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Sling Plane 3D app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sling plane 3d?

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Sling Plane 3D for Positive User Reviews

AdsWhy so many ads? So first, there are always ads. Like, I get a multiplyer and it costs an ad, and when I finish the ad, it gives me another. Second, it’s controls. Controls are a little good but it moves too slow, I keep crashing trying to pass my best score. Last, I saw other reviews about glitches, amount of ads, and that stuff. Name: I’m not tellin.Version: 1.24

Fix the glitchesI found 3 glitches that can make me 1st on the leaderboard 1.I can go Andre the ground I played it and found the glitch now I have gone 5.4m and restarted because I’m a nice guy and don’t want to ruin the game for the 1st in the leaderboard and glitch number 2. You can go faster and fall slower by lunch your self in a direction and go left or right to go faster and glitch number 3. You can lunch your self in a direction to go behind the map and land on the ground and it will get a 2x money I think because I all ways get like 1m money and because of that glitch I got all of my stats to 110 and I hope you fix the glitches and have a nice day :).Version: 1.17

Not good gamIt was to much ads for my engrish i no rike ads they take two lonh fo my likings pleas fixe.Version: 1.23

LiamIt’s so fun.Version: 1.23

Too many adsIt’s a great game but it’ll say ads aren’t ready then give you an ad straight after.Version: 1.22

SuggestionsAn account that saved so if I want to save my progress I don’t have to retry getting all my progress..Version: 1.18

Good gameThe game is good but it needs more maps.Version: 1.21

Good game but too many addsThe game is really fun but there are too many adds and it gets annoying..Version: 1.21

Games fun some glitchesGame is fun it glitches in favor of the ads a lot so I end up spending lots of time watching ads the most frustrating part is when it glitches on the multiplication and my hard work is completely waste. Alternatively I have also maxed out the game and I would really really love to be able to go past 100 because I don’t seem to be able to get any farther than my current score I would appreciate an update thank you very much.Version: 1.23

WowGuys I REALLY don’t understand I mean there are LITERALLY NO ADDS. Really, I’m not lying. Awesome game..Version: 1.21

SO GOODIf you haven’t downloaded fling plane download it! I swear it is very good are you do is you when you’re playing any fly over a bunch of land and you try to beat your high score you upgrade your plane so I hope you can download this game it is very very good also I give it five stars because I’ve been playing it for like a week and I’ve been liking it for the next seven days so if you want to download it please download it gives you game a lot support and give it five stars thank you :3.Version: 1.23

It’s a good gameI want more upgrade level so I can get further.Version: 1.23

Fun, but the ADS!! Holy cow! Enuff to kill the fun!And what’s the scoop with the multiple “Ads are not ready “ messages…makes it even worse when you get a 5x multiplier on a multi-thousand flight win…is there a limit to how many ads you can watch? Because I have been trying for 20 minutes now to make a 100k score via 5x mult…frustrating…support seems non-existent, as I see no answers to many other posts such as this….Version: 1.23

ReviewIt is awsome and it’s entertaining.Version: 1.21

The best!Me and my friend used to play this and we loved it.I tried finding it again but I didn’t.But I saw the ad! I’m so happy I found the game again!.Version: 1.23

Fun gameBut way to many adds it is so crappy I deleted the game.Version: 1.29

The game is goodIt is a really entertaining game and also fun.Version: 1.21

Very good game but…I think you should be able to buy all of the planes instead of unlocking some.Version: 1.23

Brilliant😋This is a brilliant game because everything when are doing is just brilliant article anything else but just a game.Version: 1.18

I FOUND A WAY TO FIX THE ADS!!Even though you have about three times the amount of ad watching time compared to game time, you can fix this. The ad ships will also disappear and there will be no forced or bonus ads. This may only work on my iPhone, but go into your settings app and turn Wi-Fi off and Airplane Mode on. This will delete all ads as the game cannot load ads without internet. I hope this helps you. Developers, either don’t fix this or just lower the number of ads to where you only get one maybe once every four runs instead of EVERY single run. Thanks for reading this and I hope you use my “hack”. Have a nice day!.Version: 1.29

Good gameYou should make the paper airplane squish when it crashes instead of catch flames.Version: 1.17

ReviewGreat game! Not a lot of ads. I would really recommend this game to people who like swerving..Version: 1.21

😡Fudu game.Version: 1.25

Paid full price but sill adds every 20 seconds not coolJust adds after paying for add free.Version: 1.24

Kills the time, ads seem more funThe ads that get you to download this app showing you flying through tunnels and multiple terrain are just click bait. You can maximize your power, sling, and income but you eventually you will maximize yourself. You can only go so far, and make so much progress before the game does not allow you to go any further. It gets four stars because I was entertained and happy to play. Missing the fifth star because of the game not allowing further progress..Version: 1.21

Super addictingBest game ever! This helped pass the time on a 4 hour road trip. Me and my sister BOTH love this game. Best game for all ages 4+. What’s funny is that when it tells you to buy the No Ads deal, you can say “I like ADS” so funny. It works with no WiFi or signal. The rules are easy: Sling the plane then press and hold the screen to go super far. Please download.🙂🙂.Version: 1.23

YayLove this game once you start playing it you cant stop.Version: 1.36

Advert galoreIf you like 3 secs of gameplay and 30 sec adverts this is the game for you. Developers must think we are mugs to want to sit there looking at crappy adverts.Version: 1.14

HelloThis game is awesome and it has great graphics.Version: 1.21

Way too many adsGreat game but way too many ads you get an add after every game pleas fix this.Version: 1.29

My favourite thing I can do is9 11.Version: 1.25

Blah blah blahNo ads ads just make it really hard to concentrate when you’re trying to do something😡 but the rest is really good🤗.Version: 1.29

Great GameQuite enjoy playing this game. Adverts get quite annoying, easy to resolve though. Just disconnect from WiFi and block the app from accessing mobile data..Version: 1.21

Pretty fun, but one major issueWith most games like this one, you can upgrade between rounds, and the game will offer you an ad for a “free upgrade” once you can’t afford any more upgrades. However, this game will make you watch an ad when you have the funds to upgrade. It’s frustrating to grind for the coins, only to be forced to watch an ad for an upgrade before being able to spend those coins on the same upgrade. I’m not one to complain about ads on a free game, but I’ve never seen this on another game. It defeats the purpose of the grind for coins. Aside from that, it’s a really fun game..Version: 1.28

Game okThe game is pretty fun and I spend a lot of time upgrading so I can go miles so I would recommend this game.Version: 1.16

2 many ads!!This should have never been called a game. Please tell me that after reading review after review with a 1 star rating that the game is given a 4.2 star rating. Things that make you go hmmmm!.Version: 1.21

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