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Not bad at all! pleasantly surprisedI’ve only been using this app for a day after transferring from the U by BB&T app, and truthfully i had low expectations after reading the reviews. however, after downloading and messing around for a bit, it seems as if people have older versions of the app or are just a bit too harsh on this app. change can be hard to deal with, but not all change is bad! do i think the BB&T app was a bit more user-friendly? sure. i can understand the complaints about the dark purple vs the font and how it’s harder to read. but, with that being said, i don’t have anything negative to say about the Truist app. depositing a check was super easy, viewing my balance(s) is a breeze, it still gives insights just like the app i was using previously, basically everything is the same except for the layout except it’s more sleek now. i have an iPhone 7 Plus that sometimes doesn’t even like to open apps so... if it’s working for me, i can’t understand it not working for people with newer phones unless it’s programmed for my system and is a bit outdated. all in all, pretty dang good! exceeded my expectations..Version: 1.2.1

Not user friendlyI tried to log into my Suntrust app and was sent to Truist and asked a bunch of information…once I put in the information they said it was wrong and I was eventually locked out…I even tried calling to figure out what was going on and they had too high volume of calls to talk…or rather I could wait 30min and THEN they’d get to me…all I used to have to do to check my balance was put in my User name and then use my fingerprint…I am very tempted to switch banks now b/c I haven’t been able to access my own account in days…this is unacceptable…I am going out of town and need to know what is going on w/my account…for anyone thinking about switching banks….don’t switch to Suntrust/Truist…the merge has completely ruined that bank and I have been banking w/them for as long as I have had a bank account…I loved Suntrust and it’s people…whatever they are doing now is just dumb.Version: 1.3.0

Maybe they fixed it?I was a bit hesitant to download after seeing all the negative reviews. I downloaded this morning and haven’t experienced any issues so far. (I’ve only logged in twice, including with Touch ID, and clicked into the various tabs, but no difficulty logging in or crashing or anything.) To me, the layout of menus seems similar to the U by BBT app. (I used mobile deposit and Zelle all the time, and these seem to be in approximately the same place.) Not difficult for me to read personally, but I can see how it could be. I didn’t really use the things that people are saying were removed like Quick Balance (were you actually able to see balances on the face of your phone without logging in? this seems like a security risk to me…) or credit score (other apps offer this capability for me). I always log out of the app every time rather than closing it out, just as a security check, so no issues there. I’ll update this review if I notice anything off, but seems easy for me to use so far..Version: 1.2.1

New App… Needs An Update!I understand making us switch to the new app, but now that I have, I can no longer view my account balance from the side menu of iPhone (which was extremely convenient). WE NEED A WIDGET. Please include with the next update a Widget feature that you can add to the iPhone iOS Home Screen left side menu. The widget makes it easy to check the balance of your account without actually having to open the app and signin to check. This helps the user be more aware of the status of their account without having to actually do anything… Like go into the app specifically and then have to login, that can be a hassle if you are only checking the balance to ensure there is nothing wrong with the account or to catch any fraudulent transactions early on. With a WIDGET on the side menu, the user can easily see their daily balance along with their other widgets used to manage their lifestyle. Thanks for reading. Please add a “bank account balance” Widget in the next update to solve this issue..Version: 1.3.1

Horrible app! I hope the merger isn’t the same!!Where do I begin?? If the app even opens it crashes. When it does open, the accounts don’t even reflect an accurate accounting of my transactions. Past transactions are missing or daily balances are unrealistic and show amounts I’ve never even had in my account. I’ve been in the accounting profession for almost 30 years and if they can’t do a simple data transfer from one system to another after all the time they’ve had for this merger is alarming. My mom was with BB&T and I got her set up with their app-it was not very user friendly. I assured her that after the merger they would logically follow the format of the stronger more streamlined SunTrust app. Boy was I wrong. The previous SunTrust app would show an accurate real time balance that reflected “pending” transactions. The Truist app has a weak pay bills section with buttons “grayed out” implying you can’t press “pay” or “done”. The Zelle feature is ridiculous— just 2 big buttons. You know an app is bad when your 23 year old son in IT and your 27 year old tech savvy daughter are both complaining about it and questioning whether it’s safe to stay with Truist. I have to agree with them..Version: 1.4.0

Please make some changes!I previously had a 1 star review. I’m upping it to four after they’ve made some changes. I’m still not a fan of the purple, but I’m super excited that they finally added the balance preview when you tap on the app! I never needed the widget and never felt comfortable having my balance displayed without unlocking my phone. But I’ve always been a fan of the balance preview without having to sign in, so im super excited that they’ve added this feature back! The only kinda BIG problem I have with is now is that they have an “X” on the log in screen view balance option. You tap that and the option goes away and i had to spend a few minutes going back through the settings to find where to turn it off and back on to bring it back. Can we please get rid of te exit option for tapping to see the balance? Or at least move it to the other side? Considering the majority of the people using this is right handed, it’s WAY too easy to accidentally close that out..Version: 1.4.0

