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AnnoyingThe game continuously crashes. It’s stupid!.Version: 1.8

Bro the ##### addssssssssY u put da add inn bro please just gET RID OF THE ADDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.Version: 1.8

PoopRuddy good until I got a virus from it.Version: 1.8

Do I really gotta say it?You spend more time looking at ads than actually playing this game. I tell Voodoo each and every time: I’ll pay to not see ads, but I won’t past some dumb subscription to not see ads. Maybe a 1$ or 2$ ONE TIME PAYMENT would be fair. Like you know, any other app that cost money..Version: 1.8


Ad farm with bad mathsAds ads ads, in the middle of every level, after every level, the only thing I appreciate is that it asks you if you want to watch an ad for x3 stars at the end of every level, but you’ll still get an ad soon after if you choose not to. Also the maths this game uses is not proper maths. And the restart button does not restart the level, it just gives you a new level. And this game kills your battery. If all of these problems weren’t problems, it’d probably be pretty satisfying. But as of now, it is quite aggravating..Version: 1.8

Fun gameHad so much fun with the game. I got in the top 600 but now it won’t open properly. Even if I manage to get pass the black screen it won’t let me play. Please fix!.Version: 1.8

This is a ok gameThis game is fun but the thing is I have gotten million bottles before you’re still says 99Percent of other people but I have been getting 100% but I haven’t been getting but I’ve actually been getting 99% so this game doesn’t make sense because I think you can get 100% I’ve got over 1 million balls and I still haven’t gotten 100% sure this game it’s OK but it’s not the best game.Version: 1.8

Ad frequency horrendousDon’t mind ads, do mind them when they’re every 30 seconds or so. Greedy..Version: 1.8

It was goodI enjoy this game but seriously. I have over 1,500 balls and apparently hitting the red -150 spaces (over 4-5 spaces) made me have a game over... and I didn’t even hit all the -150 spaces. What is going on? Getting a game over when it could have been afforded to lose less than -150. This never happened before. If that is a glitch it needs to be fixed. If that is an actual element of the game play, it needs to be removed. Since there are rounds only with 1 times space and 3-4+ negative spaces..Version: 1.8

Adds 🤬Fun game but the adds are a massive turn off. Adds literally after every single stage and sometimes half way through. It’s really annoying.Version: 1.8

Too many commercialsI finally got to 10 in the ranking, but now cannot go any farther! Why don’t you show the totals along side each person so we would know how much more to go to creep up the leader board!!!.???.Version: 1.8

TRASH.This game is trash, the game ends up crashing when you have too many and it doesn’t even continue it starts a whole new game..Version: 1.8

Too many ads and crashes way to oftenEvery time I use the game I get around like 10-15 balls and it gets laggy and starts to crash and everytime I finish a level or retry a level it puts an ad FIX THIS PLEASE!.Version: 1.8

Game wont openI wouldn’t put my phone down after installing this game at first, but when you get 11 thousand balls on the first part of a level it takes forever to empty the cup. I’m also top 1500 on the leaderboard and the game won’t open I just get stuck with a black screen.Version: 1.8

To many addsGood game but to many adds.Version: 1.8

Screen freezesWhen I open it the screen freezes.Version: 1.8

It’s boring and easyOk so after the ads I saw I thought it would be good but no it’s just the same thing with a different layout, if you know what number is biggest than you have beaten the game.Version: 1.8

Wrong mathsIt is mathematically impossible for any whole number X2 and X2 and X4 to score 81... or anything ending in an odd number!.Version: 1.8

It’s fun butIt keeps stopping some how and I don’t know how. This makes you lose the level.Version: 1.8

Stops workingIt’s fun at first. but after a day it just keeps crashing and doesn’t let you play. I’ve deleted and downloaded it twice and this happens consistently.Version: 1.8

More ads than gamingThere are literally more ads in this game than you get to play. Ads are also super cringe and difficult to turn off, the x button is purposefully tiny so you hit and open the ad. Besides game is really not worth watching all those..Version: 1.8

Don’t even botherThe game has tons of ads constantly and overall just really isn’t enjoyable the levels are laughably easy to beat.Version: 1.8

