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Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D App User Negative Comments

Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D app received 114 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about count masters: crowd runner 3d?

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Ridiculously too many adsThe number of ads in this game is actually disgusting. You’ll watch an ad every 20 seconds or so..Version: 1.6

AdsWhy do u have so many GODDAM ADS, it ruins the fun. If you’re going to have ads can u make it so you don’t have to watch 1 every single time u beat or lose a round.Version: 1.6

AdsIs it necessary to have an ad after every level. More ads than gameplay.Version: 1.6

So. many. adsHonestly, I’m kinda sad. This game’s pretty cool and a fun concept, but the outrageous number of ads is a huge turnoff. It seems like I can’t play for thirty seconds without being interrupted..Version: 1.6

Très déçueLe jeu en soit est chouette mais jouer 20 sec pour 30 sec de pub entre chaque game c’est vraiment ordinaire. J’ai joué 5 minutes et je supprime...Version: 1.6

Let us pay!A mildly diverting game for which I’d pay 99p if it didn’t have adverts..Version: 1.6

Ads after every levelWaste of time watching pointless ads after each level - boring !! 1 star as there’s no option for zero stars.Version: 1.6

Too many adsLike the game but a level takes about 10 seconds then every level has an ad. Too many..Version: 1.6

Too many advertsCool game but seriously do you need so many adverts? One after each level 👀.Version: 1.6

Fun but…Fun game but a 30 sec ad you can’t slip after every level that might last 10 secs is way too much..Version: 1.6

ControlsSo idk what it is but it won’t let me get far enough over without losing half of the guys I have, it’s not exactly fun when I go from 136 down to 63 and then the other guys have literally 64-71 guys.Version: 1.6

Good except for the constant vibrationsThis is one of those games where they decide to make your phone vibrate every time you do something in the game. the difference being in this one, there’s literally no way to shut it off?? so it’s borderline unplayable due to that :// (ads aren’t a problem if you just turn off your wifi and data).Version: 1.6

AppetizerAll you need to know is you will watch more advertisements for other games than actual time playing this game..Version: 1.6

Wait for it…Ads…wait for it…after…wait for it…every…wait for it…level..Version: 1.6

Too many adsNot a good enough game to justify 10 seconds of game play for 30 seconds of ads. Uninstalled after 4 levels.Version: 1.6

AdsIf you like to spend your time watching ads more than playing a game then this is for you.Version: 1.6

BRUH WAY TO MANY ADDS 😡Okay so umm well I’ve seen a lot of reviews abt too many adds and it’s TRUE why wont u just listen to the ppl u just ignore them and if there’s way to many adds in a game ppl are gonna start deleting it and ur HORIIBLE WAY TO MANY ADDS GAME is gonna die.I am just saying what’s in the future if u don’t fix this problem 😤.Version: 1.6

Too many adsIt’s like a add magnet every level ads anything u do there are add some u can’t even skip.Version: 1.7

Tired of adsPros: Pretty chill game, time killer. If you’re bored or looking for chill game to play this is good for you Cons: Wanna play game? Watch ad. Wanna get new skin? Watch ad. You won lvl and want to proceed to next one? Watch ad. Way to many ads and this is what made me delete this game. Don’t say that this is free game if you are “forcing” users to watch your ads every 5seconds.Version: 1.6

Ads with small gameBasically you download ADS with game 🤬 You can't be a great developer if you just thinking about the money !! make great game, make me happy with it, give me more by adding skins, special things and more !! i'll pay for you, that's it. you don't want to spend more time by working on great games, you want the money ASAP, and that's wrong, trust me 👌.Version: 1.6

Crippled with advertsNot a very smooth game... Concept is good but level are very short and sooooooo many ads. Get annoying. Uninstalled the game after playing for 5 minutes..Version: 1.6

Too many adsThere are 2 ads after each round..Version: 1.6

More ads than game playWay too many ads. Spend more time watching ads than playing. Levels so short that fun wears off quickly.....Version: 1.6

