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Makes you start over every time you enter the appMaybe I’m just doing it wrong but the worst part of this app isn’t the frequent ads or the new features. It’s the way all your progress is lost if you exit the app! It’s extremely annoying to come back into the app, have to sit through two tutorials and then click on a level only to have to start from the VERY BEGINNING, when I had already finished about 10 puzzles. I’ve toyed with all the settings and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to stop this from happening..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Was fun but...I played this game for a couple days because I love logic puzzles and this is the first one I came across that didn’t make me pay for puzzles, which I appreciate! However, every time this app updates on my phone, my progress gets erased... and I’m not doing the same puzzles twice to get my progress back again only to have it erased again when the app updates. Also, some of the clues for the normal and hard puzzles are poorly written. Finally, can there please be a mode that doesn’t tell me if I make a mistake? I’d rather figure it out myself..Version: 1.3.0(142)

What happenedI had love this game as I’ve always enjoyed solving puzzles, clues, riddles, etc. However, every time I have opened the app today it has sent me back all the way to the very beginning, making me do the tutorials. I don’t know why it reset me when I have played 50ish games so far. I went and checked settings on my phone and the game; couldn’t figure out why it made me restart everything. Prior to today I would’ve given it 5 stars but I don’t want to go through the tutorial and start at Level 1 every single time I open the app. That’s pointless..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Started off goodKeeps resetting to the first level when you close the app. Super annoying.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Too many problems to a good gameI’ve been playing it for over 3 days about an hour or more a day. There are a few major issues I kept having. 1. Every time I loaded the game, whether it was closed or in my multi-task bar, the game would reload and I’d have to do the tutorial and start the puzzles over. I played the 1st four puzzles in the hard difficulty over and over. 2. Some clues are inconsistent. In the puzzles I played I saw it slowly get worse, so I can only imagine what the later levels look like. 3. There is a LOT of ads and no way to turn them off. If I could pay $0.99 to remove ads and have some sort of save feature to keep my progress, I would’ve bought it immediately. TLDR: It is a great fun logic game, but the issues with the game not saving, too many ads, and the increasing number of clues becoming inconsistent have made the game unplayable. Fix these issues and I will gladly come back and play it. Thank you.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun but buggyAfter a recent update I’ve lost all progress on the levels I’ve completed. Now each time I launch the app I’m put back into the tutorial and lose any progress I’ve made. I was really enjoying playing this game. The puzzles are fun and challenging, but I can’t keep playing if I’m going to constantly lose progress :(.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Not awful, not greatI downloaded this as a lunchtime unwind and played a few levels to see if it was worth keeping. So far so good, but when I got to work and tried to use the game, it sent me back to the start, wiped all of my data and I had to play through the tutorials again. There is no feature to link your Facebook or Apple profile to track and save your progress, so if I change devices, I’m back to share one again, which is another shame. I would love to see mistakes not penalized immediately. Let people make the mistake and go further, allowing them to “check” their solution at the end, with three chances or they mess the level up and need to restart. Promising start, I hope to see the app get better.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Love the game but...Hey, so i love the game but...I agree with a lot of all the other reviews, lots of adds and grammar mistakes; you could reread some clues and figure out what it actually means tho. I also find that my game will restart my level and make me do the tutorial every time I want to play it? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do this but it really has been bothering me. One last thing, I wish it wouldn’t count our mistakes. If it were on paper then we would be able to erase it if we found out it was wrong, maybe that’s just me tho. Overall it’s a really good game :).Version: 1.2.6(139)

BugsHey I keep playing this then the app freezes after completing the first 10 of each level then starts back at the tutorial. Not going to keep the app if this continues. No point playing the same levels over and over..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Inoffensive, but aggravating with adsGame plays fine and is enjoyable, but with forced ads every couple of puzzles (with no way to turn the ads off, not even a small payment option), it’s easy to get turned away from this app..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Excited, but levels resetI was excited to download this app because I love logic games, and I got through 12 levels. Then, I opened the app later on in bed and the app had reset completely. I had to start back at the tutorial and redo the levels I had beaten. I got through the same 12 levels, and then the levels reset me back AGAIN to the tutorial after I closed the app out. I’ll wait to play until it’s fixed....Version: 1.3.0(142)

New update keeps losing progressGood game, but now every time you exit the game or force close the app - it starts you from the beginning including having to do two rounds of tutorial and play same levels again.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Nice changeThe game itself is a nice change from the usual awful mobile games. However is keeps deleting my progress and I have to start from the beginning every few days. Also some of the puzzles have incomplete clues meaning you have to randomly guess a lot of the answers as they are unsolvable once you get to a certain point without guessing..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress EraseA very fun game and I enjoy the puzzles, however my progress has now been undone TWICE. And that is annoying..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun but lots of bugsIt’s a fun game with lots of potential, but there’s a lot of bugs and ads. The ads aren’t too bad, they only appear after puzzles or if you want a hint. The bugs make it unplayable. The interface is iffy and you can’t zoom in to be more accurate so you make mistakes by accident (3 max before having to restart). It would be nice to get rid of the mistake counter and let people fix their own mistakes. My progress doesn’t save (I’ve tested it 4 times), each time I launch the game I have to agree to the TOS and PP and do the tutorial, then my progress doesn’t save so I’m stuck doing the same puzzles over again which isn’t fun..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game concept, bad executionI REALLY liked this game when I downloaded it a few days ago. Played for two days and then it updated and deleted all of my progress. I’m trying to hold out for another update to fix reset issue, but may just end up deleting the app. I’m not as bothered by the number of ads, but the ads are pretty problematic too. Also, lots of spelling errors and typos, some of which render clues useless to the player, others add unnecessary confusion when solving the puzzles..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Improvements Desperately NeededI loved finding this app “full” of logic puzzles and you get a fair amount of puzzles. But. There are a lot of issues. First, you guys need someone to proofread these things. There’s a lot of spelling issues and inconsistencies throughout, on multiple levels in each difficulty. It makes it very difficult, at times, to ensure proper understanding of clues and answers. Second, there are several levels where the grid is inaccurate. On one easy level, the answers don’t line up with the other boxes. While the app has tons of potential (and I’m thrilled that the puzzles are all free!), some big improvements are needed to reach that potential..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

What happenedI update the APP, but all data are lost, I have to restart from the beginning while I already pass more than 10 levels in hard.Version: 1.3.0(142)

