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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit Negative Reviews

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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit? Can you share your negative thoughts about justfit: lazy workout & fit?

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JustFit: Lazy Workout & Fit for Negative User Reviews

Not as advertisedI purchased this because the ad showed all exercises on a chair. As I am a senior, I can’t get up and down from the floor. At least half of the exercises in “my program” were on the floor, so totally useless for me! I would like the program as advertised!.Version: 2.0.2

Watch-out for chargesSigned up for free trial, but charged immediately. Accepted charge, but cancelled after a couple of weeks, only for charges to continue. Have had to lodge a complaint through Apple. Poor! Received response from developer. Told me I was wrong and called me a stupid name - WTAF. I never used the app so they earned a month fee for nothing. 7 days free trial means you get charged after the trial, not at the start of it. Again - poor.Version: 1.5.4

Not as expected, can’t reach developersI was excited to start this app as the preliminary survey revealed I could hit my goal weight within 2 days of my goal. The was pleased the app asked about my physical limitations and that my workout would be tailored to me. The first few days were good, but then jumping became a part of my workout (something I said I didn’t want). I also disclosed some back issues, but the workouts include some exercises that are painful to my back. The app was clear that I shouldn’t expect any weight loss the first week, but after I should see more rapid weight loss. I admit I was bummed as I gained 2 pounds my first week. I assumed it would start to come off in the second week. After 2 weeks, still no loss; just weight gain. I should mention that I am also doing Noom and intermittent fasting (IF). Before using this app. I was losing weight with Noom and IF, but since starting Just Fit, I’m gaining. I am repeating some exercises or modifying them a bit (3 of them) to avoid the jumping and back pain, but still working my core. I tried to reach out to someone about modifying my plan or for advice, but received an error when trying to reach the developers..Version: 1.7.4

Not enough options to customise, poor filters re injuriesDisappointed that once details are added to app there is no option to create a new work out plan. The plan created for me was way too intense also I’d indicated that I wanted bed based exercises and got floor based/yoga mat ones. Worst of all, I indicated I’d had a knee injury and on day two the plan included sets which required me to kneel and put pressure on my knee. I’m not sure why the developers ask these questions if they are not actually going to filter the exercises properly. I expect I’ll get some use out of the app but right now it seems like a waste of money. I’ve already cancelled as I don’t want to forget this time next year and be stuck with an app that isn’t suitable for me..Version: 2.1.9

A scamThe app says you can have a 7 day free trial but makes you sign up to a subscription to try it. I figured the subscription would kick in after the 7 day free part but it charged me straight away. It’s left me feeling scammed in to a subscription which isn’t a great motivator to actually use the app. I would have liked to have tried to see if it suited or not..Version: 1.7.8

Not letting my continueIt was all going good I really liked the workouts they were challenging but easy enough for me. When I got to day 4 which is today it’s not letting me start my training it keeps popping up with the free trial not letting me start my training..Version: 2.1.4

They just lie and give super unrealistic goals to get your moneySo the initial ad said free - errr not, it’s £9.99 per month. Then you magically win a discount which takes it down to £2.22 per month - but you can’t pay monthly, you have to sign up for £26+ straight away for a year. Also suggesting I can lose 18% body weight with the very low impact workouts I need due to ill health in just over ONE MONTH is an absolute joke and actually disgusted me so much I had to write this review, which I very rarely do. Giving unrealistic, actually completely impossible goals is a disgraceful money grabbing tactic, you should be ashamed. Lastly, you don’t have over a million users, or a 4.8 rating by tens of thousands of users. All lies..Version: 1.9.7

It’s too expensiveDo not buy this app you’re gonna be spending a lot of money per year it’s like 100 bucks and also I thought this would be a free game but I guess not this app I thought it was actually gonna make me lose weight but really it’s just an app that makes you pay. Why do you have to pay, like can’t you do it for free I hate like paying for games it’s really just not worth it to have the game if you have to pay for it my mom has this actually other workout game and it’s free unlike this one like actually put it free it would’ve been better and people would’ve bought it more and called it a five star review.Version: 2.2.1

So far so goodI just completed day 2. I only gave 3 stars because when I checked out day 2 of my fitness plan it showed 3 or 4 sections that needed to be completed at about 20 mins long. I didn’t change anything the only thing I did was hit start and the exercises changed and then I was supposed to complete a four minute long routine instead of the 20 minute long routine that consisted of me lifting water bottles I repeated this about four times because I wanted to get in my minutes at least. I will continue to Headstart on each day of my plan without changing anything and I will always review the exercises before hitting start if it continues to change the exercise routine after I hit start then I will discontinue my membership the pros are I was definitely sweating the exercises are easy and beginner friendly five more days to give it a shot.I may have to try out some of the lazy girl exercises as well I found the section where it shows how to do exercises either in the bed or on the couch seems like a good thing to do in the morning before IGet out of bed to start things off right for the day I will update at day seven! But so far so good!.Version: 1.6.8

ScamDo not download. This app says they give you a free trial if you sign up for a subscription but signing up for the subscription voids the free trial. They pull money from your account right away NOT after the seven day “trial” which is not communicated until after you pay. This app is intentionally fraudulent and misleading. On top of that, they ask you to identify your problem areas (I have arthritis in my knees and hips) and then proceed to give you daily workouts that completely ignore those limitations. Sometimes an exercise will focus on one side but they will never have you workout the other side so you you have to do it after the entire session on your own. Other times it does include both sides so it makes it frustrating to plan. I would give this app zero stars if I could and would not recommend this to anyone unless I wanted to see them waste a lot of money..Version: 1.6.9

Good but stupidIt was going all good until day 4 where I would have to pay to do it. I thought that bit was free?.Version: 2.0.9

Do not recommend if you have any health issuesI bought three months subscription and really loved the first session. However I find that each exercise session is super repetitive. After three sessions I was really craving some variety. Also I have lower back issues (which I have mentioned when building my workout). There were two days when I had to miss workouts as I could hardly walk after doing the exercises the day before..Version: 2.0.9

Be warned - It says 7 day free trial but it’s not!I downloaded this app and answered all the questions. It said you got a free trial for 7 days but to get any further in the app set up, you had to choose a subscription amount. I figured you’d get the 7 day trial and then they’d charge you after that. Unfortunately that’s not the case - I got charged straight away so I’m really not sure where the free trial comes into it. I just wanted to give the free trial a go, to see what it was like. With “cancel at anytime” shown, I thought I’d be able to cancel with no charge if it was within the 7 days so I’m really not happy and I’ve put in a request for a refund. Luckily I only chose the month subscription but it’s still £17..Version: 1.9.4

This app is terribleHorrible just horrible it gives you 3 days of workouts then on the fourth day you have to pay the full thing what a waist of money there are free workout apps and this isn’t one of them.Version: 1.8.5

MisleadingThe concept of this app was great. And for someone like me who finds it hard to stay consistent or work out, the short intervals were perfect. I also loved how it started off slow and seemed like the workouts would build. I’ve only had this app for two days. When I downloaded it, it said it was free. And of course there are in app purchases as with any app. It would offer a premium package all of which I was not interested in. I answered the questions, and loved how they wanted to find out limitations and so on. Did the first work out the first day no problem. Did the second work out no problem. Then all of a sudden every time I would try to click a work out it would give me the promotion wall and not allow me to work out anymore. I’ve read some of the reviews that say that this app offers a seven day trial. I didn’t even get that. Barely 48 hours in and already it’s asking for money. I understand not being able to get all workouts, but it should at least get some. I would’ve liked to use the app a little more before purchasing anything. Overall I’m just really disappointed..Version: 1.8.5

A good appThe app helped me get more motivation to workout during the day, the problem is it makes me pay after day 3. I’m not sure if this is a bug to the app or not but I’ve refreshed it multiple times and it doesn’t let me do day 4. The app is also helpful if you don’t have enough effort to get out of bed and workout because it gives you workouts to do in bed..Version: 1.7.5

