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Marble Master app received 29 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about marble master?

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Marble Master for Positive User Reviews

Game not openingSince doing the latest update I can’t open the game. The previous review said the same and you advised to contact through the game settings. I can’t even get to the settings page…help! I love this game and gutted that I can’t get on..Version: 7.502.135

5/5 awesome.Boosters are really cheap so I don’t mind buying them. I bought the ad free booster and now I’m literally addicted. I work in a call centre and I will sit there talking to customer playing this. It’s really great..Version: 3.54.092

No adsFinally a game with no ads to stop you from playing.Version: 5.21.100

Love it but don’t love the updatesI love this game, I found it while trying to find Zuma and it’s so similar! it’s not quite as hard, but gets harder as you go. Lots of mini games/tournaments/challenges as well so if you run out of lives there’s usually still something to play. I payed the $2-3 for no ads once I knew I’d be playing it longer term which has made the game sooooo much more enjoyable so I highly recommend ad free The problem comes in with the updates, there are so many new updates constantly which means old ones have to be cycled out and that’s usually not a big deal to me but now we’ve lost our stars?? That was the whole point, complete the level and get 3 stars. Plus no more star tournaments? Boring. Love the game, bring back the stars.Version: 6.722.125

AmazingIt keeps me busy when I am bored.It doesn’t have any ads like most of my games do.It makes me think and this is the only game that makes me think.😁.Version: 6.902.128

Best game of its typeGreat game with plenty of challenges, bonuses, and rewards. Ads are easily manageable..Version: 7.312.133

No Ads purchase didn’t work at first - does now!Update: I deleted the game, reinstalled, then had to go into the settings to “Restore Purchases”, and after that it started working correctly, without the ads. I lost all my progress, but wasn’t very far along. Now that it works, I like the game a lot! Original: I paid the $1.99 to play with no ads, but they keep coming anyway. Also, after I paid, the game became jerky, where it was smooth and easy before. My iPad said that the sale went through successfully. Something is definitely amiss..Version: 3.21.090

Great game!Currently on level 178, and I’m sure, or at least hope I have a way to go. This game beats ALL recent marble throwing games I’ve played since my original experience around iOS 5. I hope the add revenue is helpful to the app builders. It’s annoying, but I think they’ve resolved the issue mentioned in previous ratings!!!.Version: 5.90.108

IuebbxBeneh.Version: 7.132.130

Great game but buggy, problem solved with great customer support.I love the game, it’s challenging and there are several different side challenges you can opt in for. However, the ad time can get a bit annoying as it is quite long. I got rather far on the balloon challenge and can’t play the game any more. It doesn’t allow me to exit out of the Ballon Ascend screen after I beat it. Every time I open the app it goes to the same screen, so I’m stuck there with no option to X out or go anywhere else. Edit; After finally figuring out how to contact support, they resolved my problem in less than 4 hours..Version: 7.522.136

Down Memory Lane!Feels like a decade I’ve played a Marble game-thingy like this! Why haven’t I seen it again through the years?.Version: 7.122.129

The game is stuckI really like this game normally - it challenges me, and frustrates me, but then I get past the level and love it again! However, with the new release, my game is stuck on the Marble Mission screen. No amount of force closing, switching my phone off etc makes a difference - I’m on that page and it won’t come out, so I can no longer play the game.Version: 6.322.117

FunThis is very fun and cool.Version: 5.01.099

Wish new levels came out faster!I am obsessed with this game. It’s challenging enough to keep me interested with enough games I can do quickly to stop me from getting frustrated. Just wish the new levels came out faster!.Version: 6.902.128

Marble MasterAwesome astounding.Version: 5.30.102

Horrible.After playing this game for a while, I have reached level 610, and the ads don't bother me as other reviews claim. My game randomly stops while I'm playing and opens a scam website! It's just horrible! I'm not sure how to resolve this issue, so any help would be greatly appreciated..Version: 7.302.133

Airplane ModeThis is the perfect game to play on an airplane! Or anywhere there is no cell service. Unless of course you prefer to spend more time watching ads than time playing the game. In which case you will need to leave airplane mode off or connect to WiFi for the endless advertisements..Version: 3.92.098

FunNot overly challenging but fun.Version: 5.90.108

Great Fun!This game is challenging without being too frustrating. That said I hit level 884 and I think I’m doing well and yet none of the stones that turn to faces appear after the first two are take out. I can find no where if there is a key as to how to “create” the stone in order to eliminate it. You need a key/guide as to the various challenges. They show up the first time you play the level that introduces them and then you are expected to remember them. It’s frustrating!.Version: 5.00.099

Game won’t openSince the update yesterday the game is stuck on the loading page and won’t open so I can’t play anymore.Version: 7.502.135

Nostalgia but flawedI gotta say going into this and playing levels just brought back so much nostalgia. I don’t know why it just did. Better visual, and much more to do as you progress. The only thing that really annoys me is that this game wants your money (and it’s unapologetic). I don’t think I’ve gone at least 1-2 minutes without a pop up of spending 2 dollars on some rockets. It gets super annoying when you keep getting farther. That’s my biggest complaint. Of course ads here and there but not as bad as other games. A fun game..Version: 6.312.117

Continue gameLove this game! I’m complete hooked. The only problem I’m having is since getting a new phone and having to redownload the app it doesn’t save my game at the level I was. I would love the game even more if there was a way I could resume where I left off on my new device and not start again at level 1..Version: 6.902.128

TerribleWay too many ads and slowed my phone down and key glitching.Version: 3.92.098

Crashing my entire phone - ruining levelsI’ve had this game for years on my phone and play it daily. Since the new update two days ago, whenever im playing, it glitches - ruining my level streaks and bonuses, not recognizing shots I’ve made, making it impossible to complete a level even if I fulfill all the requirements. It also makes every other background app on my phone screw up (typically music or podcasts I listen to while I play). I consistently buy upgrade packages (I like to support the developers of games I thoroughly enjoy), the $9.99 pass to get double rewards, but am VERY unhappy with how the game is playing currently. There’s a ton of games like this out there and I’ve been loyal to this one for a LONG time. Not much longer if this issue isn’t resolved….Version: 7.702.139

Love this game!I love this game! It’s challenging, but manageable making it easy to want to keep playing. I don’t mind managing ads, so I just play for free. I am going to have to take a break from this game though, which makes me super sad. They’ve recently started advertising this DISGUSTING ASMR medical/dermatological game with no option to stop, mute, or forward the ad. It’s gross and I put myself through about 3 of them and I’m done. Very disappointing. Just make a mute option for the ad..Version: 6.902.128

Having fun five in the morning!Was unable to sleep, so I decided to have a go at this game. Amazing game for sure..Version: 6.132.113

One wordWicked 🤟.Version: 5.50.103

New UpdateI love this game, i’m at level 1700 or something, but the new update won’t even let me open the app. Please fix this.Version: 7.502.135

No ads. Thank you.I thought this game would have plenty of ads as stated by the early reviews. I still downloaded it anyway to try and so far, I don’t see any ads popping up just to go through the game (which is surprising yet great). 👏🏼 This is the kind of game that developers must do in order to attract players. No ads. Especially for kids or adults who just want to enjoy the game & don’t have money to buy. Also, I like how in-game purchases are still available only as an option for players. Game-wise, I like how smooth the game continues and the instructions are easy to follow. It’s giving me nostalgia from Zuma deluxe game my family used to play on our laptops when I was younger. Keep it up and I hope the levels are unending so players can keep playing..Version: 7.602.137

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