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Football Manager 2022 Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Football Manager 2022 Mobile app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Football Manager 2022 Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about football manager 2022 mobile?

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile for Negative User Reviews

IrresponsiveI can’t even download the game after paying . Stops at Almost 70% of downloading and then restarts . It’s wasting my Data.Version: 13.0.3

Not downloadingGame won’t download at all keeps resetting itself.Version: 13.0.3

Extremely disappointingTruly this is not a one star app overall, but for the iPad it is. Even though SI has made great iPad games in the past, this is just a blown up iPhone app, pixelization and all. I know that’s how Mobile has always been but now that it’s the only option (who the devil wants to play touch on a Switch, and EXLUSIVELY???) I thought they might try a little to make it acceptable on the iPad, but no. Also, it isn’t even up to date, as Charlotte FC (MLS) is included in other versions of the game (and even in Touch 21 in the latest update!) but it’s not here. Sad..Version: 13.0.4

RefundI have purchased the app and it is keep on redownloading and I cant start the game. Please just refund my purchase..Version: 13.1.0

Can’t installFor some reason I can’t install the game on my phone after buying it..Version: 13.0.2

Game won’t installI’ve tried installing the game three times and it failed toward the end each time. Please fix this ASAP..Version: 13.0.2

WorstGameEverThis is the first review I’ve ever written but I feel like I need to tell you how bad this is. I was actually really enjoying it before “ The Incident” happened. There is a mode called “My Club” where you make a team and put it into a league. The trouble with this mode is that is takes aaaaaaages and you need to make a lot of players if you want to stop injury crises. I was willing to take the time and started a big project in which I planned to make a team to replace Manchester City. I set up my manager profile, named the team and designed the kit. Although I knew it would would take a long time, I decided to make a lot of players. At one point I had to save my work and start again tomorrow. After hours and hours of staring at the screen, I finally finished everything. However, you need to confirm what you have done before you can start playing so I pressed confirm, eager to get cracking with the game. As soon as I pressed it, it took me right back to the home screen. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just log back on again”. Little did I know that NOT ONE OF MY DETAILS HAD BEEN SAVED and all knowledge of the team had been erased from the software. What makes the matter even worse is that 2 weeks before I installed a new update which said it “Made sure that there would be no more bugs or crashes.” PLEASE don’t get this game because you’ll just be wasting your money..Version: 13.3.2

Waste of moneyThere are 2 significant bugs. When I save a new game it saves twice and overwrites the 2 most recently played games. So I started a new game and lost my main game that I’d been playing for 2 months. I’d also spent real money to upgrade the training facilities for that save, which was lost. After a while I paid for the rich benefactor perk. At the start of each season a message flashing up says you’ve been given £50 million (it varies), but you never actually see that money, it doesn’t go on the transfer budget and you can’t spend it. So it’s absolutely pointless, once again, more real money wasted. I reported these to support but got a one line response back showing they literally could not care less.Version: 13.1.1

Game not workingI WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!.Version: 13.0.3

Great game but frustrating recurring bugsLong time buyer of this game, on the whole a massive fan. The amount of detail crammed into a mobile game is astounding and, if perhaps not as much this time round. year on year the game adds brilliant new features that help keep things feeling fresh. However, since last season’s game and included in this one, there are one or two bugs that are driving me mad… the main one being the ability of the opposition team to score goals from hilariously offside positions. Less than ideal in important games. Or when the match gameplay randomly decides to speed up to indistinguishable speeds so that the match play can’t really be viewed properly. You’ll either miss something important happening or you could be waiting until the 70th minute to make a crucial tactical switch or sub and in the blink of an eye the clock has raced onto 90 mins. Hopefully these bugs have been reported or noticed and will be fixed at some point… though after two successive games with them, my hope is wearing thin. With all that said, if stuff like this wouldn’t bother you, definitely 100% buy this game! It’s a superb short-form replication of the larger Football Manager experience..Version: 13.1.1

So slowWhy are the days taking so long to load and process?.Version: 13.1.0

UpdateSeems to be a problem strikers go through absolutely inexplicable losses of form ive won 4 titles with arsenal 4 champs leagues 2nd with lazio after that won serie A with milan season after that played these games for years this is a recurring theme but you sell that striker and for peanuts coz of his poor form he’s a world beater again needs sorting because its beginning to ruin the game and its often all your strikers at same time which is far fetched to say the least.Version: 13.1.1

