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Jelly Dye app received 59 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jelly dye?

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Great But Some Issues...First, I’ll talk about the good stuff! It is very satisfying when I press the syringe button! Now the fixable things. When I fill up the jelly, it takes four of the Evers to I’ll up. If it has multiple colors it takes 6 tries at least to fill up one section.😩The second thing is all of the ads! After finishing one stage or fully coloring one section. The ads are so annoying and always pull up the download screen. It takes a long time for them to close out. The third issue is that some of the jelly’s are inappropriate. For example, stage 5 was a woman with a bra. The 16th stage was a bikini. Also, the monthly subscription of 5 dollars a week is too much to pay to remove ads. If they just had a one time pay to remove ads, I would do it. I honestly don’t care about the VIP syringes. All I care about is the ad removal. If you could do those things, make a plan that just removes ads for a one time payment, fill the jelly up in less squirts, and take inappropriate jelly’s out of the game then I would love it even more than I do now! So yeah! Thanks and please read!.Version: 3.2.0

GoodIt is a really good and satisfying game but for some levels u have to watch adds to play them please change that and also put ur device on airoplane mode and then there’s are no adds.Version: 3.1.0

KamilleI love how the jelly is like so so satisfying and the little things were poking to the jelly it looks so good but the ads when I was like on level four that’s when the TheAdd started annoying me and makes me so mad if I had to keep going through this on Jelly Dye I am just going to delete it will not delete it I’m just gonna get mad at really mad at jelly die but like jelly day is just too much that’s like really good too much but how the outdoor oh they’re bad way too much.Version: 2.9.1

Odly ANOYING addsThe game is SUPER satisfing. But the adds are SO ANOYING and like theres too many adds.( the advertisments aren even good ) plus it's like your anoying someone and then satisfy them and so on. This is why this game deservs 4 stars in my opinion..Version: 3.0.5

FIX THIS AND DON’T IGNORE ME!I love it, but pls. You guys don’t know what it’s like to have a bunch of ads on games. (The person who made this game). You guys have been reading people complaining and arguing about ads. ADS! Literally. If you guys know it’s annoying for others, then fix it. I’m so angry. They are so annoying and stressing. You guys might be saying, “Gosh- chill, don’t have to be screaming at us.” I know, I shouldn’t be. But I have too cause I am really angry and annoyed of ads. If you guys know, that they are so annoying for others, then take it off. I have seen some games that allow you to take of ads. But, oh please, they want MONEY! STUPID MONEY! Bruh, Money isn’t life, it won’t last long. Please learn that, sorry for screaming. Please fix this! :( and it’s also laggy. If you guys want people to give 5 stars, each people give 5 stars for this game, then fix the issues that they have been complaining about. It’s annoying. What do ads do? They just show you dumb games and more. But people ignore them a lot. I have seen people write their titles: Great but some issues, it’s fun but a couple of issues. If you guys seen this, read it, don’t ignore it. And people are angry about it. You guys don’t feel them, cause you guys don’t know what it’s like to have a game with bunch of dumb ads. FIX IT!.Version: 3.2.1

I love this gameI love this game so much because it is the best game that I have ever had . When I am bored I love. To play this game cause you know that there is nothing else to do and watching tik tok is kinda boring so that’s why I don’t really stay on my phone like that cause it makes me mad . The only time that I stay on my phone is when I am talking to my best friend cause he is the only person. That I really talk to all the time.Version: 2.9.1

Ok so. A few things.Alright lemme get to the point. The levels that have adds required won’t work. I press them and nothing happens. It’s really annoying. Second, every one talks abt how many adds and I don’t get any, that’s why I gave this game 4.5/5 stars. :) so to the developers I like ur game. Just take my friendly suggestions and ur game will be good. Thank you for your time. Btw this is from the perspective of a 11 year old girl:) also I think that this game should be rated 9+ due to the bikini you have to fill..Version: 2.9.1

Turn ur wifi of dummysCan y’all stop being annoying and not complain about the ads. just turn ur stupid wifi off😑.Version: 3.1.0

LoveDo you want to kiss me 💋💋💋💋💋💋😘😘😘😚😚.Version: 3.0.2

The best game everThere’s still a lot of ads but that won’t stop me from liking it.Version: 3.2.0

Amazing game but needs changesI think you should get this game if you are fine with all the ads and this game is really fun if you are a person who likes to squish thingsAnd if you're really really really really fine with glitches like a lot this game is definitely for you but if you hate glitches and a bunch of ads and VIP always trying to get you to buy it and All that other stuff you hate this game is NOT for you.Version: 3.0.3

GoodIt’s the best but the adds are anioing.Version: 3.0.5

STOP WITH DA ADDDDSSSTo many adds ima delete this game it ruins everything no ones gonna play it if there ads popping up every second 😡😤.Version: 2.7

