can do. However the game does not even give a chance to get a feel for the game with their being more time spent watching ads then trying to play. The aim to make you pay to get rid of the ads to try the game rather than because you enjoy the game..Version: 2.50

Ads ads and more adsFun game. Time killer. The concept of the game is an interesting one, racing to build bridges is actually pretty fun and there is a bit of strategy involved too, if you don’t just blitz through to the end. It would easily be a 5* for me but the number of ads is outrageous: Middle of the level? Random ads pop up (2-3 per level). Completed the level? Ad Bonus level? Ad Starting a level? Ad Told the game “no thanks” because you didn’t want to earn the reward promised after watching an ad? Ad Paid for the “no ads” feature but still want your bonuses? Ad (this is brought to the users attention before completing the “no ads” purchase so that you are not surprised by still having ads after purchasing so credit where credit is due for honest principals) Granted, the only ads that you can’t skip are the ones that are giving rewards (bonus level, double prize payout, new costume) but the amount of time spent even leading to the ability to skip the ads that can be skipped is roughly equivalent to the regular play time. I don’t want to “play” a game where 50% of my time is wasted on ads. Concept and gameplay earn this app 6/5 stars in my book. The sheer volume of ads drops the rating to the 3 stars that I gave it and led me to delete the app. I fully understand that the developers get their revenue from ads, and people who pay to avoid them, but this is excessive to the point of unplayable..Version: 2.08

THE ADS JEEZ!Why is there so many ads I don’t understand?! I get the company needs to make money from their game but this is a bit excessive… like every time you build a bridge to the next platform it gives you an ad, when you finish a level it gives you an ad, when a level starts it gives you an ad, it get 10-5 blocks bigger it gives you an ad, to revive it gives you an ad! And that’s only ONE ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an amazing game that I otherwise enjoyed but I have to say I needed to delete the game before the ads got me really annoyed. Thanks for reading, Wolf_Blood11.Version: 3.4.0

Good game but WAY TOO MUCH ads!!😤This is such a fun game and i love it but there is way to much ads. When you start a game 20 seconds and there’s an ad, then about 30 seconds after another ad. There is about 2 or 3 ads a game and then an ad between. On some games I turn my internet of so there is no ads but on this game it doesn’t work without it on, which means if you are out of the house and are playing a this game, it probably won’t work because of the internet. I spend about 5 minutes olaying the game and 10 watching ads. This is a great game but it only deserves 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ at most because of this. I don’t mind some ads but not every 30 seconds. Sorry for some of the complaints and thank you for reading..Version: 2.61

To many interruptions in stagesWay too many ads halfway through playing a stage and get stopped for an ad bad enough ads in between stages but this is ridiculous would not recommend this game to anyone. Pathetic.Version: 2.61

It’s a great game but,This game is really fun and I really enjoy playing it. The only thing that I really don’t like about the game is the amount of ads it has. In the middle of the game, about two ads will pop up and you’ll have to watch them. In my opinion the amount of ads you have in the game is over and is to much. I would love if you could lower the amount of ads that is in the game. Because of the amount of ads, the game starts to get very boring and it isn’t fun anymore. Besides the ads the game seems to be fun and I love the idea and creativity in it. I hope you are able to read this and maybe take this idea of less ads to mind. Overall, the game is really fun and I enjoy playing it very much. I’m sorry if I wasted your time ready this. Thank you for listening to my idea and I hope this gives you a idea to change about the game.Version: 2.21

SO MUCH ADSThis game has 30 seconds of ads each 15 seconds you play. It’s so annoying, I will delete it for this reason..Version: 2.953

Don’t waste your time!READ THIS BEFORE YOU INSTALL THE GAME!!! You may have gotten an ad and thought to download this, but don’t waste your time. I was like you and downloaded it I played it for only 3 minutes and couldn’t even finish the round! There were way too many ads and it ruins the game. There should only be an ad once every round. And it’s also kind of laggy I don’t know of that’s only for my device but it’s pretty laggy for me. So if you are the creator of this game and see this please improve your game and take away most of the ads please..Version: 2.40

Too many adsDownloaded the app, played about 10 seconds and got an ad that was a minute long, played another 10 seconds and got another minute long ad. So it’s basically impossible to play. Deleted immediately..Version: 2.85

Ads are excessiveThe game itself is great, you can have lots of fun with it potentially although having to watch an ad whilst in the middle of playing is such a turn off. I tried putting my phone on airplane mode/turning off my wifi to avoid the ads but the game didn’t let me continue until my wifi was back on ready to bombard me with more ads. I played for about 5-10 minutes before I uninstalled the game. An ad before or after each level, fine. But to have a couple during the level makes this developer seem money hungry. Who would ever purchase their ad free option when people are uninstalling it soon after downloading it? Really need to work on this issue. My experience is more common than I thought..Version: 2.72

