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Highly recommendJust turn off your data and wifi and you good to go.Version: 1.4.2

Plsss update & fix more bugsTurning 23 with a short attention span, I'm super grateful for such a simple yet intellectually stimulating game. Been playing only 5-6 games every day (at most) so didn't get bored too quickly, but now that I've unlocked everything, pleeease work on some further expansions, developers! For example, s'more (i.) hats, outfits and blocks to keep us motivated. Otherwise, pls fix any relevant bugs so we could really earn (ii.) the pile of coins at the end of bonus levels. Also, pls make sure to review our feedback on (iii.) answers that should've counted - I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind sending in suggestions as long as they are actually considered and eventually added (if appropriate). Last but not least, as others have suggested, we'd much prefer (iv.) a truly multiplayer game! Bots are fine every now and then, especially for the sake of beginners, but getting to play against at least one or two real players for every game would keep us interested too. Otherwise, best game I've ever played as an adult. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.8

Seriously…Hello I just put 5 stars so this could be seen, but I would really give this game one star or maybe 0 if I could. When I got to a question that said, “Name a city in Europe.” Someone put, “Rome” even though that is the capital city of ITALY. Italy and Europe are not even the same continent. FIX. THIS. NOW. And another answer that doesn’t make sense to me is, on the question, “Name a board you can write on.” Someone put, “chalk” Chalkboard would make a lot more sense. Another issue with this game is, sometimes when I am in the bonus round, the “Second Chance?” option is gray even though I have good Wifi and I am right near a hotspot. Also when I put a right answer with the correct spelling, it counts it as wrong. For example, once I put the answer “Bell pepper” for the question “Name a type of pepper.” I have submitted multiple requests saying “missing answer” and still nothing. I’m not even sure if they check the entry someone put and actually fix it. I understand this game just came out but, seriously. Someone has to fix this. Also, I apologize for the long review..Version: 3.1.2

Great Game that needs improvementAlthough I had to pay to remove the adds because it was getting ridiculous, this game is actually quite fun. A few areas for improvement though: - More inclusivity in international brands and sports teams and - larger variety of questions, for ive lost count of how many times it’s asked me to name a fruit or vegetable -option to play with a friend - also there’s a glitch if you play the bonus game, sometimes when you make it to the top nothing happens and you have to restart the game.Version: 1.8

Text or dieA fun challenging app I can rely on to fill me with more knowledge as the days go by. This game is soo so much fun, ever since I’ve downloaded it I’ve been super addicted! When I’m hanging with friends & they give it a go, not so long after they download it for themselves. When u win you feel confident, smart & proud to be representing your flag🇳🇿..Version: 2.4

Fun but not really for kids or people that are under 10Ok so this is a really nice game! I love this game so much. I’ve had it for a month now. The questions are fine but not all of them. I’m 7 years old so somone of the questions like the ring of fire and actors are a little too hard for me because I don’t know what is is. Over all it’s a wonderful game but like when I write my name in game it’s all in capital idk why maybe im crazy or somthing lol. I really hope you make some questions that don’t involve movies,shows, or actors because some kids don’t know what it is and not everybody knows what it is. But it’s a little bit violent too with the bomb from the cannon. And the game can get a heart attack from this game. Also if I have bad English spelling I’m sorry. I hope I’m not being a hater. But I put on airplane mode so no adds come but adds come! Too many adds. And in the bonus rounds I am so high and the water just rises like 100,000 feet so the game is cheating. Also it asks about differnt counties that I’m not from so I can’t awnser!.Version: 3.1.0

Text or dieText or die helps people spell and LUCKLY if the game thinks you miss spelled it you get a 2nd chance if you watch a 15 second add. I am very happy I downloaded it because I can see improvement in my own spelling. And it helps you think quicker and quickly because there is no timer but you still know it straight away I can’t explain why it helps you in that category but 100% download it now for free!.Version: 4.7.2

