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Coffee Inc 2 for Positive User Reviews

Must Buy For Tycoon LoversOne of the best Tycoon games out there. A huge step up from the first game. Well done!.Version: 1.1

Love the gameJust want to say I love the game several small defects spotted while playing like for example not being able to close down a floor on an office and some others here and ther but I trust the team are working to get little bits like this fixed.other than this I look forward to updates and we’ll done!.Version: 1.0

Great game (suggestions)I love this game & have purchased the ad ons. I can’t wait for future updates and releases, after playing for a few weeks I have some suggestions. The weekly results, when you earn more money it takes a long time to load and can be very frustrating. It would be great if this was shortened or you could tap to skip. The investment floor when you get an office, I’m not sure what their purpose is other than telling you how much you have in real estate and stocks, but it would be cool if you could employ people to invest into stocks and real estate for you or something! Perhaps some sort of online portal that told you all of the buildings available to purchase and shops available to rent, instead of finding them through cities. Maybe in that same portal there could be shops in different cities that aren’t yet in game, for example other places in the UK. I just think if there were tons of cities available to chose from then you could make a ginormous business instead of London, NY, etc. Something like where you can open a bank account and deposit money and it collects interest, would be very cool. Or if there’s multiple choices with different percentages, I’d enjoy that ! Finally, a website where you could sell merchandise. I know this is sort of in game, but I don’t think you can get it to its full potential with the “online orders” developments in the IT department. But a website when you can interact and customise, and sell to millions of customers! That’s all I have for now, thank you for making such a great game :).Version: 1.1

5Love this game better than the first but wish the first purchase included everything so you don’t have to pay for things like property investment. Also don’t understand why the ceo/ owner has their own bank if you can’t use that money on the business like reenvest.Version: 3.1

Need a way to give feedback for issues.Great game, highly recommend - but newest update causes some buildings to show up as interactable (like “For Rent”), but can’t be selected. Closing the game out and re-opening it will fix it by showing you the correct buildings to interact with..Version: 3.0

Love it 100%, but essentially unplayable after a certain pointI’m going to echo what I’ve read happening to other reviewers, as happening to me too. Great, one of a kind experience, up until I finally have a productive and profitable company but for some reason the game ends and says I went bankrupt. Even with positive revenue and positive net profit. Idk if I’m missing something here or is this a bug?.Version: 1.1

Great sequelIt’s a great sequel to the first and nicely executed, however there are a few things I would like updated. 1) the weekly summary screen can take forever at the end if your far into the game and your company generates a-lot of income. 2) Please add and easier to option to buy things with lots of money ie stocks it takes forever if your trying to buy a large amount of stocks. 3) what is the point of the investment department?.Version: 1.1

So good… there is one thing to change thoughThe game is great overall, I was disappointed to find out that real estate is now an payed expansion, i don’t think I would mind as much if I hadn’t have played the first game (since on the first coffee inc real estate was included base game) but in the perspective as someone who had never played, I would be fine with it. PLEASE FIX THIS: I spend half my time playing going to different areas hiring different staff for stores where previous staff had quit, please make it less common for staff to quit, I spend half my time on the game doing that..Version: 1.0

Love it, some bugs need fixingLove the game, the original Coffee Inc was already the best business sim on mobile and this is miles ahead of that. There are bugs that I am experiencing, though. For instance, even with no competitors and no other coffee shops of my own around, after awhile the coffee shop will just all of a sudden start losing thousands of dollars a week with nothing else changing even on easy mode. Secondly, I don’t know if it’s a bug that happens randomly or after closing a shop or after taking the company public, but the net income stops working correctly where the small font will say I make $50,000 in net income and the cash of my company will show i only made $5,000 or something like that, and then the low amount is counted towards my company’s earnings I’m excited for how good this game is going to become in the future and everything else you can add to this!.Version: 1.0

TimeOnly bad thing about this game is the time should be easy to fix this matter..Version: 3.1

Great game, but….Great fun building an empire, but once you finally own all the property and shareholding’s in every other company, there isn’t a lot left to do. It would be nice to have the option of taking your company off the share market and again being a private company, once the company buys back 100% of the shareholding. Politics has added a new element which will keep some interest, but I would love to see M&A on other non-coffee businesses. Grow from a coffee business into other things, hire or change new executives to support business diversification etc. Ps - I would add a new map for the Australians 😉.Version: 3.1