It’s so funI know it has ads let’s of ads but I found a trick all you have to do is put it on airplane mode.Version: 2.7

Satisfying and fun.This game is just amazing. I’ve played this game for the past week and it’s just satisfyed me so much. I really suggest this game if your some one who is trying to find a app for there device. I mean there is one problem. The ads are kinda crazy. They are always during the dyeing process. They have to put it after that. Otherwise besides that this game is amazing. Just play it. You’ll enjoy it a lot. 👍.Version: 2.9.1

VipYes.Version: 3.0.4

Love 💗I love it it’s so much fun and helps me get over my sadness. Play it and have fun 🤩.Version: 3.2.0

Wow is goodSo I got the app bc I was so bored 😑 and the app was soooo good and satisfied 👍👍👍👍😂.Version: 2.9.1

My game keeps changingSo every time I play it seems fine but the next day when I want to play the game is way different than before and I can only fill certain thing and there isn’t to many options and when I click on the pictures, they are colored (since I colored them before it changed) after I click them the jelly falls down but is not what was on the picture before. Not sure if this is just me or if anyone else is having this problem but PLEASE FIX THIS thank you.Version: 3.2.1

Good Game needs more levelsThis is a great game. I think there are a little to many adds but other than that it is really good. I have had this game for not to long and I have already completed all of the levels! I am really mad because this is a great game and I can’t play it until they update it. So if the people who made this game read this please add more levels and maybe less adds. But overall this is a great game. I definitely recommend it if you need to relax..Version: 2.9

What the heck!?!?!?So heres the thing too many ads so many ads in the middle of each round: ad almost done:ad lol also........ WHO CME UP WITH THIS who dyes jelly!? Its so strange like what idea did this come from?! Idk but enjoy the ads oh i meant game OOPS BYEEEEEEEE also the silent rose the ads depend on what you play and watch and what you like its not the game i have a thing like fill this with this color and win now this soooo yeah the ads arent based on the games choice its what you play like and read ty so much for reading byeeee.Version: 2.9.1

Great but for a thingNow This is a great game it’s fun and I recommend it if u like art. Now as u can see the tittle if this review there is 1 thing I don’t like it’s all the ads every 30 sec ads come up there like 10 sec ads but still it makes u loose focus now u can remove them by purchasing vip pass the first 3 days are free but then it’s 5 dollars a week so I don’t understand why it’s 5 dollars for add removal and a few other things like x2 points and extra skins for your tye dye squirter but other wise VIP is cool and has some cool things added to it but I think it’s a lot of money for 1 week but it’s a good game but let’s say u can’t make in app purchases well your doomed with adds but it’s a fun game and I recommend it maybe try to get VIP its so much better then but this is a fun game just please don’t get mad at the makers when u see the amount of ads when U don’t have vip I think I’ve kept u here long enough enjoy the game and peace..Version: 3.2.0

AdsThis game is good, the only thing is that it has so many ads, every time i completed a level around 3 or 4 ads come up. Other then that its a great game..Version: 3.2.0

Read this person that made the app😒Okay so it is a very good game and I like it I just started playing it today I just downloaded it thinking it would be a fun game whenever I was making the little jelly flower there was literally like five or six ads and I was like what the heck why is there so much ads on this game whenever I was playing and I just started playing this game so person That made this game can you please get rid of the ads, please?😊.Version: 2.9

YesI love this app but there is just one thing it has so many adds that every time you try to choose a new colour it puts on a add which is pretty annoying but other than that I love this app and it is amazing mostly because of the satisfaction.Version: 3.2.0

Good fanThis game is inspiring it puts my mind to looking at a screen I know that sounds bad but when you play the game it’s like you’re playing with jelly it’s like Jell-O you’re jiggling it and it’s so fun.Version: 2.9.1

Ok (honest)⚠️⛔️Ok so this game is decent you start out with multiple colour choices a syringe and the jelly, you fill it up and after every level you get an add. that is how the game goes now is like to explain what could make this game better, first off I like how the dye fills the jelly but when you first inject it in it looks like spray paint and then it looks how the adds appear it to fill (flowwy) then to the second not enough challenge, I wish there was a challenge every one in a while like “deliver the jelly carefully” and you would have to mail out the jelly and dyes. I’d also like to see different locations for the background, like the jungle. other then my critiques and suggestions this game is easy and satisfying I love how the jelly jiggles and all the different syringe skins. 4/5 recommended..Version: 3.1.0

Jelly fillIt’s very good I like how you have to challenge and have fun 👍.Version: 3.1.0

Amazing gameThis game is so satisfying download it now!.Version: 3.2.0

AIRPLANE MODE USE ITEver heard of airplane mode USE IT😡😡😡😡😡 If you don’t like adds.Version: 2.5