Great uncle Jonny 👴🏻🥰🤞My great uncle Jonny downloaded this app and took it too literally. He played this app for about a hour straight until he died (on the app) and started running down the stairs like a mad man and started shouting “IM GONNA DIE” when we asked him why he said “I died in text or die” then continued to run a round and then started to try and walk on the celling leading to him breaking his hip. He was wriggling on the floor until the ambulance Arrived and realised the only way to keep him still was putting him in a straight jacket. R.I.P Jonny 😭.Version: 4.3.2

Has amazing potentialI just got the game today and it’s pretty fun. There is only 3 problems I have with it. 1 ads. The ads are very annoying. It will ask you to watch an ad to get extra coins, which is fair, but if you choose not to it makes you watch an ad anyway. Why put the no option if I’m gonna watch an ad anyway? 2 answers. I understand that the devs can’t get every single answer for a question, but I still think it should try to include some things that still answer the question. Like dinosaurs for animal questions. I got a question that said something like “Name an animal that starts with A” and I answered Allosaurus which answers the question. It said it was wrong and cost me the game. 3. players. Are the players even real? They can be from countries that don’t speak anything close to English like China, and answer correctly in English. I mean, there might be a few real players like when I came across one that spelled Target as Atrget but that was only one time. I personally think there should be more real players and not CPUs..Version: 3.1.1

MaeI have only been playing this game for three days so I might know much about the problems but the one very annoying thing sis the adds and even though they are in most games(which I know) it’s still very annoying and there is no auto correct but I mean I must help you with spelling but otherwise it’s a really fun way and a good way to pass time , when the sharks jump to it’s also really satisfying to watch them eat the “other people” and to be honest I don’t really know if real people are playing with you or if it’s just fake so I would look it up because I don’t think most people will know . Either way this is a really fun and addictive game ,so why don’t you start playing now??➖〰️➖👉🏻👈🏻😏😊😁.Version: 4.1.2

Loved it until…I spent hours back to back playing this. After a while I began to notice the same questions with the exact same answers. I checked out the reviews to find out I’ve been against bots the whole time 😐rather disappointing as I now feel that there is no fun or progression when I play. Make it online as we were lead to believe!! Also, too USA based. I’m from the UK and I don’t know names of US banks or MBL players. Oh, one more thing, the game doesn’t accept valid answers. I’m a die hard Star Wars fan so when the “name a SW character” appeared, i was thrilled to know I was about to whip up 30 points. Yeah. No. Because I was alerted that my answer was invalid. Then it was the “name some cheese” questions. I named a fairly basic cheese, but of course, it wasn’t valid because it wasn’t some American cheese. So upset that I’ve noticed these issues as I was having so so so much fun until I noticed. Not sure I want to play anymore..Version: 4.1.2

Make the ads stopIf you have stuff you can have fun playing the game having a wonderful day until the end comes then you're like oh great oh wow I don't even want to play this game anymore I don't even like them anymore as Bella just delete it off my screen so I want to delete off it's gonna be sad if you really wanna play the game do you download it again and when youDownload it again you're gonna be sad that there's gonna be more ads and I'm gonna be like oh come on I don't knowAds can I come up next in like five seconds and I like so I feel like you should play this game but if you're like really really really bored of hours than you should never ever play this game or other games I have ads in it if you want to I'm thinking it's like this game is like a really really really fun game we should play this only if you like ads or if you just wanna play the scam just I don't care about the hours I'm just chilling.Version: 1.9.1

Yes and noI love this game but there are some problems. Firstly if you google the answers you can get the answers to all of the questions in the game! Because the game is just asking the same questions over again but you don’t notice it until you google the question. Overall it is a game that I would recommend to people but if the questions are to hard like ‘name a song by elvis’ then just google it!👍👎.Version: 3.6.1

Love this gameIt asked me for something you can hang, I said myself, and it accepted it, best game on the market..Version: 4.0.0

