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Fashion Battle - Dress To Win Negative Reviews

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Fashion Battle - Dress to win app received 31 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about fashion battle - dress to win?

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Copy cat?I found out that your game copied CatwalkBeauty and gameplay is bad, you should be yourself and apologize.Version: 1.02.01

Fun but... too easyThis is a fun game but I seem to always win. It get really boring playing the same levels over and over again. I wish there were harder levels and that they got harder as they went along..Version: 1.03.00

WHY-I like the game very much but not love it. Basically it’s a game where you have 3 options of hair,acc,cloths,shoes. You play with 1 person. It’s a 2 person game. The thing about it is that the other MIGHT COPY YOU- they will copy most of your outfit THEN they will get a better score then you. I find this game a little Inappropriate tho. How? Well.. you can’t just give the female a crop top and shorts at the beginning? You have to stick with the bra and underwear until you chose your cloths. 2. When you walk the underwear obviously does not fit the girl. I do not recommend- - Love Miss gurl°.Version: 1.03.00


It’s fun buuutI enjoy this game but I always lose no matter what I pick I can pick the same outfit as my opponent and still lose.Version: 1.03.00

BadI am complaining because some bad outfits win the game and it’s not fair.Version: 1.02.01

OhSo like it it’s just the ads.Version: 1.03.00

RiggedThey rig some of the rounds so you can’t win. If you leave before losing, and use the outfit the “opponent” uses, they’ll use the one you used and you get the same scores. You can try every combination and you STILL get the SAME score. It’s really frustrating, and the reason why I’m deleting the game..Version: 1.03.00

Very predictable as you play it. 😐The game is very fun, it was very addicting when I first bought it.. but I realized something over time. The game had some over used concepts, which is completely normal in some games! However, the game has a pattern. The game is basically: you win two rounds (maybe three?) then lose one in a nutshell. I also wish there were more ways to customize your character besides just picking skin color. Why not eyes or nail color? Or lip color? I also noticed that the game has a pattern of scoring. If you get everything right in the categories this is what the scoring would be.. if the opponent got a 19, you would get 27-28. If the opponent got a 20, you would get 28. If the opponent got a 21 you would get a 29, and if a 22 you would receive a 30. The game has very predictable scoring and rounds. I also see a lot of models with VERY tacky clothing and yet they still win. Who wears gym shoes to the beach?! Like c’mon 🙄. I also think there should be more clothes and hairs and shoes and accessories. That’s all, besides those issues.. the game is good. 😊.Version: 1.02.01

Could be better... i thinkI love the game that is a fact. but what i really dislike it’s when your opponent gets a good score you can’t beat it but you can beat when her score is low, that’s seriously sad. I would love more clothing style, it’s always the same but different colour or patterns. And more type of runway. Like Glamour, Chic ect... And last, when the update for makeup and accessories will be up? I can’t wait to see it!!!.Version: 1.02.01

What are the gems fir?I’ve earned thousands of gems and have no idea what they’re for. Also, it’s so redundant. Two models a clear algorithm of winning vs losing. Will someone tell me the point of this game?.Version: 1.04.03

Better if there are tiesWhen you both get all hearts it should be a tie because it isn’t fair for the person who loses when you both get all hearts other than this the game is awesome..Version: 1.03.00

Keeps sending me money formsI rate 3 because I LOVE this game it’s really fun. But the thing is the money forms please take that off. Thx.Version: 1.02.01

Was fun the first few levelsI downloaded this game because why not. I enjoyed it at first, but I got to a certain point to where no matter what you did or how you dressed, you always lost. I lost count of how many times I tried over and over. It’s addictive but very frustrating..Version: 1.04.03

Great but.....OMG THIS IS A GREAT GAME! BUT OMGGGGGGGG THE ADS, OMG I AM BLINDED BY THE BORINGNESS!!! Like, every time u finish a battle there is A BORING AD!!! TOOOOOO MANNYYYYY!! But other than that this is great!.Version: 1.03.00

Good but not reallyMy phone slowed down so fast when I downloaded it and it glitched my phone so i deleted the app but this is kinda fun but be careful everyone you might get a virus on your phone.Version: 1.04.03

RacistttttThis game is real racist. My character was black and kept loosing all of a sudden I change her to white she kept winning. Another thing is the judges keep making me loose to the outfits I previously wore that are on other characters that doesn’t even match..Version: 1.02.01

