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Paper Fold app received 74 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about paper fold?

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AdsWay too many ads.Version: 1.07

Sussy Baka senpaiOKAY so I downloaded this app and there’s so many god damn ads I tried turning off my wifi but it didn’t work and WHY DO THEY MAKE IT LOOK SO HARD IN THE ADS????? LIKE- I GOT TO LEVEL 30 IN TWO MINUTES bad app do not recommend 😡.Version: 1.09

This game is badThe bad things: 1. It’s overlapped with ads. 2. An add came on and it showed people doing... you know what. 3: I had to delete it. The good things: 1: nothing :).Version: 1.15

AnnoyingIt’s fun until the same pic shows up over n over n every time I close the app it brings me right back to where I was. The game can be very annoying..Version: 1.16

Alright game but it gets boring and too many ads!!!!I got literally 5 ads in 3 level like what the actual heck. ik thats how y’all make money but seriously people will delete the game because of the ads like plz take a chill pill on them. you guys make it every time you get a fold incorrect snd Hendricks beat the level its kinda annoying now so i may delete it. anyways i dont usually write reviews but i felt the need to because of the ads. anyways this was a kinda long review and have a good day! also just ralized a solution is turn of cellular and wifi and i think it will work. thank me later!!! bye! this was long sorry.Version: 1.07

🖤 Paper Fold Report 🖤I love paper fold. It’s awesome. Amazing. All that. Except....adds. Way too many adds. Do a fold, 5 - min add. It’s so annoying. I would give it a five star if there were no adds. I don’t want to pay for no adds, because I don’t have money. I would like it if you gave rewards after adds, like hints, or coins or whatever. It would make it better, and so the player could look forward to a reward after the add. Thanks for looking at my review and i hope you can make a few changes. I’ll give another report eventually. Thanks! - Kaitie_GamerGirl123.Version: 1.14

Way too many adsSeriously, you fold that paper for 10 sec but you have to watch 30 sec ads after that.Version: 1.07

Paid for no ads, still have adsMy child loves the games but the ads are extremely long, gimmicky, and hard to close out. I paid for the “no ads” but were still seeing ads. My child clears some sort of achievement and it unlocks a “hard mode”, boom an ad. My child wants to switch the background, boom another ad. The game is a marketing mouse trap designed to get your kids to accidentally buy multiple other apps through the design of the ads..Version: 1.14

Great game just stop with all the adsI really do enjoy the game because it’s something simple and fun to play when your bored but the only thing that ruined it for me was definitely the ads like I get that a few help but it’s not needed that a ad pops up after doing one thing.Version: 1.09

It’s goodBut every time you do two there’s a lot of adverts so I kinda like it.Version: 1.10

DisappointedNot really a good game Ad’s every second Very disappointing.Version: 1.06

Very fun, but the adsI like this game, but there’s way to much ads. And, if I would like to stop the ads, I would have to purchase it. There are so many kids playing this game, but probably rage quit because of the ads. This game is fun, but it needs to be worth all of the ads I have to watch. Which, it isn’t. I recommend not downloading this unless you have time. I download and delete this game all the time. Obviously the owner of this game was very greedy. In my opinion I feel like the owner of this game probably wanted more money then to have people enjoy the actual game. Instead of having to watch 1,000,001 ads. I give this game rating a three out of ten for a reason. Please get rid of the ads and I would love this game 100% more than I do now. By the way this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me. I don’t mean to spread the negativity..Version: 1.12

Kinda badI don’t like this game. There are to many adds. And the adds FOR the game, made me download it because I was getting SICK AND TIRED OF THEM. In the adds the parts of the paper you fold showed shadows of the bits. In the actual game, it didn’t. I just downloaded this game and I wrote this review ASAP. And I had to reset the app due to an add where the X didn’t pop up. It was stupid that happens all the time and it bothers me SO MUCH. Whenever I get an add I have to reset the app!! This is so annoying and I feel like deleting it next Monday. Also, what’s the point of the themes?! The pictures on the paper have NOTHING to do with it. It’s just the background like, WHO EVEN NOTICES IT?! I barely even see it?!?!?! If the themes were about the paper, then people would notice it better! I don’t like this game and I might delete it Monday if this keeps up. Also I don’t know how to see my own review lol. Ps, PLEASE fix my complaints so that I won’t delete it because then you’ll lose someone..Version: 1.09