Latest update adds great featuresLove the politics upgrade. But would love for the executive team i.e. to manage gender equity of the business if you allocate this responsibility rather than clicking on all your stores and firing any male manager you can find after you get a fine from the city. Anti-trust needs another way to manage too. One week you just end up with a $1.5 billion fine out of nowhere - a warning/deadline etc from the city would be great..Version: 3.0

This game seriously rulesFor mobile games it’s a cut above. i can’t stop playing it. just like the first one. it’s even better. i don’t know whether he fixed the 2068 glitch in this one because it’s so much more in depth that each turn can take much longer. turns also take longer because the weekly revenue and income animation takes an extraordinary long time once you are earning millions a week. i’m sure it will be fixed in time and i really highly recommend this game if you like fairly granular business sims.Version: 1.1

Manager AI?Love the game but it doesn’t seem like store managers make the right decisions. I make sure to hire managers that have 90+ skill in people/staffing, and they still improperly hire and pay. They keep staff lean when they should hire more workers (staff is upset). Same thing with product pricing. They don’t manage prices properly even when they are experienced (customers will always say my prices are too expensive when I delegate to them). I feel like I cannot delegate anything to store managers and it is becoming extremely cumbersome to micro manage every single store. Any advice on why this is happening? How can I fix this? Thanks!.Version: 1.1

Game is awesome but I have one minor issueI love this game it’s a huge improvement on coffee inc 1 but the one glaring issue I’m constantly having is that my income that is displayed on week end screen doesn’t match what I actually gain or loose. For example I recently opened 2 new shops and cut it pretty close to honing broke and when I skipped the rest of the week it said I had made $12,000 but in actuality I had lost about 2 grand and almost went bankrupt. If you guys could fix that I would definitely be very happy. Thank you.Version: 1.1

I made 10 quintillion and broke the game!!!I love the game so much, but I have ran into a small snag. No clue if it’s just because I’m not supposed to make so much money but I have found a way to liquidate huge portions of my company and buy stock back at ridiculous prices and have made up to 10,000,000,000,000,000. (Yes you read that correctly, but every time I get into the quintillion’s the entire game completely goes haywire. It changes each crash, sometimes I can’t check my wealth tab probably due to the amount being to large to render, or the stock exchange won’t allow me to open it. Regardless the game crashes and I wish it wouldn’t! I’m trying to find out the limits my company can make. If it is intended to happen to reduce wear I get it, I just figured I would mention it. The game is awesome, I wish there were more options for investing. The start ups are nice but not nearly as interesting as the first game and I wish in the news pop up when it showed the tech events you could press the notification instead of having to manually find the event. I have so many ideas for the game and would love to share them if interested! I’m glad you finally added the slider for stocks it was hard moving billions of shares at a time it took hours! Keep up the great work.Version: 4.0

Great game but needs more like venture in the first version.More features but game is super fun!.Version: 1.1

Great SequelReally enjoyed Coffee Inc 1 so was excited to see a second version. Some great new gameplay experiences that was a fresh addition to the game. Looking forward to see how they keep developing and adding to this further..Version: 1.3

CEO SalaryVery good game. I enjoyed Coffee Inc 1 and now 2 is so much better. I find myself already done. I’ve opened over 100 locations so I think having the ability to invest in startups like I’m the first game is needed here. But make that process better. Also the board approving the CEO salary seems to stop at $995,000. They decline every time I propose a 1 million salary. Why?.Version: 1.0

Amazing for a sequel!I love this game since the first iteration this is a massive step up to push on and expand. I have a couple of questions/feedback for you to look into: 1.what is the point to the investment department currently? Is this still to be expanded on? As they did nothing during my 4hr play through. 2. There needs to be a better explanation on skills when it comes to executives as they seem to fire random members of the department and then leave, or make changes without consulting me which would be a good improvement to look at for the future. 3.if you buy a rival and merge it would be great if you could easily remodel to your store likeness, this doesn’t have any effect on the business or so I think but it’s nice to have that choice in the future. I have a couple more but those are two main points I hope you guys can address, keep up the great work and anyone looking to try this out you will love this game! So easy to get invested in this especially if you love management style games. Very in-depth with stock market, trading etc. A tutorial is definitely needed but can pick up the gist of it as you progress.Version: 1.0

