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Love this gameThis game should have way more people playing it and store updates this is all I could write pls respond to me I love this game.Version: 1.0.35

Life changingThis game changed my life. It is heartwarming and life changing and it teaches you how to rob things. It should definitely be removed off the App Store but it changed my life and my career as a criminal. 5/5 recommend. Has an ad around every corner. 😃.Version: 1.0.36

AmazingThis game is pretty cool I’m on level 202 and I play this almost everyday I give this game a five star I think more people should play this game even though it’s about robbing people but at least we get to break 6ixnine’s Jewelry.Version: 1.0.35

It is funIt is fun.Version: 1.0.35

TjgrhutfjugchRststfihihdfdgcgd hgjgjfhsgdjv was the first b hfhfygugjvjv big hugs and kisses to you all good night hugs hugs to your mom and hugs to your mom love and hugs hugs and prayers love and miss you so happy for your prayers and prayers love and hugs and love hugs and prayers love and miss seeing your mom and miss seeing your beautiful picture love you miss you so much hugs and love.Version: 1.0.35

1 problem every level you pass it always does a ad please fixThanks.Version: 1.0.35

Things I don’t likeThe game is really fun but I don’t like how after every level is a add.Version: 1.0.35

Must try out this gameMust try it out u love it like I did got to level 60 after down it brilliant game if ur board take mind of things try this for u x.Version: 1.0.35

GameThis game is great I wish they could make more levels love it and it’s fun.Version: 1.0.35

Adds but overall fun gameToo many adds.Version: 1.0.35

Slow downSlow down on the adds.Version: 1.0.33

Hear me out DevsNow, I thought this was one of those games were the ad is totally different then the game; good. It was the same as the ad, BUT way too many ads! And I’m confused on why theres no home menu. Also I’m tired of shooting a money gun at the SAME FURNITURE every time!!!! I keep upgrading the furniture but it keeps resetting. There’s no point to it!.Version: 1.0.35

So good! But……It is so good I love it but it needs more levels I mean it’s really good but if you had more levels to it. everybody would play it. so it’s amazing. and sometimes in the add there is a level but I don’t see it in the real game. and the levels keep on repeating over and over again so I say to add more levels and it’s good. and the game it’s self is amazing. I think everybody should play this game!😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😙😙😙😙😁🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😙😙😁😁😀😀😘😘🥰🥰😍😍📲📲👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 1.0.35

So fun 🤩 😍🥰😜😁🤪🥰Only one tiny tiny thang you redo levels every thang else fine so fun I am on level 52..Version: 1.0.35

AmazingOkay look for me I’m not getting too many ads and the game has a gigantic variety of levels. Perfect just to have fun on and I have played many mobile games but this is actually the first good one since subway surfers and jetpack joyride..Version: 1.0.35

BussinGame is good , real good it busstin so hard I recommend play game is good best game I play in 10 years but wish there was sound then it be good good.Version: 1.0.36

AwesomeReally fun but dont use it for bad🌚.Version: 1.0.33

Good game I would register sixLots of different levels.Version: 1.0.35

Music neededHello this is a very good game could use some music please ad the music.Version: 1.0.35

Rob master got rid of it againHow dare you get rid of it don’t do it or it will be 99 chances.Version: 1.0.35

DababyITS amazing 10/10 would recommend.Version: 1.0.35

PopNut sock.Version: 1.0.35

I give this five starsThis game is so amazing my mom helped me with one it’s so hard but I love it.Version: 1.0.35

Pretty goodTho only problem i have with it is the ads there are a lot of ads.Version: 1.0.33

Les niveaux sont trop coolSuper jeu très bon.Version: 1.0.35

Really funReally fun but a lot of ads.Version: 1.0.35

Awesome app but i wish the adds were goneI love the app i get to rob stuff and i get to change to stuff into rich stuff i get to check is the rich stuff are real are not and like i love the app its great awesome but icwish the adds were gone so it can make the game even more better than ever! I hope there will be no more adds i wish.Version: 1.0.35

Great game, but too many ads. ⭐️This game is pretty fun if you like those stealthy and quick timed games, especially the fact that the levels get better and better. However, there are too many ads between each of those levels, and some aren’t very child-friendly (despite this game being targeted to children) If there were less, I would give 5 stars. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it, it’s a very entertaining game! Keep up the great work :).Version: 1.0.35

Love itThis game is so fun I was walking and bumped into my door.Version: 1.0.35

HmmI really like this game i really do but at like level 45 some of the levels are repeating. I think you should add more levels instead of being lazy and not adding more. If some levels didn’t repeat I’d give it 5. also, I recommend other people to this game. Bye!.Version: 1.0.35

Good game 😃This is a great game robbing and stealing it’s really fun the in only problem is the ads there are ads every single stage which is kinda annoying but still good game..Version: 1.0.35

Epik gammer momuntI fink dis is da beztik gam on ape store. Shood be on Xbox and ps5. Shood cost 50 dola..Version: 1.0.35

Shop UpdateThe Game is fun but it needs a update where you can actually spend your money and it needs more than just minigames you should start everyone over and their money and make a shop where you can buy skins,boomerangs,wire colors,tablet colors,and stuff like that all it needs is a big update and also like everyone is talking about chill out on the ads there’s a lot,but other than that the game is actually fun..Version: 1.0.35

I would rate it a 5 but to much addsThere are way to much adds and it’s making the game not enjoyable but is there was an add at like every 5 or 10 levels I would be fine..Version: 1.0.35

Rob masterThe reason I didn’t put five stars is because I don’t like how the game resets levels.Version: 1.0.35

OmgThis game is so so good for one not a lot of ads and it’s kinda satisfying and it’s fun 🤩and u should get this game that’s it.Version: 1.0.35

This game is awesomeBut I think you should add some sound👌.Version: 1.0.33

Robber gameHi guys this game is the best Robber game ever I. Rated is 5 stars it’s really good and cool so try it out byeee.Version: 1.0.35

This is a sin thing that I send you this is an ad from hotelThis is the best game ever I never play this this the first time we play this it’s amazing whoever made this this is awesome I just wish I can keep this without no answer but there’s no but I don’t I don’t have enough money to get this ad off but I love this whoever made this God bless whoever made this thank you.Version: 1.0.35

AwesomeReally fun you can play without internet connection.Version: 1.0.35

AdsThe game is go but too many ads.Version: 1.0.35

Robber gameHey it’s pretty good but a little slow I really recommend this game but should be over nines instead.Version: 1.0.35

It’s OKAwesome but it also could teach kids sera when they get older or bad stuff but other than that it’s an awesome game.Version: 1.0.37

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