It ok, but not the bestIt’s pretty fun and intuitive, I had a great time playing. But it was super annoying when there was an ad after every level, even after turning off cellular data and wifi I couldn’t pass the level. The game would freeze if I turned off wifi and cellular as well, so then you’re forced to watch an add after every level which would take me about 5-30 seconds but the ads would take up to a minute.Version: 1.04

Too many adsToo many ads, it just interrupts your flow of thinking and is very annoying..Version: 1.15

Quite hard🐰rabbit.Version: 1.15

Ads galoreAfter every level there is an Ad unless your can do 2 levels within 10 seconds.Version: 1.06

So many adsEvery single level is 10-15 seconds of adds for about 5 seconds of play. No way..Version: 1.06

Too many adsJust way too many ads. At first, it looked good but then the ads just flooded onto my screen.1 star.Version: 1.09

Ads ads and more adsAlmost unplayable with the amount of ads throughout the game and it’s the same advert for crypto currency so deleted.Version: 1.10

Too much ads.Now this hame might seem fun but the ads are unbearable they are so annoying every single time I beat a level I get an unskipable ad I just hate it there are way too many ads advertising this game they are legit everywhere and it’s starting to get annoying so I got really fed up with it and decided to download the game to see if it is actually fun.....and guess what? IT ISN’T! I hate it so much I don’t get how some people are not complaining about this but it is annoying and there are way too many ads that is my issue and it is really laggy I am not too sure why it is laggy there are a lot of bugs and it isn’t fun I did a few levels they were all boring I could not stand the lagging the ads and more so I am deleting this game it is a waste of storage and time. Goodbye...Version: 1.12

Don’t get the gameThis game is so dumb and the music playing was the worst thing ever and there was so many ads I thought that I was watching ads and not playing this retarded game.Version: 1.09

Too many advertisementsWhen i started to play this game there was a bunch of advertisements. then when i got in the middle of playing the games, the advertisements just stopped. then when i got to a high level the advertisements came back. i'm kinda getting annoyed with the advertisements so can y'all please try to tone down the advertisements, if you could that would be amazing! thank you!.Version: 1.12

ReviewThere is to many ads for the game once I done 1 level there was a ad except that it’s good.Version: 1.10

Ads! All the ads!Fold some paper, watch an ad, fold some paper, watch an ad, get redirected to a different app and then watch another ad. Fold paper... and then watch another ad. Rinse and repeat. I’m fine with ads, but can I make it 10 seconds without a 15 second ad? This became an instant delete. Concept is fun, but I spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game and that became a problem..Version: 1.04

Paper foldIt is fun.Version: 1.14

Fun but way too many adsLiterally every 30 seconds I get a 30 second ad I have to sit through which then takes me to purchasing that game afterwards. I’m already so annoyed and frustrated. Where is the ad free option?.Version: 1.07

Too Many AdsFirst couple of puzzles were easy and quick with no ads. Then completed a couple more and got an ad. Then another ad. And another. Spending more time watching ads than solving puzzles so deleted the game..Version: 1.06

Can’t play unless you consent to data sharingShame you can’t actually play this game without consenting to share your data.Version: 1.08

Wht is your adWth YEET :).Version: 1.14

Uhhh I got stuck on one stickerMy levels go up each time I do it over and over again it’s been stuck like it for 30 levels + so I do t know what to do.Version: 1.11

AdsToo many ads.Version: 1.15

SO MANY ADSIt’s a fun game but there is just to many ads..Version: 1.14

Bugs and ads with a fun game underneathI’d like to start by saying I play tested 250 levels, so I could write a proper review. There is an ad after every one or two level(s). And considering it takes about 3-8 seconds to complete a level, you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. So to counter this you need to play about 3 levels so you can watch 2 ads, then turn airplane mode on and your wifi off. That will get rid of ads completely and allow you to play freely. At level 115 I started getting bugs in my levels. It started with a level that I wasn’t allowed to pass, even though I did it correctly. So you just spam different combinations until the correct incorrect combination allows you to pass that buggy level. At level 171 I noticed the levels repeating more frequently. It would be the same level back to back very frequently. And the bugged levels would come in higher abundance. At 200+ there are more bugged/repeated levels than there are unique levels. So it loses the fun almost entirely. I would not recommend anyone to play this game until they fix it. The game itself is calm and soothing, but the ads and bugs ruin it. I would recommend putting an ad after unlocking each theme, that would let people play and enjoy the game more. Also, please play test the game more and fix the bugs. The bugs aren’t a complicated problem..Version: 1.04