Inoying adsIt’s a decent game it’s just there’s a lot of inoying ads that you wach almost all of the time. You wach an ad after every game and even In between..Version: 1.8

Please Update ItThis game is not bad as it crunches time pretty well. As I’ve seen someone else review it, the levels definitely need to be diversified as well as the leaderboard system. I also highly recommend adding different multipliers the higher you get in “levels” as x2, x3, x4, and x6 just are highly overused and gets boring trying to get a good level. Overall, decent game, just please put a little more effort into it and it’ll definitely do way better..Version: 1.8

Fun at First, the Doesn’t workThe gameplay is fun at first. It’s satisfying to get 10000+ balls in one level. However, I have reached top 1000 on the “leaderboard”, and now my game won’t open properly. I don’t want to draw conclusions, or blame this on a coincidence, but it just seems too coincidental to be a coincidence..Version: 1.8

Bad and glitchy but satisfyingSo this game is very satisfying. There is no doubt about that. But this game is very very glitchy and fake as well. I made my way to the top 200 in the leaderboard (which is obviously fake as the names change every time and they didn’t even ask me for a username) I have made it up to 92000 balls made. The only problem when you start getting up to large numbers like that is that the game lags to high heaven. There have been many instances where I have a few hundred balls made and the cup just stops collecting them and moves to the next stage, which is also very annoying. There have also been many instances of balls getting caught on seemingly nothing, like a slant and just vibing there. I enjoy this game but the glitches and lag honestly make it annoying to play. As I had said before however, this is probably the most satisfying game I own and because of this I still play it quite a bit..Version: 1.8

Good game with a few problemsI love this game, it’s very addictive. However, I’ve noticed a few problems. First is that the game sometimes freezes on a black screen while opening and never actually opens. This happens more than 75% of the time I open the app and is quite annoying. The other issue is that this game eats through by battery faster than being on FaceTime and watching Netflix at full volume and full brightness (which is insanely fast). Another minor problem is that there seems to be a bit too many ads. I understand that they have to make money somehow, but it seems a little overkill to have an ad in the middle of almost if not every level..Version: 1.8

CrashedGot up to 40,000 and was still going and the game crashed I went back on and it didn’t even save as 40,000 atleast.Version: 1.8

☠️Pointless☠️I spent a lot of time getting further in the ranks, I finally go to a game where my phone stoped vibrating and it just closed. It’s impossible to get 100% because your device just shuts off and from looking at the reviews this is probably going to get deleted..Version: 1.8

Surprisingly Fun, Simple Mechanic Broken By AdsDownloaded to see why this was at the top spot, and I’m not sure why. There are so many ads, you can’t feel like you can play the ‘game’ part of this mobile advertising application. Ads can be used to monetize free casual games well, or poor, but this is just atrocious. The ‘you did better that #% of people’ is based only on the number of balls you happen to create, not based on how many other balls people created playing this ‘level’. Which, I don’t think there are any true levels, because when you hit the ‘circular arrow’ in the top left, or retry if you don’t get 3 stars, it populates with a whole new area. You can’t even change your own name, so who are all those names for the rankings? The ‘ranking’ doesn’t feel real, and instead is meant to give you a sense of progression that’s completely false. But it got to the number one spot despite all this, which means they know their target audience, and exploited it. To think this is what people want; the more I think about that I’m just... there are no words..Version: 1.8

Its okI enjoy the game but i keep getting scores like 35,500 and it keeps crashing.Version: 1.8

Too many balls!It was going amazing i loved the app but i was playing this and i right now have 900,000+ BALLS. it wont stop going and it keeps multiplying. ive been doing it since 7 AM, and now its 10 AM, still not over! please make it so you can unable the multipliers and able it, or something, overall the game is great! recommend it..Version: 1.8

Lags out and too many adsThis game is fun until you play it for 15 minutes. The game is so repetitive and just boring. I know that voodoo is notorious for making games with a horrible amount of ads but that is no excuse. I and many other players can’t even play one level without two ads just being in our faces. And it’s really laggy, if you look through the reviews you can see people being on a black screen because it’s laggy and won’t load. It’s no different for me, I have spent minutes on a black screen just to get kicked out of the game. And it isn’t even better in game, I was at 99% out of all players, almost 100%, and it just crashed. I’d suggest not playing this game and just find something better, like COD Mobile..Version: 1.8

