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Coffee Inc 2 App User Positive Comments 2024

Coffee Inc 2 app received 109 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about coffee inc 2?

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Coffee Inc 2 for Positive User Reviews

Great but not perfect!A lot of other reviews seem to mention a lot of improvements which I agree with, but one missing is forcing in store marketing like you can do with prices. So often I find stores doing badly and it’s because they have no in store marketing but if I take away the marketing from the store manager they just get mad. I have max staff training and the staff have good stats they just perform terribly with the marketing for some reason. Great game tho. <3.Version: 8.0

Fantastic, now expand to diversify businessGreat game but one after a while the company runs out of things to grow. One of the biggest things would be to make tech to expand to the other sectors like biotech, banking , tech, and auto. Make it so that you can make a business of banking after you have 1 billion in savings and make development of cars take hundreds of millions. This would make it so you challenge the sectors and the established business. This would make this game the best one I have ever played..Version: 8.0

Great game, would love to see Bars addedFantastic game with many optional (and some paid) elements to add complexity and strategy. Love the in-depth look at building an empire. As a hospitality worker, I know there is a lot of industry cross over between cafe’s and bar’s and think the next great feature could be opening bar’s restaurants and hotels. It would certainly have my interest to see these added when the devs get a chance..Version: 6.0

Best game everThis is one of the best games for entrepreneurs I wish there were more games like this and the best thing is that after every update they keep putting out more and more things and it gets better every time. I wish you can do it also where it's wasn't just coffee and other businesses like a sims hopefully you guys can come out with a game like that, but like I said this is the best game I played on mobile..Version: 8.0

I absolutely love this gameThis game is fantastic, it’s the perfect game to focus on whilst you have some downtime and then you just save and turn it off and do whatever you need until you come back to enjoy the fun, I’ve made countless companies in this game and right now I’m just waiting for the next update so I have the motivation to make another..Version: 10.2

Fun!This game is so fun though I feel like so much more could be done. Absolutely love it though!.Version: 5.1

Favourite business simulator👍👍👍👍👍🔥Probably the most polished and fleshed out business simulator.🔥No stupid energy systems or anti-fun mechanics at all. This is a pure experience made by a passionate team/person. I find myself checking the AppStore nearly daily for updates to the game, I think I may be addicted. This game is so well made and the sandbox business simulator experience is very in-depth with multiple paths to reach success. I recently played a play-through without opening a single coffee shop, and managed to get rich by investing in stocks, start-ups, and property instead. Once I was rich enough, I bought out all of the rival coffee chains and rebranded the worlds coffee shops with my logo and cheap blend of coffee. I then cranked prices up and marketing up and dominated the world causing people to drink the worst most expensive coffee in the world. Using the profits to bully any new startups into selling to me. 10/10.Version: 5.1

Great game but..It can get old quickly without more frequent game updates that add content. I’ve paid for the DLCs and still feel it needs more content..Version: 10.2

Great Game but Needs a News Review FeatureI love playing Coffee Inc 2, but I often click away from the weekly news too quickly and forget what was said. It would be great if a feature could be added to review the news again before starting a new week. This small addition would make gameplay even better for me..Version: 10.2

Love it!Very good game, I look forward to each and every update!.Version: 10.2

Really 3.5 stars but I cannot choose thatI like this game a lot. But I have a few points of feedback: - Game does not explain stocks vs. venture capitalism or how/why one might turn into another. - Real estate is broken unless you buy a personal home and rebuild it. Of my 8 corporately owned properties, ONE is in the green. Let us renovate these properties or even turn them into venues. Otherwise this is a waste of time. - Game explains virtually nothing so I had to turn to reddit to figure out how to play and what factors affected my company’s success. It was a hard game until I looked online. Now it is a pleasant challenge and I’ve lasted longer than 6 weeks. - My executive staff are stupid! They incur fees and taxes by being careless with their hiring practices. I expect this of managers but not of ppl I pay 1/4mil a year and stocks to freaking remember that London will fine us if we don’t recycle. Please expand the voting options to impact store policies, or make it so I can assign them certain responsibilities WITH instructions. Things I already really love: - Auction material with trivia info - Coffee bean customization and/or boutique coffee sourcing. - The diverse cities and properties - The beautiful stock market. - No ads! Keep up the good work..Version: 10.2

Great game definitely buy it. There is some feedback though.This is a fantastic game which is really rewarding to play as it genuinely feels like you’re building an empire. I would highly recommend people to get it for themselves. My feedback is that in the first game there was more investment opportunities, you could buy sports teams. I figured there would be even more in this one but that just doesn’t seem to have happened. Is there still more to come for this game or is this the final iteration? Is there going to be further DLC, such as becoming a corporate raider? Being able to build and shape the non-coffee businesses once you’ve bought over 50% of their stock? I get it’s about a coffee company but once you start heavily investing and building a property empire the coffee no longer matters so it’d be cool to branch out into even higher earning businesses..Version: 2.1

Dont buyI would love a refund.. Boring game, cant loose, just max everything. its boring.Version: 8.0