Ad after adRubbish tbh,just ad after ad after every level.Version: 1.6

To many ads!Ads are fine, after all the game is free, however, when they are after every level it makes the game less interesting. Remove some of the ads, please..Version: 1.6

UghLots of ads. Amount of soldiers you can get is predetermined so the bonuses at the end mean nothing. Repetitive with almost no challenge. Only challenge is when it makes you replay a level because it sets you up to fail the first time..Version: 1.6

Insulting amount of ads and a poor gameInsulting amount of ads with no way of removing them. What a cash grab. Poor progression, no endless mode, bad graphics even for a simple style. Don’t waste your time or support this developer..Version: 1.6

Good if you like 10,000 adsTo many ads - the ads actually last longer than each round it’s stupid Deleted.Version: 1.6

MehI was playing it and all the sudden it just froze idk if it still is but like why fix the bug and also SO much commercials! I understand that you need commercials in an app but that was a little to much..Version: 1.6

To many adsIn this game every time you complete a level there is 2 ads I really don’t care and they just keep on bugging you so that is why I am rating this 1 star now I have deleted this game because it is truly trash.Version: 1.6

Too many adsAds after every level. Deleted..Version: 1.6

Not bad butToo many ads.Version: 1.6

AnnoyedReally enjoy the game!! However no matter how many people I collect, I can never get a score higher than 6.2x.Version: 1.5.1

Ugh adsThe game is really fun but ads after every level is excessive. I spend more time in ads than playing the game..Version: 1.6

Not as fun as it could beIt is impossible to make it to the top of the stair case and is just so annoying because it would be so satisfying to make it to the top of the staircase and have a mini game to play or something I believe that it is a little under developed.Version: 1.6

Too many adverts.I know free games come with adverts but this is over the top. It’s more advert than game. After every level there’s two adverts..Version: 1.6

THE ADSThe amount of ads is ridiculous and they show you score you can’t acutely achieve it just appears after every game as if you can improve but you can’t because the skill level required is so low there is an ad after every game the game last maybe 2mins and then you have 2mins of ads and small x’s you can’t click.Version: 1.6

BadWay too many ads 1 ad after each level and my phone won’t stop vibrating when I play.Version: 1.6

Too many adsIt’s a good game but there are WAY too many ads.Version: 1.6

Deleted because of AdsI get ads are important, but after every level? The ads take longer than the levels so it was deleted sharp. Shame as a cool concept game..Version: 1.7

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 1.6

Ads….. ughI absolutely despise ads. I can’t find a way to pay a $1 or $2 to disable them. If it weren’t for the ads it might be okay..Version: 1.6

So many adsIve never seen so many ads in a game. All 30sec too!.Version: 1.6

LoadingI like the game but it took ages to download + it’s very laggy for me.Version: 1.6

Could be funInsanely short levels with an ad at the end of each one. Insane number of ads in this game..Version: 1.6

Boring 🙄🙄This is a great game.. at the start but once you play the game for a while it starts getting really boring. I feel that if you mabey added some more extra levels this could be really fun! Like if you made it online but you can choose if you want to only. And then 2 teams face each other because that I feel like would make the game much more fun! But when I’m board this is fun to play to pass time. Don’t mean to hurt your feelings. I know your trying. But please make this game more fun. Sorry 😞.Version: 1.6

Ad timeI spend more time setting my phone down to let adds play then I do playing..Version: 1.6

Good butThis is a very good game but there are way too many adds like after every level and they don’t even switch the adds so I’m basically spending half my time playing this game watching the same adds Please less adds.Version: 1.6

Too many adsToo many ads, so annoying..Version: 1.6

Good game but…The game is good but has way too many ads, therefore I shall keep it at a one star rating until ads are reduced.Version: 1.6

2/10Game: simple. Time waster After every single level: ADS. Every single level! Unreal..Version: 1.6

