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Welcome to MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT — celebrating the hit TV anime series now in its 6th season!
Check out a lot of exclusive illustrations of the Heroes and the Villains!
Recommend to you who want to enjoy strategic battles with their Quirks!

What you'll find in MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT:
- An explosive battle RPG with heroes and villains you know and love.
- Use your heroes’ iconic Quirks and let them shine!
- Climb the ranks to be the top hero!

▼ A casual 3-on-3 Quirk battle with your trained heroes and fierce opponents!
- Activate Quirks with the tap of a finger.
- Build skill chains with your heroes' Quirks!
- Break out your flashy Plus Ultra Moves for the final punch!

▼ It's on you to develop your favorite heroes' Quirks!
- Train up with U.A. High teachers and Pro Heroes at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ)
- Formidable enemies await at the never-before-seen VE Tower!

Put together your team of heroes, use the Quirks to your advantage, and stand bravely against the heinous pursuits of the villains looming ahead!

▼ Relive the tale of My Hero Academia in “Main Quest”!
- Follow the story from Izuku Midoriya’s first encounter with All Might, the No. 1 Hero.
- See the students of U.A. High Class 1-A grow, watch as USJ faces an onslaught, and compete at the U.A. Sports Festival!
- The League of Villains comes striking down, even as Shie Hassaikai becomes a threat.
- Experience familiar, memorable scenes from the TV anime and enjoy each and every battle as Deku and his friends aim to become Pro Heroes!

▼ Check out a collection of exclusive illustrations!
- Display your favorite Ultra Rare character on your Home screen and watch them come alive with the “Cinemagraphy” feature!
- Train your characters to awaken them and unlock new original illustrations.

▼ Customize your Hero Base as U.A. High School, a villain hideout or more!
- Invite your heroes and villains to your space!

▼ Test your skills in Ultra Arena!
- Challenge other players and battle against their hero teams.
- Leverage the Quirks of your carefully trained heroes to win!
- Master the game and claim your spot at the top of the rankings.

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Best anime gameInsane game way better than my hero strongest hero.Luka_MiloVersion: 2.0.1

GameI haven’t played this yet but even without playing I’ll rate 100/10.Daveandrson abatVersion: 2.0.1

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False rate up ratioImagine rolling 100 rolls and get 6 UR heroes but none of them is the rate-up.NekoKamixVersion: 2.0.1

Another low effort BANDAI gameIf you’ve played one BANDAI game in the last 3 years you’ve played them all. This game is so similar to every other title they release for popular ips, it is eerily similar to slime isekai memories and Black Clover Phantom Knights in ALL the worst ways. 1. The PvP is so unbelievably rigged. The opponent is guaranteed 3 perfect combos but if you’re attacking you NEED to manually play in order to get the same. So you’re at an immediate disadvantage from the start. How is that fair? lol Whoever thought that was a good idea seriously needs to give their head a wobble. I’m also losing in speed against teams with absolutely nobody awakened. How? Even with at least two units awakened, ex unlocked, maxed memories and ex and 2 off maxed pierce route. Basically if you’re not going first, you’re likely not winning even with a 20k+ power difference at times. Almost no skill or tactics goes into the pvp. The only tactic is choosing your opponents wisely. Even Black Clover Phantom Knights was better then this. Even princess connect pvp system is better then this and that’s saying something… 2. 500 gems for a 10 pull in a game that drip feeds gems to you is an insult to your players… that’s worse then Slime Isekai memories and you made that game too. The Pity system is even worse then Slimes, you could only Trust BANDAI to go backwards in game development. It literally makes no sense. 3. The rewards are an absolute joke. In VE tower top 800 gives 50 gems. So basically if you can’t place in the rankings on ALL or multiple stages by the end there is literally no point. The arena gems are again WAY too low I’ll be getting roughly 170-200 a month, not even enough for half of a 10 pull. Comparatively 7DS Grand Cross arena gives me enough for 6, almost 7 10 pulls in the same time. And that’s disregarding all the other forms of the premium currency available at our fingertips. 4. The gameplay is okay if not incredibly simple (again like every other game they make) and the auto system and ai is decent enough. However the perfect combo system just does not make any sense, it’s a mechanic that forces you to play if you want optimal output in a game that is PvE where we are already asked to optimise our characters and memories using a bottle neck grinding and upgrade system in order to fight enemies that don’t scale accordingly. They will never output their max UNLESS you sit there and press the screen at the perfect time. THE GOOD PARTS: 1. One thing going for the game is the aesthetic. The UI is good, the Chibi style is cool, the music is good (due to the OST of my hero, so no credit to BANDAI) the character models and animations are good. And that’s fair enough, it can’t all be bad, but this does not offset every other terrible facet of the game 2. The stars system to buy shards is well done and is fair. Similar to the system in Princess Connect. However it is let down by the diluted roster and memories, the exact same issue in slime isekai memories and the one thing setting it apart from princess connect which leads to another artificial problem purposely made by BANDAI to create a choke point. There are so many variations of different characters and so many memories that it dilutes the chance for you to get a duplicate, thus diluting your chance to get stars. If I’d spent any money on this game I’d be even more aggrieved, but as a F2P this game is terrible. I would even go as far to say that this game is about as bad as My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and quite possibly worse as at least that game had more going for it. This is not a comparison you want made with your game at all. Overall BANDAI again don’t care about whether any of their games is any good. All they care about is how much money they can milk out of any popular ip and it’s fanbase with AS LITTLE effort possible. Evident by how bad the rewards are UNLESS you are the absolute top 1% of players spending obscene amounts of money so that they can inevitably make another terrible, money grabbing caricature of an ip we all know and love. Until they can finally make a game that lasts more then a year, that innovates even a little bit I will continue to not enjoy their games, not give them a penny and ultimately give their games the 1 star review and rant treatment that from my personal opinion and experience they truly deserve. I know they will give the same “sorry you didn’t enjoy our game, we appreciate your feedback and (won’t) take it on board and look to improve” message they always do. I truly don’t know how you get away with making games this bad and how and why IP’s even trust their ips to your hands in the first place. Truly a question for the ages that….LakasambodeeVersion: 2.0.1

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Yes. MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,406 MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is 61.8/100.


Yes. MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 1,406 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5. AppSupports Safety Score for MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT is 72.3/100.

Should I download MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT?

There have been no security reports that makes MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.


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Product details of MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT

App Name:
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
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Content Rating:
9+ May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 9!
Games, Adventure, Role Playing
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451.68 MB
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Relase Date:
07 February 2022, Monday
Last Update:
21 December 2022, Wednesday - 03:15
IOS 13.0 or later

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT 2.8.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

・New Stories in Case Files! ・New Character Stories for the Trust Level Function!.

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