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Z Escape app received 59 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about z escape?

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Game rivals WWZ but...This game is awesome and I see much potential in it but there are some things I don’t like or find annoying. A. The gun skins are the same but a different color. I suggest that you make it so each skin is different AND a different color eg, one fires explosive rounds and another one has penetrating rounds and one has an area of effect and etc. B. The humans that you have to provide cover-fire for, often (in my experience) tend to bunch up toward the back of the group and become very vulnerable to attack. I don’t know if this is on purpose to make the game more challenging or if it is accidental but if it is accidental than plz fix. C. The app logo that you might see in the App Store shows neon green zombies attacking a red survivor. When the zombies in game are red and survivors are blue... I don’t think that needs further explanation. Reason A. Is the only reason why this review is not 5 stars. That is all. Sincerely, TideBraker.Version: 1.7

Great strategy gameGreat fun game and addictive 😊.Version: 1.8.01

Awesome game, but the ads are excessiveAwesome game, but the ads are excessive.Version: 1.7

The Past time gameAt work sometimes we don’t have many calls on days so it gets pretty slow but this game REALLY helps past the time. I’ve been playing non stop so much that I’m almost done with work mind you I just got this game and I payed for ads to be off which was worth it won’t get the bonuses tho.Version: 1.7

Sound effectsI really love the game but I’d really like sound effects because it feels like part of the game is missing when there isn’t any sound effects, here are some sound examples if you read this comment and want to put in sound: zombies, elevator doors banging (zombie) human turning into zombie maybe, “HELP” scream or the iconic AAAAAAAAAH, gun sound effects maybe different pitch and how rapid the sound is for different guns, helicopter, and barrel exploding, and I know im asking for much but I think it would overall get your 4.6 star rating to a 5 and maybe if they can’t afford the upgrade (time thingy or how many people) they can watch an add but I don’t really like the watch add and get upgrade for free thing because I go out a lot and I don’t have any wi-fi and I can’t upgrade it and many other people might run into this problem, thanks for reading this!.Version: 1.8.02

Amazing funClass game with all but brilliant fun, would be good to add upgrades for the weapons to make long play more enjoyable after whiles of playing the game, all round 10/10 game though can’t stop playing!!!.Version: 1.7

You should get this gameYou should get this game because it’s so fun like these red people how to kill the blue people in like like they turn into zombies in the blue people how to make it to the chopper before the red people get them and you have to do you shoe bombs to kill the red people it’s like a zombie game was actually very fun you should get it because it’s like the funnest game I ever played on it’s my first time playing this and this game is so fun you should get it it’s for free.Version: 1.6.1

Funny😝🤣I like how the zombies fall and the people get to the helicopter.Version: 1.6

Sounds, guns and destructible objectsI am having a lot of fun but there is no sound, also, could there please be more types of weapons and could there be more types of things to stop the zombies.Version: 1.8.02

Really addictive but I have some ideasI’m honestly more addicted to this game then I thought I was going to be, it’s just really fun. However I have some ideas on how to make the game better. I feel like I’m always using the traps and hitting my own people with them, causing them to be killed by the zombies. If I could see the range of effect that the traps have that would be nice, perhaps as an expensive upgrade you could buy in the shop?.Version: 1.7

GoodAdd more dedication to it by people skins,weapons do different things, more levels identifying people you lose and 7 star game also add something where people take time to be infected and get pounced every time instead of the last guy when they die and you lose so it looks better I always love that in a zombie game or movie where they get feasted upon and pounced.Version: 1.7

Simple game to kill timeAds aren’t too bad since I’m a veteran mobile gamer plus they give you compensation for it as well and if you don’t like them you can buy to skip the ads and it’s a cheap small fee. The gamer is fun and simple . Something to do to kill time ..Version: 1.7

.It’s very good but could you add more guns cause I’ve got them all thanks : ).Version: 1.7

No sound ???When I was seeing the game preview before I downloaded it there was sound. Now that I have downloaded it there is no sound. Why is that? Every other app I have that is this type of a shooting game has sounds. Makes it kind of boring. If I could hear the chopper and the gunfire and the zombie noises it would be much more interesting to play. Other than that, it’s pretty cool. Would like to see longer levels as well. Fix the sound issue and I’ll give you five stars..Version: 1.7

