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Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! app received 124 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games!? Can you share your negative thoughts about trivia puzzle fortune games!?

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Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! for Negative User Reviews

Not as advertisedI picked this game from an ad in another game. What was shown was not the game I downloaded. This is the second one I’ve downloaded I think from same group and same result. Not as advertised..Version: 1.108

To many addsAn add after each question is ridiculous, n they last about 30 seconds as well . I was enjoying the game but can’t deal with them adds so I’ll be deleting..Version: 1.125

Scoring not fairI love solving the puzzles but the scoring is just up to chance. You can figure out the puzzle then get very few coins because you have to pick from three boxes. My pick is usually the lowest amount (cause I am so unlucky at guessing games) so even though I got the puzzle quickly I sometimes get less than the 500 coins I used to play the puzzle. It’s totally up to chance!! I don’t like that part of the game..Version: 1.130

Worst game everThis game freezes all the time and crashes. There are so many adverts when it actually does run, you hardly ever get to play the game itself with all these issues. Don’t bother with it, will frustrate the hell out of you!.Version: 1.125

FrustratingDecent game spoiled by the fact that when game ends & ads come on (which I accept are needed to keep the game free) the screen goes blank. It has already taken the coins for the next game, but when I re start it it takes them again. Fortunately I have plenty of coins, but it is soooo annoying..Version: 1.119

Good game way to many advertsIt is a good game but completely spoilt by adverts. Totally unnecessary to have one after every question. You spend more time waiting for mindless adverts to finish than playing the game. Sorry going to uninstall.Version: 1.125

False advertisingThe ad said it was a jeopardy style trivia game. It is not. It is a sad word game..Version: 1.119

Trop de publicitéTrès déçue.Version: 1.125

Too many adsI understand the need for ads, but do you really need one after every game?.Version: 1.119

Too many adsFar too many ads, there’s one after every level which takes away time from playing the game. Only played a few levels before becoming very frustrated - Don’t bother!.Version: 1.125

Too many adsDownloaded as kept being advertised in other games. There are too many ads… I gave up and deleted.Version: 1.125

Not at all like the ad suggestedThis game is not at all like what the ad suggested. Very misleading. The ads are next level! I understand why they have the ads but there are just so many it’s intolerable..Version: 1.119

Fun but trivia needs to expandSeems so many of these questions are made by a male viewpoint. Action movies, athletes, tech brands, athletic brands, sayings or phrases from athletic brands, etc. Where are the other questions? Romance movies? Luxury brands? Etc. I’ve never had so many athletic questions on a trivia game in my life. Please put equal amounts of gender biased questions in your trivia..Version: 1.125

Not type of game advertisedOk game but is definitely not the type of game that they advertise.Version: 1.119

Boring!Played a few levels but boring & frustrating, going to delete. Absolutely nothing like the ad - silly me!.Version: 1.116

No point, no challengeAfter playing this for two days (and shelling out to get rid of the obnoxious ads), i see that there is no difference in the payouts whether or not you solve the puzzle with just one clue or if you wait until it's all filled in--the 'rewards' are the same. I had solved every one thus far (before deleting the 'game' out of sheer boredom) with maybe three or four clue letters at most, before I caught on. This is also NOT a trivia game, it's a sneaky, lazy little version of Hangman. Ridiculous..Version: 1.119

Not the game that was advertised in another appThis is totally different than the game that was advertised to me. My family was in advertising and I have worked the business for years. 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest score for advertising, I give this game a 2 - the name of the game was correct as was the game icon. That’s it. It isn’t at all like the trivia game that was advertised with me, showing me pictures of toys and tv shows from the 90s for me to identify, multiple choice. It is much more like Wheel of Fortune, not so much my thing. Boring! Zzzzzzz, no thank you. Take my advice, don’t bother, unless you like Wheel of Fortune. If you saw the ad on another game….don’t get your hopes up. If I could give it no stars, I would..Version: 1.119

Not worth your timeI downloaded this game due to an ad preview. The games that enticed me to download this app are not even the games I’m playing. Not to mention there’s a bloody ad after every game. That’s excessive. I’m deleting.Version: 1.125

Ads not stopping after being paid for 30 days no adsYou pay to stop ads but the ads continue not a good look for you taking peoples money..Version: 1.130

Not like ad. Too many ads. Not worth paying for ad free.Ridiculous ad bait. Deleting, should have read the reviews. Wonder how they got 4.9 stars when most reviews say this a garbage app..Version: 1.119