Just another weight loss appI love exercise and thought this app looked fun and a way to fit workouts in around looking after my children. Really disappointed that it’s so weight centric. It seems very out of touch with what women especially are moving towards. Why can’t someone make an exercise app that is about feeling healthy and having fun. Really disappointed because I was looking forward to using it after seeing the ad. They should put that it’s a weight loss centered app on the ad..Version: 1.7.4

DisappointingI work out with a trainer twice weekly to keep up my strength and fitness. Have done so for years. But I wanted more while keeping costs down. I thought that this app would fill in some gaps, I need structure. I completely the questionnaire accurately, including current ailments. The first session, no intro, no equipment list, just let’s get ready…go! Poor demonstration of proper form which is paramount to getting good results. I needed weights of some sort, they used water bottles I fortunately had 5-lb weights handy. Otherwise I would have had to stop and find something. The exercises were not complicated and some were challenging as I requested. However, I thought a couple of the exercises were surprising considering I mentioned joint problems in the questionnaire. So I ended up modifying them. Overall, it was not a bad workout but my heart rate didn’t even get up high enough for fat burn. I’ll finish out the trial period and see if my opinion changes…I don’t expect it to though..Version: 1.9.2

Don’t subscribeThis app shows 7 day free trial period but deducts money from your card right away so heads up there is no free trial period.Version: 2.1.6

Credit card charged without approvalBe careful! When looking at this App it said I could try it for 7 days without being charged! As soon as I clicked on program it charged the most expensive membership to my card via Apple Wallet! without me having said „buy now“. I didn’t even know that this was possible! Not happy!.Version: 2.0.3

Not freeLet’s you try it for free for 2-3 days then makes you pay for the rest. I just wanted the basic not the vip features..Version: 1.3.8

Only 3 free daysLet’s you do the first 3 days of the 28 day challenge but then won’t let you start day 4 without signing up/paying. What a scam..Version: 1.9.5

NOT FREE...You have to get the premium to do basically anything... I started doing the 28 Days Full Body Muscle Building and I only got up to day 4 then now it won’t let me do it without a premium... so it really sucks cause I was having fun doing it until then, because it was free, it was simple and I had time. So personally I recommend another app I tried it’s called Lose Belly Fat. So far so good and it’s been good. I passed 4 days on the 30 day workout challenge they got there and so far it hasn’t mentioned anything about premiums or anything, tho there are adds before the whole workout video and after but hey I got a app that works!! :).Version: 1.8.5

NOT FREEIt said I can try the free week trial then will be charged for the plan I chose but as soon as I confirmed it charged me the plan. So be careful when trying the free week trial. I have 3 months to see if this app works or not. I will update my rating after..Version: 1.8.5

Does not adapt to my limitsWhen it asked me if I had any injuries, that might be a problem, it only allowed me to list one that is a problem. And in the first session there was one exercise. I simply could not do. It was the crunch because of issues in my muscles between my shoulder blades it was simply too painful, in the second workout there were four exercises I could not do when it wanted me to do planks using my feet that was not going to happen. I had to do it on my knees, and again I could not do crunches at all or any kind of pulling my shoulders off the floor toward my knees, or feet in the air, it never gives you an opportunity to say whether or not your capable of doing a particular exercise. It does not adapt to your needs at all. Some of my problem areas are not even listed as possibilities. I have had a mastectomy with the right pectoral muscle cut any lifting of my right arm starts excruciating muscle spasms, but saying that your pecs are off-limits is not an option. Not beginner, friendly..Version: 2.0.8

WowYou have to pay after 3 days.Version: 2.0.3

This appIt said in the advertisement I can “do this workout whenever and wherever I want no matter what I’m doing” I tried doing it whilst cooking a Sunday roast I had the chicken out to put my roast potatoes in and did a seated core crunch and tipped hot oil on myself causing major burns to my skin and face and as a result I’m scarred now still in recovery too I do not recommended this app it’s safer to go gym or try a different method and this is actually no joke as I’m brain damaged and I take things literally as it’s said so if it said I can do it whilst doing other things and I’m cooking it didn’t say put the hot items down first and I don’t have much common sense due to brain damage.Version: 2.2.2

A great app overallLook, this app is really annoying me because every time I click on a workout, it asks to measure my heart rate and so I will click on it and it will just give me an ad, but then when the ad is finished I click out of it and it takes me back to the same screen and I do this over and over again. Please fix this fault because I bought this app to work out, and all I get is ads..Version: 2.0.6

No free trial don’t be fakedI was charged on the first few days and there is no free trial. Don’t be faked. They gonna charge you once you entered your payment info..Version: 2.0.2

Charge with the trial period.Unfortunately this app displays false information. It says you have a trial period of 7 days however just after 2 days of use I got charged for the month. I deleted my subscription and the app straight away as it was not what I want however when I look at my account they had already charged me..Version: 2.0.9

It's Good, But...I have been using this app for almost a week now. I like the questions it asks you when you first download the app to help personalise your workout plan. However, I was just about to start day 4, and when it asked me if I wanted to measure my heart rate, I clicked "just start workout" (no). And instead of immediately bringing me to my workout, it just kept showing me pop-up ads for their subscription service. I could not start my routine, and it didn't even work when I restarted my phone. This greatly upset me, because the ads for their subscription service were already bad enough, but now it was stopping me from using the app as a whole? That's ridiculous. I enjoy many aspects of this app except for the fact that you are constantly being asked to give them money and being roadblocked by it. Please fix this issue, developers. I would like to continue to use your app. Thanks for reading..Version: 1.7.5

TheftThey offered me a 7 day free trial and when I cancelled it a day after I signed up they still charged me. They have no website or customer service to contact. I tried to dispute it in PayPal but they denied the claim because there wasn’t enough evidence due to me buying it through the Apple Store. When I looked up reviews online I found a bunch saying this app did the same thing to them. Be careful if you sign up, because they will steal from you and there will be little to nothing you can do about it..Version: 1.6.8

NOT FREE & Gave the most damaging exercises for my reported injury!!!!So you spend some time setting up your individualised plan, part of which is listing previous injuries. Then voila the app generates your tailored exercise plan. I was surprised that mine was less than 5 minutes. No warm up given or even advised before you start. No explanation of the exercises you have to work out what you are copying from a single side angle. I got to the third exercise and realised that ALL of the exercises that I had been given up to that point were exactly the same ones that badly injured my hip three years ago leaving me unable to exercise until now. Could not have given me worse suggestions! Also it’s not free. You have to agree to subscribe in order to get a 7 day free trial. I’m trying to work out how to unsubscribe now. It doesn’t have any customer support tab from what I can see. DO NOT USE THIS APP..Version: 1.8.8

Shoulder injuryI have a shoulder injury which I included in the initial health questions. The exercises provided have exacerbated my injury. I now have to pay a physical therapist to try and resolve the injury. So this app was a complete waste of money. If there is a particular part of the body with an injury, the exercises should not increase the problem. Why even include the health question if it’s not taken into account?.Version: 2.2.1

Cons and prosI have been using this workout app for a few days now and I'm somewhat satisfied with its features. The exercises are well-designed and there's a good variety of routines to choose from, but some of them seem too easy or repetitive. One thing is tat by day 4 I needed a subscription to do my planned workouts which I didn’t want so I can’t do my workout. You also need a subscription for workouts that’s not on your plan; I also found that the workouts started to get repetitive except for 1 or 2 exercises. I would recommend this app to someone who is already familiar with basic exercise strategies and is looking for some additional ideas to add to their workout routine and is willing to pay for the subscription..Version: 2.0.6

Exercises are great but app is very glitchyI subscribed almost immediately as I could see how great the exercises are. I was right, I am much fitter a month + in but now having to battle the app glitches is taking the joy away. After completing the first 28 day block, I customised the next one but I have to do that every day and start with the new one’s day 1 as it doesn’t stay on my account. The app also doesn’t track my progress accurately on the other training routines so it’s very hit and miss on what I actually get to do. I have contacted them several times over the last few weeks but have had no response 😭.Version: 1.7.8