ImprovingGetting much better. Still plain Jane, but it works okay. Sometimes I have to scroll wayyyyyy down the page to see account details, but at least the app starts in a timely manner and doesn’t crash all the time. Please add a widget! — Previous review 4 months ago: I could live with this app being unattractive and ultrabasic, but a good half of the time, it won’t even start. The app thinks for a while, then its brain explodes, and I get a warning, visible long enough to know there’s been an error and not long enough to know what the error was. When the app does start, it still has to mull things over for a while before it manages to serve up the login screen. I’d very much like the BB&T app back, which worked 95% of the time AND had a home screen widget with account balances (obviating the need to login most times). This app only gets two stars because once it starts, it works fine..Version: 1.5.1

Payments PendingIf I make a payment to a credit card it will not show the pending payment on the credit card. This is so confusing and leaves me wondering whether I’ve actually submitted the payment or not. This app makes me feel like I’m losing control over my money and not sure where it’s going and when it is going. I know others who have had the same problem and have even over paid on their credit cards. BB&T use to notify you if you went to make another payment in the same amount and ask if you were sure (as a reminder that you’ve just tried to pay it already). This app needs a lot of work. Also highly disappointed because our BB&T is closing permanently and I will have to travel 30 minutes to get to a Truist. Having a bank within 5 minutes of where I live was a great convenience. Truist in the Tazewell County area will probably lose tons of business because of this..Version: 1.4.0

Almost changed banks at one pointAt first I was very disappointed in Truist when they first took over from Sun Trust. Customer Service was horrible and I needed Internet help with my Account. I was sent to a lady in the Philippines who wasn't very helpful. I called back later and got the very same person. She finally transferred me to some sort of Internet Truist customer service and I waited one and one half hours and still couldn't get through. I let my local bank know how dissatisfied I was with Truist customer service. I spent several hours working on my issue and with the help of Apple Customer Service, i was able to solve my problem. The Truist Web site (bill pay) seems to be working well now and I have been using it successfully now for several weeks with no issues. I have been a Sun Trust customer for 42 years so decided to stick it out even though at one point I was ready to switch banks.......Dave Hannah.Version: 1.4.1

Improvements madeI NEVER write reviews, but felt I should this time. I waited until I HAD to download the new Truist app (old U BBT app no longer worked). I did so with dread, as I do hate change, and the reviews for this new Truist app were anything but encouraging. Once I logged in (and my old user name and password worked on the first try), facial rec. was turned on, things SEEM to be working correctly. It seems there have been a number of updates since the app was released 2 months or so ago, and they must have helped. I read a number of the previous reviews and many of those items seem to have been fixed. The app seems similar to the old UBBT app. I was able to find most of the info I was looking for relatively easily. 2 items that could be improved- 1) the color/font/boldness of the writing could be improved. As others mentioned the text (and sometimes numbers) are a little difficult to read. 2) the bill pay area, again as others mentioned, it would be nice if the nicknames appeared next to the payee name (as they did in the old app). Especially true if you have multiple accounts with the same payee name (life and auto ins. With the same carrier). Overall I am pleasantly surprised by the app, as I was really not looking forward to the change. Maybe they are listening and there is hope!.Version: 1.3.1

Truist AppI have had several issues with this app. I was unable to access my information when I first downloaded this app. The issue was resolved after several days. Today when logging on, I was asked if I wanted to update to a better version or skip. The app was frozen each time I opened it and I could not move from that first screen. I finally resolved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I rely on my mobile app to do most of my banking so being unable to have access to my accounts is unacceptable. I never had an issue with my former BB&T mobile app. I also miss the “insights” information which appeared at the end of each month which allowed me to tract my monthly spending by category. So far I have not been impressed with the Truist app. I also agree with the reviews that state the color used is difficult to read. Perhaps another color palette could be used to display banking information..Version: 1.3.1

AwesomeQuick, easy, accessible and convenient, this is definitely banking made easy and I couldn’t be happier. I just wish they didn’t charge any over draft fees. I wish that instead of even allowing an “overdraft” to happen it simply voided the said purchase if there are 0 funds, like it’s not fair to charge extra, it makes no sense from a consumers point of view. I understand maintaining fees but if your customer hasn’t the funds, it’s kind of like being a bully to punish them for that! We didn’t choose to exist in this world of money and some people don’t need it, anyway. You should just be happy that you have millions of customers. If millions of people had no money, why is that a problem? It’d be revolution. The economy has to evolve too, biology isn’t alone in this. We shouldn’t stick with old methods if they are not working- we must change with the times. Maybe simply have free accounts - you would be a leader in positive change!.Version: 1.7.0

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