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HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker app received 107 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about hitmeal calorie & food tracker?

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HitMeal Calorie & Food Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Not worth itSo many foods that are not found when you scan the barcode. Nutritional information is incorrect on A LOT of the foods so be careful when you’re tracking!.Version: 1.34

Don’t botherThis app is so limited and structured so tight there’s no options or flexibility. The meal plans and recipes are the only thing I like about it. If you want to eat a lunch meal for dinner you can’t get it to enter onto the dinner diary. It only goes to lunch. You can’t add your own recipes nor can you copy a days meal to another day. You can’t even enter the next days meals ahead of time (planning ahead!). You have to wait till after midnight to enter the next day. There’s no way to adjust your goal calories or macro nutrients. There’s no community or friend sharing with other app users to congratulate friends or share your own accomplishments. You can’t copy in recipes from the internet but have to type every single ingredient in every time. Don’t bother getting this app or spending the money to even be able to use it. There is no free version. My advice is go with My Fitness Pal. It does all this for free and if you want more, (yes it does more than this too) you can go premium and open a whole new set of tools and helpful items. I am regretting spending any $ at all on this. Only reason I didn’t give it 1 star is I like the recipes. Go elsewhere!!.Version: 1.20

Do Not PurchaseThis app was created by people that don’t need or haven’t used calorie tracking apps. Unless there is some Mortal Kombat “finisher” style combinations required, I can’t figure out how to: *Change my daily caloric intake *Modify the start or end time of my fast for a day that didn’t begin at 7 *Create a food from several entries (ie: a sandwich) *The barcode scanner is junk. Rarely, if ever, works on the first try I’d probably overlook most of the above if this app was free, but they overcharge you and trick you into a purchase after 3 short days for the trial. Thankfully, I purchased a holiday deal or something because this app at full price is 100% not going to provide enough value. I’ve already stopped using it entirely in favor of other apps I’m testing out. I really think apple should consider pulling this app for the poor quality it provides. Overall, I’d give 0 stars if it allowed..Version: 1.23

SCAMThis app is weird and definitely a scam, I signed up for a free trial that ended on October 8, I cancelled the free trial subscription days before it would renew and yet they charged me for the free trial week and the week after and were going to charge me again. When I go into the app they have a banner asking me to sign up for a premium account so clearly I no longer have one, but yet they are still charging me. They’re customer support team is horrible and I would not recommend you download this app because they are doing fraudulent things..Version: 1.31

Terrible Subscription Business ModelAs soon as you download this app, before you can even access it or see what it looks like, you are prompted to sign up for a subscription. You can either pay $20 for a 1-year subscription, or do a 3-day free trial and then it’s $9.99/week or $40/year after that. Obviously, if you’ve never seen or used this app before, like me, you’ll opt for the 3-day free trial. Only, the $20/year option completely disappears after that and there’s no way to get it back after your trial has ended. I have reached out to support to try and get the offer back with no response. I am so angry at what a horrible business practice this is that I refuse to purchase out of principle. I will be switching to a different macro tracking app, even though I would have willingly given you my $20. Unbelievably awful business model..Version: 1.27

Poor AppI bought this (big mistake). Poorly executed. Barcode scanning recognises no U.K. foods, you can’t amend your starting weight (I keyed in the wrong weight), the App does not even read your weight from Apple Health. Also you can’t control start and end time of Fast and it does not allow for 20/4, 18/6 or 36 hr fasts..Version: 1.15

Bills.I paid for one bill of $28.99 a year. Just to open the app. Then it wants another $57.99 to access the one thing I went there for. The meal plans. I’d like to find an app that people who are also trying to BUDGET can also loose weight instead of EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING trying to milk money out of the people who are trying to eat healthy. And loose the weight they didn’t want. Thanks. Zero stars..Version: 1.23

TerribleAfter being a my fitness pal user for many years I hoped for a new refreshing app. Couldn’t be more disappointed. Can’t find majority of foods. You can’t select your own fasting times; they are very limited. Difficult to navigate. Can’t save meals. It’s really terribly. Also said you’d have 7 days free trial but they charged me the full year. When I contacted them I got no reply. Back to using my fitness pal..Version: 1.16

RecalculateEverything is great but the recalculate button doesn’t work.Version: 1.28

Too time consumingI had to enter my meal 3 times before it registered it. Additionally, it didn’t allow me to edit milk type for coffee. It seemly only accepts for dairy use from standard coffee shops like Starbucks or Pret-a-Manger. It also takes a long time to enter a simple meal. I think this app has potential but I don’t have time to dedicate to it while it works out its bugs and adds food items to its database. Especially as a paid app. By contrast the strongest competitor myfitnesspal was free for years while it collected satay and offered extra features for paid membership..Version: 1.25