MehIf you close the app you lose your progress. would also be nice if there were less ads, or if you could pay to get them removed. good potential, it's fun otherwise.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Glitchy!Every time I leave the app I lose my progress and end up back at the tutorial level when I reopen the app and would have to start again at level 1 for each difficulty..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Adverts after every level ….. really?The concept of the game is good, but who wants adverts after every single level? The idea of these games is to chill out and test your brain a bit. Not to get stressed out while having to wait until the little ‘x’ appears just so I can continue challenging myself.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Great but doesn’t work properlyGreat game but unfortunately it loses your progress every time you come out of it, therefore you have to complete the tutorial every time and start right back from level 1 each time. Unfortunately won’t be playing again until this is fixed..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress goneI enjoyed the puzzles and trying to solve them but after a period of time away, it seems to forget what I’ve done and I’m back to square one. The puzzles are fun and all but I will be annoyed if I had to do them over and over again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Bad ErrorsIt is a fun game but there are so many errors in the clues given. Worst to date, on Normal Level 83, Clue 3 says Giggles wears a white wig but there is NO white wig option given??? I have come across many errors which need to be fixed. Overall, it is a good thinking game but needs to be improved..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Levels keep restarting??So I played a bunch of levels in one go, then left my phone for a few hours, & when I came back to it all progress had disappeared - which means I now have to redo the puzzles. I did it once thinking it was a glitch, but the same thing happened again. Shame, cause it’s otherwise good. Also would be nice if it didn’t tell you whether you are right or wrong unless you asked it to “check”, happened to me a couple of times where my fat fingers pressed the wrong square and it counted as a mistake..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Re-starting every time is not an optionDownloaded this app 3 days ago and really enjoyed it. Yesterday, logged back in and all progress had been lost and I had to go through the boring tutorials again, but I did it and got back to where I was before. Figured it was practice and SURELY it wouldn’t happen again. But today, same thing. Maybe they fixed this with the update I saw is available now, but too late for me. I’m not doing the tutorials and same levels for a third time..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Loved the conceptIt’s a great game and I’m having lots of fun until I leave or it crashes. When I restart it takes you back to the very beginning - very frustrating!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good logic game, excessive adsThe game itself is good. Different levels of difficulty to choose from allows for variation. The toggle button is kind of annoying, since it is docked from your “mistakes” if you don’t hit it just right without realizing before you select the box. But ultimately I had to delete the game because there are just too many damned ads. I understand that that is the main source of revenue, but 1 min ads per 10 sec of gameplay isn’t worth it..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Update erased all progressVery frustrating that the new update erased all progress and you start over every single time you play..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Has potential, needs a lot of fixing/adjusting.A lot of the levels have errors. It is very clear there was no QA testing prior release. There is some poor wording and some wrong clues. Sometimes you also end up in a situation at the end where there is a 2x2x2 box showdown with no clues to narrow it down so you need a hint. This definitely shouldn’t be the case and everything should be solvable via clues. Also the add amount is ridiculous, I get it, you need the money to carry on supporting the game and that means lots of adds, but before and after every game is pushing it. I usually would pay up to £2 to buy this sort of game to support the developers, but definitely not with that sort of add grab and poor QA testing. Also, the boxes are tiny, I kept missclicking and using up mistakes..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Bugs need fixingFun game, really enjoyed it. For some reason now every time I minimize or close the game when I go back to it it starts me off as if I just got the game. Right back at the tutorial and no puzzles completed. I’d continue to play if I wasn’t constantly redoing the same puzzles.....Version: 1.3.0(142)

Quality but garbageWonderful game but Ads BEFORE you play?! Brutal. And now the game just reset, I just lost all my progress ???.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Poor InterfaceWhy not have two separate buttons for the X and check mark. Interface doesn’t work for me..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great Game, Awful UpdateI love the game but there is no way to back up your progress and in the most recent update everything was erased. Incredibly irritated that i have to start it all over and i find imm less inclined to play it anymore..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Game RestartedIve been addicted to this game for days now. I had gone into the app after an update and all my progress was erased. I was maxed out on all the hard levels, which there need to be more of, and almost 40 levels into normal. I am extremely disappointed and will probably end up deleting the app since i dont want to redo 50+ levels of work which took me days. I also dislike the feature of being able to go over x’s with check marks and vise versa. It counts as a mistake even if you mistap because the boxes are so small..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Ugh, so many advertsI know the devs need to make a buck or two but when we’re spending more time watching ads than playing the game it is a bit ridiculous. I usually enjoy a logic puzzle but this was too annoying and got deleted after a few games. Also some of the English is a bit dodgy, could do with some proof reading. Thanks and goodbye..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun until you randomly lose all your progressThen you complete the tutorial again and go back into the app again later to find out you lost your progress again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun game but it erased my progressI really enjoy these types of puzzles and I am happy to wait through the adds at the end of each puzzle. Each day I would do at least 1 puzzle from Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. After finishing level 16 Hard last night, I found that the entire game had reset overnight erasing all my progress! I will not go back through all again, I just removed the app from my phone. Such a shame, it was fun thing to do. Because it is unreliable, I opted to give this 3 stars..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Could be 5 StarsWhen I downloaded this app, I played for a few hours and was loving it. However, there are a number of typos that are annoying and need to be fixed. I was playing at the hard level, and after completing approximately 12 puzzles, they started repeating. Seriously. This app needs to add significant content and fix the typos and it would be a 5 star app..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Mr logicWhy does it go back to the begining. I have given up.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Love the app, hate the glitchesThis app was awesome - until my progress was lost for no reason not once, but twice... I’ve had to start back on level 1 twice now after getting to about level 40, so I’m going to delete the app as it’s quite frustrating!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Love the game but lost all progressI love this game and completed 50 odd levels yesterday. This morning I downloaded the update, only to find that all progress has been lost and I’m back to level 1 on all difficulties.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Was good, but now…I was loving this game, but since the v1.3 update every time you come out of the game it resets to the beginning making it completely unplayable. Such a disappointment as the game before the update was excellent. It would be nice if you could undo a move or have an option to not have your choices validated as you went along though..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Deleted all my progress twice!Was really enjoying this but one day went in to the app and it took me through the tutorial again? I lost all my progress! I kept playing as I thought it must have been an update that glitched or something, but now it’s happened again so I’m deleting the app, disappointed..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Enjoyable, but…I enjoy the puzzles and the new update was great in that it starts you off to mark the right answers (I always forgot to swap from crossing off wrong answers before I started the game) My one real grievance is that they rest all my progress. Now I have to replay all the levels I’ve already complete for new puzzles Update still hasn’t fixed the save bug. Starting from level 1 every time I open the app is not enjoyable at all..Version: 1.3.0(142)

AnnoyingThe game itself is fine - little small on an iPhone screen on hard but not too bad. However every time you close down the game it loses your progress and you have to start again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

