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Coffee Inc 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Coffee Inc 2 app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Coffee Inc 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about coffee inc 2?

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Coffee Inc 2 for Negative User Reviews

Please update and keep this goingLove the original, this one has so much potential but needs some guidance in game or a tutorial. Also it’s pretty annoying have multiple managers quit a week..Version: 1.2

Tutorial or help?Last version was very easy to understand how the game works. This version is very complicated and not sure best ways to make money. All my business does is lose money no matter what I do. Maybe a quick tutorial would help..Version: 1.0

Some problems but mostly goodThe soft coffee button on the developing product does not press The listing button for the ticker symbol does not have access to typing and it does not press Fun game you can get lost in it for hours gets a little slow calculating when you have a Lots of stores.Version: 1.2

Can’t purchaseI can’t seem to purchase private jet… though I feel like the ability to skip a year instead of a week should be included, unless the jet offers me the ability to timeskip to any time.Version: 7.0

Buggy and lost my purchaseWhile I enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the original game, this version often lag and I lost my process when I tried to turn off the app and open it again. I also purchased all of the extra extensions such as real estate, private jet, and custom interior design. However, I opened the game to play today and all those purchases were lost and couldn’t be restore. Please help me resolve this issue..Version: 1.3

Good potential, annoying to playGood basis, but a monotonous chore as there’s no central way to manage store manages, which means you need to go around and manually inspect every property to see where a particular manager left….Version: 1.3

Has potential but clunkyThe concept is super fun and interesting but the fact that 99% of my time is hiring people that quit is just ridiculous. Yea, you can retain employees a number of ways but the fact that there is no single screen to see all of your stores managers and hire from there instead of have to fly back and forth and then open half a dozen screens is just ridiculous. The game could also use a dashboard that shows all the stores and their income and whatnot in different rows. It’s very hard to see what stores are doing well if you have to fly back and forth. Basically, the flying is just useless imo. Anyways, needs work..Version: 2.0

Decent game overallThe stocks and financials in this game are completely messed up!!! When I go to purchase my own company stock with company funds it shows a percentage and $ dollar amount…. Once I press “buy” the shares aren’t transferred and my money is gone in the wind. COMPLETEY GONE! I have waste millions on trying different options, etc. The original Coffee Inc. works perfectly with stocks and financials. THIS BUG NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP! I have wrote many reviews and for some reason it still hasn’t been addressed. Unhappy customer, I was loyal to the this developer. This is ridiculous..Version: 2.0

Bugged, filled with paywalls, don’t buy it.I’m making a net profit of over 50,000 euros, yet I’m losing money apparently. Update: My profit is now shown as over 100,000 every week, yet me balance gets smaller and smaller till I go bankrupt, no matter what I do. When inspecting individual stores, the corporate board and store managers (all very high skilled) keep wages and staffing so terribly done, that most stores have zero morale, and zero skill staff from turnover. Surely this is a bug because so many of the managers are 80+ in personnel skill. All of this basically makes the game completely unplayable as soon as you’re too big to micro manage every little thing yourself. The AI will just take whatever is working great, and then absolutely destroy and disrupt it. Turning off everything that is making you profit, and then ruining your staffing, even if they’ve got max stats. They also put everything they possibly can behind paywalls on an already paid game..Version: 1.0

Good but…Annoyances: repeatedly week in week out I get events pop ups, all of them are repetitive. More you build up stores more events pop up becomes annoying, wish you can switch it off as I reached a point where I dont wana play it anymore because I get 3 events in one week and 2 of them would be the same one “customer burned herself”. Pros: its a cool game great concept, I like business aspects of it and competitive edge you need to have. It is somehow in depth when it comes to products, pricing, marketing etc… Cons: with the scalability you can have store marketing is not automated becomes a nuisance that each store you need to handle/delegate marketing as oppose to have one screen to manage them all..Version: 10.2

Few bugs otherwise solid gameThere’s a bug that means you don’t see the right financial info meaning it’s showing your getting a profit but losing money.Version: 2.0

Interior Design Requires Further PurchaseTo design the interior you must pay additional money to unlock this feature after paying for it. Other may think this is fine but I don’t like paying for games that then lock additional features.Version: 7.0