Cannot check out app before purchaseI gave this a 1 star review because before you even get a chance to see if the app will work for you, you have to pay. They offer a free trial but only if you are going to pay the ridiculous weekly price of $10 where as if you don’t do a free trial you can get it for $20 per year. I have no problems paying for an app as long as I can see that it is an app I want to pay for first. Or at least let me have a free trial and then decide if I’m going to pay weekly or yearly, not force me onto the weekly plan..Version: 1.33

A total conMy 10 year old clicked on the app, they took my money, I complained it was clicked in error but no monies refunded! Careful of the app it’s not FREE but a sham! Don’t respond to emails either …. AVOID.Version: 1.14

GlitchThe app was very good in the beginning now its bugging i cant tap anything. everytime i open it it doesnt work… its bugging.Version: 1.23

Fitness app should be the last place to push your woke, anti-science ideologyAs above..Version: 1.26

Probably go elsewhereHalf decent app, 3 day free trial. Or afterwards you pay for it..Version: 1.29

UnimpressedThought this would be a good app, clicked for the free trial and it immediately billed my credit card for a full year subscription, not happy that it billed me for something that I wasn’t even sure that I wanted..Version: 1.8

LimitedThe very very basics - find what you eat, enter it into your daily goal. You can only choose 2 daily goals tho … lose weight or maintain weight - and then you are locked in to what you choose. There is zero flexibility for people that want a more custom way. A lot of the organic and health foods I am eating, are not included. So I have to add, no big deal. After you add a food item, you can’t edit it or look back at it. You can’t see any info of that item after you have added it to your meal. You can’t see it, NOR can you edit it. Let’s say you have 1 egg. You enter 1 egg. You can’t go back and see the nutrition of rust egg. NOR can you add another egg. You have to delete your 1 egg, search for eggs all over again and then add 2 eggs. The remaining fats, calories, and carbs per day is good but also very limiting. Very. Adding in workouts was also pretty clumsy I think. I want an app that can also suggest things. This app seems like a good start for someone that is just starting out in nutrition to be more conscious, but for an athlete for someone serious about a training goal - it is missing a lot..Version: 1.22

MisrepresentedThe ad for this app on fb suggested that this app could take a picture of food and tell the amount of calories or representation of the contents such as carbs, fats and proteins. I went to try this app and found there was no such option. Why would you falsely advertise this app to do more than it actually does?.Version: 1.8

Misleading “Free” - it’s not!As others have said, be honest from the start..Version: 1.27

It needs workFrom a quick glance the app seems great, but it’s needs a lot of work. - once you go over your macros- carbs, fats etc it doesn’t show how much you’ve gone over. - it doesn’t allow you to choose your own macros - it doesn’t allow you to copy foods or meals to the next day - doesn’t allow you create your own meals to save. Overall yes it’s a very easy app to use, and if your simply wanting to track calories it’ll do the job. Also there is no help/ support for questions. I’ve sent 2 requests for help via the app and a msg on IG and no one has bothered to get back to me. Had high hopes but I would rather just pay for another app..Version: 1.23

Good app for the price per yearIs very visual and full of options to set up targets. I have to add and save , confusing. And some food is in quantities when should be in servings - ie. Boiled eggs in grams and not in numbers of eggs. I can not connect my Apple Watch - if I knew I would not have bought it ..Version: 1.25

Not FreeFirst this app is not free as it states when it comes up, you have to pay a subscription. Second the scanner never works, it’s constantly keeps scanning and when it finally stops does not even give you the item option. When you do search for the items the nutrion facts are never the same. We should just be able to have the option to take a picture of it and the system automatically enter it, or at least give the more options beside oz/fl oz or even the serving size. For women, it should also have the option to input menstrual cycles as this cause fluctuations and water retention and we can better see how this is affecting the progress. There’s a reason why they don’t give a trial, I will just leave it at that..Version: 1.34

DoubtfulI don't know whether it's showing correctly... I do not want precise numbers but something close works for me... This app is showing that I'm burning calories even when I sit idle. When I ride my bike, it misinterprets that I'm walking and adds it to the “activity tracker” as I'm walking and burning these many calories. Also, counts the same steps for daily steps and adds to the overall burned calories... Overall, the function of this app is very uncertain. However, we can use it to track what we consume which would definitely be helpful to maintain a healthy diet :).Version: 1.25