Too many adsLove this game but way too many ads - at start ofevery level and sometimes additional 1-2 per level - appreciate the developers have to make money but deleting until there is a paid version..Version: 1.6

Lots of adverts disguised as a game!The adverts last longer than the levels! One short level one long advert and repeat! I really do think it’s a very clever way of getting you to watch adverts, as the saying goes .. a wolf in sheep’s clothing!.Version: 1.6

Too many ads to enjoy gameI understand that the developer has to make money but adverts after every round is very annoying. Not an enjoyable experience which is a shame as it’s a fun game to play. I will be deleting as there are others game out there that are just as fun but have far lass adverts..Version: 1.6

EI spend more time looking at ads then I do playing the game but it is still good.Version: 1.6

Advert machine not a gamePlay 1 10 seconds level have to sit through a 30 second advert . Insta uninstall.Version: 1.6

TerribleI get ads almost all the time and everytime I do a level I can never get enough people to even go above 5x score because the game sets you up for failure because this game sucks complete dog d¡ck.Version: 1.6

More Adverts than game.Disappointing that the short levels are sandwiches by long adverts that add no value to your progress. Completely disproportionate to the game play..Version: 1.6

Why?I was playing and all of a sudden text shows up saying “what would you rate this app” I then half my guys you guys are ridiculous utterly ridiculous and their are far to many adverts step up the game.Version: 1.6

Waste of time.Don’t waste your time even downloading this crap. Literally 5 seconds of game play to ads on ads..Version: 1.6

I got boredThis was fun at first but nothing much changes as you proceed through the levels..Version: 1.6

HiTo many ads its not worth it.Version: 1.6

Waste of time3sec of game.. then full screen ads.. more ads than game time.. pointless.. deleted after a min.Version: 1.6

Quickly boring, unchallenging and uninterestingOnce you’ve played one level you’ve played them all. They never get any more challenging or interesting. Clearly a cheap attempt by the devs to bring in ad revenue.Version: 1.6

Too Many AdsAd at the bottom of gameplay and in between every single round. Not to mention you can earn coins/rewards but cannot access then unless you watch more ads. Not worth the time..Version: 1.6

Too many ads and bugs in programAds every 30sec and when returns to game it freezes and won’t play. Deleted app as no good.Version: 1.6

Great little game with too many adsDrastically reduce the ads or offer a $1.99 ad free version. Has potential but almost unplayable in its current state..Version: 1.6

Too many adsPlay the game for 15 seconds and watch the ads for 30 seconds…. Is it is not too much? What is?.Version: 1.6

NoThis game is fun but when I got into the game all the numbers were upside down, and when I wAs listening to music while playing that game it cracks do NOT get this game.Version: 1.6

My personal review on this gameAs an adult some games aren’t very good. Last week my daughter asked if she could download this game to me and I told her she could. The next day she came to me and said she wanted me to have a go. I played a round and I loved it! I downloaded it on my phone and played it when I wasn’t working. I enjoy this game so much and I hope you like it too. Xxx.Version: 1.6

Not bad but way to many adsWell the game itself is very simple and I guess fun but there’s way too many ads. Every time I complete a level there’s like 2 ads. Also the math on this game is just... I had 47.. people? And I walked into x100 and it said it was 147 -_- not 470 like it actually is. 147. I just- Overall not a bad game but too many adds.Version: 1.6

Fun game ruined by frequency of advertisementsYou will spend more time watching advertisements than playing the game. Which is a shame because the game is fun but the amount of ads ruin the whole experience..Version: 1.6

AdsTo many ads but good concept.Version: 1.6

Ads are 3x longer than actual game play!!!There is an ad between every game, each ad is 3x longer than the actual game! You spend more time watching the ads than playing the game. Now deleted from my phone..Version: 1.6

Waste of timeCompletely riddled with ads. Looks like a fun game but 80% of the time is watching ad after ad after ad..Version: 1.7