AwesomeIt is an awesome game, it captivated my attention but there is 2 things that I would love the game to have. 1. To let you choose the country you want to play on, I mean some questions are based more on United States, and living on Britain, we have different dialects, so some answer that I am trying to give are wrong just because we have different way to say things. 2 it would be awesome to be able to play online. With friends. Overall it is a pretty interesting game. Keep up the good work..Version: 4.5.0

Ads and wrong answers and lots of stuff about AmericaSo I played this game a couple of weeks ago and a question came up saying name a U.S state in America and whenever I finish a question wrong I GET ADS! And it’s kinda not fair that the whole topic is about America and Europe can questions base on the emoji that has ur country on urself or something and another question saying name a fruit or vegetable starting with B I wrote Blueberry and I got it wrong how and maybe u should first research or read books to make a game a trivia game and do questions base on ur emoji country on urself or something and people who write 2 letter words are kinda weird like all people wrote 2 letter words in all the rounds it is kinda weird and pls fix ur game. Thankyou for reading or understanding..Version: 1.9.1

💀I also wrote micropachycephalosaurus It allowed it I got 1 st place so ty ig.Version: 1.8

BOREDOM BREAKER ALERTSo i got this game as it looked fun … though when I got it it was not “fun” . It was incredible. I’ve had this game since I was ten (I’m 19 now) and it breaks my and your boredom 😐 . Install this and you have ur own boredom breaking app . Great for kids . Though even I started it when I was ten not 12+ is because my 16 yr old sister and brother play and it is kid friendly. (As long if they are ok with sharks) btw my name Elizabetha and I hope u find this review helpful (probably not ) also when u play u can get keys to open chests and level up to claim awards and outfits . <3.Version: 4.3.0

SO BAD AHHIt’s literally one of the worst games in history, so much ads (one every 15 seconds) just don’t get it lmaoo.Version: 1.7

Broken adsI really enjoy playing this game but whenever I click to get a reward for watching a random ad, rather the ad actually playing normally. All it shows is the link to hit to download the app via the App Store and there is no way to actually get the reward or go back to the current game you were playing it gets stuck then you have to close the app and reset it to actually play the game cause the app brakes and just gets stuck on a broken empty black screen with a weird silver white empty lined out box in the middle.Version: 4.4.1

GameLove this game so fun and challenging at the same time could u please not to pass round one tho cause it’s kind of annoying also are these real people playing with me.Version: 4.5.0

How is ant an animal and some other but still goodSo when I first downloaded this game it was fine and stuff the but when I decided to play this game this morning it said name an animal that lays eggs and I put a ducks and it said it was wrong and it said do you mean duck and I was like they are the same thing so then I decided to play again and said name an animal and I put Alligator but then the rest is fine.Version: 4.9.1

My phone was on fireI liked the game. It was good, and I enjoyed thinking outside my normal vocabulary to find words that would allow me win. The ads were a bit annoying, but I could deal with that because many, if not all, free games have ads. I had to delete my phone otherwise my phone would have burst into flames. My phone has never got that hot with any other game and I have COD on my phone! I really liked the concept and it’s a shame that my phone was over heating. The biggest problem wasn’t just the overheating issue, but the game would freeze up and I would loose my game. This usually happened when I was trying to close out of an ad. I hope these problems can be fixed and I can redownload the game because it was really fun and engaging..Version: 2.8

America and girlsOk everything is based on America. Like some other users said, I don’t live in America and the only way to actually win is to split screen google and I would prefer not to do that. Two, is that there are no girl avatars. Only boys. I don’t know if I haven’t unlocked anything but all the rewards I win are for boys. The only girl thing I see is the starter avatar and the skater girl, but really, it could just be a boy with long hair. I love Text or Die, but there could be some improvements as shown above. Please fix!!!.Version: 4.1.3