Food scannerOnly interested in the food scanner how do I get it to work … downloaded app but no scanner available!.Version: 1.12

Not as goodI downloaded the app thinking it will be similar to the other apps I have used like fitnesspal but it doesn’t compare to them at all, you’re unable to save meals, there is quite a few foods missing, the scan doesn’t always work in general the app is not what I expected. I have written 2 days after the purchase to get some sort of refund as I paid for the full year and I have not received a response back- this was a week ago, really not happy with it and I do not recommend it..Version: 1.29

Issues with the new updateSince the new update I can no longer add my own food items and take a pic for them. The app freezes every time and I have to close it out to get to the main screen. Prior to this update, I loved this app despite some nutrient counts being slightly off for pre-populated food items. Being able to add my own was an easy workaround. However, if I can’t upload my own foods then I may need to find a new app..Version: 1.31

Dreadful appMisleading trial period and ended up paying for it. Can’t import recipes. Can’t find many UK foods. Hello devs, there’s more than just the USA in the world. Avoid..Version: 1.26

Ok but limitedApp is ok, tracking activities and water intake. It lacks some food items but you can add them manually if you have all the items (and patience). In my opinion the limitation of 3 meals a day (breakfast lunch and dinner) are not sufficient and the app should allow to add more, personalized meals meals a day e.g. morning snacks and morning afternoon etc. the fasting feature works but could provide more information such as what’s happening to your body after x hours of fasting..Version: 1.25

Could improve for the priceThis is not the first calorie counter app I’ve used. It’s also not the best. For starters, it doesn’t save your frequent foods, so every day you have to search every item you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner even if it’s the same thing you had for a week. Second, it doesn’t scroll over to the next day automatically. It’s so silly but you want to click the least possible to get over with recording your food and having to go up on the page to find the day you’re on feels too much work. Third, it doesn’t track fiber. Maybe this is an app that doesn’t really care about health but only about loosing weight but fiber is super important. Other apps do all the things I mentioned before for the same price. I’m a bit disappointed. Should have kept my old apps..Version: 1.17

We will seeJust started using this app will see how it works.Version: 1.2

Improvements neededDon’t understand why you would put in a goal daily calorie intake for the meal plan not to add up to it? If it added up I would likely keep the app but don’t see the point in having to add my own meals to a pre planned meal plan when I’m paying £9.99.Version: 1.28

Lack of recipesThe app was great to start, but there are not enough meal plan recipes to follow through with the mean plan. All it does is count calories. There is no admin support. I bought the premium version. Don’t do it..Version: 1.14

MisleadingThe insta ad makes it look like u can take pictures of food and it calculate the calories for you- you can’t! You can only take pictures of barcodes (which you can do on MyFitnessPal for free)..Version: 1.12

RigidI entered my current height, weight, my goal weight, and my activity level, and it automatically used whatever formula is built into it to spit out a number for my target calories per day (1,745/day). But I am on a plan under which my daily calories fluctuate regularly—1,450 kcal one day, 1,575 the next, back to 1,450, up to 1,750, etc. This app is so rigid that I can’t enter my own calorie goal—I’m stuck with whatever number the app churns out. There’s no way to change it. Really frustrating and stupid design..Version: 1.23

1 star because of obnoxiously forcing me to write this reviewHaven’t actually had a chance to test the app much.Version: 1.24

5 star app. 1 star support.I have the full paid for app and have been using the app for a few months now and track everything all day everyday. This app has been a huge help and big eye opener but the owners need to do a few things different and get some updates going. 1. Make the calculator where you can change your parameters to your own needs and not just some randomness they decide. I bought the subscription so I could and you can’t. 2. There are tons of new foods coming out all the time and there are some that are just nonexistent on the app but other apps have them. New or old. It goes both ways. 3. Smaller brands/Stores/Gas stations. There’s a lot of different places to shop and some of other places are no where to be found on the app. Big gas station names like Casey’s should be there. They have their own stuff and sometimes these stores have special sizes and macros that aren’t there. 4. Fast food places like subway and or a few others really need to be updated and added to. I’m sure tons of people are using subway and others to get by sometimes and it would be great if you could just type in ANYTHING you got and not have to add a new food and go off a menu online until you get everything saved and tracked..Version: 1.33

OkIt’s a good app considering it’s free. However it’s hard to keep the calorie count accurate as half the stuff I’m eating isn’t on the list and cannot be found using the scanner either..Version: 1.0