This is amazing! (Suggestions)The dye physics is amazing! It is so satisfying when you inject the dye and it just fills! You perfectly replicated real water physics! I have one suggestion though: I think you should add a sandbox mode where you have access to all colors and you can just color in any jello shape you want! I think it would be fair if you could only do sandbox mode with the current levels you have unlocked, so there are no spoilers! Other than that, this game is incredible, and I recommend it for passing time in the car, or just when you are bored! A solid five stars!.Version: 3.0.4

Amazing! But...This game is awesome! But they should add more skins! Also.. to many adds!! But besides that this game is amazing!.Version: 3.0.3

The game is so goodHi I am Lea and this game is so good.Version: 3.0.2

Get itIt’s so satisfying and fun get it.Version: 3.0.4

Jelly dyeThis game is soooo satesfiying.Version: 3.2.0

The sky isI really recommend this game but there a lot of ads but overall it’s really fun!!!!.Version: 3.2.0

This game is my first ever game!!!I love this app😱😱.Version: 2.9.1

A few problems...So i know most likely a lot of people are a fan of this game, i am to, but theres one problem thats going around a lot of games like this. The ads! If when im in the middle of dying the jelly, a add comes up and ruins it. When i first downloaded it i thought: wow, what a satisfying game! But Later on i wasn’t able to enjoy the game because of all the adds! I know, adds help you learn about new things, but litterly how i found out about the game was from another add. I know this is a lot of complaning but it can be really annoying. I would give you a 5 star review but the adds wouldn’t let me. So can you please lower down the amount of adds? We will all be very greatful if you do. Im also sure there a lot of reviews like this but either way please fix this problem. Have a good day or night!(or even evening)..Version: 3.0.3

Good game but some potential improvementsThis game is really good, it’s a creative idea, and you guys did really good. The only things I don’t like are the ads. I know it’s how you make money since the game is free but it is still kind of annoying. Maybe you could like put small ads at the bottom so they’re still there but you don’t annoy me that much, but I understand how hard it is to make a game and you are doing very good. Also, there are some levels where you have to watch ads, and the ads you watch are usually long because you can’t press X if you still want to do the level. This falls under the ads category but it is still something I want you guys to think of. Have a good day ☺️😊.Version: 2.9.1

The same reviews on every game....Idiots turn off your wifi for no ads.Version: 2.9.1

Im mad for other peopleI will say, the game is nice when there are no ads! 10/10 game with no ads! But the reason i gave it 4 stars is because alot of people dont know you can play most games without wifi and they get alot of ads and the fact you guys dont fix the ad problem for others who dont know makes me sad people go through ads while i and others that turn of wifi enjoy the game Please let them play in peace... But just in case you guys wanna not fix it A little hack for others: turn of your wifi and play this! Most of the time you can log back in your wifi because you or someone else put the wifi password in (or it lets you in cause the router is nearby) now you can this this game (and other weird games like this) with no interruption! But please fix this bug!.Version: 3.2.1

SO MANY ADDSPls help me when I’m making the jelly inside THERE IS AN ADD about… best game ever :).Version: 3.0.2

Wow, wow, wowThis app is amazing, definitely helps with my anxiety and stress. I never really have adds. I would absolutely recommend this app!!!.Version: 3.0.5

Love this gameI love all the thing’s you can dye.Version: 3.0.5

SatisfyingI ❤️ this app so satisfying . And not that many adds I have had this game For a long time and had 2 adds . Wish in future all apps be like this app!!!💗.Version: 3.0.3

This is a great game for when u are stressedThis game is a great game and oddly satisfying. The reason why I love this game is because when I was stressed I didn’t have any game and then I saw this and wanted to give it a go when I got in the game I did not regret it a bit the way the jelly move is also satisfying and played the game for maybe 3 hours overall this is a great game.Version: 2.9.1

Good but some slight issuesSo first off this is a great app and i recommend it if you have bad anxiety and stress like me! it’s a very fun and relaxing game! there are only 3 issues for me. 1. There are so many ads, you will get done coloring a section and then an ad, but then if you leave the ad sometimes it will freeze and then you have to go back and re-do the section that you already did. (idk if that’s just because of my phone or because of the app) 2. some boards you have to watch an ad to do, now this wouldn’t be as big of an issue of it didn’t have a ton of ads to begin with. 3. they repeat boards. after you hit about 100 boards done (which doesn’t take very long) you start to see boards you’ve already done. Not to mention the reward it the skins that you will have already received. i think if they were to add more boards, remove some ads, and add some more skins this game would be PERFECT!!!.Version: 3.2.1