Great GameWonderful game! Exactly what I look for in a business based sim. Couple things I would consider adding: - other types of businesses that we can purchase besides real estate, sports teams and coffee shops: oil companies/mining companies where we have direct control of how business is run. Another example is the stock market; when we buy certain portions of a company, we should get the ability to control certain aspects of it (I.e. obtaining related assets to promote revenue/etc.) - purchasing other assets such as land, cars, heck even mines that grows or decreases in value due to location/business environment/etc. - limit how much of a company can be sold to raise equity in difficult/tycoon levels. There seems to be infinite money bug with this. I’ve been able to raise billions from this. Also, there’s a bug where if you hold down on money increase long enough to where the screen is about to turn black then you bring it back. Then the money will increase till you’ve raised 50% more (max). At least remove it in difficult/tycoon levels. - there’s many more things to add but if these were somewhat implemented in a 3rd game or within this one; I would willing spend up to 5-$10 to play. Package it to a major expansion that’s $5-10 imo. -.Version: 6.1

Scratches a really niche itch.This game is really good. I will point out a few things I don’t like. On the iPhone Pro Max 13/14 some stores and offices are hidden under the next week buttons up top etc and you have to scroll side to side to get it to a place where you can click it. My second concern is with Executives when I delegate a division I always check on them and they’re understaffed etc etc is this a feature related to the Executives skill or is something wrong? Some times I’m lost on what I’m doing wrong because there isn’t a whole lot of game mechanic explanation but it is extremely fun to navigate I would def buy again..Version: 10.2

I love this gameI am a barista, and I’m also a business major. This game is the absolute best of both worlds. I love investing and the dividends side of it makes it so cool. I love hiring c suite officers and delegating tasks. I would love to be able to hire more personal assistants or delegate personal portfolio management to the assistant to manage properties or to adjust when to buy and sell. I think that would be beneficial for corporate investments too. It would also be really cool if the coffee companies could take part in seed funding as well. I also really like the eco friendly options. I had the idea that it would be really cool to have a sustainability executive, and the option for employees as well to launch charity efforts, to roll out reusable cups to be used in all stores and other products too. The game is awesome, I just had some ideas that I think would be really cool if seen in game..Version: 4.0

Game crashingAny time I open the building for stocks or finish for the week the game crashes, have this saved game for a few days never had this issue and now do. Can’t continue on until this is fixed and reallllly don’t want to reset my hole progress..Version: 5.1

Worth The BuyFound this game at random and to be honest it’s a lot of fun. It’s annoying how there’s no tutorial and you have to just dive in headfirst but after you learn a little bit it’s a lot of fun. The design is cool and the actual gameplay works really well. Would recommend if your into these kinda business style games. I will mention again the lack of a tutorial or introduction, which is a minor stepping stone overall but made starting and learning the game difficult and confusing. 4.5/5 definitely worth the buy..Version: 11.1

Great game but needs more like venture in the first version.More features but game is super fun!.Version: 1.1

Truly amazingThe detail and depth makes the experience worth the money..Version: 1.1

Love this gameHuge fan of the series, the first game was one I always kept installed and came back to over the years. I’ve been enjoying the sequel over the last weeks, recommend this game to anyone and everyone. Note: Would be cool if there was a scrolling function in the IPOS and stocks when viewing their finance info, rather than having to back out and swipe to the next. :).Version: 3.1

Enjoying the gameI like the game. Very well developed and fun to play. I wish there were more than just a ratings based hiring system though, like perhaps you could interview candidates for certain positions. Also, I wish when you delegated division operations to your executives, they would take initiative to improve the company themselves, specifically the COO, CPO, and CTO. COO seems to not want to ever start employee benefit programs. While the CPO does help with creating a coffee blend, they never seem to develop new products on their own. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the CTO develop any new technology without requesting it first. Not sure if you have to reach a certain net income threshold so you’re not spending too much, or if they just aren’t programmed to do that on their own. I get that part of running the company is to start these programs and develop these products yourself, but the delegation of those tasks seems pointless if they aren’t taking some of the initiative themselves..Version: 2.0

Change week lagGreat game but can you please fix the lag when it you change weeks in later years..Version: 8.0

Great sequelIt’s a great sequel to the first and nicely executed, however there are a few things I would like updated. 1) the weekly summary screen can take forever at the end if your far into the game and your company generates a-lot of income. 2) Please add and easier to option to buy things with lots of money ie stocks it takes forever if your trying to buy a large amount of stocks. 3) what is the point of the investment department?.Version: 1.1

The best game on the App StoreThis might be one of the best games on the App Store. I’m hooked. You can play for hours and see your profits roll in, especially from venture capital investments. What I would really love is to see more control over those investments. I don’t want to just own a sports team… I want to run it! Sure, I can buy the top players and bank roll it, but I want to determine more than that Regardless, I keep coming back to this simple but wonderful game.Version: 8.0

At lastLong awaited coffee inc 2 has shown it’s face! I loved the first one. The very second I saw this one I had to purchase it up right away. I wish I could find a game on pc that makes me feel the way coffee inc does. Maybe your devs could work on a pc port that has more things going on. One thing I maybe fell into because of the first game. Is an overwhelmingly large income. Whilst getting there initially is a little challenging. Once I get a shop standard down that brings in at least 5k a day. The game is more or less over as I save money and spam that same building over and over Let the managers take over. Watch the income flood But that’s the whole game at some point. I want to try the other things they have to offer. Different ventures. Seems interesting. Still one of the best business simulation games ever made..Version: 7.0

GreatHonestly a lot more in-depth and enjoyable than I anticipated. No ads no thank god and reasonably priced additional DLC. My only complaint is the game is lacking sound effects. Even basic ambient music etc..Version: 6.0