Regret BuyingI regret paying for premium version. Some nutrients are listed in the individual food items but there is no view in the app to see or track your daily individual nutrients. Editing food items in meals defaults it to 1 serving size or the default serving making small edits cumbersome. The calendar view is annoying only giving you a single row to click through rather than a proper date picker. Scrolled to far forward or too far back and want to go back to today? Sorry, no button for that. There’s also a limit to how far back you can look?? What?? I can only look back one month. Unfortunately this seems like a calorie tracker for those that aren’t actually taking their nutrition seriously, and I would not recommend anyone pay for premium given the current state of this app. It seems they have valued making the application pretty rather than functional and useful..Version: 1.29

No delete ability once you’ve saved the itemDecent app , but if you make a mistake after you’ve saved an item you can’t go back in and delete it ?!!! Also if you set your macros and calories, if you then do some exercise it amends your calorie intake and increases it ? Why ?.Version: 1.34

AppI’d like to be able to take pic of bar codes so we could get calorie from that when we can find food in the list.Version: 1.22

Custom Recipes - are they not a thing?I downloaded this app and soon came to realize you can’t create your own recipes. Why? This has been the biggest hurdle I’m experiencing on the app and and frankly it’s quite disappointing considering I paid for the app. Reviewers that mention you can’t change macros. You can. You just have to find the section under your profile settings,you should be able to update calories and macros. Sad and will hopefully try to get my money back..Version: 1.26

DONT PAY! THEY DON’T GIVE REFUNDI installed application with Free Trail, the application took the money from my card. I asked for refund because I didn’t like the app, is not that I expected.. and Apple rejected my refund without any explanation!!!! I just lose 30pound for an useless application,which lied for the Free Trial. I feel so disappointed.Version: 1.26

No option for net carbs?This is a nice ap, very easy to use compared to the last one I was using. I’m using it to track macros and my biggest gripe is I can’t see how to change the carbs to net carbs. Ex: I use keto bread that’s 13 carbs per slice but since they have 12 g dietary fiber, it’s only 1 net carb per slice, yet the ap is documenting it as 13 carbs… actually 26 carbs for a sandwich, instead of 1-2 carbs every time I eat it. It’s driving me insane! I have no idea if I’m in my carb goal or not because of this. I tried looking to see if I could duplicate a food and then update it with the net carb amount in the carb section and, and then save that food to my favorites but am not seeing how to do that. The only reason I haven’t canceled the subscription and requested a refund is that I otherwise like the ap and I’m hoping it’s a setting I can switch and I just haven’t figured it out yet. I did email support days ago to ask and haven’t heard back…..Version: 1.34

Not greatFound this app to have a poor user experience, delayed response time, and most of the barcodes aren’t found.Version: 1.24

1kcal=1000calThe first thing I noticed when I opened the app is the inaccurate information between cal and kcal. In the medical field kcal= 1000 calories. I tried to bring up this concern to the dev and was told no they are the same. They really are not, I tried to explain the difference and their response was to send me a blog post. Not a medically backed document but a blog post that anyone can write. I shot back multiple medical conversation tables as well as medical studies and honestly I’m abhorred at this app. Comparing the calories of the same food from multiple apps and health sites. The ones in this app is grossly off. I thought this app could help because it had great reviews but I find it will be detrimental to people’s goals with the lack of accuracy. Even the response from the developer is disrespectful lol..Version: 1.29

Not for AustraliaFirst three common items scanned and not found. And how sick are we of these overpriced subscription models? $6.99 a week?? Come on. Show me some value first..Version: 1.12

Difficult to cancel SubscriptionYou can’t go into your subscriptions on your phones settings to cancel it. I had to send THEM a message in the app. Hopefully they will cancel my 3 day trial and Not charge me £10 a week!.Version: 1.34

Keto?Can I tailor the app to keto? Are there only 7 days of keto recipes? And where can I see the macros?.Version: 1.24

Needs More CustomizationThis is a cool app for tracking your meals and water intakes. At this point I am using it mostly for the food database because of a few shortcomings. Where it does need a little work is working with more advanced users both technically and nutritionally One example is if you are already working with a nutritionist, have very specific goals, or if you know what you are doing and would need to enter custom macros. The app does not allow for that which is kind of frustrating. So I ignore the app suggestions and run a tally based on what I have already eaten. The other downside for me is the lack of shortcuts. I’m not going to open the app every time I finish my water bottle. I need something more practical so I started to track that separately with the Apple Health app. That way I can just tap an nfc tag and log my water intake. These days shortcuts are a must for any apps!.Version: 1.23