New update issues....Ever since I updated to the current version of the game I get a tutorial every time I log in and my data is reset back to level 1 on all difficulties. I can’t exit out of the tutorial either so that is quite annoying having to go through the lengthy process it requires. Otherwise I really enjoyed the game and found it quite fun and challenging at times. Hopefully this issue is resolved soon!.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Fun game but bad appThe app reset every time I closed out of it. So I played 7 or 8 levels, closed out of it, came back to it later and it was like opening the app for the first time. Took me through the unskippable tutorial levels, and then I had to play the first 7 levels again, which I did because I hoped it was a one-time glitch, but it wasn’t. Closed the app, went back in again later, and it was back to the beginning. So while the game was a lot of fun, I’m obviously not going to just keep playing the same 7 levels over and over again. Hoping I can find another app with the same type of game that isn’t glitchy..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Great if it didn’t keep restarting frm the beginningPlayed this and go through to max level in hard and medium and level 20 in easy. Closed the game down for the day then go back to play and it started all the way back to level 1 in all modes. Started playing again and got through to level 4 in hard mode froze then when I went back into the game it was all reset…….Version: 1.3.0(142)

The game liesI was doing a hard one and it literally said this person got this score on this test so I clicked on them and it told me it was wrong my advice is just dont do hard it straight up lies.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Was having fun until…I played several levels, then quit my session. Figured i would pick up again where i left off. Nope! Back to the tutorial/level 1. I can’t see a place to sign in with Facebook or something else that would let track of your progress. If i have to start over every time i play…forget it!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

App keeps resettingIf I close the app and go back to it later it resets constantly and I have to go through the tutorial again and start the puzzles all over again. The third time doing the tutorial and the same puzzles gets a bit old.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Some issues, but otherwise good.After the recent update every time I close/reopen the app it restarts all of my progress:(. Other than that a good game to kill time.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Puzzles are incorrectOn the very first hard level there are multiple mistakes which makes the game annoying and it meant that I couldn’t find the urge to carry on with further levels in the event of something similar happening. Also I spend half of the time on the app watching adds. Personally I don’t mind adds but whenever it gets way to excessive I uninstall the app no matter how much I enjoy it..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Fun game, crappy appI love these little logic puzzles. I used to do them in elementary school years ago and I’ve actually been hoping to find an app for them. The puzzles themselves are great, but the app is giving me so many problems. I downloaded this about 24 hours ago and at first everything was working great, but this morning when I opened it again, and every time I’ve tried opening since, it makes me go through the whole tutorial again. There’s no way to skip through the tutorial to get to the games. Once the tutorial is through and I’m able to start a game again, it starts me over at level 1, which I’ve obviously already completed. It doesn’t save my progress and I’m forced to start all over. Wish I could give a better rating..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Better played on an iPadI’m a sucker for logic puzzles so I got excited when I saw this app. But the boxes on the higher levels are so small that on an iPhone it’s almost impossible to always select the right option, and when the game limits you to 3 mistakes, that’s an issue. Playing on my iPad is easier, but honestly, logic problems shouldn’t have a three strike policy. The whole point of logic problems is that you make errors and realize them, and change them. Not being able to backtrack your mistakes defeats the point of the puzzle..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Way too many ads30. Second ad after each game is annoying. The ads are longer than the time it takes to complete the game..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

It’s good, but:There’s far too many ads. And please, PLEASE put a save function. I was doing really well with level progressing and then it suddenly reset everything back to tutorials..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Game resetI’ve been playing this game for the past few days and was finding it enjoyable. I made it through about 15-20 levels with a mixture between easy and normal. As I went to continue playing today, the game had completely reset me to 0, so much so it was telling me how to play again. Because of this I will be uninstalling this game and finding another more trustworthy (and less ads) version..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Frequent crashing and data lossWhenever I update the app it looses all my data and I have to start from the start and complete puzzles I've already solved and know the answer to this has happened there times now and is really fustrating. If this was resolved the app would be very addictive and enjoyable.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Play a level. Watch an ad repeatWhy is nobody talking about the fact the game doesn’t even give a score before bombarding you with another ad. I mean I don’t mind watching them to not pay but holy crap, give us a chance to play 5 minutes. Really? How is this 4.7 stars. SMH.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun but goes back to startIt’s a lot of fun. However I played for hours one night, only to wake up the next day and play and I was back at the tutorial. Not a fan of having to complete that many times. Also lots of ads. I would pay for this game to have no ads..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Game resets after a matter of hours.Love the game. My only issue is that it keeps resetting all my status. I had completed 12 of all difficulties, yet when I came back to the game the next day it had all reset back to level 1. This isn’t the only time this has happened. This has happened twice so far.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Update took away my progress!I used to love this game! I’ve gotten SO far in levels but the second it was updated, it erased my progress and I had to start at the beginning again. Not only that, every time I leave the app, when I come back to it, I have to start at the beginning again! This is extremely annoying and I’d love to have this issue fixed so I can play again!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game bad bugsLove the concept of this game. Gets you thinking and your brain working. Just the design of the game needs to be improved. Don’t like how after every game it goes back to the main screen. I don’t mind the ads. It is a free game so I expect ads. Also for some reason, the game reset on me twice. Lost all of my progress, and it makes you do the tutorial games again. This will get a higher rating of they change that but I’ve lost interest for now Bc I don’t want to progress in the game only to have it reset again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost so much progress.Mr. Logic is one of my favorite games on my phone. I play it all the time & got my friends hooked on it, as well. I haven’t had the game for too long, maybe three day, yet I have played so many levels. I took a break from playing for a few hours & I closed the app. Once I returned to the game, I opened the app and all 70+ levels I played were gone. It was as if it was my first time opening the game. I had to except the privacy & terms & conditions, it look me through the tutorial again, & then lo & behold, all my progress was gone. I was super upset but I continued playing & 20ish levels later, it happened again. I’m super disappointed and feel no reason to continue playing in fear that I’ll lose so much time & levels. Please fix this so I can enjoy this game again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game, but progress was resetA fun game that I would have given 5 stars, however it has just reset my progress completely after the recent update meaning I have to do all the puzzles I had previously just done again.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost all progressWas really enjoying this game until it did an update. Lost all progress on all difficulty settings so having to do puzzles again that I’ve already completed!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Unhappy with updateUpdate has caused the game to reset to the beginning every time I open—does not go to the level I was at pre-update, nor to the end of the games I played since. Starts at level 0–at the tutorial—every single time. Not doing that. If unable to fix, game will be deleted. Enjoyed it prior to update..Version: 1.3.0(142)