Not what it appears.I downloaded this from an ad thinking it was going to be like jeopardy. Not so. Also way too many ads. How about having 5 sec ads between each level, with the odd 30 second ad instead of the other way round. Also If u swipe out of an ad you’ve already seen 10 times, the game takes another 500 coins to recommence playing, total rip off. Goodbye..Version: 1.125

:(Falsely advertised… you showed a completely different game in the ads on Instagram… even though it wasn’t what I expected. Still not bad..Version: 1.119

Not the game shown in ads on other gamesI am tired of deceiving developers who show a game in the video clips that isn’t the game you installed. I wanted to play the 80’s trivia game with the muppet looking character. I did not want to play some wheel of fortune knockoff that I have to keep watching videos to get coins to play. I am spending more time watching videos than playing a game that I did t expect to be playing. I am deleting the game. Be honest with your product in the videos on other games..Version: 1.119

PLEASE don’t waste your time!Okay, first of all…. I read what the developers said about why they have to have so many ads but that is crap. I have downloaded hundreds of FREE games and not one has made me watch an ad after EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE. That is just absurd. Second…. I cannot STAND when these people advertise a game one way and then that’s NOT how the game is played at all!! It’s lying!! They advertised this game as a jeopardy type game where you pick certain categories and then asked a question. NOPE. FALSE. It is just then giving you a hint and you pick letters to fill in the answer, like hangman. That’s it!! Soooo boring. Ugh, these people should be banned from making apps when they lie in their advertising. Don’t even waste your time with this one..Version: 1.125

TOO MANY ADSHad to delete the app because of pop up ads with every puzzle. So frustrating and such a waste of my time. I was enjoying the game but found another with less ads. Not even an option to purchase/ opt out..Version: 1.119

Too Easy & A Bit PointlessThe faster you guess the answer the more $$ & stars you receive. But there’s nothing to spend the $$ on. Also what’s with all the Disney questions? I like the idea of a league but it isn’t stimulating enough to keep me hooked..Version: 1.125

DisappointedI downloaded this app and was looking forward to trying it out, the entire app would not load all I had was a blank black screen. I deleted the app and downloaded again hoping that would fix the issue but still the same thing the app does not open Poor form from a developers standpoint.Version: 1.108

Not what’s advertised.Just like another reviewer stated, I downloaded this game from an ad shown while playing another game. The ad you see is NOT the game you get. I decided to play for a while anyway thinking maybe what I saw is thrown in every now and then. WRONG! I’m now up to level 19 and the game is basically Wheel Of Fortune, but without the wheel. Some may like it, but there’s too many ads for my taste and the puzzles aren’t very challenging. I’ll be deleting it now..Version: 1.125

Don’t.This is quite a fun game, but way too many ads, and they’re too loooong! Don’t waste your time!.Version: 1.116

Great game but way too many adsI know you can pay to remove them but there’s an ad between every single level. Ridiculous..Version: 1.119

Too many ads spoil the gameI really like this game but the ads are driving me to delete it. I get that with free games there are going to be some ads but two for every one game you play seems a bit excessive. I would rather pay for a no ad version of the game then deal with all these ads..Version: 1.119

Misleading advert!I saw the advert and I decided to download this because it looked like I was going to answer questions. Instead it’s a wheel of fortune type game, without the wheel! Enjoyable but no different to anything I’ve played before..Version: 1.119

Fun but……I hate that my score is based on the card I pick. I have guessed the word with one letter and received 360 points but when I guess 7 letters I got 1000+ points. That’s dumb. My score shouldn’t be based on a lucky draw. That’s for games like bingo and solitaire. This is my only big issue so far. I also hate that piggy bank popping up after every turn. If I want to buy the stuff I will. I don’t need to be constantly reminded. When I’m tired of this I will just delete the game. I don’t have great patience.Version: 1.119

So many adsThis was a great game to start..but now there’s an ad after every trivia..and the ads are so much longer.deleted now..Version: 1.108

