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NewCall - Flash Call & SMS Negative Reviews

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NewCall - Flash Call & SMS App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

NewCall - Flash Call & SMS app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using NewCall - Flash Call & SMS? Can you share your negative thoughts about newcall - flash call & sms?

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NewCall - Flash Call & SMS for Negative User Reviews

Didn’t workTerrible app. Didn’t work at all and poor UI so couldn’t troubleshoot. Wouldn’t pay a cent for this app..Version: 20.0

It looks like everyone hates his from the reviews it hasI don’t know what it’s like but I bet its terrible so I am not downloading it.the videos on Snapchat look so cool but it might not be. When you are making a game make sure the video is like the game or you will get disliked(I think I gave Advise.).Version: 13.0

The worst appThis app makes you buy the things, and you can’t change the name, it stays as “ my love “..Version: 13.0

AppEh it’s okay.Version: 20.0

Just okFirst the things don’t work. I tried to make my own, it didn’t,,, work Second, I’m not paying for this.Version: 13.0

Hate this appWorst app ever.Version: 13.0

Horrible appIt makes you pay for everything and does not let you change like anything and there is not much options.Version: 13.0

MehI downloaded the app and you had to pay for everything 1 star and the “free” things are not even that good..Version: 13.0

It’s just annoying You can’t do anything without having to pay for itYour not aloud to do anything on.Version: 13.0

Sincèrement impossible à utiliser…Selon moi c’est incomplet, je n’ai pas trouvé comment fonctionne ce truc. Très éçu.Version: 20.0

DisgracefulI hate this app. Everything you have to pay for and absolutely NOTHING is free! I really find this disgraceful and I really do not recommend this app AT ALL.😡🤬😤😠.Version: 13.0

U have to pay\Civo.Version: 13.0

Unbelievably expensive and only works through the App itselfI wouldn’t bother with this one, way too expensive for what it is and only works by making/taking phone calls etc through the App..Version: 20.0

False AdvertisingI found nothing on what the App stated it can do and does even works, I couldn’t get anything happening and I even got a clever work colleague who has 100’s of phone apps to try and even he couldn’t get anything happening Don’t waste your money.Version: 20.0

Lowkey mid 🤡Free trial.Version: 13.0

TerribleAt first I thought this would be a cool app but I was wrong. If you want any of the backgrounds you need to pay for the membership which costs quite a lot just for a skeleton to be dancing in the background while you’re receiving a call. It’s not worth it and do not recommend.Version: 13.0

Creators u need to change some stuff…This app makes u pay for everything nothing is free if u could change this where only some stuff u have to pay and other ones are free. Also all the other reviews say there is a bug and a virus that gets on ur phone… I don’t want a virus so pls get rid of the bugs and the virus that’s all really I’m sure if all this was changed it would be a much better app!!! If u could get this changed as fast as possible I would give it a better rate. Sincerely, To, Emilia. Creators.Version: 13.0

Don’t downloadMost of it u have to pay for and the free stuff is crap don’t download.Version: 13.0

Have to payIt causes viruses to your phone or tablet hate it a lot😩😡.Version: 13.0

Horrible appI would give this app zero stars if I could, but unfortunately I can’t. To people who thinks this app is cool, it’s not! Don’t download this app! It puts a virus in your phone, and there is major bugs still throughout the app. The call animations aren’t even good and most of them needs you to to pay, so don’t get this app!.Version: 13.0

Do not downloadWarning do not download it puts a virus into your phone.Version: 1.4

Well…It is okeee but you know there is terrible bugs.Version: 13.0

BADEvery thing is money and like no one is going to buy a right tone for that much.if I could I would give it a 0…..Version: 13.0

Need to pay moneyI do not like your app at all because everything costs money your just greedy, and want all the money in the world if you want to actually make money, go get a real job not a job forcing people to buy stuff that costs money you greedy person.Version: 13.0

How do apple allow this rubbishNone of its free it’s all an expensive subscription and constantly asking for details and access . I have no idea how this got any 4/5star reviews except from bogus accounts . Having now read reviews , all I can find are one star ..Version: 20.0

HorribleYou can’t get any screen for free..Version: 13.0

Not FREEI hate it when they say it’s free and after that, ask for arm and a leg for it. £2.99 a week is a lot to ask for just some animation. Avoid !.Version: 20.0

Do not download this appYou have to pay for it end it causes viruses.Version: 6.5

Hate youNo this app sucks i hope you get sued you little bean go in the trash 🗑😐😭😭😭😭😭😭💘💐🌊😻🦵🏻😏😻😂😭🥲🌸👧🧢🍓🗑🫶🏻😂🧢🗑👧👧👧👧👧👧👧.Version: 13.0

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