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Bingo For Cash - Real Money App User Positive Comments 2022

Bingo For Cash - Real Money app received 60 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bingo for cash - real money?

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Bingo For Cash - Real Money for Positive User Reviews

Good game ❤️Me and my partner are playing this game for fun at the beginning . First time I took out 10$ in max 3 days I received in my PayPal account . After that my partner did some money in the game and he took out 102$ and he received it in 3-4 days on PayPal. We didn’t put any money in this game . You need to be strategic and need to understand the game how you need to play . Have fun.Version: 11.0

Fun and you can win $I put in $5 and read the reviews and got spooked and took the money I won out, this was about three or four days ago, I won $25 and had the money in my account this morning. However it is true that when you play more it gets harder to win more so just be aware not to lose more than you put in cause then you’re not winning anything. But as long as you can control yourself you’ll win money and I only played the game for an hour and won $25. I would have played more but the reviews scared me that I wouldnt get any money so I took my money out but now I’m playing again since I already received the money..Version: 9.0

Man oh manFull boat in bingo, well I never?.Version: 16.0

Fair, fun bingo- Best out thereI play a lot of bingo games, and have wasted some money on obviously rigged games... this one, however, truly seems fair- you win some , you lose some, lol. It's really fun, the bonus games are awesome, and I've actually won a few bucks... they also give cash every so often for daily log- in, and there are some opportunities to use gems to play for cash. All in all, it's the best bingo I've played so far, I've got all my friends addicted now too!!!! - I do, however, wish that they would incorporate a referral bonus like many other bingos, I'd have a lot of bonus $ now, lol!.Version: 10.0

Still testingThe game itself is fun, however, what I earned in the preview of the game will never happen unless I unlock some rooms and pay money. In other words, it will take time, and it is asking for personal info in exchange….Version: 15.2

Next levelHow do I open each level?.Version: 15.0

Best cashier bingo game I’ve playedI’ve won real money and really like the bonus games. Legit site! As always you must rely on a little luck and good numbers but the opportunity is there to actually win cash. Out all of the similar games I’ve played this is the one I’ve won the most on, and so far my favourite..Version: 10.0

Fun gameEnjoying it, have withdrawn money a few times, not a lot but better than other games I’ve played..Version: 16.1

FREAKING LOVE, LOVE THIS CASH GAME!Hey, I am the first to be a sceptic on anything on the internet!!!! Best believe I had every intention to “throw the baby out with the bath water “ …. I have checked out MANY of these cash games and have found that most of these cash paying games are the real deal! Believe it or not I am getting paid! Don’t get it twisted though, like the saying goes… “NOTHING COMES FREE” That is a preface to briefly demonstrate that ALL of these games require skill and strategies! And…. Practice!!! So… get some! Also, U never need to put 1 penny into the game so long as you got game!.Version: 16.0

EnjoyableLove a game that gives back and is easy to learn thanks to tips from other gamers.Version: 15.2

Best Money game everI’ve been playing this game for A long time and for as long as I’ve played it I won quite a bit of money I give this 5 stars if I could give me I would!!!!! Even when I had problems requesting my money I always got my money back and even bonus cash and diamond customer service is great I recommend playing bingo for cash you won’t be disappointed ❤️💯.Version: 16.0

Love the games!!It’s easy to get addicted to this game 🤷🏼‍♀️😂.Version: 16.0

Emoji Mike On Spotify Listen To Win Bingo Good LuckListen To Emoji Mike and you will win at bingo all the time like me.Version: 11.0

Having great fun!Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because I hate too many ads but the games are fun, you don’t have to spend a fortune and they go quickly and keep you entertained. There are different game choices so you aren’t playing the same thing over and over and that makes it even better. Good job!.Version: 15.1

EnjoyableGood game, enjoyable as a pastime. Winning a few cents here and there adds up but you can’t really win big unless you pay into it. Still worth the download though.Version: 16.0

Great Game No Deposit RequiredI’ve played many bingo games and they all require you to pay to “really” play. You can only win a legit amount if you deposit money. This game lets you win diamonds to play for dollars. Also gives you money if you check in daily. I’ve already won about $80 and not spent a penny. I also level that there are different games to play!!!.Version: 15.1

