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Friday Night Music Funkin Game app received 89 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about friday night music funkin game?

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Terrible Game Tutorial, Week 1 and Week 2If the game had the other weeks I’d play it a lot more but when I’m provided with something that I didn’t ask for then I know it’s a terrible game. Oh and the ads, get rid of them please. Sincerely, The guy who criticised your game.Version: 1.0

Super badIt keeps kicking me out of the game.Version: 1.0

My review for this gamePersonally, it is a good game and overall I’m surprised a game could be this good for a mobile game port. The only downside I have is that there should be more songs than what there is so maybe Dad fight could be added but, as a mobile game is, it probably would cost money for it. Either way it is a great game I’d recommend to friends.Version: 1.0

Has potentialThis game would be very good for people who do not own a pc. However, there are way too many ads, practically popping up any button you click. Yes, these ads may get you money, but when there are too many, people will start to dislike the game, delete the game and therefore won’t watch the ads. It would also be better if you added the other 4 weeks and every song included in them. Overall, this is a good game but requires improvement!.Version: 1.0

Keeps crashing, not worth your time unless you have a good device.Just get the original if you can... I just downloaded this to see if these spin offs were good. And no. They aren’t. If you really want a game similar just get piano tiles or search up rhythm games. If you really wanna play fnf, then sure I guess this app is “ok”, but in my opinion I think that crashing is a big issue, it may be my device since it’s old and I totally understand that. So if your reading this and have a bad device like me, this game isn’t for you..Version: 1.0

It’s not bad but not goodI’m usually good at rhythm games but this one was a little harder because of touch screen I don’t blame creators for this but I do think this could use some fixes 1 There’s only 2 weeks and there supposed to be 6 so that’s one thing and another is that the score is weird in real Friday night funkin the score goes up faster but if they wanna keep it like that they can and also it would be nice if there wasn’t long notes because a lot of people Use one hand especially when you’re on phone but other than that this game is good 😁.Version: 1.0

No soundI don’t like the game. No offence, it does have good game design. But I don’t like it how the songs don’t make sounds..Version: 1.0

Not coolNot cool there’s ads every time I press a button. Good game but to much ads. Suggest you play with no wifi.Version: 1.0

Too many ads but it’s a good gameSo I’m 8 years old utan I just downloaded the game and I’m doing the tutorial and I am actually kind of getting good at it and I think it’s because I’m an Altima okay is the strongest wolf in the world and no I’m not joking and right now I’m gonna go outside to see if it’s a full moon and if it is I’m gonna howl peace ✌️..Version: 1.0

Good but to many ads and only one song each weekThis game isn’t that bad but if you can download the real game on pc. There is to many ads when I push play there is an ad then when I select free play there is another ad, then when you finish a week there is another ad and it sends you back to the start screen. Another problem is that there is only one song for each week when there is supposed to be 2 to 3. My final problem is that the songs are too easy there is no option to make it easy, normal, or hard, they are easier than easy mode on the real game. I give this game a 3 out of 5 stars..Version: 1.0

So many adsThere’s an ad like every time you click. Also it’d be so much better if there were more than 2 weeks on here. I wouldn’t recommend it I was disappointed :/.Version: 1.0

Lookin for a game with constant ads? Get this. 🙄All this game is. ADS. I can’t even play the game because so many ads. So if your looking for a game with many ads? well here ya go. It’s a great game but i cant STAND how many ads there is. And you can’t even skip the ads, you have to wait 5 whole seconds. And life’s short. You could be making a whole lot more memorable memories with just 5 seconds. I know this is short. So i made is short so i wouldn’t waste your precious time. Don’t waste your life. It’s short. -Jennifer.Version: 1.0

A decent mobile portI’d say, for being only a mobile port of a PC game, it is surprisingly good. However, that doesn’t excuse only having the first songs of the first 2 weeks of the game, while the official game is on its 6th week. I think updating it to have proper weeks and even just having up to week 4 or 5 would make it a 4.5 In my opinion, but overall, just play the PC version..Version: 1.0

Game is fineThe only problem that I have with this game is that every time you click a button there’s an ad and after a while it gets annoying like OK 2 ads that’s fine I’ve played many mobile games but like every time you click a button and there’s an ad yeah like it’s annoying after a while if you don’t want to be spammed with that I just recommending not to download the game.Version: 1.0

It’s good butIt’s good but week two is way to hard for week two like I can’t pass it.Version: 1.0

