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Real Drive 3D app received 62 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about real drive 3d?

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Repeats levels after a fewThis game tells you they will get a lot of your information from your phone for playing it and afterwards after playing & passing about 30 levels then it just all repeats the same courses all over again while the “levels” keep going up even tho it’s all the same levels as before.Version: 21.1.31

Dont play thisGame is pretty terrible as it is but the ad or sometimes 2 after every level makes it unplayable and just overall terrible.Version: 21.2.24

Good game but too much adsToo much Ad.Version: 21.2.24

Fun but it Repeats...The game after like, 75 or so levels it starts to repeat. I am on level 225 but I’m literally doing stoping and going then the level is over.. But it is a lot of fun to play, you really do feel like you are driving the car. I was quite addicted to this game until it started to repeat.Version: 21.1.31

Worst app ever downloadedLooks like a great game. Played the intro to the game. Was 10 ads and still ads kept coming. What’s the point of downloading and not even being able to play one level before you are bombarded with ads.Version: 21.2.24

This gameThis game is great but I do not like how to move the car you have to also hold the steering wheel 😧but other then that this game is great!!!.Version: 21.2.24

LikeI like this game But there is one thing I would change, And that’s all the adds.Version: 21.2.24

My reviewSo I am trying to learn how to drive maybe for not other people but I wish like if you make mistakes it will tell you how to fix it instead of just giving you chances because this might be a game for little children but in the ad for it, it looked very grown up so I just wanted to rate this game a 3 I would recommend this game if you were a child but don’t recommend if you are trying to learn and need explaining but I will still play the game because it is fun but thank you for letting me review bye now!.Version: 21.2.24

Not muchThere’s nothing at all it just boring.Version: 21.1.31

Ads ruin itWatch an ad after every level. Watch an ad to claim a new car. Watch an ad to triple your coins. I’ll just uninstall your game instead.Version: 21.2.24

Ads with a minigameThe game seems pretty fun. i like it, but the ads are just too much. i get they have to make their money somehow, but if i were to put it into a ratio ads take up to 75% of the "gameplay" it's just exhausting to wait through so many scammy ads. it got frustrating very quickly. then again i think this game is quite neat. i really hope the devs read this and maybe consider lowering the ads a bit so people can actually play through and enjoy the game..Version: 21.2.24

It was a great gameI had been playing for 2 two weeks now, and when they update it they mess it up. I really enjoyed playing this game before the update now it has a blue thing over the car that won’t let you see. Also, I can’t pass the level that I am in because before I get to the end line it will say that I lose. I am not going to play this game anymore, and I will say my friend to not played it anymore too..Version: 21.1.23

Game in between AdsYou get 10 secs of play before a 30 second ad kicks in. The levels are pretty much the same and I lost interest after the 3 rd level. Come on guys you need to do better.Version: 21.1.31

OpinionI see why this game has a low review. There are a lot of ads too many if you ask me and I have to watch a video just to get a car or truck in the game. The only thing I like about the game is how the physics of the car feel. I don’t want to put a lot of effort in writing this review because when you play the game it’s self explanatory on why this has a low rating..Version: 21.1.31

GoodIt’s kind of fun and that’s all.Version: 21.4.9

HorribleI’m on level 112 and they are still just repeating different levels in different order’s I would not get this game ever again.Version: 21.4.9

CapThis game is dog water sorry.Version: 21.2.24

AdsI think you might have a game in your ads??.Version: 21.2.24

Glitch?I don’t know what happened, but I’m on level 112 and I can’t even keep playing because the car just falls through the floor. It doesn’t even land on ground or anything and then I can’t move. Also a few levels before when I went on top of things to get to the finish line, I wasn’t able to see where I was going and I could only see the top, the ceiling I guess, and it was all gray. I didn’t know where I was going..Version: 21.1.31

RepeatedI am on level 370... after about 80 levels or less, the levels just repeat. It was really fun but now its just a time passer bc the same levels just keep coming back... boring.Version: 21.2.24

Very good but one thingI think this game is so great but there should be more cars and they should have more speed in them. Other then that I highly recommend this game it is very fun I play it every night before I go to sleep and I stay up a bit late playing it 😜👍.Version: 21.4.9