Good but needs Real Multiplayer OptionThis game is basically like the ads, it gives you a prompt & you type a word that answers it. It’s overall fun and I play it weekly, but there are a couple things I that annoy me. 1. Being no “real” multiplayer options. I know this because I can still play with the same people, even when I’m off wifi/data; and how are they able to go ahead to the next level if they didn’t decide to watch an ad for more coins? I wish there was a real online option with random people in your country (for language purposes) or worldwide options. No options for ads during the game obviously. That would probably draw in a lot more players & would make this game a 5/5. 2. Annoying ads. It’s like, every other round, but if you just turn on airplane mode or disconnect from your wifi/data you can skip the ads. But if you don’t wanna, they’re all 5 seconds and you can skip them if you want (until you’re watching one or a booster.) Anyways a solid 4/5 and I highly recommend y’all look into multiplayer option for next year.Version: 2.9.1

More variation would be greatSuper fun at first, after I installed it last night and stayed up until 5am playing it, thought it was the best game I’d ever played at first. But it got boring super quickly because it’s just the exact same set of questions asked over and over, and after a while it became really predictable as I’d already figured out the best long answers for everything and doing it over and over gets kind of useless after a while. If there were new questions all the time, this game would be interesting and challenging enough and probably WOULD be the best game I’ve ever played. Also a leaderboard would be nice..Version: 1.7

Overall Great GameThis is a pretty great game, but flawed in some ways. 1.)More female Characters. I like this game a lot, but I feel like there’s some “Character Flaws”-literally. There are hardly any Females so I’m stuck using the default one. As well as this, I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any WHITE female characters which is annoying. 2.)Adds. They aren’t bad, actually, if you disconnect from WiFi. But there’s a price to pay. It won’t allow you to watch adds voluntarily when you’ve had your WiFi off before you get the option, even if you turn it back on. 3.) Clarification. I don’t know if it bothers anyone else but when it says things like “top Grossing game,” but I find it confusing. It might mean engrossing, not sure, but could you guys do something like put up a slang board on the “home” place to tell us what these abbreviations mean? Other than these flaws, though, this is a 5-star game in my opinion. The last 2 recommendations are just things that I think would be nice, but the first recommendation -Characters- would be especially appreciated..Version: 3.1.3

I love ❤️ this GameI love how it makes me think 💭 and use my mind. About History life and everything in my everyday living. It’s such a Great game to play :).Version: 4.4.0

Text or dieThe game it it self was really enjoyable but became unplayable after bombarded by ads. Sort this out. Thanks.Version: 3.1.4

Ninja warriors game reviewThis game is awesome it makes you smarter while having fun questions and fun locations to be in, I love this game it is so awesome to play, when I am on my iPad this is one of the things I play most. I really recommend this game if you are looking for something to do or looking for an amazing game. This game text or die is the number one game you can find in my opinion, you should get this game..Version: 4.5.1

I’m speechless…Ok this game Is sooo cool and when I was reading through the reviews I noticed that’s people were saying there are sooooo many adds well when I was playing there are only 1 or 2. seriously if you hate adds sooooo much then just turn off the wifi you 4 year old crybaby’s. your worse than my 12 month brother. And second it’s better if it isn’t a real online game ppl won’t be cruel to you. Anyways Ty for making this game text or die team you deserve it Ashley.Version: 3.1.4

Awesome game just a few problemsI love this game, it’s really awesome even my mum plays it! But I think they need some more girl avatars, most of them are boys, if they fixed that it would be great 👍🏻, they also do have a lot of ads, which is annoying, and the bonus game isn’t really a bonus, it happens ever round, and you don’t get a choice in playing it or not, if they gave you a choice I’d love that, also the blocks that you unlock are really cool, like the silver, and its pretty hard to play, but that’s the fun in it! And you look for the longest word you can find so that you go higher. I love this game, and it’s for adults, and for kids, its a really smart game. I think the makers of this game did awesome. And the hints are really useful sometimes. And the extra 5 blocks are sometimes the thing that help you stay alive in the game, and help you win. 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏻 also to the makers of the game, ‘thanks for making TEXT OR DIE!’ And thanks for reading!.Version: 3.7.0