A plate of awesome with a side of glitches...Awesomely fun game that satisfies the “Get to the choppa!” in me. However... no sound? I don’t even see an option for it under the settings menu, just one to enable haptic vibration and something called “lap” or “IAP”? No explanation on what that is and when I click it, nothing seems to happen other than advancing to the next round. Which brings up another point - it would be great to have the option to replay a level. Doesn’t seem to be one that I can see. Other than that? GREAT! Lots of fun! Played all night, so... thanks for the lack of sleep!.Version: 1.6.1

Great Game, One problemZ Escape is a addictive game where you have to make sure the survivors escape but there is one problem, when you explode something, the survivors will be knocked down and stunned, giving time for the zombies to catch up and eat them, that is bothering me because I could have had so much more multiplier if they hadn't fallen, that's my only problem with this game, other than that its great!.Version: 1.7

How to have no addsIt’s fun just don’t turn your wifi and it will have no adds.Version: 1.9

GreatGreat game but spoilt by adverts every go, so play and delete whe.Version: 1.8.02

Where’s the sound!?Game is fun enough to pay for no ads but I don’t understand some of these simple yet fun games not having any sound. Am I missing something?? Here is my feedback for improvement: 1. Add sound, even if just some simple gun sounds effects. 2. Keep the game simple the way it is. Don’t add too much more. 3. Maybe have some higher tier guns. All seem the same right now but again keep it simple. 4. Make levels progressively longer and a bit more difficult. This is also where tier level guns comes in play as well. 5. Maybe add some kind of boss stage. That’s it for now. Fun game but can use some small enhancements to make it great..Version: 1.6.1

High potentialThis game has my attention completely. However it lacks things. There are different levels yes? But it’s repetitive. Along with the guns. It’s 10k for a legendary gun? But they all do the same thing with different skins. My opinion is this. The guns have different ability’s/firepower/fire rate, the legendary guns should be 20k or higher, and the higher the level the more zombies and faster speed. Overall I love the game but it needs a huge update. It’s satisfying to mow down the zombies but there are things it’s lacking. I hardly ever give feedback but this game has high potential.Version: 1.6.1

Grate game but add a couple of thingsThis game is amazing but you should add the zombies a different color and a face expression and add more gun I have all of them and less ads because when it says get more if you don’t click that it will give you a add so it’s like you are getting a add no matter what and add more maps.Version: 1.7

Well doneThe only problem in my opinion is that after the 100th stage the missions are just the same and boring so if the developers added something new it would make the game 10x better..Version: 1.7

Very Good but...Easy to pick up and enjoyable to play but the version I have downloaded doesn’t have any sound so it is a bit surreal?!.Version: 1.6.1

Good game butThis is a good game but I wish there were more weapons.Version: 1.7

Great game... but..So i just go on airplane mode for the ads for the people who have that problem, and that i would love more levels. great game but longer levels maybe more features maybe a zombie that can take more than 1 hit? idk anyway good game but just add move levels.Version: 1.6

Cool game download this game nowGood game because I can make storyline with z and humans.Version: 1.6

Great little gameNeeds longer levels though and my god are the ads beyond annoying..Version: 1.5

I recommend this gameThis is a great game you should install now but the only down side is after every level there usually a add witch gets annoying from time to time but other then that this is a great game you should get it,did I mention it’s addicting :).Version: 1.7

Not really a review more of a pointerFor all the people who struggle with the ads like i do as well, i just turn of my wifi and i don’t get them anymore.Version: 1.9

Wow!This game is so simple yet so awesome.Version: 1.8.02

SoundThis game is pretty good but I feel like it’s missing something very important. Sound! Right now the game is kind of bland in a way, and without the sound most people aren’t immersed in the game. Also you should more variations of guns and custom helicopter skins! Other than that, this game is great..Version: 1.6.1

Z escapeI found this a ad i was playing sneaker art and that ad came on so i regret it the first time then i started playing it and honestly 1 of the best games ever its a good game to play if you have no friends like me a popular loner or you can play with no wifi or LTE so i totally recommend.Version: 1.8.02

