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SLIME - ISEKAI Memories App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

SLIME - ISEKAI Memories app received 87 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SLIME - ISEKAI Memories? Can you share your negative thoughts about slime - isekai memories?

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SLIME - ISEKAI Memories for Negative User Reviews

RipoffI played this game since it’s release on a google chrome book and had so much progress, then all of a sudden the company suddenly removed the game from google play store! Absolutely sucks. Now I have to get back 5 months worth of progress again on a new account..Version: 1.2.02

I enjoy the game but…I really enjoy playing this game but I recently tried installing the game on an emulator on my pc and transferred the date and that was fine but I found out that it stops me from being able to play the game on my phone so I decided to try reinstalling the game on my phone and ended up getting changed $7.99 AUD and I have yet to understand why a free game would charge you..Version: 1.0.2

Good game bad data saveThe game is good and I’ve been playing since launch but after doing a fresh install I found out there was no email or account linking and the only way to get my data was to have had transfer information which I dont have and now have no way of getting so be careful because its easy to loose access to your account if you dont save everything outside of the game..Version: 1.2.20

Game tailored to billionairesThe reward ratio is catering the game to the top 1% iOS payers instead of the middle class. Packages not ‘worth it’ while it can take weeks without a single 5* summon once you completed most of the crystal gathering missions..Version: 1.1.10

Great potential destroyed by greedFirstly, great gameplay with good story line and well constructed game mechanics. I enjoy playing the game itself however the drop rates for 5-star characters are rigged and make the game incredibly frustrating and disappointing. In my last 400 sliver ticket recruits (40 * 10) I have had only six 5-star characters drop. If the advertised drop rate of 4% (or 5% on the new special recruits) were true it should be around 16. So over this large sample set the REAL drop rate is closer to 1.5%. So, play if you enjoy the game... but DON'T waste any money on this game. It's rigged. And and don’t get me started on the bugs….Version: 1.2.02

Games not bad BUT summons are a HUGE issueI would probably actually rate this game 5* But that would be a lie, the game itself is actually really good I mean the stamina could be better but the HUGE issue is the summons, 20 multis for a 5* character pity ... that doesn’t carry over to the next banner thats 6k Gems, And when you are 18 multis in with only 1 or 2 5* as a whale you start to wonder if this game is even worth to play or even spend money on ? Nope, unless they fix this issue I won’t be spending another penny on it. Shame really cause the game itself is pretty good but once again very greedy..Version: 1.0.10

Not worth it, plus pay 2 winGame will barely load. Been stuck on main screen loading time for how long and barely get through to game. It’s also essentially a pay to win..Version: 1.2.10

WhyAs a brand new player I got the 10x tickets after the initial free summon and when I went to use it, the game crashed, took my tickets and gave me nothing. Will be deleting because of this..Version: 1.2.10

Has potential, but many problemsFor starters there just isn’t much to do. Building the town is fun but other than the small stat bonuses and resource drops there isn’t anything going on in the town. Talking to your companions is entertaining but after the 5th time the dialogue just repeats. The graphics are amazing but the list of allies is very limited, making building teams for specific elements very challenging, and considering all the events to grind are catered toward element specific teams it seems like a huge oversight. I really feel like this was rushed. There is a huge array of characters in the show, all of whom have experience fighting, but many are not in the game. The lower rank characters are extremely weak even when leveled very high, making leveling them for any reason seem moot. Equipment is very limited in both what you can have and how much you can hold at once. It is impossible to have a weapon and armor of each element without going over your inventory limit, making element specific teams even harder to outfit properly. All in all, it has potential but right now this game is a train wreck..Version: 1.0.20

Tech issues being resolvedWhile I haven’t gotten to far in the game yet due to a return to title screen error (I have tried restore data, deleting data and reinstalling the app, but the error will still occur at a certain point). The game itself seems quite good, has a simple but unique turn based combat with some town sim based gameplay. Please note that if you run into this issue, the developers are currently looking into fixing this issue, so please give them time before reviewing it poorly due to a slight shaky start..Version: 1.0.0

Fun but not f2p friendlyThe new original story is unique and fun. One of the main reasons to play. Gameplay is turn based and alright, very rng but can manipulate a bit with certain skills. Leveling your characters is somewhat easy enough but it is locked behind getting more of the same characters. If it wasn’t for the free Shuna and the current event Benimaru, it would take a considerable amount more time to raise EP. The pity system is really bad too, needing 200 or 300 pulls to get a guaranteed 5*, not to mention those bazaar points get converted to a useless currency at the end of the banner timeframe. This needs change and have an option to roll over to the next banner. The paid crystals are expensive as well..Version: 1.0.10

Connection errorI can’t go in the game it go back immediately to the starting screen and give me connection error.Version: 1.1.10

