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Beat Master! app received 36 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about beat master!?

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Loooong Ads, Boring Gameplay, SexistLong mandatory ads after every tired mini game. And after each ad your mandatory girlfriend needs you to “show her” how much you love her by buying her an expensive gift. They constantly want you to upgrade to a new girlfriend. It’s gross, and grossly boring. Oh and there’s no rapping or beats to be found. Don’t bother..Version: 1.1

I do not like itIt is nothing like it says it just focus on the boyfriend girlfriend thing and it is just boring.Version: 1.1

It’s barley even a rap gameYou only get to rap like every 25 levels- you play a bunch of mini games that are boring and repetitive in between and get a long ad after every single one of them. And the best part is by the time you get to the 2nd rap it’s literally the same as the first one. And then it just repeats and says it’s the next level. This is genuinely a terrible game. It would have been more fun if it was actually just doing the rap battles but they took that outta the picture and ruined it. It has so much potential if it takes the mini games out and just makes it a rapping game like it was intended..Version: 1.1

Absolute trash.Why after every level, you build more and more to get a girlfriend? It’s just sexist. By the time you do get a “girlfriend” there comes an option screen we’re you could do weird things to her, not something you’ll want to teach children. This “getting a girlfriend” is just another way of saying that women are trophies men have to get, and flaunt. Has anyone her learned that women are much more than that??? Therefore.. game's absolutely horrible, another way for misogynistic men to get what they want..Version: 1.1

Beyond TerribleDo Not Download This Game! It is just one giant advertisement for other games, and is literally no fun... Don’t quit your day job, creator of this game! Zero Star Review..Version: 1.1

Worst game ever👎🏾Here are the 2 reasons I don’t like this game. 1. I saw the game ad, and thought it would be only raps so I downloaded it. Then when I got to level 5, and 7 there was no rapping! I kept on playing level after level, and all there was were mini games! 2. The girlfriend options, are wayyyy too older for kids at age 12 and under! Do u think parents, are gonna approve of this game?! No!! They. Will. Not. In conclusion, u really need to fix this game..Version: 1.1

Plain out boring, repetitive and just weirdI downloaded this game and played for a few minutes and it’s just the worst not even a rap game. You rap once and then the rest of the time you are sorting, fixing or matching stuff and the rest of the time you get a bunch of long adds for other games. Not to mention the “get a girlfriend” part it’s just really weird on what you can do. You get three options to pick to do but before that you have to buy the girlfriend things to make the “love meter” go up and once it’s up you can do one of three options. 1. Kiss her 2. Undress her 3. She twerks at your character This is plain weird considering your aiming this at 12 year olds I highly suggest you do not download this game. Like I said it’s boring, repetitive and plain weird.Version: 1.1

Racist sexist and homophobicThis app is appalling you have to have to do it with your girlfriend and buy her things so she would do it with you there is not an option to have a boyfriend instead you’re carecter can not be a girl and the body guard is a black man who has to throw himself in the air so your carecter a white boy won’t get hit my a can DO NOT PLAY.Version: 1.1

TrashNothing like it was supposed to be..Version: 1.1

Too many ads and very inappropriate.The game has way too many ads; and it’s not appropriate. The reason why it is not appropriate; is because of the things it is teaching people. One; females are just gold diggers and all they want is money and objects. Two; THERE’S A FREAKING BUTTON THAT MAKES THE FEMALE TWERK. NO. JUST NO..Version: 1.1

EhhhhhSo at first it looks like fun but then you get two like level 3 and your just organizeing things not rapping I thought it would be fun but no.Version: 1.1

To many adsThis game isn’t anything like the ad I got. It’s boring and you have to watch super long ads after everything you do. DONT GET THIS GAME.Version: 1.1

GarbageWhen I saw the game it looked fun but when I got it was fun but then I gets some things from other games and you he’d a girlfriend and make her do stuf which is sextis and stupid.Version: 1.1

Game is false advertisingThe game add makes it seem like a game that you have to make Rhythm and rhymes but not at all that’s the first two mission then it’s a boring mini games to impress your girlfriend.Version: 1.1

