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Awesome gameAwesome game.Version: 2.52.1

Excellent little gameBeautifully balanced, fun and addictive. Really enjoying everything about this game. I paid for no ads and that vastly improved the experience. I really appreciate that option. Top tip: you can just hold your finger on the screen to keep firing - don’t need to continually tap! Avoid RSI! 😁.Version: 2.50

To the game developer.Like any game, this one makes you watch ad for boosters when you take home your rewards. Then you can watch an ad to multiply your rewards. You can instead click on next, but even THEN you still have to watch an ad, there should only be an ad after your attack if your multiplying your reward I read other reviews, and it would have made a lot of reviews higher (including this one) which probably would have raised the average rating By 0.3. Or maybe there could only be an ad after each game every 5 or 10 times you attack a players base. People would still be unhappy though..Version: 2.64.0

Fix itGood game but every time there’s an ad it freezes and I have to completely exit and restart game.Version: 2.65.3

Love it but could be improvedI love this game, however it does have some glitches, and the fact you lose your progress if you exit the game before fully filling a section of your base is really really annoying, many times I’ve been a couple hundred blocks away from completing a section and then had to exit to do something and when I’ve come back it’s lost the few thousand I had already collected and gone back to 0. It would be really great if you could link to other users as well so you could battle your friends!.Version: 2.53.1

King Robert’s advertisement won’t stop playing resulting in losing a game. Please fix this!King Robert’s advertisement won’t stop playing resulting in losing a game. Please fix this!.Version: 2.61.0

GREATEST AD SIM OF ALL TIMEAmazing ad simulator! I got rich thru slots. found a girlfriend and amazing games that I download and find an even cooler game inside!! this app changed my life easily the biggest five star I’ve given. Would be 10 if I could thanks dev for an amazing experience god bless and I hope Jesus accepts you as one of his children.Version: 2.61.0

Game keeps crashingSeems to keep crashing every 5 mins or so when playing.. very frustrating.Version: 2.27.1

No annoying adds!!Yes there is adds but you choose when you actually see them, it’s great!!! Great game overall, addictive at times lol.Version: 2.63.1

God-level - it’s what’s nextHello This is Wallacehat Level 979 in Grandmaster on my way to No. 1 - again. I’m going to start with an apology for all of those who have just joined this game in the last few months. This game used to be achievable, they used to give great rewards, it used to have big gold pots, and I used to be able to decimate all. I apologize because after becoming number one twice, the developers have come up with ways to short change me. Slow me down. Reducing gold awards by almost a third. Reducing multipliers by half. Glitching the game out when I have a stack of giants about to crush my opponent only to say “protected“ which never seems to be the case when I do not have a stacked army about to decimate all. it’s OK, progress is a little slower, but I’ve destroyed these AI players at least 10 to 15 times each. I’m unstoppable. Inevitable. I can’t wait to see what their next “update“ brings, as it seems like they can’t stop me, so they just keep trying to come up with ways to make the game less enjoyable, and unfortunately that punishes you all. Good luck. On my way to the top..Version: 2.38

Great game, keeps glitchingIv been playing this game for over a week now and I absolutely love it. My only problem is that in some challenges my game freezes and shuts down. Missing out on the coins / bricks and cards I earned. Which in some cases are high numbers. Especially annoying after you have watched 30 sec ads. Hopefully they will fix the glitches to make it more reliable..Version: 2.54.2

Simple but funIt is a simple game that i find very enjoyable. Its not too addictive but something I now play daily for a few games. I think it would be really good if i could create my own towns defence, choose the layout and what cannon and mob i wanted to defend with. I think it would be fun designing my own defences and being able to watch other people attack me. Maybe in the future this game could expand to include this?.Version: 2.45.1

Waiting for an updateReally fun game, ads are annoying but i just turn my wifi off if i want to play for a while. Finished all the levels and upgraded everything to max so now just waiting for an update to unlock mobs/champions/more levels….Version: 2.26