Simply wowThis is a great game but there are a couple of improvements to be made. 1. When I buy an office building or a stadium why if I change the rent really cheap to lower the cost for my company doesn’t it change and just remain the same. 2. It would be great if companies I own majority share in could be adapted by me asin I can change dividend and other thing such as how it operates. 3. Why can’t I make the football club and other sports franchises public to raise funds also it would be great to set ticket prices. 4. How come the investment division in the company doesn’t do more? 5. Could there be anyway to spend the money as-in dividends not just on property but the private jets if you have the extension or super yachts to travel around in. 6. I would also love to be able to turn my company back into a private one just like you can in real life if you have majority share hold this feature would be amazing. But I understand it’s a coffee game but it gets to a point in it where you have loads of money and there’s nothing you can’t do. It is an amazing game and you should be really proud of what you have created..Version: 8.0

Great SequelReally enjoyed Coffee Inc 1 so was excited to see a second version. Some great new gameplay experiences that was a fresh addition to the game. Looking forward to see how they keep developing and adding to this further..Version: 1.3

Great game ! A few recommendations!The stock market currently in the game is very fun, I literally made most of my money off of the market in this game before I even had 10 stores. My issue is that one of the start up companies I invested in early that I owned 64,000 shares of at around a 6 million evaluation was bought out by a company for 11 billion. I received my premium dividend reimbursement but why did my shares just disappear? That’s not how it works in real life my shares would of now became whatever the company was that bought them out! I shoulda been a billionaire at this point in the game due to the buy out !.Version: 8.0

Very Good But 1 IssueCoffee Inc2 is a good game but can you make it easier to log in to iCloud on the game. I’ve tried Sync mode but it doesn’t work although I have iCloud.Version: 9.1

SuggestionI think you guys should create a general manager mode. Where there’s stores, and us as the player is running the store as a GM. Where we can assigned employees task to do. Make the employees schedule, payroll, and run promotions. Have inspections. If we are doing a good job at maintaining the store we stay as the Gm if not we’re getting transfer to another location up until we decide to retire. It’ll be cool to have a assistant general manager. Making just like the same or similar structure to Wawa. It would be cool to have trucks where we order things from the warehouse, and have a delivery every other or 2 days..Version: 7.0

Great game, still needs a few updatesLoving the game, spent several upon several hours so far Unfortunately it seems so much easier to handle managers directly instead of the COO, no matter what leadership/expertise they still hire unprofessional managers to run my stores to bankruptcy, in fact all executives lack and much easier to manage all aspects yourself. Text to type is too long when addressing issues/opportunities I see much potential coming in the following updates, I check every couple of days. Keep it up! Great game all the rest, shoot, I’d pay $20 for this game..Version: 1.2

Amazing!Words cannot describe how good this game is. They should probably introduce a 6-star rating for games made like this. They spent so much time thinking about so many intricate details. Then don’t hide behind a bunch of ads. I paid £1.79 for this game and I’d pay more, because for the first 72 hours, 36 of them were spent playing this game. Addictive, thorough and immersive. I can’t wait for this game to keep iterating and getting better with each update. (Providing they do it). A couple of improvements that could be made; - I.T. development such as ‘APP development’ wouldn’t take so long to do something that’s already built. | If it takes 72 months to develop an app, improving it to 5 star should be iterative, not a full 72 months. - If you hire a C-Suite with high stats, they should be able to make hires and business decisions, also to a high standard. - If you hire a manager with high stats, they should be able to inspire an underperforming team to perform, and conduct effective marketing strategies. - Should be able to buy the buildings that your competitors rent, and potentially raise rent, to help bankrupt them 😎.Version: 4.0

Good, but some annoying bugsThe game is fun, I’ve really been enjoying it. However, I have a business that is well established making like 40 million net income per week, and sometimes randomly instead of counting up by millions per second it goes by about 300k per second, and makes it take like 20 minutes for the weekly revenue to finish counting. Makes the game almost unplayable not sure if I’m doing something wrong to cause this or it’s just a bug but would be 5 stars for sure if it wasn’t in the game..Version: 10.2

Great gamePlease keep adding and updating..Version: 6.0

Really enjoyable game but some annoyancesI really like the game. Lots of time spent on it since I’ve downloaded it. Couple of things that I wish could be changed. Buying and selling of shares. It’s a real pain having to press and hold the button down for so long. Can it be made so I can input the number I want to buy? Or select max type thing. When you move forward in a week. Can it be changed so I don’t have to sit and watch the money rising (or not some weeks!). It’s annoying just sitting there for a minute or so. Can’t it just pop up straight away? Otherwise a really good game..Version: 1.1

Latest update adds great featuresLove the politics upgrade. But would love for the executive team i.e. to manage gender equity of the business if you allocate this responsibility rather than clicking on all your stores and firing any male manager you can find after you get a fine from the city. Anti-trust needs another way to manage too. One week you just end up with a $1.5 billion fine out of nowhere - a warning/deadline etc from the city would be great..Version: 3.0

Bug?The game is great, more things to purchase would be cool. I had just $10Billion in assets however I believe maybe this is a bug or maybe the citizens all died? Pretty much all of my real estate had 0 occupancy and I didn’t change a thing on their rent. As I made most of my income through those properties I went bankrupt. Kind of a low blow, is there a reason for this?.Version: 1.3

