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Sling Plane 3D app received 25 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sling plane 3d?

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Extended FlightEasy fun to play but ads are annoying. How do you do extended flights with more fuel? I have seen and heard this but not instructions or video anywhere I’ve tried everything but can’t do it..Version: 1.17

Brilliant😋This is a brilliant game because everything when are doing is just brilliant article anything else but just a game.Version: 1.18

Awesome gameBut p51 mustang should be added to the game.Version: 1.16

BestThis game is the best game ever when it comes to launching stuff to a far distance this game the best and here is a tip if you be getting ads and only want them for like a new plane then turn your wifi or cellular data off and you be good to go!!!!.Version: 1.15

ReviewGreat game! Not a lot of ads. I would really recommend this game to people who like swerving..Version: 1.21

Good gameYou should make the paper airplane squish when it crashes instead of catch flames.Version: 1.17

AdsHey guys life tip here to have no ads just turn off ur WiFi! Xxxx.Version: 1.16

To many addsTo many adds but great game.Version: 1.18

GoodGood.Version: 1.21

SuggestionsAn account that saved so if I want to save my progress I don’t have to retry getting all my progress..Version: 1.18

Good game but too many addsThe game is really fun but there are too many adds and it gets annoying..Version: 1.21

ReviewIt is awsome and it’s entertaining.Version: 1.21

WowGuys I REALLY don’t understand I mean there are LITERALLY NO ADDS. Really, I’m not lying. Awesome game..Version: 1.21

WsgIt’s good I guess.Version: 1.21

Love gamesI love this game I’m happy you made this.Version: 1.21

Fun butAfter you level cap everything you can only go 9500M so basically after you unlock everything the game is pointless. Still ok for killing time. Also to avoid ads (which there's way too many) just turn on airplane mode..Version: 1.21

Fix the glitchesI found 3 glitches that can make me 1st on the leaderboard 1.I can go Andre the ground I played it and found the glitch now I have gone 5.4m and restarted because I’m a nice guy and don’t want to ruin the game for the 1st in the leaderboard and glitch number 2. You can go faster and fall slower by lunch your self in a direction and go left or right to go faster and glitch number 3. You can lunch your self in a direction to go behind the map and land on the ground and it will get a 2x money I think because I all ways get like 1m money and because of that glitch I got all of my stats to 110 and I hope you fix the glitches and have a nice day :).Version: 1.17

HelloThis game is awesome and it has great graphics.Version: 1.21

Good gameThe game is good but it needs more maps.Version: 1.21

Game okThe game is pretty fun and I spend a lot of time upgrading so I can go miles so I would recommend this game.Version: 1.16

Best game in a long timeFun.Version: 1.18

Fun game to pass timeThis game is addictive, like the more you fly and try to get to the next landing strip and don’t make it upgrade the engine and u go a little further. Don’t really know what the sling upgrade does though but have been upgrading it to the same as the engine. Fun game.Version: 1.21

My guyGet this game.Version: 1.16

GameI have no arms I have no hand I have no morals at all help me please.Version: 1.18

The game is goodIt is a really entertaining game and also fun.Version: 1.21

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