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Great But 💙This game is awesome everyone who has anxiety (might be wrong I think anxiety and like being stressed that’s why is said that) should definitely download it doctors should recommend this app if you have stress lol idk what I’m saying but there’s one complain there’s wayyyyyyyy wayyyyyyy to many adds like every 2 levels there’s a add idk if you control if there’s adds or not but if you can can you cut down on the adds please that’s the only reason it did not get an 5/5 stars like if there was less adds then it would be the bomb best game ever but my fav about the game is that it has the cutest designs like it is the best game no cap.Version: 1.32

Needs updatesIt’s an okay game it just needs some update. What needs to be updated is pictures and some new way to do it. I mean like it’s a pretty good game but it looks old. Not a bad game! It needs more animals ❤️🦊🐻🐼! I play this game not that much. Just saying it’s a hard game!!! I take a good 30 minutes! Here is a good thing about the game is It doesn’t get boring! It needs music. I like music in my games! That’s it! It’s a wonderful game! ❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.22

5 Star Game 👏👏Someone shared this game on TikTok and I found it from there. I'm usually not a type of person that downloads games that sees on social media, but the concept of this game fashinated me truely. The best part is that it's extremely easy to play. I even recommended this game to my 72 years old grandma and she is at level 140 already. The images on the papers are also very funny, I took screenshots of some of them to send my friends. Long story short, it's definitely a 5 star game. I recommend it to everyone without any doubts..Version: 1.02

Great gameIt is just like the ad and if you like problem solving, then this is a game for you.Version: 1.37

This is interesting 🤨Hello everyone so I am sorry 😢 this is not going to be about the game I just want to tell you about myself so I am a girl and I am ten years old and of course that is me Tia is a girl and she is 40 years old and she is my mom Jordon is a boy and he is 41 years old and he is my dad Lori is a girl and she is 68 years old and she is my grandma bill is a boy and he is 73 years old and he is my grandpa cookie is a girl and she is 70 years old and she is my other grandma Ray is a boy and he is 81.Version: 1.20

This game is really goodThis game is really just perfect makes your brain thinck I say recemend.Version: 1.22

Paper🤫🙄🤗I really like paper fold and I like that you don’t have to pay for it but I only have one problem with it there’s not too many shapes would be really nice if there are more shapes for some reason I’m playing this game more than Roblox that’s kind of surprising so I play Roblox every single day and it’s really hard because how are you supposed to know which side it supposed to go do you know last week I played this and it took me five tries to fold it the right way for some people this is easy but for me it’s not easy because it’s way too hard thank you for making this game is very entertaining and I know some people that also play this game is very addicting because it is fun and challenges you.Version: 1.37

To easyIt’s to easy make it harder and just turn off wifi if you don’t want adds I also got to lvl 25 in 2 mins and 30 seconds make it hardddddd😡😡😡😡😤😡.Version: 1.12

Just startedI just started on this game and I’ve been here and there’s pretty much really bad reviews so I’m going to so I played this so I’m gonna start playing this game i’m going to test it out and see what’s going on I’ve been hearing that there’s too much ads I’m excited to play but I haven’t been seeing any ads lately like my other games so I’m going toSee what’s up I’m scared and excited at the same time so I hope so I hope I don’t see too many ads sorry for such a long review🙂 PS if you have enough money by then no ads.Version: 1.16

Please and thank youPut less adds please:).Version: 1.36

AnaaI love it its amazing but i dont get how when u see the ad its so hard but when u do it its easy.Version: 1.35

Fun but anyoingToo many adds and no music but fun.Version: 1.37

Miaoz is being rudeThis is such a good game love it soooooo much.Version: 1.06

Really fun gameI enjoyed playing this game it was fun and got harder has it went on. I like the cute drawings as well, overall a really fun cute game.Version: 1.06

Fold the page and like the game 😍😍😍😜😎🤩🥳This game is awesome I love all the stuff about the game I just got it and it is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played I get to fold paper without actually wasting paper and I get to save turtles and they are adorable they are adorable little pages I just got the game it’s awesome I want to share it with my uncle my aunt my cousin my dad my mom and I i’m going to share it with my whole family and all my friends down on this game it’s awesome. 😎😜😚😍🥰😇.Version: 1.27

The gameI like the game because in your free time you can just play This game and you won’t get bored whilst playing!! I personally like this game because it is really entertaining for the kids also adults too. This can be for any age because it is not in-appropriate for anyone and I recommend it for any age who would know how to play!🥳🤩.Version: 1.15