Same game as FM21 and 20It’s basically a reskinned version of the last few games but they’ve added a medical screen to tell you which players are potentially due an injury and the scouting set up has changed (it’s much worse). Want to send your scout to a specific country to look for talented youngsters? You can’t anymore. Pretty disappointing in this purchase really, stopped playing after a week because it’s boring replaying the same game over and over..Version: 13.1.0

PLEASE FIX THE CORNER GLITCHIn my career I lose out on so many points off of my corners when my whole team is in the box and they have a wide open player and that player scores also can u please make transfer prices more realistic.Version: 13.1.2

Unable to installThe game won’t install.Version: 13.0.2

No changes from 2021 FMBooo.Version: 13.0.4

Can’t downloadUnable to download, nice..Version: 13.0.2

Gutted no touch.I discovered only recently that Mobile was the only version available on IPad/iPhone anymore and was gutted. I swallowed my pride and I decided to get Mobile and give it a go but I have tried half a dozen games with different teams and just can’t enjoy it or feel that rush from playing Touch. It honestly plays like a cheap game you see advertised for free. I’ll just console myself and start a new save on FM touch 2021 instead, anybody that knows how to get a 2022 updated database on Touch 2021 it would be most appreciated..Version: 13.0.3

Won’t downloadMy game along with many other people haven’t been able to download. What is the issue??? I want my money back!.Version: 13.0.3

Same as last yearDisappointing but still playable. I thought they would have at least updated the VAR in the game, love it when your team scores it goes to VAR and 99% of the time it’s offside - I played 21 and now this and I’ve only ever had one VAR instance that’s been a goal. Also unless you’ve got the world XI in your squad your gonna lose against top 4 in the PL even if your a top 6 team - once you score against them they will score within 5 mins then go on to destroy you, fun!.Version: 13.3.0

Won’t downloadPretty upset that I just spent $10 on this app and now I can’t download it. At first it would download almost entirely and stop then I’d have to repeat but it would never finish. Now it won’t even let me click on the cloud to download it. It just acts like the cloud is a broken button. Would love to update my review but if this isn’t fixed soon I’ll be requesting a refund.Version: 13.0.4

In game financial issues……..againOverall it’s enjoyable especially once you get 3-5 seasons in.. I’ve gone through nearly 10 seasons with Southampton. But decided to do a new challenge but encountered this issue. Having issues where I’ve paid for the ‘Rich Benefactor’ add on. But I started two different seasons. One with Man Utd and another with Newcastle and I start with no Transfer Budget and no Wage Budget. Both with Rich Benefactor selected and the game even gives me an in game message saying I’ve got 230m to spend and yet I can’t place bids or pay my players as it says I have no money. What’s happened there?.Version: 13.1.1

A downgrade on last yearsOne thing I hate is the stupid generated heads of youth players. Just have a real picture or no picture at all, otherwise when I’m signing players I find myself naturally drawn away from the players with the fake heads, or if I do sign one hel never play for the same reason. Some of them look ridiculous. Also agree with someone else’s review that players hardly move , I started with Gateshead moved to Accrington and I think Iv had about two bids for players in 5 years despite having loads listed. Ps in league one and burton Albion have 9 goalkeepers in their squad, 7 of which are on loan, how is that a reflection on real life football? But most of all please get rid, or at least give an option to get rid of those fake faces!!.Version: 13.2.0

Terrible experience on iPadI think this is the first time in my life, and I’ve been playing FM for a long time, that I am truly angry about a release. I used to play on PC and then the Touch version on the iPad which is only available on Nintendo Switch this year. This FM2022 Mobile version is not only ugly as hell to play on an iPad but it feels like it is a litany of micro transactions at every turn. If you thought about returning to FM and you’re considering purchasing this, please save yourself the money and just don’t. BRING BACK FM TOUCH TO IPAD.Version: 13.3.2

Okayish!!The mobile version of this has always been the neglected of the whole range. From the original PC to the Xbox version. The one saving grace was that they made a Touch version for the IPad last year…… this year however, nope! That’s only available on the Switch. Very disappointing and the mobile version is also. I have been a big fan of Football manager for years, I still have the 2006 game, now I only play on the iPad and not having the touch version has disappointed me a lot. I may need to find another football manager game that does a better job than the mobile version.Version: 13.1.2

