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Bridge Race for Positive User Reviews

Great game but the adds.So this game is so good and amazing BUT there is so many ads and I put it on airplane mode and it won’t let me play without the ads- And at the end of the round a ad pops up. EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROUND A AD POPS UP- Please fix this issue there is so many ads. I know you like to “advise” but I hate it. Tysm for reading good bye - •Pink🐙🌴💄🤤🐙.Version: 2.88

5 starsI love this game but every min there is an add can you pls fix this thx.Version: 2.02

It fun but to much ads! Please read!Please read! This game is fun but lots of ads I warch ads more than playing it fun to play but you have to pay for no ads when you are not doing anything a ad geast put on and can you please put not so much ads I might not play this game anymore but it fun I will recommend this for anyone and when you pay for no ads you can pay for something else it with avatars,1000 money,and no ads I don’t know if the no ads there lat forever and can you add like pets you can have like a cute little puppy 🥺🐶and I love this game called animal jam my name is happypinkfox10pony animal jam dose not have ads and it a online fun game thanks for reading have a good day/night byeeeeeee 👋👍🏻-Charlotte.Version: 3.4.8

I love this game!I love it so much there is not to many ads and when you get to the end of the round and you have left over blocks you build a castle from all the blocks from each round and once you finish the castle you win different blocks And 1 ad every third round.Version: 3.9.6

TO MANY ADSI love the game very much... but I think it would be better if we could get all the ads after we finish the round. I think this because it would not be fair to be having an ad when people are still playing! And that’s not it, the amount of ads is insane! But on the other hand I still think this is a really fun game. But I think it would be better without the ads. And this is one of the most funnest games out there..Version: 2.50

I’m normally fine with ads, but this is excessiveOk I gave this a five stars so people would see this. IRL I would only give this 2 stars and her is why. In general, this is a pretty boring game, it’s just rlly easy. I’m on level 100 and I have always gotten 1st and never anything else. Also, THE ADS! oh my gooooooosh I’m not one to normally complain abt ads Bc that’s what they need for money but this, is soooo annoying. There are 3 bridges to make on each level and every time you make it to another bridge it’s a 30 sec ad. Then, when you start you also have to watch an ad. Imma say that each level from start to end has at least 8 ads! That means that I’ve watched 800 ads while playing this! Like that’s way too many. I was gonna put up with it until I realized how dumb that idea was. First of all this game is so easy and second, it’s has an INSANE amount of ads. Soooo pls pls plssss don’t download this unless you want to get bored or wanna see a crazy amount of ads!.Version: 2.920

This game is amazing but one thingThis game is really really fun and it’s a good game I love playing this game. But there is one thing and that thing is that there are way way way to many adds. There is a add every minute and it’s really annoying. I would love it if you guys could make it be not so many adds or if you could do a count down form the adds like some games. But over all this is a really good and fun game it’s not slow or anything if you don’t like adds and you get frustrated when there is adds and don’t like adds please don’t get this game but if you don’t have a problem with adds I mean a lot of adds then get this game you will love it and will want to play it all the time like me. I don’t really play games that much but I rely like this one and play it all the time so yea this game is really good besides the adds. Have a nice day though 😁.Version: 2.40

Read this review everybodyI know the creators get money for putting peoples adds on but but idea is you can draw your character but it’s 6000 coins also please let me play with no wifi Kind regards Leqves I’ve left a review on world of pets read it please.Version: 2.82

Great but needs some changeI love the app concept so much, but omg there are so many ads and they come out of nowhere! It’s like I’m about to finish building my bridge and ad. I’m collecting bricks, ad. There are SO MANY ADS! I would love like a countdown from like 5 or 3, before ads. In loading screens I am fine to have an ad start off the round that I am doing, because most games do that, but oh my lord so many ads. Another thing is that bricks only respawn when your building your bridge, and if you want all your bricks and then build your bridge, your out of luck. Personally I am a fan of that method, so I have to resort to bumping into players to get bricks. If you change those 2 things, Amazing. 10/10 recommend, right now the game is like a 8.5/10..Version: 2.0