About the game,Amazing game! It’s so awesome..Version: 1.38

One of the best games in the world 🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩And to all you that don’t know if there is ads just put it on airplane mode or tern off the internet So I have only been playing for about half an hour and I am at level 85 it gets harder but then now and again it will get really easy. The shapes are so cute and to top it all off it is so satisfying and all the folds fit in perfectly also one last thing what level are you.Version: 1.07

AmazingIf you are looking for a game that has fun puzzles paper fold is a hard fun game and I doesn’t make you rage i recommend this game a lot if you are bored or if you have anger issues it helps me calm down so much but people might have different options then me but I have been really bored lately and now I’m having a bunch of fun you should try paper fold it’s fun and very popular.Version: 1.35

Why i love this game so much<3I love it because it confuses your mind but In the end I’m sure you will make it!!.Version: 1.34

Great game butAbsolutely love this game. Bit is not exactly what they advertised. The advertisement showed all of these pictures of drake the rapper and like other pics but really its just like food categories, animals and other stuff. It also showed that it played the belly dancer tiktok song every time you fold the little flaps. But nothing like that in the actual app. But otherwise, GREAT GAME. Would recommend for adults/children. And also great on ipad or iphone, I own it on both ipad and iphone. This is a great game. Also totally addicted. Love it..Version: 1.38

Paper foldI thought this game had music when you fold that’s why I downloaded it..Version: 1.28

Music?All I can say is where is the music because it showed in the ads music hopefully the music gets added soon.Version: 1.22

Soo goodWhen your bored you can play this game.Version: 1.17

The Game:I'm just saying; this game is AWESOME! I love it!! It is so satisfying even when you playin it like, I just love it. And there are so many excellent levels and skins. It so cool. Thank you for reading this! :).Version: 1.20

Fun but too many adsIt’s fun, but has an obnoxious number of ads..Version: 1.19

Fun game but one thingSo overall fun game but wish there was a way to get hints when you get stuck it’s only thing that I don’t like about this game I’m on one now I’m having trouble with just be nice if there was way to get a hint of 2.Version: 1.07

Stop complaining about adsI hope y’all know that you can turn you’re internet off... just turn it off and BOOM no ads, now stop complaining.Version: 1.08

Paper fold🍑This game is great but some of the levels are quite hard which makes people get really frustrated and quit, which has happened to me before. I think they should make the levels a tiny bit easier! Either than that, it is a really enjoyable game!❤️ -Frida.Version: 1.07

Im gayIm gay.Version: 1.39

Fun but repetitiveThis game is very fun and addicting but the levels just repeat over and over again I just reached level 6000 without even noticing 🤣.Version: 1.34

It’s great !!!!It’s a great mind boggling game but if you like an hard but not to hard this for you I use this app some times to relax it also relaxes my brain when I’m going to sleep so really it’s a great game and i definitely recommend.Version: 1.07

Best game ever everyone get it it is so satisfying and fun but it is also time consumingBy bpm)hh.Version: 1.14

AddsTo many adds :) Maybe remove some.Version: 1.31

The best game 😃😃I only got the game a few minutes ago but it’s literally the best. It’s so much fun and the sound of the paper folding is just so satisfying. I’m really glad I got this game because it it it reduces your stress levels and that’s just a really good thing so thank you for this wonderful game!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄.Version: 1.18

I like the appSo not really entertaining for me but it still is kinda fun.Version: 1.07

Enjoyable🦋The game is really enjoyable but you add cluesBecause some people might get like frustrated and quick second thing is there is way too many ads i’m okay with 2 ads to pop up or only one because sometimes I get like three in 30 seconds and then in about like one minute I get another ad is very frustrating. -Angelina.Version: 1.07

TIt is so good I has no adds.Version: 1.35

Best gameIt fun to play.Version: 1.37

So funMy cousin got this game secretly and I was like I want it so I asked my dad and he was like sure why not and as soon as I got it I just got obsessed with it like now my whole family is a big fan of this so a big thanks to the people who made it.Version: 1.39

Game JIt is a bit hard but not too hard but quite fun.Version: 1.15

BallsMost fun game i have ever played in my life.Version: 1.39

It a good game😊 <3 but to many adds :(I love this game it probably will keep children active for a few hours but they might hate the ads. My apologies if I sound rude 😞.Version: 1.07

Love it 😻😻😻😻Best game I’ve ever played in YEARS! Can’t wait to get a higher level 😁😁.Version: 1.35

This game is sooooo relaxing 😌I love this game so relaxing 😌 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.37

TomanyadsThere too many ads QWERTY.Version: 1.37

GoodGreat game but i wish there was a feature we you could see all the stickers you have got like an album.Version: 1.34

Paper FoldThe Game is amazing as I can finally have the satisfaction of art.Version: 1.34