Well…I DL the game directly from a commercial I saw on another game because I was looking for some thing different and challenging and it looked like it would be. This was not the game that was advertised. The name is the same, but the game is not. I played it for several levels anyways thinking I might like it. I really gave it a chance, but it was the same type of thing over and over and over. I got bored; really, really, really bored! It is basically a mix of trivia and spelling bee type of thing. If you know trivia and you know how to spell the combination of those things repeatedly is the way this game goes. Oh and it’s also kind of a “hangman” thing. You will have only so many tokens to use to buy letters before it will force you to solve the puzzle. Then how well you score depends purely on how many letters you used (need to have lots of left over tokens) before you solve the puzzle and the luck of picking a high multiplier from cards that come out of a chest that you get once you win a round. Good luck if you decide to download it. Frankly, I wouldn’t bother. Oh one last thing; tons and tons of commercials! Way more than I normally encounter..Version: 1.119

Nothing like the adsNothing like the ads, totally different game. If you have to advertise it with something other than it actually is, then even you mustn’t think your game is any good 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 1.108

Too many adsI have just downloaded and started playing for half an hour but deleted it as the ads are ridiculous. I can deal with banners and a couple of ads a day but I can’t stand every single minute.Version: 1.119

Too many adsAfter the first round be prepared to be interrupted by ads after every play 🤦‍♀️ so frustrating. Deleting..Version: 1.119

Good game butFree version has way too many ads, I bought it to get rid of them but after a while you find 40% of the questions are disney related which makes it impossible for me knowing nothing disney, still wasn't too bad but an update now penalizes you for wrong letter guesses, which means you get no coins so soon enough you'll have to buy more to keep playing. Deleted game, moved on.Version: 1.125

How is the stars so high?This was a fun and challenging game, it really was. But as others have said the way too frequent ads is a major problem. I shouldn’t have to sit through a 45 second ad every time I solve a puzzle after about the sixth puzzle. You are forced to sit through a long 30 second ad and then it flips to another screen that counts down at least another 10 seconds after a long pause. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was closer to one full minute of ads after you solve every puzzle. After the third time of this I deleted the entire game and I have zero plans of ever installing it again. Other games seem to be able to run ads as a upper or lower banner so they don’t interfere with the gameplay. Why can’t this one? Long 30+ seconds ads are just hella annoying which is really a shame because I honestly was enjoying the game. But no, I am not going to decide to buy your game after only 6 to 10 puzzles to solve the ad problem and it’s not worth my while to sit through those painfully long ads. As I scroll down through the top 20 or 30 reviews am seeing a lot of one and two stars complaining about the exact same painfully long ads. So my question is how is the stars for this game so high?.Version: 1.125

DisappointedWhenever I click on to play a game, I click the coins, and as I’ve done that an ad comes up and then my app closes itself. So I have lost all my coins now. Fun but the ads and the app closing isn’t fun. I want my coins..Version: 1.116

Read the privacy statementBasically it is a game just yo collect and sell your data. A lot are and I could look past it if the game was good but it’s not. They have REALLY easy puzzles and an ad between each one. So you are watching 30 seconds of ads for every 10 sec of game play. There is also no real game involved. You can’t really lose and there is no benefit to winning. It’s like Hangman but super easy..Version: 1.119

Too many ads.Too many ads. I don't mind ads but not after every time you have a round..Version: 1.108

Insane amount of adsI totally get that you need ads but this is the worst of any game I have ever played. I tolerate the ads to see if I like a game and then if I do I buy it to remove the ads..but the ads are so much and after every win that I deleted the game. It’s a shame because I did kind of like it but when you spend more time waiting for an ad to clear then playing the actual game, it’s not worth it. Find another way developer. Total ad overkill.Version: 1.119

BadWhy do i need coins to play when I have to define what TYPE of cat like I’m not 94.Version: 1.125

AverageGood idea for a game but if you are not spending money on it you get a gambling add after each level. Terrible advertising and deleted again after 10 mins..Version: 1.119

Nothing like the adsI’m so tired of so many ads for games that pull you in with something interesting in the ads whereas the actual gameplay is NOTHING like the ads..Version: 1.119

Not what they advertisedDownloaded as the ad for this looked great. However the game is completely different to what was showed in the ad for this game and the constant advertisement in the game is ridiculous. Have now deleted this. Not worth it!.Version: 1.119

Not trivia and boringThis game is a absolutely nothing at all like the ad nor even like it’s name says. There’s no trivia to this, it’s like wheel of fortune, you just guess letters and see if they appear in the super easy second grader words and then guess the word which you can easily do after one or two letters. Bored after 4 or 5 words and deleted. Don’t waste your time especially if you’re expecting trivia of any type.Version: 1.125