Really badTerrible.Version: 1.0

Oh my godThis game is great both on pc and mobile but they only problem with this game on mobile is the ADS i mean i downloaded the game and hit tap to start and got hit with like 3 ads already like come on man that’s ridiculous. played the tutorial and finished it and got hit with 3 more ads. if your gonna download this and can handle getting a ad every time you hit the screen be my guest. it’s impossible to play with the amount of ads there are..Version: 1.0

Please ReadVery good but it only has tutorial to week 2.. But if you want to remove ads for good, turn of wifi! :D.Version: 1.0

It’s fine, but not really..What happens when I play the game, on week 2 I have MAJOR lags and YES, TOO MANY ADS! This game needs the 4 weeks it’s missing out aswell! Make ads only come up every 10+ so on minutes so we can enjoy the environment of this game more! Thanks :).Version: 1.0

Needs more weeks!!!This mobile version needs more weeks and it needs the option to change it from easy to normal to hard..... I beat every level and it is boring doing the same two weeks over and over again.... Also, it is only one song in each track. I wanna play monster and dad battle but it does not let me. Also, maybe add story mode. Over all, this is what I think..Version: 1.0

Good butIf this was made by the same person who made Friday night Funkin the mobile game would be better so then we’ve got all the games even witty and all those mods it’s just so annoying you only get to play the tutorial bepopba and spookez I obviously give it two Stars because that’s the reason and yeah a little bit terrible.Version: 1.0

To many adds😒It's alright for a mobile game but there's too many adds and not a lot of song choices.Version: 1.0

Copy and some bugsI can tell this game was a copy because of the other one that looks exactly like this but better and I’m not talking about the real Friday night Funkin m talking about another game like this on App Store. The bugs are that I was in dad battle but then I was like 3 seconds behind the actual song..Version: 1.0

Why does it not work for iPadI play on iPad I don’t know if it’s just me but if I click any level including tutorial it boots me out.Version: 1.0

Just don’tThis review will probably not get seen but if u do see this, please read. All those 5 star ratings? Bull crap. The game gives you an ad upon starting it up then gives you the title screen. Starting the game will give you another ad. There are only 2 weeks and the tutorial, and one song per week. Upon finishing the week you get an ad and then sent back to the title screen where, again, you get an ad for starting the game. Idk what I expected from an obviously fake fnf, so just take this as a “I played this so you don’t have to” sort of thing. TL:DR-Game bad, lot of ad.Version: 1.0

Has potentialIf they added all the songs and change be able to change the difficulty it would be good, and I some how haven't gotten a single ad..Version: 1.0

Needs some workBeing honest it was pretty good and i would recommend getting it for newbies but other then that it needs some working on because you get an ad every time you press something you get an ad and at times it gets frustrating and annoying, also another thing that makes this a lower rating is the fact you can only play two weeks and that’s pretty disappointing but other then that 6/10 recommend.Version: 1.0

I can’t even playWhenever I click on tutorial or any of the levels, it just kicks me out..Version: 1.0

I think this was a bit lazyThere’s only 2 weeks and there was like 10 or 7 idk And to many ads also don’t make the arrows go faster then they normally do cause I lost five times trying to beat skid and pump with spookeez so yea if you want this app to be popular then u gotta get in the game..Version: 1.0

I cannot even play it....So, one day I really wanted to play an FNF game, so then I found this game! It looked really interesting so I installed the game! It was the best, but then when I went to the tutorial song.... it didn’t work, I went on ALL THE SONGS! And it still did not work... but it was available on my iPad which is apple.... So I was wondering if you could update the game and then I could play it on my iPad.. I would be DELIGHTED! :) And when ever I press a song on this game, it would KICK me off....... I was really angry when that happened.....Version: 1.0

SO MUCH ADDSEvery time I pressed a button an add came up it’s really annoying but it’s a great game in general.Version: 1.0

Too many adsGot the game works and looks like the original, works well. But every time i tap something it’s like OHHH you want an ad don’t you -_-. Still happy tho.Version: 1.0

Friday Night Funkin Mobile ReviewReally bad rip off only 2 weeks has never been a update. There is also to many ads l. DO NOT RECCOMEND.Version: 1.0

AD after ADI am aware that making a game is not free, it’s hard work n stuff but this method is just scaring away the clients. Also, take note that most of the resources were not made by you. Here’s my penny on this situation, let the next songs be unlocked by having certain points. Win points by beating a song (almost perfectly), then just make the ADs give you “free” points. I know it’s not perfect idea but it will at least motivate other players to watch some ads to get the other songs. Also helps gives you some support on the way. Win win situation. Hope for the best..Version: 1.0

