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Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! App User Positive Comments 2022

Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! app received 83 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about trivia puzzle fortune games!?

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Trivia Puzzle Fortune Games! for Positive User Reviews

TriviaTrivia. Great game, makes you think however I do not like the way you score. You should not have to chose a card if you answered the question correctly when you hit solve. Think about an extra point!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.125

Ads freezeI have been playing for about a month now, it’s a good fun game, just that there are a lot of Ads and most of the time the ad freezes and have to close the game..Version: 1.119

AmazingThis is a great game I love it so much fun great work anybody with out it get now.Version: 1.125

Trivia puzzlesVery addictive it’s amazing the things you can learn as well. Congratulations on an excellent game..Version: 1.119

GggIt’s a great game Hard to use your coins at over 500 a game and as a reward they give you between 200-800 So mostly your coins go down each game unless you guess right at bonus time.Version: 1.116

AddictiveThis game is fun and addicting..Version: 1.119

AmusantSimple mais intéressant j’aime bien.Version: 1.119

The gameThe game is nothing like the ad how come ??.Version: 1.119

Wheel of Fortune.Love this game, reminds me of that tv show, Wheel of Fortune. Just one question at a time suits me..Version: 1.119

AddictiveLove this game. Makes you think 🧐.Version: 1.125

A review on the trivia gameIt is very fun and it makes me like and watch different things that I didn’t even no of.Version: 1.119

Spelling made funFun game good for kids and adults.Version: 1.119

Great game for stimulating your brainThis game is so good at helping you think about words and stimulating your brain.Version: 1.130

FunFun.Version: 1.119

Trivia quizThis is an enjoyable and challenging game. Phantom.Version: 1.125

Trivia Puzzle fortuneWould anyone able to point me in the right direction on how to change my bet?.Version: 1.125

Letmegeton playing the gameYour interruption spoils the game go away.Version: 1.125

Fun GameI am addicted!!!.Version: 1.119

ExcellentHours of fun . Love it keeps my mind active.Version: 1.119

To: KarimaYou should play this game with me and you Hahaha just teasing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.Version: 1.119

Too many adsRe: Developers response. Agree, ads are a necessary. However this game has more ads than any other game I have played. And so often. I tend to pay for game after playing them a bit to see if I like them. Ads do not bother me while I’m am trying out a game. Unless I am bombarded with them like I was with this game. First comment: 0 to 1 star really. I get that there are going to be ads. But why so long, and after only a few seconds in, and constantly? Not even 3 minutes in and I’m deleting it. If it didn’t have so many ads so often, it would be a great free game..Version: 1.116

Great ConceptThe format is great, especially when you join a league it’s nice to be competitive. However, my one gripe is that some of the questions are only for US players, especially basketball & other US sports that the rest of the world don’t really know of care about..Version: 1.119

The game you want to playIt is very relaxing and easy to play . Educational as well. It helps to stop anxiety and relief stress . I have strong anxiety but playing this game it helped me to calm down and enjoy playing . Thank you Developer ..Version: 1.125

Love this app!!I play this app every night and really enjoy it and learn so much. Ten out of ten!!.Version: 1.119

Brilliant gameThis game is really fun to play really makes you think with great rewards 😀😀😀.Version: 1.125

Awesome ApplicationTrivia Puzzle Fortune is a great game to play when wanting to feel mentally stimulated while also wishing to have some fun. While it might be sort of silly to say, I often feel like I’ve learned a bunch of new information after playing Trivia Puzzle Fortune and look forward to doing it again. The game design is straight-forward and there are multiple ways to keep yourself entertained. In my opinion, it’s a great application and I’m really happy to have downloaded it..Version: 1.125

Movie TriviaGreat quiz lots of fun different subjects really love it.Version: 1.116

The best gameI really enjoy it.Version: 1.125

AnnonceTrop d’annonce.Version: 1.119

Good GameI have 2 problems with the game it freezes a lot and to many ads, so I'm losing interest 🙁.Version: 1.125

Best mind gameThis is one of the best mind games I’ve played yet. Entertaining with a twisted challenge that’s super fun. Not only are you killing time, your keeping your mind sharp at the same time. This game is must try for me, I like it!!.Version: 1.119

TriviaNeed to be able to get more gems.Version: 1.125

GameLove this game great for family to join in.Version: 1.119

Great game👍👍.Version: 1.125

Great game!Great way of passing the time and learning at the same time! Excellent!.Version: 1.116

Good StuffGo to the Apple Store! They have top of the line in I phones. They also have the best staff, who can teach you every thing you need to know about using the device! Browse about the store for the finest in accessories for your new I phone. What a find! You will become a customer for purchase of the newest I phone for life with each new model that Apple releases!.Version: 1.125

Great game, but Brits beware!I absolutely love this game. It’s a simple concept that is constantly challenging and rewarding. Only given it 4 stars coz it has a fair share of Americanisms, not all of which people in U.K. or Europe would immediately guess. My main criticism of this is that what answer will be immediately apparent to US players, will not be to others. This brings your score down. Still, we live AND learn, and the on the whole the game is hugely enjoyable!.Version: 1.130

Re gameGreat game to help you relax and help.s you with your spelling.Version: 1.119

Good gameLove this game. Keeps the mind going but can't stand the ads. So I'll probably stop playing.Version: 1.119

TriviaGreat game sure makes u think.Version: 1.119

Super SiteWe are enjoying this site as it challenges our Brain Power and causing our thinking hats to become sharper. We really enjoy completing the puzzles and this really great site..Version: 1.125

Enjoyment n mind alertI enjoy the different games I get from app I’m a widow even when I’m in the hospital laying in the hospital bed I can use my phone and play games to try to keep me busy but I love this game also.Version: 1.125

