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MehIt’s fine but it could be better if they added knives to the game it seems that I can’t buy any new knives.Version: 1.3

What do you do with the money?I have almost 100,000 thousand dollars and have nothing to do with it. Pls add a shop or something to do with the money.😕.Version: 1.3

Addicted to the gameThe noise is satisfying good I love it 5 star rating.Version: 1.1

Game fun but need shopI think this game needs a shop I have so much money but nothing to spend it on also it is really easy to get money.Version: 1.3

It’s okIt’s really good but you can get money and not get anything and it is unfinished I have so much money and can’t even do anything with it if you could buy things it would be such a better game..Version: 1.1

Really good but!I really like this game! It’s a good time killer but you get money you can’t spend it at all! It would be a better game if there was a shop! But like I said I really like it!.Version: 1.3

Too much money!Great game, perfect for killing time. The only thing is you get all this money but there’s nothing to spend it on! It would be great if we got an in-game shop where you can buy different knives. Other than that, great game!.Version: 1.3

A decent gameIt’s actually a really fun addictive game. there is a lot of ads but if you turn your phone on airplane mode then there’s none. you also get coins but there is nothing to spend the coins on. nevertheless it’s a great game there’s just some tweaks i would make.Version: 1.3

It’s pretty good.I like the game a lot it is satisfying. but what do you do with the money? It is unfinished though? You could probably update the game to buy something. But I still like it..Version: 1.3

BEST GAME EVERI LOVE THIS GAME!it lets you slice thing that sound very satisfying when you slice them and there are no ads and nothing messes up on the game.Version: 1.3

GamerantThe game is great but I don’t want to use only one knife every time so can you add a shop to the game and there already is a coin system.Version: 1.3

Amazing gameI love this game but no point of coins if we can’t spend them. And the problem Is that every so often the game doesn’t fully work and I opens and you tap play then when I tap it again it doesn’t work..Version: 1.3

THE BEST GAME THAT exested except for footnoteI love it when I’m stress I play and I’m not any more.Version: 1.3

Good but money!!So I love the game but money hmmmm maybe I’ll give this four stars ok byeee.Version: 1.3

I love itI love everything about this game. I was wondering if you guys would add a shop where you can buy new knives and cool effects for them. Also could you add challenges too that would make the game better thx..Version: 1.3

GameIt’s amazing I’ve been playing for 3 days it’s so much fun.Version: 1.3

Great gameSo I have to give credit where credit is due voodoo you got better at making games not to many ads good gameplay..Version: 1.3

Best game everI can’t stop playing this game it’s my favorite game-first.Version: 1.3

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Cool game but I have questionsNice game, you can earn game money for how well you do....but can’t use that money towards anything. It doesn’t make sense. It would be nice if you could upgrade knives or swap tools to slice through objects..Version: 1.1

Literally amazingThis game is SO great. It does even have HALF as many adds as other games and is super satisfying and relaxing! I 100% recommend this game to everyone.Version: 1.3

SolidGood Game but after every single level I get an AD, but other than that pretty relaxing..Version: 1.3

Needs more weaponsMake the money have a purpose it’s a good game but the money needs to useful.Version: 1.0

Great game but unfinishedIn the game you collect loads of money but you have nothing to use it on. it’s still a fun game if you can withstand ads witch aren’t that bad. fun game other the the money detail..Version: 1.3

Add different knivesThere isn’t any point to having money if there’s nothing to spend it on. There should be different knives or something to buy. Other than that the game is pretty fun..Version: 1.3

Great but needs something.....GREAT GAME But needs some sort of shop to spend ur money cause I already have 110K money but it’s still a great game😎😎😎😎.Version: 1.3

Fun and satisfying but can you add somethingThis game is the best it is fun to play when your back red and stuff and it is satisfying in my opinion but what’s the whole point of money and can y’all add some different knifes or skins for the knife we got now.Version: 1.3

Addicting but unfinishedThis game is honestly pretty good. It’s great if you’re bored and need to kill time. Even when levels repeat, it’s still entertaining. The only thing I don’t get is why you earn money (in game) while playing the game. There is no shop to spend it so you just end up with a lot of money and it’s kind of disappointing. It would be great if you could buy themes and different knives. Other than that it’s pretty good :).Version: 1.1

I broke the gameIf you just tap the screen enough you will get to the end of the terrain and you can literally fall forever haha, very fun!.Version: 1.1

Great gameThis game is so freaking fun! I just think the coins are pointless because you can’t spend them, it would be so much better if you could add different kinds of knifes or even swords!.Version: 1.3

Good game, but...This game is okay, but I have so many coins/in game currency that i don’t know what to do with it, so can you add like a shop to change your knife or something, cause I have no idea what to do with it..Version: 1.3

Wow needs a little work but it’s greatI love the game isJust they could have a tutorial so you would know what to do when you got the game but they didn’t so I’m giving it a four-star just because you know the game quality and all that I’ll keep you updated sincerely_ VIP Dria.Version: 1.3

Actually kinda challenging but laggyThere’s an ad after every round and it’s laggy but it’s fun lol.Version: 1.3

Great gameThis is a good game because if you are stressed out this the perfect game for you!!!.Version: 1.3

Amazing game just needs some adjustmentsI love this game but there is something I was confused about, I have a lot of money but what is it for I doesn’t show me if I can buy better knifes of backgrounds.Version: 1.3

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