Game not workingPre ordered this game, was excited to finally get it. After 15 minutes of gameplay, the game crashed, it had a message saying "unexpected error occured return back to title screen" I offloaded the app, downloaded the game again using my mobile data but guess what nothing worked. Went to their support forum, its sooooooooo hard to send them an email about this... Its just insane, they lost a customer on day one..!.Version: 1.0.0

BuggedThe game is fun and all, but I was kicked out of the game which I suppose was because of it crashing, which is understandable. But, after that, I was unable to play the game as it kept popping up with ‘unexpected error occurred’ and would not let me in the game and kept returning me back into the title screen, even though I could see the game functioning properly and has loaded me into the game, but I was forced hack to the title screen. Please fit this Bandai.Version: 1.0.0

RobbedI’ve just summoned on the new banner and every other summon I did the game gave me an unexpected error and sent me back to the home page where it then kept doing that every time I tried to load up the game. I Then closed the application and re opened it and the 300 crystals I used were gone but the summon I did on 2 separate occasions just completely disappeared and I got nothing for them. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS GAME. I understand the game has only been out for a week and a half but come on. I can deal with a couple bugs but straight getting robbed that ain’t right. Compensate me please or at the least fix the bug..Version: 1.0.2

Ver1.0.13 patch give more bugs than previous patch![Update3: Ver1.0.13 patch introduce longer loading time, lower than 15fps and much more crashes! Data restore will freeze the game. Totally fixed nothing but adding more bugs!] ———[Update 2: Event expire bug unable to start the quest!] ———[Update 1:There still have problem with the app crashing a lot, that really annoyed that they haven’t fix it yet!] ———[Game progression stop very quick as you stuck with spending time try to lv boost all your characters to be able to progress the story is really a pain. As for those that don’t have luck with 5* character draw, you will be having hard time progressing the game.].Version: 1.0.13

Summon ratesFirst thing: the summon rates are absolutely ridiculous. so im currently 9 multi summons into the demon lord rimuru banner and i haven't pulled a any 5 star. im currently 3 multi summons in on the destroyer milim and still no 5 star. currently like 8 multi summons in the veldora banner and i only pulled veldora, which is very cool but i cant pull any copies so he is to weak to go on my team. another 8 multi summons ive put into the diablo banner. only pulled one 5 star and it was a copy of arch golem beretta. this is so discouraging because i physically cant advance my account EP and therfore im a stuck spot and ive done everything i can for my troops but im stuck. i have a friend who is experiencing the exact same issue and his luck is worse than mine, meaning he has pulled even less than me. i spent 80$ on a guaranteed ticket + 1200 gems. i got steel annihilator shion from the ticket, but i received no 5 stars from my summons with the 1200 gems. but my other friend who plays, has pulled a 5 star out of almost every mutli summon. he has pulled every single event character from every banner so far (except the new milim) and even pulled copies. although im happy for him, its extremely discouraging. please fix the rates and i will change my review to 5 star. love the game but summon rates need change please!!!!.Version: 1.0.13

Drop rates are lowToo low.Version: 1.2.02

Need to fix issueI love this game it’s cute and has good graphics i even got my brother at start playing. My teams are all 5 star cards basically maxed out except some need more skill levels more predator battles would be nice. My biggest issue with the game is that at chapter 13 and beyond it gets a pay to play feeling to it because of the opponents ridiculous healing/buff ability my team is around 180,000 ep stronger and a stronger element with fully forged equipment they are still getting knocked down and if i use ten of the crystals the opponents will all of a sudden stop using the healing (or other) ability they have all together then i can beat them but then you can’t get any of the reward crystals cause none of the requirements are completed it just seems like a fast way to run out of crystals and be forced to use real world currency or to stop playing all together cause you hit a wall in the game this issue starts at chapter 13 I’m currently on chapter 17 still having this issue. My brother also started having this issue when he hit chapter 13..Version: 1.2.55

Fun but ‘graphics heavy’Really fun/addictive so far & lots of things to do. My only problem is the graphics (for me personally) lag too much and the app -more often than not- completely crashes/closes out. There is only one setting I can change/tweak that possibly could affect this and I’ve already put it down to the lowest and it doesn’t help. I wish there was an option to disable the live 3D animation (like at the beginning of battle there is a small cut scene where a chara says their battle intro and a lot of the story chapters are in 3D) but I do not see one. The “later unlockable” option of “skipping animations” does not even work. Often I have to skip the story segments because of this, which is a complete pity since This makes the original story content unreadable....I’m running this on a iPad mini2 so I don’t know if it’s much better on a phone...but I guess beware if your device can’t handle similar quality apps.....Version: 1.0.2