Should of read reviews firstJust wasted my money!!! Gives the impression it can tell you the calories in something when you take a picture. It doesn’t! You have to scan barcodes or search manually. You can do this for free on other apps. Not worth the money!.Version: 1.13

UnhappyThis app was advertised as being free once downloaded it is nl a trial so I deleted I only gave one star because I Had too or I couldn’t and this review.Version: 1.33

Does not take pictures of foodPurchased the 1 year subscription since the app was advertised on Facebook as being able to detect food calories through photo recognition App will only scan bar codes :(.Version: 1.12

Less than honest advertisingPlease be honest with the public. This app is NOT free, it offers a 3-day free trial, then $11 per week (less for annual payment)..Version: 1.23

Misleading Ads on InstagramThere’s no barcode scanner that shows you “good” and “bad” details. It’s just used for food logging. Not as advertised..Version: 1.21

MisleadingBarcode scanner, meal plans and recipes all become available only when you purchase a subscription. Can only select foods through a search bar on the free version..Version: 1.23

No really freeThe app says it’s free but then goes straight to a payment option after answering some upfront personal questions after downloading it. Don’t waste time downloading unless you want to.Version: 1.12

Yet another deceptionZero stars. I installed the app, based entirely on your top review, that said they liked the option to use it for free with basic capabilities. After starting the app, the set up screen wants me to sign up for a pricey subscription, or a “free trial” for three days, then be charged monthly. I am sick of these subscription models. Sorry, but I came into this, when most useful apps were either free, or a one-time $0.99 charge, and developers were making huge amounts of money on millions of sales. If basic capability for free is an option, then provide it! Otherwise, say what it costs up front, instead of misleading us with hints of a free option, and no indication of the price before download..Version: 1.21

Beware of subscriptionI downloaded the app to try it out and immediately was asked to sign up for trial. I didn’t want to and saw there was an X on the prompt. I was able to start browsing the app and realized it wasn’t for me within a minute or so. I didn’t go through the Apple ID sign-in / double click to agree to anything so I removed the app and thought it was good I at least got to check it out. Then as I usually do, I wanted to ensure nothing was under my subscriptions. To my surprise, this app was listed under current and it said I was on a trial; I canceled it right then and there. Just days later I got a charge for the app! Definitely not happy about this type of tactic. Cannot comment on the app’s purpose since I didn’t end up keeping it but beware of the sneaky subscription..Version: 1.28

Do not purchaseI have requested twice for a refund and no one has contacted me. The customer service is absolutely ridiculous ! This is all in the given time frame of obtaining a refund as well. really bad communication ! Please don’t purchase app unless you are happy too and know there will Be no communication from customer support.Version: 1.13

Expensive for a basic app.Not free..Version: 1.22

Good AppGood for tracking foods however it seems the data is limited so will have to enter new items yourself, disadvantage is that it doesn’t share data to health or other apps so will need to manually input this if you are using other fitness apps. The recipe is also calculated for the total amount of ingredients you input so if making bulk you will have to calculate each serving amount yourself which could be complicated..Version: 1.34

It’s good butI love the way it looks and customizing your servings but it’s one of the few apps that doesn’t give you the bar code scanner for free..Version: 1.23

Food databaseWhen i scan food via the barcode it never finds what im looking for so i tried myfitnesspal which manages to find the correct food straight away when i scan the barcode.Version: 1.13

App has too many shortcomingsThe developers of this app clearly do not understand food recording but have otherwise designed a nice UI that surpasses myFitnessPal. Here are the limitations: -The app requires the user to choose their preferred units, which is fine for weight tracking but not for creating new foods or meals. A user needs to be able to create foods and meals using either metric or imperial. -when creating new foods there are limitations in what unit sizes are available (eg tablespoon) and there is no ability to add a fractional amount (eg .5oz) -when recording foods consumed there are limited options to choose from in the fractional amount. Many recipes are listed as serving 6 or 8etc, but the app has no way to record 1/6 or 1/8 of a recipe. Rendering the new ‘create a meal feature’ virtually useless. -the app locks the user out of meal logging once fasting has started, so if you are someone that logs your food later rather than immediately, you are out of luck once the fasting clock has started. Unfortunately did not uncover these items in the short trial period but going to ask for a refund if these items are not resolved..Version: 1.34

False advertisingDownloaded after ad showing free app there is no free version just a small trial period..Version: 1.25

Not User Friendly and too slow!Takes forever to load the barcode scanner. When using the quick add from previous entries it glitches and takes you back to the top the list. Hard to find foods as well, only success is scanning. Moved to a different app.Version: 1.23