GrrrrrSo many adds like no.Version: 1.13

Too many adsTerrible can’t play.Version: 1.14

Nice game but infested with adsI get the dev has bills to pay too but having ads that last 30sec that you can’t skip half the time every 2nd puzzle is just too much.Version: 1.16

Why is it not funThis game is kind of fun but it’s gets boring I think it would be more fun if you got to play music in the background and please make the levels more hard the are really easy.Version: 1.17

Good game but the adds are very annoyingGood game My daughter is enjoying playing it! I will not give it more stars because I have paid £2.99 to remove adverts and they still appear..Version: 1.15

Who’s if you get a draw and you have you againHi I just.Version: 1.09

Riddled With Ads Every 15 SecondsFun idea, but I was thrown an add every two levels, and the levels take roughly 8 seconds to solve. I made it through 6 levels and 4 ads in 2 minutes and called it quits. I understand free games need ads or microtransactions, but an ad every two levels in incredibly excessive and makes this game unplayable. This is clearly a case of being pumped up by review bots, because there is no way someone plays this game and doesn’t have a problem with the number and frequency of the ads. P.S. People defending the game having little or no ads for them when many others are saying the ads are occurring too often should be a red flag. The ads are a real problem and games like this shouldn’t be supported..Version: 1.04

RepeatsThe levels just keep repeating them selves and I have updated so many time but it’s just the same stuff not even the updates I wanted!😤😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😠.Version: 1.14

Only reason to play is to watch ads.The game could be cool if I could actually play but after every single puzzle which doesn’t take too long to solve you get an ad. Then when you finally make it through enough ads, I mean levels, to unlock a boring background for your puzzle you have to watch yet another ad to unlock it. Initially I thought well this seems cool enough maybe I’ll buy no ads. But that isn’t even an option! On further thought I realized these developers care more about ads then enjoyment so why would I want to support them with a purchase. So I just deleted the dang thing. Go get another ad filled game that might actually care about enjoyment a little bit and don’t download this one..Version: 1.07

Plz read before downloading its a great game but has issuesOk so when I download this game I looked at the reviews ofc and they said that it was a great game but to many adds but I ignored it and played but little did I know they were right now I'm going to talk about the best things and what are 🤮🤢😭😤😡 the fun things are its satisfying and enjoyable but the con's are its so EASY and there are way to many adds after like 1-2 levels every time you pass . stage a 30 second add comes up and yes it only takes 30 seconds but is as annoying as heck and I get the developers need to make money so they want you to buy the no adds but no im deleting this app but I do have suggestion's one slow the adds make them every once you pass at least 10 levels and after you reach level 30 really push the players to think also I love the sounds BTW but overall its a good game Just has things they should fix sorry this is long - ☆ Daisy ☆.Version: 1.14

It is okIt has way way to many ads for a game unfolds it’s self after an add so if you’re at a really hard level watch out😞🙁.Version: 1.07

Terrible game everI do not recommend this game it looks good trust me it’s all a big scam.Version: 1.15

To many addsIt’s a fun game but there’s so many adds..Version: 1.16

Too hardI have been stuck on the same level for 15 mins.Version: 1.14

TO MAY ADSI have NEVER played a game with this many ads in my life. This is terrible.Version: 1.08

It’s okayThere’s way too many ads and I cant really play the game without a ad coming but overall it’s a great game!.Version: 1.07

TrashThis game is terrible there is so many adds after every level the moment I finish a level there is an add the add helps me with nothing it is useless it is so stupid because you are having fun folding paper and you see and add and then you get off the game because there is so many adds this game is trash the adds are annoying they are there 24/7 like shut the add system offffffff lol Love,Georgina ✌️.Version: 1.04

Game is good but too many adsThe game is addictive I will give it that but the ads are after every one or two stages. And I don’t want to pay $2 for a game that I will play for like 2 mins then put down. So because of the addictive gameplay I will give it 5 stars but minus 2 because of the ads.Version: 1.09