The best game everSo good and satisfying.Version: 1.36

Awesome game but to many adsThis game is so intense but in a good way. But there’s to many ads. I love this game so much but after 4 or 1 or 2 or after you finish a level POP there’s another add. UUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH. It’s the best game but I can’t stand the ads after another. But this why I give it 5 stars- 1. You get (in a good way) excited and like COME ON.2. It’s relaxing.3. It’s one of my top 5 favorite games. But please just put a few ads.Version: 1.14

Happy kidThis game is amazing I have it on the apple ipad and honestly it amazing if you think about it. The levels are hard it can solve ur free-time and you can pick desks after each level I think it is amazing. ⭐️5 STARS⭐️ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜.Version: 1.39

Great gameTo all those people saying that there is so many ads, no there isn’t ! I got to level 10 without having a single ad. Also it’s a great game and it’s a great concept. It’s super relaxing after a long day of school and perfect to play with friends. There is barely any ads and whoever said there was a ton, you are all liars. It’s a great game. Also Georgina who said the game was trash and gave it one star, SHUT UP!!!.Version: 1.04

Download this app NOW!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️Before I got this game, I read the reviews. A lot of them were complaining about the adds. Listen, there are barely any adds. At the most you will get up to 1 add every 5 levels. But that’s rarely. And if if so, the game is challenging to keep you busy for a while, but there never to hard. It did repeat the sticker things or what ever they are at level 80 but ever since the update, it does it very very VERY rarely. I love this game so much and I hope you see why you should download this app NOW!!! (Btw this is my favorite emoji. Just thought you should know) 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫.Version: 1.16

The bestOmgThe best game in the world but it doesn’t show exactly like it in the head I’m fine with that though please people playing this is such a good game I don’t know what the other people think like I think it’s horrible I think it’s really good.Version: 1.39

Bad and goodI love how there’s so many levels in this game and it gets harder each round but it’s just training your mind to be the best person you can be a smart one and it helps me go to sleep it’s so relaxing now I have been saying so much good stuff but The bad thing is sometimes it gets so annoying when you can’t beat the level so that is what i think.Version: 1.34

PUT YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODEOk so when I was downloading another ad game that I saw, I was looking at the reviews and it said that if u put it in airplane mode it is AD FREE FOR FREE and not just that but it can ALSO make ur game less laggy. So overall if u see a game that has one of those ads u know like the ones that say something like “ If u pass this level u r legally a genius 🤯🤯🤯🤯” like that then u could get it, put ur phone on airplane mode and Vïola an AD FREE and fun game. Thank me later 😌💅🏻.Version: 1.20

Not badNot bad so far. It’s perfectly great for kids but slow down the ads please.Version: 1.08

OkayI’m only on starting out pretty bad.Version: 1.31

Super Duper hard but really fun Great gameNice but it’s kind a like stupid.Version: 1.32

THE BEST GAMEThis is the most addictive game, I play it in school, on the toilet and even when I’m dead I will still play it. ITS TOO GOOD.Version: 1.20

A decent game for casual playersI got this game mainly because it looked fun and I hadn’t gotten an abundance of ads for it, and 24 hours later I had reached lvl 300. This game is fun for people with free time. The things I could complain about is the repetitive nature of it. There are only something like 75 different levels that are randomly ordered. Also I can’t get any themes because there are ‘no ads ready’ I think ads may be busted, which to be honest is fine, but I don’t get any and I don’t own an ad blocker. Like I said, worse things to have broken, but it would be nice to be able to get new themes. A suggestion I have to make the game more enjoyable is to add coins into the game and you get more coins per level depending on the less mistakes you make, then you can use the coins to buy themes. Just a thought..Version: 1.05

TOO MANY ADSThe game itself is pretty fun but the amount of ads is ridiculous..Version: 1.16

Love this gameThis game is so suitable for and Age and very challenging and when your stressed it’s a relief hope you like the game.Version: 1.39

Whorst app I’ve ever downloadedThis app has so many bugs I would get kicked off every time there was an add I downloaded for a challenge but this was so easy I do not recommend this game at all the only reason I gave it five stars so it would be closer to the top and the game would glitch all of a sudden and not let me move any thing until I had to reset my whole iPad horrible do not recommend and there so many ads.Version: 1.22

AmazingIt is sooo relaxing to me I seen it on a app and they keep doing it wrong it was sooo annoying and I had to get it.Version: 1.31

GREAT GAME DOWNLOAD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Okay Listen I Saw Multiple Reviews Saying To Many Adds…An Add Comes Almost Every 6 Levels Not A Lot…Also If U Don't Like The Adds Just Turn Off Wifi Common Sense!! Great Game The People Who Right Bad Reviews Just Are Lying And Maybe Some Just Have Different Opinions But In My Opinion This Is One Of Best Games Me Downloaded! I Also Saw Some Reviews Saying They False Advertise That is A Huge Lie The Game Is Exactly How They Advertise! This Game Is A Great Game In My Opinion!! Download The Game And You Will See What I Mean❤️.Version: 1.20

