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Shattered Pixel Dungeon App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Shattered Pixel Dungeon app received 5 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shattered Pixel Dungeon? Can you share your negative thoughts about shattered pixel dungeon?

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Shattered Pixel Dungeon for Negative User Reviews

Too unforgiving, cheap tacticsExpect each game to be like this: dodged, dodged, hungry, dodged, game over. As you can see, evasion is too overtuned, resulting in unfair deaths (despite playing flawlessly) because of RNG. Enemies constantly dodging attacks to create artificial difficulty is cheap, rage-inducing and is therefore not a game I particularly enjoy. It doesn’t help that this game is quite difficult for the casual player, and over-levelling to try and mitigate this is pointless since characters are starving after 2 minutes (again, this is overtuned). The weapon and character stats are surprisingly balanced though and throughout my 20 hours of playing, I found that all characters were viable in some way. I would give this 2 stars due to how stupidly overtuned enemy evasion is and hunger going down too quickly, but there are zero ads, so it gets a bump up in the rating..Version: 2.2.2

It’s just not fun.Hey- props to the devs for making a game that is certainly challenging and lets you relive the ‘Nethack’ experience, with a bit more than ASCII characters. However this game is just frustrating. In most cases you’re dependent on what you randomly get. Didn’t get enough food? Die of starvation. This alone is ok, but if the randomizer doesn’t supply enough food, you’re done. I would’ve even thought that for everything those stupid seeds do one of them would feed you. Doesn’t that make sense? You grow something that you could eat? There are no potions that feed you either. I don’t think I’ve ever played an RPG that doesn’t give you full health when you level up. Is that so hard? I don’t know how many times I made it to level 15 or more and just got so ganged up on all of a sudden that I had to start over. And over. And over. Would it be so hard to make a version that you can continue with? And then maybe have a hard-core version for everyone else that likes to be tortured? For all the selections of RPG’s that are available now on mobile, the frustration that this one creates just isn’t worth it. I respect the fact that the game is made to be relentless, but starting over again, and again, and again is just not fun. Moving on..Version: 2.2.2

Coffee break gameIt should be listed as a rogue like coffee break game. Fun waste of time game, it should at least have a “learning” interface that “remembers” what you’ve found. Much time wasted dying during item tests because you have to get the items used..Version: 1.1.1

Too hard. Too frustrating. There is no fun in repeating levels 1-2 a thousand timesI loved games like this as a teenager. Rogue, Angband, all the clones. And this is a faithful one. So props for that. But it’s just too hard. You die too easily. And I’m older now. I know it isn’t necessary to lose all progress. And it’s not rewarding to lose all progress either. Yeah it’s fine to have a learning curve. But there’s just no point in not being able to save at least occasionally if you are going to create a game with purposeful balance issues and a reliance on randomness. So five stars for making a good clone. One star for making a game that ticks you off and you put down after a few days and never pick up again. The price point doesn’t even frustrate me. I’m willing to pay. I want something rewarding of hard effort. Not something that just frustrates me. So let’s average it out at 3 stars. If you are a hardcore fan of something that will frustrate most people beyond belief then this game is definitely for you. I know there’s a few out there. Dwindling every minute. “Here lies me, killed by frustration. Or a rat. Again. Holding a bunch of unidentified cursed potions, scrolls and items. Again. RIP”..Version: 1.0.3

Way too difficult to enjoy the gameI know it is a rogue like game but death comes to easily within 2-3 minutes of playing the game. Come on, make permanent death optional otherwise there is no point starting the game from fresh over and over and over again! Lots of potential but let down massively with having to restart the question every couple of minutes. If this is not fixed I will have no choice to delete this game.Version: 1.3.1

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