Can’t shift them.Still simple to play with usual first class database. However what I find disappointing is the lack of bids that you receive when trying to move players on to other clubs even if you offer them at disadvantageous prices to yourself. I have tried with more than one club by transfer listing and offering to clubs without transfer listing and get very few if any bids compared to the previous versions of the game. Also because of this you are rarely able to part exchange the players you don’t want as nobody wants them. I don’t know if this is deliberate to make you buy ‘The Editor ‘ to give yourself money but you’re still stuck with the unwanteds and personally that’s not how I like to play the game. I still like the game but not as enjoyable as last year due to this issue..Version: 13.0.2

Want to like it but can’t get stuck in to a save.Something about the engine for mobile this year that just kills every save I start to get invested in. Whether it’s 4-5 starters dropping to injuries within the same week or teams hitting 3 screamers within the first few minutes there are so many stretches where nothing in the game feels realistic. The positional choices feel so limited compared to the full game. I do appreciate what additions were made over the prior year but I can’t seem to stay in seasons as I did in previous versions..Version: 13.1.2

Game doesn’t downloadGame isn’t downloading. Keeps restarting the download. You guys should fix the problem instead of having people contact Sega to resolve the issue..Version: 13.0.3

Very hard to understandThis game has a terrible UI. Very complicated.Version: 13.1.2

FM is always a title I look forward too on releaseEvery year, I look into when FM mobile is coming out for iOS and typically extremely excited for it to come out. This year there are a few new features to make it seem somewhat fresh compared to lasts year’s edition. I think that its a fun, time consuming game, but there are ways to improve it such as adding keyboard/mouse support to the game. Mobile chips are much more powerful than we give them credit for and I would like to see FM head in that direction. We can already stream the Xbox edition to mobile devices, so lets just start making the transition to the future soon. This isn’t a bad game, it just feels like it’s missing the innovative touch..Version: 13.0.4

DisappointingCan’t even download the game..Version: 13.0.4

Cant downloadStill cant download this game. Everytime download to 90% and then back to restart.Version: 13.0.4

Could be so much betterNo improvement at all from previous versions. Majority of the stats don’t matter and the sims don’t make any sense whatsoever. You can have a godly team that is 10x better than any player from your opponent and still lose to the worst team in your league for no reason and it happens entirely too often. Simply put this game is extremely bad in comparison to its pc counterpart..Version: 13.1.2

January transfersWhen will the January transfers be available?.Version: 13.1.2

Unable to install the game after purchaseDownloads the app but the installation fails. There’s no error message and there’s no app support directly on the App Store. Not sure if I can get by money back but don’t buy it.Version: 13.1.1

Maybe take out the totally unnecessary and very weird age discriminationAny time a coach turns 60, the game auto prompts you to fire them for “having one eye on retirement”. That’s… literally illegal in real life. And just strange and distracting in a fantasy soccer game?.Version: 13.2.0

Don’t buy the rich benefactor not worth it!!The game is too easy with any half decent team. Try and give yourself a challenge with a lower league team and after the first season none of the players you loaned will come back on loan even though they are listed for loan. Transfer fees are an absolute joke! If they’ve got any potential clubs want 100m Work permits - don’t bother appealing you lose everytime I started a career with Leyton Orient and in my second season I’m struggling to get any loan players so thought I’ll get the rich benefactor (£7.99) then I can actually buy some players… they gave me 22m and ended up with 4m for my transfer budget really not worth the 7.99! This game could be so much better! Just feels lazy! Can I have my money back for the pointless rich benefactor please and thank you 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 13.1.2

DisappointingOverall the game has improved this year with interface being much smoother and the new updates this year make it even better than previous versions. However the choice of dark skin on mobile version makes it almost impossible to play for more than 10 minutes without getting a migraine. It’s almost impossible to play with white text on that dark background. 2018 version was the last easy on the eye version with a white background with black text ! Please please give us a an alternative for this issue.Version: 13.0.2

Imposible to buy good playersWhy do the clubs demand so much money for the transfer?!?! Unreal… part of the good fun of the game is to build your own team and do transfer but with this ‘’bug’’ it is impossible, wich takes lot of fun put of the game. Players that should be 20M are like 100M and so on… the amount of money the clubs demand it’s just impossible to accomplish If you could fix it it would be great!.Version: 13.1.2

Not playing this game until it’s updatedIf you could put Holland and Germany please international with real players that would be great instead Of fake players that’s plus be great and I will buy the editor mode but only if you fix and tweak the game a bit more as in loaning players out and receiving transfer offers for players I no longer need even for face value I receive no bids I wish you could add more but I have understand for such a low gb run game what we have is enough for 5 leagues but it tends to run slower after the 1st season I will buy this on laptop next week to see if it’s better and it usually is so keep up the great work.Version: 13.1.2