Disappointed than not freeThis is advertised as a free app. I can see how some extras could be for pay but if the creators were really committed to health, at least the basic daily workout should be free. I was able to use it for 3 days and the the trial expired. Too bad..Version: 2.2.1

TOOK MY MONEY - NO FREE TRIALI just downloaded today and was supposed to get a free trial but I’ve already been billed. I’m fighting it, but take my advice and don’t even bother with this scam..Version: 1.8.7

I was so happy until it charged meI understand that apps have to make money, but I don't understand why it has to charge you before you see your workout? I was really happy seeing that this might work, and I understood the trial days, but I think it's somewhat stupid that you have to subscribe before you even see the workout plan..Version: 1.9.4

Horrible functionalityTo be clear: I have a paid account. The app is acting as if I do not. I can send you screen shots of my apple account that show I have paid. Can you please help? . . . The app itself is very frustrating to maneuver. I like the general idea of the programs. I was forced to choose a 30 day program- the workouts are 4 min long, I want to do 5 days worth in one day but it “locks” the other days. This is completely unnecessary. If people want to continue, they should be allowed. I went to try another workout in another area of the app, since my 4 minutes were up. It kept asking me to measure my heart rate and no matter what my response was- it showed me an offer claim, then back to heart rate. I have already paid for 3 months and refuse to buy any more. I should not be shown ads at all considering I’ve already paid. There is no “account” area, really to understand what email address they are recording data or how it’s attached to my apple account. There are way too many 5 star reviews for this app to be believable considering the horrible experience I’ve had now for days straight..Version: 1.9.4

Mostly good, I have questions.I am one month in. As of now I’m giving 3 stars. Like others, I too was charged for a subscription (3mo) when I was only trying to do a trial. The app does not suggest or mention that the 7 day trial is only for annual subscription. Kinda scammy. And it’s a pain in the A to get refund. So I went for it anyway. I like the small workouts, I think after the first 28 days even though they are 20 ish min (my choice) I feel they are effective. That being said- I am going into 2nd month and “my plan” now cut my workout time in half. And with the rest periods- they are only like 6 min. What happened? They are supposed to be between 15-20 min .. the workouts look way less intense instead of maybe bumping them up. Somethings off. Hoping this gets fixed so i can also adjust my review..Version: 1.6.2

Careful! They trick you into a subscriptionI thought I could cancel my free trail after I figured that the plan doesn’t work for me. But somehow I ended up paying for a year. Makes me real mad.Version: 2.2.2

Very DisappointedI enjoyed and loved my first 3 workouts. Until when I reached day 4 they kept insisting that I pay for the premium thing. I press “just start training” but guess what! an comes up talking about getting 57% off! In 3 different formats. On the 4th format it has the lucky draw. I hope to get ‘nice try’ (cus i wanna do my workout in peace and I dont wanna go broke) im confident that they rigged it so I ALWAYS get jackpot. Just because I dont wanna go broke doesnt mean I dont want to work out. Ppl who want to pay will pay. But stop forsing us to pay the money we cant pay!! Do I look like Elon Musk or Jeff bazos??? You guy better fix this..Version: 2.0.7

ProblemThe app is good, like it gives good exercise but when i got up to day four and tried to start my training it wouldn’t let me because the stupid coupon thing kept comkng up and i kept pressing the X but it still wouldn’t let me train without it coming up so it’s like it’s trying to force you to become premium. do better JustFit..Version: 1.8.2

Read the terms and conditionsGreat and effective workouts, that fit easily in to daily routines however read the terms and conditions before subscribing! I mistakenly thought I’d be charged monthly like a lot of other apps do but it’s the full payment for the whole year and they do not refund even if you cancel it a half hour afterwards. Thankfully I chose the on offer one that was a lot lower than the other premiums 😅 other than that it’s a pretty good workout app!.Version: 1.8.8

Cynthia CampbellI like doing some exercise and it was much easier when you timed it for me even though I couldn’t keep up but I think repeating a few times there would be some improvement If I find it’s to much for me I will cancel at the end of the free trial If I was 60 years younger it would help But I will give it a fair trial before I decide what I can do , thankyou for teaching me I think the exercises are very suitable for me I will give it the best try for the next 5 days Yours sincerely Cynthia Campbell ..Version: 1.7.8

MisleadingI bought this app because I thought I would get an easy workout to get me started moving again. I had a knee replacement, which I noted in the questionnaire, and expected to get knee friendly exercises. I was unable to do about half the exercise. There is nowhere to call to get a refund for this misleading app. The free trial never started and I’m out over $50 Canadian..Version: 1.8.5

FeeIt’s not free.Version: 2.2.2

Was nice at firstJustFit was nice at first but it won’t let me do day4 without paying. You can get the app and do the first 3 days but don’t expect to do the 4th one free.Version: 1.8.8

Not as advertisedThe ad says it is free….so you download it and then they show you charges to get it..Version: 1.8.8

App not working on day 23I tried the 7 days trial, really loved it, and subscribed on the last day of the trial. I started to see improvements around day 14 and was very motivated to finish the 28 days plan. Than the unthinkable happened! The app/videos (all of the videos) stopped working on day 23 of my workout plan. I can hear the voice prompts but no videos. For someone who has just started working out, there was no way for me to have had memorized all the workout postures. So the app was pretty much useless to me. I notified the developer of the problem over 1 week ago and have yet to received a fix/ response from them, other than the standard automated response of them receiving my request (which by the way wasn’t very helpful). I’ve sent another message for a status and received the same automated response. I understand it takes some time to fix a bug, but I do expect some sort of decent customer service to keep me in the loop. As of this writing I am still unable to use the app. I am thinking of requesting a pro-rated reimbursement but I have a feeling this request too will be ignored..Version: 1.9.1

Very disappointed at day 4This app started out amazing! I was very impressed and really enjoyed the mini workouts. I then go to ‘start day 4’ and every time you press to start training the ad for 57% off comes up, clear it from the screen, press start training, the ad comes up again, press start training, oh look, it’s the ad again!!!! I did this over 20 times, every single time the ad came up in one of the 3 formats. Don’t give a free version then try and force people into buying it!! Utter rubbish..Version: 2.0.3

Stuck after the first 28 daysThe app created a personalized program for 28 days. It was good, so I ended up subscribing after a few days since I couldn’t continue with the program until I subscribed. When I finished the 28-day program, a button popped up to create a new customized plan. So I did, and did the first workout of that new plan. The next day I expected the second workout of the new plan, but all O saw was my original plan all done and an option to create a new custom workout plan. So I thought it was a fluke, so I created a new plan again and did the first workout again. When I finished the workout, I checked my plan, and sure enough, I was back at the end of my old plan with no new plan showing. I tried starting a new plan 3 more times with the same result. It’s a significant glitch, and I emailed the developers twice with no response. I paid a year subscription, and this is very frustrating. I don’t want to do the same plan over and over the entire year..Version: 1.7.7

Free?!?Not free!! First 7 day trial free, and the $$$$$$ Just a scam !.Version: 1.8.5

Beginner reviewThe first day was alright. Exercises weren’t too difficult but the 2nd day and after that it got difficult for a beginner. 4th day I couldn’t even start the daily exercises it kept popping up with a subscription of $40+ that I would have had to pay if I were to continue. However there are still the small extra exercises which you could do. Another good thing about it is that they had exercises you could do in bed although I felt like some of them weren’t that suitable for completing in bed. Overall despite its little benefits, after a few days it got tiring to complete and you had to pay to continue to use..Version: 1.5.0

Easy start for general debilityI have been looking for a programme that started at a low enough level for my arthritis & dismal fitness levels. This absolutely fit the bill! I felt aware of the muscles I was working from the first day, but without pain or abnormal stiffness. Absolutely a winner! I do not expect to be ever running a marathon, but I can’t wait to see how far the programme can take me..Version: 1.8.5

DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR FAKE ADVERTISEMENTThe only thing legit free with this app, is to down load it…Once going through all the questions asked, you then MUST pick a subscription to see/do anything. “No money today” is a LIE! Picked the 3 month option so I could see if I liked the app or not, deleted within 20 mins, to find out when I went to cancel the subscription that they in fact bill IMMEDIATELY. Now have to wait up to 48hrs to hopefully get refund from Apple. Absolutely crap business model. **Update: Apple denied both the original request and the appeal, so now I have to go through and fight with my cc to get my money back. ABSOLUTELY FRAUDULENT tactics.Version: 1.8.5

Couldn’t do anythingThis app was okay, also meaning i literally don’t know if it was working bc I couldn’t even get to day 5. on day 4 it wanted me to pay for the beginner subscription thing. the worst part about this is that it doesn’t let you continue onto day 5 the next day and says, ‘take it easy! complete day 4 before moving on to day 5’ and I cannot do anything else with this app. I had a 28 day plan and was not told I was going to just end up having to pay before the end of the week. that is so crappy, especially since this is allowed for 4 year olds and also advised for seniors, they shouldn’t have to be disappointed like that, including everyone else using the app. JustFit, I literally am not going to pay before even using your app for a week.. it told me I would reach my goal by November.. but I don’t even get a week. there is literally no point if I think I have a worthy fitness app and then I’m just suddenly forced to pay. that’s stupid..Version: 2.0.7

It starts good!So I got this app a few days/ a week or so ago because I saw my friend had it and also saw another good add about it so I decided to get it. I do have to say it is great and help me get active without me being exhuasted right after. The only issue is I’m trying to do day 4 but it keeps giving me adds on your membership. Like I’ve done 3 app resets and my friends have witnessed me getting really frustrated by these non stop adds. I don’t know if it is because I need to pay to Contjnue which I really can’t because I don’t have my own money for myself and my parents would probably not waste money on this. I find this makes the app less enjoyable/helpful and makes it more annoying. If there is any way you could fix this then please do!!.Version: 1.9.4

Be careful of 7 day free trial offerI was billed for a full year subscription. There was a seven day free trial and I cancelled within those seven days and requested a refund and no one has responded to my email request. I did receive an automated email response saying they received my request and someone would get back to me and over a week later I’m still waiting..Version: 1.8.5

Great at firstLoved the first 3 days of the workout plan, found them perfectly suited to me and actually enjoyed doing them! However now I’ve done 3 days I can’t move forward to day 4 unless I pay, which is disappointing. I’ve seen you’ve replied to some reviews saying some things you can get as a free user and others parts are premium but from what I can see, there are no free workouts past day 4. Just access to the community which is not why I downloaded the app. So unfortunately I will be deleting the app as I no longer have a use for it as there are plenty of apps that do offer free workouts such as FitOn. It would be good to have some workouts available as a free user at least as I am not someone who will pay for them, like a lot of people too I imagine..Version: 1.7.8

Costs a lotOnce you done load it is pretty expensive. Also, the ad I just saw about the man threatening to divorce his wife if she didn’t lose weight so she used the app, really?.Version: 2.0.6

Non-apropiate (not matched) exercisesFor my weight and abbilities, despite quiz! For the first “Lazy workout”, for a 100 kg @ 5”0, the “T plank” painful wrists, & “Straight Kick Pulses” pained foot & knee, despite all details required in quiz (like weight & height & sensitive areas - where one can only check 1 single senzitive area, of all those options!!), is not smth. “LAZY” at all. It is SO very obvious these workouts’ve NEVER EVER been created (thought-out) by a person who knows what “heavy” means, or how to be heavy & to work out feels like, MOST DEFINITELY!!! Quite disappointing - your workouts R ABSOLUTELY created for the skinny!! I would be very happy to help with input on those important areas of your workouts’ creative side, from the right (overweight) POV! If interested, pls. let me know, I’d like to point out quite a few details! I’m nevertheless going to try & keep working out w your app., provided it stands a chance to improve & become useful in the future! But from the 1st workout, it presented quite a number of lies - I’m both saddened & sorry to observe… I apologize for the inconvenience. Mihaela Georgescu PS: Forgot to mention the “Jump squat” in my very first routine, after I’d checked “no jumping” in the quiz!!! Great workout, thanks! 👍.Version: 2.2.1

Want an app that you don’t have to pay forThis app makes you do the survey then asks if you want a free trial no I just want the whole app for free.Version: 2.2.4

Not free workoutsI did three workouts, day one, day two, day three and now im doing day four and its telling me everytime i have to pay to do it because i dont have premium so now i have to buy it to do more workouts but i don't have money, this app basically just makes you download it, get a few workouts in and then takes ur money and forces you to do more 😑.Version: 1.8.2

DisappointedI was really excited for this app! I went through the survey to get my workout plan and everything was going well. I thought you got to do your whole workout plan they had made for you, and you just had to pay if you wanted extra workouts. I did the first three days of my plan and I was loving it! The workouts were challenging but I could still do them all the way through. Then I go to do my workout for day 4, then the add pops up to buy the full subscription. I just closed it like usual, but it wouldn’t let me do my workout! So the first 3 days are free but you are forced to pay if you want to continue. They’re good workouts, but nowhere did I see that I had to pay for everything past day 3..Version: 2.1.6

Make it gender friendlyI came across this app when I was doing Duolingo I was learning Japanese and this came up I thought it would be for men Also so I’ve downloaded it I’ve been doing it for awhile and I’ve only just realised it was for woman only and I only came across this thought because I wasn’t getting any muscles I was just keeping fit so please make an option for men I’m 16 and this offends me.Version: 1.5.6

Immediate charge for 7 day free trial?I started what was supposed to be the seven day free trial, but was immediately charged $39.95 for the three month membership, in spite of the app saying I would be charged after seven days. I have filed for a refund request with Apple, and will be doing the same with my credit card company..Version: 2.0.2

Ummm idk a name gjdjsjsnfnfSo I got the app because I thought I was putting on a bit of weight ( by the way I’m 13) and I got this app so I didn’t go with the premium thing that was like 40$ because like I had already spent it on gucci handbags and ganda clothing so yeah anyway so I was goi g pretty well then on day 4 it didn’t let me do it and by the way on like the first day I wanted to do some more of the exercisers but I would only let me do the ones that I had already done ong this would of been a great app it u let people do it for at least 10 /20 days or something idk anyway IF U ARE THINKING OF GETTING THE APP DONT tysm for reading it I get the people need to get money from it and I’m not trying to be mean tysm.Version: 1.6.8

$$$This app is really good, I did the first 3 days all fine and wanted to do more workout after doing my daily workouts but it’s just all costs money but I didn’t mind. I went on the app today to do my day 4 and I click start and the membership thing pops up. I do it again, and the membership thing pops up once again. And now I’m mad because for 3 days I’ve been using this app and already on the 4th day I have to pay money. And on this app too they constantly pop up ads for u to buy there membership. Every single day you open the app “please buy our membership” or something like that pops up. The whole app is just money money money and I’m really frustrated that I can’t even use this app with out paying money for everything I click. And also they don’t even tell you that after the 3rd day it isn’t free! Ridiculous!!.Version: 1.7.4

Why have I been charged for 3 months without a free 7 day trialI was charged for a 3 month subscription without my 7 day free trial, this is not acceptable and I want my money refunded so I can try the app before I get charged. This is absolutely ridiculous and not what I signed up for. You cannot offer a free trial and then charge the amount before the 7 days..Version: 1.8.2

No supportI have been using this app since Auguste and I really like it pretty much. Today however there was no videos like it was gonna start but there was nothing to watch. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it and when I tried to login it didn’t recognize my email I clicked on forgot password put in my email and it said I wasn’t in their system, I tried every email I have and none of them worked. I sent an email to Support early this morning. It’s now into the business day and I haven’t heard from anyone. I really wanted to get started again on my exercising at the beginning of the year, so this is very disappointing not to get any support right away. I didn’t even get an acknowledgment that they received my email..Version: 2.1.6