Better than the first (though not without faults)I love the new version of the game! So much more depth than the last version! Two small thing though. 1: I would love it if you could bring back seed investing in startups. I like that from the first version. 2: I says my cash flow is positive, however, I keep losing as much as 200k as some points. Please help! A tutorial may or a wiki may be a nice addition. Other than that, GREAT game!.Version: 1.0

Great GameThis is an amazing game, after taking an hour or two to understand everything it’s really easy to play and enjoy. One thing I noticed that’s different is the income per similar store. In the first game the logic would prevent two stores of the same company from maximizing profits if they are placed next to each other, however in this game it seems to ignore this fact, so instead of making what should be 40k between both combined, it gives 40-50k to each individual store each week despite being next to each other. Also there is a bug that allows you to purchase stocks from your own company, by buying it through company funds, and it does nothing. You can spend the money but it does nothing to your portfolio and all you do is lose money for your company after buying your own stock through company money. Besides that this game is great and I look forward to new updates..Version: 1.2

Good game but not working properlyMy finance crew is maxed at 24/24 employees, however it isn’t working and it says I need to employ more.Version: 3.1

Great game butI played the game for a while now and there are many great features. However the buying and selling assets are a real pain. Plus, the screen is easily glitch. Now I am stuck in NYC and due to the airport locate near the bottom, I can’t scroll down for some reason. I tried every possible way but I won’t fix….Version: 1.2

Can be time consumingI love the game, and have bought the add ons but frustrated that the weekly results now take about 40 seconds to show my final results, can something be added to skip this?.Version: 1.1

Enjoying the gameI like the game. Very well developed and fun to play. I wish there were more than just a ratings based hiring system though, like perhaps you could interview candidates for certain positions. Also, I wish when you delegated division operations to your executives, they would take initiative to improve the company themselves, specifically the COO, CPO, and CTO. COO seems to not want to ever start employee benefit programs. While the CPO does help with creating a coffee blend, they never seem to develop new products on their own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the CTO develop any new technology without requesting it first. Not sure if you have to reach a certain net income threshold so you’re not spending too much, or if they just aren’t programmed to do that on their own. I get that part of running the company is to start these programs and develop these products yourself, but the delegation of those tasks seems pointless if they aren’t taking some of the initiative themselves..Version: 2.0

Game is great so farLoving the game and definitely worth the money. One thing I would like to see is a menu that displays all stores and their net income for the week so I can quickly identify which stores need attention. It gets tedious going through every store now that I have over 10, and of course you can’t trust your managers to do everything!!!.Version: 1.2

Other ThingsAwesome game, truly. One thing…can we start purchasing other types of businesses, help make decisions in the private equity companies to help drive success, or join boards for publicly traded companies?.Version: 3.1

What other new features are possible?!I absolutely love this game. The different difficulties actually are challenging and fun to try to get big in. I had the idea that it would be so cool to be able to choose between a coffee roasting or coffee bean production business in the beginning and be able to buy current cafe companies or start your own later in the game. Also it would be cool to be able to go further into the sustainability part and have executive sustainability employees and office workers. I just noticed that you can make a lot of money but after a while there’s nothing else to do and your company starts losing value. These are just ideas it would be so cool to see them implemented to be able to continue growing the company..Version: 2.0

IPO: “300,000 common shares”I’m trying to apply for an IPO., but I have no idea how to do the “300,000 common shares issued” task. I’ve been running my shop for years and I’m still having trouble figuring that out. If I could please get a reply, that would be amazing. 10/10 game most definitely. I loved the first one and was too stoked about this one.Version: 1.0

Forbes richest listI love this game!!! Here’s a suggestion. How about making some sort of world richest person list where the player would see how he stacks up against some of the richest people in the world. Again…amazing game!! Oh and you guys should definitely do a PC version.Version: 2.1

The best business sim, can’t wait for more!!! + some update ideasLove this game so far. It’s well worth all of the purchases! It’s the best business sim on the App Store. It’s very in-depth and I love the features like the stock market. I also loved the fact that now you have your own personal wealth tab!! I can’t wait to see what else gets added to this like venture businesses from the previous game. One thing that could spice up this game is if you could donate to political mayoral campaigns and in return, they help give advantages to your business or maybe political lobbying! So far love it but please continue to add more!!!.Version: 1.0

