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Affirm Debit+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Affirm Debit+ app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Affirm Debit+? Can you share your negative thoughts about affirm debit+?

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Affirm Debit+ for Negative User Reviews

Can’t see purchasesI purchased a new Apple Watch series 7 and I cannot view the purchase within the app so I don’t know if I can split up the payments because it is not showing..Version: 1.0.80

FAKE OfferAffirm invites you to take this card then tell you it is not available!!! What is the point..Version: 1.0.178

Affirm debit+ cardI didn’t get any Option after 24hrs to do a split I kept looking so it took $200 out my bank 3 days later.Version: 1.0.133

Debit + CardI have been trying for a month to get this card and I have been told to try another bank. I don’t use another bank. I have used Affirm for years and currently they have all my bank information. This is so annoying..Version: 1.0.178

Would appear it does not work with most banks.I certainly have appreciation for the company that is Affirm. Though when unable to enter banking info manually the only alternative (due to both banks not being listed) is to uninstall and discontinue use, no help, no guidence, simply choose another bank that you arent associated with. Consider a manual option. Until then; perhaps this app was released prematurely..Version: 1.0.97

ConfusedI have been using affirm for a while now and paid my payments on time to find out that i was prequalified one minute and the next I wasn’t..Version: 1.0.140

Overall UselessI have been using affirm for making purchases n making payments over time, in my understanding affirm debit plus should have the same concept on daily purchases. but it actually doesn’t. You would have to make a certain amount of purchase more than 100$ n not more 1000$ in order to split payment, n you have to choose to split payment, bc if you dont it would automatically pay you check account on file in 3-4 business day. Honestly i dont see the point of having this in your wallet, its best off to just make purchases directly from your checking debit..Version: 1.0.128

'connection with linked account has been lost'. again...I'd give the app four stars, if it weren't for the alert i woke up to this morning. this will be the third time i've had to go through the process that links the app (or system backend) with my bank account. this worries me a little, given that there's never any explanation for this happening. you don't expect a financial services app (or system) to lose your user data. otherwise, the app and service have worked well for me. (although initial connection attempts are not always successful.) better documentation would be helpful--about the purchase amount preapproval process, especially..Version: 1.0.178

Won’t let me splitSo I purposely made a purchase of $100 at target ($106 to be exact) so I can do the split . And the app isn’t even offering it nor is it working . It just keeps saying “split amount unavailable”. What’s the point of this card if it doesn’t do what it says? Don’t recommend.Version: 1.0.133

Give up my bank log in?Give up full access to my bank accounts? Nah I’m good..Version: 1.0.128

FraudDo not get this app. After you log your bank information they will tell you it’s an error or unsuccessful. It’s just a scam to get your information. Change your password immediately!.Version: 1.0.133

Link process brokenYou have the option to link to USAA but have no way to do name, password, and pin. Useless until patched..Version: 1.0.178

Need helpI can’t even go Further and I’m trying to book a trip what’s is going on.Version: 1.0.128

PasscodeAfter entering passcode no way to move forward..Version: 1.0.178

StuckI can’t get past the “we can’t verify it’s you” and contact our support team button doesn’t do anything. Have tried to link my account several times now. I hate giving my banking info multiple times. Makes you wonder where it goes when it doesn’t work. It says “Plaid” has it. Great..Version: 1.0.178

Pre-Selected List of BanksYour list does not support all banks. I bank with my local credit union and this pre-selected list makes the app worthless to me. There should be a way to enter my bank information manually so that I can still use the app and it’s benefits. Not everyone uses these big name banks..Version: 1.0.128

Poor quality terrible customer serviceI highly recommend you keep looking.Version: 1.0.112

TerribleThe closest thing to a scam! They say you can split payments but everything you purchase isn’t eligible for split payments everytime you make a purchase. They can’t even tell you why it’s ineligible either. It’s a legal scam! Might as well use your regular debit card because this one is VERY misleading and useless!!.Version: 1.0.188

Unknown Network FailureI’ve signed up for the Affirm Debit Card Plus when they first sent out emails to get on the waitlist. Downloaded the app a few weeks ago and haven’t gotten my invitation yet. Right now as I’m writing this review, I’ve been trying to apply for the card and every time I accept the terms and conditions (the end of the application), I keep getting this error message: Unknown Network Failure. Not sure if this is from a lot of people trying to apply for the card all at once and it’s causing the app to crash or the app was released too early. Hope this issue gets resolved so I can receive my card!.Version: 1.0.97

Changed the iOS compatibility so I can no longer useChanged the iOS compatibility so I can no longer use.Version: 1.0.178

Says I had early access….But when I logged in it said I didn’t😑Got an email saying I was in the beta,I downloaded the app signed in,And it says my email isn’t part of the beta. This isn’t a good start affirm…..I hope you fix this bug because I’ve been a member for years. I will update my star rating when you fix this for those of us who were denied access to beta when we got email saying we were part of it..Version: 1.0.97