AppThe besst app!!!.Version: 3.9.10

Brige raceThis game is so awesome I can’t recommend it enough.Version: 2.04

A bit glitchyI love ❤️ bridge race and it is so addicting but sometimes it freezes ❄️or takes a long time to load. I don’t know if this is just me, my phone 📱 or if a lot of people have the same problem. Please fix this because I would hate to have to delete this game because of some little glitches that are EXTREMELY annoying. Don’t forget to be kind, safe and happy 😃 during these tough times ( not just now but all the time) ☺️. Also don’t forget to listen to more Billie Eilish. I love you Billie if you are reading this ☺️..Version: 2.952

Hey fellas, ya gotta read this!Hey bros, sup? Look, this is an AWESOME game and I really love everything about it, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING: I am really annoyed because there r ads in the middle of the game and THAT is just nuts! It drives me crazy! Plus, my iPad needs internet and wifi to play this game! Other than that, u absolutely NEED to get this game! Thanks guys and have a nice life! 😎😜.Version: 2.71

We will have a great timeGood luck on the new season of your life in a way of what is your first choice of what is your best for the future you will have to do so many more and you will never have a chance of life and we are all doing it all you know and we are so blessed to have a good life you are always so happy for us to have a blessed year you deserve it and you will never have a relationship to you so we can do it again and we are so blessed to have a good day love you all.Version: 3.4.8

[PRO] ANTI KINGVery good nice work.Version: 2.50

I love this gameI love this game because I get stressed a lot and I just Play it and it stops making me stressed you should get this game it’s perfect for buddys and stuff so yeah.❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.84

So goodThis app is awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 3.9.9

Addictive!This game is so much fun and great for kids and adults alike however is there any way to control the ads shown as I have serious concerns about the content of some for my daughter. It’s given a 9+ rating but I just viewed an ad that would be classified as 15+..Version: 2.83

A lot of adsI hate this game this game Has so much Add.Version: 3.9.10

Really Good GameFirst of all, I love the game. But to me there are a couple things that seem like bullying, and one thing it would be nice to add. My bullying things are this; It’s unfair how people can bump you and make all of your blocks go on the ground, and you off the map. And then there’s the using their blocks to build on your blocks. If you can’t make there be extra bridges, then you could at least make it so that you don’t have to use your blocks to build over, and the bridge is just different colors. Could you also make it so that second and third place can skip the level? Thanks! That’s all!! P. S. The adds are fine! Deal with it! I’m nine and wouldn’t you think that a kid of all people would hate the adds but LOOk! I’m FINE! 😛😒🙂.Version: 3.2.1

AmazingDownload this game it is so fun but there are some bad things if you are under 14 do not get it I know that it dosent have 14+ but trust me in this one, to people that are 14 and over like me 15 it is good but there are so many ads they do make you pay money to not have ads but there are ads in the very middle of the game although this is one of the best games on my phone.Version: 2.71

Too Many Ads - Actually Hate to DeleteAds popping up in the middle of levels is really off putting. Just had 2 in my first game. Really putting me off playing this game. Reduced it to 1 start from my 2 star as It just got so annoying- AND I deleted it. It’s one thing putting in ads but another to hve them popping up during gameplay. Do what most games go and actually have them between games. You’ll keep players that way..Version: 2.71

LESS ADS!!!!!So basically I always look through the reviews of apps before I get them but since this was free and on the top free games I didn’t bother because I thought it would be good. Firstly it was SUPER laggy when I came in and then 3 ads play PER GAME!!! I thought this was outrageous enough but it put me out of the game whenever I nearly got to the finish! I gave this game a 3 stars because this is a GREAT game!! It is a great idea but I think less ads should play because it gets really frustrating and annoying lol. In conclusion I believe this is a FANTASTIC app beside from the ads and I think only one ad should play each round!.Version: 2.71