Scam.Don’t bother buying the “no ads.” I really liked this game, just because it was something different and kind of entertaining, but the ads were killer. Two unskippable ads after every game was obnoxious, with occasional ads DURING the game, so I paid $3.99 to remove ads. Turns out, the only thing that removes is pop-up ads. You want any of the rewards you’ve worked towards by playing, you have to watch an ad. You want to play a boss round or a bonus round, you have to watch an ad. There’s still ads around every corner. I’ll be disputing the charge on my bank account as fraud, false advertising. Paying for no ads means NO ADS for basic playing of the game. (I get the cases where it’s double coins or whatever, watch an ad to double your rewards, but this is making you watch an ad for the skins and such you’ve already worked towards AND bonus and boss rounds AND double rewards AND to continue AND everything else.).Version: 2.85

Needs a lot of improvementOkay, this game WAS fun before all the ads starting popping up in the middle of the level! like, don’t you already put in enough ads after the level, for bonus levels, extra rewards, and before the next level starts? like in a middle of a level it will just start glitching and slowing down and then an ad, and to make it even worse there’s usually at least 2-3 ads per level plus all the other ads (ads after the level, for bonus levels, extra rewards, and before the next level starts - usually) so there’s my first complaint with this app. i’m not trying to be rude and complain but this app just needs a lot of improvement, like i almost always come in first, which is fine and all but it defeats the purpose of even trying, i mean the bots are so slow!! i hate when the other players are bots and i get why they are but they are so slow! there’s barely any competition. so not the best app overall. i honestly don’t really recommend this unless you want to watch ads in the middle of levels and literally everywhere else. this is honestly a cool concept but there is so many flaws it’s really not fun. also the ad for this game is obnoxious- like “not to brag but i’m already on level 420” that doesn’t make me want to get the game.. game developers, please take some of this into consideration. thanks for reading..Version: 2.71

TOO MUCH ADSThe game is cool but you cant play a full game without ads, it is really abusive! Ive never seen that and its the same for all the other games of the same companie….Version: 2.953

Ads DURING gameplay. Sheer greed!I understand freeware has to have ads in order to pay developers etc, and people should be paid for creating good games. But for you to force unskippable ads into your app DURING gameplay, is just shameless greed and you should be ashamed of yourselves. So not only do you get ads dropped on tou while you’re busy trying to play the game, but when you’re done the game asks if you’d like to watch an ad to increase your score. If you select no, the ad plays anyway! How many ads do you really need?! I know ads nobody watches or cares about in the slightest are par for the course when downloading free apps and games, but this is just a joke. Here’s a quick note for the developers who actually bother to read these reviews. People HATE forced advertising, and actively avoid the company, or product or whatever the ad is about as a form of protest against this form of advertising. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER BASE! You only make money because people download your apps, why not actually TRY and create one that’s about a good app and not good ad revenue!.Version: 2.06

Fun game but...This is a good game it’s seems weird but it is actually really fun. There are definitely some things to know before you download, First ADDS!! There are so many adds in the MIDDLE OF THE LEVEL! And it’s not like it’s one add it’s like 3 ADDS! Also you have to watch videos to get characters and bonus levels, BRUH! And I saved up coins to get the Wizard person character, then when I played with it... IT DIDN’T HAVE A HAT!!! My god. Then I have noticed they always use the same levels, I mean BE ORIGINAL! But if you can deal with those things then I do recommend this game. Other than the things I listed above it is fun, and it has and interesting idea ( it is satisfying to watch the blocks come down) it is also fun knocking people off the platform 😈 and it’s not too hard the majority of the time I win 😊I never thought I would like a game like this but I do (other than adds) so if you can deal with adds then get this game!😁.Version: 2.71

Way to many adsYou can’t even enjoy playing the game. I get ads mid game?? Plus after the game as well, that’s 1/2 30 second ads per game, it’s more ad then play.Version: 2.953

TRASHHThis game already sucks without ads and it’s way Tou easy THERS absolutely no purpose of me playing this game.Version: 2.06

Many things wrong. hard to use. bad features.So i downloaded this game bc my fam always goes to a beach every summer that’s 4 hours away and i luv to play games.. ofc, i don’t have internet. and this game requires internet.. so i was like mk.. ig this is fine.. and then i play. SUPER ADDICTING AND FUN. but the adds. i u collect a few bricks, 30 second add. fill up the staircase w ur color bricks? 20 second add. very hard to play!! i rlly wish this game didn’t have so many adds. and also, a few features that bother me since there is an insane amount of adds; the fact that people with more bricks stacked on their back can knock you down. it happens all the time, and it’s very hard to avoid. all ur hard collected bricks r everywhere!! and also, people can use their own bricks where you’ve already placed ur bricks, and change the color so they can walk on it and u can’t. wut kind of game is this? watch free adds!? would not recommend at all. -10/10. (airplane mode doesn’t work luv. the game needs internet..).Version: 2.50

NilLove the game, would be so much better with so many ads. Deleted due to ads becoming to annoying interrupting the game.Version: 2.85