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️Mob control is so fun but maybe let the bases be less expensive like 2138 you need to collect those blue cubes for building this small car (and the count down a bit longer after you’ve attacked someone’s base and try and remove some ads but overall I love it and it’s so entertaining.Version: 2.60.1

Great game love itI love this game so much, I started playing about a month and I can’t get away away from this game. It is so addicting, my only downside to this is that the amount of ads you have to watch is really annoying, after every match you have to watch an ad. But I have figured out how to get rid of adverts: before you go on the game, turn off your internet, then load into the game and than you shouldn’t have any ads..Version: 2.54.0

Fun game. Beware personalized offersI do t have issues with paying for in app items if it’s a game I enjoy. I do like this one and have been using and occasionally buying Skip it’s to stop the required ad nonsense that’s the norm for all “free” games. I get it. I understand the business model. But offering in game deals that are simply stupid and preying on a player to just click BUY is not cool. You can buy 250 skip it’s for $30 US. But in game I am presented with a “personalized offer” of 50 skip it’s for $10. Even basic math shows that’s a horrible deal for the player. Costing an additional $20 for the same 250 skip it’s. Almost double. Even 100 are $18US in game special for same thing is $20. Make the in game deals actually worthwhile or stop interrupting my play with the offers..Version: 2.66.1

Fun gameCrashes each time it opens. Cannot play. Fix please! Update: all fixed and sorted so back into it. Found the adverts only appear if you use the multiplier at the end of each battle. Don’t use it, no adverts (if paid for non advert playing).Version: 2.20.2

Fun but…Game is fun. I play games like these and play them out. I rise thru the ranks very quickly and figure out the mechanics a disprove my play from really learning the game. But the devs slow down your progress. It’s very obvious that they do. The mess with the multiplier causing it to glitch to get a lower multiple, currently they glitched my game by lowering my champions from lvl 13 to 0. I emailed them of course to no response. So I start them over and now the chards needed to promote these mobs are very few. It will cause me to stop playing as I watched a TON of ads to get those chards which is how the game is setup. So in essence I paid for those chards bc the devs make mad money for you to watch those ads. And there’s a lot. Will update this once or if I get a response from the devs..Version: 2.46

Game crashes after adsThe game is fun to play and I did enjoy it. Unfortunately the game kept crashing after I watched an ad, and there’s quite a lot of adverts. I understand why games like this have ads and it wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the game didn’t crash after watching them, plus upon crashing I noticed that I lost the rewards from completing the level.Version: 2.55.5

Beta - new boss modeAbsolutely love the game, I grind out at least 6-7hrs a day. I’m aware this new boss mode is in beta, I’m just not a huge fan of it, and don’t really enjoy it when it comes up..Version: 2.64.0

Fun but P2WPay to win but actually fun even if you don’t.Version: 2.67.0

Good fun!A fun, easy game to play. It’s quite satisfying seeing all the little people multiplying! There are a lot of ads, but this is the world we live in! I’ve not found a lot of challenging battles though. They’re either easy or impossible! There is a bit of a glitch on the ads, where if you take the multiplier option, and watch the full 30 second ads, the game doesn’t recognise you’ve watched it and doesn’t give the multiplier. Not a deal breaker, but it does make me feel like I’ve not been paid what I’ve earned!.Version: 2.45.1

AddictiveLove it! Dont get it if you dont need another addiction!!.Version: 2.47.1

Fun but has issues.Great fun little game to pass the time but something needs fixing urgently with the way the iPhone overheats playing this game. 20 minutes of play time & the phone is far too hot so becomes unplayable using iPhone 12 Pro. Crashes from time to time but nothing major. The adverts are horrendous, every round is far too much + the way of closing ads to then get another ad screen for the store & sometimes a third screen to close is tedious. 1 minute of play time to get 15-20 seconds wasted closing the same old ads is too tedious. I would pay to remove ads if the overheat issue was fixed, as it stands it’s sadly unplayable for the most part..Version: 2.38