TerribleTrash game where the maths is wrong, 3x3=12 apparently, full of ads, its all luck and no skill..Version: 1.8

Falsely advertisedFun to begin with, but falsely advertised in in-app pop up adverts. Ads say: You get x10, x20 multipliers - you don’t. Different colour options - you don’t. Just don’t falsely advertise a game. The actual game as it is is fairly ok. Decent time killer. But, now I’ve reached a high level and it won’t. Stop. Crashing. It’s unplayable. Don’t invest your time in this game until they stop lying in their ads and fix all these bugs!.Version: 1.8

The game crashes when I hit high scores and makes it impossible to playIn my opinion you should add balls that worth 10, 100, or even 1000 because the game cannot bear high scores because of all the balls on the screen.Version: 1.8

Insane amount of ads!You will literally spend more time watching ads than playing this ridiculously easy game. Not just an ad at the end of every level, but an ad after every STAGE of every level! Given the fact that many stages take literally a few seconds to complete, it’s the worst example of a money grabbing app - not a game - that I’ve ever seen..Version: 1.8

Math isn’t even right.First and foremost, there are a lot of ads. I get that games have to make money for the developers, but there’s not just an add at the end of each level. There’s an ad in between the 2 halves most of the time. The game repeatedly freezes or stutters like the physics engine is about to have a mental breakdown. And the math isn’t even correct. Every level you get 3 balls. If you manage to find a first level that lets you go through a simple gate (like X2) you’ll find that you get an extra ball than what’s advertised. For every ball that goes through (effectively making it X3). Not to mention I’m pretty sure all the “world ranking” and “better than —% of players” is probably fake. I still really enjoy the gameplay, but watching a power point presentation of a number going up for 30 minutes is only bearable for so long..Version: 1.8

Fun but unstableWould be a five star rating if it didn’t crash so often. Was smooth for the first few levels but now I can only actually play every 5 or so times I start the game because it crashes..Version: 1.8

Keep crashingJust keep crashing. If not exit then too slow..Version: 1.8

Quite lameThe game is very fun but there's way too many ads and you know why ? Voodoo is a marketing company , their games are almost all fun but they mostly create them for promoting other games like warpath / Rise of kingdom / afk arena and making money , and the "global leaderboard" is fake in all their games all of the "players" are bots.Version: 1.8

Bug fixThe game keeps glitching and won’t open and when it does it won’t load and let me play.Version: 1.8

Fake ad watch game, crashes with no recoveryTwice today, I’ve made it to the top 5000, only to come back to the game later where all I get is a black screen, or maybe a frozen level start screen. I agree with all the other reviews, everything is fake. Fake leaderboard, fake levels, sometimes impossible levels, sometimes levels that take minutes to finish counting the score. I never watch ads on games like this by disabling cellular data and turning off wifi. I couldn’t imagine how painful this game would be with 2-3 ads per level. So now I’m leaving the review this game deserves and deleting it..Version: 1.8

Good game but just greedyGrate game but it full of adds that its not even worth playing..Version: 1.8

Satisfying like a drug, with all the downsides tooThis app is nice to look at. It will also kill your iPhone's Taptic Engine, along with your battery, and make your phone run ridiculously hot. This review is being typed whilst my iPhone is outside its case, for this very reason. Do not download this if you care about your iPhone..Version: 1.8

Seriously needs a skip/fast forward buttonI had around 400,000 balls in the first cup, but the balls didn’t go down at all (it might have been infinite) and I waited for about an hour or so and they still didn’t go down (they weren’t going into the cup fast enough) so I had to restart and it would have probably been a world record so 👎👎.Version: 1.8

A fun, but bad gameThis game is kinda fun. But the problem is that it gets repeating and has not much effort put into it. Sometimes, for the question marks you can literally see red behind it, meaning your gonna lose balls when they pass through. Second, it destroys my phone when i play it. My battery went down by 10 after playing for 10 minutes. My phone also lags way to much when playing it. Another problem is the ads. There are so many, you are playing less than watching any ads.Version: 1.8