Great gameI really like it at the start where you have to spell out letter a bit like hangman lol 😂 but I do think they could of just of gone straight on to the guessing apps one but still I really like it it’s a really good game and I highly suggest that you play the game So I give it a 4 star rating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.125

Great game for hours and days of fun.Good choices, super friendly and fun.but I pulled one Star because of too many commercials. Still a lot of fun!.Version: 1.125

GameIt is a fun game, keeps you thinking..Version: 1.119

Great gameEasy to play although a bit confused about scoring.Version: 1.116

ConsiderationThis is a fun game that I enjoy playing! I know that we can watch videos to earn gems and realize the importance of that; however, could it be taken into consideration that we also be able to purchase gems as well or share with team members? Thank you kindly for the consideration..Version: 1.125

GameThis game plays like wheel of fortune. If you like Wheel, you’ll like this..Version: 1.119

The bestThe best app ever.Version: 1.119

Beast modeAwesome game I’m hooked.Version: 1.125

TriviaReally good to keep the mind active. Try & stay sharp.Version: 1.125

Nice gameIt’s a nice game but childish.Version: 1.119

Fun and interestingGreat games keeps your mind active and engaging.Version: 1.116

Fantastic gameI’ve only been playing for like ten minutes and I’m already addicted enough to be writing this review. I don’t usually write reviews but seriously, download it. Addicting and barely any adds, which I love.Version: 1.119

Trivia Puzzle FortuneI absolutely love this game! Trivia puzzle fortune is challenging and fun! I also love the competition part by trying to outscore other leagues!!! I wish that there wasn’t so many ads but I totally understand why the ads are necessary..Version: 1.119

My Favorite!This is absolutely my favorite trivia game! The low cost of going ad free is TOTALLY worth it! The game isn’t frustrating like some games, it’s just hours and hours of fun and relaxation….everything about it my mind is perfect..Version: 1.125

Easy to play. Good varietyDefinitely worth a go.Version: 1.119

Very addictiveCan’t stop playing this game.Version: 1.116

TriviaI enjoy this particular app, because it makes me think and assures me that my memory is still going strong! It’s fun! I just wish that the bonuses were a little bit more enticing..Version: 1.130

GameIt’s a lot of fun plus keeps this 69 year old brain of mine working 😂.Version: 1.130

Pay to play??This is a fun game, I paid for the no ads, it’s only a one time $3.99 fee. My issue is that to play it, it costs you 500 coins! There is no way to get ahead in the game. It says Collect Your Reward 500, but when you click on it, it COSTS you the 500 to play again! That is just plain stupid. So if you are a person who just wants to play a word game, play this, but if you want a game with actual rewards, this is not for you. It doesn’t even show what you can use the stars for, the gems are for hints, but what are the stars for? It’s says nothing in the how to play area..Version: 1.119

I like this game so 4 starsIt helps me learn about things i don’t know about but my kids don’t think it it easy and they even say it is a little hard for them so 4 so are are necessary for this game. But on the other hand the rest of my family loves this game even my dad and doesn’t like many games for people he plays games for pets some how that is a thing.Version: 1.125

ReviewBit of change from my wordle addiction.Version: 1.125

Col game love itJust love this game it’s fun.Version: 1.119

Too easyToo easy.Version: 1.119

Really funReally fun.Version: 1.125

TriviaIt is fun!!.Version: 1.119

Brian workingGood game to get your brain working and challenging.Version: 1.119

Trivia game stimulating and relaxing fun to play 👵🏻🇦🇺.Version: 1.116

FunFun game.Version: 1.119

Very goodGood game.Version: 1.119

HoofartedOh it’s absolutely smashing I like nowt better to come home & pull my pants down and have a go on this trivia game finger my bob so get it now before they sell out.Version: 1.119

I love this game!This game is so much fun - it’s just the right combination, not too hard not too easy. I look for games that are kind of in the middle like that so thanks! I’m a senior so the hardest ones are usually pop stars or actors, but even then it’s usually someone reasonably well Known and I can eventually get it before I run out of tokens or hints. Thanks again for a well designed game..Version: 1.125

Love itMost of the questions I am able to get (even though I am not a trivia buff) and the ones I cannot get, while I may lose the bonus, it is not the end of the world. This challenge is my mind and I have fun doing it..Version: 1.125

Trivia Fortune PuzzleI really am enjoying the game and I can get by with the ads not a big deal. But I do have one question, what is the purpose of collecting stars? I know you get coins and I know you get gems and I know what they’re used for but I’ve yet to see a purpose for the stars and I’ve accumulated a lot of them. Can somebody please advise me on this? Thanks in advance..Version: 1.116

Just startingSo far it’s pretty ok. I don’t enjoy all the ads. It gets annoying. I also am getting a little cranky learning what all the “boosters” mean, what they do and when use them but I am choosing to hang in there. No money so far which is a plus for me!.Version: 1.125

TriviaGreat game - very enjoyable - quite intelligent and makes Yu try hard to solve in as using fewer moves. Can recommend highly..Version: 1.119

MeFantastic game! Specially when I am sat up in bed relaxing playing it!.Version: 1.116

A mustLove this game makes you think !.Version: 1.119

Fun, fun, fun…Surprisingly fun. Just starting out but enjoying the time I am wasting rather than dealing with life.Version: 1.119

TriviaLove the game. It challenges me..Version: 1.125

Just BeginningI played the first 4 games & even though I’m just beginning this game, I’m thoroughly impressed. This game reminds me of another game I played years & years ago called Hangman. This certainly is a “thinking” game!.Version: 1.119

Great GameI am loving this Games so exciting every level😊.Version: 1.125

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