STOP BUMMING METhe bumming is very inappropriate and now my kids bum everyone that comes in my house and I’m concerned about them now.Version: 1.02.01

RiggedI compete and put on the same outfit as the person who won before me and I still lose but when they wore it they won. That’s really messed up and seems like you’re rigging it.Version: 1.02.01

😌This game is inappropriate and disgusting it is to revealing Disgusting it shows boobs and it shows your legs too much and at the end it shows way much more than you think I’m not as our disgusting and my sister which is four years old so so much stuff that is disgusting and she should have never seen so I think this app should get taken down 😌.Version: 1.03.00

Monotonous, riggedLike most games where you play against an “opponent” it’s just a bot, the judges are bots, everyone but you is a bot. Which is to be expected. However the game is rigged in a way that you lose every so many games with the opponent getting a score of 27 and you getting a score of 25, no matter what. The theme was pajama party. Wore a matching pajama outfit and slippers. The opponent wore mismatched leggings and t-shirt with flip flops, still won. It seems to be like every four or five rounds, and when you aren’t losing the opponent usually has two items the “judges” dislike, but despite this they always get like a 9 and an 8, with one judge giving a low score (usually a 3) to bring them down. So it’s fun for a minute, until you recognize the pattern and then it just becomes monotonous..Version: 1.04.03

CopyI saw the add then i saw. i have the same app and it is just a copy of the game so i kinda like it because the models look better but overall it is a copy and i give it ehh 😒 😳😶😐😑😶.Version: 1.02.01

Terrible do not download!It’s glitchy and has too many ads.Version: 1.02.01

Bit of an issueVery fun game honestly, BUT i notice some of the caucasian characters can put anything on and win, and it comes of a bit colorist.Version: 1.03.00

RIGGEDSometimes when I Have to exit battle Cuz I lost with my outfit. I come back and wear the other girl’s outfit I get the same score I did last time! Don’t download phony game! I would have given it a zero.Version: 1.03.00

Rigged.The game is rigged. It doesn’t let me win even tho I used the outift they used before to win. It’s super unfun and rigged. I hate this game so much and so does my daughter. I hope this game gets deleted.Version: 1.03.00

Fun at first but then not so goodSo at first I liked it, there’s room for updates like more personalization and categories but it’s a good start but one thing that been happening with me is that I get to a topic, let’s say the beach. I pick out a red suit, sunglasses, red shoes and green hair, the other picks out blue instead and gets the high score. I exit the game and go back in because why not, and I do the exact outfit the person before did, and still lose! So it’s like you’re intended to automatically loose the round no matter what you do! I feel there could be a better system of points for what you pick vs having an automatic selection of winning or loosing, it makes certain rounds inevitable to loose..Version: 1.03.00

It’s goodThis game is lots of fun BUT I think it’s a little too easy and I don’t like how they redo the levels I’m not sure I recommend this game it’s fun at first but then it gets a little boring..Version: 1.02.01

I don’t like this app.I do not like this app, when I lose it copies my outfits. When I make new outfits they put the outfit on and win..Version: 1.02.01

God but badThis is good because I like how if you want to be a fashion designer you can choose what to do on this app but what I don’t get is when the opposite player looks way worse than you and then they actually win the game which wouldn’t be good if you want to be a fashion designer as if you do become one then you might choose bad clothes for your shop and you would have less customers and this game has so many ads and you have one after every round so if you make the game have it where you choose who’s you think is better than that would be good and if there was less ads so then I would give this game five stars and I only downloaded this game for ten minutes. Sorry for the long review and please read this and use my ideas🥰🥰🥰..Version: 1.03.00

I have a problem with the gameOk app but one thing let’s imagine that the theme is beach so I do a bathing suit then the other person put on a prom dress then I put my hair in a ponytail then she puts on straight hair then I put on a hat and she puts on gloves then I put on sneakers and she puts on high heels then guess what SHE WON AND I WAS LISTENING TO THE THEME INSTEAD OF HER so pretty much I think all the characters are robots cuz I LOSE EVERY round and I’m actually listening to the theme so I might delete this game cuz I am so sick of losing every time I JUST WANT ONE SWEET VICTORY >_<.Version: 1.03.00

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