Just a terrible gameJust a terrible game don’t download.Version: 1.2

Very annoyingThis game is straight up stupid. Like u don’t even get to rap and it says it’s. Rapping game. And u have to do all these stupid levels that are nothing related to what the games title. Like u can rap again after many levels. Very very stupid. SCAM!!!!!! Very dumb. Who made this game. Who ever did. He/she is dumb. Like no cap..Version: 1.2

Not worth it...This game is nothing like the ad. Wasn't expecting any of this at all especially the girlfriend 💀.Version: 1.1

Ads after every actionToo many ads. Looks like tgey have bots falsely bumping up the ratings. Gameplay weak.Version: 1.1

Barely rapping 😠The game is good but you Dont get too rap that much theres just mini games in the ad there was a lot of rapping but when you get the game there is barely any rapping.😒.Version: 1.1

Ads are annoyingAdds take a whole lot of time to get off like I can barely play one game and have to watch 2 full ads after smh..Version: 1.1

TrashDo not download this game if you are under 13 it inappropriate you can twerk undress and not even is a beat it’s a multiple things.Version: 1.2

To many addsI give this a one star because there is to many adds like every mini game you do is an add and the add are really long.Version: 1.1

❤️I farted..Version: 1.2

This is horrible,waste of time,Do Not buyThis game was somewhat fun for 20 seconds but every 30 seconds there’s an ad.Version: 1.1

😐😐😐You only do the rap thing once until you get to the endless boring mini games it’s not worth to downloading..Version: 1.1

Terrible, misleadingThere was only one level of rapping. The first mini game you play is rhyming, the rest are unrelated and stupid. This had so much potential but it is wasted and constantly plagued with ads. Why advertise the game with rhyming when it isn't prominently present in the game? Also the girlfriend subplot is completely unnecessary and objectifying. Gross game..Version: 1.1

PLEASE DONT WASTE YOU TIMEIt's ADDS every 30 seconds or less, it's a waste, if they laid off the adds and let people play for 2 minutes it's could have a chance 😡.Version: 1.2

Decent but...So the 1st 2 levels are the rap battle thing as advertised but then it goes off and has loads of simple and short challenges where there are Ads after every single level you complete. It also relies on Ads so you can get $300 extra for free to spend on your variety of girlfriends cause the money you get from doing levels and then unlocking the girl which is a one time chance before it changes the girl you can get with. You can unlock/replace other girlfriends playing 3-4 levels and then watching yet another Ad to fully unlock them. It’s a pretty fun and entertaining game but doesn’t Advertise the other aspects of the game and way too many Ads..Version: 1.2

Y’all call this a game?I downloaded this and it is by far the worst game i’ve ever played. Absolutely filled with adds and forces you to get a girlfriend that does nothing for you. I found it very boring like a good 2/10 game. I don’t recommend downloading it 🤡🤡.Version: 1.1

👎🏻I don’t understand how this app has more then one star. The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is boring and repetitive, and there’s a advertisement every time you finish a level. Plus, your girlfriend in the game ends up stealing all your money 😐.Version: 1.1

This is badThe game only lets you rap like twice and it’s dumb and will melt your so bad so many different not so many only the mini games.Version: 1.1

BoringSo where do I start at first what kind of game is this the raping is bad the music and everything else and who ever made this game don’t make NO MORE !!!!?!.Version: 1.1

This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo badIt is inapropeit I will never play agin I don’t know why I even decided to download this game I willl nevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver play aging By peyton.Version: 1.2

Why it is not the bestFirst of all I am a kid. I am a girl. And I like boys not girls-that’s disgusting to like a girl while girls like girls. But anyways, even tho I don’t support it, happy pride month..Version: 1.1

Ads don’t workThe game is good but you barely get to rap and it’s mainly mini games that other competitors to better.Version: 1.1

Really the adds againI can never get a good game without a fee or a subscription I’m tiered of adds :(.Version: 1.1

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