Could be betterNow this game has a lot of potential (for a mobile game) but it is executed poorly, i have gotten multiple stages where it was infinite, and i have gotten multiple stages where it wad impossible to win, to elaborate further, the first stage had 0 multipliers, and the second had 3 options, two of which subtracted from my total, and the other just teleported the ball to the very bottom. the leaderboard and “better then x%” are lies. and there are way to many ads. though from this publisher idk what you expect.Version: 1.8

Nice but needs improvementThere are a lot of ads first of all but you don’t need to watch any to do any better then anybody else. I think there still needs to be some performance adjustments since some times my bells don’t completely finish falling into the cup and the level ends. Wish there was a speed up function so you don’t have to wait forever or at least a skip function. I want to be able to see how many balls I have left on the second level. The slope going towards the cup needs to be steeper so balls go into the cup better..Version: 1.8

Worst game everThis game is laggy and slow.Version: 1.8

Ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad!3 seconds of gameplay followed by 1 minute of ads. Deleted!.Version: 1.8

BrokenI was in like 1300 place and then I got a game with 300k, I have a screenshot of it, but as son as the round finished, the game crashed and it won’t start anymore, I would have been in top 10 if it would not have crashed..Version: 1.8

No point...Why am I collecting stars, and more importantly why would I watch an ad to get MORE stars? They don’t do anything. There are no upgrades. The screenshots shown are old or fake as ‘6X’ is the highest multiplier there is. Looking forward to updates that will give this game a purpose. Roght now there is no purpose to the game. No end. Nothing to spend gained stars on. Endless random (spontaneously generated?) levels that lack oomph..Version: 1.8

It’s a VooDoo gameWhen I see a ad for a VooDoo game I know it’s going to be rather addicting pretty cool concept, but completely littered with ads this game is no different. Literally after every single 30 second round you get a ad. I usually play these games for about 5-10mins tops before I delete them. If I could at least play 3 games before I got a ad I would give 5 stars and probably end up watch way more ads since I wouldn’t delete the game.Version: 1.8

Doesn’t loadGot iPhone 11, but won’t load. It just stays on black screen and sometimes shows the voodoo logo, but stays frozen..Version: 1.8

MehPoorly optimized for a game with so many assets Crashes extremely easily.Version: 1.8

To many addsThis is a great game and I got like 10000+ or psomething but then I got an add it glitched so I didn’t get the points. I like the game but if you don’t want to sit in your bed and watch a billion adds then don’t get it. If they have less adds then it will be a awesome game..Version: 1.8

Fake reviewsApple really need to fix their review system, very easy to fake mass amount of reviews..Version: 1.8

It is crashing my phone beyond its usual stateI don’t think this is possible but I am at 126,000, how?, because of a massive glitch.Version: 1.8

ADVERTS!!!!You cannot play this game for a second without being bombarded by adverts. It’s awful and you probably have to pay to remove all adverts!!.Version: 1.8

Love the game but it crashes too easilyI can’t even open the game without it crashing or freezing, it’s a bit hard to play when the game won’t let me.Version: 1.8

Misleading in every wayGoing ‘up the ranks’ is fake, there’s no actual leaderboard you can see the names change every time even if you only get 1 ball and don’t move up, the people around you will have different names, also the ‘x2,x3,x4’ isn’t accurate, and there’s no actual levels in the game it’s all random, don’t waste your time with this game.Version: 1.8

Doesn’t startItd be a great game if it actually started, or on the odd occasion that it does, im not bombarded with ads.Version: 1.8

Probably the worst app I’ve ever downloadedI don’t know whose been rating this 5 stars, but when I was playing it, all of the math is wrong. You start with three balls and if you dump them through a x3 you end up with 12? On half of the levels you can’t even get enough points to finish the level with 3 stars. Not to mention the millions of ads you see while trying to play the game, I spent more time watching an ad then I did playing. If I could give this 0/5 stars I would..Version: 1.8