IAPs in a paid app? Hard passI refuse to support these greasy tactics. When I buy a game, I want the whole game. It’s a shame, I really liked the first one..Version: 3.1

Not worth it in its current stateThe previous game was pretty good but the new game is just filled with bugs and micro transactions. You already have to pay for the game, once in, every little extra interaction such as being able to do business in other cites or investing in private company costs money. Its not worth the hassle when pair this with the countless bugs you run into. The developers need to work fast if they want to keep their niche audience..Version: 2.0

Decent Game - Still needs improvementsRewriting this review after sinking more time into this version. Latest version crashes when you go to invest in startups once you’ve bought out all coffee stores. The weekly net income timer is still broken and slows down significantly once you’ve bought out all coffee stores. Fix it please. It’s been an issue since this game was released. I can put up with having to progress the game one week at a time if this is fixed. The UI for investing in startups is a pain. Companies appear here inconsistently already. Combine that with having to constantly swipe across and then down on each company listing to see if shares are for sale and it becomes annoying very quickly. I suggest creating some sort of concise view that shows startups that are accepting investment. Being able to choose exactly how much money you borrow from banks. 3 options aren’t enough and they’re often financially crippling as they keep scaling up and you have to wait to build up enough cash to pay back the loan. On the topic of paying back loans, the ability to partially pay off loans would be good. Being able to buy trophy properties with personal wealth in all cities would be great rather than just being limited to two holiday cities. i.e being able to buy a penthouse on Billionaires Row. I like the addition of new cities and the auction house..Version: 10.2

Addictive game but nasty bugI’m loving all the features but lately time and time again I keep hitting the same bug where suddenly one month you make a negative amount that matches what you have in your account and all your stores disappear. I’ve tried raising with dev but never got a reply.Version: 6.0

Best iOS Game By FarThis game is far deeper and more engrossing than any phone game has any reasonable aspiration to be. It looks like they’ve made some fixes along the way too, so somebody’s fine tuning it as well. Nice to know. Especially because the new auction house add-on is a great idea executed poorly. The auctions themselves move 1 million dollars at a time, but often, the opening and closing bid can be so far apart (e.g. $200 million) that you end up staring at a static screen pressing “bid” 50-75 times. A single auction for a single item can take you a solid 5 minutes. Maybe they’re simulating the feel of a real auction, but every other aspect of the game operates so much faster. The contrast renders the auction house unusable. Adding a function where we can input a bid so we don’t have to sit through $200 million worth of them seems like a solid place to start.Version: 10.1

Expansions don’t workBought the sports expansion but every time I try to buy one it says they aren’t interested in selling - even if I offer 10x the value. Waste of money. Also, I had been playing the game for weeks and then all of a sudden it wanted me to pay extra for the ‘venture pack’ even though I had been using that feature since originally buying the game..Version: 11.1

Repetitive and PriceyOnce you buy the game it’s like another 10 bucks to buy the rest of the game. Very cheeky this. Full game should be included in the app price. The game itself is very repetitive. Needs way, way more content to be worth paying for..Version: 10.2

Great game but…..Randomly wipes out your company….. Now happened to me twice, second time when I had more than £1bn market cap, and no competitors. All my businesses/offices etc vanished, and the next week I’m bankrupt. Disappointing as I was just starting to get the most of all the unlocks I paid for..Version: 10.1

Income reporting brokenLike others have said, the weekly income reporting is broken. You can show a positive weekly net cash flow yet your balance goes down. It’s impossible to play the game with it like this. Shame. Deleted..Version: 1.3

Ventures. Bankrupt warning needed. Jeez. Fix something!Why do I have to click through them every week to see which ones need money. It’s so laborious. There was to be a quality of life improvement here. Some way to only have to click through when there are ventures that need funding. Auto save every week. Or give me an undo button so I don’t lose years of work. If I go bankrupt I try to reload and make changes and it doesn’t let me. Total crap to lose 40 years of work with 1T+ in assets and no warning to sell some off to not go bankrupt. Add a warning to sell assets before going bankrupt or fix the saved game bug so I can reopen where I was and start over. Total crap.Version: 11.0