Good gameFun to play when board😊.Version: 3.11

Too many adsI downloaded this game because I saw it from a ad for one of their other games I played my first game and literally 20 second into playing a ad pops up while I’m in the middle of the game. It’s not like I paused it I was just playing it. There were at one point 3 ads during every game. One when I clicked the start button, one randomly in the middle of the game and then one at the end. Also because of all the ads it made my phone slow down and freeze. This hadn’t happened before downloading it and only started happening once I played the game Definitely deleting it.Version: 2.920

Way to many adds!!!!!It’s a really good game, it’s just take most of the adds out. Every time I win(witch is always) there is at least two adds or more. Please take some adds out. So read this and take more adds out. Just because there is to much adds. Other than that the game is perfect From Mayo.Version: 2.87

It’s goodIt’s really good but there is way too much adds like you could be in the middle of something then a add comes and it breaks your concentration. But either way it’s really good I love that you can customise the bricks I love the attention to detail! If the adds went down a bit i would do 5 stars! Keep up the good work!- Ashlee Young.Version: 2.73

Change itHi I think you should make it so you can’t build over someone else’s buildings Alright need to change it.Version: 3.4.6

Bridge raceThis game is amazing defiantly try it out I love this game the only thing is that I don’t like all of the adverts so please fix that as soon as possible also the game is really easy so can you possibly make each level a bit more different, also I really like this game just NO ADVERTS.I know you have to have them but can’t you have a bonus game or something?Anyways I love the game just try and work in my idea please?!.Version: 3.4.6

Great game but to many ads....I like this game but the ad interruptions during the game rounds are really annoying. If the developer could please do something about this that would be great and I would play it more often.😬👍.Version: 2.04

Good game! (Developers please read)It’s an overall good game but there are things to improve. For example, the ads. You should do rewarding ads instead of random ones! For example if you watch an ad you start with 20+ bricks! Or like, if you watch 1-3 ads you can unlock this outfit! I also think you should be able to have multicolored bricks, or back with the ads you could watch an ad to be able to not get bumped in that round or an ad that gives you a speed boost. All I’m trying to say is that stop with the random annoying ads, and do rewarding ads! It’s scientifically proven that apps that use rewarding ads make more money than apps with random abrupt ads! Take this into consideration next update!.Version: 2.73

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT! Five stars just to get it at the topIf I’m being generous this game deserves two stars. At first my expectations were pretty low for a simple game. Bit then the ads. EXPECT AN AD EVERY TIME YOUR ABOUT TO WIN ALLOWING OTHER PLAYERS TO RUN AHEAD AND BEAT YOU. unless they also get and ANNOYING add. You get like three or four long ads EVREY time you just want to go to the next level. Three or for long ads every time you finish a level. And when I finally finished a level and then finished watching the adds, It gave me a choice it says get two hundred points or get FIVE HUNDRED POINTS AND WATCH FOUR LONG ADS. I spent more time watching ads then playing the game. If you don’t mind watching ads and getting game breaks instead of add breaks download this game. Now the game itself… The game is truly a simple fun game it’s the ads that got it down to two stars. How you play is you run around trying to get your color brick then you run up a ramp building the bride as you go. You race others t9 see who gets to the top first. One good thing about it is it’s free. If you are good with ads don’t download it. Unless ad tolerance is in your DNA or something. DEVELOPERS RIC THE ADS IF YOUR READING THIS. ITS LIK ALMOST A SCAM WITH THIS MANY ADS. REALLY YOU HAVE MORE ADS FOR THIS GAME THEN THE BLACK FRIDAY SALE ADS!!!!!.Version: 3.9.7

Not really what the comments sayThere are ads, but not a lot like people say they are. It is fun, too! But there are long ads. So that’s what the -1 from 5 stars is. Please creators, make this have no ads..Version: 3.9.10