Facile à comprendreJ’adore.Version: 2.65.2

Great game, but I just lost 15,000 game coins because of a glitchI love the game, but after playing a bonus level and winning 15,000 coins it wouldn’t let me continue or use the multiplier, so I had to close the game & I just lost the 15,000 coins I’d like them back !.Version: 2.34

Sound gameIm currently in gold tier and i can say the gameplay loop over all seems quite enjoyable, i didnt find that one of the starter packs that get rid of ads had enough value to you. BUT, as it does eliminate app store ads it does not eliminate them shoving their own store in your face nearly every single time you come out of a match or start up the game. During events which are actually very use full ads for the shop are much more frequent and you cannot hit the “x” until the event is done with its animation showing all the points you earned during that match and its just annoying enough to make this not a perfect game to waste your time on. Outside of that the game is worth the time and overall balance feels great due to the rank system.Version: 2.60.0

RobThe game itself is good fun however the adds are not so. You have to keep exiting the same add way to much, it seems like you end up doing this more than actually playing the game!!!!!! Might just get to much and will delete the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.59.3

Fun but wrecked by AdsThis is quite a fun little game which gets more challenging as you get to higher levels. The devs have improved the gameplay over time and fixed some of the glaring errors with events like the Piggy Bank and so this game does get under your skin. However this is also a good example of how to kill a good game with Ads. Start a battle. Want a power up? Watch an Ad which may or may not be skippable (unless you have the app purchasable skips). Enter the battle and an audio ad might be playing. Win the battle and a choice of a multiplier or none. Select none and get an ad which probably will be skippable but not always (depends on the ad).M but go for the multiplier and you have to watch the ad. And some of these ads are for adult games like casino apps which are not suitable for kids. There is a "no ads" app purchase but it isn't worth it. Good but know what you are in for..Version: 2.57.2

Game is amazing but has a few issuesFirst of the game is amazing but the biggest issue is the prossing power needed it’s kills my phones battery idk if it’s fixable or not what ever that’s fine My biggest issue is the game will black screen and go back too my hole screen. Besides that the game is awesome and if you are going too speed money on it the triple shoot is worth it.Version: 2.45.1

Wonderful game, but not enough in game money earningsThe game is wonderful! It helps me stay off of social media! There are little to no problems I have with the game, but it’s so hard to earn a lot of money. I was able to raise one of my mobs up to the 50th level which unlocked the gold pack of cards. Since then I can’t keep up with leveling up my mobs and everything else because I can’t make enough money! It’s really hard when you do a round and the max you get is 20,000 but to upgrade a mob is almost 500k. It takes like 10 rounds to upgrade 1 mob and by that time, its like 15 other mobs and things that need to be upgraded. The boss battle that was added to make more money is great, but more money is desperately needed to keep up with everything! Love the game though!.Version: 2.67.0

Mob ControlI have been playing this game since January, after the recent update I can no longer log in with my Apple ID, I have reported this on discord channel and through the reporting tab in the game menu. That was 5 days ago and I still cannot login, as I paid for elite membership I’m finding this very frustrating, hence the 1 star review, if someone does manage to fix this problem I will quite happily raise this to 5 stars, as I really enjoyed playing..Version: 2.59.1

No soundRegularly lose game sound. I close game and sound working in all other apps. Open game and still no sound. IPad restart is only fix..Version: 2.60.0

CoolIm usually dont leave reviews but this one deserve it, cool, fun simple and easy to use game, i normally play a game for a week or so and im done with it, although this one i have for like 2 months and havent got tired of it at all i open it almost everyday if i have time and want to get away a little, downloaded because of the ad and first time the game was exactly as shown in the ad, its so good !! nice work, ill play and of course ill supprt the developers by buying something in the game its worth it, and ye you actually dont have to spend a penny to play it and be at the same level as others, ye i agree there is alot of ads, but they have to make something from the game tho, i totally understand it ! good work tho.Version: 2.45.1

Waiting for update….Good game. Sometime cannot exit out of ads, and I lose the bonus. Have finished all levels, when will there be an update??.Version: 2.24