Cannot SplitPurchases do not appear until after 24 hours and you no longer have option to request to split. Have to contact support several times, very glitchy!.Version: 1.0.96

Can’t use itI’ve tried to use the card on multiple occasions and it just never works. Everything is connected to the account, and the money is available in my check connected account but the card just never works.Version: 1.0.128

DisappointedI was approved, received my card info, applied to make several purchases under a specific amount. I was told I had 2 hours to complete my transactions. The card was denied and only approved for what was available in my personal account..Version: 1.0.205

Whats the point :/Whats the point of this app? It tells me for me to link my bank account to be able to use affirm debit+ for purchases. Why would i do that when i have my actual debit card in my wallet/or stored in my phone and can make debit purchases with that. So you’re telling me you want me to give you access to my bank account so i can make purchases with affirm+ that I can easily make with my own debit card. I deleted the app in less than a minute. Trash. Worthless. Users: i would be wary of giving your banking access to too many apps..Version: 1.0.96

New Changes Not Worth the BotherThe way the card worked before was awesome because even if you didn’t have money in your checking you could split payments. Now the way it works you have to have most of the funds available to make a purchase at that time. Affirm is still good but this debit account isn’t..Version: 1.0.128

Can’t connect bankI have been trying to connect my bank for days now and all it says is connectivity to my back is down. Working on it. So far I can not and you can’t do anything else since it will not let you past that part. Not off to a good start..Version: 1.0.91

PointlessJust use your own debit card no purchase is ever approved or meets the “qualifications” no matter what the amount is..Version: 1.0.178

BetaShould put that this is in beta and is invite only vs having people download to see a screen saying join the waitlist. Feels like a way to get the stats up knowing that this app isn’t open to the general public. Great concept and hoping it will work well once open to the public..Version: 1.0.133

You have to be invited to useAs title says..Version: 1.0.211

Can’t hook up bank accountI live in rural Kansas and use Affirm all the time but my bank is not hooked up to Plaid. Being unable to add your bank account manually is extremely frustrating and UX should have at the very least imagined someone would have this issue and written guiding text. Waste of time to install the beta at this point as I’m dead in the water..Version: 1.0.128

Banking password reqApp requires you to enter your online banking password. - Hard Pass. P.S. It’s a BETA version! You’re suppose to be reporting the glitches. Any commenters complaining and upset about the App obviously don’t understanding Beta testing. Lol.Version: 1.0.110

Not workingIt won’t let me finish the process. I enter my correct bank information and it keeps telling me it’s wrong on the debit plus app but I have the same information on the regular affirm app..Version: 1.0.161


UselessI’ve made several transactions, yet none of them have been eligible to split. Vet bill, new tires, and groceries. All which should be eligible. So what exactly IS eligible?.Version: 1.0.97

Worst experience!The system keeps inviting and prompting me to download, then tells me I am not one of the”invited”. While I have successfully used Affirm many times, and successfully paid - on a timely basis- all obligations; this app definitely leaves bad vibes and is a discredit to Affirm..Version: 1.0.178

Terrible ServiceFirst off, I will start off by saying when the service first launched everything was fairly smooth. I was able to connect my bank, and make a few purchases successfully splitting the purchases. Then for some reason affirm had some technical issues and my bank was disconnected. I tried to re-connect and my bank was no longer supported for some reason. So i closed my account. I had one of my purchases refunded after i closed my account and its now been over a month and affirm still hasnt given me my money, and customer service has been awful everytime I reached out so at this point I dont think ill ever get my refund. Lastly, i think its stupid that you have to have enough money in your checkings account in order to complete a purchase for that matter just use your actual debit card….Version: 1.0.208

Bank won't link.Tried to link my bank account, says "must disable 2 factor authentication & try again" but it is not on for my bank account. my regular affirm app works fine. this isn't..Version: 1.0.149

Uh okDownloaded the app and says I’m not even on the wait list when I just received the email saying I have early access.Version: 1.0.97

App IssueI got an email this morning saying I was chosen to access Affirm Beta, yet when I signed up and got to the end I hit an error message saying my email is not in beta even though I clearly received a message saying that it was. Extremely disappointed in this and I’ve been using affirm for about 2 years now 😐.Version: 1.0.133

Won’t finish the set up.This app won’t connect to my bank. If keeps say incorrect password or username. I know I’m typing the correct password and username because if checked it many times 🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 1.0.133

KICKED ME OFF CARD OUT OF NOWHERE!I’ve been using debit plus for a month and tonight I went in to pay for something and was declined. Checked the app and it says to join the waitlist and my email isn’t recognizable. It kicked me off my account and I still owe money!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.0.108

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