Don’t waste your timeThis game is probably the most ad ridden game I’ve ever played, and that’s saying a lot. On top of that, the game itself is very very broken. There were a lot of times where the “passing minimum” of 50 balls was not even possible. On top of that, the ranking system is just a ploy to feed addictiveness. Save yourself an addiction because quite honestly that’s the only redemptive quality this game has entertainment wise. Though many would argue that means it has no redemptive qualities at all. Just another attempt by a lazy game developer to take in some more ad revenue..Version: 1.8

Too many addsToo many adds so deleted this stupid game.Version: 1.8

It WAS goodI got a really good game and got 320 000+ balls in one run and then the game crashed. It now it won’t open properly....Version: 1.8

Few problemsI really like the game but you literally advertise the game in the game!!! Then it can sometimes take awhile before before it says your on the next level and sometimes you might have to exit out of it to continue playing and that could get rid of a new high score! It also lags when you have tons of balls.Version: 1.8

Avoid.Too many ads, too much tracking..Version: 1.8

So badI had to get my phone fixed because of this game.Version: 1.8

White Noise Playing?Is there any reason why this app plays white noise whilst it’s open. Regardless of whether you’re using the app or not.Version: 1.8

Poorly madeThis app is a huge waste of your time and battery. Firstly, the advertisement for it is misleading, i havent had a single level when there is any more than a x6 tile, nor a level when you need anything other than 50 to pass. Secondly the tiles’ labels are wrong. If a ball goes through a x2 square, 3 will come out, x3 makes 4, x4 makes 5 etc, would it really be so difficult to label them correctly? Another thing - multiple times it is literally impossible to pass the randomly generated levels, and multiple times its impossible not to beat a level. The app crashes half the time you get more than 1000, and it is plastered in ads for other games. The app has potential to be a very satisfying game to play, but it couldn’t have been executed much worse than it has. Thank you for reading all the way through my rant😂, i hope ive influenced your decision on wether or not to download this app.Version: 1.8

ReviewGame is OK but the ratio of ads to game time is too high..Version: 1.8


UnplayableI get that you wanna make money and have ads, but having a 30 second ad after every 5 second level is absolutely ridiculous and unplayable. kind of garbage honestly.Version: 1.8

Really fun, one huge problem.When you get lucky, in this game you get really lucky. Unfortunately that also mean you can be staring at a screen for a bit. I found myself in a loop where it just kept making balls upon balls and it just wouldn’t stop. I checked it before bed and I was at 500,000 in the cup and this was the first stage. Then I plug it in, go to bed, and wake up to a crashed phone. No proof to show for it, non cloud synced pictures gone. Videos deleted. Dev needs to add a skip forward button desperately or those lucky runs are going to feel like a choooorreee..Version: 1.8

OkYou can’t get past 99%.Version: 1.8

As always it an add feast and not a gameToo many adds adds adds adds.Version: 1.8

Stop making games in hopes of making more moneyThese games are getting more and more rushed with no objective. The math of this game doesn't add up, the physics could be better and there aren't even rewards or anything to work for its just mindless dropping of items. And the only other thing you have besides a setting menu is their anti ads button so they can stop bothering you from playing this crappy game. (Even the bottom of my screen has a white bare of nothing it, it just ends there.).Version: 1.8

Breaks oftenAn enjoyable game, but the game breaks whenever you tab into a notification and wont let you play until you reinstall. I’ve had to do this 3 times and lost multiple high scores because of it..Version: 1.8

Ruined by adsEnjoyable enough game pretty mindless fun but absolutely destroyed by the volume of ads. I have deleted this app. I have also deleted a couple of other apps just because I was forced to sit through ads for them..Version: 1.8

Crashes a lotI legit was rank 120 and had 30k first cup and had three x3 multipliers and was at 1.4mil and it crashed on me. Great game ! Waste of time..Version: 1.8

Fun game. BUT LOTS OF ADSLiterally after every single level you have to watch an ad. Every. Single. One. There’s also a “global total leaderboard” but you move up it very inconsistently. you barely move when you get a lot of points. But gain basically the same amount of spots with a fraction of what you got before. And no one has a score shown on it except for yourself.Version: 1.8

