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Fashion Battle - Dress to win app received 57 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fashion battle - dress to win?

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5 StarsI love this game it’s amazing! It really inspires me to be a fashion designer! 5 stars because it inspires young people that want to be fashion designers ! Love all the hard work keep up❤️ xo.Version: 1.02.01

Fashion BattleI love this game so much and people should get it.Version: 1.02.01

Its good except one thingOk so like i wish u had more time to review the choices also i think the faces should be changed because let me tell you they look Constipated.Version: 1.03.00

SO ADDICTINGI thought this game would be a scam and have so many adds but I got it on my phone and can’t stop playing I’m writing on my iPad because why not but this is the best game ever I highly recommend it!!!!!!.Version: 1.04.03

BEST GAMING APP!Best gaming app I played in a long time! It’s so cool how you can choose what to wear and get the best scored for it!!!.Version: 1.03.00

I love itThere is to many adds and it is vary long adds.Version: 1.03.00

I love this game!This game is addicting! I cant wait till the update ☺️.Version: 1.03.00

UrgameiscoolThis game is so fun and chill! The outfits are so pretty.Version: 1.02.00

So funThis is amazing it’s so fun to compete against “Emily” or “Lia” I definitely give this 5 stars.Version: 1.03.00

😝😝😝😝😝It is so fun to play and there are so many levels plus you get to make your outfit like how cool is that I love this app.Version: 1.02.01

Litty gameI just think this game is unique.Version: 1.02.01

Love itIt’s fun and cool.Version: 1.02.01

Great game but ADVERTS!It’s a great game. Overall amazing and fun,but after EVERY ROUND there’s an ADVERT! If they were entertaining adverts maybe it would be better but....idk..I love dressing the people up and if you are someone looking to get the game or just scrolling through reviews because you want to(😏) then hi! I recommend getting this game! It’s really good but ADVERTS ULTIMATE! I get it that adverts are your way to make money but there and thousands of people getting this game like- can’t you just put a few adverts in and do that instead-? Anyway....great game. Get it but be aware there are a lot of adverts! :).Version: 1.02.01

GoodIt is so fun like the clothes I was playing it and I won all the time really good game🤩🤩🥰.Version: 1.02.01

To many adsThis game is so much fun and so addicting!!🙂 On the other hand it has wayyyy too many ads which makes me upset for how good the game is..Version: 1.03.00

My reviewSo I like the game it’s so fun but sometimes it needs more concepts. Also when ever I have a outfit that match and looks good in my opinion the others models have tacky things on and they still win 😂.Version: 1.02.00

Game -Need to let the component win sometimes and perhaps less adds, like one add every 2 games instead of every game..Version: 1.02.01

Best app made ever!I love this game because it’s entertaining and you don’t need Wi-Fi it’s amazing how you can compete against other people and when it’s really good for your taste in fashion To see what your taste in fashion is!.Version: 1.04.03

GoodI love it it is really cool and doesn't egsagerate on the ad.Version: 1.03.00

Best app everThis app is so fun to play I have been playing this nonstop there is so much amazing outfits to choose from.Version: 1.02.01

Too much adsIn OBSESSED with the game but, TOO. MUCH. ADS..Version: 1.03.00

SunsetI love this game.Version: 1.04.03

I hope this is helpful .This game is so addictive and fun to play but one thing that really annoys me is after every round there is always an advert.The adverts are really annoying and that’s why I give this game a 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️..Version: 1.04.03

Love itLove it so much.Version: 1.02.01

Amazin!No words literally this app is the best game I've EVER played!!! Definitely download......Version: 1.04.03

RiggedI love the game but I always seem to win it would be better if you could lose as well..Version: 1.03.00

Awesome!Totally downloaded this it is great fun all i want is less adds but i still give you a big 5! 👍.Version: 1.03.00

Great! But one problemThis game is AMAZING! The only problem is that, every time you finish a round, you have to watch a video!!!!😡That is the ONLY problem with this game. Please fix this! If you don’t mind ads, then I would definitely recommend this game..Version: 1.03.00

GreatSo cool thanks for making it.Version: 1.04.03

Very Fun, But I Have Some ProblemsDon’t get me wrong, I love this game. I’ve caught myself playing it for hours on end multiple times. However, I do have some problems. (1) On multiple occasions me and my opponent have both gotten all heart eyes, but they will score my opponent two points more than me. If you both get all heart eyes it should be a tie. (2) I have also had problems where I will get all heart eyes, and my opponent will get three heart eyes and a “meh”, but the opponent wins. (3) Sometime with the clothing it’s very hard to tell what it is. Is it heels, tennis shoes, boots, or sandals. There’s no way to tell. (4) Sometimes the scoring makes no sense. I’ve had games where the concept is pyjama party, and the opponent wears a nice shirt, leggings, and heels, but they win! I love the game, and I understand it is a newer game in-early development, but please fix these..Version: 1.03.00