Good Game but Definitely Needs WorkI really like this game. It’s one that has kept my attention for a while now. However I’m often finding myself having to restart the game because of glitches or sometimes the game will just crash. There’s also a lot of things in the game in my opinion need tweaked. Maybe in a new update who knows. One of those being the Forge. You have the option to “redo” your equipment you’ve crafted to give them better stats. Great idea. However it takes about 5 materials to do a redo (60 points) and there’s no guarantee it will get better. Except every tenth time you “redo” your equipment it gives you a great success rate or better. I recently was “redoing” a piece of equipment and did it twenty times. (5x20=100) I used 100 pieces of material and for both of my great successes I got 1 point added to the equipment. To me that’s bizarre and a good way to turn away people who just grinded really hard for the material. On the flip side of that, sometimes it’s really easy to “redo” your equipment and get it maxed out. Don’t know why it’s so hard sometimes but there you go..Version: 1.0.20

Game brokenI’ve played this game for a fair while now and with the newest update I keep receiving an error that doesn’t allow me to even login the game This has been one of my favourite games because I also loved the anime and now that I’m unable to login for over a week now even with a bug fix update nothing has changed I’ve spent some money into this game and now it has gone to waste because of a bug or something and I’ve lost a tonne of progress which would take months to earn back.Version: 1.2.0

So farSo I pre-registered for the game cause I love the anime and excited by look of the game and played it for an hour completed first quest with the ability to use predator skill now, then unexpected error message and I am taken to main menu which is fine there is always issues somewhere, however now I cannot play because I press start and the game gives me the same error again and again. If it’s not resolved it’s a major disappointment. It is not all bad of what I did play I did enjoy started planning my city and what characters to focus on at the moment, also enjoy some attacks like Megido..Version: 1.0.0

WhenU do the events it just crashes over and over.Version: 1.0.31

Started off fun but is extremely pay2winI play a lot of gachas but this has to be one of the most pay2win cashgrabs ive ever played. new banner every week (single unit banner). we are like 4 weeks into the game and power creeping has already presented itself. also at the moment they have only been releasing dark units and no other element lol. each real life money pack is worded in ways to trick players into thinking they are getting something else, e.g. ascension packs were advertised with “ascend characters to 6 stars today” but u can only buy 1 and you need 6 to get a 6 star character. guaranteed dark unit ticket didnt even tell u it was limited to only 2 units until u clicked on an out of game link... very shady and scummy practice though im not surprised since its bandai namco which is a company well known for completely disregarding players just to net themselves the maximum profit. also all current time limited events are locked behind ridiculously high damage numbers so the game really forces you to spend for more units if you want to get the most out of the events.(doesnt happen in any other mobile gacha game ive ever played in my life) game itself is great gut the business practices are slimy, horrendous and technically false advertising. stay away if you value your money..Version: 1.0.10

Preordered this Gacha reincarnated as a slimeGameplay is typical of a gacha game with horrible drop rates per usual. Visually appealing with a great deal of work put into the animations. My primary issue with this is that if you want any chance at gettin a character you want it’s going to cost you $$$$$ as magicrystal “deals” and packs are considerably exorbitant for what you receive. Sadly this severely limits things for f2p players as you have to grind insanely hard to get the 300 crystals needed to summon 1 10x draw and pushes you to buy the packs. Frankly however, even if I was a p2w player, which would be insane and prove I have WAY TOO MUCH money on my hands, the makers of this would bleed me dry after a year. As a fan of the series I wanted to support games based on it but this blatant grab of money has me determined to not give a single dime. It’s sad honestly hence my 3 star review of this otherwise great game..Version: 1.0.2

Tone the monster down a littleEvent quest are too hard or monster in general.Version: 1.0.0

Wasted the slime IPBeyond disappointed. I play many gotcha games and this one feels like the biggest flop. There is little to nothing that gives the player a sense of reward. The combat got boring fast. Banners don’t last long enough to obtain any of the features units unless you spend absurds amount of money. I’m a huge fan of Slime, and it’s sad that this game just isn’t worth the time….Version: 1.0.52

At a lossSo you pour a whole bunch of time in, play at inconvenient times of the day to satisfy the events, pour a bunch of money in, but god forbid you ever have to uninstall because of storage and lose your account as easy as that.. because I wasn’t informed to make a recovery link? Any other game I could just uninstall, reinstall and log back in via game account.. I lost hundreds, refund me..Version: 1.2.02

Good game but…This game is great and has great potential. It’s just that once you just get passed the Dire Wolf mission it suddenly has a unexpected error come up and prevents you from playing ever again. No matter how many times I’ve closed the app, deleted and reinstalled it when you get to the mission Witch is one of the first missions it just kicks you to the title screen and says unexpected error. Please fix.Version: 1.0.0

Too many bugsGreat game when you can play it but every time there’s an update game crashes and you gotta reinstall the game and start all over again sucks especially when you finally had a character you wanted.Version: 1.1.0