Fix the Loops!There are certain times when the game gets stuck in a never ending loop. I cant even progress to the second part of the level because the balls will not stop multiplying, not even making a budge in the level. I am currently stuck with 75k+ on the first section of a level and can not continue without restarting the level..Version: 1.8

This game is not worth itThis game has a solid concept, however the endless ads make this game hellish. This game is also bad because of the blatant mathematical errors - 3 x 3 x 4 does NOT equal 316 - get the game right before selling.Version: 1.8

Frustrating.This game is almost pushed on you ok slot of platforms such as instagram, this is not the problem the problem is constant advertising after every level you play. This can just get annoying over time and you might aswell get rid of the game unless you have a lot of patience..Version: 1.8

AdsConstantly getting ads. After every stage, Between sections of the same stage. Ads all the time..Version: 1.8

The mathThe multiplication doesn’t actually multiply, if 3 goes thru a x3 you’d expect 9, but you actually end up with 12.Version: 1.8

The constant freezing and glitching is annoying, but otherwise good.I’ve been seeing a lot of people make this same complaint, so I’m just gonna do the same. The game has become almost unplayable with how much it freezes and glitches and it just doesn’t work. It’s come to the point where it won’t even open the game, it’ll just crash, and if it does load, it’s already frozen. I’ve tried everything possible to get it to stop, and it won’t. As fun as it is, and it IS a really fun game and a good time killer, it just doesn’t work after a certain amount of time. Unlike others, I don’t really have a problem with ads, but that’s simply because I turn my data and wifi off and they go away. I’ve played with wifi and data on to see if that makes a difference in it not working, and it doesn’t. As much as I like playing this game, I’m deleting it, and if you’re thinking of downloading it, don’t bother, it’s not worth it..Version: 1.8

Lots of adsYou spend more time watching ads then playing the game.Version: 1.8

So many adsLike, way too many ads..Version: 1.8

Quantity Over QualityVoodoo is literally all about pumping ads into any game just for a profit don’t expect this game to be any different..Version: 1.8

TOO MANY ADSHonestly, I’ve had enough of the game because it’s just ad, after ad, after ad and after ad. It would’ve been better without a ad every 30 seconds!.Version: 1.8

Laggy and too many adsI think I broke the record on level five but can’t find no email address to send the pictures too, but the games so buggy and too many ads.Version: 1.8

Great idea, terrible executionThis game could’ve been amazing! But where to start? Way too many ads! 2 ads per level? That’s a ridiculous amount, considering how quick the levels are. This game eats through your batter like no tomorrow. Played for 10 minutes, lost 30% of my battery. Isn’t this just a game about falling balls? Shouldn’t be that hard to run. Also, game freezes way too many times, even when there are no more than 50 balls on the screen. Again, why is this difficult? What made me delete the game was when it crashed on me when I was on a massive streak. I ended with 3300+ balls on the first part, and was on track to have over 30k, but the game froze several times and eventually crashed at around 21k. I would’ve at least doubled my score I had at the time. At this point, I realized this either doesn’t want me to succeed, or is just so poorly optimized that it is not worth playing. TL/DR: Super great idea. Super poorly executed..Version: 1.8

Rigged gameFirst, the « global » leaderboard. The player is the only one to be shown to have a score, and the better than a certain amount of player is also lying because it’s only the amount of balls you have, not compared to others. Then, the balls are not properly computed and sometimes I get times 3 instead of times 2. And there is no speed up button.Version: 1.8

Too many adsI spent more time watching ads than even playing the game. It got so annoying I just deleted the app..Version: 1.8

Can’t open the game.Got over 2.5 million balls, got to 10th place and now game won’t open, no matter what I try. Please fix!.Version: 1.8

Good but i cant get a good scoreWhenever i get a very high score it kicks me out so it is not recorded.Version: 1.8

Poorly MadeDon’t get me wrong, I play it a lot. But there are so many issues. For one, the ranking system is fake. Two, the better then meter is fake. Everything is at fixed numbers. Three, there are no levels. It claims to have “levels” but it’s really just random and the restart function does nothing. Four, some “levels” are impossible. For example, on one level I just did, the first part the max number of balls I can get is 25, then in the second part every lane is a minus with no multiplier. It is impossible to get more then 50 balls in this level. There are plenty of other issues. Just read the other reviews. Also, bad advertising. Literally I could make better advertisements..Version: 1.8