My reviewDon’t get caught out guys! . If you go for the 3 days free trial it actually starts the day before you actually start the trial and then you have to cancel it 1 day before the expiry date or it moves onto the auto renewal at the weekly price! So really it’s a 1 day trial. I wasn’t impressed with the ethos of a company like this so after seeing the features are all very average I deleted it..Version: 1.24

Terrible usabilityNot to be mean, but it took me 15 mins to enter my breakfast, still lacks accuracy, terrible design. Maybe some people find it useful. Also asked for a refund they didn’t respond..Version: 1.16

Can’t correct mistakes.I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t look properly but I even checked the FAQ and there’s no way to correct a mistake you’ve made when entering information about the recipes you consume. I accidentally added a recipe twice for 2 servings (so basically 4 times the amount of calories) when I only wanted to do it once and it completely ruined everything. There’s no way to go back and remove or cancel anything. Tried to go to the FAQ and see how to fix that issue but I couldn’t find anything. I deleted the app simply because of that. If I can’t correct mistakes I make or change misinformation, then the app is basically useless unless you enter the information perfectly every single time with no mistakes. So if I’m wrong please let me know because the app was pretty cool otherwise..Version: 1.22

It’s okI expected more and simpler food logging, but it’s just a difficult as any other app Also expected more for a summary of nutrients but same basic info there as well. Wish I didn’t jump for the full year purchase of $20. I suppose if I just did the free trial I wouldn’t have judged so strongly but still… it isn’t alllll that Also it is disappointing that you can’t enter nutrition goals - for example, i don’t want to be on keto, but I would like to target a lower carb value per day.. you can’t do that here..Version: 1.23

Lost information/ tracking caloriesDownloaded the app yesterday and logged everything. Woke up this morning and took a look at yesterday’s log, only the breakfast section remained. Almost enough to make me remove the app and definitely enough to cancel the subscription..Version: 1.11

Don’t botherMost foods you scan will not register. Pretty pointless app. Tells you that you’ll be notified before you’re charged after your 3 day free trial-it wasn’t even 3 days before I was charged £9.99 with no warning! Have tried to apply for a refund on this because the app is rubbish but I’ve had no luck so far!.Version: 1.33

Worst AppThis App is frustrating! I’ve only just downloaded it and already had a issue trying to amend my target weigh. It keep adding weight and increased my daily calorie intake. 2nd issue I use F1 shakes and p d m for breakfast understandably it didn’t recognise those so I made 2 entries and saved but I wanted to add spinach so scanned the barcode...not recognised (I thought these apps are supposed to simplify things!) entered all the nutritional values manually but the app would let me save the info! It does seem like you can only have 2 things for breakfast, lets see how trying to record my lunch and dinner goes..Version: 1.2

Basic App - Useful but not greatIt helps you to log calories, so that is good, but the barcode scanner is AWFUL and the food database is very much lacking, I am constantly having to do manual entry. I wouldn’t get premium again..Version: 1.33

Not freeYou download it and before you can even have a go - it is asking for a payment card..Version: 1.24

Not for someone who needs to lose a lotThis app is unfortunately not made for someone like me who needs to lose a lot of weight. When I was entering in my information it only gave me two options to lose almost 100lbs in 8 or 10 weeks saying I needed to lose 10+ lbs per week. That is extremely unhealthy! I know the app is not meaning to suggest something so ridiculous, so I’m 100% sure it’s just meant for people who need to lose like 10-15 lbs. I hope they make some updates to include those who want to lose more weight in the right way but we’ll just have to see..Version: 1.13

Do not downloadI downloaded this app , put my details in to see what calories I need to be having each day , to then realise the app isn’t that good so went back to my original app I didn’t sign up to out , but been having £6.99 took out of my bank each week for god knows how long !.Version: 1.32

Nutrition informationHey, I would like to know about nutrition information like Cronometer app! Could you please add this feature. Like how much fiber this food contains and if it is IBS friendly or not.Version: 1.22

Rip offUsing the app now for two days, at no point did I ever agree to pay for the subscription as it was advertised as a “free app”, come to find out it charged my credit card. Unbelievable.Version: 1.27

MisleadingThe ad implies you can take a pic of food and it calculates the calories. Not true. You can scan bar codes only. Waste of money..Version: 1.12