AwfulDon’t play this trash. When you open the game, open the select screen and when you start a song you will without a doubt receive an ad. You shouldn't even have ads on this. You’re receiving cash for ninja muffin’ and co’s work. Disgusting. The controls are uncomfortably placed and theres no way to change difficulties. In conclusion: Not worth your time.Version: 1.0

Worst game everThis only has 2 weeks and so many ads it’s horrible if you want to make your game better make more weeks.Version: 1.0

Add all of the weeks plzMORE WEEEEKS like the actual game has seven weeks! It’s boring..Version: 1.0

Insane amount of adsI love this game and i play on my pc all the time, i don’t know what i expected but you can’t play a song with out going through 2 or three ads every time. when you finish a song it takes you back to the main menu and every time you have to go back and choose another song, after going through 2 ads obviously. I mean i understand the game is free and you have to make money somehow but this is not the way..Version: 1.0

Not bad for what it isI’ll get straight to the point. There are no ads in this. You’ll only get to play the tutorial, bopeebop and spookeez. The controls are fairly simple and to the point. Obviously play the actual game, but this will probably be the only substitute that will NOT spam you with ads. Hopefully more songs will be added later on. All in all I think it’s pretty good, all the other ones completely obliterate users with ads. This app will not. Try it..Version: 1.0

Pretty GoodThis is an exact copy of Friday Night Funkin’. I don’t know if I should give it credit for seemingly dragging and dropping all the assets from the original game files. I guess in a sense they gave the original creators credit for the game, but I feel like they could have done more to communicate that this wasn’t their original idea. At the end of the day, if you want to play FNF on mobile then play this..Version: 1.0

TerribleWhy is it up to just 3 weeks and the controls are garbage for week 2.Version: 1.0

Fun Game Bad ImplementationHey I saw something online about being able to play this on my phone and searched it up found this and downloaded it This is awful compared to the official one posted on newgrounds and the fact that there is ads pisses me off because someone makes money out of this unoriginal concept with STOLEN art This could be good if you Made ads only play AFTER the gameplay and updated the game to week 1 and removed week 2 ( I understand the limitations of mobile games) Good luck.Version: 1.0

It nice???For me there’s no volume and there’s barley any thing to do 😑.Version: 1.0

ONLY 2 WEEKS!!!This game is so bad. It’s so laggy and (like the title) it only has 2 weeks! (For those of you who don’t know what weeks are they are basically matches in the game.) Also so many ADS! Whenever I click a button an ad pops up. Terrible game 0/10 would not recommend..Version: 1.0

Love it, but it needs a few thingsI love the game and the music in general, but it’s clear to see that there are only two weeks in the whole game. And it is way too easy to beat those two weeks. And when the NPC is singing, it doesn’t show the notes. I find this kind of annoying and unfair to those who use it mobile. It would be amazing if you added all six weeks..Version: 1.0

Worst game everWhen it loads up i click start and its an ad and when i press freeplay it shows me an ad and when i press tutorial it shows an ad and in the middle of it it kicks me out of the game i just thought the tutorial was bugged so i tried week 1 and the same thing happens i try it 2 more times and then i just give up and delete it the game could be really good if there was not that many ads and worked on all phones for example i have a iphone 6s i hope they see this and edit the game thank you for reading my experience with this game.Version: 1.0

AdsI like it but the ads are so annoying can you remove them if u can.Version: 1.0

Pretty Bad.Now, I appreciate they tried to make Friday Night Funkin’ for a mobile audience. But it flopped. Big time. First of all, every time you click on something (yes i mean that literally) you get an ad. Of course most free games need ads but not that many! Also, very laggy. I clicked on week one and instantly my iPad just gave up and crashed to the home screen (yes, my iPad is a bit old but it is a very good iPad) So there. Would I recommend? No..Version: 1.0

Complete GarbageEvery button you press comes with an add, you don’t have access to hard and easy mode, only normal mode which is super annoying. You cant even play the weeks other then week 1 and 2, and only one of their songs. don’t get this game unless you like garbage games✌🏼this is a waste of your storage!!.Version: 1.0

Needs moreLike we’re it’s going but there needs to be more songs as wall as having the full songs and adding difficulty’s to it if that happens then I’d rate 5 stars and would play for hours.Version: 1.0

BadThere are only 2weeks and everytime u press something a ad comes out.Version: 1.0