Money gachaSo this is a great game, especially because it’s about that time I got reincarnated as a slime, but this is of course another game by bandai namco which is always a great game but super bad gacha summon rates…. So money for summon really Edit : now I’ve played a bit longer, and it just gets worst and worst, if you don’t spend any money, you’re going to be stuck, with NOTHING to do than grind for no reason, I’ve already max as much as I could on my teams yet I can’t even kill for the events, nor the normal quests. There is nothing to do anymore once you’re stuck, unless you wait for some kind of event or such for this game to give you free gems which this game doesn’t give that much. And buying gems in this game is very expensive. $80 for 1500 gems which is about 50 pull, 50 pull sounds nice right? But just to let you know, this rate of summon in this game is horrible, I did 1800 gem pull and basically got two 5* which was already a copy… basically useless again. Now no more gems, stuck, nothing to do, almost ready to delete the game..Version: 1.0.2

Recruiting is a jokeThis game deserves 5 stars for its graphics and novel gameplay but the recruiting is simply ridiculous. While it is unlikely to get a 5 stars character (even using the 10x tickets multiple times), it’s down right impossible to get duplicate of the same character, which is needed to raise its level.Version: 1.0.51

Fun but too expensiveThe game is gorgeous and quite fun to play. Building my town and wandering around it to explore has been a lot more fun then I would have anticipated. The extra, unique stories thrown in were a nice little bonus. That said, the prices for crystals are pretty extreme for how few you get and how likely you are to get the character you want. Once you complete the story, it’s very hard to get more crystals. On top of that, this is the first gacha game I’ve played that doesn’t give a guaranteed draw relatively early in a banner, or even an improved drop rate. 20 draws are needed for a guarantee and that’s a trade for the character in the bazaar. Most others, like memoria freese or SAO: unleash blading, guarantee a banner draw within 5 draws, give or take. I beg that the drop rates and prices be adjusted and that more ways to earn crystals be implemented. With these issues addressed the game could easily be 5 stars. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.0.13

Needs a lot of workJust wanted to let you know that there are some serious issues with the game! I’ve had tons of crashes, glitches and freezing. Also when I interact with npc in my town and their bond level increases, sometimes I don’t get my 5 crystals. The game seriously needs to be looked at and checked. When you can hardly play and miss out on rewards it becomes a serious problem. The so if you want a game that constantly crashes, glitches and freezes then this is the game for you. The devs haven’t fixed it, but the have fixed countless other issues we have had and not received any compensation for. Until this game is finished and fixed I won’t spend a dime to support it. I only gave two stars because the game has potential. Once they fix the game and compensate players for all this garbage going on then I will write a detailed review on gameplay and move my rating up. Thank you..Version: 1.0.2

I just wanna playI only just downloaded the game today, but am unable to get any further than the cutscene after the tutorial battle as once this cutscene ends I am prompted with ‘an update is available for xxGB’. I accept this prompt and the download gets to about 18% before coming up with the error message of ‘could not connect. retry’, I press retry and it just comes up with the exact same message. I’ve tried switching between mobile data and wifi but it doesn’t seem to work, I’ve also tried deleting and re-downloading the game, as well as switching between each region. Non of these things I’ve done has worked nor get me any further than 18% of the update. I really wanna try out this game..Version: 1.2.51

Buggy gameSuper buggy lost my good characters 3x had to redownload because of random errors don’t bother with it honestly an waste of space regret ever downloading plus highly p2w with barely any rewards mostly 10 tickets for big events or free rewards even if you play for weeks you’ll just get another goblin to the roster lmao and every character is copy and paste with different outfits. Bet next year there will be over 100 rirumus.Version: 1.0.51

Heads up: do not delete your gameI’ve been playing this game since launch and 3 days ago I ran into some issues where I couldn’t log in at all, so I thought to delete my game and reinstall it all my data is now gone. I tried using the restore data feature it didn’t work I even emailed them but as I lost my data I also lost my player ID so they couldn’t recover my data. They asked me for more evidence that could help the recover my account and I gave them everything they asked me except my player ID and my great sage level as I had no clue what it was. Don’t get me wrong I loved the game it was fun while it lasted but I won’t be playing it again as I refuse to start again..Version: 1.0.13

Malfunctions with no refundsBought a pack that included 450 gems and bunch of 5 stars memory shards enough to fully upgrade a champion to 6 stars. Got the 450 gems but only got 5 shards. AND the page for inquiries is not available anymore so now way to contact support to fix the issue..Version: 1.2.10

A commendable gacha when it worksAs of right now, Slime - Isekai Memories is a fairly enjoyable game with a glaring issue, a launching error. To elaborate: you’ll play for a while, getting through all the tutorial content, roll for some characters and the such; a pretty standard yet enjoyable gacha experience. Once you play a bit into the story however you’ll run into an unknown error that forces you back to the title screen. Once there, every time you try and enter the game you’ll end up with that error before anything else. Based on the 30mins I played I can say I had fun and would like to continue playing but until a patch rolls out, that’s out of the question..Version: 1.0.0