MehSure, it’s good that you can control everything, but WHY DO CLUBS DEMAND SO MUCH MONEY FOR TRANSFERS!!!!!????? Also, star players seem no different to okay players, they never make a difference. And it’s just too hard to get results week in week out, please fix MANY issues..Version: 13.1.0

Great Game but developers are clearly Man Utd fansI mean, I thoroughly enjoy the game and am sticking plenty of hours into it. However what I’m really finding ridiculous is that Man Utd are way too good on the game. No matter what they always seem to win and all of their players score with every opportunity. It’s beyond a joke and a little bit sad that your team is so bad that you have to OP them in a game to feel better. Sort it out..Version: 13.0.3

Dreadful top to bottomAwful product. Firstly playing on an iPad, it looks atrocious. Low resolution, blocky, dreadful, But i wouldnt expect these devs to care enough anyway. Gameplay is terrible. Tactics make no difference. Players make no difference. It’s all just random dice rolls. You’re never truly in control of anything and the game will more often than not screw you over. After a few hours of just frustrating experiences, I ran a few tests. Saved, and replayed the same few games over and over, changing up tactics, starting players, formation etc. Each time, it was a slog, no changes to the way the team played, and top, top players with high moral played like amateur league footballers. No team talks. No ability to make a difference mid game. Everything costs stupid money. Every year, I never fall for these reskinned, amateur products, and I’ve let myself down this year thinking it would be different. If there was any way i could get a refund for this rubbish, I 100% would. £8.99 down the drain. Pathetic game..Version: 13.1.1

MissingBrazil's league.Version: 13.0.2

So LimitedI don’t have a laptop/pc so have played the touch version on my iPad for many years which always felt suitably detailed. This mobile version is so basic it isn’t really worth playing. By way of example, when trying to buy a player you can only change the price and add a sell-on fee. There is no further optionality to split payments / include add ons etc. which makes structuring transfers to acquire players when you have a limited transfer budget almost impossible. If you had never played FM before you might enjoy it, but it just feels like the kind of game you might get for free online somewhere without the level of realism that you would usually pay for with FM. Desperate for them to reintroduce something I can play in the iPad..Version: 13.0.2

Game always freezesI would give it 5stars but the game always freezes causing me to reset my phone. Absolutely annoying. Before you ask, I am running the latest IOS. Same thing happened in FM21. Shame because it’s a good game but only gets 1 star.Version: 13.1.1

Cant installWhy create a game you cant download and charge $14.99 Outrageous.Version: 13.1.1

Pls fixFix the game please, it’s good and fun however selling players is extremely difficult, you get almost no offers for any players, it’s also disappointing there’s no team talks and no option that allows you to change whole team training, please fix the problems at least it would make the game more fun, I enjoyed this game but it could be a lot better.Version: 13.2.0

Cannot downloadIt is not downloading on my phone fix it asap or I want my money refund.Version: 13.2.0

Can’t download the appI’ve tried downloading multiple times, even changed wifi networks to see if it would work. I read some of the other reviews and as directed by the developers tried to sign out and sign back in on app store but still didn’t work. Giving one start to this review and hoping that someone will get in touch to either refund me or with a solution on how to install the game..Version: 13.0.3

Traveler GoneYou should of kept touch & got rid of mobile. It’s infantile in comparison. I understand u won’t miss my £200-£300pm but i business travel (even through COVID its easier than people think) and have evolved from a laptop…. No need with the tablet specs these days. Now I can no longer access FM in a version worthy of its name and its very upsetting. Don’t download the mobile version, its a very poor imitation. If anyone figures out a way to update FM21 Touch with FM22 data to play on an IOS tablet, pls let me know!.Version: 13.0.2

Data lossLots of lost data over seasons. For a lot of players their past matches and transfers are not accounted for in their history..Version: 13.2.0

Can’t download the gameCan’t download the game with newest iPhone 12. Keep restart from the beginning after reach half download.Version: 13.0.2

Morale Manager 22It would be a really great iPhone game except for the morale feature. Morale is arguably the most important thing. But it’s tedious and redundant. I find myself spending more time managing morale and “talking” to players than I do managing matches. Makes it feel like a grind. The rest is pretty good. Please allow an option to automate morale or make it not so terrible/frequent. Please..Version: 13.1.2