Too many adsThe game itself is good, it’s competitive and fun. However, there are way too many ads that make it difficult to enjoy the game. The ads often appear while playing the game and it interrupts you. It’s frustrating and annoying. It could be a really good game if there weren’t as many ads or if they played after a game rather than multiple times in the middle of them. I understand that you want to earn money from the game but you need to think about player experience as well, there will be a lot of people who delete the game because of the ads..Version: 2.73

Too much ads it’s impossible to even enjoy gameTbh, I cannot give a proper review of the game as there’s so much ads that it’s impossible to even enjoy or know what it is all about beside making the man run around and collect blocks? I’ve played many games with ads, but this one is seriously impossible. To start a new game, you will have to go through 2-3ads! And the game only last about 10-20 secs (for me) and then another 1-2 ads at the end. So it’s about 3-5 ads (30-50secs)in total per game (10-20secs) played. Not worth my time, sorry..Version: 2.84

To many addsThis game has to many adds even in while playing a level it will stop and show an add. It’s bad -.-.Version: 2.953

TOO MANY ADS!!!Great game but there are far too many ads for me not to delete the game after playing a couple rounds. Every game that this company produces has too many ads! No one wants to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game..Version: 2.73

TrashMore ads than I’ve ever seen in a game. Another case of a company manipulating their App Store rating with fake 5 star reviews and releasing a terrible unplayable piece of garbage.Version: 2.40

ReviewThis is a great game but the adds are too much. I deleted the app because the adds are so frustrating, especially to have adds pop up in the middle of a game is so annoying! I understand adds after or before the game buts it’s so annoying especially being a raced game game to have adds pop up when your in the middle of trying to win. Would definitely play this again if adds didn’t interfere mid game!.Version: 2.71

How!!!!?I I downloaded this game because all of my friends had it but then I came across this level and it wouldn’t let me move I tried deleting the game and then getting it back but it kept on doing it on the Zach same level it was very annoying and I still don’t know how I hope you can fix that because there’s definitely nothing wrong with the game but there’s probably a bug or something… besides that it’s actually a very very very fun game and I feel like you should get it but the ads are crazily annoying because you’re right in the middle of the game and there’s two people about to win and then you can add it’s so annoying and I would love if you could turn down the ads if you could.Version: 2.71

Wayyy to many addsAdds legit every second! We don’t like ads and lower it down like to per 4-5 minutes please or atleast a round not every second.Version: 2.04

Amusing game but TOO MANY ADS😤This is an awesome game, quite fun but whenever your in the middle of racing an ad always pops up. It is VERY AnNoYiNg when it happens. Anyways, a part from that I love the game and suggest you get it if you haven’t already. If you love racing, being competitive and having fun this is the game for you, The objective of the game is to basically collect blocks the same color as your character in the game. Amazing game 😉😙.Version: 2.50

ReviewGreat game, love the way they’ve made it with how you can run into other players and steal the blocks, love the bonus levels, fantastic game overall, but while playing it, if you don’t turn off WiFi you are constantly being hounded by ads, like.... do you want me to play the game or not? Each level while playing the game you get atleast 2-3 ads, cut back on the ads, it’ll improve how many people play it because of how much more enjoyable it is not waiting for an ad whilst your in the middle of a game. I overall give it a 3 for it’s performance, but needs some work. Maybe a multiplayer?.Version: 2.40

TERRIBLEThis game is HORRIBLE!! There is way to many ads, the game would be amazing these ads completely ruin it. I would not recommend..Version: 3.0

👎👎I normally don’t leave reviews let alone negative ones but this game has an absurd amount of ads. It’s a fun game and quite addicting, but their was multiple times where I just exited out of the app completely when an ad appeared in the middle of the game. I’m not the type to enjoy 100 adds every time I open up an app, especially games. I play games to relax when I’m bored, or sometimes calm my anxiety, but all the ads on this game make it worse. It’s an issue and I’m not the only one who thinks so, I’ve seen many reviews and people are saying the same thing. It has to be fixed. In my opinion, their should only be an ad every other time you play a game, not level, but game meaning when the app is opened. If this isn’t handled you’ll be hearing from my lawyer cause I like this game and if it’s not fixed soon I’ll sue you and run this app myself. I’ll take everything you own for myself. Thank you. (Ps. the lawyer thing was a joke).Version: 2.88

Level 94 MaxThe level of advertising is very frequent. I thought the game was fun so paid for ad-free. Ads were minimised to one per level and optional view to win skins, activate boss & bonus level. I reached level 94 and the game had glitched with no way for me to progress pass the level as no blocks spawn. The button to restore purchases does not work. After deleting and downloading again, I’m stuck back to level 1, unable to restore and adverts re-enabled. The game was nice to pick up and put down. Happy to continue if patches are made.Version: 2.71