Great graphics and concept, very poor executionMoney Grab, does not reward the large community. Does not create content that self perpetuates like PVP. Costs of bundles are completely out of reach for most people. Banners are too frequent and too short. RNG for drops are atrocious. Redundant game play. Lack of new content. Or repetitive content. Release order of characters doesn’t make sense. As you play a lot F2P, it becomes nearly impossible to get crystals. “Bazaar points” accumulated from doing draws has horrible return rate ar 200-300 draws to get a character you want. That would equate to 300+ USD. The points are also all lost and do not carry over after 2-3 weeks which is nearly impossible. Exchange value for all variations of ingame currency make no sense whatsoever and seem arbitrary and not worth it for the effort they expect their players to put forth. This game does not value it’s fans or devoted community. Coming from someone who relly wants to like this game and has put in likely on the highest percentile of time.Version: 1.0.70

Crashes constantlyEver since the latest update it crashes constantly. Can’t even get through a single battle or do anything without it crashing. Was havin a great time playing until now. Also I can’t summon times 10 when I have 10 tickets?? Why?.Version: 1.0.30

Summoning AlgorithmsBandai, you’re blowing it. Set aside that the game crashes regularly. The yield rate for your 5 stars are terrible and the stupid shards are difficult to obtain - after awhile you can’t help but hit a wall. And just as I get within 10 bazaar points of the 200 (if that gives you any idea of the effort and time) required to just straight trade for the showcases 5 star, in my case it was for Veldora, you guys just up and pull him during the update - point is you don’t give enough time, shards or decent rate of summoning. You can’t roll for other 5 stars that you introduce (too soon) if you’re trying to accrue bazaar points so you miss out on them too. It’s all very unrefined and disappointing. Very frustrating. I can see ppl tiring of this quickly. And sorry, but I’m not gonna pay to win either. Even if I were to entertain the idea, it’s a complete rip off. There is no fair dollar-to-product value. You guys should fix this and make good on all the effort put in to this. It’s too bad. It has potential. Honestly, even though it’s a different kind of game, you could learn a few things from Kings Raid and how they maintain their fan base..Version: 1.0.20

Cool game but…Rates on summon banners are pretty bad. And the GEM shop rates are HORRIBLE. Unfortunate because there’s something that could be great here. It’s too money incentivized..Version: 1.0.31

Log in problemI don’t know why there is always unexpected error notice pop up whenever I log into the game....it’s not only happen on one account but all of of my accounts....Although I have restored the data but I will happen again....I notice that this issue happen when I completed my story mode at chapter 1 episode 5....pls fix this issue, thanks.Version: 1.0.0

Unplayable good gameTo begin, of what I was able to play until just recently was a great game appealing to the lovers of the anime series and even those just getting into it via the game. It featured a unique town building aspect alongside being a turn based fighting gacha game, a combination I’ve yet to come across before this, much less do so seamlessly. HOWEVER, it must be duly noted that this game is riddled with bugs, glitches, and crashes. Prior to this, there was a common bug among the community that I experienced where when you were down to your last character in a battle, all actions would become unresponsive and you would have no choice but to restart the app and lose your progress in the dungeon just to go back to doing anything. As of late though, the game has become completely unplayable, crashing every time I attempt to enter a stage. I truly hope these things will be fixed as I believe the gameplay itself is extremely fun and innovative. The team behind the game is working hard as can be seen by the number of patches, but at the moment that has yet to remedy the current state of the game. Wanting to invested a small sum into the games in app purchases, I hope their efforts come through sooner than later as they do have enticing events to partake in. Hoping on the devs 🤞.Version: 1.0.51

Fun game, unfortunate bugsI just got the game today and I rolled a 5 star (benimaru) but then the game crashed and I didn’t end up getting it.Version: 1.0.0

Bazar feature uselessThe game is amazing don’t get me wrong. But something is really wrong with the summon system. So we need to do 200 summons to be able to have the character guaranteed. And each summon is 30 crystals so we need a grand magnificent total of 6000 crystals to absolutely get the character we want. AND YET, the biggest crystal pack on the market (around 100$) only gives you 1500 crystals? Which is 1/4 of what we need??? So if you absolutely want a character you need to spend 400~500$ for it???? That’s plain illogical. And obtaining crystals is so hard we need to wait a whole week and half to get enough crystals for one multi summon (that’s only from the daily quests) so we can’t just hope to grind some quest and accumulate crystals for the summon. Really please fix the amount required for the bazar. Your biggest pack should be the one the player need to get the character he absolutely wants..Version: 1.1.0

The game is goodWell the 30 minutes of gameplay that I was actually able to have was extremely fun and i Would give it a 9/10 but then when I tried to load the game hours later it would not let me. It keeps saying it's having an “unexpected error” and after over 10 attempts I still can’t get into it. I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if there is a problem. I’m sorry but if there is, I know it’s one day after launch but it is a really annoying bug, please fix it Bandai.👍🏾.Version: 1.0.0