DisappointingI found the single click to change from a tick to a cross very frustrating causing me to lose several levels due to “mistakes” which weren’t mistakes due to the tick converting to a cross when I actually pressed on tick. Also, I found multiple errors including spelling and problems in the logic puzzles causing the wrong answers. Their review process is definitely not working....Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Progress restarts!!I was enjoying the game, after a few days of playing my progress was lost and it started all over again. I thought it may have been a glitch so started and completed a few levels and when i opened the app a fee hours later it had all restarted again!!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Wrong CluesOn the hard difficulty the clues are designed to make you trip up, they are written in half truths. This defeats the object of the game when you have to guess. It’s not like there is a way of narrowing down the answer because it’s more than one clue. I believe the dev’s do this so you make a mistake from guessing so you ask for hints and then watch ads, very logical i must say but that trick doesn’t fool me. So I leave this low review and will be deleting..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Enjoying game until updateI downloaded this game over the weekend and was loving getting through the puzzles, but this morning there was an update and I lost all my progress, no every time I load the app it takes me back to the starting tutorial and all my progress for earlier is gone again. So annoying unfortunately..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fun but frustratingThe actual puzzles are fun to do, but the typos and poorly structured sentences make it irritating at times to decipher the meaning. Also, after only a few days of playing my scores were wiped and it took me back to the demo screen. Now that I’ve managed to get past that it took me from level 18 to level 10. Poor grammar and a lot of bugs mean I can’t give it more than 2 stars..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Keeps losing my progressI was only on level 5 in each difficulty and I lost my progress when I opened the game again. Start over and off my progress again. After the forth time it just isn’t worth trying to play..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Keeps restartingThe concept is fun, but the app keeps taking me through the tutorial and restarts the same game every time I try to play..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Terrible appThe constant ads make it horrible to use. The sound on them also makes any music or podcast playing in the background pause and not resume afterwards. The puzzles themselves also have issues with poorly worded or incorrect clues and sometimes it completes before all of the boxes have actually been filled..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Love logic games, not this appI’ve been looking for an app with these types of logic games for so long, and was so excited when i found this one. however, the game is horrible. when i first downloaded it, every time you closed out and re-entered the app, it wiped all of your progress. it seems that they’ve fixed it, but it was annoying at first. in addition, there are only 15 puzzles for each level (easy, medium, hard) and i did all of the hard ones in about an hour, and the easy and medium ones were way too easy so i deleted it. the puzzles THEMSELVES are also horribly written with no story so a lot of the time you have no idea what some of the clues are even saying. the clues have double negatives to try and confuse you which is just annoying and not how these puzzles are meant to be written. the games are just written so poorly it’s not worth your time..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Fix the appGood game but keeps resetting and loosing progress, reverts to tutorial and all on level one grrrrrr :(.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Update erased all progressSo frustrated.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Resets every time I close itI like this game, and I can get over the ads. What annoys me is how it resets and makes me start over every time I close the app. I have to start at the levels where it teaches you to play the game 😑.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost all dataThe game is great, I made good progress on the medium and hard difficulty levels. But after 2 days the app has reset for no reason. All my progress is lost and it starts with the annoying tutorial now. Which you can’t even skip. This was a short run! Uninstalled..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Was 5/5 before updateGot 15 levels in on each difficulty then the app updated and I lost all my progress. 😭 Now every time I open the app I’m back at the beginning with the tutorial even if I’ve completed levels before. No idea how to contact the app developer but hope they do a fix otherwise I’m deleting..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Ads every 5 secondsEvery single level has an ad after it, and when levels are quick i.e at the start of the game, this means every 15 seconds or so. Makes it hard to enjoy the gameplay or get in the flow when i'm watching more ads than actually playing..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Fun but annoying when updated and sent back to startHad played at least 25 games in easy and medium then the app got updated. Went to play a game and was back to the start! Would be great if we can save our progress so that one doesn’t have to start back at game 1 when an update is done!!!!.Version: 1.2.6(139)

ErrorsI normally love these logic games but having only downloaded today I shall be deleting it now as I noticed an error. On the hard level, game 1, clue 1 the hints say Jodie took the easy exam. Clue 4 says Jodie took the super easy exam. Kinda defeats the object of the game if the clues are wrong If a bit more effort had gone into it I could have put up with the adverts, but I’m not wasting my time watching adverts for a game that’s impossible to play..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Not enough levelsI had completed all of the easy and hard levels in a couple of days. I’ve opened the app to play this morning and all of my progress has been wiped. I’m not sure whether to start again or delete it. The update to fix the bugs appears to have caused one too..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Could be betterI was enjoying working my way through, despite some poorly spelt and worded questions and one that was completely wrong; but I was interrupted and left one puzzle partly finished, and when I came back to it a completely different puzzle loaded. Finally, after I’d used it for a couple of days, it reloaded right back to the start and I wasn’t interested in working my way back to the levels I’d reached so I deleted it. Also, the squares on the more complex puzzles are so small I got sick of tapping a square and having my check mark registering in the wrong square..Version: 1.3.0(142)

MehWas enjoying it, would have been better to pay £2-3 to get rid of ads. Also it updated and wiped my progress so just deleted it because between the ads and having to redo ones I’ve done I cba.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Too Many AdsThis game is a lot of fun to play, but there are a few issues that have caused me to consider deleting it. First off, the toggle button is really annoying. Many of the first hints given in the game correspond to the correct box, causing the user to select the box as the answer. Unfortunately, the toggle is set to Xs opposed to the checkmark that the user intended. This causes you to use 1/3 of your allowed errors before restarting the puzzle entirely. Secondly, after completing a puzzle, you are forced to watch ads and then return to the main menu before selecting the next puzzle to be completed. This is super annoying as the ads I receive are about gambling or poorly designed games. There is no way to avoid watching these. It seems like the puzzles take fewer time than watching the 30 second ads to begin your next one. Lastly, as mentioned above, I don’t like how after completing a puzzle one needs to return to the main menu. If there was a button that allowed the user to continue with the selected difficulty levels that would give this game 4 stars. The only other thing preventing a 5 star rating is the amount of ads that I receive. If you like this game but don’t like the large quantity of ads, I suggest that you play CodyCross. It is a ton of fun and has little to no ads..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Buggy- Keeps deleting all progressReally fun and enjoyable logic puzzles, but it’s been resetting my progress back to the tutorial levels every few minutes. A shame!.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Last update made a messI was enjoying this game until the last update. Now, every time I close the app, I lose all progress and start at level 1 again. Boo..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Needs some fixin!I really like this game. I just started playing it and it’s just like clue which I love but I’m getting ads popping up in the middle of a level which is okay, whatever, but the ads prevent me from finishing the level. I come back from the ad and it tells me I passed the level but I didn’t even finish it before the ad pops up which kind of takes away from the fun! Then the check and x toggle... sometimes you may forget to switch it and end up getting a mistake and you only get 3. It’s fine for now, I’m only in the beginning easy levels where I don’t make any actual mistakes yet but eventually when I get to harder levels, that’ll be a problem..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Deleted all my levelsThe hardest level was interesting but the game deleted all my levels with the current Apple update. I have no interest in starting again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Doesn’t saveDoesn’t save any progress. Played for an hour or so on first time and when I went to play again it started for the tutorial. Went through it again hoping to return to my progress but started from the start. Closed the app nunneries times and found the same issue. Checked settings and could find no solution. Shame really.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Deletes ProgressI downloaded this game this week and became addicted! Then it updated and now every time I close the app, it deletes all my progress and takes me back through the tutorials and I have to start all over again. Not much fun doing the same puzzles over and over..Version: 1.2.6(139)