Obsessed but…I looooove this game - I’m obsessed with it & don’t mind the ads too much.. but, I’m now on level 1785 & there’s either a hidden bridge or a glitch & there is absolutely no way to get through. I collect all my blocks, run through something and then all my blocks disappear & other players disappear and no one wins? It’s so frustrating because I’m going to have to delete it now as I don’t want to go backwards and watch ads to play .. pls help 😭.Version: 3.2.1

So many adsThis is actually ridiculous. Such a good game ruined by ads every 30 seconds (sometimes more!) even when you click “no thanks!” To watching a video.. ONE STILL PLAYS! One ad I was forced to watch it took over a minute. Stop with the money grabs, you’ve ruined what should be a fun game..Version: 2.911

AmazingI totally love this app you should get it. The only suggestion/problem I have is that there are way to many adds. I really think you should not put adds in during the game and it would be even better..Version: 2.72

It’s really good but not the bestI love this game so much it’s free it’s fun but there’s only one problem adds this game is really fun me and my sister play it together and we always push people off the edge so we win well that’s what my sister does not me I love this game so much a round of applause to whoever made this game😁🙂😆😃🥰.Version: 2.920

Ads and glitchesI love the concept of the game and you really did come up with a great game except 2 main things. The first and worst thing about it is the GLITCHING! I mean I'm right in the middle of the game and all of a sudden it freezes and i have to get out if the game delete the tab and then start it all over again and let me tell you, it’s maddening! Like come on. And yes i understand that i don't have the best iPhone (its an iPhone s 6) but still. And the second thing is the ads SO MANY ADS every time you start a level, ads, every time you end a level, ads, every time you change your skin, ads, every time you open the toad map, ads! I spend more time waching the ads then playing the game and I am do darn sick of it! So fix it or you will lose another food customer and i will tell all of my friends to give bad reviews and to trash it, thats right i have all the right contacts and they get pretty mad pretty easily. So yeah Please fix it- angrily yours, top critic.Version: 2.88

Pool dive deathThe new rules in bringing the race.Version: 3.11

BadIt’s 5 stars because they put those reviews first. This game would be fun. Collect bricks, build a bridge, Beat levels. Would be fun. Ads. They ruin the entire thing. 3 per game. They’re always thirty seconds long. So turn off Wi-Fi then, or put on aeroplane mode. It ‘requires’ Wi-Fi. No it doesn’t. Behind the little astronaut the game works perfectly fine. The Wi-Fi is for ADS, not the game. It’s just a greedy cash grab, they don’t give a blade of grass about the player base. As long as they get their cheque, they’re happy. Outrageous that they’re this greedy but what do you expect? Aren’t all of their games cash grabs? I’d be surprised if they had even one legit game running. Terrible, don’t fall into the trap of downloading..Version: 3.4.6

Too many ads!Not only does bridge race have too many ads, it is a glitchy game. Often, I would be playing a level and the whole thing would freeze or the app would close. On top of this, the game was boring and didn’t get any harder. The are no redeeming features for this game!!.Version: 3.4.6

Why the ads are fineJust turn airplane mode on so they don’t show up. 👏.Version: 2.73

LAME!At first I like playing but I don’t like how ads kept pop up every 15 second once you start play. What a lame.Version: 2.50

I like it! But...Hi guys! I love your game. It's fun, and a great time killer. There are (2) things that could be changed, though... 1:) The ad problem. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the biggest ways you make money. But I was playing recently, and I saw 3 ads in the few seconds I tried to change my player name. Maybe you could also stop putting ads in the middle of games? In between seems like a better idea. 2:) The wifi requirement. I'm on the road a lot, and normally take my phone with me. I know the only way to access other players is through wifi, but maybe you could put in a bot mode or something if there's no wifi? Alright, that's all I wanted to say. I'm gonna go play more bridge race now. Thank you!.Version: 2.920

PLAY THIS GAMEWhen I first started doing this game I never had known that it is a very good game and I don’t want you to miss out.Version: 2.07

HappyI love this game hope you will like it please download this game 😝👍🏻😜😁.Version: 3.10