Some glitches, fun otherwise though!This game is a lot of fun. I love the Paper Bag character, and all the different combinations you can create to make the strongest team. But, there are a few glitches I would like addressed. 1. I have been claiming the daily awards every day, and whenever there is coin reward I never receive it. I am on week 3, day 5 (I think?). Today I was supposed to gain 80,000 coins and never did. Yesterday it was around 120,000 coins, which means I am owed 200,000 coins, and potentially thousands more depending on how long this glitch has been happening. It is a little discouraging especially when I need it to upgrade my mobs. 2. Idk if it is intentional, but when my base gets attacked it shows it *after* my first battle. That battle usually offers a shield. It would make more sense if it showed who attacked you *before* your battle to maximize the shields you get. 3. I also find it a little weird when the special events (like the gold rush, or star dust one) do not let you do anything until you have gained your reward. Dunno if it’s intentional, but it’s something haha. Overall, really like the game, but would like my gold lol..Version: 2.62.1

Was the bestWhen I first started playing this game I couldn’t get enough. Over the last few updates it has gotten more and more difficult to have fun in the game. With this latest update the graphics are amazing but the gameplay is severely changed. I went from winning 9/10 games to 3/10. They big mobs spawning and lack of information about what the “speed” does, has made it overwhelming. Before you get your big champion the map is already overrun and the chances of coming back are slim. I upgraded the speed thinking it would make my players move faster and it just made the enemies come out at me insanely fast and destroy my base. Would like to see some improvements on the game besides graphics. Although the newest update is awesome graphics wise!.Version: 2.51.2

Bugs/glitches/ when you report they don’t get back to youSo I’ve found some bugs, glitches, and currently can’t do anything with the game, I’ve contacted support but they don’t address the issue or get back to you. Current situation. Stuck in the tree of rewards. Can only press claim all. As soon as you do the game brings up a reward as If you’re about to get it and then does nothing. Other bugs such as a building not able to be finished being killed off. Even if you have the entire map covered in units. Take away forced gameplay. I paid for add free game it was great but now not so much. I don’t want to lose my progress so I’ll wait for the next update to see if this glitch reverses itself but otherwise I will probably dump this game if it cannot be resolved..Version: 2.57.0

Great game but how do spend your moneyGreat game with normal ads. You get heaps of money from the multiplier but you are limited to spend to level up your mob. Because you can’t level up you lose more games because your opponent is 5 to 6 levels higher. Very frustrating. P.s stop advertising to purchase more coins (I have $2m) because you can’t spend it..Version: 2.62.0

Great but an issue with my accountI play on one account on 2 different devices and I have the issue that when I play on one account my mobs are different levels and I have a different amount of money so basically what you do on one account doesn’t update on the other if this wasn’t an issue the game is an easy 5 stars.Version: 2.58.1

LoveLove this game! Excited for more levels.Version: 2.34

Amazing GameSuch a cool little amazing game. it’s not pay to win you can easily slowly rise the ranks, obviously it’s pay to win big time but it doesn’t dominate the game. Please could you introduce teams where we do team wars such as in CoC, Clash royal, RiseofKindoms im almost a million power ‼️. but you get what i mean. other than that amazing game..Version: 2.61.1

Es entretenidoMuchos comerciales pero es gratis.Version: 2.65.3

Really good!The gameplay wasn’t anything special but this is MY KIND OF THING! It’s just so fun to play and l love collecting money and upgrading my base. I love fight too teams at once and l love the boosts at the beginning of the match. The only thing l would mind is the ads. I don’t normally mind them but sometimes they get REALLY annoying. But l think there’re find because you can play some the game they are advertising. Though, please reduce the number of ads. Other that that, GREAT WORK! P.S. Are the people, in the the leader real people fight ME? I know that sounds like an weird question but l just wanna know. (Random curiosity’s ).Version: 2.64.0

Short gameThis seems like it could have potential. But each game is too short, it’s too easy. And there’s too many ads,.Version: 2.47.1