WorthlessNever in my life have I played a game with more ads... every single time i empty a cup another two ads pop up, I’d say 90% of the time your stuck watching a 30 sec ad. CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!.Version: 1.8

Fix your gameIt’s ok but when I got to top 1000 it stopped working.Version: 1.8

SuckySo sucky.Version: 1.8

Significantly reduce or remove adsGame is actually fun however you’re watching an ad 95% of the time. You get maybe 1 - 2 turns and a 30s ad pops up- when I say turn I literally mean move, not even a full round. Ridiculous..Version: 1.8

Advert spamWhy is this highly rated?! They must have paid for fake reviews.Version: 1.8

Riddled with adsPlay for 20 second intervals for 30 second ads.Version: 1.8

So many adds100,s of adds.Version: 1.8

No open after 1M ballsGot over 1M balls and then cant open the game anymore. Guess i broke world record.Version: 1.8

AdsWatch ads more than play.Version: 1.8

Ads every couple secondsAs in title. This is simply an ad with break for a game..Version: 1.8

Really badTo much ads and laggy for it all vibrations and wastes battery’s in seconds of playing..Version: 1.8

Ads so many adsNot only does it have sooo many ads but the app crashes too and doesn’t launch after you get to higher levels.Version: 1.8

GlitchyIt’s a good game but very glitchy. Twice I have had scores in the 99% of people and both times it stopped and the app closed..Version: 1.8

Turn off vibrationsThe vibrations you get from playing this game completely drain your battery, if you have a round where you get something like 10,000 it vibrates 10,000 times and destroys your battery. The game is ridiculously satisfying but the amount of ads and the fact it ruins your battery and, I’m assuming, your vibration motor in your phone does not make it worth playing. Go play something else 😂.Version: 1.8

EhThis app is okay very glitchy not sure if its my wifi but overall it guess it good.Version: 1.8

Not all what it’s hyped up to beIt’s called BOUNCE AND COLLECT but you rarely get the bounce and it doesn’t last long. I’ve also never seen a x10 like the ad and screenshots but I guess it’s still a decent game.Version: 1.8

Game problemsFix ya game I can’t play it.Version: 1.8

GlitchGame keeps glitching.Version: 1.8

Constant CrashingFun little game to play for a while, now every time I play it it seems to force crash when I have a large score If not for this glitch it would be worthwhile....Version: 1.8

Stop with the annoying adsIts a good game but every damn second there is an ad.Version: 1.8

Too many ADSIf there wasn’t so maybe bloody ADS this game would be some what enjoyable.Version: 1.8

MehFun game and way to many ads i understand its how you make money but its a little toooo much.Version: 1.8

Terrible gameFar to many ads every time you touch the screen.Version: 1.8

Would be a much higher rated game except for price blend.Liked it initially, but later had problems with game freezing up or blacking out and booting you out of the game completely, as though you quit. This happened often during times you had a high score and you would lose those points. Same with the game freezes. Lost a lot of points when the game became unplayable, due to the game locking up. Very frustrating….Version: 1.8

Cant get above 10kJust letting you know, in this game it is physically impossible to get above 10k. You may see the number in the end, however the game will crash not giving you the points. I got 100k like 3 times and it crashed 3 times..Version: 1.8

Too many adsGreat game but the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. I think there are more ads than game time. Slightly putting me off the game itself which can actually be very fun.Version: 1.8

Game brokenI was playing the game and got to 250,000 plus balls and was still at 99% who is this person who is god like at the game or are the hacking.Version: 1.8

Fix the bugsGame keeps glitching and it would freeze entirely. would still glitch despite exiting the app several times. sometimes the app crashes and exits. also so many ads. there’s an ad after every move, which is SO annoying. the higher up you are on the leaderboard, the less & lower multipliers you see..Version: 1.8

Why should I report an issue with Bounce and collect?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bounce and collect to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bounce and collect customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bounce and collect.

Is Bounce and collect not working?

Bounce and collect works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bounce and collect.

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