Brilliant gameI love this game. I invested in some stocks that made me a few billion so I sold some stock of my business to buy a football club. But I have 2 questions. Why don’t I earn money from the football club. Also why when I make a secondary offering the money goes into the company bank and not my players bank. A addition to this review is I keep getting fined for gender equal opportunities but I have them in place yet I still get fined. It’s starting to get on my nerves..Version: 7.0

Too many clicksGame is great don’t get me wrong. But I would like a quick week button and not have to click Yes or Ok. There are some things which will make it better if it didn’t confirm. Too much clicks to do something it gets annoying.Version: 1.0

Broken on iOS with iPhone 13 miniThere is no way to start a game. The keyboard pops up when you enter your shop name ( mandatory ) and obscures the start button. There is no workaround Don’t waste your money.Version: 11.1

Can’t buy franchiseHey I have $2 billion in cash but can’t buy any franchise. It says my money is 0 can i not file a refund? I bought that for $2 bucks.Version: 6.0

Amazing game, needs some bug fixesAbsolutely great game, been playing it for hours and you do t get blared easily. However it could use some fixes to the new political system. Legislation is nearly unmoving no matter how much money you put into it. Could use a few more cities, maybe a couple south of the equator instead of all the north ones..Version: 3.1

IssueThe game is great just like it’s predecessor, the fact that real estate is know a paid expansion ticks me off a bit but the Main reason I left such a low review is because I’m on an iPhone SE 2020 and it doesn’t allow me make my company private as it seems the screen cuts off and the button doesn’t work.Version: 1.3

Great game, but….It would be nice to have the option of taking your company off the share market and again being a private company, once the company buys back 100% of the shareholding. Currently I am stuck with: 5, 520, 549, 607, 417, 687, 602 shares held personally but the company can only rebuy a maximum of: 194, 908, 296 524, 000 shares at any one time. This means the game is basically stuck for me, please increase the maximum number of shares that the company can purchase..Version: 11.1

Broken GameWas a good game even though there was no instructions whatsoever, but the game glitches out when I click any of my businesses. I had to restart the game 3x, uninstalled 3x, turn my phone off 3x and even contacted customer service and did not get any support. I thought i just had to give it time but it has been over a week and the game is still like this. I would be okay if it was a free game, but it’s paid and I paid for additional things in-game..Version: 10.2

Really needs workI tried submitting a review already but it didn’t work. This game needs a lot of work to be in a more playable state. There need to be more menus so everything isn’t being done by spotting tiny icons on a map. The weekly money counter seems to miss a ton of what’s actually happening with my money, it’ll say I made money while I lose money every week. Makes it very hard to see what is happening with my company. There’s no guidance in game about how any features work. Purchased stocks do not properly show changes in value, making it very hard to track when a profit can be made. Office employees need to be able to do more in a single position, paying an employee 40k or more a year is not worth the amount you get from a single employee. This is all from playing on Easy mode as someone who played the first game in the series. This game is just really hard to figure out. Not to mention that the interior design expansion barely works, you have to start over if a single mistake is made since you can’t edit items once they’re placed. It looks nice and it seems like there’s lots of features but it needs extensive rebalancing and a ton of quality of life features..Version: 1.0

Too many bugsThere so many bugs you just kinda of have to brush them off as you play. I would have rather paid more upfront then have to stop every stage of the game to be nickeled and dimed for a game I already paid for. Not to mentioned that your charging for the interior decorating and its so buggy its not even worth your time, wish I could’ve known that before buying it. The jet and the milage restriction adds nothing and takes away nothing, it just comes across as a pathetic last attempt to milk this game as far as possible.Version: 4.0

Great game until it wiped everythingI had been playing this game and bought most of the in app purchases for about a week, I had majority share in every city, hundreds of millions invested, and 2.4 billion in cash, and was making hundreds of thousands of profit per week and then I pressed next week button and all of a sudden it said company has run out of cash, declared bankrupt. I still have over $770 million but lost every property and the business is gone. Every time I press the next week button I get the same message. Ruined the experience, tried to reach out on socials but no response.Version: 10.2