Bandai Namco does it again…I’m a huge fan of “That time I got reincarnated as a slime” and I had huge hopes for this game, I was skeptic when Bandai Namco was the one behind it but I hoped to give them another chance even after the epic failure with the tales series games on mobile. But I guess that was a waste, I’ll list the problems this game has 1. Bandai Namco does next to nothing to promote this game, I have seen no advertisements for this game ever since it’s release. 2. The execution is horrible. For a Pve game, they make the stages so difficult that the only choice to clear them is by having maxed out 5 stars(need to pull them 6 times or need a huge amount of rainbow stones to get there). The stage clear missions usually have the condition of not letting anyone on the team due, but the enemies damage compared to your characters health is huge so it’s easy for them to get killed off and this brings it all down to rng, either you crit the boss enough to kill him or you just restart. 3. The game mechanics seem unique at first but it all drops down to RNG because it depends on if u can get a 6 chain easily or even a +4 chain if your lucky. So you can get screwed no matter how far in a battle just cuz you couldn’t produce a chain hit. 4. The gacha rate ups and drop rates are horrible. I’ve played for a long time and only time I won a rate up was during Diablo’s banner. Never have I pulled another rate up after that, it’s only ever been off rates and even those are quite few. In total getting 5* in itself is difficult in the game. You can raise 4* to 6* or even 1* to 6* but the stats difference is too huge and you’ll never clear missions. 5. The power increase for enemies is exponential. They expect new players to have 200-300k power on story missions like it’s natural (maybe for whales) you can max out a 5* but unless he’s duped to the max (and a full team at that) you won’t get anywhere. 6. The crystals u get daily are only 15 and it takes 300 to pull on a gacha x10, not to mention 300 pulls for pity so you need around 9k gems to get a rate up…see how bad it is? All in all this game looked fun but turned out to be a big chore where u can’t progress unless u either pay, or get lucky enough to have 6 characters of each element maxed out so that it makes sailing easy. Bottom line this game sucks as it is now..Version: 1.2.02

Below averageTook them nearly 2 whole days from release to fix a bug that prevented a huge portion of players from even playing the game. The compensation they announced for this is 2/3 of multi and that’s it. The game is still riddled with several bugs, many haven’t even been addressed and the content is lacking. The story is scaled horrendously to which your power cannot keep up what so ever and they extremely greedy with summoning currency outside of the launch celebration which is still lacking vastly. Honestly wait a month or 2 and see how this game spirals before you bother..Version: 1.0.2

Released too earlyAfter about 10 mins into the game I'm unable to login and it keeps saying unexpected error. Apparently they released it early, ios version still awaiting approval so can’t play the game at all. Also the data transfer system is dumb, you can’t just link to a social media account and you can’t play on multiple devices at once like ipad and iphone. It’s the Sort of thing i’d expect from Nintendo..Version: 1.0.0

BugsI am loving this game but it crashes a lot, I go to recruit 10 people and it crashes taking all my gems and i end up not getting anything out of it. it wont even show me the cutscene before you find out who you go out of the recruitment. When im in a middle of a fight it will just crash then ill have to do the whole thing again..Version: 1.2.01

It’s goodIt’s a good game! Anime with added extra story. Only have a problem with the current event, The Masked Hero, it says “Complete All Level Up Quest(Beginner)” I’m already at Expert part for that, I tried to played all 3 Beginner Level Quest again but still didn’t cleared it. And also, the recruiting percentage for event characters are so low. Already spent 3-5times I believe and just got The Masked Hero, same with the Earth Event for the Milim Nava Earth type, haven’t got her yet either. And the regular Tempest Recruit also, Imagine all my Rare Battle Characters and Protection Characters are levelled up to Super Rare already, might wanna up the percentage a little bit? And the power level recommended for some quests are also ridiculously imbalance, don’t matter if you even have their weak attributes equipped or level 65 and above they only pack 500-600 damage while you get 800-1000 critical with resist in it. That’s my review why I only gave 3 stars.Version: 1.2.01

ReviewThe 10 or so minutes of gameplay I had was somewhat decent, I liked the idea of building my own Tempest however the servers havent been working for almost 6 hours now and its getting a little annoying. I expected a few issues at launch but servers being down so no one can play? Aswell due to the game being extremely similar to Mass of the Dead, I am fully expecting this game to close its servers to almost all users in a few months so I probably wont get invested into the game unless they can guarantee they wont spit in the faces of their fans.Version: 1.0.0

Rate is too low after upgradeLast month I got two character which was on activity and exchange 1 after getting 200pt. But the rate is so low this month as I can only exchange to get. This result disappointed me and makes me consider if I should keep putting money on this game..Version: 1.1.10

BadI lost all my stuff and can’t get it back.Version: 1.3.0

Good core gameplay, would not recommend investing intoThe core game design is good, great even with a fun twist to the main story. However, due to how the gatcha part of the game has been handled and the many bugs, server and download issues and their honestly archaic way to transfer your game data account and how they handle recovering your data i cannot recommended this game. I have now lost my account which ive had since the game first launched and do not have the patience to try to recover it as the way to do so is honestly attrocious..Version: 1.2.21