I was enjoying this but…I really loved this app. Unfortunately, today it reset my progress. Started again and got half way to where I was previously. Then exited the app only for it to restart again when I next went to play a level. Have now deleted.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Needs a lot of improvementThe game itself is fun, but it DEFINITELY needs improving. There’s way too many ads, the grammar/English can make the game confusing (ex. Using “either” instead of “neither”), and the mistakes counter should be removed or at least optional, as everyone else has complained about. 90% of my “mistakes” are either from my fat fingers, or just me not realizing if I’m in the x or check mode..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost all my progressI actually really love this game but the app has erased my progress twice now in the last week. Pretty disappointed.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Subscription! How much!I couldn’t see any lay out of charges on the download page so decided to try the app. On reading terms and conditions noticed it mentioned a subscription with no layout of cost! Being on a limited budget I need to know how much things cost before going ahead with completing transaction I will be deleting the app forthwith! This is a great shame as I think I would have enjoyed this app and made good use of it. Please developers set out costs so potential players can make an informed choice..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Progress goneJust had all my progress erased and don’t know why.. was good while it lasted. Uninstalled.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Incorrect solutionsOn level one or two of hard mode, it gives you options for tests. Many of the answers didn’t add up and made it very confusing. For example, it says that Tina scored 67 points. An earlier prompt says that the person who took the math test scored 67 points. When putting in the correct answer, it tells you that your wrong. Also, another prompt says that two people took the same test when that isn’t possible. It’s just an overall confusing game with tons of ads. Wish it could be fixed because it would be fun without all the mistakes..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Deleted due to the adsThis game is a HUGE example of the downfall of free games on iPhone. Ads ads ads. Every time you finish a puzzle there’s an ad, every time you start the game and go on a new one there’s ads. Some you can’t skip and have to wait for 30 seconds. And this is every single time. The game itself is really fun but man the ads are absolutely unbearable. This highlights the downfall of free iPhone games and the reason why I’m giving it 1 star.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost all progressI enjoyed the game, but had to delete the app. Every time I closed the game all my progress was lost and I had to restart..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Permanent Reset after UpdateHad a lot of fun with this app upon installing it, completing about a 100 Normal levels in the few days I had it. New update roles out saying it had new puzzles so I update the app, and all off my progress in every category is reset to level 1. I figured they must be new content, but I pretty quickly realised I recognised every puzzle as ones I’d already done. Decided to switch over to Hard and make my way through those cause it was new content, but when I closed the app and re-opened it I was back on the tutorial level. Every time I close the app it deletes my save, so I just can’t play it..Version: 1.3.0(142)

EhLike the content of the game. A something that could be improved is not having to return to the main menu after every level. I think when you are in a certain category you can just keep playing those levels and there can be a home button if you want to switch. Sometimes there aren’t enough clues to even figure out two checkmarks and you have to randomly pick something, I guess that’s why there are three mistakes. Ads after every level are quite annoying too. I think there’s better out there 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.2.6(139)

A little frustratingLove a good logic puzzle and these type always seem hard to me so thought I’d practice!! Downloaded the app and tried a few levels, and was getting in well when I tried a hard one but had to put phone down half way - when I went back to it all my progress in that game was deleted. Just looking to write a review and suggest having a save option when I said there was an update - which also wiped my progress. Not happy. Will be deleting the app now.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Waste of TimeI started playing this progressing nicely through all levels and wouldn’t you know when it came time to update all progress was wiped out and now I get to look at ads. Well before I deleted this game. The app store is nothing more than a bait and switch option for devs to make a good games get you hooked on one experience and all of a sudden it want the best experience pay us handsomely so you can be ad free and get a free hint once a month. Please stop protecting these scam artist. Instead of calling it the app store it should be called the Greed store or Wal-Mart no doubt run by the crooked GOP and the orange wonder that should be institutionalized in a white padded room for ever..Version: 1.3.0(142)

DudApp keeps resetting for some reason progress won’t save.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Some of the clues are just not correctI’ve come across this at twice since downloading this game last night. Let me give you an example. SPOILER ALERT!!! “Silver Coins and Gems are kept in the safe in Verde and in the safe with the fewest number of guards.” At this point there are only 2 choices remaining for the number of guards. Those choices are 0 and 2. There are also only two cities that have not had a number of guards assigned to it. Those are Verde and Palmcoast. If one of two valuables mentioned is stored in Verde and the other is in the safe with fewest number of guards and only one valuable can be in any one safe, then Verde, by logical reasoning, can not have 0 guards since 0 less than 2. However, assigning 2 guards to Verde gives you 1 of the 3 mistakes you’re allowed per round. I will delete the game because I have no confidence in it..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Great to stimulate the brain but app needs fixing.Every time I go off the app it completely resets the game and my progress and I have to start all over again. This is so frustrating that I have now deleted the app after trying multiple times and yet it not saving the data and I’m having to go back through the levels. Please fix this. Thanks.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Inconsistent Clues & Too Many AdsI love the idea behind this game and have played a few levels of each difficulty setting. I’ve found issues with the phrasing of some of the questions, particularly in comma usage. You have to be careful when listing things because commas in a series may sometimes read as nonessential phrases and it really throws off the logic part of the puzzle. I read one once that was along the lines of “Tina, the person who scored a 67, and (someone else) took the easy, hard, and impossible tests” (note, I’m paraphrasing the clue itself, but not the structure of the sentence). The phrasing here makes it seem like Tina scored a 67, but this was not the case. Little things like that go a long way, especially when you only get three mistakes in a level. Also, the amount of Ads is frankly annoying. One plays after every single level, sometimes even interrupting my level while I’m still working on it. I understand that ad revenue is where the developers get their money, but I would seriously consider paying for an ad-free version of this game. That’s not currently an option that I could find..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Great but..I enjoyed this game until a coupes of days ago when it reset all my progress and now everytime I go into the game I have to start again.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress LostI love the concept of this game. However after completing at least 6 puzzles at each level last night I jumped back on the app this morning to find that all my progress was lost and I had to go through the tutorial again. Very disappointed, especially considering how long it takes to do some of the more difficult puzzles. Would also be better if there was the option to skip the tutorial..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Interesting game but not the greatest interfaceFun game to play, but sometimes it’s really hard to select the box you’re trying to, or it’ll flick to the cross/tick when you’re trying to do the opposite. You cannot zoom in. Sometimes there will be typos and you have to make an educated guess at what they are referring to. You get ads often after each level you complete too. Fun initially, but not worth keeping tbh..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

