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The Superhero League App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The Superhero League app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Superhero League? Can you share your negative thoughts about the superhero league?

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The Superhero League for Negative User Reviews

To many adds!!!!This game is fun but it has to many adds!!!😾😾😾😾😼😼😼.Version: 1.22

LagThe game is fun but it keeps lagging and too many ads.Version: 1.22

TrashThe game is boring and over all garbage, and on top of that, the game keeps glitching out. Whenever I used Super Painter (if that’s his name), I got into the level, but while I was drawing something, the game froze, and didn’t go back to normal, so I had to get out of the game completely, and load back in. At first, I thought it maybe that was the only time it would happen, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It happened every single time. I don’t know if this only happens to me or not, but please fix this if it doesn’t only happen to me. It’s very annoying, and is part of the reason I hate this game..Version: 1.12

HardSome parts are really hard making me want to quit.Version: 1.22

Too many ads + not that many levels to playThere are way too many ads in this game. I get atleast one ad each level and it’s annoying. After you finish all of the levels, (i finished all of them in an hour) you have to watch ads to unlock more levels. Also, I’m not a big fan of after you get done playing a level and try to press continue the sniper thing pops up, it’s just to get a free ad in, it can also hit you with a double ad..Version: 1.14

CarsonCon.Version: 1.22

Fun when stonedFunny game for after smoking cannabis.Version: 1.22

Great game, way too many adsThe gameplay is fantastic as usual, but I’ve completed over 100 levels and there’s still no option to disable the incredibly annoying ads that play after every few rounds. I would gladly pay a few bucks to improve my experience, but apparently Lion Studios would prefer to have the ad revenue. It’s a shame, but I’ll play through the rest of the stage that I’m on, and if there’s still no option to disable ads I’ll sadly delete the game and stop contributing to the advertising cash flow. Bad move, guys..Version: 1.5

I like it and hate itI like that you can choose your character and that it’s fun to defeat the bad guys but what I hate is that every single level I get a ad and I never buy it because it is boring and I pass the levels like in 10 seconds it is to easy so can you pls make more levels and make it a little bit harder because when I use the boy it so easy but sometimes with the girl I have problems but I want you to add more superhero’s too and make it more cool like anime it sometimes makes me mad that with the boy you can’t hold up some characters too so can you pls try all this but it is ok if you don’t I just don’t like when these things happen and I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Byeeeee.Version: 1.18

HiIt good but to many adds.Version: 1.18

It’s good but..........I strongly recommended removing the levels and just playing which ever one you like and also adding new heroes thanks 👍🏾.Version: 1.15

I paid for no ads, and still steal with ads!I loved the classic Mr. Bullet, but this version is mostly a copy (super heroes have the same skills as original Mr. Bullet with replica levels) of that game with a couple awful exceptions. First, you still have to watch videos to unlock new levels. Most of these ads drag on for upwards of 75 seconds. Secondly, and possibly the most underhanded thing I’ve seen in a paid game, every four or five levels an ‘upgrade’ option to get more sniper rifles pops up, with a deceptively delayed ‘x’ button to close it. This game can progress quite rapidly with a simple click to advance to the next level after clearing a current level. The timing of this ‘upgrade’ is designed so you always click ‘yes’ on it, as no ‘deny’ option exists for a few seconds. The ad that opens is thusly incapable of being exited as well. Translation: ever five levels or so, you have to close the whole game to avoid lame ads that I don’t want and apparently paid to avoid. Way to sell out, Lion! I do NOT recommended this version!.Version: 1.10

Too many addsI would give half a star for this game cuz I have my internet off and I still get adds and almost every single second is a add pop up it is more of a add game than any else.Version: 1.14

Great game but something sketchy going onOnly play this game in Airplane mode. This game and it’s companion “Mr Bullet” consumes GB of data in minutes. Not going to speculate but I have a hunch the developers are doing something with your device they shouldn’t be. I’ve taken a Charles output of the requests coming from the game so I’m going to look over it once I have time (the log is massive, this game makes so many requests to unknown IP addresses and simultaneous ad calls when only showing one ad) Tbh, really hoping I find something nefarious, this will make a great story!.Version: 1.18

Decent game ruined by advertisementsGame is simple yet enjoyable would be great to pass time however due to all of the ads it because devastatingly drooling and dull. Excruciating amounts of ads make this game simply unbearable. After every other level there’s a 30 second ad with a tiny x to exit that always ends up bringing you to there page and takes several attempts to get away from. It’s like trying to run from a tsunami when you live right off shore. It doesn’t work and you will inevitably die from sheer impact or drowning from this wave of ads. BRUTAL DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.14

Um it is funOk yes it is fun but you do the same thing over and over.Version: 1.19

Could be betterPretty fun, but seems a lot like a copy of past games in this series, with some of the more fun characters being direct copies of levels in previous games. I will say the “Psychic” levels are the most fun by far, and it’s really unfortunate how quickly I was able to complete all of those levels. The game would be significantly better if they had just made a full game out of those levels and ignored the rest..Version: 1.13

AddsAdds.Version: 1.22

I can deal with adsI can deal with ads, but theres a level early on where a supervillain and a guy are in individual holes underground and all you have is a TNT block and one move. There is no way to beat this level at all. You cant beat it in one move with just the TNT block, but you also cant beat it with a sniper. I tried sniping the supervillain and blowing up / smashing the guy. I tried sniping the guy and blowing up the supervillain. You can even kill both if you place the TNT between them and sniping the block. Every time it said I failed. If this can be fixed id change my rating because I accept that mobile games have to have lots of ads its a very competitive space, but I cannot accept unbeatable/broken levels. Give me a walkthrough, give me a fix, or you can keep your 1 star..Version: 1.18

Great gameGreat game but hasn’t had an interesting update in 9mo update it or your gay.Version: 1.20

Good app, bad adsGame is good and well designed, shame about the constant ads after every level. Also, sometimes on my iPad there is one ad over the top of another, meaning you cannot click any X and have to kill the game. Also, sometimes no matter how exact you are, the X doesn’t work and repeatedly pops up trying to install the app being advertised, again you have the kill the app. This disrupts play and makes me less likely to boot the app back up, sometimes it’s easier to just not play for a bit..Version: 1.14

GoodThis game is kind of good but you only have to play and do the same thing every time you only have to kill the bad guy that’s it so I won’t really recommend.Version: 1.14

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