Overall very good gameThis is a very good game overall. However, there is a bug which prevents me from seeing the full map. I’ve got an iPhone XR if that helps..Version: 1.0

Absolutely Love this gameNever written a review before, played the first on through multiple times and loved it but thought eh could be a bit more enhanced. This game does that, a immersive and amazing business simulation that will leave you hooked, especially with the expansions although the private jet i feel is a waste of money if you plan right (i haven’t even bought it throughout 4 playthroughs of coffee inc 2). This game does have bugs yet they are not even close to game breaking and it is early into the new update. 5 stars from me..Version: 2.0

Great game! But I need helpI loved the first coffee inc, and I love this one too! But i’m in my 10th year on difficult mode, and I still dont have 300,000 stocks, so I can’t go public. I’ve made a lot of money, but I’ve been stuck on 160,000 for a while. I dont know if this is just me or not, but any help would be appreciated..Version: 1.0

Great game definitely buy it. There is some feedback though.This is a fantastic game which is really rewarding to play as it genuinely feels like you’re building an empire. I would highly recommend people to get it for themselves. My feedback is that in the first game there was more investment opportunities, you could buy sports teams. I figured there would be even more in this one but that just doesn’t seem to have happened. Is there still more to come for this game or is this the final iteration? Is there going to be further DLC, such as becoming a corporate raider? Being able to build and shape the non-coffee businesses once you’ve bought over 50% of their stock? I get it’s about a coffee company but once you start heavily investing and building a property empire the coffee no longer matters so it’d be cool to branch out into even higher earning businesses..Version: 2.1

Amazing upgrade from the previous oneI used to play coffee inc before this one came out and it was fun and addicting, but impossible to get enough money to own a sports franchise. With this new coffee inc I love the new features added. Features like the manager system and every room that you can interact with for the headquarters buildings. I also love the improved stocks system as you can now merge with other companies. Even the minor change like how a company can bankrupt and a new one will appear. One feature that I would want is a custom difficulty, like changing the starting capital with sliders to adjust sales, salary standards, population in an area, etc. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a paid feature too. Overall this game has definitely improved from the last one, and I hope to see new features and updates being added for the feature..Version: 1.2

Dope game, suggestionsI love this game, huge improvement from the first. I would like to add some suggestions. It would be cool to have some benefits to having majority stock in another company. Like being able to vote on dividends for that company or vote on company changes. Also it would be cool to be able to start another company like your own energy, tech, or car company..Version: 3.1

AddictedJust like coffee, I can’t put the ducking thing down.. 5* What a game 😆😆.Version: 1.3

Something needs workThere should be a person to hire that keeps managers hired if they quit. After I take over a map it gets hectic when all my managers want a raise and start quitting. Besides that you guys earned my money..Version: 1.3

Been A Fan Since The FirstI’ve fallen in love with this game since the first one came out. There was so many things that could’ve been fixed, and with the second one, they fixed all but one. When you reach a point in the game where you have tens of billions of dollars, there’s not much more you can do. I wish you could open up different ventures, and make different types of products. Just to make that “end game” feel, not so real..Version: 2.0

Love this gameHuge fan of the series, the first game was one I always kept installed and came back to over the years. I’ve been enjoying the sequel over the last weeks, recommend this game to anyone and everyone. Note: Would be cool if there was a scrolling function in the IPOS and stocks when viewing their finance info, rather than having to back out and swipe to the next. :).Version: 3.1

This game is awesome!I’ve played the first one for hours and hours, after seeing the ad for this I jumped at the chance to download it. This is basically a more in depth version of the first one but it is so much better. Makes you really believe you’re running a real business. Looking forward to future updates!.Version: 1.1

FixingThe games pretty good overall matter fact it’s GREAT but The way you buy stock is far to slow it’s better than the one on the first version but muck slower i was buying stock for 17hours And only bought 0.7% of my company stocks back after the second raising as it doesn’t speed up. (EVEN IF YOU JUST ADD A MAX BUY BUTTON WE WOULD BE HAPPY 😁) Second a lot of ventures pop up but don’t need investing in ? Lastly I pay myself a wage and dividends from my company but have nothing to do with the money/ that I can’t use company money for?.Version: 3.1