These need to be fixedI recently got this game like a day or two ago. It was actually pretty fun I just didn’t like that it sent you to the main menu once you were done or how you need to restart after three mistakes. I wish that could be changed. The main problem for me though was that when I entered the game today ALL of my progress had been deleted. I hadn’t gotten very far, but this was still frustrating because I worked really hard to get the hard levels done and now that progress is gone. I don’t know how this happened. I haven’t restarted my phone (and even if I did this shouldn’t happen), I have never deleted the app, I didn’t do anything to cause this. I’m pretty upset about this, so I did deleted the app. I didn’t want to take the chance of this happening again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Nice but there is a HUGE butOk, I played this game for a couple of days. It was a good logic game. Nothing to complain about. Probably would’ve given it 5 stars. Today I saw the app needed to update. I let it update then got on the game. I hit play or whatever and then it took me to the beginner tutorial which struck me as odd. After I “finished” the tutorial it gave me another level to play like the one you get when you start the game. I finish that and hit continue. IT RESTARTED MY ENTIRE PROGRESS. I was on probably level 35 of easy and it just restarted me to level 1. That is why this game gets 3 stars. I’d give it one or two if it wasn’t a good game in the start but it was..Version: 1.3.0(142)

BadHorrible translation, some puzzles don’t have enough info to complete and there is an add at the beginning AND end of every puzzle.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Progress won’t saveGreat game but my progress won’t save.Version: 1.3.0(142)

AnnoyingI was really enjoying the game until I realised that there was no save function! Came back to the game later in the day and had to start right from the tutorial stage again. Not prepared to do that every time I come back to the game so I’ll be deleting..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Love the gameGreat game, gets the brain working but every time I close the app it resets my levels back to the beginning 😡.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Poorly created appI love logic puzzles like these, but I’ve had the app for two days and it’s reset itself three times. Each time I have to start from the tutorial and continue through the same puzzles again. I can’t take it anymore. App deleted. Fix this and I’d love to give it another chance..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost all my progressI noticed errors in the game itself, but I still enjoyed the game. I went to play it today and all my progress is gone. It was an okay game while it lasted, but I don’t feel like restarting..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Game constantly resetsEverytime I re open the app to play it, it starts the whole game from the beginning with the tutorial… it has become quite annoying.Version: 1.2.6(139)

MehI’ve enjoyed playing this game but every time I go off it I have to start from level 1 again as if it doesn’t save my progress. It would be good to have a board when you can choose a level, and especially not having to do the tutorial every time this happens.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Clues wrongQuite enjoy this game, but a lot of the clues are wrong. In the medium level, there are a lot. Makes it hard to avoid mistakes. You have to guess at what the clue actually means. So frustrating. If you could get someone to check the spelling mistakes and clue mistakes, then I would be giving this a 5 star, but until then it doesn’t deserve anything better then a 2..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Good but keeps restartingThe game itself is really good. It works fine and I don’t notice any errors. The only problem I find is whenever I’m off the game for more than an hour it will completely restart when I go back on. So when I reopen the game, all my progress is lost. I have to go through the tutorial again and all my levels revert back to level 1..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Could be betterI love logic puzzles so much! This game has some real potential, the puzzles are nice and enjoyable. But.....I hate the new toggle feature. I love the concept if you wanted the challenge, but you should make the toggle feature optional. I’m so used to the double click for the check mark and one click for an x. Now this stupid toggle function is continuously creating mistakes. Honestly since this new update, I haven’t played and I was playing nightly. Sadly with this new feature, I refuse to play. Hope others feel differently about it. I support whatever decision your developer makes, do what works for you, but this function just doesn’t work for me. Good luck..Version: 1.2.1 (125)

Too earlyIt might have received a better review if it had given me longer to play and make up my mind, instead of constantly pestering me to rate it..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Wiped out my progress :(I was really enjoying this game. I completed a few of the easy and hard levels and 30-something normal levels. Then the game suddenly wiped all my progress. It did that twice in the same day so I decided to delete the app. It would’ve gotten a solid 4 stars if it hadn’t done that..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Save data goneWhatever happened after the most recent update is REALLY annoying! My save data of over a week of playing is completely wiped! Every time I close the app I have to start all over again, including the stupid tutorial round. Make the tutorial skippable! And maybe make it so that within the difficulty, we can just choose the level we want to play. That way it doesn’t matter if my save file is gone. If it’s fixed I’d play again and change to a better review..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Game Keeps RestartingI didn’t see anyone else’s review for this, but every time I go back into the game it gives me the tutorial again and I lost my level progress. Just deleted it because of this. On the hard level about growing herbs, there is no way to pick rosemary or whatever the second herb was and which was first quarter or waning crescent. I also saw somewhere that there were only 13 hard levels, and these are the only ones worth playing if you’re even moderately good at the game, and I got through 9 in less than an hour before the game restarted when I was idle for too long and I lost my progress for the third time. On a side note, some of the clues were a little bit difficult to understand and I saw many reviews about this. For example it would be something like this: Ryan, the person who drives a red car, and the person who finished in first place had 1, 2, or 3 kids. This makes it sound like Ryan drove a red car but he did not, it is talking about two different people. Not reading the whole clue, I messed this up once and I saw many people who did not understand this and thought the game had incorrect answers..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Mr. LogicLots of issues since the update: 1. Lost my game history 2. Each time I open the app, it’s like the first time. I have to agree to service terms and run the tutorial..Version: 1.3.0(142)

WAS a great gameThey had an update where you can only make three mistakes now which completely ruined it for me. And it’s not a double tap to check mark it anymore you have to switch between them so if you forget to switch there is one or two mistakes right there. It’s a logic game I shouldn’t be able to click a box randomly and see it it’s right or wrong, you’re supposed to think about it and try things and make unlimited mistakes not instantly fail after three. I really loved playing this game and seeing if I got it all right on the first try was so fun and if I didn’t I’d start over and try even harder the next time but now I can’t do that, sadly unless that gets fixed I’ll probably not ever play again..Version: 1.2.1 (125)