Good simple game however glitchy and freezes a lotAll fine at first however most of the time now it won’t let me play as it just freezes..Version: 21.1.31

Constantly crashesSays will run on iPhone 6. Starts, shows loading bar and crashes out to home screen after 6 seconds. 0/5.Version: 21.2.24

No. No. No.This game is pretty entertaining, but it has no level of difficulty (it’s the same level all the way through). Which is really annoying!!!!! And also when it gives me the chance to get a car, it says no ad available to get it which is also REALLY ANNOYING!!!! ❌DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND❌.Version: 21.2.24

SorryI haven’t played it yet but based off the reviews the game is pretty bad.Version: 21.1.31

Advert. Play. Advert. Advert. Advert.Gameplay to advert ratio terrible. Quite good gameplay but spend too much time watching adverts or being offered adverts to upgrade to make this anything other than a quick delete..Version: 21.2.24

Repeats levels after 46It reverts to the same map as level 1 and goes in order, AGAIN. the ads after every short round is annoying. The game is fine.Version: 21.2.24

BadRepeating levels, pretty bad.Version: 21.1.31

Purpose of cars ?!Ok playing the game casually spend and save 30k on a car thinking “oh its gonna be faster unlike the 2mph car i already have” but no its the same and thats why the game has 2.8 ratings..Version: 21.1.31

Doesn’t function right, too many adsYou get an ad after every level which is super annoying. I understand here and there but you spend more time watching ads than playing. Also, at the end of each round it gives you the option for extra coins or extra vehicles by watching an ad and every time it says no ad available and you lose the extra offerings. Nothing but a bait and switch game to make you buy things to play..Version: 21.1.31

Full of addsDon’t download this game, you can play for 10 sec and then boom advertisements shows up..Version: 21.2.24

StuckDoesn’t let me get past level 7 even if I skip it.Version: 21.1.31

BoringI like it a bit because you try to stay straight but you can’t because the steering wheel keeps on moving and it isn’t as good as everyone else thinks it is.Version: 21.2.24

GoodIt is good but when it shoes a new car you have to watch a add.Version: 21.2.24

Worst game full of adsFull of ads, you play 3 seconds game and get 10-15 seconds ads. Its a garbage.Version: 21.1.31

SorryThere is accelerator or break in this moves by stering and they call is real car.oh cmon!!! Waste of time!.Version: 21.2.24

NO MORE ADSSI hate the ADSSSSSSSS NO ADSS.Version: 21.4.9

AddsI love this game so much but after every level it has an add which is really annoying and when you fail it makes you have an add but nothing else because I love this game.Version: 21.2.24

SadSad.Version: 21.2.24

Be prepared to be bombarded with ADS!Felt interesting enough and once I finished the first stage, it showed an ad. All I did was take a car up to the end and it took 7 seconds. Then it showed Me 2 30 second ads and an ad banner on the next screen. I decided to try it one more time in case it was a one time thing so I beat the next stage and unfortunately they repeated the ad cycles. How in the world can you call this a game? This is just a money grab of an app. Don’t waste your time. You’ll be better off playing other car games..Version: 21.4.9

Too many addsThis game is nice(ish) but there are way too many adds.Version: 21.2.24

DumbIt’s dumb. And the amount of ads is rediculous.Version: 21.4.9

Too much adsPlay this game for 3s and 1 minutes ads? Garbage. Dont download this app please.Version: 21.2.24

AdsSo there are no ads available to watch when you’re trying to get a new car but you somehow have plenty of ads available to put one after every level without fail? Please explain this..Version: 21.1.31

About the gameSo apperantly i thaught it was going to be side ways but it was straight then when I stop the car it leans forward like it’s going to tip over and after you finished a level there always has to be a advert and it’s quite annoying now.Version: 21.1.31

Don’t get itIf you are thinking of getting this game don’t because there are so many ads and there is nothing really good about it.Version: 21.1.31