Good game but...Dear Creator(s) of this game, This game is cool. I like the concept of rescuing people from an angry hoard of zombies. But there is a glitch I found that was so annoying, every single time after I complete a certain amount of rounds, I can’t remember exactly how many, whenever I leave the game to do other stuff, it will ALWAYS reset all my progress and reset me to round 1. I don’t know if it was intentional as a joke or something, but if you can fix it, that will be great..Version: 1.6.1

I love itAlright, I thought this game was gonna be another “ok i’ll download it for about a month, then delete it while clearing up space,” but no. This game is actually really fun and really addicting. There are enough things to keep you hooked. I’ve been playing for a long while now, and the only thing i’m disappointed by is the number of ads, but it’s worth it. If you need a fun game, then you should download this..Version: 1.7

Aaaaa run from the red 😱😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂.Version: 1.9

I love the game! And here with ideas to make it betterHonestly this game is far more fun then what I thought it would be! I’ve gotten to the point of shushing people around me so I can save the little blue people. Here are some ideas: More uses for coins. I’d be more likely to watch ads or even spend money for coins if I had these options: 1. I could buy weapons that shot faster, had better accuracy, or made bigger explosions 2. Buy character skins so that my people aren’t blue. I wanna feel like I need to save little Timmy that can’t run as fast from the walkers. 3. Give custom characters custom attributes. So say little Timmy is running slowly, but you have a character that has the baby sitter attribute. They would give the children the extra push that could mean life or death. 4. We saving people but where do they go? Maybe money could be used to go towards a compound? I think what I’m saying is a story line or some emotional attachment would help. Even if it meant the turned blue characters turned purple instead of red so we could identify the people we lost..Version: 1.6.1

It’s pretty good but...It honestly one of the best games I had but there this glitch that happens every wants in a while and we’re when I hold it down to shoot it freezes and I kinda don’t like the ads either so if you can put them down a little that would be great! But for most part the game is all some!.Version: 1.6.1

Great game!I think this is an awesome game but there was a bug I wanted to say while I was playing it just focused on my helicopter and I couldn’t shoot but the blue people were nowhere the end and a lot of them ended up dying. I hope you guys can find the reason of this bug and fix it..Version: 1.7

Please read!!This is a really great concept for a game but there are a few things that would make it way better, there is not many sounds and it would be better if we could hear the horde yelling and stuff and bullets being shot. Also I think there should be difficulties cos it is pretty easy..Version: 1.6.1

This game, haves high potential.I love it. However I am confused about the guns. Do they do anything different? Damage,Fire rate, accuracy/bullet spread? Or is it just custom skins and if so is there any chance to have custom skins for the helicopter maybe also custom characters/character skins? Mostly I enjoy this game and please keep up the updates and don’t just make this game just to make it like most mobile game makers where they abandon the work progress I highly support this!.Version: 1.5

Good but a bit laggyThe fps lags a lot randomly and the people sometimes just fly outside the helicopter instead of inside.Version: 1.8.02

Sandbox and a new unitThis game is already perfect but if there was a new unit like a solider that would kill the zombies but just stands still and doesn’t move that would make it even better and if there was a sandbox that would let you make your own map that would be really cool but the game is perfect ;).Version: 1.6.1

AWESOME!!!Dope game and is super fun no bugs!!!.Version: 1.7

Sooo fun!!!!!!!!!This game is really fan and would recommend downloading it. Guns look rally cool. But maybe have different maps and bosses and the end of 10 or so levels..Version: 1.8.02

AmazingThis is a brilliant game, very addicting, everyone complains that there is ads but I just turn on airplane mode 100% 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.6.1

I love this game but one thing to add.So I really like this game and I love the mechanics of the game. But one thing to add is that I think that there should be a another level where you are in a getaway Jeep and have to save citizens and protect them for five minutes then you win. That is just for fun. You do what you want with the game and I love it. Just if you could add that that would make my LIFE..Version: 1.6

Fun gameFun game, few things I hope to see in the future. Getting to choose colors for your people. The slow motion at the end kinda frustrating at times. I feel like you could kill a lot more red people if it wouldn’t skip to the cut scene of guys jumping in the helo. The gun skins are a little ridiculous, maybe have some better damage or faster shooting with higher level weapons..Version: 1.7