Making me restartLove the game but I was like level 50 and went to play today and it’s made me restart from the beginning. I also accidentally closed the game and opened it back up and it’s starting from the beginning again. I am quite upset..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Decent game, but routinely wipes all progressThe game itself is solid enough, although it is very bare bones and lacks any semblance of polish, customization, or additional features- but that’s not necessarily an issue in a mobile game that’s designed to be simple. However, the game will occasionally and arbitrarily erase all of the progress you’ve made- essentially reverting to as if youve never used the app before. You’re forced to go through the tutorials again, and all level difficulties are set back to 1 with the same puzzles. This has happened twice now, effectively killing any desire I have to open this app again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Doesn’t save progressThe game itself is good. I enjoyed the puzzles I did but it doesn’t save where you’re at. I tried twice and both times I was taken back to the tutorial and has to re-solve puzzles I had already previously solved. I have since deleted the game because of this.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Keeps resettingI had got to level 24 on the medium and then I stopped playing yesterday. Came back to it today and all the levels had reset and it’s making me start from the beginning again. Otherwise I was really enjoying it. Would get 4 or 5 stars if this hadn’t happened..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Latest update a fizzleGuys, if you consider the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, then I would suggest the latest update was ill advised. It was far simpler to tap for cross or double tap for tick. The current switch reverts a cross to a tick..Version: 1.0.7(96)

Seriously?It reset itself to level 1 after I finished level 49. It’s not worth my time and effort if this keeps happening. I was playing it everyday for about a week beforehand..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Keeps restartingI mean, its fun and i like it but every time i close the app it restarts all the levels. so frustrating..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Mr Logic is IllogicalI feel like at least one person on the dev team should have any experience more than a Logic 101 class in college. This game is confusing at best, and unplayable at worst. Staying as critical as possible this game needs some work in UI to start as far as zooming, the toggle check and “x” button, and as simple as level selection options. Also, clues could be worded in a more logical way, pun intended. I like where the game is headed, hence the two stars. I understand why there are in-game ads, this game looks like a crash course in app design, no offense I couldn’t do any better if I tried. Please seek out a way to fix the bug where the game restarts every time you open the app, I’d like to see what the devs can do with this game. Good luck and no hard feelings!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great at FirstI absolutely love logic problems and have since I was very young. So when I saw this app advertised on Instagram a few days ago I jumped on it, thinking it would be a lot of fun. And it was at first. Sure, I find the check to X toggle a tad annoying, but I can get over that. What I can’t get over is that I’ve had the app on my phone for less than a week and it has reset my progress twice. I’ve had to work through the tutorial three times now and have been set back to level one on all difficulties. Is this a glitch that will be fixed or is this something I can expect to continue happening periodically? If it’s the latter I may as well delete it now. I grow tired of working the same problems over and over again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Decent game, shame it constantly resetsI was quite enjoying this game, I’ve not come across anything like it before so it was a nice change, but since it updated a day or two ago every time the app is closed rather than just running in the background it resets all progress and you have to go through the tutorial and all previous levels again..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Inconsistent data savingThe game was fine, a few spelling errors every once and awhile but otherwise I didn’t mind. Then, a couple days after first getting the game, all my progress was gone. The game acted like it was just opened for the first time, tutorials, terms and conditions, etc. The levels are in a set order as well, so going back through them i could already remember them and some of their answers which was making the game less fun, but I didn’t mind since I only made it 30 or so puzzles in since i only did a couple at a time. However, the next time I went to play it the progress was once more gone, and again, and again. Honestly if it didn’t do that I would of kept playing it, but not anymore I suppose..Version: 1.3.0(142)

New Update Reset ProgressIt’s an enjoyable game, a few bugs and spelling errors but nothing that would massively impact my gameplay. I was excited to see that there was an extra 50 levels added in the new update, but my game has now completely reset back to level 1 after this update..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Puts me back to level 1!!Played the game for about 30 mins, was actually enjoying it and thought this will be a good new way to pass time. Went back on the app a few hours later and it had put me back to the tutorial which I had no choice but to re-do then back to level 1! Re-started the app still doing the same, disappointing.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Losing progressionWith the update, I lost all my progression... I’m unhappy because there’s so much add and I don’t think I’ll play anymore... There’s no way to choose level or go back to some of them..Version: 1.3.0(142)

BugGreat game but since updating, whenever I close the app it loses all my progress! When I reopen it takes me back to the tutorial and I go back to level 1 for everything again. Very frustrating but a great game :(.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Promised so much, delivered so littleWas really looking forward to this as I love logic puzzles, but as others say it’s kind disappointing. First off are the ridiculous level of ads. Waaaay too many and they are non stop - took a break? Here’s an ad, finished a game? Here’s an ad. Just constant. The English is dodgy in some places and it makes some weird assumptions. The boxes are teeny tiny so accidentally put ticks in wrong box and got more ads as had to restart! However the worst thing was I battled through the hard puzzles up to level 14 and then it ran out of puzzles. Seriously? How can there only be 14 hard puzzles? Seen reviews with people talking about level 37, but can’t be for the hard ones. Deleting this app..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

All progress lostWas enjoying this app, it’s pretty good for a free version, ads weren’t too annoying. Unfortunately I logged in and all my progress was lost. Im not redoing hours of puzzles so I can play again, so now I’m deleting it..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Not enough levelsI was super disappointed that I beat the hard level so quickly. This needs more levels!!!!.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good but...Really good game. But every time I leave the game and come back I have to start from level 1 again. Very very frustrating.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Needs tweaking here and thereFor me, when exiting the app, and going back to it, it resets all my progress and I have to replay the annoying tutorials over again. Besides that, I wish this has either a magnifying aspect to it, or a confirmation on what you are clicking, since some of the harder levels have so little and hard to click boxes which leads to mistakes being made. Or better yet, allow us to fill the boxes and submit it for review..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Lost progressI fortunately hadn’t gotten too far. But today after the update, all my progress was gone and I’m back at puzzle 1 for all 3 difficulty levels :(.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress Doesn’t SaveLove the concept and games but I can’t close the app for a long period of time and come back and continue playing. I open it up again and it starts back at the tutorial and all levels reset to level 1. I’d play this a lot more if this was fixed. Also the toggle for the check/x isn’t user friendly. I believe you should be able to select the box and then click an x or check. This would prevent all the mistakes I have made. With these fixes, the game would be a 5 star rating..Version: 1.2.6(139)