Lots of potentialHonestly the gacha rates are bad. Getting one of the banner characters less then 30% feels really bad. Not to mention how bad the guaranteed is at 200 (or 300 for protectors) with how many copies you need it appears so greedy. Really can’t recommend the game with its current monetization. Hope that changes in the future..Version: 1.0.20

ErrorSo I started playing yesterday everything was going great, until it logged me out and kept saying unexpected error. Is there a way to stop it or is there a update coming? Maybe a bug? Please help don’t wanna stop playing cause of a error..Version: 1.0.0

Good but drop rates are semi badIt’s fun 🤷‍♂️ just playing it casually is great but the drop rates in my opinion could be better to keep players into it instead of giving up all In all its a great game (just wish it was king of monsters level of amazing).Version: 1.2.02

“Free 6 Star Benimaru”The game is good, don’t get me wrong but the experience is ruined when all of my friends are progressing, getting this “free 6 star unit” from the bingo. I have completed all the bingo tasks but the game is not awarding me the bottom right task. “Complete all Nation of Monsters Diabolic Secretary (beginner) quests”. I have 3 star’d and completed all of the beginner quests and moved onto the normal quests however the game is not awarding me my last bingo task, therefore disallowing me to continue to progress in the game. This is really disappointing. Please fix your game..Version: 1.0.10

Good game, but a bug is stopping me from playingThe game is fantastic and I love seeing characters that I’ve come to love battling it out: however, there’s a serious bug that is stopping me from continuing After defeating the direwolves for the first time, the tutorial directs me to go to ‘home’ after unlocking the skill orbs; but afterwards, it says ‘unexpected error, returning to title screen’. At this point, it’s completely stuck. I cannot launch the game at all without running into that error and it’s stopping me from playing at all. I’ve deleted and redownloaded three times now and the same error occurs every time at the same spot. Will there be a fix soon?.Version: 1.0.0

Missing out limited eventsIm huge spender of this game but i decided not to anymore coz i’ve been missing out the limited events because of my work. I remember some events that had parallel processing and i like it coz i would be able to collect items to upgrade my characters while im at work but most events doesn’t have it and im kind of disappointed...Version: 1.1.0

Unexpected errorI’m really enjoying the game so far but I’ve run into a problem, I enter the game from the title screen and after it loads and shows one of the game’s art screens I get a message saying, unexpected error returning to title screen, sometimes it the game goes back to the title screen or it keeps repeating the error message, i’m hoping it’s just a first day bug that can be fixed soon, update on the error problem, clearing game cache doesn’t fix the problem and deleting the game save got me through the recruiting tutorial before showing the error message and forcing me back to the title screen, second update, I’ve deleted the app and started again, it seemed to have worked until I reached the quest after the first predator quest which is where I’ve seen the error the first time..Version: 1.0.0

Unexpected error reoccurringI started playing the game and after progressing through the campaign and unlocking predator function the game continues to tell me “unexpected error”, “returning to title screen” even after deleting and wiping my progress and starting again. The problem still persisted as soon as I reached the same stage in the game. Could you please fix this as I find what I’ve played so far really fun..Version: 1.0.0

SUMMON RATE TERRIBLEThe “gatcha/summon rate” of this game is terrible. They introduced too many characters in a short span of time, but I wasn’t able to get any of them. I had over 2000 gems and (payment to get characters) and lots of lottery summon tickets (from their promotion events), but wasn’t able to get even ONE. I even resorted to paying cash but got NOTHING. When I thought I had a chance, I get something else completely despite the event saying I had a “higher chance”. Example is this sale that ensured you get a top tier character of the dark element. I used it to try get Demon Lord Rimuru. Despite how I used the ticket on the event that said I had a higher chance to get him, I was unsuccessful. The only character I wanted and managed to get is Shion. While the gameplay can be fun, the Gatcha/summon chance are total *swear word🤬. If you want to play the game for the story and gameplay than it’s good. Otherwise, would advice you not to get this game if you want to fight alongside your favorite characters..Version: 1.0.20

Don’t play this if u like 7ds grand crossI am a huge slime fan but once I hit a certain point i had to wait days for new content so I could keep playing. Maybe in the future when there’s more content i will come back but for now I’m gonna quit plus the prices are really not fair for people that don’t spend money a lot. Some day I didn’t log in cause there was nothing to do and most of the updates are the same.Version: 1.0.52