It’s ok but not worth it.Really not worth it. The game is fun and highly addictive but it doesn’t provide the satisfaction of actually winning. The concept is good and the features are properly assembled. Unfortunately, the player has to constantly click and update its own progression. Expect to go bankrupt everyday, repeat the same steps for every new store opened. I got frustrated after 3 days because the game is unpredictable and you end up spending your time re-hiring store managers and seeing your profits go from +50k to -10k out of nowhere. Its not a good game..Version: 7.0

Worth It (How can we connect with the developer?)Excellent game and worthy every cent for expansion. The developers expanded from Coffee Inc and made it better. Though there are some features I’d like to see placed into this game, I haven’t looked back since I started playing this game. *** Common bugs I experience: When buying a competitor out, I acquire their debt and have no way of eliminating it from the financial reports, it always shows as a liability and yet never appears in the banks to be paid off. 2. Sometimes the save corrupts and I lose money despite being profitable until being bankrupt. 3. Eventually the competitors will appear on the screen, but not open any stores. 4. The politics needs assessed and tuned up. *** Expansions I’d pay to play: 1. The ability to play as the COO, CPO, CFO, CTO, etc. 2. The ability to merge and work for a competitor as a COO, etc. 3. The ability to play as the mayor. *** New series I’d pay for: Other franchise opportunities. Theaters, restaurants, etc. *** I would also love to see more inclusive language, I’m Mrs. CEO. Overall I recommend..Version: 5.1

No tutorial?I paid for the game and was excited until I noticed that I have to figure out everything in my own there is no tutorial or anything what a shame to see such a great game going in my deleted apps.Version: 8.0

Absolutely poorThe state of this game is unacceptable for a paid game. The weekly net income screen takes ages to finish, often pausing completely, forcing you to restart the game. Often the figures on the net income screen are just totally wrong, it will be climbing from like $100mil and then pause, and jump down to $20mil. If your weekly net income screen animation is this faulty, do away with it entirely and just show the weekly net income. The investing screen is clunky and annoying, you have to click into a startup only to see that they’re not even raising capital. How hard is it to indicate whether or not they’re raising capital without clicking “details”. Its as if this game had absolutely no playtesting. Do not waste your money on this pile of rubbish.Version: 11.0

Same problems as old gameIt still had no quick button to go to next week, which is frustrating as you can to confirm it every week. It’s also slow to play because everything requires 30 clicks to do things. Love the game but can’t play it anymore, takes too long with the week confirmation button. Wasted money buying this..Version: 1.0

Good but needs improvementsI am really enjoying this game but some improvements need to be made 1. When I skip a week it takes so long to actually count the money up, would be better if you added in a tap to skip that 2. I’ve noticed a bug which has happened to be 3 times, when I skipped the week it takes very long to count the money, one time I waited over an hour for it to count !!! 3. When I load in San Francisco the entire top half is black and I need to go to a different city and go back to see the bottom half of the city 4. My CFO keeps raising the rent on my buildings very very high to the point where my buildings are empty and I have to go through each one individually in each city to put them back down 5. You should put in the start up investment opportunities from the old version because the stock market in this version hardly changes and you can’t really profit from it 6. We need a section in the game where we can control our properties without going to them 1 by 1 Enough “criticising” the game, I love it and it is a big step up from the old version, I love the introduction of a board of directors to hand over responsibilities too and the different teams you can have..Version: 1.2

PLEASE FIX!!!The game is very good and addictive. Much better than the first game, BUT there are some things that could be better: BUG - whenever I load into the game, the city only appears in partial view, the rest of the screen is black. You can get rid of this by flying to another city, however on places like paris, this bug prevents you from getting to the airport icon. This means that in certain places you can’t counter the bug and you are therefore stuck in that city. In one of my saves where I’ve made a very good business, I can now no longer move back to my office because I saved my game in Paris. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE Some additions that would far improve the game imo: - More cities - Ability to run distribution business to help with coffee bean supply (property such as warehouses and manufacturing plants) - Ability to invest in startups like in first game - Ability to acquire non-coffee companies.Version: 1.2