No.This game is actually really fun. I found an advert for it and so I decided to download it and try it out. The core and over all structure of the game is a great and original concept that can be quite fun and addicting. But I stopped playing it after my first try due to the irritating adverts. Even if they were after the round ended they would be a bit more understandable but they seem to occur DURING THE GAME. which as you can probably imagine is very annoying. Adverts are the only way companies and games can make money most of the time but when it’s affecting the audience, performance and the actual sanity of the customers you’d think that it’s about time you update the game. 👹😭😩 so yep. That apps defiantly going to be deleted from my phone. ✋💀.Version: 2.71

Great game but too many adsThis game seems great and all(it is), buy it has waaaaaay too many ads. You can’t do anything in the game without it playing an ad! The developers only want money so they don’t focus on user experience!.Version: 2.913

Please read: extremely disappointing, suggestionMy friends and I got this app on our phones and i pad a couple of years ago but were very disappointed when the app came on to a black screen and exited the app. I found that all supersonic games were the same. They all look like amazing games but unfortunately we will never have a chance to play them. Although it clearly states that it should work on all my devices could this be to do with the type of phone you have? Eg. i phone 6/7 i phone 8 seems to work.Version: 2.0

To many ads!Way to many ads in the middle of the game, spend more time watching them than playing the game. I really like the game but way to many ads and doesn’t even work offline..Version: 2.72

AdsI rated it a 2 because it’s fun to play but there’s ads every second and it’s really annoying like at the ends understandable just not every single second.Version: 2.50

I hate thisI usually do not believe in writing a review but his game is just outrageous!! They are WAY to many ads. There at least 5 in ONE game. That is ridiculous. You can be in the middle of getting the blocks and then there is an ad. It is VERY stressful because you could be losing and you are almost there but a ad pops up. I understand that apps need ads but this is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Their is absolutely NO reason for this game to have this many ads. If you want to put one or two in there that’s fine but put it in there AFTER you have finished that level. Or even right before but not in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME!!!! there is no excuse for that…. I have had the game maybe 5 minutes and I’m done. Not just done but way BEYOND done. I will refuse to EVER download a game again from them. I have had it!!! This game is for little kids and my son got this game but he is to little to understand the X in the top Corner so I could be in the middle of washing dishes and he has to CONSTANTLY bring me the phone to push the X. I absolutely HATE this game. There is no sense in all of the ads. If there was a way I could put 0 stars or even negative star I would. But besides all of the ads the game itself is challenging and isn’t that bad..Version: 2.73

Ads and glitchesI love the concept of the game and you really did come up with a great game except 2 main things. The first and worst thing about it is the GLITCHING! I mean I'm right in the middle of the game and all of a sudden it freezes and i have to get out if the game delete the tab and then start it all over again and let me tell you, it’s maddening! Like come on. And yes i understand that i don't have the best iPhone (its an iPhone s 6) but still. And the second thing is the ads SO MANY ADS every time you start a level, ads, every time you end a level, ads, every time you change your skin, ads, every time you open the toad map, ads! I spend more time waching the ads then playing the game and I am do darn sick of it! So fix it or you will lose another food customer and i will tell all of my friends to give bad reviews and to trash it, thats right i have all the right contacts and they get pretty mad pretty easily. So yeah Please fix it- angrily yours, top critic.Version: 2.88

Fun but WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!I like this game, but I have a suggestion, and please listen- GET RID OF SOME OF THE ADS I know, you have to have ads to keep the game free, but the amount of ads is unacceptable. There is an ad in the middle of every single bridge race, and they are long ones too, and they make me lose and I got so mad that I deleted this game. Normally, I don’t delete stuff because of the ads, but I have never seen so many ads in one minute. Please, please fix this, maybe you could do one ad after every 2-3 levels, but please, don’t do them in the middle of races. Once I see a reply to this review, I will download the game again, but until then, you have lost my interest. Thanks for reading. Btw, if you are going to respond to me like you did to one of the other reviews, don’t even respond. I will only download the game again if I get a reply apologizing, and trying to fix the ad problem in the next update..Version: 2.50

MehThe game is great it has a great concept but every level has about two ads and the games are probably shorter then the ads. But I do like the game just way to many ads and it always crashes before I even get to playing it..Version: 2.61

Greedy developersIf I could pick 0 I would the developers are really gotten greedy and decided to put adverts in mid game I get you need ads on a free game platform but not in mid game and also when people pay a lot of money fortune ads to be removed they aren’t removed so fix that otherwise you won’t get good reviews 1 ⭐️ because the game is good and the concept but the adverts are to much they pop up out of no where and when I’m about to win the ad finishes. And I’m either 2nd or 3rd it’s terrible customer service and if you don’t fix it your gonna get lots of bad reviews like this one just listen 👂.Version: 2.50

Terrible do not downloadThere are way too many ads. It will show you an ad before you try to do anything, want to go to the next level? no you can’t heres an ad, want to click a button? no you can’t heres an ad, you just wanna start the game no you can’t here’s an ad.Version: 2.920