The payment.I don’t think you should pay to get fit. I started my first three days and I can’t get to my goal if it’s telling me to pay for something I’m only going to use for 28 days. So I think that needs to change as I’m only here to get fit. Not to pay for fitness..Version: 2.0.6

Company ResponseI have enjoyed the workout but my new, personal plan will not save. I was so excited for the new workout it showed me I was going to do and nothing…every time I tried to save a new plan it would not save. I tried this process at least 6 times thinking I was doing something wrong. After emailing them in May, I still have not received a response. I had to cancel my subscription and subscribe again. And I still have the same issue. Nothing I do will work. This being said, I will use this app until my subscription is up because I can do the new workout for a day or two and then it reverts back BUT I should have been contacted in the time frame I have waited patiently since they asked for our patience as it says they have a small staff for a startup ( which at that point they were and are not) I also emailed again in July with the same result. I will never recommend this app to anyone..Version: 2.1.4

Not freeThis app being free is a straight up lie. Read the reviews that got a reply. They say the free trial is for people with a one year subscription. If I already subscribed, why would I need a free trial? That’s what a TRAIL is for. I suppose it could be a language barrier, it often is with apps, but I suspect it’s more of a lie, also common with rip off apps..Version: 2.2.2

Didn’t give the free trial just took the yearly fee straight awayYour app advises there is a free trial but charged me for the full year straight away. If your exercise app is based on helping people’s health how about NOT causing stress by false advertising and taking the money immediately..Version: 2.0.9

Not what it looked likeCould be good but not what I wanted. I wanted to do the 28 day wall Pilates challenge (says ‘happening now’ on the download page) but it does not exist. I wanted to do the 28 day chair challenge (says ‘free workout’ in the ad that was the reason why I downloaded the app) but it is not available. And a minor matter, but I wanted it because in the ad the exercises were explained in drawings, which I prefer to watching people..Version: 2.0.6

Difficile de les rejoindreIl t’envoie un programme sans tenir compte de ton âge. Et pas moyen de trouver un programme pour toi.Version: 1.8.5

Have to payIt’s was really good for the first 3 days but after that you had to pay it’s would be good if you didn’t have to pay for all of the exercises but other then that it’s good.Version: 1.7.2

Great concept but needs a bit more workI accidentally signed up for the 3 month plan, as I thought it had a 7 day trial. Fair enough I misunderstood that my bad, so while I have it I want to make the most out of it. The plan it came up with does not have that much variety, it’s basically the same exercises over and over again in different combinations. Also, I would live to have some more information on how to use the Activity tab to it’s fullest potential. I have no idea about calories and what a different goal will achieve there. Same for the steps, a lack of information on how to set a realistic goal to help you achieve your goals of overall weight-loss. I have to admit the motivation factor is very hight due tot he daily workouts that are at the right intensity for me right now. Also, for some exercises it would have been great to see a third angle to really work out how to do them properly..Version: 2.0.2

Not at all freeThe stupid thing is only free for two days. I thought I had found the perfect app for muscle building, and truly believed it was a wonderful app, but now I can’t start training, because it simply shows me ads, and I DO NOT want to pay for the fancy features; I’m a student, and don’t have a lot of my own money. Deleting app. Thanks for nothing..Version: 1.8.8

Not FreeI have a really big problem with this ap and am posting an inquiry. It says it is free but if you try to download it charges a monthly fee. Sorry, this is false advertising. Shame on you. So I received an apology from the developer for any mix up, and asked if I wanted to update my review. So yes, I would like to update my review. I subscribed to the ap, I was asked if I wanted a 1 month, 3 month or 1 year subscription. It was defaulted to a 1 year subscription which I could not change for $89. Oh, it is free for 1 week, so I apologize for my remarks of false advertisement. It will be interesting to see where we go from here ……..Version: 2.2.1

Dissatisfied.At first i really liked this as it gave me a couple of workout steps, i wanted to be more healthy going into 2024. It was even something i looked forward to doing after my day! however after my 4th day streak i have to now pay to continue. i think that’s ridiculous, now i have to start from scratch on another app and i dont want to loose my motivation. It is so expensive! if im going to pay £29 per month, i may as well join a gym! i used this app as a cheaper alternative but i guess not! :/.Version: 2.1.8

Totally unrealisticThis app is completely unrealistic when it comes to working out the calories for weight loss I put my answers in and it came out as 143 calories a day just to lose weight it sets the weight loss to 30 days not over time no-one can survive on 143 calories a day please sort this app out so it works things out healthily over months and years not days it’s fine if you only have a very small amount to lose but if you have quite a bit it could be very detrimental to your mental health I felt very dispondent yesterday after going through all the questions and getting the calorie count.Version: 1.3.6

Complete let downI feel cheated and robbed. I did the questionnaire to get my personalised workout plan, input all my injuries and details and preferences and things I can’t physically do. Paid money and what did I get in return… I got a workout plan tailored to everything I said I couldn’t have. Nothing tailored to my injuries or preferences at all. No way to contact anyone to have it changed or adjusted. Robbed. Swindled. Cheated. So so disappointed right now..Version: 1.6.9

What a rip offI started the free trial today and already. My credit card was debited for the monthly payment, which I did not agree to, since the trial is not over. I haven’t even done the first day work out..Version: 1.9.9

ItIt’s ok but I don’t like it when apps are in app purchase because they might say 7-free trial but this app says the same and when it’s the second day I try out a different work out it says I have to pay every month and I’m only 11 so my mum won’t let me I try to work out every day but I can’t I really like this app but on the second day a I try a different work out but it says I have to pay every month.Version: 1.7.2

In app purchases…Yeah the in app purchase is which subscription do you want… I would like to try it out first for longer than 3 days to see if I like it or it works first… I dislike how all apps do this now… it’s not an in app purchase. It’s a subscription… also there was no free trial for me, at least not without putting in my cc number..Version: 1.6.2

No WayShocking, just downloaded it and the program absolutely ignored all info I had to supply. Such as chair or bed only, no jumping, weakened ankles etc etc. Hope I can cancel any payment real quickly..Version: 2.1.2

Its a love hate relationship.I have a have problems with consistently working out. I came across this app just scrolling through any possible workout apps. I found it and made my personal plan or whatever. I immediately got addicted to it and could not wait until the next days were unlocked. Well I got to the 4th day today and realized that all it wants is your money, it does not actually care if u get fit. After the fourth day it will lock it down unless you pay $24 for it. You see that would be fine I would’ve understood that for the personalized plan, but it locked down every workout on the app. I literally can’t do any type of workouts unless I pay the money for it. I don’t know it just really annoys me I feel like the app should tell you before you download it because some people don’t have the money for that and they want to better themselves for free. I fell in love with this app and it just crushes me that I won’t be able to continue working out on this app..Version: 1.7.4

Rip OffI need an easy workout because of several injuries. The app took me through a series of questions saying that exercises would chosen to suit me. It was supposed to be a 7 day free trial but you needed to choose a plan for after the 7days, “no money will be paid now”. Ha! My credit card was charged immediately and the exercises, the very first two were not suited for my back injury! Hugely disappointed and feel ripped off!.Version: 1.5.5

PLESSE READ - SCAM! NO 7 DAY FREE TRIAL - AUTOMATIC CHARGESI downloaded this app and when I signed up for the 7-day free trial, it was an automatic charge. WHAT A SCAM!!! Apple should remove this from the Apple Store. The workouts also appear to have little to nothing to do with the intake questionnaire. You can google workout plans for free online - now I am having to go down the rabbit hole with Apple to get my $$ back. I don’t even want to dig deeper into what is done with you data. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP AND DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. IT IS A SCAM! Update, I was granted a refund by Apple when I explained everything that I experienced same as everyone else. However two days later, I received a repeat charge on my credit card - with no record of purchase from the Apple Store. So now I have to have the fraudulent charge investigated and refunded, will likely need to get new cards issued. All of this due to downloading this horrible app that also misrepresented its own function in ads. THIS IS INTENTIONAL FRAUD AND A FINANCIAL SCAM! PLEASE DO NOT USE IT!!!!.Version: 1.6.6