Great Game Could Learn From Previous TitleI’ve put roughly 5 hours into the game and there are a few annoying things that could be changed to make the experience a little easier 1 a button to see all your shops then being able to click on them to see how they are doing instead of looking on the map 2 same with Real estate it would be nice to access it all on 1 page rather than trying to find each one on the map Apart from that the game is good and a nice upgrade to the first game.Version: 1.0

Love This GameGreat game. Has given hours of entertainment. Keep adding those cities! You have my support and money!.Version: 6.0

TimeOnly bad thing about this game is the time should be easy to fix this matter..Version: 3.1

Game SuggestionsHello, I want to say how much I enjoy playing Coffee Inc. 2. It’s the best business simulation game on the App Store or any other gaming platform. I don’t have any real issues with the game, but I have noticed that the board of directors will not allow the CEO’s compensation to exceed 1,000,000. Again, this is not a severe issue. Still, it would be more realistic to have the ability to give the CEO the salary and benefits that come with the job. Also, I hope that as the game develops, the developers add an option to add Vice Presidents' positions that oversee individual departments and report to C-Suite members. Finally, I hope the developers allow us to change C-Suite Members' titles and the departments they oversee. Thank you for the fantastic game, and I’m excited for future updates..Version: 11.1

Game is awesome but I have one minor issueI love this game it’s a huge improvement on coffee inc 1 but the one glaring issue I’m constantly having is that my income that is displayed on week end screen doesn’t match what I actually gain or loose. For example I recently opened 2 new shops and cut it pretty close to honing broke and when I skipped the rest of the week it said I had made $12,000 but in actuality I had lost about 2 grand and almost went bankrupt. If you guys could fix that I would definitely be very happy. Thank you.Version: 1.1

Fun game but needs better menusI enjoy the tension between managing cashflow and growth. You can’t grow so fast that you run out of money. It’s also good that there are multiple ways to make money..Version: 10.2

Amazing game but could be a bit betterHello! I have been playing since the first game, love them both so much. Do you think you can add the ability to buy precious metals? Add it in the banks maybe so that you have another asset to trade. It could fluctuate similar to stocks and change depending on interest rates among countries and so on. You should also add some crypto ability! I love the game and would really enjoy seeing features like that. Please continue to add more cities to really make the game realistic. Maybe you could add events that happen globally to effect stocks and global prices. Would be really fun, thanks!.Version: 11.1

Best mobile gameThe best mobile game I have ever played! Even if you buy all the extensions it’s worth every penny!.Version: 12.0

QuestionIncredible game. Love it. Some observations/suggestions : 1. Sometimes the Q earnings for your coffee co. will headline as negative when it’s not and the stock will fly. 2. It’s not very easy to remember where your stores are on the really detailed diverse maps of the cities. Plz make it easier. 3. Would be nice to have an “inbox” for store indicidents so it’s easier to remember what happened where/ and also to notify you if your building has received purchase offers. This way the events don’t stop your “flow” and if you choose not to address events it has repercussions/ and you dont have to go to every individual building that’s on sale to see if you have offers. 4. Would be cool to have financials( balance sheet etc) for personal wealth as well showing weekly incomes instead of just yearly. 5. How do you add value/attendance to sports franchises? Also charts showing +/- growth on a weekly/monthly level would be cool. 6. Your chief investment officer should have “reports” available for all buildings that are for sale. 7. A rent calculator that shows you what the theoretical ROI/occupancy if you increase decrease rents. Sorry to focus only on the above topics but there’s so much to love about this game! Def worth your time..Version: 8.0

RecommendationsHaving played both inc and inc2 i come to an conclusion of that the game is fun and addicting, but as soon as you became the biggest coffee company earning around 1m per week the rest of the game pretty much have nothing to do with managing coffee shops but investing in stocks. U have so much potential to end game but you didnt add them such as starting sub companies to compete with other tech companies, but it does make sense not to have it as its Coffee Inc not Business Inc lol. Over all good game just lack of content..Version: 7.0

Been A Fan Since The FirstI’ve fallen in love with this game since the first one came out. There was so many things that could’ve been fixed, and with the second one, they fixed all but one. When you reach a point in the game where you have tens of billions of dollars, there’s not much more you can do. I wish you could open up different ventures, and make different types of products. Just to make that “end game” feel, not so real..Version: 2.0

Insanely addictiveThis game is insanely addictive ! Logged on to play and 12 hours later found myself still loving and playing the game I don’t know if it’s a bug or not , but currently struggling to purchase any sports stadiums ? Glitch me thinks ? Like it isn’t factoring in a M&A cost when I am increasing or decreasing the share value to offer? Also I saw a comment mentioning a better time advancement option Would be nice to pick 1-8 weeks advancement But apart from that, love the interface.Version: 6.1

Amazing for a sequel!This game is incredible! Needs to be expanded into more than just a coffee game it’s a great base to go off of. You could go into other ventures and business feel like once you’ve created a coffee empire there isn’t any real progress to other things like football or other businesses Really excited to see what comes next from this game company.Version: 12.0

As good as an MBAWould be 5 stars… but bankruptcy needs better means to address: first, you don’t get to see/know what triggered the bankruptcy (presumably a sudden fine or something); second, IRL you’d have some extraordinary/emergency ways of handling it, either fronting the offset personally or a short-term-high-interest loan at least, if not a simple opportunity to float funds by regular means. Other than that, this is an amazing business learning tool. Very well done!.Version: 5.1