Super excited to try this so I’m already going to give 3stars :)Super excited to try this so I’m already going to give 3stars :).Version: 1.125

Too many ads & puzzles repeatingAs others have said TOO MANY ads but this seems excessive. You have to click through 2 windows of ads between EVERY game. Also I’ve gotten so far now all the answers are repeating. Glad I didn’t pay for it. Otherwise it’s fun and kind of addicting. Sad there are no more new puzzles..Version: 1.125

Pathetic game, does not contain any of the advertised featuresPoor presentation is not what was shown on promo.Version: 1.108

PourritureCe jeux est une vrai pourriture..Version: 1.119

Falls advertisementGame is not what seen on the advertisement..Version: 1.119

Cant spare the time for adsThe game is only ok, although you do exercise your mind, not really exciting at all, then considering the frequent, very frequent, and multi more than frequent annoying ads you cant opt out of, I am deleting this game because I don't have the time for that, and super disappointed after seeing the star rating, NOT deserved so be warned..Version: 1.119

Constant adsAds between each level, if you try and quit the game and go back in, you gotta pay coins to continue… again. What’s worse is that there’s no mobile data option in the settings app for this app, which is against apple’s agreement (circumventing to hide settings).Version: 1.119

False AdvertisingHi Not a great game. The advert is so fake it comes up with a multiple choice quiz which immediately drawed me in. So I quickly downloaded the app. But I was already a little put off by some of the reviews. So anyway I went onto the app and it was where you fill in the letters to make a word. Absolutely not what the advert advertised. I gave this game 2 stars because it is an alright game but not great I wouldn’t recommend it and I am going to be deleting it. Sorry.Version: 1.116

Deleted after 10 MinutesThis game was so fun, for about 10 minutes. At first there are no ads which was odd. Then there was one here and there which was fine. But then they started popping up after every puzzle. It didn’t matter if the puzzle took me 5 minutes or 2 minutes. As soon as I collected my coins an ad would pop up. I ended up deleting after that. I waisted more time watching ads then I did actually playing..Version: 1.119

BlahAbsolute rubbish.Version: 1.116

Looks good but!To start with this game looked good, and I started to really enjoy it. However as I progressed it doesn’t like people that can actually guess the answer quickly, or just straight away. If you think you know the answer and hit solve before anything else, put your answer in, it has so far told me every time that I am wrong, I then get to watch and ad, and then start properly and then lo and behold it’s the answer I guessed at the beginning spelt how I had spelt it and I get to watch another ad. No thanks it’s not for me..Version: 1.130

Not greatStarts out ok but after a few puzzles an ad pops up at the bottom that blocks you from clicking the next puzzle button and will not disappear, on has the option to install another game. The puzzles don’t get any harder, you aren’t forced to use less points and it isn’t timed, in other words after a few puzzles it isn’t challenging. The most challenging part is picking the correct card to offset the amount paid to play a puzzle..Version: 1.116

Wayyyyyy too many adsWould be fun but ads after every round is ridiculous. Understand they keep the game free but it’s boring and impossible to play with this amount of long hard to close ads..Version: 1.119

Click bait / False advertising.Shame on you.Version: 1.119

False advertisementI really wish I would have read the reviews before downloading and wasting my time with this game. The multiple ads I’ve seen promoted a jeopardy style game with 90’s throwback themed categories and what I ended up playing is a knock off wheel of fortune game that was pretty disappointing. After ready responses from this app to the negative reviews addressing this issue, I see that is not an issue they seem to want to address..Version: 1.119

Far too many adsDecent enough game but had to delete as far too many ads.Version: 1.119

Way too many adsReally like the game itself, but between every puzzle you have to watch an ad. It drives me crazy..Version: 1.119

Not as advertisedI downloaded this game from an ad in another app, because it was trivia (like Jeopardy), but in reality, it’s more like Wheel of Fortune or hangman. The ads are a bit annoying, but the game itself is pretty easy to play..Version: 1.119

Stupide mise à jourOn n’augmente pas nos points, on va en diminuant. S’il y avait eu zéro étoile, c’est ce que j’aurais noté. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 1.125

Ads are nothing like the actual game.Ads are completely different than the actual game. I got to this app when an ad popped up on another game. Ad looked really good so I thought I’d check it out. It’s an ok game but don’t expect what the ad showed. Very disappointed.Version: 1.119

