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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner Negative Reviews

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Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about sword play! ninja slice runner?

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BoringProbably one of the most boring game on this appstore.Version: 3.2

Taking the pissThis game is nothing like the add utter crap.Version: 3.5

Game if you are bored and get nothing to doNow don’t get me wrong. This game in some what fun. But the only problem is the it is not challenging for 7 levels straight I didn’t need to me the sword. So get the game if you want. I am only writing this because I am bored played the game, still bored to writing a review. Game Suck Big 8============D).Version: 3.5

A little bit boring and ezWell it is kinda fun but then you get bored and it is pretty ez like ur sword touch them once there dead and it’s short so it ez but kinda fun.Version: 3.5

JUST NOThis is just bad it is way to ez like no way to many ads 1 star.Version: 3.5

Way way way too easyI got this game thinking it looked cool. The ad made the game look super easy but most mobile game ads do that to make you want it because you would be “good at it”. I am over 50 levels in and the game has not gotten any harder. Over half the levels can be beaten without even touching the screen. It is also repetitive but I think making it gradually harder would make that a bit better. There are also quite a few ads but that’s like any game in the genre. Don’t get, it’s far to easy..Version: 3.5

Fake addThe graphics on the add were much better than the game. When I saw it it looked cool, but then you see the true game. All people in the game except bosses have no face. Most are blue. And bleed blue. Don’t get the game. Also the amount of adds. They know this game is bad so they use add revenue to pay the bills. Pls make a game that isn’t copying something, crap, and/or has bad graphics. I am dissatisfied and disappointed. Thank you for your time and I hope you listen..Version: 4.9

AlrightGood game concept but to many ads. Not surprising..Version: 4.5

To the devsI think this game is fun but needs a better Physics engine like Unity. when I hit people with the sword they go flying away. and maybe Change the way the player moves. but it’s a fun game in total and would love to see it be better in the future.Version: 2.7

The whole gameHas potential but it’s just so sht lmao. U don’t even have to move the sword u keep it centred and u kill every enemy theyre all right in front of u. So bad.Version: 4.1

To the DevsGood game but too easy. I just kept my sword in the middle without touching and got through as many levels as I wanted.Version: 3.2

Not great.Gameplay isn’t engaging. I could leave the sword on the middle of the screen, and I would never lose. Sword swings knock enemies away frequently, which can take me out of the grove when I maybe wanted to get a couple extra swings in on an enemy. I’d give a no star rating if I could..Version: 4.5

My complaintI like it but to many adds.Version: 4.1

To much adsI don’t recommend it.Version: 4.1

Easy on the adsEvery time a level ends random ad always has to show up I just want to get to the next level you don’t have to put an ad every time we complete a level.Version: 4.1

AddsGarbage.Version: 3.5

Too many adsFun for 2 minutes then your bombarded with ads, not worth the download.Version: 3.2

3 out of 5This game is fun but, really, really easy. There is also to many ads. Could you add more swords and trails? Also I hate how it slows down as I get closer to enemies. Could you make it so I would be able to turn it off? Overall, this is a decent game and I would play it again..Version: 4.5

WhyWho wastes their time coding this.Version: 4.1

Too many adsWay too many ads, every single level I get bombarded with 2 unskippable 30 second ads. Considering how short each level is, I spent more time looking at ads than actually playing. Game requires very little thought, quite literally just place the sword in the middle of the screen and it still slices through most enemies. Way too much slow motion as well. On paper the game looks fun..Version: 3.5

Few things they need to add or fix1. This is a thing they need to fix because it’s just weird when people try hitting you with there knife well when you stand your knife still it kills the person 2. They need to add some things too make it funnier to play because you just slice a bullet why don’t they add where you can control the person with the knife and hide behind a wall ( I think that will be funnier) Hope you guys like this comment some things could be missed spelled and I’m not trying to hate though..Version: 4.1

What game?I’m really disappointed with this. Not only are the levels super short and repetitive but you barely have to play some levels you simply tap the screen to start your run and then can put the phone down for the whole level! That’s not a game this is simply an advertising platform..Version: 4.5

EThe game is alright, but gets boring after 10 levels or so. There’s also too many ads.Version: 3.2

This game has WAY to many flaws.It’s boreing and pretty much a copy and paste of the other levels. You sent moving any faster between levels 1 - 100 and the game Is pretty much finished once you hit levels 30+. I only played to level 100 cause there is no point in playing further if it’s the same garbage over and over with little to no effort..Version: 3.5

Annoying addsToo many adds.Version: 3.2

🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯I don’t understand these developers they have great concept for games but totally destroy it by making the games so easy I’m not even exaggerating it is way harder for you to die in this game then beat it I beat most the rounds without even touching the screen it’s not only ridiculous but it’s insulting you must think we are idiots this is not a game it’s a ploy to get you to watch ads I mean does the App Store not have quality control and just lets any crap in there store unbelievable and this is not the only game like this there’s hundreds of them shame on iOS.Version: 3.5