New update and no private jet??I bought all the add ons and you update the game and I lose them?.Version: 7.0

Can be time consumingI love the game, and have bought the add ons but frustrated that the weekly results now take about 40 seconds to show my final results, can something be added to skip this?.Version: 1.1

Absolutely incredible gameI love the business simulation genre but hate that there aren’t a lot of (good) business simulation games out there, I’ve played just about all of them! However, I understand that this genre serves a pretty niche market. That said, I really hope that the developer(s) keep updating this game with great content! This game is truly amazing and still has so much more potential. Here are some of my wishes or things I hope to see in future updates: 1) The ability to open business that aren’t just coffee. I think it would be intriguing if you could be a electronics (or anything really. Furniture, grocery, etc.) company, where your stores are like the Apple, Walmart, IKEA stores. 2) With that, I think you should be able to M&A companies in other sectors. Or at least be on their board of directors once you own X% of the company. 3) More cities with more real estate opportunities.Version: 5.0

Great but…Enjoying it! But staff quit so often, even with good HR, that I’m spending all my time rehiring. There’s also seemingly no way to go to the store you’ve been told of someone leaving. You have to search one by one.Version: 1.3

I LOVE THIS GAMEI was a fan of the first edition, though after mastering my businesses, I became bored. This game is so detailed it’s amazing. Highly addictive. I am very disappointed though, I spent hours on a game, and accidentally let my balance go negative, as I was a major corporation and going on an opening spree, and it made me lose ALL of my progress. I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to sell assets instead of losing everything..Version: 5.0

So detailed, love it!I own two companies myself. Spent hours playing this, learned a lot and enjoyed the most. Best tycoon game ever. Well done guys..Version: 8.0

One of my favorite games however..I’ve spent countless, countless hours playing this game and it’s up there as one of the most engaging and brain-using that I’ve come across. However, there are a couple issues I’ve come across that I think could be useful in future updates 1: in the beginning stages of your company, and before you hire a COO, there are situation where our managers decide to leave and states the store location and what the storefront looks like. But, at this point a user could be at 20+ stores and when looking at the map it can be incredibly hard to discern which store it is which leads to having to clock every location to see which one is missing a manager. There should be a little dot or something on the store that shows it’s requires attention 2: No automatically saving files and no way to delete current save files? I’ve lost a few business from a slip of the finger because I did not realize it was never saved to its own save slot. There should be an auto save within the game that assigns it to its own space without it just being the most recent game played. As for not being able to delete past files, that’s self explanatory Love the game and looking forward to future updates and content!!.Version: 10.1

Lobbying needs to workI’d give it 5 stars if lobbying and donating to candidates worked. I put millions upon millions into lobbying and candidates within 10 points of the leader and it makes no difference. A maximum donation of $5M each time gives the impression that that $5M will go a long way/make a tangible difference. Outside of this issue, great game and quite realistic. Keep up the good work!.Version: 6.0

I don't know how to go to next dayPlz help.Version: 11.1

Best business tycoon gameNeed more frequent updates introducing new content and things to buy and more range of… everything!.Version: 12.1

Definite PurchaseYou can’t even consider buying this game it is a must for anyone looking for a good business game. The in-app purchases are £0.89 each and there are 5 of them, but they are completely optional. Epic game, would definitely buy again..Version: 6.0

Great Game!#1 Take out local companies #2 Short Them #3 Own all markets and You could funnel funds from the business to the player; which allows me to short my own company. I shorted myself 550B then bought back with 100% at same Market Cap while holding the cheapest positions on banks, oil and tech. CONS: I feel as if there is a certain limit one can achieve with their market cap etc. I loved the idea of donating, sports, etc. I would like for it to be based now on different options of currency exchange rates or allowing a wallet to increase value in banks. I would like to see gas prices effect the drivers and this would create more political aspects for policies. I would only hope to this grow as it taught me a ton. This game has so much potential and I was baffled when I found coffee inc 2. Buying everything all at once, I do appreciate that flat rate expected pay. I wouldn’t expect anything less than maybe a bundle for all cities. One more thing! Toss that moving toggle with a simple neat place to enter amounts, or do increments of like 10x 100x 1000x $ amount. Cheers.Version: 4.0

Good game but too many micro transactionsAlready paying for the game, why do I have to buy so many more in game features? If so just make them a single purchase or something Other than that great fun.Version: 6.1

FixingThe games pretty good overall matter fact it’s GREAT but The way you buy stock is far to slow it’s better than the one on the first version but muck slower i was buying stock for 17hours And only bought 0.7% of my company stocks back after the second raising as it doesn’t speed up. (EVEN IF YOU JUST ADD A MAX BUY BUTTON WE WOULD BE HAPPY 😁) Second a lot of ventures pop up but don’t need investing in ? Lastly I pay myself a wage and dividends from my company but have nothing to do with the money/ that I can’t use company money for?.Version: 3.1

Great gameThe game is amazing! It’s so much fun it gets addictive. The only thing that would make it better is more cities. Also I think there’s a bug when it comes to purchasing a sports team. Even if i put the max amount it still says the offer is too low..Version: 5.0

