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No Limit Drag Racing 2 app received 14 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about no limit drag racing 2?

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Custom offline racingWould be better if the game didn’t choose what races you have to do. I would like to see custom races added so you decide what you race.Version: 1.0

I cant playEvery time I want to do a race leaves it automatically.Version: 1.0.3

Don’t getThis game is messed up every time I get a better time than the other racer it says I’ve lost when I crossed the line first got a better top speed and time. Learn to fix a problem and actually make a game that doesn’t waste ur time trying to pass levels that u can’t beat even if u win the race..Version: 1.0.2

Game is plagued with ads from hellI just can’t get into this game after ten minutes. I’m all added out with no feeling of flow with the game from so many interruptions. My train of thought to even learn the game is so over. Ad after ad without letting up for any kind of interest to build, or understanding on how to play. Later.Version: 1.0.1

Point lessOk so this game is ok but at some points in the game there is no way to make money because you have to have special requirements to race witch cost money and to get money you need to do those races or you have to do a tournament in witch if you lose once you have to re-start and one time I was in to the second to last race in the tournament and the whole thing rest even though I won and then on top that once you finally get any money you have to get a new motor. So after all that this game is dumb unless you become a member because this game has so many adds and you need so much money to do anything. I hope this helps not want to make you waste your time on this game.Version: 1.0.3

The game needs to be fixed and not mimic pro seriesThe game is just basically Pro Series just a bracket a little bit more advanced but if the pro mods and dragsters are just like pro series I’m probably gonna delete the game the game just keeps on crashing and it just mimics pro series you guys could at least avoid mimicking them The game is not as realistic as it seems The trees are too slow for it to be realistic The game should’ve been in a demo stage before it was fully released The game has too many problems for it to be fully released and also you need to make it a lot more easier to make money because my car is too slow to earn any money I’m just going into the test in tune and trying to make some money and when I do make enough money to compete it already gets too hard make it long so you can earn a little bit of money so you have enough money to compete with the next level instead of doing one race and it’s already next level and if the dragsters do get released please don’t mimic pro series and add top fuel dragster‘s just add different types of classes and add crash talk to bracket and if the game was really realistic add tuning abilities to the engine like compression how big your crankshaft is fuel ratio like 13.0 lean and ignition timing like 30 degrees of ignition timing and also if you’re going to add M/t as a sponsor on your car just add them as a tire The game needs to go into demo stage before it gets fully released the game has too many problems.Version: 1.0.3

Confusing game that is worse than its predecessorI followed the tutorial, put in 25+ races and haven’t even come close to winning one of them, now my engine and tires are broken and I cannot even try to race anymore. There has to be something that I am just not getting with this game. Is there some sort of dumb auto-levelling system that adjusts difficulty whenever I upgrade my car? Should I not use the default car earned when purchasing their VIP subscription? Should I have not upgraded? These are the things that the game doesn’t tell you... otherwise it’s a case of my reaction times not being on the same level as the AI and I will never be able to progress because of that... I dunno. Either way, I think I will just play something else that doesn’t feel broken..Version: 1.0.3

Great game with potential, but these are my personal gripes.I’m getting stuck in this loop of being unable to beat the AI in career mode, making it difficult to upgrade my car. I end up winning one race, but then I do another one, and the AI puts buslengths on me, I end up getting destroyed. A little difficult to get money. Also, I heard about this glitch where people are somehow scamming each other out of 20k, getting metric assloads of cash. Other than these things I said, this is a good game and I enjoy playing it..Version: 1.0.3

You can’t winEvery time I play I can’t win I have mastered the shifting but all the car’s have stage 4 turbo ex..Version: 1.0.2

Overall disappointingDon’t get me wrong the graphics are fine, the customization is 20/10, all racing games should strive for this kind of player control. What I’m disappointed in is the flow of gameplay, if you don’t know the ins and outs of cars this game does nothing to teach or accommodate, spend all your money on visuals and then you can’t even play to earn more money cause you’re always gonna lose, the campaign tournaments are awful because if you mess up even 1 of the races your sent packing with more damage to your tires and engine then was even worth it with no money for repairs from the wins you did get, and the tone is so boring! Any music or ambient sounds would go a looong way. This game has so much potential to revolutionize racing games as a whole if you just add these bits of attention to detail that are making the game near unplayable! P.S: A help and faq page in game would have saved me from dropping this on the App Store and hopefully would provide answers to the many questions I have about this game.Version: 1.0.3

Way too unfairIt would be a much better game if the ai difficulty was fair and more evened out. get smoked by cars that have less power then mine, but then the odd time you beat them. please make it easier to get money and make the ai better, until then its junk.Version: 1.0.3

Not what it seems...First of all, this is a decently made game. There are several flaws that NEED addressed before a better review will be made by me. If you don’t tune race cars for a living good luck trying to figure out a decent tune for your car because there is NO help in that part of the game. For a game that is raced primarily on the street (only 1 drag strip) they use time sheets to determine the winner. Absolutely nothing more frustrating than beating your opponent to the finish line by a car OR MORE and not getting the win. Everyone who knows anything about street racing knows the first one to the finish line wins. What a joke this game is....Version: 1.0.2

Fun Game unless you don’t know how to tune a carThis game has so much potential to be a fun game, but I don’t know enough about tuning cars to get the most out of my car. This is the only game I’ve ever played where there is absolutely no help understanding anything on the game. I was dumb enough to spend money on this game, but I can’t even play it anymore because there are no hints, tips, tutorial or anything to help understand the more difficult part of the game. I have 2 fully maxed out cars, and spent hours perfecting my tunes, just to have a required race with small tires and no matter what I do, my cars either have too much power or not enough. I’ve spent so much time making a million adjustments. Don’t download this game unless you know everything about tuning. This game literally offers no help at all.Version: 1.0.3

DO NOT BUYThe creators of the game have the audacity so make it so once you have no money but a fast car that you lose no matter what. I had $30,000+ into my car going against a car with the specs I had when I first started the game AND IT SMOKED ME. I also raced against the same person with the same exact upgrades twice and the first time I smoked them with not a very fast car but then I raced them again with a much better and upgraded car against their same spec car and they smoked me. The creators just want you to spend a whole bunch of money to upgrade your car more to beat these cars and start making money again. I am not giving these scum of the earth people a single cent..Version: 1.0.2

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Is No Limit Drag Racing 2 not working?

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