Adds, adds, and more addsYou get two adds per round in the middle of playing. The game itself is a fun idea and is entertaining but I can’t sit and play it with Pugh getting too annoyed to enjoy myself because you get halfway through playing the first stage and a random add pops up which you have to get through, attempt to X out of, probably accidentally don’t hit the exact right spot and end up opening the App Store, have to back out of that, try to X out of again and then finally get back to finishing the level before moving onto the next level and rinse wash and repeat before you can ever get to the finish line. It’s so aggravating that no matter how fun the game is, it’s not worth the damage it does to my calm to have to stop in the middle several times just to play one single round. I deleted the app..Version: 2.61

10 seconds into my first game I get a 30 seconds ad. You get ads mid game really disappointing.Twiixxy.Version: 2.953

Get rid of your advertsI thought most adverts in apps are the worst but this game has by for the worst I’ve ever seen. Adverts mid game is the stupidest thing ever. It’s annoying enough having them after every game like other apps but I get it, it needs to make money. I’ve literally played one game of this and I’m deleting it straight away cause no way am I playing with two ads mid game and another after. This shows a lack of passion for making a good game and just wanting a quick buck. Everything wrong with this world.Version: 2.71

To many adsIt is a nice little game but way to many ads..Version: 2.953

Makes me so mad. Insane.I was very excited to play this game. I got excited for straight ADS. Nothing but ads. That’s all you will get while playing this game so it’s either you watch ads every two seconds or don’t download it. I recommend not downloading. Do NOT waste your time and storage on this. It’s fun, when you’re able to play for the two seconds when there isn’t ads. On top of me getting upset from the people in the game already, there is ads every two seconds. When I say that, I mean it. Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’ll be playing in the middle of the game a stupid ad will come up over and over and over. I’ve never gotten more frustrated at a game before. I mean it though, the amount of ads per minute are insane. Please take off some of the ads. All these people want is money, so they put all these ads. I’m telling you rn and I mean it, it’s not even enjoyable with the amount of ads you will receive in the MIDDLE OF PLAYING. Do not download unless you want to rage. Big time. I am uninstalling this game for my mental health because it’s literally the most upsetting thing ever. It stresses me out so much. I can’t even enjoy the game. Absolutely ridiculous..Version: 2.71

Be ashamed of yourselvesIf i could pick 0 stars i would. the concept of the game is amazing! and very enjoyable, its the adverts that are the problem. i understand adverts after games, but mid-game? you should be ashamed i installed this to have fun. not to watch ads. (to add on, the ads are unstoppable, so every minute im playing the game, half of the gameplay is adverts). This is quite annoying as when u finish and press no ad for an extra score, you get an ad anyway! i just think it’s outrageous a game this good has such a MASSIVE downside. I’m using adblock and until the issue is fixed, it will stay on! seriously, do better yours sincerely, -Karen.Version: 2.21

Fun but WAY too many ads.If you like watching 30 seconds of ads for every 15 seconds of game play, this one is for you. If you like to ACTUALLY play a game, give this one a skip..Version: 2.0

Too many ads!!I just deleted the game because they were too many ads and it’s really annoying. I actually really enjoy this game and would have given it 5 stars without too many ads. I understand that many games have ads BUT the thing is, the ads just came out of nowhere WHILE I’m playing and disrupt the game. I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy the game for more than five seconds without the ads popping up. You could have at least wait until we finish the game. So annoying. I hope this get fixed and I’ll definitely download it again..Version: 2.71

To many adsGood game but way to many ads like 2-3 ads per level. Completely ruin the game only played 6 levels and won’t play any more. A real shame as I would normally play a game like this for months.Version: 2.71

Would be nice but…Hi, I downloaded this game yesterday and I love the game idea because it gives me a real challenge but when I play it my phone goes all glitchy and there are way to many ads. I was playing the first round and not even after but during therm game I got an ad. If the creators didn’t put so many ads in it would be a 4 star review but instead it is a 2 star review. If you can’t stand adds then don’t get it but if you don’t mind ads then go for it just beware there are SO many ads. I know how to skip the ads because there is a button but sometimes when I press it, the ad doesn’t go away. I am going to delete this game until I get a response. Thank you for reading this Good bye.Version: 3.0

OkFun game but hate the fact that you are playing the level then all of a sudden an advertisement comes on and it’s a pain amd frustrating. Please don’t put adds in half way through your level.Version: 2.50

Disappointing- ads interrupt game all the timeThe ads cause the game to glitch and then shut down. Very disappointing especially when you are winning.Version: 2.61

Honest ReviewI’ve never left a review for a game before but I felt like I needed to for this one. This is actually a pretty fun game, not gonna lie. But the reason that drove me to finally give a review for an app was this: the ads. Now I’ve played my fare share of iPhone games and I get it, there’s gonna be ads. However, the amount of ads throughout this game is absolutely ridiculous. I understand that a free game needs them and such, but the amount on this app alone is outrageous. You can’t even play a level without getting one or multiple ads throughout it half the time. The other half you finish the level and then an ad pops up (which is pretty normal) and then you click to start the next round and another ad pops up right after you just finished one. And usually you watch the same 3 ads just rotated throughout the game. There’s not point in advertising it as a game if you’re just gonna stuff it full of ads. If they could cut back on the amount of ads (or the amount of times they pop up) that would be great. Then people could actually enjoy the game for what it is..Version: 2.85