Read the game rules and play for fun!This game does actually pay out, nothing life changing but I’ve received $15 dollars twice and it did say it would take up to 4 to 8 weeks or so to receive my money in my PayPal but i received it after only one week. Don’t expect to win super big or feel like this game is a scam because it is legit and it’s fun to play! Only game I’ve played that has actually payed out. Just have fun!.Version: 9.0

Love playing bingNot playing for real cash yet, not trusting and after reading some reviews, good call on my end. But that’s just me. Still enjoying it very much🙌👏🥳.Version: 16.1

Mr chickenIf you know what your doing and you need a bit of extra cash this is the game for you patients is key everyone gets a chance to win money.Version: 16.0

Love this gameThere is another Bingo game that you can win real money from. I think the prizes are a little small but the fact that you can also win money from a log in and play games for diamonds that you have picked up along the way makes it more entertaining even with the small wins. I gave it Four stars but still far better than blackout bingo.Version: 16.0

Best Bingo Game out thereI’ve tried them all and this is, by far, the best one. It’s very fun, you aren’t going to win huge amounts of money, which to me makes it even more legit. I’ve played the ones where, with no cash in, one bingo will pay $200. Come on, when it’s too easy, coupled with a zillion ads, you are never going to see those winnings…and I’ve tried. This game is fun to play with plenty of opportunity to use the free number or a free choice of four numbers on the card. It’s comes up often too. Plus, I think it helps with my brain, lol, it’s reacting faster. Just know there is no legit Bingo, or any other game, that you are going to win big without putting one cent in. Many seem to prey on people in need of money. This is not one of those..Version: 15.0

They do give your winningsI read lots of negative reviews ignore them I got my winnings the very next day after it said could take 4-6 weeks..Version: 10.0

Real money Bongo.Update: I actually received the payout in my PayPal account within 2 days of requesting for withdrawal. I am a fan again so increased the star to 5. It was confusing at first but I am now starting to get the hang of it and actually have enjoyed playing but the BUT is it take 2-4 weeks to receive your money when you make a withdrawal. So never mind. I have to wait that long for a measles $7.01..Version: 10.0

Have wonI have actually cashed out $50 but after that I haven’t won anything in weeks! And don’t be fooled by the amounts won! They don’t subtract the amounts lost! Mine says I’ve won $1200 or so, that’s game play amounts, not actual winning! If they actually subtract loses it should say $50 not $1200 so don’t be fooled by the big numbers! That just means they have played longer not won more! But still a very fun game to play!.Version: 11.0

It too badTricky at first but all round fun.Version: 15.0

Has to be the best, if not the best Bingo appTwo words. Easy money. Honestly, this app is very easy to collect bonus money. You can use 100 gems to play a bonus game every day, which gives you a shot to win up to a dollar bonus cash. Also they give out some bonus money each week if you keep logging back in daily. Overall, a great experience and an awesome game! At least give it a try..Version: 9.0

Great Game!!Fun! and get great rewards too! Definitely Recommend!! 😃😃.Version: 15.2

FAKE!!!Any ad with that blonde chik in it it’s so funny I’ve seen like 10 different game ads with her in it and they are ALL FAKE!!!! i can’t believe they allow these games on the app store!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE they are all the same developer but people catch onto the scams and after so many people realize that one game you don’t make money on then they make another one like I said the same chick in all the ads and just another developer name these games are all fake!!!.Version: 15.2

💯% Not FakeI am new to apps that you can actually win cash on. I download a whole bunch of different ones at the same time. I deleted almost all of them. Some let you withdraw, but the money never showed. Others would not let you withdraw until you get to a certain amount of cash, but never actually let you get to that amount. Bingo for cash was by far the funnest app and the first time I withdrew I saw it in my PayPal account within days..Version: 8.1

You actually win moneyNot a lot but you literally do. And you can even play without money but obviously rewards won’t be so good. Dangerously addictive. Don’t download if you have a gambling problem it’s very easy to just chuck another $10 on and forget about the currency difference.Version: 16.0

Hard to cash outLike the game but it’s to hard to cash out and the bonus games are to expensive.Version: 13.0

Time killerGood app to kill time and can actually win chances for real cash.Version: 8.2

Bingo for cashI love it always able to play never win nothing yet but I would play for ever it me excited just being able to play and I haven’t had to spend any money to play I love being able to play and really love the bingo game you would think I feel like I win every day having a blast just with being able to be apart of the fun thanks guys great job you made staying home fun your very intelligent to develop such a great game.Version: 10.0