Good app❤️😘😍🥰💕💙💜💔💗🖤💛💖💞💚❣️💓😻🧡💘💝🤟🏻😽👩‍❤️‍👨💌💏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💟👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💑👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏩🤍🤎💒😊☺️😊☺️.Version: 2.9.1

All about you guysI really love this game it’s really fun and I could play it all day.Version: 3.0.5

Jelly Dye⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ this game is so satisfying I let my little brother try and he said “omg sis can I play moreeeeee,pleaseeeeeeee!!”.Version: 3.1.0

I haven’t got any adds so far good job! 👏🏼 great game by the way💛💛💛.Version: 3.0.1

Better games than this🙃Ok so this is MY honest opinion. I really like the game because it is very satisfying but way to many adds and I know everyone else is saying that but I feel like the game would be better if every 4 levels you get an add that’s just what I think. And it takes soooo long to fill up one small Area like why it shouldn’t take 6 tries it should take 2 or 1. And I feel like it would be better if you added sound to the game. Like when you push the stuff inside. (Sorry if that sounded wrong). And some of the jelly molds are very disturbing or inappropriate. Like the girl with the bra or bikini and the eggplant... I just find it wrong for little kids to play🤨 and some of the jelly molds well all of them need at least 3 colors so why add more if you only gonna add 3🤔 anyway that is MY honest opinion so bye.🤗.Version: 3.2.0

Way to many adsSo I downloaded this game because I thought it was cool and satisfying but I’m barely on the 3rd level and I already received 6 ads and when I’m trying to relax it gives me a 1 minute ad I don’t like it so developer please remove the ads I know you want me or other people to play your other games but please stop it it’s pretty annoying but other than that it’s an amazing game with satisfaction but another thing that I don’t like is that it dosent give me instructions like what am I supposed to do if I don’t have directions and the colors that I use just fade away please fix this game please 🙏🏻.Version: 2.6

AmazingIt is very satisfying and you can enjoy it.Version: 3.0.5

Great AppIt’s really and TOTALLY satisfying. It has entertained me for so long . I have been waiting so long for this app and I just finally got it and I don’t regret it. I would defiantly recommend this app to anyone looking for entertainment that will last more than a few hours. Also, lots of people are reporting bugs and I just wanted to say I haven’t seen any so far but in the future I might find a bug.Version: 3.2.0

Could be ImprovedI honestly like this game. I don’t think there’s much wrong with it... there are a ton of ads, so I turned on airplane mode, but then I can’t get any notifications. Also, I’ve read a lot of these reviews and a lot of them say the little picture in the corner is black and white..? It’s not, at least for me, however, the colors that it gave me to dye are completely different from the picture. Idk if it’s black and white once you get to a certain level..? Or if it’s just a glitch for some ppl. You do have to watch ads to unlock certain levels, which I’m ok with, but I hate the ads that pop up when I’m right in the middle of a level... otherwise this game is pretty decent, it’s satisfying and it’s a way to pass time... especially when you don’t have internet. 🤦‍♀️.Version: 2.3

Why?The game is pretty fun, but I colored almost every one of the things, the reason it’s “almost” is because you have to watch an ad to get the rest. I had my WiFi off because I saw people talking about the ads and I didn’t wanna have to deal with them, but you have to complete ALL the levels to get to the next thing, and when I try to watch the ads to get the next level all it does is say “the ad is not available” and so I’m gonna delete the app because I can’t progress. Good game, I just have an ad problem. (I had my WiFi on when getting the ads and it still didn’t work) So turns out I had a glitch of something kind…after writing this review I looked at the app again and…it works now? I’m confused but I take it back I guess…sorry.Version: 2.3

This game is so satisfyingI love this game so much like this game is so satisfying I play this every day andAnd you should like play it to you because this game is like so much fun and I love it like that’s why I said it double timeBecause this game is so fun and you should try it and I want you to try it because it will make you fall asleep when you can’t fall asleep and yeah and when I like play it at night it makes my eyes are so heavyIt makes like a good sound well it doesn’t make a sound but this game makes you fall asleep really fast when you don’t want to go to sleep because I fell asleep every single day when I play this at night so you should try it I love this game hehehehe😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴zzzzzz.!.Version: 2.9.1

OK but just a few thingsOkay so overall it’s a really nice game it’s fun, satisfying, and a good pastime. But 2 just 2 things. 1: THE ADS! There’s literally an ad every single level. I mean I know that you need them to make money and get people to play your other games but please consider making it like every 3 levels or something. 2: I just got the game and I haven’t finished all the levels yet but I went to the levels and scrolled down all the way and there was 86. I don’t know what happens when you finish maybe you just stop or you have to repeat them. Once I finish, I’ll probably just delete it because there’s no point. Please try to make more levels. Thanks. It is a really fun game though..Version: 2.9.1

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