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Too many addsI have only downloaded it today and I’m pretty sure there has been at least 30 adds already there are too many adds I would love if you would reduce the amount of adds please then it will be a five star 🌟.Version: 2.21

Best game EVER!I love this game because it keeps me entertained for hours and I love to competing with others olso there are zero glitches so please try this app.Version: 2.03

To many advertsI downloaded this game and it’s amazing! I love it! But you need to reduce your adverts. First when I join the game an advert, Collecting is an advert, stairs and everything! Nearly all of the reviews are all about adverts. The game is wonderful but people don’t like how they get adverts even when they don’t touch anything even the x2 or whatever coins! We’ve had enough please if you see this, reduce the adds we are all begging you! Thank you, Bella.Version: 1.5

Best game everIt is so so much fun (and a lot more fun than every other game I’ve played I am also trying lots of games out and this game is the best game so far.Version: 2.03

AdsAds.Version: 2.30

I absolutely love this gameI love this game very much but I do think that there are to many ads. After I start to climb up the ladder as soon as I get to the middle there is an ad and there is another ad once you get to the top. But enough complaining I am going to tell you just some of the good things about this game. You can play against other players and in the end if you don’t like the amount of money you get you can watch an ad to triple it! You collect a bunch of stairs all your color to climb higher on the ramp. Once you get to the top start to collect more until you get to the final unit. I love this so much and think you should t try it out..Version: 2.10

AdsI absolutely love the game and highly recommend it to others but be aware of the amount of ads the pop up in the middle of a round..Version: 2.03

Great game but.....Way to many ads still great game tho.Version: 2.05

5 stars for a reason bridge RaceFive stars for a reason because Bridge race so good because you have to go to the first line in the whole tire world even my dogs have it too and I like playing silly saying yes hey Timmy and little baby I need to be busy soon.Version: 2.09

Advertising:I love this game as it is so addictive however there are too many adverts for my liking. Although, you are able to skip some it’s not all of them that allow this. Therefore, I would appreciate it if there could be a decrease in adverts. Overall, this is a lovely game so thank you but remember to consider this thanks! ❤️.Version: 2.06

A fun game but too many advertsI like the game and it’s very fun. However there is too many advertisements in game. The most annoying are advertisements that pop up when playing the game they break your focus.Version: 2.02

Wonderful game!!I play this game in my spare time and have found a wonderful way to win!!!.Version: 2.06

Bride Race is FunnyIt’s so hard but it’s funny to so I recommend it. But the adds I don’t like!!!.Version: 2.30

PLAY THIS GAMEWhen I first started doing this game I never had known that it is a very good game and I don’t want you to miss out.Version: 2.07

Great I could explodeLove it soooooooooooo much so I downloaded this app everything was fine there’s no demon watching you and it just asked if you could do this review I said allow and now it’s asking me about this review it’s a great game please download it tell your mom is there is no demon watching you because this is just a great game and you can vote other players you converse your family members and I just think it’s a really cool game for you guys so just download the game now teenagers if you have your own phone and download it right now🧖🏻‍♀️🥰😋 like OMG you’ll be in heaven.Version: 2.06

I hate thatI hate that there are ads in the game and I hate that you can bump people.Version: 2.09

AWESOMEI found a very fun game! In this game you have to run around and try to get more blocks than the other people playing. The more blocks you get the higher you can make your bridge. You make a bridge so you can climb up and try to be the first to make them all, you can knock down other peoples books if you have more than them. I think this is a very awesome game I sit on it for hours and it makes me feel like I’m actually a winner!🥳this is one of the best games I have ever played not including roblox!🤣.Version: 2.02

Great app but the ads are INSANE!!!I downloaded this app and went straight on. I played the first rly d and I won! I expected an ad after I clicked “next level” and there was an add. I said “Ok that’s not too bad that’s normal.” But then I played the next round. In the middle, yes the middle of the match, I was building the bridge and then an ad came!!! I was shocked and I said, “Uhhh ok that’s not normal. I don’t like that.” Then I didn’t even finish the match and then ANOTHER AD CAME!!! I wanted to see if there was a no ad purchase and luckily there was. I bought it, but still that was a complete nuisance..Version: 1.5

Great ideaThe game is great and has an interesting idea but I haven’t seen a free mobile game with this many ads in years. I’m just building my bridge and then out of nowhere I get a candy crush ad. And there’s no like warning for it or anything, the ads just appear no matter what your doing. Other than the annoying ads, I love the concept and the game is honestly fun to play if your bored and want to kill time. One of my favorite free mobile games and it’s really rare to find one of those now.Version: 2.10

Please read ☺️Now don’t get me wrong I know you get paid for putting all of the adds in but seriously 😐 so menu adssssss before I download I saw that people were saying there was a lot of adds but they literally pop up as you are playing the game 😅🥲.Version: 2.21

5 starsI love this game but every min there is an add can you pls fix this thx.Version: 2.02

Best game everThe best Ever because the first time I saw the game I wanted it so I got it but now there is too many ads but love it so much.Version: 2.40

I love the game but toooooo many adsOk I loooooove this game the only thing is that there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads and sometimes the ads are in the middle of the game and it doesn’t freeze the other (“players”) it only freezes you I think the ads should be at the end of the round. But besides that I loooooooooooooooooooooooove this game so besides the ads you should download this game.😃😀😊 P.S. I’m not so sure if it freezes the other (“players”) or not but I don’t think it dose. Thank you for reading.Version: 1.5