Really love this game!!Ive been playing this game over a year and The game is very well developed with minimal bugs and i love everything about this game. For example when running your business, you have to take in factor of marketing your coffee prices your brand awareness and so on in order to make a good amount of money. THINGS TO IMPROVE ON: Though one thing i dont like is when i skip weeks i always get the same events such as “staff stealing money, “a women burnt their hand because of the coffee” or a “youtuber wants to make a video on our coffee”. I feel like there needs an option for that to be switched off as sometimes its annoying as when the dialogue is in the process of showing you cant tap to skip unlike other games, the user can tap while the dialogue is happening to skip the dialogue. Also add more of those options whilst being able to switch it off. There needs to be more content in this game!!! I appreciate the fact you are able to purchase a sports team, real estate and so on but there needs to be more!! I would love to see that you can open different types of business (yes i know this game is called coffee inc 2) but being able to open different types of business will be cool. Users should also be able to contact supermarket to display their products there like how you have starbucks coffee in the refrigerators. Would love to somehow see this implemented I feel like alot more events need to be added and more investment banking capabilities. Despite there being already so many locations, please add more!!! And defo do add more competitors if possible that would be very appreciated. Lastly, please add more departments eithin the office. Im not sure what can be added but i feel like something more could be added. Also this is something minimal but in the game we should be able to use social media and upload content to have an interacting fanbase and be able to see store reviews and so on. But yeah these are my ideas!! I love this game ive bought the sports and tech startup dlcs im planning to buy the real estate dlc as well!! I hope this gets to you as i would appreciate it heavily if more features were to be added to this game. Defo will be making a review afterwards and i heavily recommend buying this game!!! It took me on my 6/7th try to understand how to run a successful business in the game..Version: 9.1

GreatNo ads, not continuous purchases. What a gem of a game. If you like management games at a slow pace this is perefect.Version: 9.0

Best Business GameIf you are looking for best business management game.. i don’t think so any other game on ios platform can top this one. Best game ever..Version: 11.1

Really goodFor $2 this game is really solid. Its deep and allows you to control a lot. After playing to have well over 100m multiple times. Theres only a few tweaks id love added. 1) some type of a list of all stores in different areas so i dont have to hunt down the store address that lost the store manager before i have a COO 2) possibly hire a personal real estate manager for all of my properties like how my coffee business can have different executives 3) slightly better customization of interiors, not like more options but easier way to navigate furniture. Either that or i havent figured it out yet lol (this option costed like another $2 doesnt seem too worth it yet) 4) some sort of notification of when my executives resign, the only time i catch it when all of the sudden i get “store manager has resigned” and it tells me my COO quit. Love the game, one of the best tycoon games ive got on my phone tbh, since i cant carry my pc everywhere. ALSO i want more games to come out, i like the way yall make games, keep up the good work! (I dont think ive wrote more than 5 reviews on here in 8 years).Version: 11.1

Really loving this game.I really enjoy this game, great to pass the time. But I wish the devs can make a similar game but have it based on beer, wine and whiskeys. Devs come on. You can do it..Version: 10.1

SuggestionLoving the game! Please let us issue bonds.Version: 1.0

Amazing Business Simulation!One of the most realistic and engaging business simulations out there. Really takes you through the various layers of abstraction & delegation that occurs as one’s business grows into a massive corporation. One feedback to the developers: why the heck aren’t you following the optimal strategy of your game and expanding to other platforms? I can see this blowing up on Steam, especially when you compare to games like Software Inc or Startup Company..Version: 10.2

Best Buisness Sim on any platformThis game is competent enough to be greenlit on Steam. Few things that need fixes: 1)Manager choices shouldn't refresh by opening the window. It's overpowered and would be better if they refresh once a week. 2)Marketing department should have the ability to set the default options for in-store marketing campaigns. Similar to the way you can set prices globally in the product department. 3) In tycoon mode, every law has passed by year 2 with no resistance as nobody has the ability to lobby that quickly. Maybe make law changes less frequent or have companies lobby against them more aggresively. 4)There should be no reason that a manager at max pay quits when a store is being run well. I feel like I have managers randomly quitting every single day even though their pay and benefits are maxed out..Version: 5.1

Awesome, when you figure it outThis game is amazing and far more in-depth than the previous version! I see alot of complaints about issues hiring and losing managers, and micro-managing every store, and having your net income not matching what you actually get. The solution is investing in a corporate office and hiring executives such as the COO who can literally manage all your employees and store managers, and you can delegate HR responsibilities to him as well. The issues with the net income that i found out is that when you file for an IPO, you begin having to set money aside, also known as retained earnings. You can look at all your numbers in your corporate office when you hire employees in the finance division, and it shows you where all your money goes. But just as a real life CEO, remember to delegate, delegate, delegate! Hopefully this helps a few people at least!.Version: 1.0

MORE UPDATESLove the game but i would love to see more added to it!.Version: 6.1

Love the game butMay we please make it so the managers we hire say more what they truely want for pay I avg 20% more then requested but there managers still reject the pay even though they only ask for 20% less then I offer don't make sense. I'm at point in the game where I can just keep donating to university but thinking about buying the pass for sport so holding off. And getting more money..Version: 12.1

Love it and Add MoreI love this game but I would love to see more to it. Add an option where you can donate to Univerisites and other schools and have endowments like the first game does to have schools build something in your name. Also, add an option where you could buy a floor of a building to house your offices or to buy towers to house your company/personal and be able to renovate the way they look on every floor..Version: 11.1

A great tycoon gameWay more in depth than it shows itself as. A fantastic game that really lets you take over the world as a coffee franchise.Version: 5.1