LaggyI love the game now that the adds have lessened to 1 per game and how it is just a great, fantastic and fun idea! I think the only problem with it is that it is quite laggy and one thing that happens a lot is that when I enter the game for the first time, it works and if I keep playing it recently it is fine but after some time when u wanna play again, u Enter the game and the screen is just grey for about 30 secs and then just takes u out of the app. I find it really annoying because I have to keep reinstalling the game and I don’t need want to do that every time I want to play the game..Version: 2.88

To many advertsI downloaded this game and it’s amazing! I love it! But you need to reduce your adverts. First when I join the game an advert, Collecting is an advert, stairs and everything! Nearly all of the reviews are all about adverts. The game is wonderful but people don’t like how they get adverts even when they don’t touch anything even the x2 or whatever coins! We’ve had enough please if you see this, reduce the adds we are all begging you! Thank you, Bella.Version: 1.5

Game ruined by ads! Impossible to enjoyYo. Just make a good game. And charge a little bit for it. I’d totally pay to use this app. But the first five minutes of play involved like 4 ad breaks. Making me so angry I wanna say: screw this game. Screw this generation of naff apps that are just making the creators ad revenue. Also. I hope the creators see these reviews and change the way they make games..Version: 2.73

My point of viewYour game is so awesome and amazing I love it other people might not but I do hope you get far in life.Version: 3.4.0

Unhappy about addsAdds in middle of the game!! Adds pop up while playing the game!! This is soo annoying and very unacceptable.. adds should appear at the end of the game not while playing!! This is just to make people pay money to stop the adds appearing.Version: 2.81

Great game until…I love this game it’s so good but as other people have said there is far too many adds it’s just getting sad now I mean seriously how many adds should one game need plus there are so many people out there writing reviews and they all say the exact thing so why can’t you just… GET RID OF THE ADDS pls another reason why I’m upset is that I used to have no problem with this app but then I stopped playing it for a while and when I came back I was very disappointed to find out that I can’t play anymore why ? Because every time I go into the app the screen goes black and it kicks me out of the game 😭😭😭this was such a good game until this happened I don’t know what happened but I think it’s the new update pls fix this because this game is very important to me and I miss it a lot so pls fix this problem soon and to the readers I would recommend this app but just be careful of problems like mine or if you can’t stand adds in that case don’t bother. Thanks for your help ❤️( if you can actually give it ).Version: 2.88

Here are my reasons…There are so many adds by the time I finish the race there are at least 2 adds. So to the makers of this game here is some advise: please take some of your adds out instead of trying to get us to pay please🥺. Anyway the game is still fun so give it a try. For parents/carers: This game is not the best idea for a 3 year old because this game you have to pay for some things. So this game is age appropriate for probably age 7 and up. I’m this game you can change you character, colour of your character and change your coloured brick! Overall this game is quite fun..Version: 2.73

This is the best game everThis game is called bridge race.Version: 3.10

Great potential, way too many adsLook, I get games like this practically run on ads, but we’re getting them in the middle of levels and it’s costing you a lot of potential players. I’d suggest only allowing ads after a player beats a level. Other than that, this game has lots of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow ( unless I delete it due to ads). Thanks for the game!.Version: 2.50

Wonderful game!!I play this game in my spare time and have found a wonderful way to win!!!.Version: 2.06

Game is brokenReal rating not even one star I got to only level 7 where im wearing this huge hat or something??? Anyways nobody can collect the boards or blocks or bricks or whatever you want to call them. everyone is just running around aimlessly. Then if i choose to fall off the edge it gives me a timer to revive. If i revive im stuck doing the same pointless running around not collecting boards to build the bridge. If i dont revive it shows a no thanks option however its not active. I have tried to completely close out the app and restart it and find the same nonsense. And furthermore to many ads. So many comments here about the ads being to much and yet its only gotten worse from what i can tell reading through all the comments. Fix your game or delete it. Ads have become the herpes of the internet dont spread internet herpes please..Version: 2.953

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