I love the app….But….I love the app, it is free….unless you want Premium membership, which I do not. I was able to use the app successfully for 3 days without paying, because I just want the basic app…..now this morning, Day 4, it won’t allow me to do my day 4 workout without paying for premium membership, it keeps directing me to the New Comer amount off of premium….and won’t let me start my workout. I Do Not wish to have premium access. Please just let me do my workout!!!!.Version: 1.7.4

What a disappointmentI had high expectations of this app as it claims to offer age-appropriate exercises, taking into account various physical health issues. It does neither. Many exercises are completely inappropriate for someone my age with knee and back issues; indeed, some are totally contraindicated for these conditions. Regrettably, I made the mistake of purchasing the app without doing the free trial, which I strongly recommend potential users do before committing to buy - especially if they are a senior..Version: 2.0.3

This app was great until it got to the 4th dayI just heard that other people experienced the same thing I did where you try to go to the fourth day but it keeps popping up the screen saying that “I need to go premium” or “start a payment plan” Now, this is why there’s something wrong with this. People say they want to help people with their weight or help stop obesity but they just want their money. This is why many weight loss apps are useless because they try to scam you out of your money. Is it too much to ask to work out from home and get encouragement without getting your money stripped from you? I mean you can just start working out on your own right? Well here’s the problem, most people don’t know where to start and don’t want to spend all of their money on something that couldn’t even work. Don’t just give us hope and then tell us to spend our money on something we shouldn’t be wasting our time on..Version: 1.7.4

Not for freeI am just a teen and don’t have money. And when I had a 3 day streak I was on the fourth day, but then I pressed start training BUT it just kept giving me the vip things. Please stop that, I have NO MONEY..Version: 1.8.5

Ok I GuessSo this app is pretty good, they have lots of different plans you can choose and you can choose certain areas you want to focus on. After you give all your information at the start it sets a workout plan just for your and your needs. Now the reason I gave it 2 stars is because if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee then you really can’t do anything. Without the premium all you can do is three days of you month plan that it made for you. THAT’S IT!!! You can’t do any of the other workout plans and after three days of your workout it won’t let you do the forth day until you pay for premium. But all in all the app is ok and the workout plan is really good. So if your willing to pay for the monthly fee then this is the workout app for you. I didn’t pay for the premium cause I expected there to be more options open for the people who didn’t want to pay..Version: 1.8.8

Almost everything is locked behind a subscription after about a weekTried it out and it was great! Everything I wanted and more! Just to find out a week later that that was just a trial and now I have to pay for most workouts. Yes, there are some free ones, but those are almost all beginner ones and burn under 100 calories. Might as well just get a gym membership..Version: 2.2.4

First reviewI gave only a 3 star review because I answered a question at the beginning of my enrollment to this plan. I answered all questions as honestly as I could, however my answer was apparently ignored when the program was designed for me. I was asked about the things I could not or would not be able to do. I believe the only thing I checked was “jumping “. Therefore those exercises will have to be avoided by me and not replaced. At 66 years old and almost 300 pounds, you must know it’s a little impossible. Also, the question about a part of my body that’s been injured, I checked my knees and back. My back injury can tolerate almost all of the exercises, but my knees are unable to do the crunches and my back has a hard time with the one designed to lie down and try reaching the ceiling with my feet. The jumping exercises involving jumping would be jogging in place and jumping jacks. Is there anyway this can be reviewed and a different doable exercise put in their places. Thanks for letting me vent!.Version: 1.5.3

Be warned - 7 days free trial is not freeI downloaded this app to have a further look at it and see if the exercises would be suitable for me. It said there would be a 7 day free trial and then it was a subscription. I filled in my details and looked at the exercise plan it had generated but realised it wasn't suitable as I have a health condition. I cancelled the app in the App store within 12 hours of downloading it, so well within the 7 day trial period. However I have been charged the subscription price already even though there should be 6 days left of the trial period, I've already cancelled and I haven't signed up to the subscription. Unless you want to be swindled out of money don't download this app!.Version: 2.2.3

Too much too soon ??????This plan is not for me. I’m only five days in and I’m barely able to finish the trial. Although in addressing a plan that works for me, I answered “yes” when asked about knees being a problem. But the program is too strenuous for my knees and a past injured shoulder. It would be nice if past injuries are addressed in the questionnaire, along with being a little more specific. Also, I’m retired from work, so I’m one of the millions who live on a fixed income and with the cost of living constantly escalating, it would be more financially fit for me if the total amount was taken monthly increments. The older population would enjoy an exercise program one to three days a week without the risk of re-injuring themselves or with minimal pain for achy joints. Your plan is not for me and I’m so sorry!.Version: 2.0.7

A 7 day free trial does not mean it’s a free app!!!This was advertised on Instagram AS A FREE APP and after going through all the personalisation it told me I had 7 days free and asked me to choose my PAID plan. If we have to pay it’s not free!!!.Version: 2.2.5

Still needs workI got this app for the sitting exercises, unfortunately that is not what I received. I understand the plan is to follow the exercises on certain days. However with my work schedule I need to squeeze in workouts when I can. I attempted to do a workout for a different day, but the app told me I needed to start with day one. I didn’t have 36 minutes to workout at the time, so I was disappointed. When I was able to do a workout I learned the time of the session is not entirely accurate. The rest period and the demonstration time is not included. It would be nice to know the total time. Another problem I experienced is the pulse was not accurate at the start, too high (I compared it to my Apple Watch). And it was inaccurate at the end of my workout too low (again compared to my Apple Watch). In fact this app told me that I didn’t workout at all. I find that statement disappointing on an app that advertises people can exercise in bed or in a chair. Instead of discouraging people from doing these exercises perhaps a motivational suggestion would be more appropriate. Also so much for no jumping exercises. What was the point of the questionnaire? The user can only choice one problem area. I said my knee yet I get jumping jacks, lunges and squat exercises and no chair exercises..Version: 2.1.4

All good until day 4This app is so good. I love how it doesn’t just give you a workout without asking what you prefer. But every-time Im ready to start day 4. It wont let me do it without trying to get me to start the trial. I shouldn’t be forced to pay for a workout plan if I don’t want to! I should be able to do my full workout plan without having to pay. Other than that, I would recommend this app! And for the younger ones who want to workout for whatever reason, YOU CAN! Some workout apps won’t let kids workout! But Justfit does. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you want to workout but don’t want to or just cant go to the gym, Justfit is just for you! Now I cant compare Justfit to other apps because Justfit is the only app I have used so far, but I can say that Justfit is a pretty good app just for Women!.Version: 2.0.3

No suitable for someone with older injuries.OK started the so called free trial but had to pay for it so took out a three month subscription. After a couple of days old injuries flared up in knee and lower back despite having notified you of them. I started doing all forms but got twinges so reverted to the bed ones. I had trouble finding them on the app which kept pointing me to the exercises I was advised not to do and to get fit a more gentle way. That night I couldn’t sleep due pain in knee and lower back. Spoke to a professional who said I shouldn’t be attempting some of those exercises and should stop immediately. So haven’t used the app for two days and pains are subsiding. However I have been charged over $44 and even though I have cancelled it doesn’t seem I will get a refund. A couple of friends asked about the app and would I recommend. Well after being ripped off I don’t think I’ll be recommending this app to anyone as the ads for it are very misleading..Version: 1.6.9

Ok but…I’ve just complete day 1 of the bed workout plan, I haven’t exercised in yrs and have some limited mobility so I enjoyed my first attempt but for me the app could be improved by being able to swap out the exercises I can’t do yet as even on beginner level there are a couple that are too much for me to start with….it’d also be really helpful to have the exercises available to see and practice before going into the routine as I found it hard to follow what I was supposed to be doing for the first while doing it..Version: 1.7.6