Great but needs improvementsI was in love with the first game and this one is even better. I appreciate all the new features and locations. I agree with one of the other reviews saying how annoying it is when managers keep quitting. Additionally, there needs to be a tab where you can see all your stores in one place, so when a manager quits it’s easy to hire a new manager..Version: 1.0

Best simulation and management game I ever playedI’ve never bothered to write a review, but this one is different! I was initially attracted by its coffee management title and UX design. It turns out the game is beyond the regular management game. It also has some education value of running the business virtually. It helps me understand the basics of finance and accounting, and a lot of thinking and decision-making process are involved! The value of the game based on the game price is pretty good though there are additional cost in the game. Some real estate in the major cities cost a fortune, but hopefully there is a way to own lots of them and have good ROI for majority of them( I think it’s possible, and I am on my way to dig into it). If it has coffee Inc 3 in the future, I will definitely buy it!.Version: 1.3

Bug?The game is great, more things to purchase would be cool. I had just $10Billion in assets however I believe maybe this is a bug or maybe the citizens all died? Pretty much all of my real estate had 0 occupancy and I didn’t change a thing on their rent. As I made most of my income through those properties I went bankrupt. Kind of a low blow, is there a reason for this?.Version: 1.3

Property screens not the easiest to useWould prefer to adjust rent from a list rather than open each building. Also a notification about offers when you list a building for sale otherwise you have to check every week individually Also would be great to be able to reinvest in the company as if you own 100% of shares there is no way to do so. And finally bulk remodels as it takes forever to do each one. Especially for mergers with other chains..Version: 1.1

Great GameIt’s is a very nice game!!! One suggestion is to add more cities so you can expand even more. Also make the investment department to actually do something or at least to give you the ability to control everything associated with it from there..Version: 1.3

Amazing FunAn amazing addition to the Coffee Inc series. My only issue is the Second offering. Once you IPO you are able to do second offerings which quickly turns into infinity money. The only part that is slow is that the number of shares grows exponentially so to add them in each time is very slow. Need to put something in place that prevents unlimited second offerings. This can either be a hard timer or adding a confidence meter where as you do second offerings money isn’t constantly given.Version: 1.2

Great but…Enjoying it! But staff quit so often, even with good HR, that I’m spending all my time rehiring. There’s also seemingly no way to go to the store you’ve been told of someone leaving. You have to search one by one.Version: 1.3

Great Game Could Learn From Previous TitleI’ve put roughly 5 hours into the game and there are a few annoying things that could be changed to make the experience a little easier 1 a button to see all your shops then being able to click on them to see how they are doing instead of looking on the map 2 same with Real estate it would be nice to access it all on 1 page rather than trying to find each one on the map Apart from that the game is good and a nice upgrade to the first game.Version: 1.0

I love the game😭This is my first time playing any coffee inc. game, I found out about it on an instagram advertisement and I was skeptical at first but now I totally live it! However, I would love an update that would include more cities across the world like in Atlanta or Melbourne for instance!.Version: 3.1

Really enjoyable game but some annoyancesI really like the game. Lots of time spent on it since I’ve downloaded it. Couple of things that I wish could be changed. Buying and selling of shares. It’s a real pain having to press and hold the button down for so long. Can it be made so I can input the number I want to buy? Or select max type thing. When you move forward in a week. Can it be changed so I don’t have to sit and watch the money rising (or not some weeks!). It’s annoying just sitting there for a minute or so. Can’t it just pop up straight away? Otherwise a really good game..Version: 1.1

Fun, doesn't collect infoThe game itself is fun, you can see from the screenshots how it runs. It's also really great that they aren't taking my personal info and selling it. I really like how you can expand, and then manage the different aspects of products, marketing, etc.Version: 1.3

Great Game However…One minor mechanic I dislike, is that the money counter after ending a turn will sometimes not display the correct amount. For instance I started creating a mobile app for my company, and within that turn I invest over 90% of my money into a high dividend yielding company. To my surprise 3 turns on I ended up going bankrupt and losing my multi million dollar company!! Another mechanic I dislike is that I have to personally higher all the managers, and I wish one of the Chief Executives could do so. It makes the game feel more micro managing..Version: 1.0