It’s ok but..The ads are to much, I mean I got an ad while changing my colour, also the levels are way too short considering you get an ad after the first level or second, overall it’s boring and the levels are like 30 seconds long, it’s honestly a pretty bad game, I like the idea but it needs more options and more things in general, as a game creator myself I rate this a one star, I would suggest the following options if you want to get players -Background colour option -Player colour option (no ads while changing) -longer levels -more details -less ads -more in game currency purchases Also the whole “free purchase with ads” thing should only be used IF the player does not have enough money, because what if the player has enough money but it only gives the player the option to watch an ad to buy it, I hope you consider at least some of these ideas but as of now the game is horrible. Thank you.Version: 1.5.1

ADSADS are everywhere. Can’t enjoy it as there seems to be an ad after completing a game..Version: 1.6

Keeps freezingIt’s bad enough that we have to watch ads after EVERY level but the fact that it freezes amd doesn’t return to the game makes it unplayable.Version: 1.6

Advertising nightmareConstantly being bombarded with advertisements at the end of every level.Version: 1.6

Cute but AnnoyingI played 10 levels and was immediately struck by the fact that obstacles are unavoidable due to the fact that your crowd cannot squeeze past them without losses. That annoyed me to no end considering that the end bonus depends on how many you have. No matter which gates I take to maximize my numbers, spikes and other obstacles shave off a chunk and no amount of swiping or maneuvering avoids them. It isn’t poor decisions that cost you, it’s just the way the game works. That coupled with the repetitiveness quickly lost its appeal..Version: 1.6

To many adsIts a fun game just the ads ruin it i dont play because its more in ads then actual game time each level takes 20 secs to complete around and ads are 30 secs each level not really fun.Version: 1.6

Bad adsDoesn’t seem to be a way to contact anyone regarding disgusting ads.Version: 1.6

Bad game, triple the amount of ads as game timeYou’ll play 5 seconds of game then get 30 seconds of commmercials. Just another scam of an app spending millions on ads..Version: 1.6

Way too many advertsAn advert after every short level. How can anyone put up with it? It drove me mad after 2 minutes.Version: 1.6

AdvertsWe live in a world where adverts are an integral part of society and as such app developers need to earn money from them. I get that. But this game has far too many of them. Adverts across the bottom of the screen permanently, plus an advert after every “level”, it gets tedious. Reduce the adverts (not completely, but at most like every 3 levels or so, given how quick they go by)..Version: 1.6

Why this game is badIt has way to much adds but it’s a actual fun game but after you do one thing ad it as after ad after ad this game is bad.Version: 1.6

Impossible to get over 6.0 multiplierThe game is... decent, not great but yknow, mobile games dont tend to be but why is there multipliers at the end of the level that go above 6x if you physically CANNOT get enough people to do it they all either die randomly or get killed by spikes as the levels are so narrow.Version: 1.6

To many adsCould be a good time killer but ads after every level a bit boring spend more time watching adverts than playing.Version: 1.6

How is this #1Bored of it within about 10 mins. Zero gameplay, ads every level. Avoid..Version: 1.6

Way too many adsThe concept is really fun but there are way too many ads and it causes the game to lag as well as overheat my phone (I’ve got an iphone 7). The ads just make it unbearable Idk why you have to have that many. Deleted it after reaching level 4 because it’s so awful.Version: 1.6

Not a bad game butIt’s playable and fun to play. However, the color wheel is ridiculous. I don’t like the hole X amount of times to change my character’s color randomly then having an ad to change it afterwards. I want the power to pick the color I want for my character instead of having a single random chance it might happen with the wheel..Version: 1.6

Not the best gameI like the game idea but there are WAY to may adds there is one before a level in the complete middle of one for some reason witch makes me loose all my little dudes and then one after each level not only that the game is super laggy and I have and iPhone 11 with really good wifi if they have less adds and less laggy game I would give this a 5 star.Version: 1.6