Love this!Satisfying and gives your brain a good workout! Would definitely recommend can’t stop playing!!!.Version: 1.18

Just AmazingThis game is amazing and so addicting. I’ll never get bored of it! Normally when I get a game, if I find it boring or I don’t play it, I’ll delete it. I haven’t deleted it and have honestly been playing it more than roblox. If the ads are annoying, simply turn of your WiFi or mobile data..Version: 1.32

Worst game everI saw an add for this game THINKING it would be fun! But it was the complete opposite!! First thing first there was WAY to many ads, secondly it took over 5 minutes to actually load into the game! THIRDLY! the colours were to bright for my eyes! I recommend the game in black and white INFACT! I enjoyed the adds more than the ACTUAL GAME! Thank you for listening to me.Version: 1.14

Best game everThis game is so fun even though it’s my first time playing.Version: 1.26

I’m Obsessed 😁😁Im OBSESSED with this game. This game is the best and I have only had it for 1 day!! There are no mistakes in the game and the quality is great. The game does make me rage sometimes though because it’s really fast and it makes me nervous. And when I tried “easy” mode it was not easy at all maybe I just have to get used to it but that is my number one problem. Other than all of that this game is great, please keep up the good work and create more for this game!.Version: 1.33

The gameThis game is good but every time you complete a round a ad shows. I suggest whatching somthing while you play this game so when the ads come just which what your whatching not the ad.Version: 1.34

FunThis game is so fun but I wish y'all could add 3 clues so then with the hard parts people will not understand 😉 so just add 3 more clues it's that simple 3 CLUES itsssss soooooooo simpleeeeeeee 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.Version: 1.07

Paper foldI love paper fold a lot it’s so fun it’s the best! Today before I had it I got on the App Store and bought this other game and I tried it but it was horrible,so I remembered that my friend had that game and it was so fun so I got on the App Store and IDownload it and I tried it it was so fun I love it want especially because I thought it while I realize it was wrong swim for a bit but the other one down and then iPhone that one and then it was complete I love it.Version: 1.36

Hit or miss?For me this game was an amazing experience but the one thing I would recommend changing is making it so there is less ads..Version: 1.08

Perfect🤩🤩🤩This game is epic on lvl 28 and NO ADS just turn on airpalne mode and you dont get a single ad lvls are a bit easy but otherwise this game is so so good would definety recomend.Version: 1.07

The adds Aren’t even that BADLiterally the adds aren’t as consistent as you guys i’m making out to be. I have seen SO much worse like there is an add after like every five levels most games these day have adds after EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE so if your a grown adult playing this game maybe you should get off your but and go into the real world instead of making reviews about a game like get a life😉😘.Version: 1.37

GoodIt’s fun, addictive and sometimes challenging but once I got to level 200 it started repeating levels and it got a bit boring once I memorised all the levels. If this changes I highly recommend this game..Version: 1.18

Fun butFun but there are two many ads.Version: 1.18

Creep things happened...I was up at 3AM playing the game when I got a phone call from unknown i declined the call then i heard tapping on my window i ignored it at first but then it got louder I left my room and in my be sisters room I told her everything she said the same has happened to her we went to my friends house and we never went back in my room again....Version: 1.28

One thingThe game is grate but It needs one thing once you fold you can’t see it again or I might have missed it but yea.Version: 1.08

FunIt is satisfying because it make fun noises..Version: 1.20

Good game but..1. I LOVE the game and it is so addictive 2. There are too many ads and it is quite annoying 3. For me the game it quite challenging but is very fun 4. Please add hints I hope you understand..Version: 1.15

5 star game but to many addsThe game is so fun but after every one or two round things there’s an add. Honestly I love the game but I don’t think you should have to pay to not have any adds but that’s how you know if the game owners are greedy. Okay now for some positivity the game is super super fun and the levels take you like 6 seconds! I just got the game yesterday and I’m already on level 46! I think that you should play this game and say what you think of this game but I don’t think it will be a 1 star review! And this game is better then the adds make it seem!.Version: 1.08

Paper foldI love this game because origami is one of my hobbies and now I can play it on my iPad. It is fun and easy. You should download paper fold..Version: 1.16

Paper foldIts really awesome and fun.Version: 1.18

So many adsEvery time I play ads keep coming up.Version: 1.37

My reviewThis game is a great game and you should definitely play it..Version: 1.22

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