Flawed & clunkyHoping this will get a decent update for iPad after dropping ‘Touch’. It feels unnecessarily obtuse in it’s UX design, wish it took some cues from some project management type apps. In terms of the gameplay; I never use the 3d match engine so I don’t mind the lack of it, I enjoy how much quicker it is to get through a season - some missing elements feel a bit of a waste, such as having team talks/marking, coaching several tactics, search being an actual search. All in all though still enjoying playing but might revert back to touch..Version: 13.0.4

More random than 21I am appreciating a lot the added depth to the game but the general feel after 2 1/2 seasons is that everything is pretty much random. The match engine looks worse than 21 but that might be expected at an early stage. What bothers me a bit more is that from day one everything feels like it is happening totally randomly, from transfers, to game results to season trends..Version: 13.0.4

Licensing IssuesGood Engine No Premier League Licenses Though Was My Only Letdown.Version: 13.0.2

Fatally Flawed This YearWhilst I understand removing the “Touch” version and going with a slimmed down version of the game itself I think that overall it’s a huge downgrade on last year’s 2021 Touch version. There’s no interaction with the press or the players and the whole thing is dumbed down to the level of a 5 year old. The absolute worst part being the almost complete stripping of the match engine and graphics to a nasty top down bunch of dots moving around the screen instead of watching “real” action. Owning an iPad Pro, it’s just a disappointing use of the graphics capability and definitely not worth the money….refund requested, in fact!.Version: 13.0.3

Game won’t installI purchased the game and it won’t install.Version: 13.0.2

To similar and scouting need improvementThe game is to similar to what’s been given the last few years the only new feature this year, the medical centre which only offers a headache an no real enjoyment and the scouting (in that’s transfer search) your either to specific and find no one or to broad and the same, and the ranges are strange 16-20,21-24 no one is search for 24 years olds as you can’t mentor them so why ad it as a feature? same with loaning b team manger opinions New feature ideas 5 leagues in S American, Asia etc to have a complete save in them regions. Add to be teams under 21s,18s etc Add explanations what each coach does I’ve never used a motivational coach because what do they do improve mental skill, personality or just morale, the ability to reduce certain attributes eg aggression for CB and teamwork for poachers and lastly potential secondary attributes that can improve your player eg technique for forwards. The ability to improve a set piece taker would also be good.Version: 13.1.2

Can’t install gameHi, I just wonder why I can’t install this game on my iPhone 13. Already paid $9.99 to download :(. Please help.Version: 13.3.0

Wasn’t able to downloadI have tried multiple times to download the game and all failed. As I have seen other users experiencing the same issue and I’m wondering if I can get a refund or someone can assist me with the situation?.Version: 13.3.0

Can’t download itI am really not sure why but I have tried many times to download this game and it just simply won’t I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t play it.Version: 13.1.2

Everything is randomFC Porto won Champions League two times in the first year playing in different leagues . LOL not very realistic. Lautaro Martinez scored only 6 goals playing for Real Madrid the whole season. You can get Kepa for 11 mil playing with Newcastle, but for Real Madrid its 36 mil. Players do not play as instructed, Dani Carvahal only gets 6 rating or less doesn’t matter who you play. Liverpool was knocked out in Chanpions League playoff against Rangers LOL . Wolfburg eliminated Man City . Everything is unreal . Waste of money..Version: 13.1.1

Too easyThe game is good, as it is every year. However an issue that has persisted through every edition of the game and seems even worse in FM22 is how easy it becomes. When playing with a big team, such as Chelsea, it is almost impossible not to win constantly and accrue the majority of talent available, without really any competition from the other big teams. This makes is incredibly boring after a couple of seasons. Another issue with the easiness is the unrealistic nature of the simulation. After being relegated with Norwich in the first season and then bringing them back up to the premier with 100+ points in the championship the season after, with players such as Isco signing for the relegated side. The next season, back in premier league, I finished mid table and signed players such as Haaland on a free transfer. This just seems ridiculous. Please make this game for realistic and make it so that there is actual competition from the CPU so that it doesn’t become boring so quickly..Version: 13.0.4

Basic gameVery basic, no team talks, basic tactics, impossible to sign anyone without paying triple their valuation. Waste of time.Version: 13.1.1

Not installingAfter purchasing this game I tried to download up to 4times now😡😡😡 it keeps cancelling at the end.Version: 13.1.1