You need a bad bunny mob!I started playing this game when I was recuperating in the hospital. It used to be more interesting with different backgrounds in each level. Then the developers got lazy and just switched to a standard background where only the numbers changed for your level. It would be nice if every 50 or 100 levels there was a new background theme. I’ve noticed that most of the new changes are to get you to spend more not to enhance the playing quality of the game. I for one would love to see a bad bunny mob. The graphics are good, I made it to the top spot. But there was no big award or anything so I quit playing for a few months. Now there is a God level which apparently I was not invited to. The other thing I would do is when you hit a mile stone level like 100, 250,500,or 1000 etc. Give a special reward not just a bonus round where you only have 20 seconds of real wealth accumulation..Version: 2.61.1

Great game, very small issueI love this game and what really surprised me is that within the 15 minutes I played I hasn’t had one ad! The only issue is that it tends to lag on iPhones and should be fixed, other then that great game!.Version: 2.64.0

Addictive but glitchy….This is an addictive game and fun but it has constant glitches & bugs….will ‘freeze’ most days so you have to reset & lose progress Score triple points but only get awarded single points… Can’t claim collected bonuses Have contacted the support but there are not enough of them too reply properly or sort issues! Apart from above great game!.Version: 2.55.4

Game is good but too many bugsWay too many bugs to enjoy the game fully. Can finish a level but there’s one health left on a building and the level never ends so you end up loosing. Too many crashes for it to be enjoyable.Version: 2.55.1

ReviewMy guns sometimes do not fire, I have to go out of the game or push home button, but I enjoy this game.Version: 2.64.0

FunEasy to play. Good for killing time.Version: 2.65.0

AdsTo many ads.Version: 2.60.0

AwesomeAwesome.Version: 2.66.1

Fun but annoyingIt’s a great app but gets annoying when it suddenly shuts down due to no reason or advertising not running smoothly ……….and every time your about to win a big total 🙄.Version: 2.37

Poor support and game updatesI downloaded the game, linked it to my Apple account to save all the progress as I had done in app purchases. I was glad I linked the account as they have lost progress and my purchases in the past but I was able to restore most of it. After the last update, I lost all my progress. I followed the directions and filed a ticket about it. A few days later I received an email saying their support team is too small to handle all of the tickets and I should have had it backed up with a google or Apple account. If you are someone who wants something to waste some time on and doesn’t care about progress and are okay with a ton of ads this game would work for you. If not, skip over the game unless you want to use the ads to find something better to play..Version: 2.53

PotentialThis game has potential!! After a long day its easy to operate and play. Its a great game to play when streaming tv. Right now its very easy to rank up. For example in 2 days im at level 50 (undeveloped) and I maxed out my speed and giant level. There are still battles i loose, but about 30% of the matches end with the app glitching. There should be an upgrade past the double barrel (without paying); or at least add on. As for the adds... i watch tv and just keep clicking on the upgrade. In addition if players are required to watch adds at the end of each game win or loose... then there isn't a point of giving the option for the bonus scale for 10 more seconds of advertising of other games that aren't fully developed. More levels need to be developed, but also the player needs to be able to customize their attack better. For example taking more hit damage from then death shields. Even at its current state i enjoy the game. Im at level 50, ive maxed out my speed at 149, and my giant level at 50. My reward level is 60....but my upgrades are from "watching" advertisements; i can play this game while watching tv shows or working on my computer. Contact me if you want an outside prospective! Ill still continue to level up!.Version: 2.18

Lose the adsFun mini game, too many ads. I’d legit pay up to $5 for an ad free version..Version: 2.13

Gameplay matches the advertsThe good: Good short matches that actually plays just like the adverts, and quite addictive/replayable. Fun to pass the time. In-game events are quite interesting too The bad: In many cases, games are a bit short to be able to use the “ultimates” in a useful way. Your “build” of cards and abilities don’t really change the gameplay much when you equip something different The ugly: You can get huge upgrades and skip spending currency just by watching ads. Sometimes you get an unskippable 40 second advert when you choose NOT to view one (I think all of the other players are actually faked as well).Version: 2.59.1

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