Neat game, but…It’s a neat little game, but it has WAY the heck too many ads. It takes about 5 seconds to solve a puzzle followed by about 10-15 seconds before you can skip the ad, and there’s one after almost every puzzle. I also didn’t see a way to go back and re-play puzzles. I was evaluating this for my daughter to play, but I don’t think it will work because of the constant intrusive ads..Version: 1.07

AdsCool game but there are too many ads. I can’t go one level without getting an ad it’s very annoying.Version: 1.09

No just no!Hello people of the world and I’m here to Wright a review, ok so when I was on my game an add popped up and it’s this game but- the advert was not for children. Now what happens is at there was this angel lady and when the person or bot flipped it it turned to a devil but a I don’t want to say it but u might have seen it. But the advert is not that good but the game is good so I recommend downloading it if you want plus it has nothing to do with it. And I hate the adverts I think this game is abit greedy..Version: 1.16

Good but could be harderGot to level 175 in less than an hour. Not sure if it gets harder down the line but it’s still just as easy as the first levels. Would like a exponential increase in difficulty..Version: 1.14

Good potential but the ads are laughableLook, it has potential, but who would want to play this game if it has an ad every other level? And don’t you dare make us pay to get rid of ads, you’re ripping us off as it is!! I’ve been playing for 2 minutes and already had about 4 of the same ad. 1 star is being kind.Version: 1.09

Oh goshEvery time I finish a level there’s a new ad. It’s a great game but there’s ads 1-3 times per level....Version: 1.09

Okay but..It was the perfect game ever I thought until I got to level 78 which is a astronaut chilling on a crescent moon I got it right I am sure it matched perfectly but it said I got it WRONG when I got it RIGHT!.Version: 1.08

Don’t botherThis game is very very stupid you get an ad every level 🤮.Version: 1.07


Too many adsRemoved it got fed up with ads every other stage..Version: 1.07

Way too many adsThe game is fun but is ruined by the number of pop-up ads! One for every two rounds...sometimes more often than that.Version: 1.06

Too many adsYou should probably read this before you play the game This game is very easy it is a little fun but I have to give it one star there are way too many ads it’s 30 second ad I read the reviews and it said way too many ads but I just ignored it who wanna play a game like this to easy way too many ants do not play this game it’s a little fun if you want to get it get it but it’s way too easy Way too many ads you should probably delete it as soon as you get it so I have to give this one to Star.Version: 1.14

This game is terribleFirst of all is the ads. The last review I wrote said that I love the game and won’t be deleting it because there weren’t any adverts but now when I play I am halfway through a level and it does an advert, every time I finish a level there is an ad. Secondly, the levels are too easy so I have nearly finished the entire game! I will delete it now unless they solve the problem.Version: 1.07

Fun butGreat fun but TOO MANY ADVERTS!!!!! I know you need to make money but come on! Completely ruins the user experience..Version: 1.14

HORRIBLEThis app is a nice and relaxing game. When I got to level 23 it said “get to level 333 the secret level” So every day I played 50 levels until I got to level 333, to find out there is no secret level. Not to mention the amount of ads after EVERY level. This good game has been ruined by lord and ads. The game is also very laggy and freezes very often..Version: 1.07

This game is not greatI like the game but it’s just ads ads ads and you can’t get away with it because ads keep popping up so you watch ads more than actually play. I wouldn’t recommend this with u.Version: 1.16

Too many adsThe Title of this review is self explanatory. There is an ad for every level. Finish a level ad. Unlock a new sticker pack well you have to watch an ad to get it even though you just did all of those puzzles. Besides the ads it is a really great concept and it is probably genuinely fun to play without ads. There is Another thing that annoys me besides the ads. It restart your progress if you flip all the sides over and get it wrong. Maybe you can maybe send them back to their mistake because I can see this becoming a problem..Version: 1.12

Not great because of adsThere are to many ads to enjoy this game.Version: 1.05

Too many adsWay too many ads. No need for all of them.Version: 1.07

Great!! But one problemIt’s a great game, but why put so many adds?? Every time you try to do something it goes on an add. WHY?? Good game though. 😿😿 3 out of 5.Version: 1.07

Way too many adsHad this app for 5 minutes and already was shown 8 ads. Instant delete.Version: 1.06

Why all the ads?!?!?I’ve had the game open 40 seconds and it’s already shown me 3 adverts. Disgusting greed. AVOID..Version: 1.12

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Paper Fold customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Paper Fold.

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