It’s alrightI like the game but what annoys me is the fact that I have to spend over 100m on players that normally would go for 40 or 30m. And also how players who should go for like 50m is only sold for 15 or 20m which makes no sense. The game is alright and it is better than the other games that I’ve played but it could definitely be better..Version: 13.1.0

UnrealisticI’ve been playing this game for 20 years, there are two main issues that never get fixed and I’m sick of it. 1. The stats are silly. Most games I have less than 250 passes, even at 60% possession. Teams do 3-4 times that. Midfielders touch the ball 15 times whole game, and that’s with total domination. 2. Even if I’m losing heavily, my keeper and defence get 7s or even 8s. Like 4 goals conceded from 5 shots, and they are all 7..Version: 13.1.1

Player Transfer BrokenAs a football manager game which lauds itself on replicating real-life football management, I can’t understand why the transfer window is broken. Whenever I place any player on transfer list, I don’t receive any bids from other clubs. This ends up making me lose money on old-but-close-to-retirement players I could sold. Also, whenever I bid on other players, the AI increases their transfer worth exorbitantly. I paid so much for this game, at least make it real!.Version: 13.1.1

Same problems as the lastThe transfers are still broken, there is zero room for negotiations and players are stupidly over priced meaning any player with a “wonder kid” label is going to cost 100m plus, sometimes close to 200m which is just a joke. Certain teams are still OP, with players who a good season last season having a massive boost, lukaku getting 60 a season in my game… stop it! Tactics mean nothing so long as you have a world class player. wonder goals seem to be scored in every game, corners turn into counter attacks every single time. Not worth the £9. Just get it free on gamepass where it’s less broken.Version: 13.0.4

PoorNot good. Nothing anyone suggests being added to the game is ever added. Stale, and starting to lose fans..Version: 13.0.3

As predictable as alwaysYear upon year I buy this dros but no more… dominate a game & opponent has their usual 1 shot & scores, been happening since day dot this was first released way back & never changes, var rules out every single time you score, both full backs get booked every single game for some reason even when tackling is on “cautious” & as for “trying” to buy players don’t get me started…everyone always complains the price is far overinflated & you think that the developers would read these & actually make changes but that never happens, enjoy having 70% of the game 15-1 shots & drawing 1-1….finally deleted & won’t be going back.Version: 13.3.2

Could be a great, but it’s let down by ridiculously high player valueThis game could be great but what let’s it down is the ridiculously high value prices put on lower league players. This is obviously to try and tempt you to buy the rich investors in app purchases which feels like the app developers are robbing you after paying $9.99 to also buy the rich investors app It’s pathetic how you have non league players valued at 500k-900k and then the clubs ask for access of 1M when you bid on them. In real life these players would probably be sold for somewhere around 50k to 100k. It also frustrating when you bid on a player at a championship club who is surplus to requirements and valued around 200k to 400k and the club demands somewhere between 1.2M to 2M also with a sale on clause. If FM could fix this I would have gave a higher rating I do however like how you can now arrange your own friendlies and pre-seasons, couple of suggestions for improvement. During preseason it would be a good addition if you could arrange training camps, for pre-season friendlies, Be better if you could pick 11 subs. Also before a reserve game if would be good if there was a reminder of the upcoming reserve fixture and an option to select and send all fringe first team players to be included and play in the game and need to get match practice as opposed having to check when the fixtures are.Version: 13.0.4

I’m getting to much injuries and every time I score they score backTerrible.Version: 13.3.0

Can’t download DONT WASTE YOUR MONEYWhat a waste of 10 dollars, have tried downloading 3 times yet it never fully downloads. Should have looked at the reviews first seems like this issues been going on for several months yet they still haven’t fixed it. What a joke of a company really wish I could get a refund I paid 10 dollars to not even be able to play a game. SO DISSAPOINTED!!!!!.Version: 13.1.2

LaggyWhy the game is always laggy? It is hard to play something due to the lag of the game platform. It shouldn’t be paid for this stupid laggy game, it ought to play for free..Version: 13.1.2

Same old game, no different from 2016Same stuff but what makes me disappointed right now is that ever since the ios update the game just lags so much. Please address in the next bug fix Update - has gotten better for most of the time but still often lags.Version: 13.1.1