Lots of adsThe game is fun but there are just so many ads. There are at least one or two ads per game, right as something is about to happen, an ad comes..Version: 2.50

Adds in middle of the gameOk let’s start with this note: Hi I’m eight years old and I got this game thinking it would be good and it was until the adds the first round there were adds in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME LIKE WHAT but I thought it was just part of the first round still I was really angry. second round showing there were adds in the middle of the game that’s when I deleted it because I didn’t want to play that little game that people who create games make. The little game is when you get a game but it’s fake just to get people to give money for baldly cheaply made games. So pease don’t get this game it’s all fake just for you to pay for it and I don’t think there is a refund. Even though I have been talking about paying for games this game was a free game thank goodness it was because it was poorly made. I have had other games that were very fake and badly made because I didn’t know but this one was the worst and I mean the worst. I mean you can still play it if you want but I suggest you don’t. Hope you enjoyed these tips have a nice day and don’t fall for fake games bye! 8.Version: 2.50

Way to many adsEverytime i play just when i go one floor up and ad pops up and whike stil making staircase theres another ad.Version: 2.50

AdsNot a game just ads.Version: 2.953

AnnoyingThis game is pure ads even during the rounds.Version: 2.50

Cool game worst appYou can barely play an ad pops up every 30 seconds I do not recommend.Version: 3.0

Virtually UnplayableWhile there is certainly a fun game at the core of this app, said core is unfortunately buried under a mountain of ads. Ads pop up frequently, including (and often) in the middle of the game, for some absurd reason, making the game itself almost impossible to enjoy because of the frequent and annoying interruptions for ad breaks. It is unfortunately not an exaggeration to say that a player would spend as much time watching ads as they would actually playing the game here. Making matters worse is the fact that the game requires an internet connection to play, meaning the usual trick of switching off wifi (or switching airplane mode on) does not work here. For that reason, I would absolutely not recommend Bridge Race to any player, unless you enjoy watching pointless advertisements, or you just hate having fun for more than 5 seconds at a time..Version: 2.61

Fun game but too many adsAt least 2 ads each game which is very frustrating.Version: 2.61

Good but FAR too many adsThis is actually a very fun little game that I used to pass the time but the amount of adverts is ridiculous like I know mobile games do have a fair amount of ads but this one wow literally every minute it seems the game stop midway through (doesn’t just wait till after a round, although it gives you another few then too) but midway through playing the game it stops multiple times for ads, really enjoy the game but unfortunately can’t play it due to the amount of frustrating ads probably going to delete it.Version: 2.73

Ok…….Hi there! Please do not get me wrong this is a good game, but it is not great. You might think this is just another ad review, but it’s not. While, the ads are outrageously annoying there are other problems. There are SO many people in the rounds and only 4 bridges to go on (at the most). When you go to play the game it shows walls, but you touch it accidentally; there you are in the ocean. Another thing about it is half the time I am not offered to revive. There are even times where I can’t even collect coins. The system glitches and I am kicked out in the MIDDLE of the game! The players in the game are to slow they collect 2 bricks and climb, so if I make it to the second level I collect my bricks and wait for one other to join me. I suggest you fix these problems😤☹️😠.Version: 2.913

Too many addsCan u please get rid of the adds u put to many and every time I’m about to win there is a add and then I lose. I can’t play with to many adds but the games good! Just get rid of the adds and only put a couple :).Version: 2.04

Ads are horrible!This game is absolutely the worst for ads. It isn’t even enjoyable. Every few seconds an ad pops up. Very dissatisfied and annoyed.Version: 2.952

Greedy developersCan you believe you actually get ads DURING the game not before or after? A classic example of greedy developers who don’t care for anything but revenue. Very sad but common in this world and one day these people will learn you’re probs make more money (and it’s clear their money hungry 🤑) by allowing proper game play and then people will keep their patience and not rage quit like myself. It’s very predictable with these new games all completely flooded with ads . It’s the games that don’t force me to watch ads every 30 seconds ( I counted) that I end up keeping so ultimately a loss for these money hungry developers but unfortunate because the game itself is fun except about %40 is spent watching ads. Ridiculous but not surprising.Version: 2.61

Too many adsA reasonable level of ads are expected for all of these games. There are far too many ads to actually enjoy this game. In addition to lengthy and multiple ads between levels, the placement of ads while you are playing means you can easily hit the ad by mistake which means you also end up needing to watch ads during the level. So very annoying, deleting it now, just because of this reason. Otherwise it actually is an entertaining game my 5 yr old enjoys..Version: 2.81

Stupid addsWay to many adds be playing for 3 seconds and then ad each game there would be about 3-4 ads in the middle off each build. Definitely need to remove the adds but apart from that good game..Version: 2.73