Umm it lags a lotThe game is very good and I like it but it lags and slows down for me and it’s annoying as I sometimes die because of it. Good game but annoying lag 🙂.Version: 3.5

Should be no stars!!!!The levels don't vary at all and it the same thing every time. you can literally afk this game by moving your sword up at the beginning. terrible. not to mention the amount of ads they have. if there was an option for no stars i would pick it..Version: 3.2

ThisBruh how is this beating rblx.Version: 3.5

Quite boringAll you gotta do is aim your sword straight forward at the enemy and win. No fancy tricks, boring game, don’t recommend.Version: 3.2

BruhHas anyone gotten the toxic power up? - Jaridawujumaster.Version: 4.1

It’s alrightI can see myself getting addicted but it controls weird and not very well and doesn’t have much variety, but apart from that its fun.Version: 3.2

Hot garbageCouldn’t get any worse.Version: 3.5

Trash and quick moneyTheres so many ads in this game and the hitbox for the sword is TRASH even the lag is trash and gets you killed!.Version: 3.9

Could be better...I would like it If the sword was closer to you. And if there was a bit more detail like ,they have cloths ,the buildings in the background ,and the cuts. I would also like some sound effects. If you could do this I would give it a better rating..Version: 3.5

To much adds1 star.Version: 3.2

Toxic isn’t even in the gameI unlocked everything. Tomahawk 7 times, laser 3 times, TOXIC 0 TIMES.Version: 4.1

Too much adsEvery single round I play there’s gotta be an add. If you want to make a big game don’t do ads. And after a very few levels it’s not a challenge and the ui to change weapons and change them back is hard to follow. When I say this game being advertised it looked cool, but it’s just falsely been advertised for a game full of ads. Could fix and change the ui..Version: 4.1

Absolute trashMany games go under the cover of a stickman game but mostly all of them are trash attempts at cash grabs, micro transactions up the wazoo and ads literally after every level, the game itself is so inconceivably boring that watching paint dry for 7 hours would be more entertaining. P.S keep your sword in the middle of the screen if you want to win every level, Bc not only or the levels the same distance, there is little variety in the “platforming” in general this is such a horrible game that makes other stickmen games like stickmen clash and stickmen hook look like garbage, 0/10 you bozos..Version: 4.5

Really?its fun but when an enemy gets cut in half they look weirdAn enemy at the outer layer, but fully oval inside. And every time the only super power I ever get is laser. I only got tomahawk once and the rest lasers..Version: 3.5

Good gameI love this game very much I just don’t like that all the levels are very repetitive. Another thing that ruins the game for me is that there are so many ads. Without the ads you can’t unlock any new swords meaning that it’s pointless to play offline. Other than these thing the game is very satisfying and fun.Version: 3.5

Not even a gameYou can literally tap the screen once and you’ll get thru the levels.Version: 3.5

Please don’t support games like thisThis game plays itself, throws ads in your face constantly, and doesn’t allow you to unlock anything without watching an ad. The programmers behind this game clearly had some degree of competency but wasted it entirely by giving into their greed. I know this game looks fun and enticing but please do not support developers flooding the App Store with this garbage..Version: 4.1

TrashTradh.Version: 3.2

Good butCould defiantly be harder and less laggy but a good game I would say.Version: 3.5

MoneyWhat the heck are you supposed to do with the in game currency, there is no indication at all. Would rate higher if it weren’t for that..Version: 3.5

Not the greatest gameIt was laggy and not hard at all and I don’t think it is my internet but it probally would be a good game if it wasn’t laggy.Version: 3.2

MehIt’s a good game but the issue is that you can for most level just press play and it finishes the game for you. It’s not that hard of a game and there’s no satisfaction of finishing the game because there IS NO FINISH. And anyways you don’t get much satisfaction for anything really. Maybe getting a cool looking sword or trail makes it a little bit fun but not enough. Overall not the best game you’ve made..Version: 3.2

Problem with the new updateI just got on to play then I realized there was a new update so I started to play hoping there would be more skins and sword effects and was upset at what I saw. A big chunk of my progress was gon I was at level 300 so some thing and now at level 66 😶and of my money was gone too I had about 28,000 and now only 1,000.Version: 4.9

Baby easy.Too easy to be considered an actual game. It’s just an app. A month old baby could figure it out. I find no enjoyment or challenge whatsoever..Version: 4.5

Not that goodIt’s a decent game at first, though not much of a challenge. After about the first 20 levels though it starts to feel like your playing the same ones over and over again, it is also way too easy and becomes boring and repetitive easily..Version: 3.5

Kinda boring !It’s kinda good kinda boring.Version: 3.5

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