Takes too long to advance a weekIt’s okay, the interface is a bit more cluttered than in Coffee Inc 1 but I do like the additional management features. What’s uninstalled the game for me is that to advance a week it’s taking over a minute to calculate the revenue..Version: 1.1

Should be freeSo much content is locked given the price and there are a few very obvious bugs that need fixing. Good concept for a game though..Version: 11.1

Good but glitchesGame is great but after a while it glitches and doesn’t let you make more than 9mil ish. The game freezes when it’s simulating the week and then goes back to 9mil. Sometimes you’ll have unique days were it doesn’t glitch and you’ll see your real winnings (I’m at around 16mil with +150 stores) Sadly there’s no fix,.Version: 11.1

Love the gameI loved the first game thought it was definitely one of the best games I’ve played. I was really excited when I heard coffee inc 2 came out and so far it’s good. My only complaint at this point is that it just feels like manager simulator. I have multiple managers quitting all the time feels like every other week I have a manager who “resigns”. I wish I could have a complaint box for the managers so I know what’s wrong rather than having to literally hire new managers for like 5 different stores. All because they had a complaint and I can’t tell what it is unless I go to that store and on the off chance I do just to see what’s wrong at the store. It’s just annoying like I understand the manager thing but usually people don’t just have one complaint and then leave. Definitely will give a better rating if something like a complaint box can be implemented. The whole manager thing is taking away from the other aspects of the game that I wish I could try to enjoy..Version: 1.0

Great concept, bad executionI really like this game, it has great detail, the animation style is fun, and so many other great things. My biggest issue is it’s complicated to find and go to your stores/main office. There is no way to easily see stats of stores next to each other and it’s not possible to change store marketing in a grouping which gets old pressing the same 5 buttons over and over. This game has a handful of user experience hurdles before it could be great. Would be happy to provide more detailed feedback to the owner/creators of the game..Version: 8.0

Would be good if you wouldn’t need to buy everythingBecause even to buy a building cost 1.39$ what shame . Shame on you developers who are only money hungry.Version: 3.1

Help for a new playerI’m new to this game and decided to get Coffee Inc 2 because it’s a newer version of the franchise, but I have really no idea what I’m doing. It’s a lot of trial by error. A short little guide or tutorial on all the features would go a long way. Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Phenomenal game! Just one issue…I ended up purchasing this game and loved it so much! It’s super unique and everything I’ve wanted in a business sim. I decided to purchase all of the add ins because I felt like they really enhance the game. I ended up swapping apps because I had someone call me, and the game crashed. When I open it back up, all of my purchases were gone and the “restore purchases” button did not work on my saved game. I have not tried to make a new game yet, but if I do and have this issue, I’ll make this a one star review… but the gameplay is 5 stars!.Version: 7.0

Where are the universities?I’m pretty much in end-game with a trillion dollars. In the first iteration, I found the university donation system really interesting. Can you please bring it back? I know that other than naming rights it didn’t really serve a purpose. Maybe, if you donate enough, you get better candidates for the executive positions?.Version: 2.0

Not worth it too much purchases to enjoy don’t buy itRemove the upgrade features it a paid app already 🤦🏾‍♂️.Version: 3.1

Don’t recommendAverage game with basic mechanics. Repetitive after just an hour. Doesn’t beat most free to play outside of no Ads. Surprised by all the 5 star reviews..Version: 6.1

Can’t go to the next weekGreat game so far, pretty much own everything and just buying all the shares I could but in at the point in game when I have to much shares and if the value of my coffee company goes up it crashes the game due to the high value of the stock… please fix thaat I wanna keep playing.Version: 1.3

Ok game but needs something.Ok game but too easy to make money then it gets boring. I can make billions via the company and personally in a matter of a few years. Then you buy everything and the game is done. I’ve played the game for 3 days, built 2 coffee companies and have billions on each game. If there was more to it then I think it would be awesome. I’d like to be able to select the marketing for each store in one section and not by store. There’s gender equality in this game but there’s not an easy way to see all employees to be able to make them equal. I don’t see a purpose behind the real estate except to burn money in order to not pay ridiculous amount of millions in dividens. I know this is a coffee game and you can invest in companies but it would be cool to create your own start up besides coffee..Version: 6.1

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