Are you serious...Well there’s a big problem with this game... you cannot put thousands of ads in it. I know you need your money but Jesus Christ are you trying to bore us to death! The game is not bad but the ads are terrible, I bet you have millions which means ur VERY selfish if you think you can put so many ads for money.. it’s not about money it’s about caring.. so us a favour and make us not delete the app.... The game is still good and I love the idea of having to get up the bridge quickest but the ads make me feel like I’m gonna lose but thanks to me being a god and nit a stupid as some people only picking up 4-1 bricks 😂 This game is great but change the ads, you have until 2022 if not my then I’m deleting the app.... Please change this issue, Thanks..Version: 2.50

It’s not the bestFirstly, there are way too many ads like every 5 seconds! It is also really glitchy and making it very hard to use..Version: 2.87

Too many adsLots of ADS (not able to do anything without an ad to watch). Lags A LOT! It could be fun, just too many ads and quite slow to load..Version: 2.952

Cash CowI saw this game advertised and it really caught my eye and looked fun and easy to play which it is. However during the games round your subjected to at least 3-5 adverts of which some take over 30 seconds before you can click off of them. Followed by more adverts at the beginning and end of games. This is an enticing game that is there just just take in the money from adverts whilst leaving people who want to actually play it helpless. I’m afraid I have had to delete the game as I’m not spending 3 minutes of time watching ads for every single round of the game. You don’t get this many ads on prime time TV..Version: 2.71

Physically unplayable because of intrusive adsThis game requires quick manoeuvring and fast responses to collect enough tiles to build your bridge while weaving around the other players who, if they crash into you, can cause you to drop all of your tiles or knock you off and eliminate you. Unfortunately, nobody told the person responsible for the aggressive ads, which pop up regularly, at the most inopportune times, mid-game – we’re talking literally pops up every few seconds as you play, not even at the end of a round. When the ad is finally finished, you’re a sitting duck because you have lost all momentum and are at a standing start. In previous versions, disabling mobile internet gave you the peace from incessant interruptions to actually play the game – but not any more! Now an internet connection is required throughout. The result is a perfectly fun game that has been made exponentially difficult to play in exchange for ad revenue. The developers have no respect for their players, and I hope the ad revenue has lined their pockets, because with the new mandatory internet connection update, I for one am out..Version: 2.50

The most annoying ads!Ads playing in the middle of a level is a new one - I didn’t even make it to the end of the first level, I got so annoyed at the constant interruptions. Deleted the app..Version: 2.06

THIS IS AN AWESOME APP BUT THERES TO M. A. N. Y ADDSThis is the best game ever but there is way too ads I love this game so much would be way way way better if there was no ads there is almost always ads and games like this but they’re not always 24 seven I just love this game but the only thing I hate about it is the dumb ads😝.Version: 3.0

This is not fair.I installed this game and at first I was very addicted. I just think that there is way too many ads for my liking. Then this super annoying thing happened. An ad popped up and the others could go but I had to wait to skip the ad to find that I was dropped off! Please stop putting random ads and only use them to claim rewards or for character things. Otherwise, this game would be pretty good! Please fix this and most of all…. PLEASE READ MY COMMENT and…. PLEASE FIX THIS BECAUSE THIS GAME COULD GET 5 STARS IF U FIX THIS! THIS GAME CAN BE BRILLIANT! So please read this and improve the game! Thanks for taking ur time to read this!.Version: 3.3.2

Worst Ad trap yetAfter exhaustive ads to begin a short game it even stops you when you’re playing.Version: 2.952

BridgeWay. Too. Many. Ads.Version: 2.953

It’s a good game but I do have suggestionsIt’s a great game to play, I really like how long it lasts with unlocking so many different things. I do have a suggestion about maybe being able to pick if you want an online game or just with random bots if you can’t connect to the internet. Normally when people say there are so many adds I always want to say, that adds have to appear sometimes like after every game so they can get money, to whoever created the game. But this game just has too many adds. There are three stages to winning and I’d say the adds probably come up every 20 seconds. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s very hard to play with so many adds. I’d understand adds after every game someone wins. But not so many. Otherwise it’s a pretty good game and I give it a 3 star overall..Version: 2.61

What’s wrong with the Ad’s?So, I understand that apps like these make most of their money through ads which I am completely fine in watching so they do make money. However for this app, they have the ads in the middle of the games? This stops me from being able to play the game and it’s reallt annoying. Also after the games, there is an option to watch an add or not for different things. I always select no thanks because I would rather my time playing but this app makes you watch them anyway! I love the concept of the game but the ads really ruined it for me. If you can cope with the ads then I do recommend!.Version: 2.73

Too many adds.This was the WORST game to play. It was appalling how many adds you had to go through just to finish your game. The app is one giant scam since they expect you to pay money if you don’t like the adds. Very unhappy..Version: 2.920