Why do you not even try to and listen to usLike we didn’t ask for sliders on the purchase menu of stock? Yet it doesn’t even work the price of more stocks sometimes says less than the previous amount and then charges me more! Like come on and just try don’t be lazy. I wanna love this game but you just add things that cost money :((((.Version: 4.0

BangerBanger of a game, was reluctant to purchase first off but legit one of the more pleasantly addictive games out there. Very user friendly and easy to get your head around mechanics of the game 10/10 if I could 👍🏻👍🏻 Ps please add more updates 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.Version: 5.1

Great GameIt’s is a very nice game!!! One suggestion is to add more cities so you can expand even more. Also make the investment department to actually do something or at least to give you the ability to control everything associated with it from there..Version: 1.3

When you beat the game but still want to playThe one thing I’m having an issue with is at year 2040 ish I chocked out all the competition and all the companies were either bought buy me or just start a business and close that one business before they go bankrupt and never open a new store or spend anything so they are in a limbo.. long story sort all of the companies are like this now and I’ve had all my coffee restaurants closed for 20 in game years now and I only invested and do real estate and those companies still haven’t open shops or started doing anything I just want to invest in coffee lol.Version: 4.0

Great GameThis is an amazing game, after taking an hour or two to understand everything it’s really easy to play and enjoy. One thing I noticed that’s different is the income per similar store. In the first game the logic would prevent two stores of the same company from maximizing profits if they are placed next to each other, however in this game it seems to ignore this fact, so instead of making what should be 40k between both combined, it gives 40-50k to each individual store each week despite being next to each other. Also there is a bug that allows you to purchase stocks from your own company, by buying it through company funds, and it does nothing. You can spend the money but it does nothing to your portfolio and all you do is lose money for your company after buying your own stock through company money. Besides that this game is great and I look forward to new updates..Version: 1.2

Great game (suggestions)I love this game & have purchased the ad ons. I can’t wait for future updates and releases, after playing for a few weeks I have some suggestions. The weekly results, when you earn more money it takes a long time to load and can be very frustrating. It would be great if this was shortened or you could tap to skip. The investment floor when you get an office, I’m not sure what their purpose is other than telling you how much you have in real estate and stocks, but it would be cool if you could employ people to invest into stocks and real estate for you or something! Perhaps some sort of online portal that told you all of the buildings available to purchase and shops available to rent, instead of finding them through cities. Maybe in that same portal there could be shops in different cities that aren’t yet in game, for example other places in the UK. I just think if there were tons of cities available to chose from then you could make a ginormous business instead of London, NY, etc. Something like where you can open a bank account and deposit money and it collects interest, would be very cool. Or if there’s multiple choices with different percentages, I’d enjoy that ! Finally, a website where you could sell merchandise. I know this is sort of in game, but I don’t think you can get it to its full potential with the “online orders” developments in the IT department. But a website when you can interact and customise, and sell to millions of customers! That’s all I have for now, thank you for making such a great game :).Version: 1.1

Could be betterCould be 5 starts, the game is really nice, but u can make some improvements: 1. Make a list of stores so that you will not search each store to change something inside 2. Reason for bankruptcy? And something about the reason why you are losing money (prices or marketing) 3. Make it just a little bit faster 4. Quick tutorial would be great.Version: 9.1

Great Game However…One minor mechanic I dislike, is that the money counter after ending a turn will sometimes not display the correct amount. For instance I started creating a mobile app for my company, and within that turn I invest over 90% of my money into a high dividend yielding company. To my surprise 3 turns on I ended up going bankrupt and losing my multi million dollar company!! Another mechanic I dislike is that I have to personally higher all the managers, and I wish one of the Chief Executives could do so. It makes the game feel more micro managing..Version: 1.0

Game is awesome, might be too advanced for someThis game is super cool! I played version 1 a lot I definitely see way more challenge and enjoyment in version 2. I would love to see more investment advances like the previous version with VC and funding early companies. The stock market in this version is slow and there’s not really any high growth in them. I’d also like to see longer term loans or custom loans, to directly invest in real estate. Like a “buy with mortgage” option. None the less, super interesting game love the C-Suite portion of things and hiring a manager. It’s super involved in the beginning and more high level expansion and growth after that. As far as it being too advanced I can tell people don’t understand the concept and/or difference between net income and cash flow by their comments. The games platform has a tremendously opportunity to offer financial education. Whether a section of the game to teach user the various financial statement concepts and fundamentals Or a help section could be a super cool and fun opportunity to teach financial literacy. I know in business school we had a fairly similar but much more detailed simulation like this to compete with our other classmates. Would love to chat if you guys have any more questions. I’d think I could offer a lot of ideas to further advance the game..Version: 1.0

Good but….I like the game and it’s fun to play but there is no tutorial.Version: 10.1

Multiplayer and moreMy friend and I both play this game and he thought that it would be a good idea to be able to play against each other so that there is more of a challenge. I think that you should also be able to design your own uniform for your company and design your own cups. Thank you..Version: 7.0

Great GameOnly game where I don’t mind paying extra money for content Could use updates more often though and some new features would be nice.Version: 6.0