Great game, still needs a few updatesLoving the game, spent several upon several hours so far Unfortunately it seems so much easier to handle managers directly instead of the COO, no matter what leadership/expertise they still hire unprofessional managers to run my stores to bankruptcy, in fact all executives lack and much easier to manage all aspects yourself. Text to type is too long when addressing issues/opportunities I see much potential coming in the following updates, I check every couple of days. Keep it up! Great game all the rest, shoot, I’d pay $20 for this game..Version: 1.2

Amazing sequel!Coffee Inc 1 was a great game to play but they just wiped the first one off the table with Coffee Inc 2! Highly recommend to play - worth the money!.Version: 1.1

Great game, although I have one suggestion.This game is great. It’s super fun. But, I have one suggestion. Please add a keypad to the buy/sell stocks page to make it easier to buy and sell large anoints of stocks. Right now I have about a million stocks in my company (personal) and there is no other way to sell them other than pressing a minus button that only sells 1,000 at a time..Version: 2.1

SuggestionLoving the game! Please let us issue bonds.Version: 1.0

Awesome, with one exceptionLove the game! I just would like to suggest to the developers to add a more detailed tutorial, the game itself isn’t difficult but I had to do A LOT of exploring to figure out what everything was. Also, I noticed all employees only refer to the CEO as “sir”, but not all CEOs are men, so it’d be nice to specify your gender and be addressed appropriately..Version: 1.2

10/10Love this game! I played the previous version and hoped for an improved version, the have truly delivered. Well worth the purchase, in app purchases not an extortionate price and does not restrict game play in anyway. Great game would recommend the purchase!.Version: 3.0

Truly amazingThe detail and depth makes the experience worth the money..Version: 1.1

Awesome, when you figure it outThis game is amazing and far more in-depth than the previous version! I see alot of complaints about issues hiring and losing managers, and micro-managing every store, and having your net income not matching what you actually get. The solution is investing in a corporate office and hiring executives such as the COO who can literally manage all your employees and store managers, and you can delegate HR responsibilities to him as well. The issues with the net income that i found out is that when you file for an IPO, you begin having to set money aside, also known as retained earnings. You can look at all your numbers in your corporate office when you hire employees in the finance division, and it shows you where all your money goes. But just as a real life CEO, remember to delegate, delegate, delegate! Hopefully this helps a few people at least!.Version: 1.0

Get rid of having to hire back employeesGreat game was looking forward to it. Only thing I do not like is that the employees in the store quit no matter what I do. The previous game Coffee Inc. didnt have it like that and I think it made the game flow better because it is too tedious to keep hiring back employees from each individual store..Version: 1.0

Best Game On The Market.. Please AddPatience is key to being successful I bought out the largest coffee company twice and I rule every state and country no I’m buying all real estate and large amounts of stocks follow a real world gameplay and it becomes simple. PLEASE ADD SPORTS INVESTMENTS I wanna own a team also if possible add a manage feature to where u can change the name colors pricing little things like that I really love this game it’s amazing!.Version: 3.0

Good gameReally good game but it’s really annoying when my mangers keep quitting and I have to go through all my shops to find it..Version: 3.1

Amazing Game!To start things off, this is definitely an upgrade from the original version on this game. Although the first game was extremely entertaining, the second version is a more detailed entrance into the corporate world. Your management skills will be put to the test as you run individual shops all the way up to the executive level of your company. One suggestion to improve this game would be to upgrade the “plus” and “minus” buttons when trading stocks or purchasing real estate. A slider bar or “custom enter” feature would definitely speed up the process when making the billion dollar transactions. Another fun upgrade would be adding other investment opportunities. In the previous game I loved being able to invest in start-up companies and sports franchises. I’ve reached a sort of dead point in the game where I’ve purchased almost all of the real estate and can’t diversify any further. Adding things like sports franchises, start-ups, or hectic trading options like crypto would definitely add more excitement to an already fun game. Maybe even the ability to start other businesses like restaurants, bars, clubs, malls and retail. Don’t get me wrong, this game is levels above other simulation games. I would just love to see some more expansion into the world of investing!.Version: 1.3

Literally best iOS management gameI love management/business games, and this is the best game for that! I played the first one religiously and loved it. When i seen they came out with a second one I immediately knew i had to get it. They did a great job with the new features, it gives you an entirely new immersive feel to the game! There is a few things that could be fixed or explained a little better, but overall 10/10 game would recommend to anyone that likes management/business games. Also, highly recommend the custom interior and real estate DLC’s!.Version: 1.1

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