Too many advertsThis game is so good but every 30 seconds it seems there is an advert. I get the need for them but how about at the end of the game. I’m really considering deleting this game as it ruins the whole game play.Version: 2.02

Lots of AddsI really like this game, it is so much fun and addicting! I think anyone who gets it will understand what I mean. The only thing I dislike is the amount of adds you get. I will get 2, 3, and even 4 in the MIDDLE of a game. I think it would make more sense to put it at the end of a level/round. I do understand that the way you creators make money is by making the game cost $ or by having adds, so I will let this slide on my rating! Overall the game is a lot of fun and I really enjoy playing it! I hope everyone that is thinking about getting this game will give it a try because it is worth it! Thank you so much for your time! 😀.Version: 2.02

Good game but..I love the game it I go cool I love all the colors and all the characters it’s is so much fun but it’s hard to play because of the ads in between the game it doesn’t really work the ads should be at the end or the game when you are done I love the game in general but there are like 2 to 3 ads when I am playing in a game. I don’t really understand how we can play with ads in between a game it would be way better if they leave the ads until the end of the game that would make more sence..Version: 2.06

Nice but....OK so this is a great game,but how many ads do we have to watch? When I’m playing the game trying to build my bridge A AD POPS UP WHILE IM PLAYING!!!!!!! Like it’s so annoying! Adds pop up every 7 seconds! It would be a great game without the adds! I’m giving this a 4 star rating...the adds just ruined the whole game.........Version: 2.06

To many adsThe gives u an ad every 15 seconds so in one minute you’ve watched 4 ads the game is fun but to many ads.Version: 2.40

Awesome game but too many adds!Ok so when I first got this game I was like “Wow! This game is so fun and awesome and cool!!” And all that anyways, after I kept playing I realized there were ads in the middle of EVERY SINGLE GAME! It got so annoying cause the same exact add would still be there. Usually they just put in ads so we get those games. But it’s just annoying. BUT I’ve got a trick for y’all who are reading this. Just turn off your WiFi so there are no ads :D a perfect right! So I really hope you fixed this game because I’ve been reading these reviews and all they say is TOO MANY ADS! So you better fix this problem!.Version: 2.02

I dont knowThis game is ok - everyone says that there are 2 many ads but I get barely any. I think maybe make the prices of the characters lower but overall 5 stars!!!!!.Version: 2.04

Brige raceThis game is so awesome I can’t recommend it enough.Version: 2.04

Too many ADVERTS 😔I downloaded it, and when I go on the app, AN ADVERT COMES UP, ok so I play it and guess what, when I was about to win, ANOTHER ADVERT, and in the middle of the game another ADVERT, it’s horrible, there was like.. 6 adverts in ONE play. It’s annoying and I think everyone hates the adverts too. Thanks for reading , bye.Version: 2.04

Great but needs some changeI love the app concept so much, but omg there are so many ads and they come out of nowhere! It’s like I’m about to finish building my bridge and ad. I’m collecting bricks, ad. There are SO MANY ADS! I would love like a countdown from like 5 or 3, before ads. In loading screens I am fine to have an ad start off the round that I am doing, because most games do that, but oh my lord so many ads. Another thing is that bricks only respawn when your building your bridge, and if you want all your bricks and then build your bridge, your out of luck. Personally I am a fan of that method, so I have to resort to bumping into players to get bricks. If you change those 2 things, Amazing. 10/10 recommend, right now the game is like a 8.5/10..Version: 2.0

Good game but...I love the game!! It’s at the perfect competitive level but two things.. The constant ads. The ads just pop up randomly, It makes you pause for a hot second and it’s annoying. It would be better if the ads were places at the end of the game. The second thin is if you don’t want more coins at the end of your round you would press the “ It’s enough “ button but it’s too low. Time to time I would click ads on the bottom just trying to enjoy my game. Overall it’s an amazing game.❤️.Version: 1.5

Ads and the bonus round.I mean it is a good game and is very fun. But like there are SOOOO MANY ADS. Like can’t we just get one after the game and not during the game. And come on, there are like idk 3-5 ads per game. Then the bonus round. It doesn’t concern me that much but they don’t give enough time for us to collect gold. And, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COLLECT GOLD WITHIN 18 SECONDS???I mean it doesn’t bother me much. At least I get gold. So, overall it is a good game but there are too many ads and the bonus round is too short..Version: 2.21

Be smart please.Hi! I love this game. Pretty good, but. Please, if you guys know that the ads are gonna make people angry, don’t do it. There’s games that allow you to take them off, but with dumb money! Can you guys please take of the ads? For all of us? You guys have read titles and people complaining about ads, right? If not, that would be ignoring, that’s what writing a review is for. To explain your opinion on games. Please, don’t ignore this. PLEASE! Take of the ads. They ruin the game and makes people really angry and want to scream at you guys. Please fix this! I’ll owe you guys a lot of if do. ❤️It could be better if you take them off..Version: 2.40

Too many adsI love this game and really recommend I just hate the amount of ads! You will be in the middle of a game and then you will get 2 or 3 ads. It’s really annoying. But aside from that I really recommend this game..Version: 2.02

To many addsThe game is really fun but there are to much adds for example you will be in the middle of playing a game and you will get 3 to 4 adds each game.Version: 2.04

Great gameI think that it’s just a great game because it’s got all these different levels and different colours.Version: 2.30

SUPER FUNThis game has Random levels that can be really easy especially when you’re short level.:3.Version: 2.40

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