Francais ?!?On nous dit que le jeu est en français mais c’est en anglais..Version: 1.119

Good gameIt’s a good game but ads after level are too much. I stopped playing..Version: 1.119

AdsWho wants to play a game with ads after nearly every puzzle. Not paying yo have them removed…. Delete.Version: 1.119

Game is really fun however….As stated game is awesome, questions aren’t too difficult that you give up and aren’t too easy so you do have to think about then a little. Extremely fun. But really could do with less ads. It would have been a 5 start review if there wasn’t as much ads. Really really annoying when you are just wanting to relax and have a few games!.Version: 1.119

DisappointedI down loaded this app thinking it was a different sort of game. But it’s not what it was advertised. I’m not getting daily coins. I’m joined a team but never seem to find where the teams are. You just playing yourself.Version: 1.108

AdsWaaaaaaaay too many ads. Can’t be bothered.Version: 1.119

Too many adds that freeze gameThe game freezes because of too many adds. Most annoying..Version: 1.125

Filled with ads and nothing like it’s own adDownloaded this game after seeing its ad while playing another game (shocker I know). Much like 95% of games these days this one draws you in with a fake ad. The game looks NOTHING like the ad I saw. I expected a game similar to Jeopardy. Definitely not what I got. What I got was a pseudo fill in the blank game that was pretty dull. Worse, after about 10-15 rounds I was forced to watch an ad between each round. And since each round takes all of about ten seconds, I spent more time watching ads than playing the actual game..Version: 1.116

FALSE ADVERTISEMENTScrolling through instagram came up on ad downloaded game but its totally different from what the ad and video showed it to be if I could rate 0stars i would.Version: 1.125

Oh my got the adsI really enjoyed this game in the brief time I had it before I deleted it. I understand it’s free and therefore must include ads. An ad every one or two rounds is a little much but not too bad. The fact that there’s sometimes multiple ads in a row between rounds is annoying. But the fact that most of the ads when you have watched them until the timer runs out and then click to skip leads you just to more of the same ad. Ridiculous. Deleted. The only reason you got to start is because I was enjoying it up until then..Version: 1.125

Too many adsWay, way, way too many ads! The promotional ads for this game shows multiple choice questions. But oooooh noooo!!! It’s just fill in the blank boxes and watch more ads each time you need a hint. You can pay for no ads but I refuse to do that before the app convinces me it’s worth it, and this one definitely does not. Dr. Phil promotes this app on his show as being developed by one of his family members—well, Dr. Phil, you need to tell your “family member” he/she is only showing their greed. Stay away from this game until they can prove they a tree e more concerned about helping people have fun instead of filling their picks with money. Are you listening, Dr. Phil? Signed—A Very Disappointed Senior..Version: 1.125

Too many adsGood game to play but get bored quickly with an ad after every puzzle solve. Game deleted.Version: 1.119

Too many adsToo many ads actually make it boring. Also not the same as the ad. Will be deleting..Version: 1.119

Ads will make you delete the appCool game but the 15-20 second ads in between level is just too much..Version: 1.119

FAKE!!Don’t waste your time, this is a silly game where you only pick letters and solve a word or phrase, nothing else. It’s extremely boring and all the ads are completely fake! This should be banned, I’ll try reporting it to Apple..Version: 1.119

Too many adsLooked like I would enjoy this until after solving each answer an advertisement would pop up, yes after each solve 😡. Each ad lasted about 30 seconds. Then had the cheek to ask to pay to remove!! Would be ok without so many ads especially after every solve!.Version: 1.119

Not as advertised.I downloaded this game thinking it was trivia about 80s shows but got a totally different game. Very disappointed..Version: 1.119

Con ArtistsThis is advertised as a multiple choice quiz utilising graphics etc, when you start playing none of the advertised features exist, nothing more than a simple hangman game. Surely this type of false advertising is illegal, I’m surprised Apple allow this..Version: 1.119

Fun game but way too many advertsAfter every level you have to wait about 1 minute for an advert to play. I play games on my phone to pass time, and I felt I was spending too much time waiting to play it. Had to delete it..Version: 1.125

Disappointing, no use playing anymoreNumber of tokens to use has been reduced to 125, ridiculous. I won’t play anymore.Version: 1.116