Guns & LevelsGood game, clearly had some updates looking at other spokes reviews, but needs a few more different levels and to make guns have there own ability eg; rapid fire, explosive, burst etc. If there are these types of weapons I obviously havnt unlocked them yet.Version: 1.5

Good time wasterWhen I am bored I can just turn of internet and play this (turn of internet there should be no ads) so ya basically good time waster I will say there are much better than games but this is simple, fun and addicting I am not a bot this is fun as long as you turn of internet to ensure there are no ads. Oh but PLEASE add sound the game really needs it. And for those people saying “it shoves ads In your face” just turn of internet it is not that hard, think before you write..Version: 1.7

Longer maps?So I’m about 315 maps into this game. It’s fun... and a total time waister! Lol. Im wondering if you’d ever add some length to the maps? Or like have an option for the people running. Either knock down that wall for them to take this road, or have them go a different way and if you choose the wrong way... sorry, zombies there to eat ya! Good game and thank you for making the ads manageable. I’m this far into the game and one ad hasn’t made me delete the game yet..Version: 1.8.02

Great game but needs more variationI love this game and can keep playing it even if the layout does repeat themselves after a while. There needs to be more variations to the layout to make it more challenging. There seems to be no incentive to upgrade your guns. Also leveling up for presumably more cash rewards does nothing. You can level up to start with more people, but what is the point of this? Yes you can potentially get a higher multiplier at the end. But so what? The multiplier doesn’t seem to mean anything..Version: 1.6

Fun, but not amazingI love this game, but the biggest flaws it has are the slow motion final seconds and the weird camera turns at the worst possible time..Version: 1.8.01

I like it... but there’s room to improve!This is a GREAT start to an addictive little game. However, I would suggest that the gun upgrades be more than just skins? Also, I’d really love to replay certain levels to get a better score. Playing levels once is ok... but I feel like some of these levels do have a decent replay value to try to get a perfect score. Keep it up! This is good and I’m sure you can make it even better!.Version: 1.6.1

EntertainingThe game itself is pretty good, but levels are tiny and also after every round there’s a video advertisement about another game that you can’t just skip, really annoying..Version: 1.7

Could you please add some different weapons with attachmentsWould give 5* but this only issue is missing and it would be amazing if you devs could put it in..Version: 1.7

Fun with room for improvementThis comment is more aimed at the devs than people who want to play the game, so here goes. This game is fun, and it has potential to be better. For starters sound effects and music could help the game a lot. Furthermore the guns are purely cosmetic. If you added some stats, like rate of fire, accuracy, and # of bullets per reload, it would give the weapons a bit more variety enabling different play styles. Reloading would be another cool mechanic, because it would increase difficulty in a somewhat needed way. Additionally, giving the “legendary” weapons special properties would be awesome. Maybe an LMG with bullets that ricochet off of the first zombie or target they hit. Maybe a semi auto sniper with bullets that pierce through enemies and keep traveling. Maybe a shotgun that fires incendiary shells that spread fire to nearby zombies. Maybe a revolver that has a 6 second pool of slow motion for the player to utilize per level, there are so many options. I help this review helps your creative process when it comes to developing your game further, and I’m very excited to see what you do with this game moving forward :).Version: 1.7

I LOVE this game but...Well I’m going to say this game is amazing and I recommended it but there is way to many ads almost every level I complete there is and ad but the game is so addicting I won’t stop playing also I’d like if the bad guys (Zombies) where not just little red guys it would look cool if they looked more zombie to me. I’m trying to figure out if the guns all do diffrent damage or if there faster or just look diffrent other than that I totally recommend this game it is so addicting and I love it but I’ve seed about 30 ads in like 6 minutes but still recommend this to everyone 💯!.Version: 1.6.1

Goood gameIt’s a good game it’s fun and I recommend to play it however there are quite a few ads but they are optional so good game😁👍.Version: 1.7

World War ZIf any of you have seen the movie World War Z or WWZ you are familiar with the shooting zombies from a helicopter to save your friends. That’s exactly what this game is, but less graphic and more cartoonish. Great game overall but the concept has been used multiple times in movies and games. Would love to see some other things in this game too!!.Version: 1.6.1

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