Awesome but…I just like to say that this game could’ve been fun without the ads and error like literally the ads just go crazy every time I’m on the last level or the second level or when I’m getting so many blocks literally the ads are the worst part of this game and the errors sometimes when I play it just freezes and I’m like what is going on my friend told me about this game and I was addicted but we just get a rageAction when ads pop up or errors pop-up errors are basically the same thing as coaches but that’s another topic we all hate the ads in this game so please can you not add ads or errors because errors scare people if anythingIs going on and besides the ads are like every second this is the worst part about the game I’ve never seen an app with this many ads so please remove the ads just give us like 10 minutes and then ad a add.Version: 1.5

Mid level advertising. A new low.These apps and games have lost the plot with the amount of advertising and cost to play for all the add ons and power ups. I also question the companies advertising so fiercely. I grow to hate most of the ads and apps because they’re so relentless. Long and usually a bonus level content nit representative of the game in any way. But this one has just done me with an advert mid level. Thanks but no thanks. I’m out!!!!.Version: 2.82

Not an enjoyable gameI am saddened I have to give this amazing idea of an app 2 stars, based off the amount of adverts you have outrageously decided to put in the game! The concept of this game is however enjoyable and I love this game for that reason. I love everything about this game and it’s one of my favourites. The fact I’ve had to give this app 2 stars just because of the amount of adverts is frankly very upsetting. This leads me to believe you have no care for peoples approval of your game, all you want is money! If your game pleases people they will want to check out more of your games and you will get more money (something you are very desperate for). In conclusion, you have to do something about the amount of adverts you have devilishly put in the game or every pence you earn of the game equals one persons disapproval for your game! That two star bar will shoot up above the 5 star bar before you know it, starting with me!.Version: 2.911

Ads.The game concept is fine, and the execution isn’t bad but could do with some improvements (specifically the movement/controls of the character). However, like a LOT of other players have pointed out, the ads are SO EXCESSIVE. 1 game is bound to have at least two ads, and if we’re playing online against actual people and not CPUs that’s so destructive. The intrusive ads genuinely ruin the experience, and you can’t play with WiFi off either. Deleted the app after 5 minutes. I understand the need for ads so the devs can keep the game running- cause who would seriously spend on this game??- but they’re way too excessive..Version: 2.61

Good idea, bad executionWhen I saw the ads for this game, I thought it was a cool idea and I decided to download it. What they didn’t show is all the ads. The concept of the game is great, and it would be really fun, if they didn’t do so many ads. I would be in a level, and get 5-6 ads per level. I don’t mind ads in a game since they help the game make money, but I would rather they not interrupt the game. I’m so sick of all these games that have a good concept, but are just completely ruined with the amount of ads being barraged at you when you just want to play the game. I would recommend that you remove the ads that appear in the middle of the level, but you could keep the ads that just sit at the bottom of the screen. It would make the game much more enjoyable and it might make people want to watch the ads for a reward after the level. Overall, good idea for a game and a fun game, but completely ruined from the amount of ads being shoved in your face every 30 seconds..Version: 2.72

Good, but needs helpI like the game because you get to battle people to get to the top quickest. This part is fun, but the constant adds aren’t. About every 30 seconds or less, you have to watch the LONGEST adds ever. This takes away the fun of the game because you will be moving and just go into adds. Another thing that makes the game less fun, is that there are the same levels over and over until you reach the next level. In most other games you play on time, and then it is the next level. But not with this game, you have to play the first, or what ever level you are on, about 5 or 6 times, until you reach the next level. This game was fun in the beginning, but now with the adds every 30 seconds when you are trying to play, and the repetitive level, I think I am going to get rid of this game..Version: 1.5

Terrible publicity awesome gameHad to uninstall too many publicity.Version: 2.953

BadSo I seen the game on an advert and thought it looked so I wanted to play it so I went ahead and got it I opened up the app thinking it might cheer me up since I was in a bad mood already that day clearly it didn’t the app excited the app and never worked I thought ok got a bit and confused so I tried it again it did it again I started to lose my patience now so I give it one last chance it didn’t work so I deleted it. I recommend this app to nobody since it literally don’t work it is like the creators just decided they were going to spend all there time advertising there game and then forgot to make the actual game like how stupid is that.Version: 2.73

TOO MANY ADSGame would be fun but for every 10 seconds of play prepare for 2 minutes of ads! Not worth the download.Version: 2.953

Worst than voodoo, This deserves 0 stars.Ads in the MIDDLE of gameplay and also after/at the start. for the hats, if you want to get one then you need to watch an ad. if you don’t, you don’t get it. I also don’t like the fact the other people can build on top of your bridge in the FIRST round. Why not make enough for everyone?? It’s so annoying because when you collect your colors you just find out that you need to build on the other color that was trying to take your bridge, and it wastes your blocks that you could have used to actually continue to build. It slows you down and it’s just very annoying and frustrating. Overall the game has a good concept but the ads are just too much. I don’t care that you need to get money. This amount of ads and the game is just unplayable :/ ~ I honestly thought this would be a good game to play when i’m bored, but not anymore. Please fix at least one of these things and maybe the game will be somewhat enjoyable and entertaining..Version: 2.50

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