Misleading and UnsatisfyingTotally misleading as it’s a different game to what was advertised. Gave it a go anyway but I don’t understand the concept of deducting 500 coins from the player’s balance (even though it says ‘Collect’, again another misleading factor) and having to watch an ad for playing each game. Not easy to earn coins as the coins won per game only marginally exceed (if at all) the 500 coins required to play each game. Have found on a few occasions that there’re errors loading the ad and got to restart the game and another 500 coins are deducted for playing a game (even though 500 coins had already been deducted for the next game prior to the ad’s loading error). Overall, a misleading and unsatisfying game to play. Would not recommend..Version: 1.119

Too many adsI played this game for 10 minutes and watched way too many ads. If you have time to watch an add after each time you play one quiz then good luck! Stop playing so many ads and you will get more users. I am offloading this app!!.Version: 1.119

Ads hellToo many ads. I can put up with ads in app games but not after EVERY answer. Yours playing for 30 seconds and watch an ad. Delete!!! Delete!!! Delete!!! You need ads to pay for the work you put in guys but you’re way too greedy.Version: 1.119

Most recent update ruined this gameThey recently released an update to change how stars and coins were earned, or at least changed how much you were allowed to earn. I am pretty good at this game, and there are some times where I get the best possible chest to choose my multiplier from and I STILL lose coins on the puzzle. They’ve made it super difficult to get stars for clubs for the same reason. I went from collecting 40,000 stars in 10/15 minutes, and now I’m lucky to have made 5,000 stars, no exaggeration. I will most likely be getting rid of this game due to the recent changes..Version: 1.125

Ridiculous ratio of level cost vs rewardReally like this game but the ratio of cost to play a level vs the reward is way out of proportion. It cost 500 coins to play one level vs 150 coin per win x for reward. This is outrageous. Trivia Star which I assume is same company costs 100 coins per level with reward of 50 coins per win x. Makes much more sense!.Version: 1.119

Too many ads, not the game as advertisedLike others have said, this is NOT the game as advertised, also like others have said, I still played anyway and soon became bored. Shame on you! This was a ploy with the intent to deceive. Deleting right when I am done here! Also, it was very strange when I decided to avoid the ads by closing the game, how my cell phone froze and wouldn’t let me exit! Kept trying to exit and when it wouldn’t, I had to shut my phone down. I also think this was no accident. Deceit, deceit, deceit! Goodbye..Version: 1.119

Good game ads are very annoying.Overall the game is good and the questions make you think. But the fact that you have at least a 30 second advert after every single question has put me right off. There is no need to have adverts non stop like that. If you want to keep people playing and have adverts then put an advert on every ten questions or something. That way people will be more inclined to keep playing. Sorry good game but I am going to delete it now..Version: 1.125

RidiculousYour game is definitely good fun however the ads are extra long and quite tedious.Version: 1.119

MisleadingWas playing candy crush when an ad for this game popped up. When I downloaded this app and started playing I realised it was a completely different game to what was shown to me. Would not recommend downloading.Version: 1.119

FreezingNot only do you have to pay to play each game but you also have to watch an ad, so it takes your “money” then plays the ad, but a lot of the time the ad freezes so you lose your “money” and can’t play for half an hour or so until it unfreezes. Then you repeat the cycle,.Version: 1.119

IrritatedGame wasn’t as advertised. Very annoying, how many hundreds of levels do you need to go through to get there. False advertising..Version: 1.108

Too many ads/not advertisedFirst the game wasn’t the same game advertised on another game. Second way too many ads. After level 25 the ads were after every single puzzle. The ads last longer than the puzzles. Solve the puzzle in 10 seconds, ad last for 30 seconds. I know you need them to be free for everyone, but making them purchase something to be without ads.. that’s just greed. TLDR; More ads than game. Uninstalling..Version: 1.125

Loved this game until the recent updateThis used to be a fun game, but the recent update just gives me anxiety. Watching the boxes check off when you’re guessing letters is unnerving. I’m sure it’s so you buy more jewels for hints, but geez, the game was good like it was. I would have given it 5 stars then..Version: 1.125

Not the advertised game.The advert was for a quiz game along the lines of Jeopardy. However when downloaded it is basically Hangman. Then there is adverts every 39 seconds.Version: 1.125

Lost my team!Been playing for months with a great team! Had an update and no longer on my team! Nor could I find my team!!! Made me realize that our friends we played with that “just disappeared “ had to have same thing happen! Does this game developer NOT realize there are pretty strong bonds between teammates! They must fix this! Am looking for my DREAMWEAVERS team with Keith(who was also lost) and 2 other’s that the developers figure this out and MAKE IT RIGHT!.Version: 1.130