BingoAwesome very fun.Version: 13.0

Bingo for cashLove it.Version: 16.0

5**** for being a SCAMDONT USE ITS A SCAM.Version: 16.0

Lost my moneyI’ve send an email to the support team, because I lost my money by withdrawing the amount it told me I could. I still had money left in my account, but I lost that. Then, I deposited $5.00, again and I had to start from the beginning with your tutorial. The next thing, I see I lost the $5.00. Then, I couldn’t log in. I put my email with my password and it said they couldn’t find my account. So, I try to register and it said the email is already in use. Please, fix these technical issues on your end. But overall, I like the games. I would love it more if it’s fixed and get my refund..Version: 8.0

Can’t believe itThis is the first of the “real money bingo apps” that I have tried and it might be my last. (In a good way) initially I never put In any money and after 2 hours or so I had accumulated enough to withdrawal about 11 dollars after fees. It’s been less than a week and safe to say I got my payout successfully. Much more easy and fun then taking surveys. 10/10 would recommend to a friend..Version: 8.2

LoveThis game is amazing. A must try!!!.Version: 16.0

Fun!More fun, less greed!.Version: 16.0

So much fun! Addicting!!!Best Bingo game ever!! I have tried all of the Bingo game apps and this is by far my absolute favorite!! The liveliest and most creative, innovate Bingo ever! Actually pays out with patience. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now. The first time I deposited $10 it was so much fun, but I lost. Then I tried again and played with the Bonus they give you when you log in daily and I played their $1 and then got lucky! It turned into $30 without even depositing the second time around, so that was basically free. This is legit. They actually pay out. Took only a week for money to be deposited to me after I withdrew. And if you miss a day, forget to log on, they’ll say they miss ya and give you $1 on them, how nice. I am a regular on here now. You can actually win either way, just keep at it, then you’ll get the hang of it and it becomes even more fun and competitive. Best of luck! Let’s play, I want to win some more! :) Good developers!.Version: 10.0

Great App!!Great app fun and easy to play lots of wins You can win cash without gambling your money or there are packs you can purchase which always have a great offer on. Should be more ways to win diamonds but I think this game is probably above average. I don’t play any other games now I’ve found this one..Version: 12.0

DustyIt says continuous log in been like three weeks now you guys going to I tryed to use the VIP but it won’t stay on long enuff rouse it search we can’t get any satisfaction going on here and trying to fix this I’m wondering do you have other games for money that we can transfer of the funds that I have on Bingo For Cash to another app because I can’t even stay on long enough for it goes off again I need some help thank you.Version: 8.1

A lot better than fake $ gamesI’ve been playing for almost a week an won cash without topping up or adding $. It’s so much better than other bingo games for cash. Where they have you topping up more cuz they make you loose more. I think I am comfortably able to say I found a game I’m interested in to keep playing. Instead of deleting. I love how if they don’t call your numbers you still get free dubs to help you keep going. I haven’t won enough to cash out yet. But that the fun part. To keep me going. With my medical problems and memory loss issues. This game helps me keep testing my memory skill’s the moment I wake up. To the time I go to bed. So I would recommend this game to everyone. Thank you for creating a game that’s fun. For all ages and to help me keep testing my memory skills . Your game never makes me feel like I’m less than the other players as well helping me keep confidence as I continue to play the game. Again thank you for making a game that is worth wild to play each day that challenges me yet fun to keep playing..Version: 15.1

PayoutI had problems with payout. I live in Canada but the rep told me the problem I had with my address. I’m suppose to get money in five days. I think it is legit snd better than bingo cube. Bingo cube is a ripoff, you can’t cash out..Version: 16.1