This game is fun but the ads are sooooo annoying!!!While your playing, or press a button an ad just randomly pops up. And what if a 4-7 year old is playing and then a inappropriate ad pops up?! PLEASE REMOVE THE ADS!!!.Version: 1.0

Kida awfulTo hard and to much adds.Version: 1.0

My reasons you should add thingsI like it but there’s no sound and WAYY to many adds and you get money off them all... we just watch useless videos.Version: 1.0

ADS ADS ADSTheres literally ads every slide, gotta watch like 4 ads just to play one round.Version: 1.0

Do not downloadIt is so bad it glitches and there are too many adds and the buttons don’t work.Version: 1.0

SCAMThis game is a scam it only has the two weeks out of the 7 and u can only play on easy not medium ore hard and there’s so much ADS wich proves my point.Version: 1.0

Ad infestedSo it’s nice that you ported this to the App Store for mobile users to play. But Jesus Christ is it TERRIBLE!!! Ads on almost every time the screen changes, failing a song, going to the free play menu. I get you wanted money and ads were the only way, but you don’t need this much. I hope you improve for your next rip off, have a good day.Version: 1.0

It was okI thought this will be the best on mobile but it only had 2 people to battle. So I deleted it.Version: 1.0

Week 2OMG week 2 is so laggy that I can’t even press the buttons..Version: 1.0

Game has like no levelsSee above.Version: 1.0

Please add the other weeksPlease add the other weeks. There is only tutorial, week one, and week two. Please add more weeks.Version: 1.0

Only 3 LevelsI literally finished the game in 7 minutes.Version: 1.0

If you like watching adds download this appI am very disappointed in this game there are so many adds a better way to play it is in roblox versing real people and having no ads.Version: 1.0

WTTContrôles pourries, trois chansons seulement et TROP de pubs! Yay! Jouer SURTOUT à cette *CENSORED* copie du meilleur jeu au monde, Friday night funkin! SARCASTIC TOTALLY.Version: 1.0

What the actually heck.I cant go anywhere without watching an add. First Button (Play) BOOM AD! Second button (Freeplay) Would you like an ad with that sir? Continue button hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm after long hard consideration. I have decided to give you an ad. WONDERFUL ISNT IT? A GAME YOU CANT EVEN PLAY. LITERALLY WORS THAN AAA GAMES..Version: 1.0

Not goodThe game only has 2 weeks not including tutorial and there isnt even an option for screen notes you only have the arrow buttons which bearly register notes and its stuck on ez mode and its way to boring and even the mod version of this is the same just with mods and you can only do the first song and the sprites are messed up cause each they do there idle animations for example bf nods his head his sprite moves which does not happen in the original your better off playing the roblox one funky friday or litterally fnf on roblox they have way better sprites and litteraly fnf has the PROPER SPRITES so i doesnt move when idle animations happen and its way better then this.Version: 1.0

Game crashes every time before level startsDownloaded this on my sons iPad Air, but it crashes when trying to start the tutorial. this page says it’s compatible so why does it keep crashing? He’s got the latest iOS he can download and no amount of rebooting, deleting and reinstalling fixes the problem. If the problem is the age of the iPad then just say it isn’t compatible..Version: 1.0

I am confusedHere is your first ever review, is this game REAL? It is promoting fake piggy games, no donate button from the game, AND ther are barely songs, another thing, IT DOES NOT SHOW THE STORYLINE HERE AND HERE IS SAYS AGE 4+ PLAYERS ON THE APP, this is definitely fake, the game is 13+ not 4+, look at the storyline, wannabe..Version: 1.0

A LOT OF ADS and not many thingsLike every time you press something ADS and when you are finsh ADS but a good game but you only have THREE SONGS so pealse do it.Version: 1.0

Just small changesOther then the ads it’s really good but there is just only 2 weeks that it. So I was hoping that a there was more but there is no other weeks. So when playing be were that there is only 2 weeks only and the tutorial. If you want to play the all the weeks then you will have to play the original game because there is just 2 weeks. But it’s still fun playing it even there is only 2 weeks..Version: 1.0

:(Every time I press tutorial it kicks me out maybe its a bug. :(.Version: 1.0

ConfusedI don’t know if this is real but its good the only problem is the ads.Version: 1.0