ClaireThis app said it was free but then when I started it said I had to pay for me to get fit I thought that was stupid so I deleted it..Version: 2.0.9

Ad says it’s free…but it’s notHow can you say it’s free and then charge $140?.Version: 2.2.3

It seems okay, but could use some improvementsI just started the free trial. I’ve used 8fit in the past. I like how 8fit has more flexibility with the exercises, you can make a more custom workout. I like how this app does ask about physical limitations, but leaves arms out? Like what about people with rotator cuff issues? I have a calcification on my tendon (“bone spur”) and have trouble with my right arm, I have been in PT awhile, so I know what I can do to modify the exercises but it would be nice to be able to limit the amount of arm exercises per workout because I can’t do that many and still be able to carry my toddler when needed. I was hoping to start at like 10-15 minute workouts, but I can just skip some of the exercises I guess (my toddler won’t even let me get through a whole PT session most days). I think they should have an option to replace individual exercises with similar ones that you prefer. I can’t do crunches, and I like that they have the combo crunch & leg lift because it would be easier on my back, but that doesn’t keep my toddler from coming over & laying on top of me. I’d rather do some standing exercises in place of lying down on days when she won’t stop climbing on me. I’m also still BF so lying on my stomach doesn’t really work for me either. So it’s okay, but not amazing & I think I might prefer 8fit because of the customization options..Version: 1.6.8

Misleading and non responsiveWhen trying out the app I got an offer for a free 7 day trial I signed up and was immediately charged for a month instead. I tried reaching out to the app customer service for a refund but never received a response. I never used the app and now I never will. I do not like being misled and then not receiving any response to an inquiry. Very poor customer service. Edit: I received a response! Not when I emailed multiple times for a refund but when I left a negative review… interesting. I have seen several reviews with the same issues that I had. You’re wording is misleading and you are benefiting off of that. The response that I received is “if you don’t like the app then you can cancel”. I have cancelled. In face when I realized what happened I cancelled immediately. Im not looking for guidance on how to cancel. What I want is my money back for an app that I never used. A customer service rep should reach out to address the issue. But that was not offered to me or as it seems any of the other users that made the same error in clicking on this app..Version: 1.5.8

ScamI’m giving only one star, but they really deserve a zero. It was indicated that there was a free period to try the app., “no money needed”. So, I thought I would try it. On the second day after downloading, I received an email that they had charged my daughter’s credit card, which is on her phone, not mine. (She is however on my phone plan). Apple did not have permission from either of us to charge her account. I cancelled the account/app but they won’t refund the money nor will they respond to my emails Response from developers: The app’s developer responded to my negative review telling me how to cancel the app and to do it before the next billing cycle (I had already cancelled it). No money was refunded yet. They also stated they we too busy responding to emails and would get back to me. I can imagine they are too busy…..people don’t like being scammed. Perhaps a lot more honesty is what’s needed here. If the app is good, why do they need to use such underhanded tactics?.Version: 1.7.2

It needs a little workI liked the idea of this app, workouts for lazy people. I’m not lazy but I have an autoimmune disease that makes working out hard since I can’t put pressure on my knees or wrists. 1st day was a lot of squatting. I decided to challenge myself but was only able to do it half the time. It’s not given me any bed exercises like advertised but there is a section where I can choose them. I wish it was more integrated with my Apple Watch, so I didn’t have to enter things I’ve done that are saved on my watch. I would also like it to do the workout on my watch like other workout apps have. Then my watch could control the pause, stop, skip options and vibrate when my 30 seconds are up. They seem still new so I hope the developers fix the kinks and make an app for the Apple watch for how expensive it is to subscribe..Version: 1.5.6

Lies about moneyI loved this app for the first 4 days. It said that you could get premium for money but you could also continue without it and not get the added extras from being a premium member but when I got to day 4 it wouldn’t let me start the workout without paying. I kept on trying but it wouldn’t work as someone who can’t get the premium I was so disappointed when it happened. I was finally getting into the workouts but it basically just said that I couldn’t do it without paying. I will be deleting this app and looking for a new app but if you can afford to get the premium I believe that it would be good. If you can’t get premium I do not recommend downloading. P.S I do not mean to be rude just want to inform the people who can’t spend money on apps like this.Version: 2.0.3

Paywall hits on day 4.So I downloaded this app and it’s so useful to be able to choose low impact lazy short workouts to start with… however I would have liked 7 days to try the app out to see if I’d like to buy the subscription. I did 3 days and on day 4 I logged in to find that I can’t play through any more workouts. Since I wasn’t warned when downloading the app that this would happen it made me so angry that I missed my workout and decided to use another method to get back in shape. I 100% LOVED the app otherwise and WOULD HAVE paid for the subscription but their little ‘oopsie paywall’ at day4 right when I was JUST getting into the swing of working out again really angered me and stole my motivation for the entire day. I would NOT RECOMMEND this app to anyone unless the fix the trial period to 7 days OR AT LEAST put a warning so I would have known not to download it in the first place! I would not have downloaded it in the first place if they had said it cuts off after 3 days. The whole point of this app is to motivate you to get moving again. Literally ANY roadblock is enough at day 3 to make one quit. I quit this app. Please fix it..Version: 1.7.4

ConfusedWhy is this promoted as free and then I am asked for money once I have signed up??.Version: 2.0.3

Do not download this appIt says it’s free but after 20 mins of answering questions for a workout tailored to you then they want money. Total waste of time..Version: 2.0.3

Not as advertisedThis was advertised all over the place as easy sitting exercises but in fact the workouts are far too difficult for a beginner. Starting with a plank - really suitable for a beginner !!!???!!!?? Also , when I selected day one it did not give me the displayed 4 minute workout , instead gave me a 30 exercise workout , with no breaks between to work out how to do the exercise. some of which I was not physically able to do anyway . Gave up after 10 minutes. Added to this if you start a workout then stop it straight away it records that you have completed it ! And congratulates you ! Heart rate monitor completely inaccurate , failed to notice an increase in my heart rate when on my Apple Watch it was actually 30bpm faster. Last thing, how does anyone follow a workout on their phone while laying on the floor? Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.Version: 1.7.8

This APP is NOT FREE.I downloaded and started using this app because I understood it to be a free app with some in app purchases. This is not correct. I did three days on this app and it would not let me proceed without purchasing the app. I think it is a reasonable price for 12 months access, but I think it is disingenuous. and therefore I shall be seeking a program elsewhere, because if I have to pay for a program I like if I’m upfront then I know but to start on a program and then to have to pay to continue. I do believe it on fair.Version: 2.2.2

BofJ’ai payé pour un forfait de 3 mois mais incapable de m’entraîner plus de 3 jours. Plus rien ne fonctionnait après!.Version: 1.8.8

WowI have been struggling with my body image and mental health for a few years now, I saw this app and I though “wow! I can finally loose weight and be confident” I was so happy until I saw I needed to pay, I am 12 and not comfortable enough to talk to my parents about this, we’re also not that well off so we can’t exactly afford it either. I feel like if I didn’t have to pay it would be amazing but it couldn’t do anything for me..Version: 2.1.2

Not sureI recently hurt my back, 5 slipped discs; can not move well. I answered all the questions, and most of the exercises given were things like squats and exercises I can’t do? I can’t change the settings or re-do the plan. They should have an option for us to completely re-do plans..Version: 2.0.6

About just fitIf it wasn't that you have no choice but to pay then it'll be a 10/10 but it's a 1/10 for that like your basically forced to pay 🙄.Version: 2.0.0

What a stupid appYeah yeah cool and all but why do i have to pay to do the day 4 workout? useless pricks.Version: 2.1.8

Total fraud. A total scam.It is not free. You have to pay. Fraudulent ad. Judging from the other reviews, I’m not alone. This app is a scam..Version: 1.9.5