WasteOf money.Version: 13.0.4

Disappointing updateLike many FM fans I look forward to the game and the transfer update. But the update this year seemed lacking In debt and quality, almost like a half arsed attempt to tick a box. How can players on the database such young up and coming prospects disappear on an update? Surely they should be there with the same stats from the previous database. Another thing wrong about this game is the transfer market. Fm 21 was much better, easy sell players and buy players. Fm 22 however fails to gain interest from other clubs you want to sell. And transfer prices are appealing unrealistic. If a valuation of a player is £4-6million how can a club as for £26-30m. It’s shouldn’t be a pay to win game. The mobile version SHOULD BE LIKE THE TOUCH. Please sort the transfer system and winter update out. How premier league teams have hardly any reserve players/youth players is crazy.Version: 13.2.0

Won’t load this is terribleThis won’t load, this is terrible, I’m a massive fan of FM all other editions but this not loading is terrible…. Money back.Version: 13.0.3

Not fun - just unremittingly dullIt is unrealistic in a grim way. This game has nothing to recommend it. It is the opposite of fun. Unrewarding. Avoid This game is unrealistic in that game after game, playing with the better team, you outshoot opponents, and create more goal scoring chances and still get beat by inferior opposition. This doesn’t happen once or twice a season but instead it feels like every other game, the better coached and resourced team gets beaten by opponents who score the winning goal with their one and only shot on goal..Version: 13.3.0

Waste of £9!!I’ve purchased the game but when it “loads” it come ups with the cloud telling me to download it again!! I’ve done this countless times and it’s saying the same thing!! I’ve had no other issues before as I’ve previously purchased the last 3-4 instalments I never complain as like I said I’ve had no need to, but now I feel annoyed and ripped of that I’ve just spent £9 on a game I can’t even play!! I would appreciate very much if you could get back to me or at least fix the issue as it’s not on… thank you kindly…..Version: 13.0.4

Still needs workThere’s just too much that still let’s this game down, firstly the board expectations need a LOT of work. For example I was managing Spain through WC quals, ended up in the playoffs which I won to get through but still got sacked as it registered I didn’t qualify out of the group. You go to make a sub and the game plays on for 5/10 mins before it goes to the tactics screen which is super annoying. The tactics button in game is still too small for me, you end up prodding the corner of the screen loads just to hit the thing. If you’ve got 2021 and are thinking of upgrading then it’s not worth the money in my view, there’s still too many issues that don’t get fixed behind all the new database upgrades and menu screens..Version: 13.0.3

App won’t downloadI should’ve read the reviews first. The game isn’t downloading, shouldn’t be having this problem when you’re charging $15 for a mobile game. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?.Version: 13.0.4

Will not downloadThe game won’t download I have the latest iOS and every time I try to download it it just doesn’t download.Version: 13.0.4

A step backwards.Every year at Christmas my dad gets me an iTunes gift card and every year I spend it on FM and honestly, this is probably the worst iteration I’ve played yet. Everything feels completely stripped to its bare bones. What happened to being able to view transfers from years gone by? In fact what happened to being able to view anything other than league finish in years gone by? Things like that I guess are fine, slap fresh cosmetics on anything and you’ll get some attention. But the bugs I can’t abide. So all sell on clauses just disappear after a year, they’re just no longer there. If your goal is deemed VAR worthy for offside, you know immediately if it’s going to be deemed on or offside because all the players snap back to starting positions if it’s on. Honestly I really don’t expect much from a mobile game but man for £8.99 you can surely do better..Version: 13.1.2

Won’t downloadLike many others my game won’t download properly, I have the latest iOS installed? Please advise how to fix or provide a refund..Version: 13.1.1

Game can’t downloadIt keeps stopping and restarting...what’s going on.Version: 13.0.3

GameLove the game, but one thing is annoyed me is the transfer system on this well over priced for player les when putting a player up for transfer no one wants them so forced to try and offer at far less price and still them no one wants them such a pain when managing a team with less funds and try raising money when u can’t sell I think as it’s meant to be the most realistic game I think the transfers is the biggest let down 2 transfer window I been unable to sell anyone so forced to put them in reserves till contracts out.Version: 13.1.1

Does not loadIt does not load, like many other player’s have experienced. Are any fixes going to available?.Version: 13.0.3

One of the best gameI think it is a great game. I play a lot of soccer game and it is impressive. And I have a little suggest that can maker add the Chinese language in this game?If it can, I will be very cheerful and look forward to this game. Thank you..Version: 13.1.2

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Football Manager 2022 Mobile.

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