Awesome gamePlease bring back most of the features from the old game and add new ones too a lot of people love this game and have pitched a lot of great ideas please just try to add some in the next update Ps: please add the best seller identification and the football ownership feature and please add more sports teams and stuff I think I should say this also please can u make the updates like a particular feature would be put in to the max just like how but life does there updates for example the next update should be tagged as let’s say: MORE VENTURES AND COMPANIES UPDATE And the next update after that can be: SPORT FRANCHISE UPDATE stuffs like that I think it would fulfill all the wants of the users and also maximize ur time which would make it an awesome game. 😍🥰.Version: 4.0

Best simulator type game on the market!I never write reviews but wow, what a game this is. Deffo worth the small amount of money, and i’m totally hooked. Ways of making the game better? Just expanding maps so the market is even bigger for a long term goal being harder to reach. Stadiums and different types of event based income would be a good feature too. Amazing game with potential to be the best on the whole app store..Version: 4.0

Pretty good gameI like it it’s fun and pretty cool features which make it quite realistic. I have a question: how do I hire new floor staff because the customers are complaining about their lack of skill.Version: 4.0

Overall very good gameThis is a very good game overall. However, there is a bug which prevents me from seeing the full map. I’ve got an iPhone XR if that helps..Version: 1.0

Amazing FunAn amazing addition to the Coffee Inc series. My only issue is the Second offering. Once you IPO you are able to do second offerings which quickly turns into infinity money. The only part that is slow is that the number of shares grows exponentially so to add them in each time is very slow. Need to put something in place that prevents unlimited second offerings. This can either be a hard timer or adding a confidence meter where as you do second offerings money isn’t constantly given.Version: 1.2

Must Buy For Tycoon LoversOne of the best Tycoon games out there. A huge step up from the first game. Well done!.Version: 1.1

The best business / strategy game.This is my favourite game I’ve played in long time. I got targeted by an ad on instagram and thought it was worth a try. I’m happy I did. I am crack addicted to this game 😜.Version: 6.0

Coffee beansHow do you customise the coffee beans you could in the previous game???.Version: 6.0

IdeasThis game is amazing I think there’s a few things if they added might make this game even more realistic and more fun to play with the first thing is with the government aspect if we could lobby to get a bill appealed or added that might be more fun just right now we have to wait until it appears but we should have the option to say we want The bill to come out. Also I think it would be great if we could add buying other companies besides coffee companies because it will make you feel more realistic because I think it’s a great premise just start a coffee but you should allow us to not just invest but maybe by ownership of a company. For the sports I wish we could be active in getting sponsorships so we can continue to make more money on the sport aspect Add more Australia towns.Version: 11.1

The best business sim, can’t wait for more!!! + some update ideasLove this game so far. It’s well worth all of the purchases! It’s the best business sim on the App Store. It’s very in-depth and I love the features like the stock market. I also loved the fact that now you have your own personal wealth tab!! I can’t wait to see what else gets added to this like venture businesses from the previous game. One thing that could spice up this game is if you could donate to political mayoral campaigns and in return, they help give advantages to your business or maybe political lobbying! So far love it but please continue to add more!!!.Version: 1.0

Love it, some bugs need fixingLove the game, the original Coffee Inc was already the best business sim on mobile and this is miles ahead of that. There are bugs that I am experiencing, though. For instance, even with no competitors and no other coffee shops of my own around, after awhile the coffee shop will just all of a sudden start losing thousands of dollars a week with nothing else changing even on easy mode. Secondly, I don’t know if it’s a bug that happens randomly or after closing a shop or after taking the company public, but the net income stops working correctly where the small font will say I make $50,000 in net income and the cash of my company will show i only made $5,000 or something like that, and then the low amount is counted towards my company’s earnings I’m excited for how good this game is going to become in the future and everything else you can add to this!.Version: 1.0

Absolutely Love this gameNever written a review before, played the first on through multiple times and loved it but thought eh could be a bit more enhanced. This game does that, a immersive and amazing business simulation that will leave you hooked, especially with the expansions although the private jet i feel is a waste of money if you plan right (i haven’t even bought it throughout 4 playthroughs of coffee inc 2). This game does have bugs yet they are not even close to game breaking and it is early into the new update. 5 stars from me..Version: 2.0

Worth the moneySpend hours on this and has no adds which is great..Version: 7.0

Literally best iOS management gameI love management/business games, and this is the best game for that! I played the first one religiously and loved it. When i seen they came out with a second one I immediately knew i had to get it. They did a great job with the new features, it gives you an entirely new immersive feel to the game! There is a few things that could be fixed or explained a little better, but overall 10/10 game would recommend to anyone that likes management/business games. Also, highly recommend the custom interior and real estate DLC’s!.Version: 1.1

Very fun gameI enjoy business minded games, this is the best mobile one i have cone across… But i found after reaching 10+ stores the game gets too easy i would like to see tycoon mode to make it a lot harder as now on tycoon mode i am already a billionaire. Thankyou for the game….Version: 8.0

Amazing upgrade from the previous oneI used to play coffee inc before this one came out and it was fun and addicting, but impossible to get enough money to own a sports franchise. With this new coffee inc I love the new features added. Features like the manager system and every room that you can interact with for the headquarters buildings. I also love the improved stocks system as you can now merge with other companies. Even the minor change like how a company can bankrupt and a new one will appear. One feature that I would want is a custom difficulty, like changing the starting capital with sliders to adjust sales, salary standards, population in an area, etc. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a paid feature too. Overall this game has definitely improved from the last one, and I hope to see new features and updates being added for the feature..Version: 1.2

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