They scammed meI bought the app in November 2023; I was using it to do the 28 day challenge and it suddenly stopped working and asked me to pay for it again. I have contacted customer service to no avail, they don’t even reply to my messages! They have stolen this money from me and there’s not even a phone number to call. I do not recommend to buy it, I feel cheated out of my money. I hope they get in touch after reading this and make things right. Very disappointed..Version: 2.2.1

Please fix thisI would give itmore stars if I could actually do the workout on workout four whenever I tap to start workout or measure heart rate it just shows me something that makes me pay money so I can get just fit premium and I don’t really want to be paying money every month so I can get more fit so if I were you, I would make the X on that thing take you to the workout or measuring heart rate..Version: 1.7.8

SubscriptionsI would’ve given a higher rating cause I enjoyed the app and the fitness it provided. However, they give users the option for 7 day free trial and it’s reasonable for them to ask for credit information for further payment. However, I cancelled my subscription on the 2nd or 3rd day of my free trial, but $28 was still deducted despite the subscription being a “FREE” trial. I tried emailing the company but got no replies whatsoever. So if I were you, I would be mindful of that..Version: 1.6.6

Very Very MisleadingThe ads for this app states it’s completely free! Well it’s not. After 3 day of a 28 day program you are prompted to pay. No thank you. I only downloaded this app because it said totally free. If this is not the case I suggest you change your ads which pop up whilst playing other games. I’m going back to using FitOn - the app that is free unless you want to pay for extra workouts but is not necessary as so much available as a standard. If this review doesn’t get published I’ll know it was due to the review and also mentioning a competitor’s app!.Version: 1.6.9

Free trial is a scamWatch out cause it says free 7 day trial but they charge you… I took the trial and canceled right away and they still charged me 40$. SCAMMERS.Version: 1.8.8

Waste of TimeDon’t advertise as free and waste my time setting up just to say the options are subscription based. Waste of my time. Deleted immediately..Version: 2.0.6

Good concept but not enough time with free trialI really liked the concept of this app. They have found bite sized workouts that get you moving more than anything else, which in this WFH world can get difficult. However, I’m one who struggles with creating habits and with only 4 days in a trial period (and truthfully while the exercises are still easier and even more bite sized) it’s not enough to convince me I’ll stick with it and make the paid version worth it. It would be better it was a two week trial to give me time to make a habit, get more familiar with the routines and get to a point where I “need” the app rather than make me decide before I’ve really had a chance to be invested. Additionally, I like other reviews, like that the app asks if you have physical limitations, however it only asks about: ankle, back, knee, leg, or wrist limitations. So it doesn’t take into consideration anyone with a hip, neck, or shoulder limitation. I had a shoulder injury a few years back and still have issues with my rotator cuff, but this implies it doesn’t take those modifications into consideration. I don’t think I’ll be paying for the subscription and will look elsewhere..Version: 1.8.2

Don’t waste your moneyI thought I was getting a 7 day trial and ended up getting immediately charged for 3 months. I can accept that it was probably my fault for not reading well enough and clicking the wrong thing. A $30 mistake. Now I’m really wishing I hadn’t done that. This is ridiculous. Why go through the whole question thing at the start when your app just pretty much ignores them? I indicated knee and wrist injuries. However, from the very first day there were floor exercises that require being on my knee. Which I cannot do because of (wait for it) my KNEE INJURY. Not 2 days later we’re multiple exercises that would have put serious stress on my wrist. Come on. What a waste of money if I can only do 2/3 of the daily exercises. The opening questions would be far more useful if they were actually incorporated in the plan. Or maybe there needs to be an expanded list of things to avoid. For instance, I specifically marked “no jumping.” Guess what I got? A plank jump. So I got a 2-for-1 on things I can’t do. Jumping plus wrist strain. So my recommendation here is that you expand and pay attention to the limitation questions. Or, in the alternative, just get rid of them altogether and put a disclaimer before purchase that only fully functional people will benefit from your app. Not to mention I sent this as an email to customer support and go zero response. Canceled. Really annoyed that I wasted my money. Moving on to something that will actually work..Version: 1.8.8

Not for weight lossI’m already someone who’s in shape and goes to the gym but have a few limitations. Pros: exercises are super simple and quick. A good motivator to have a new workout each day ready for me so I don’t have to think. Cons: My plan is extremely redundant and comically simple. They ask for your weight loss goals when you sign up and claim that you will get to your goal weight by a certain date. How? Magically? They offer zero dietary advice. I can not skip ahead or do two workouts of my plan in one day. The next day is locked. There are plenty of other supplemental workouts available. One says “if you’re having trouble losing weight try this”- should be a picture of a salad underneath it because no amount of exercise without a diet change will get you there. If you are a total newbie to exercise, this could be a good start for you. But it is incredibly misleading to say that you will lose weight. You may tone up a bit but weight loss comes with consistently eating a well balanced low calorie healthy diet! Good luck!.Version: 2.0.3

Paid for premium and it didn’t work…Paid for premium and started using the app. Got to day four and I am being told I can’t go any further unless I pay, which I have already done. Before I go to PayPal and start the process of getting a refund, is this something that is going to be fixed?.Version: 2.0.8

Useless customer service ripping moneyI need my money back. reply to my enquiries. i cancelled the trial subscription after trying it for less than 10mins. i didn't like it. why would i pay for something i didn't use? i even forgot my login details when i finally figured that i was charged more than $100 for something i cancelled and didn't like. stop giving robot response..Version: 1.9.7

MisleadingSo misleading. I went through the process of it asking the questions to create my workout plan. At the end, it’s asked me if I wanted to proceed with a 7 day trial…. It asked me to choose between a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month subscription which I didn’t think was odd as this would take effect once the 7 day trial was up. The app charged me right away..Version: 2.2.3

Poorly advertisedNot a free app as advertised … but a very short free trial … but only after you have committed a payment for more … that is not a free trial to me.Version: 2.0.9

Ok…The app itself was actually pretty good and I was really enjoying it until I was about to complete day 4. I thought it was just a bug until I went to check the other reviews and found complaints on the subscription too. Seeing that you make users download the app and give 3 days free only to have them needing to purchase a subscription to continue their workout is such a waste of time….Version: 2.0.6

Not freePlease stop advertising this as a free app…the only “free” part is the download. After the download it requires credit card info for a subscription. This is completely contra to a free app. 😏.Version: 2.2.4

Please readSo yeah the app great except I am so so frustrated no cause with my plan and all the workout it has a heart measure it says it’s not working so I say ok I’ll go on with my workout and I click the button and theirs like 10 billion advertisements for just fit but yeah it helps you I’ve definitely lost weight but yeah..Version: 2.1.2

RIPPED ME OFF!! I want my money backYou have to choose a subscription package to try it for “free” I cancelled the day I got the app as I realized right away it wasn’t for me. Still got charged and the dates indicated I had the app for a week, starting a week BEFORE I EVEN DOWNLOADED IT RIPPED ME OFF and won’t refund my money! I don’t use Apple Pay and I can’t get anyone to reply to me FIX THIS!.Version: 1.8.5

Avoid, can actually do damage to your bodyI am 63, overweight, have various joint issues and find it hard to do exercises. I saw the app and thought wow a way to gradually and gently increase my fitness and mobility. How wrong !!! Signed up for trial. Only when checking bank statement at end of month realised they had taken a full year subscription. Impossible trying to get it back Exercise programme - only allows one option to give body parts that cause concern. Gave knees. Despite this Day 1 had exercises that involved squats. 🤷‍♀️ Tried to change “ personalised”programme. No luck there either exercises remain the same. Sent email when I eventually found the contact address. No reply. Shame on apple allowing what it seems is bogus company offering personalised programmes , when really they are offering generic programmes where one size has to fit all. Tried to get money back - impossible Please avoid if you have joint and mobility issues as you may well hurt yourself.Version: 2.0.9

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