Too many ads ruin itAfter every puzzle there’s yet another 30s add for various other apps. It ruins an otherwise great game to the extent that I’m about to uninstall it..Version: 1.119

Adverts are so aggressive on the free versionI had a couple of games & thought it was fun but the game gives it the hard sell by having so many adverts in it that I got so frustrated and am uninstalling it!.Version: 1.119

Game changeLiked the game until it changed to some stupid challenge. So boring now..Version: 1.125

ScamFor me it’s a scam when I play then I press play which I don’t know why it’s 500 to play then an add pops out then after when I try to press the x it doesn’t work then I have to go of it then go back again and I have my money gone! (Sorry if it doesn’t makes sense)!.Version: 1.119

Fun to play - no real cash rewardsI thought you could win real money but it is just coins so far. Another scam game like the rest..Version: 1.119

Pub pub pubInsupportable le nombre de pubs.Version: 1.119

Not what was advertisedThis is not a trivia game like was shown in the ad. You guess letters, not answer trivia questions. Also the coins game play was confusing. It would cost 500 coins to collect my prize? I couldn’t move on from that screen without collecting the prize so it cost me 500 coins to win. Mostly I’m angry that it’s not the game I was told it would be. I hate that. Boo on the people who made the ads..Version: 1.119

Cheap feeling and low quality.The answers seem to come form some basic ai. Very unfun.Version: 1.125

Too many ads!!App uninstalled.Version: 1.125

Ok gameI decided to give this a go and at first I thought it was great, but as I got a little further into the game I spent more time having to watch advertisements for other games instead of playing. Have now deleted it..Version: 1.119

Don’t purchase ad free versionThis game is fun. With the free version you get inundated with ads. But you can earn 660 free gems each day. Once you pay for the ad free version $5, you can only earn 180 gems per day. Gems are very valuable for the team. Paying these guys money severely impacts the ability to help your team. Do not give them money, put up with the ads or don’t play this game as the ads get very annoying..Version: 1.130

Bait and switchWhy does the game not match the game play that was in the advertisement?.Version: 1.119

AdvertsThis could be a great game, but there are adverts after every question unless you’re willing to pay £2.79 to get rid of them. Had to get rid of the app as it’s too annoying and I’m not prepared to pay for advert free..Version: 1.119

AdsGreat game fun…. BUT the ads like most games are over the top. You play for 1.5 mins then have to watch a 2 min ad every single time. It’s to bad. Don’t have patients for that many ads per min. Deleted!!!.Version: 1.119

OkThe game is good, BUT, the ads. So! Many! Ads! Seriously way too many. Complete a puzzle, watch an ad. Complete a puzzle, watch an ad. I understand the reason for having ads, but is it necessary to show an ad every single time a puzzle is completed? Maybe playing five puzzles and watch an ad would be ok, but I probably spend more time watching the ads than I do playing a puzzle. If you like ads, this app is for you!.Version: 1.125

Ad'sDon't mind the game, but an ad after every game is a put off. I will delete the app very soon.Version: 1.125

Not as advertisedNothing like video of game advertisements.Version: 1.119

False advertisingI really hate to get my hopes up for a game and get disappointed be its completely different from what was advertised smh. Although wheel of fortune is not bad I was definitely hoping for some 90’s trivia smh. Fun for people who like wheel of fortune and definitely had some good ones. I went to level 10 and there was definitely some fun but not what I wanted.Version: 1.119

Game has players that cheatBest part of the game it to join a team and league. However there are team who must be using hacks to cheat, it is evident by how they can score highly and quickly. Spoils it for honest players. Gamekeepers seem to not take immediate action when reported.Version: 1.125

So, so bad..Started off ok, nice quick rounds with some reasonable clues/answers. Then the ads started, and the clues got so inaccurate it became a joke to try and guess the answer. The clue they gave me was “Coffee Brand” The answer was apparently “Starbucks”? Didn’t realise Starbucks grew and sold coffee beans as their own but ok. Then somehow, even though I solved most of the answers early and didn’t use any clues, I ran out of money to play any more which is their way of forcing you to pay money to play the game. Just another typical piece of crap game that forces micro transactions. Wouldn’t bother with this waste of time..Version: 1.125

🙂 Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! Positive Reviews
Is Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! not working?

Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games!.

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