Want my money backI have no idea why this app has such great re. I paid ~$20 for a year subscription because the alternative weekly was so much more expensive. Here’s why I want my money back: 1. The barcode scanner on this app PULLS UP THE WRONG ITEM AND WRONG NUTRITION INFORMATION. If you type it in it sometimes finds it. When it does the nutrition information is correct even though the barcode scan showed totally different nutritional. 2. When it can’t find your food and do a quick manual entry, it doesn’t ask for fiber. 3. You can’t see macros for individual meals; 4. It doesn’t allow you to import recipes-so you have to type it all manually. Save your money and get Myfitnesspal for free. This app stinks!.Version: 1.33

MisleadingI was under the impression that this app was FREE unless I wanted to upgrade to use premium Even though all I did was fill in my basic info, I was automatically charged for this app!!!!!!.Version: 1.16

Too good to be true.I downloaded the app and started putting in my info. When I got to the point where it claimed I could lose almost 50 pounds in 4-6 weeks, I deleted it. I have lost 5+ pounds a week before…after cancer surgery on my tongue when I couldn’t physically eat, and during radiation when little tasted good. No reputable service will suggest losing more than around 2 lbs a week. I’ll stick to my tried and true apps, even if I can’t take a picture and get the calorie count from foods. Oh, wait…other reviews say that this app can’t do that, either..Version: 1.12

WHYWhen adding a food item — because the existing entries literally make ZERO sense— am I only able to select ounces or fluid ounces per unit, and HAVE TO select one or the other. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Why can I not select cups or grams or LITERALLY ANY OTHER STANDARD UNIT OF MEASUREMENT. Trying to be healthy is already confusing enough for the extreme majority of people, we don’t need an app pretending to help and just making it worse. So frustrated and have literally only had this app for less than 10 mins. Do not get it if you’re ND. Want to give 0 stars for how frustrated this has made me already in the short time I’ve had it but unfortunately can’t. I guess the barcode scanner feature is okay, so there you go. Edit: ALSO NO OPTION TO MODIFY MEAL PLANS TO ACCOUNT FOR ALLERGIES. Literally unless you have absolutely no considerations you’d like to account for in your planning/access, just stay away from this app and save your money. Utterly ridiculous..Version: 1.24

Didn’t keep the appI would’ve tried this app for longer, im sure it had good qualities. I was just disappointed when filling out my goals, and there wasn’t an option for weight gain. It showed “lose weight, stay fit, or gain muscle” which isn’t what i’m looking for at all. I’ve been trying to find an app that helps me plan meals, and count my calories . I’ve struggled with gaining weight for awhile, so I thought an app would help me. It’s been extremely difficult to find one that can make a plan that works for me. I’m trying another app now, and maybe if this one changes the goals i’ll try it again..Version: 1.32

No No NoFirst day using it and NOT enjoying the experience. The options for entering units for your own food if they don’t have it are limited. For example tbsp as unit of serving is NOT an option. Also, if you mess up entering in your logged meal you CANNOT edit it. Once it is saved that is it. Now I HAVE used other calorie counters…. For example with Noom and that was SUPER easy and user friendly. It also allowed corrections. This one is okay but still needs tweaking . Try it on free subscription first. DO NOT commit. I canceled my subscription. Okay so I gave this a ONE STAR review and it won’t accept my review. I changed it to a little higher and it let the review go through..Version: 1.22

ConfusedNot sure why I have to pay for the scanner feature- myfitnesspal is included with the free part. It’s annoying every time I log in I get harassed with an ad to pay. I’m still feeling it out, I’ll give it a week and then I think MyFitnessPal wins…I’ll get back to you. Please let me know if I’m Missing something..Version: 1.24

Good start so far but..PLEASE allow your customers to change the recipes into grams instead of cups - being in the UK cups are not how we measure so i can’t really use the recipe feature without a lot of faffing.Version: 1.28

Not freeIt’s not free.Version: 1.26

4 weeks using. It could be improved.It’s great as a basic calorie and weight and app tracker. It lacks some abilities that would make it a more easy to use app like the ability to copy items from one day to the next make your own recipes so you can follow them again later, and I’m sure there are other things if I was to think on it longer..Version: 1.27

£9.99 a week - no thanks!What a joke. The hype on the reviews looked good but £9.99 a week after a measly 3 day trial is a joke. If you have to fleece your customers like this to make a decent profit from your app then something is wrong!.Version: 1.27

NopeThis app is rubbish takes money out without you knowing and doesn’t give back the money months if hard working money now gone, very sneaky so no I do not recommend absolute waste of time..Version: 1.11