OmgOK so this game is like the best game ever it's so good I love it so much it's so easy and stuff like that but I have a recommendation and this is not about the bad things it's about something good so what I think you should do like if y'all want to you don't have to though but like when like you die you should like make it where you can dodge the sharks like say five sharks you can dodge them and if you don't dodge then then you're dead but if you dodge them you only get one more life and if you dodge them the second time and youAnd you don't dodge it then you're dead so you only have two lives And so sorry if this sounds like I wasn't typing this is because I'm using the microphone and I'm just saying it because I know I had a lot to say.Version: 2.7.2

Facts1st this game is amazing, but needs some changes. The first thing is adds are constantly popping up and it drives me crazy. To be honest it makes me so angry!😡. It is not fun just to sit all day watching adds when you really just want to play the game. 2nd when I write something the space button does not work and then it makes me feel like a made a mistake and it is hard to go back and check when everything is smooshed together. 3rd when I type something in and it is the correct answer the game counts it wrong. Like say it asks what is one island. I would write my answer then island after my answer and the game counts it wrong. Now this is an amazing game, but it needs to make these changes. Please make the few changes of very few adds, being able to have a space, button, and being able to put whatever the word of the question is after your answer. I love this game. ❤️. It can get on your nerves though. Just to let you know the adds are the biggest problem..Version: 3.1.0

Text Or Die ReviewThis is a great game but could you add some sort of music or sounds because the vibe is dull and boring. I don’t know if it’s just my phone but please add something nevertheless..Version: 1.7

How good it is and try to winThis started good because I win🥳ty for that i loved it and so if you lose the matter start to make you win😁😀😃😄so always try just play it and you can win the game you can win the one you win but I cheated starting on The help button So you can cheat just like me so try your best everything Just your best in the life this is awesome I love you guys you guys are the best you treat me like a princess and you’re the best you guys like in the king and queen😭 this makes me cry and sad also try your best and see your best always you can do that for your days and life you can cheat you can do everything you want just do it believe in yourself believe in myself and you are gonna do what you’re gonna do😭😁 Love you guys maybe you guys would treat me good just like that are guys who are like a princess if you treat me like a princess I will change you your life your day everything you will be the princess you’re a real prince you’ll be a boy you’ll be girl you’ll be what you want I love you guys bye.Version: 3.4.1

The game is great but it needs improvementMy major issue is I have dyslexia and the way the letters are all in caps makes it hard for me to read what I wrote, I rely on autocorrect for most of my texting so it is really frustrating when I see something I tried to write be wrong but someone else with the same answer has it correct. My second issue is you can tell the creators are from America, like why would anyone in the UK know the name of an American bank or names of NBA or NFL? My last is more a suggestion more than a issue, but it would be nice to play with actual people instead of bots, especially when the bots know the answers to every question no matter how hard it is..Version: 2.7.2

Adverts..Overall, I think this is an amazing game. But adverts… one will appear after every word I put in!!! It’s so annoying! But I would love the game if it wasn’t for the ads. The way to maximise ad viewing is to make them all rewarding adverts. Then people will watch the adverts because they are getting something for watching an advert rather than stuffing them in people’s faces for every word they type in. Also, some adverts are quite misleading. For instance, I don’t think a nine year old Fur Elise on the piano using an app. And I can play the real version of Turkish March but in simply piano it’s so much easier just so they can put it in all the misleading adverts. Just please, reduce the adverts..Version: 4.3.0

Ads!!!!!I was really getting into this game. Starts off great at first, really addictive but the further on you go, it gets destroyed by adverts. I played it for 20 minutes and ended up deleting it in the end. Real shame because it’s such a good game. I don’t mind watching an advert after a game is over but they pop up during the middle of a game 🤯😡😤. I can’t explain enough, how bloody annoying it is. It’s just ruined by your greed. Just make a game people will play over and over again and enjoy, rather than destroying it with the same old crappy adverts..Version: 4.1.4

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