It won’t let me get a new carAfter each game you are allowed to watch a video to get extra coins or to unlock a new vehicle. But every time I try to use this feature it says ad is unavailable even when I am in WiFi. I would also like to say that there are too many ads and their is one after each level. Besides that I think it is a good game and something to do to pass time.Version: 21.2.24

Gets BoringFun for a bit, but repeats the same levels over and over.Version: 21.2.24

BadThis game is so garbage it's dumb you can't even turn your device like what was this game made on ipad 2?? The graphics are bad there's no drifting no paddle for braking or to go the steering wheel is to fast. Really bad game 👎.Version: 21.1.31

IThe games is fun it would be funnier if it was more like driving a car.Version: 21.4.9

As way too aggressiveSpent 2 minutes playing, and what felt like 10 minutes watching ads. Deleted within 20 minutes of install..Version: 21.2.24

Absolutely RIDICULOUS ads!!!This could potentially be a good game but who in their right mind would spend 10 seconds playing a game only to watch a 30 second ad....over and over and over. I thought there is no way they have an ad after every single mini driving session, but I was wrong. People will watch ads for rewards or they will pay to remove them if you get them to love the game BEFORE BOMBARDING them with ads but overloading the ads is the fastest way to get people to delete the game..Version: 21.2.24

Way too many adsIt could have been a good game but it’s a bit ridiculous how many ads there are. He dev team, don’t you want players to stick with it? How about not annoying them to death!.Version: 21.4.9

Ridiculous amount of adsThe game could be fun, but I didn't even get past the 3rd level before I uninstalled because of the annoying ads. No one wants to be stopped by an ad every single level you complete..Version: 21.2.24

BrilliantLove the game but wish the levels were longer as they are all very short; it would also be nice to add a game mode where you can drive freely around the city or something I think that would be cool :) also after a while it keeps repeating levels and gets quite boring.Version: 21.2.24

Good Game, Excessive Amount of AdsThis game is AWESOME, but the ads are out of control. Every level, I get a congratulations... with and ad. I kid you not, every level has an ad after it. I understand that ads help you get paid and upgrade the game more, but does it really have to be after every round? (Don’t mean to sound like a Karen, sorry If I do :/ ) I mean the game’s great don’t get me wrong, but if they could just tone the ads a little bit and not show one after ever game, then I would totally play this game and give it five stars..Version: 21.2.24

Eh, could use some work.I saw this game which was one of my ads on another game I like playing. When I saw it it caught my eye. So, I watched the ad fully and waited to see if I would get a chance to “try it out.” Eventually, I made it to the finish line. After that I was interested. I downloaded the game the first few levels were good. Getting used to how to play you know? As I progress into the game more deeply more and more ads came up every time I completed a level. I like this game, it just needs a few touch ups. Such as less ads, maybe a speed feature once you progress into it more, and maybe instead of three lives it should be giving you a chance to try to fix your mistake. Since we don’t have three lives while driving. This game should get kids to want to learn how to drive and start learning instead of just a “three strike and you’re out.” Please take these into consideration.Version: 21.2.24

CrapTo many ads try to play one level and then ads. it’s about 3% playing and 97% ads..Version: 21.4.9

Can’t get onto the game😭🤬It looked like an amazing game so that’s why I downloaded it. Bu the thing about is that I can’t even get onto the game because when it’s loading at the start it just freezes and goes if the game. Loads of the reviews say this game is amazing but I don’t understand how they can get onto the game and I can’t.😭🤬.Version: 21.2.24

Awesome game just one thingI love the game. There is just one thing. I’m one level 44 and in the end if you take a turn right without crossing the finish line there are no boundaries and you can explore the whole area of that level. And you don’t lose the level or lives. Your free to explore..Version: 21.1.31

Real drive 3DYour game is rubbish and i think your going to lose a lot of players because when I complete the level and it offers you to watch a ad to receive the car it keeps saying no ad available that is so annoying and I’m really getting peed off so either fix it or delete the game all together.Version: 21.1.31

Ad after adPlayed for 10 minutes before deleting, more ads than game play..Version: 21.2.24

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Is Real Drive 3D not working?

Real Drive 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Real Drive 3D.

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