No good!I tried the free trial and never received a reminder that the free trial is ending, I am pretty good at keeping track and I went to cancel my subscription in time, how to cancel I’ve very vague, I thought I did so and I got charged $9.99 for a weekly subscription, I contacted support and they tell me developers cannot issue refunds or cancel subscriptions, that it is controlled by iTunes. Am still trying to figure out how to cancel. They say you get 3 days free trial, however, once you get charged after 3 days they consider those free 3 days part of your paid subscription so you will be charged another $9.99 in 4 more days, but you have to cancel 24 hours prior to you subscription renewal otherwise you will be charged for the next weeks subscription. I have never had this much trouble canceling a subscription! Best to avoid this app!.Version: 1.34

Not for EuropeansI live in Switzerland and am British, I buy my food in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK, none of the products are on here. If you’re not situated in the US then forget it..Version: 1.29

DisappointedI don’t know how did I pay for this app. Too disappointed..Version: 1.25

Not free, scamWith how bad it is do u pay people to leave good reviews, because ain’t no way someone likes this scam.Version: 1.28

Not a free app!Free to download but unless you read the T&Cs (which lets be honest who does these days) they will auto subscribe you and charge you! App is only free to download on a ‘trial’ and you don’t physically need to subscribe to be charged, it auto enrols you once the trial period is up - with no warning except the small print in the T&Cs. Feel like the developers are relying on people not reading the T&Cs to legally get away with this. Frustrating!.Version: 1.11

Not upfront about subscription costs10.99 a week is far too steep for what this app offers and this isn’t presented upfront, you only find out the cost after you have downloaded.Version: 1.22

No scanner?Definitely does not scan as shown in the preview !.Version: 1.22

Just okThere’s a few good things to like about this app such as the design/layout but after using a competitor before and more often I didn’t really want to use this app - for example more often than not I found the scanner to not work or pick up the upc codes and I would have to do more manual entering than expected. So I went back to the competitor and will continue with that..Version: 1.27

Not freeHonestly, I hate when they say if free but then surprise. Be honest from the start that you want to pocket money, there is your fee and jog on.Version: 1.26

Bought a subscription and the next day it didn’t existLong story short I downloaded this app and bought a subscription that lasted a year. Used it that day using the fasting feature and it worked well and then the next morning I went into the app and the fasting feature was no longer there and I was getting adds for premium again. I went to my subscription tab in settings on my phone and the subscription is still active. I also contacted customer support about 5 days ago and I’ve had zero responses. I’m hoping the developers see this and fix my issue..Version: 1.34

Scanning barcodesHaven’t been able to get calorie info when scanning barcodes on many items is it because it is an American app? I live in New Zealand.Version: 1.12

Ad misleading, weight loss recommendation laughableThe ad I was served showed someone taking a photo of food and the app displaying calories. Implausible that would work well, but if someone out there is making Hot Dog / Not Hot Dog from Silicon Valley, I wanted to see it. The two things I discovered were: 1. Nothing about this app appears to be photo-based. You just enter foods as in MyFitnessPal or any number of other apps. 2. I entered accurate biometric data, and the app recommended that I could lose 9# per week as a “moderate approach” but that if I wanted to get “intense” I could do 13. And the “moderate” approach had me losing that weight on 1900 calories a day, with me stating my activity level as the lowest setting. These recommendations are neither physiologically plausible nor advisable. I hope this is a bug and not the intended functionality - I even checked my profile in the app to make sure my data had been saved correctly. Maybe some issue on the back end is storing my 215 lb body weight as kg, and that’s screwing with the recommendations (?). In any case, there are far better apps out there for this purpose. I’d recommend MacroFactor..Version: 1.8

Allow user to add recipesAllow users to add recipes Put table spoons as unit of measurement in all food.Version: 1.32

Refund… NOWI paid around £17 for yearly subscription which is the only option it would allow …? I only used to app for 2-3 days before not wanting it anymore. I’m waiting on my yearly subscription money back because that it not what I paid for. Very poor.Version: 1.12

Great MFP replacementI’ve been looking for an alternative to MFP for a while now and so far this is the best option. I actually think the user interface is a lot better and love that it asks you your goals and automatically suggests macros and calories. However there’s just a few small differences that make me hesitant to switch. First being that there are no support for widgets which I rely on to remind me to log and keep up with my goals. I think it would be an amazing addition to the app to offer widgets for quick adding and viewing of counts from the Home Screen. My second issue is that when I downloaded the app and at the time of writing, the App Store page advertises 50 percent off the subscription price and in the app there is absolutely no mention of this. Seems kind of odd to me..Version: 1.24

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