The TruthI do believe this is NOT a scam I believe it’s just poor service. People in the reviews are saying it’s a scam because you lose every time you are put into a money game which is untrue and there’s another review talking about how they purposely let you win. The reviews contradict each other so I’m here to say my word on this game. I was able to win a ton of money games and they don’t let you win. You win with skill. However the one negative I do agree with is the unreasonable amount of time it takes to withdraw, 4-6 weeks. It may seem like a long time but I was able to withdraw £13 and got it overnight. (Which totally debunks the guy who said it took very long for £5) It’s inconsistent and the withdrawal process is not very clear when I believe it should. An email should be sent for confirmation and for closure and an estimated time for YOUR withdrawal not just 4-6 weeks. I did however recently withdraw $65 and I am waiting for that. If I get it I will update my review and write a new one and say how long it took. Poor service but you do get your money. Eventually. This is a really enjoyable bingo game the waiting time searching for other players is very good. If you are going to play for cash at least withdrawal small amounts at a time so you get them quicker and not large. Again. Poor Service and that’s all but it’s legit I got my cash on my first withdrawal and I am waiting for my next. (Update) 100% Legit One of the support team says it normally is delivered within the week and they’re backed up from people trying to withdraw. I withdrew $65 and it took 2 days Legit, would recommend. the bad reviews are debunked, well at least to me that is. I’ve won actual money and both times i have withdrawn has definitely been shorter than 4-6 weeks. Play well and good luck..Version: 9.0

I love itIt’s actually really fun and one of the first bingo games I’ve continued to play 😅.Version: 16.0

REAL CASH GAMEThis is a real cash game and it is NOT a scam. I’ve just with-drawled 15 dollars. In total I’ve won 45 dollars off of this game because I play this often. You have to be skilled in order to play a game like this. You CANNOT cash bonus cash. But you can still use it to play in other cash games, and if you win those cash games you CAN cash that. Because it’s a cash game. It’s pretty self explanatory and straight to the point. I enjoy playing this game. 👍🏼.Version: 11.0

Great gameI love this game. It’s fun and fair. I’ve won money, not a lot but I’ve been able to cash out a couple times now without any problems. The only issue I have is that when you cash out you lose all your bonus money so I try and leave a couple dollars in my account to continue to play with but it’s a legit game and you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to..Version: 16.0

EmailI wanted to register, but I’m being told I have to use a legitimate email. This is the first time I’ve been told my email isn’t legitimate. All because of an bonus that I will receive. Not fair to have to forfeit. I’ve used my email for 20 years and never had problems till now. Games are fun but if my email can’t be corrected, then I will have to forfeit the game..Version: 8.1

Fun game, it’s legit tooI’ve had this game for a few weeks now. I’ve probably only spent about $15 but I’ve won $200! Of course I spent that lol. But I’ve been able to withdraw $50 and got paid in 2 days. 5 stars!.Version: 10.0

Bingo for cashHi every one this game is a lot of fun if u like bingo for cash play for real money but I’ve not had chance to withdraw any cash yet so not sure on that yet but u can pay different amounts and thay give u double wat u pay for in bonus money get diamonds to play games plus u can watch ads to get 30p or mor what ever the amount is safe it up to play games for 1 pound 2 pound five pound for bigger pay outs you’ll gt daily bonus pay outs for free I recommend this app its new so far it really good and fun all so if u complete objectives u can play bounds cash games what ever u win u keep.Version: 10.0

Very Good Bingo Site - Industry LeaderThis was my intro to Bingo, i thought it was just luck - but i was wrong; the site is very intuitive with its advancement levels and bonus, and the player pool is always instant; the sound and graphics are pleasant, and ads are mostly avoidable, but not negligible - the few ads are acceptable in exchange for the free gameplay and constant bonuses that are provided; have fun, aloha;.Version: 16.1

So far so good…I’ve cashed out twice so far and no problem. I like it much better than Skillz The graphics are better too. I’ll let you know if something bad happens but I have faith in Bingo for Cash it won’t let me down. I actually have won many times that’s something I’ve never had happen before in Bingo. You rock Bingo for Cash!!.Version: 16.0

J’ai reçu mes $$ chaque foisSuper chaque fois que je gagne je reçois toujours mes gains au 7 emes jours suivants mon retrait et je suis rendu à environ 50$ que j’ai gagné et que j’ai reçu et en seulement 2 mois et encore aujourd’hui j’ai gagné en 1 heure j’ai gagné 20$ et retiré 18$ je le recommande 👌🏻.Version: 10.0

Amazing game🙏🏼👍.Version: 16.1

I recommend this app for anyone who loves bingo and moneyThis game is %100 legit and I have won money so many times and I have been able to get my money to my bank account… so I’m all for this game and I say go play it and win win win :).Version: 16.0

Dr Kyle McewanIs ok I think it’s good.Version: 13.0

Great gameOne of the better games to play. Love it.Version: 16.0

AddictiveThis game is so addictive, no big payouts or wins mainly £2 or £3, keeps you playing.Version: 16.1

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