WhackWaaay too many ads...for a retarded kids game...literally ads every stage and level...not worth it....I hope the developers get Covid and dies in their sleep as punishment......Version: 1.6

Bearable if you cut its internet accessThe ads are insufferable and frequent. But, if you cut the app’s cellar access and turn off WiFi, you’ll get a few minutes out of it..Version: 1.6

Bad game worse adsBad game worse ads they added ads every minute and didn’t put a second into making it. DONT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.6

AdsGood game but just stop with the ads you watch more ads then play the actual game plz don’t take it personally.Version: 1.6

Worse game everGameplay fine but ads completely ruined it. Will NEVER be playing again until the stupid developers put a NO AD option in 0/0 <— worse game ever Developers should be ASHAMED of themselves!.Version: 1.6

Not bad, but ads are extremeI don’t mind seeing’s part of the experience, but to have an ad after EVERY level and sometimes an ad to spin the color’s a little ridiculous. A few ads are fine...that many makes the game unplayable. Would never spend money on a game that does this..Version: 1.6

Still have annoying adsPromise no ads, yet still have..Version: 1.6

Poorly optimizedGood idea but it’s poorly optimized it heats my so much and is laggy beyond belief.Version: 1.6

Ads have sounds with sound offWhenever an ad plays, it has sound, even though the sound is turned off.Version: 1.6

Killed by amount of ads.The game is okay (not great) but it’s even worse when there’s an ad every 2 games. And for some context. Each game lasts roughly 25 seconds so you get a ad about every minute. I for the life of me will never understand why companies spend time developing games just to load them up with a crazy amount of ads making them unplayable..Version: 1.6

No ChoiceSometimes you have no choice but to lose some traps you cant slow down or anything and you end up losing 90% of your runners idc ab ads get ur bread or whatever but you need to add a slow down feature cus off one level alone i will delete this app u stg.Version: 1.6

Great game BUTThis is a really good game HOWEVER am ad every time you complete a level. I understand developers need to get an income but EVERY level. Have to delete it!!!!.Version: 1.6

Nothing is happeningSame thing happening over and over again, not even getting any harder. in 20 minute I unlocked every skin just to find out that they are doing nothing. and in this 20 minute, 5 minute I was watching ads….forgot to mention, this game has zero sound effects, no music no nothing…what a joke and it is n1 in category? what a degradation of standards….ads in very hole, no story or path to evolve, no nothing, its for dumb kids only..Version: 1.6

Advert overloadAds after each round. You’ll be watching Ads longer than playing the game. 100% AVOID!.Version: 1.7

Good game but 1 small issueI really like this game, it’s pretty addictive but my only problem is some hazards are unavoidable and will kill your guys no matter how you manoeuvre them. If this gets fixed to be more fair I’ll change my rating to give it more stars..Version: 1.6

TOO MANY ADDSDownloaded and quite enjoyed it but deleted within 5 minutes as you get an add about every 30 seconds.Version: 1.6

WHAT THE HECKThis game sucks it has wayyy to many adds in it and these stupid saw thing the thing you use to cut wood always KILLS ALL OF MY GUTS ITS IMPOSSIBLE also to the people just turn off your wifi and you’ll have 0 adds but still I don’t like this game.Version: 1.6

Let us pay to remove ads!The game is cool... but WAY too many ads! Let us have the option of paying to remove them..Version: 1.6

Too many adsActually quite a fun game but there are so many ads that I gave up on playing.Version: 1.6

Way too many ads.The constant ads interrupting this game made me delete it..Version: 1.6

Disgusting amount of ads!Not recommend because there is a disgusting amount of ads and meaning that as soon as I opened the app there was a stupid ad I see all the time! Also it is just a wast of time because you purposely get killed. Not recommend. Wast of time and bad amount of ads!.Version: 1.6

Not badAds annoying. All the time.Version: 1.7

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D.

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