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Fidelity Bloom®: Save & Spend App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fidelity Bloom®: Save & Spend app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fidelity Bloom®: Save & Spend? Can you share your negative thoughts about fidelity bloom®: save & spend?

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Fidelity Bloom®: Save & Spend for Negative User Reviews

Transfer take agesDecided to switch to this account and use it as my main bank account. It took just couple days to change my mind. Transferred money from a non Fidelity bank account on September 12th and it settled on September 20th. It takes 1 day for Huntington and almost immediately for most apps like cash app and chime. Why bother using this app?.Version: 1.4

Not reliableI downloaded the app and set it up , i must of missed that part about the type of account this would be , it was confusing on how it linked to 401k as a money market , I thought it was just a regular checking savings . As someone have said it takes long time for the transfer funds to be available . I never got my $50 either ..Version: 1.5

Could be greatPretty nice app, but no way to add your spouse, not very couple friendly.Version: 1.7.2

Not greatDon’t like it because I have to transfer money to my regular fidelity checking first and then to bloom. It doesn’t let me transfer directly to bloom accounts..Version: 1.6.2

Very unprofessional associatesI tried to sign up and it told me to call them to finish setting it up and after passing down to 4 ppl I finally talk to someone to get me thrown it and after 15 minutes he is telling me oh no i was talking about Fedility app not Fedility bloom 🤦🏻‍♂️ wow and again on hold.Version: 1.4

Disables Face ID on other fidelity appThe Bloom app is fine. What is not fine is that enabling Face ID on this app disables it for my Fidelity app, which is much more important.Version: 1.5

Cool concept but card declinesExpect to be embarrassed using this card. It has declined 10 times in the last 30 days due to “maintenance” when you call the # on the back of the card you’re told they are experiencing maintenance. And the app just says declined you have exceeded your available cash even though it says on the same screen that you have more than enough to cover the transaction you are trying to charge. Be prepared to bring a second form of payment. I’m considering closing it because it declines too much for no valid reason. Maintenance is NOT a reason for a decline. I don’t have this problem with any other card..Version: 1.7.1

Direct depositGetting money into the accounts are taking way to long I have stopped using this service but will come back when things get better..Version: 1.6.1

Good interest rate, pretty interfaceOverall I’m liking it so far, but this app still has a long way to go. Pros: 1. Both the “Save” and “Spend” accounts earn higher interest rates than my other accounts do (this is currently earning 3.83%). This is because the money in them is put into a money market mutual fund. The interest rate goes up and down based on the market, last week it was 3.83%. I used the regular Fidelity app to choose FZFXX as my “core position”(money market mutual fund). 2. I like the flower symbol and the kind “way to go” messages. 3. The “Challenges” are a bit simplistic but kind of nice. 4. You can easily link and transfer to external bank accounts, though it can take 1-3 days for money to be transferred. 5. The account opening bonuses and the 10% savings match (deposit a max of $300 and, for example, get $30 back) are all legit and easy to get. Cons: 1. This is not a full-featured app (yet). One example: to cancel a one time transfer I had just scheduled, I had to use the regular Fidelity app. This app has no cancel scheduled transaction function. 2. Also, to change the “core position” to the Fidelity money market fund with the highest returns, I had to log in to the Fidelity website and chat with their bot. Why not give us a link to the Fidelity website so we don’t have to find this functionality ourselves. 3. Related to that: once you’ve created the accounts, there is nowhere obvious in the app that even mentions that your money is in a money market mutual fund. It’s important that people know what their accounts are and how they work. I don’t think the app really explains to people what a brokerage account is. I think this could lead to confusion and potentially uninformed decisions. Brokerage accounts are often used for day trading, which is risky, and almost always leads to returns that are lower than what an index fund would give. If people happen to log into their fidelity account and see they have “$X,XXX to trade,” they might trade. It would be more supportive to better explain to users what the account is and how they suggest using it (e.g. use it as a saving or spending account with a higher interest rate, with the option to invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds within the same account?) 4. If the app is to support saving—why is one of the tabs a shopping portal with bribes (% back at different merchants) to get people to shop? It seems like a mixed message—focus on your financial growth and long term goals…. But look, if you spend money now at one of these places you’ll get X% back—you don’t want to miss out! Don’t be all zen about blooming and being centered about money, and then encourage us to catch deals. Rubs me the wrong way..Version: 1.7.1

Could be amazing, but isn’tDevice: iPhone 13 Pro Max Honestly its a super well designed app, but it has its flaws and they are very annoying. 1. I wish Face ID would automatically go off as soon as I open the app. 2. The app literally forgets your account within less than 24 hours, I literally have to do initial 2 step verification every single day and set up Face ID everyday, its extremely annoying. 3. As of today I can’t even use my password manager to log in, it simply stopped prompting me. So now every time the app forgets me, I have to manually type in my password manager generated password, which is kind of frustrating. Other than that its a super nice app once you’ve completely logged in, really just with I didn’t have so many login issues..Version: 1.1

"Unable to verify identity"…App won’t even let me open an account. Such a ✨seamless✨ experience..Version: 1.4