Input delay, very little content, and WAYYY TOO MANY ADSHonestly not bad. It’s nice that you’ve made version of fnf that’s playable on mobile, but it’s not very good. First thing is that there isn’t enough content. Once you finish all of what’s there, you can’t do anything else except replay those levels. I know you all will probably work on this in the future, but I just had to say that. Second thing is input delay. The input delay is the main thing that influenced the low rating. Sometimes it doesn’t register, sometimes the sounds cut out, just overall with input delay and little glitches here and there, it doesn’t feel smooth to play at all. The third and last thing is obvious because everyone else is saying it and it’s in the title of this review. Way. Too. Many. Ads. I get it. You worked hard on something for the community to enjoy and you at least want a little money out of it, but you’ve taken it way too far. While I was playing, I got an ad every time I touched the screen if I was in the menu. Completely ridiculous. You had something good minus the input delay, and even then, some people can ignore that. This is becoming less mobile fnf, and more of a cash grab fnf copy. I rated 2 stars and not 1 because I still have hope for this game. Content shortage and input delay need to be fixed, but if you can’t do that, then at least lower the amount of ads your app is forcing the user to view..Version: 1.0

Not enough weeksIn the REAL fnf there would be 8 weeks but on mobile there’s only 2! (Plus fix the ads).Version: 1.0

GoodThe game is fun and good. But it’s VERY glitchy and it impacts the experience. And also more weeks would be nice. Please fix and I’ll leave five stars.Version: 1.0

It’s okay I guessEvery time I click something an add pops up. Do YoU wAnT sOmE PInO cLeAn. Like pls stop. I’m genuinely blown away on how you did this tho converting pc to mobile isn’t easy. And there’s 2 weeks like what. But over all it’s not horrible I guess. Add some more weeks and 4 out of 5 starts easy but that’s it.Version: 1.0

Fun I guess?Why can I only play 2 songs?.Version: 1.0

Too much adsWay too much ads you should reduce.Version: 1.0

Please add more weeks :)I want to play more weeks please, and plz don’t put too many ads in your game, thank you..Version: 1.0

Way to many addsEvery time you click an add pops up.Version: 1.0

Not good but not badOk so I have MANY problems it’s good and all but there is only one song per week when it’s ment to be 2-3 and 2 out of the 6 weeks no storymode and no difficulty. I suggest adding more weeks and me and my dad found out you aren’t the real game developer. So that scares me if you might hack me or find me. I recommend getting it on PC, also I wanna add there is to many adds. I was super exited when I got it and it was a fake. This is why I should ream reviews before I download apps. And know there being more than 6 weeks {I think} it’s kinda dumb. Overall I still enjoyed the time for the two weeks I got:).Version: 1.0

More weeks now!Piz more than half of the weeks!.Version: 1.0

AWFUL, JUST NO. DONT EVER DOWNLOAD.This game is horrendous. It only has 2 normal games 1 tutorial, like come on no one will ever play if it has only 3 stuff. And the games are so hard. 1, the tutorial is medium. 2, the second one is easy. BUT THE THIRD ONE IS INSANE. YOU THINK PEOPLE CAN BEAT THAT? Get a life man. I have no idea what these 5 star ratings are all about saying it’s good. ITS PROBABLY JUST PROGRAMMED BOTS TO SAY “OMG MY DAUGHTER WAS SOOOO HAPPY” LIKE JUST MAKE MORE LEVELS AND MAKE IT EASIER. ITS THAT SIMPLE. Drives me insane..Version: 1.0

Bad.You have to tap very hard for the keys to work, can’t even scroll down to other weeks, review pops on screen often. I don’t recommend..Version: 1.0

Would you like a sprinkling of game with your ads?How in the name of all things holy does anyone get away with putting this many adverts in a game? Like, There’s three screen taps between rounds. EACH TAP gives you a full screen ad. Infuriatingly, it’s normally the same advert over and over again. Could be a great game but spoiled by greedy developers. Maybe one advert between rounds would be acceptable. Definitely not 3 one after the the other.Version: 1.0

It’s been crashingWhen I tried to play it it crashed.Version: 1.0

Although just a mobile game it is still OK but needs some changesDon’t get me wrong The game does have Friday night Funkin vibes to it but it does need some work like first of all the first thing I noticed is there’s an ad every time you press a button, next there are only three songs, also it is not a full week it is just the one song displayed so it’s only three I don’t mind the arrows but another thing I noticed is there is no difficulty along with that I also noticed that there’s no perfect arrow but apart from that this game might have potential..Version: 1.0

This game is a copy of the real gameThis ahem is a copy and has so many adds and there is only 1 song for each week and there is only the tutorial week 1 and week 2 So please add more weeks and add all of the song please thank you..Version: 1.0

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