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Townscaper App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Townscaper app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Townscaper? Can you share your negative thoughts about townscaper?

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Townscaper for Negative User Reviews

30 Minutes of ‘Fun’It’s pretty. It’s intriguing. It’s boring. There’s 0 replay value. After making a quaint little town. Then going a bit mad with crazy structures, you’re done. No point making a second map. I understand it’s not marketed as a game but blimey! At least have a button to see people walking around your town, or boats coming into your shore. You’re essentially building a ghost town. The procedural stuff is cool but there’s only about 15 things to ‘see’. Once you’ve seen em, game over..Version: 1.01

Very pretty and very relaxing.Townscaper certainly does look gorgeous. It’s so cute how the little details like stairs, pigeons on rooftops and so on, pop up as you assemble your little town. It’s a lot like Pocket Build except that there are no in-app purchases here, compensated for by a higher up-front cost. But while you can put together a lovely quaint village or a regal fortress, it can’t really be customised enough. I recommend the addition of more architecture styles (ancient mud-brick huts and modern city buildings), the option of different grids, and the ability to choose the placement of gardens. This is a neat little app - but for now at least, Pocket Build offers more flexibility for a lower price..Version: 1.03

Family Support?It clearly shows Family Support on this app’s page but my partner is only shown the 8$ price download option. What’s the deal?.Version: 1.01

Not that funNot that fun. There’s no objective so it gets boring.Version: 1.01

SuggestionI’m only reviewing it 1 star because it increases my chances of you seeing this, but I think it would be so cool if once the town is built up enough you see little people walking around, I think it would be that extra bit that just makes the game! But so far, very comforting and cool app!.Version: 1.03

Controls kinda suckPlease make a drag to place multiple houses with one screen press a feature. Also a button that lets you tap on what you want to delete instead of holding the screen. And allow us to put the redo and undo buttons on the screen. And change/add other camera controls? Basically everything needs a tweak or extra control options.Version: 1.01

OverpricedWell, this was a purchase made upon the name and quality that RawFury puts out on the regular . This was absolutely not worth the purchase price, this is incredibly underwhelming, lacks innovation and imagination and is one of the most regrettable purchases I’ve ever made in the App Store . I can appreciate the neatness of what it does, but this is simply just the beta form of an idea that was pushed out there , and the only reason I purchased it was because of the game developers history of outstanding games . This is not a game , and I think they call it a “toy” in the description or something like that ,but seriously this thing couldn’t hold the attention of most people for more than 10 minutes . Don’t buy this , it’s not fun..Version: 1.01

Looks good but emptyI bought the game because the reviews looked good but the game has no goal or objective. You tap to add roads and tap again to add a building and/or build higher. That’s it..Version: 1.02

Relaxing for a few minutesGets annoying after a while. Not enough variety. Adding the first land bit is tedious - would be great to be able to brush the land on instead of incessant tapping. Also some natural items like trees etc. more life other than birds. But now it just sits on the launch screen and makes that damn tapping sound forever. Seriously I left it for 20 minutes and it’s still going. Nothing gets me back in..Version: 1.01

Beyond MeHow people are giving this five stars is beyond me, as it’s Christmas soon I’ve been generous and given it two. The appeal of tapping a screen to build basic buildings has a very short shelf life for me - very limited and for me disappointing..Version: 1.01

Good, but needs work to be the computer masterpieceI bought this game on my computer and loved it, and when I heard from a friend it was on IoS I immediately bought it. I played the game for short periods of time a day until I had built to the limits of the grid. You can imagine my surprise when I saw you couldn’t build half a grid size from the computer edition. I then tried to build upwards more, but I found the the build limit was equally limited. Then very frustrated I just played it on the computer, and all is well. So please, devs, change the build limits; I love this game, but in a game based on no limits, I am disappointed that at this time building is limited..Version: 1.01

Has PotentialWould like to see this app feature much more within it to maintain interest and inspire a deeper creativity level. The style and buildings are definitely cute and feature unique qualities when placed together. However, I found I was burnt out just after a few hours of playing as there just wasn’t too much to expand on or interest me. Would be amazing if it featured both on ground & water building in comparison to just water. having a modern style, high rise, cute stores, tiny markets, restaurants, cars, animals. Esp people functioning throughout; going boating, walking the streets, eating, in and out of buildings, and seeing them on upper floors living and functioning inside buildings etc. Would be nice to have it be customizable: colors, more variety of building styles etc Has potential, but needs to expand into a greater design/gameplay to hold interest and be worth its high price point..Version: 1.01

Not the same as on other platformsI love this app NDP enjoy this app / imagination game. However stop! This is NOT exactly the same as on other platforms. I hope updates will come but for now it just the basics and no added features..Version: 1.01

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