5 STARS!!I’ve been playing this game for a while and I haven’t focused on ANYTHING else. I guess you can say I’m addicted to this game. I have been playing this game NON-STOP! Despite all the adds, the game is one of my favs. I would tell my friends to play this game! This game is amazing and I hope to find games exactly like this..Version: 1.03.00

Amazing and fun but alot of ads.Ok so ima try to be quick. This game is very fun and all but there's an ad every end of the game٫ I know that ads exist so the owner of the game gets money٫ but do they really have to put one at the end of every game? Just saying but overall this game is very good..Version: 1.03.00

It’s so greatThis game is super duper fun it’s so cool.Version: 1.03.00

Fun but...This game is fun but i always seem to win and its not that fun to win all the time n.Version: 1.03.00

Luv itTo many adverts.Version: 1.03.00

5 starI say this because the gAme is good . If they had more clothes.^,I would love it more.Version: 1.02.01

Cool but...It is a bit boring I would recommend this app if you like designing clothes but the other components don’t have much style so you’re bound to win.Version: 1.04.03

I LOVE ITI am littarly addicted to this game!!! Olds make more of these.I’ve been looking for a game just like this one!thank you very much!.Version: 1.04.03

Not that goodPretty good but I don’t like it that much.Version: 1.02.01

Omg it’s so funLiterally I am SOOOOOOO into fashion and this game is for fashion ppl but there could be boys dressing up.Version: 1.04.03

BEST GAME EVERRRYou can create a outfits and they will make a theme for the putfit.Version: 1.04.03

RayitngThis game is so lovely you should Olaf this game every day Smart girl.Version: 1.03.00

Read this pleaseOverall this game is amazing I love styling the outfits even though some people win with the most disgusting ones but every round I will say no thanks to the extra gems for a advert but there’s an advert anyway! Please fix this because THEN I will rate 5/5 stars.Version: 1.03.00

SO FUNI love this game already on level 133 Wish I can play it more.Version: 1.03.00

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯First of all this game has no glitches and it’s really fun to go against people. Also there’s not that much adds either.🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋.Version: 1.03.00

I like this game but it’s rigged :|So I have been experimenting on this game kinda I would dress for like Gala and I would get lower, then I close that tab and enter again it restarts so I do Gala again then I dress EXACTLY how the bot dressed before and the bot would dress EXACTLY like I did and the bot would get more, I get it could be to make things a challenge but on some levels there is no way to win. Overall still a pretty good game.Version: 1.04.03

These type of this game are funThese games are fun and like fashion games there are so good and awesome.Version: 1.02.01

There’s a copycatWe need this app up but someone is copying them, their game is Catwalk Beauty..Version: 1.02.01

Good but needs workI really like this game! I even got my boyfriend to start playing it. It just needs improvement on the following things; 1. LESS ADS! I don’t have a problem with ads but when there’s one after every single level it gets really annoying. Especially when some of them are really long! 2. More (+more detailed) clothes. I get a lot of repeat outfits so I would love if there was more to choose from. 3. More hairstyles / colors. Same thing as with the outfits. 4. More character customization. I would love if we had more skin tone options, as well as other things like more tattoos, makeup, or if we could customize our character’s signature “supermodel walk”. 5. Online play. We should be able to connect with and compete against with other real life players instead of bots!! It would make this game 10x more fun for me. Like I said, this is a fun game and a great concept, it just needs some improvement!.Version: 1.04.03

Fun!This game is really fun it gives me new looks!.Version: 1.03.00

Love itI love this game and if everyone else writes bad reviews please keep updating because there’s people out here who like it :) thnx sis 🦋.Version: 1.02.00

Guess who’s addictedI am flipping like so addicted it is so fun you get to like seriously change into other clothes it’s like so fun I’ll love it like please download this because I know you’ll enjoy it.Version: 1.02.01

To many addsEvery round their is a add when their is barely a game but its addicting and fun it makes up for it!.Version: 1.03.00

Best game everThis is the best game ever because I love the style.Version: 1.03.00

Needs more conceptsThe games fun but needs more concepts or it gets repetitive. Also you should be able to choose your skin tone!!!.Version: 1.01.01

YesYes yes yes.Version: 1.03.00

AmazingI love this game it is so fun.Version: 1.03.00

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