Can’t verify identityWhy would I trust my money with a company who can’t even verify my identity. Worthless.Version: 1.6.2

Compromised corporation w no honourSince the day I purchased dwac in 2022 a employee or group is personally sabotaging my account. I was told Friday my check would be available for spending on Tuesday. I sold my home which was my car. Cashed check. Fidelity always gives at least at least $200 bc that’s normal professional courtesy. Employee swore it was Tuesday. I sleep on the streets just hiding of shame. I had $0. I had $150 storage bill that I was planning to pay Friday but then I called & gave my word I’d pay Tuesday. Guess what Tuesday rolls around the longest weekend of my life. I call them and he says yea sorry it’s not going to be available now till Saturday. I explained my situation. Zero help. He says nothing can be done. I said ok he said but the good thing is you can use the funds to trade stocks. Lol. So I call storage unit. They hit the loterry. 34 years worth of belongings lost for $150. Pictures and all. So I remembered I sold a silver bar on Amazon and has $100 available to transfer on the 3rd. Guess what the chances are Amazon says sorry no explanation that’s now the 10th. So I make some embarrassing calls and beg for $. I get someone to send me $500 to PayPal. I received it. I go to transfer it to the account and you would no believe what happen. PayPal freezes my account saying suspicious log in activity in Kentucky where I am lol. They make me call and talk to 3 employees. Take pictures of my id and my face and scan my face. Then they said yes funds wil be available in 48-72 hours lol. Like so angry at who a name of a company. So I say to myself. F it, life blows but I’m an idiot and I deserve this somehow. So I sleep near a dumpster that night refusing to eat anything just yet. Wishing I knew where I could find a water fountain. It’s much harder than you think. Bc it was impossible for me. Wednesday rolls around. I remember my debit card is unlocked for that account and I’m too stressed out to think if I have any other bills due. So I go to fidelity web and app to the debit card management page. Guess what. It says sorry we are unable to access this page right now. Please check back later. So I check app the app just sets there and pending. I delete my phone and back it up and re download app. Still when I open this page my cell bars go to LTE from 5G with 1 bar. My phone gets hot super hot. I turn on airplane mode clear history and everything. I try for a few hours. Nothing. So I said ok maybe it’s my phone. I was like well shoot I’ll just trade stocks bc why not I’m literally homeless broke and why not trade stocks. So I go to make a trade and guess what my account has been restricted 🚫 plz call fidelity. I try a limit. Nothing. I call and they said yea we restricted your account and I said why I’ve never made a illegal trade or anything. I was also told by y’all and the website and your app that I had $6k available to trade. He said nope. Super kind person this time and I go off for an hour saying why do I keep being lied to. So he apologizes for fidelity and he calls around and gets a boss to lift the freeze to allow me to trade. I asked if security, hacks or flags on my account he said no. His boss then says to him and threatens me with account closure. So 2014 to 2021 zero problems. 2021 to 2022 odd pending and completely unorganized transactions 5 days to 11 days for internal transfers. Very odd but still I let it slide. Now I am threatened. I’ve never received any of the bonuses they had for setting up accounts. $50 andn$100 account bonuses. I’ve never received lol. 3 companies somehow knew I was desperate. Guess what I got a hotel room. But I’m guessing Saturday it will actually be Monday. What do you do? You can’t do anything. They mastered this. “Deposit only at fidelity” on back of check is their guaranteed $.Version: 1.7.1

Snail Transfer of fundIn this age of speed and technology, there should be no reason for funds transferred from a personal account to a Fidelity account to take up to 3 days or longer. Made a transfer from Comerica Bank to Fidelity 3 days ago and funds still not available. Ridiculous..Version: 1.3

Bloom?? Cash Management???You have 2 products very very very similar. This is not good. Not much difference. Please combine the both..Version: 1.4

Login screen is annoyingEven though you support Face ID, users have to click a button to login. This is an unnecessary step. Please fix.Version: 1.7

More SE issuesApp doesn’t work correctly on SE. contacted Fidelity on Wednesday and they confirmed the problem but no new version pushed in half a week to fix the issue..Version: 1.1

Not happyI deposited 300 dollars a week ago and it is still not in my account. Unbelievable. I have no access to my money..Version: 1.6.2

Adding card to Apple PayDoesn’t work. Tried taking photo grab and app asked to confirm via text to a phone number ending in 9999 which isn’t mine. Then tried to add account info manually and get a error msg that info added is incorrect. Can’t reach Fidelity on a Sunday. Have four other debit/credit cards in Apple Pay and had no problems adding. Tried leaving feedback on Bloom site but can’t. Probably won’t use as too completed and hard to get through to someone. To good to be true. Not worth the headache of calling and being on hold for 45 mins..Version: 1.2

UghhSavings to spend takes forever.Version: 1.2

Scam they never give u $75 per promotion No customer serviceThey never give u $75 per promotion No customer service.Version: 1.3.1


Simple app, nothing excitingI'm not sure what is so special about these Bloom accounts and what Fidelity tries to do here. I just found the app is ok but fund takes forever to settle..Version: 1.2

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