Restarts everytime app is closedI played this app last night, got to level 20 and called it quits for the night. Reopened the app assuming I would be on 20 again however had to start back at level 1 with the exact same quizzes I did last night. Close the app to open a text went back and was back at level 1 again. I’ve deleted the app, don’t want to do them for a 3rd time now..Version: 1.2.6(139)

App is funIve been looking for an app like this for a while, im very happy I found one, but the amount of ads is annoying, i would just pay a one time fee to remove them. Also the amount of notifications is ridiculous, i got 7 in one minute, one saying I haven’t played in a month, I downloaded the app yesterday lol. Otherwise its a good concept, needs refinement like confirming a choice instead of getting a mistake when misclicking..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Nice game but…The ads are a pain but I can deal with them. My biggest problem/complaint is that I’d done about 10 levels over a couple of days and when I next logged on all my progress had reset? It’s put me off because I don’t want to start again. Other than that it was a great logic game. Now it’s just kind of sat on my Home Screen..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game but….I was having a lot of fun playing this game. It was exactly what the ads I had seen for it showed, which is very rare with most game ads. The levels get progressively more difficult even within the easy levels. There are a few puzzles that are worded a little weird and there are some with spelling mistakes. The game also isn’t overrun by ads which is amazing because so many games are ad after ad with little to no game play. The reason I’m only giving a 1 star: there was an update today and all my progress is gone. I opened the app and it made me replay the tutorial and now I’m level 1 for all the difficulties. I’m happy they added 50 new puzzles but now I’m going to have to redo all of the easy puzzles, half the normal puzzles, and about 15 of the hard puzzles. I originally was going to give it a 2 but, even after replaying a bunch of levels my progress is reset when I close the app. Very frustrated..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Good but resetsI got this game a day ago and have been enjoying it, I did about 25 levels. Then, I come back in and it makes me redo the tutorial. No big deal, until I realize it deleted my progress on the levels. Fine, there’s nothing I can do about that. I start playing the levels again, and right in the middle I get an ad. After it finishes, the screen is all grey. I restarted it, and when I finally got in, it reset my progress again! This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed.Version: 1.2.6(139)

WahWas looking for this kind of puzzle game a long time but having to go back to the main menu after every level is a deal breaker for me.Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Progress DeletedSo I love this game. Or at least I did before this most recent update. I had completed 182 levels. I opened it up to play some more levels while rocking my son to sleep and the tutorial started. I thought it had to be a mistake, but sure enough, I have to stay at level one with every difficulty. The only reason I gave the app 3 stars is because I like this game, but I am very disappointed to lose all of my progress..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Deleted right awayPoor grammar and language use (in English) Too many ads No puzzle descriptions.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great basis but needs workLove the game and the detail. Few typos here and there but no biggy. But sometimes bugs out and you lose your progess. VERY annoying because otherwise I’d be hooked.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Great game but ads are ridiculousThis is a good, unusual puzzle game that challenges the mind a little. If a puzzle makes me talk out loud to myself to work it out, it’s a winner for me! However I couldn’t give it more than three stars because EVERY round completion is followed by an advert!! Every single one! I have no issues with the occasional advert but this is ridiculous and really detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Change your advert frequency and I would easily up this to a 4 or even a 5 star game.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Bad updateSince updating the game every time I open it wants me to accept privacy policy and start at the tutorial. There is no way to back up the game so my entire progress was lost.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Progress lostIt resets anytime it’s closed. I have to restart it anytime I play. This needs to be fixed..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Broken gameSpent an hour working through the hard puzzles only to find that the next day my progress was reset and back to level 1 so had to repeat the same puzzles! Some of the clues do not make sense or leave you having to guess the correct answer..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Restarted Me. TwiceI got this game, and immediately loved it. The puzzles got gradually trickier and I never got bored. There WERE a lot of ads, but that never bothers me much. This was my third day of playing the game, and when I got on the app it made me retake the tutorial. I was confused, but did it anyway so I could get to my levels. Aaand when I went to go to my levels, it was all lvl 1 again. I completed the first level on “easy” to see if it would fix. So I finished it and got out of the app. I go back in, back to the tutorial and everything’s reset again. I don’t even want to try again. This was super annoying, especially because the reviews seemed good..Version: 1.3.0(142)

OKI love doing Logic puzzles but I find your grids are not easy to follow. In Easy Level 10 You’ve got the grid names in Alphabetical order but the other grid names are not. If the grid names are all in alphabetical order it’s easier to follow with your eye. This is especially so if your using a screen and not paper. Abbey Derek Sabina Racer Accountant Paramedic Ranger Pilot Secretary Perhaps in an update you could change this. If it’s numerical that’s OK. In the grid you had “morning, afternoon & evening”, although this wasn’t in alphabetical order, this is OK as it is in order of time. Hope you can take my suggestions in good faith. All the other logic grid games are in this order. Thank in advance..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Game resetI was really enjoying this game and had almost completed all normal levels and was about to start on the hard ones. I started my game this morning and it has wiped all of my game history and reset at the very beginning. Why? Please help?.Version: 1.3.0(142)

App Deleted DataI though that this app would be brilliant, and to be fair it was good when I downloaded it yesterday; a few grammar issues that you have to squint and reason with to understand what they mean, but today when I opened the app, it had deleted all the data from the previous puzzles I had completed and so brought me back onto the tutorial page and having to start from the beginning again. Not even 24 hours since I downloaded it and it’s wiped itself. Not going through puzzles I’ve already done to catch up. Disappointing..Version: 1.3.0(142)

Progress ResetI legit updated the game and lost all my progress. What the hell guys?.Version: 1.2.6(139)

Decent logic game, but no celebrationAs soon as you tap to place a check in the last box to win the board, the screen goes black for a brief moment and immediately loads an ad. The first couple of times this happened, I thought I lost the level. No celebration, confetti, “good job”, or even a chance to review the board before it disappears. I totally expect ads in a free game and I’m cool with that, but at least let me appreciate the win for a few moments or congratulate the player for solving the puzzle first! No option to return to view a completed board after the ad plays either. I would love to see my end result once done. Fix this and I’ll update my rating..Version: 1.2.5 (135)

Bad logicI don’t like how often the logic is flawed… they expect you to assume in level 14 in Hard, for instance, that saying somebody spent “a lot of time” is equivalent to saying “the most time”. This happens kind of a lot. Or they want you to assume that saying something like “Archie isn’t the person that likes apples, books, or math” would get you to assume that the person that likes apples must dislike books and math too since they are in the same sentence. If you like logic puzzles, not deciphering when to apply bad logic to get the right answer, find a different app 😬.Version: 1.3.0(142)

Why should I report an issue with Mr Logic?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Mr Logic to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Mr Logic customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Mr Logic.

Is Mr Logic not working?

Mr Logic works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Mr Logic.

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