ANOTHER GREEDY BANDAI GAMEJust another popular anime IP for BANDAI to abuse and make a disappointing and ultimately short lived game. All for the pursuit of some quick money at the expense of the fanbase. To be fair, this game has a great core. However it stinks of all their other games and especially of Black Clover Phantom Knights. Probably their biggest most disgraceful flop among their other terrible games. Rushed premium banners and 3 premium banners running all at the same time. F2P crystals being given in tiny amounts. Missions being overly hard even when your team power is higher. Unless you get lucky with pulls (which you probably won’t, looking at the odds and the terrible pity) OR spending obscene amounts of money the missions will forever be out of grasp for a while. The biggest positive I can say is the 2 free farmable 6* units. This is great and if every event from now gives a farmable 6* then I’ll take my hat off to you. BANDAI… If you really cared about the IP’s then you would make good games. If you made good games you’d make more money but you never learn. The saddest part is you always make money. Please just fix the issues with the game, give us more crystals, so we can actually enjoy your game for the long run. If you really want to rival 7DS then do better then NetMarble, in fact do better then yourselves and how you normally do. But deep inside we all know the outcome, you will do nothing and shut the game down in under a year..Version: 1.0.10

Started off funThis game started off great it was pretty generous which most games are to reel you in but after 3-4 weeks of playing it doesn’t feel the same the only way to get new characters is to draw and the only way to do that is with crystals you pay for which I get it but the rates are ridiculous. The fact that $80 only gets you 3 Multis that’s crazy to me and there has been some bugs which is annoying but once again expected in a new game but the fact that it stops you from playing the game and then all they have to offer is 100 crystals which isn’t even enough for one multi it’s kind of like what’s the point? I don’t want to sound ungrateful but this game definitely needs to adjust its rates or give us a better way to earn magicrystals. Also the fact that there really is no guarantees for a certain number of multis is crazy too it’s cool that you can buy the character you want but the fact that it would require 20 multis which is about 6,000 magicrystals or about $500 is beyond crazy.Version: 1.0.10

Broken AlreadyGame seems solid so far. Can see the village/town builder being long like clash of clans further down the line. Would’ve been four stars but the games broken right now. After about an hour I got booted to the main menu screen stating “unexpected error” and now this error pops up everytime I load back into the game resulting me getting chucked back to the main menu. Combat is fun and characters look great. Animations are pretty cool too. Shame I have to wait for it to be fixed because I’m not starting again because I got waifu Shuna <3.Version: 1.0.0

Great Game, Terrible Prices/Bad Crystal farmMost games have terrible prices but this game has it really bad, with extremely unfortunate rates that can have you pulling 5-600 dollars and still not get the unit until the pity kicks in, I’ve already dropped near $1000 and I regret almost all of that. If they made rates for new characters 5% with others being 2 or 3% it would be much better, give us weekly challenges to at least pull one multi a week, and give us a free daily single summon. Almost every single hatch’s has that except this one. Bad bug problems for most so that should add to that more.. other than the pricing and terrible f2p aspect the gameplay and graphics and design are great, really fun game. Just please Bandai take notes from the 7DS Grand cross. There’s a reason the game has been so huge for so long, they reward grinders and whales by making prices affordable which means more people would buy. please vote this comment up so they can see. This game has serious potential held behind a very expensive and high risk paywall..Version: 1.0.10

UpdateWhat’s with the massive updates that take so much memory I have 4 gb left in my phone and it’s saying it’s not enough to download? How is this game requiring more than 10gb in total is beyond me.Version: 1.0.20

Was a huge fan, greed destroyed itGame is cool but the gacha system is downright predatory and rigged. Rate up on banners is an absolute lie! I havent gone one banner without hitting pity before I can get the character. Of course FTP get them on their first roll all the time but thats just to draw them in and get them hooked. I have gone 500+ plenty of times and not gotten the character. Like I said, rate up is non existent. This is the slimiest and most predatory game I have ever played. I am a top ranked player and wish I never started to play this scam. It makes me sick how game compnies are allowed to get away with this trash and it should be illegal. Bandai should be ashamed and if you have any type of addictive personality I dont recommend playing this trash. I used to love slime but this game has ruined the entire franchise for me. Theres plenty of better games that dont try to milk you till you’re livong under a bridge. Dont start this trap. I dont write reviews but If I can save one person or get bandai to change, which I doubt. That will be enough. Im deleting this garbage now..Version: 1.0.31

Drops rates are AWFULFirst I want to say that I love this game. I love the series as well and I’m extremely glad that they made a game of it. But the drops rates ARE AWFUL in this game. Absolutely terrible. I haven’t pulled a single 5 star in any of the games events since release and I’ve been multi summoning on every event banner at least 10 times. For example the current event, Maid for the Holidays, I did 14 multi summons, so a total of 140 summons and I HAVENT RECEIVED A SINGLE 5 STAR. Another example, when Diablo was released I also tried 13 multi summons on his banner to try to get either him Shion, so 130 summons and once again NOT A SINGLE 5 STAR. Another example, when the Manifestation of the Dragon version of Milim came out I tried 11 multi summons so a total of 110 summons and I didn’t get her. Now I’m going to emphasize this again. I love this game and the universe of slime, but this game’s drop rates are so bad they’re extremely discouraging, and it makes me feel like they only made this game to get some extra pocket money and don’t actually want to make an enjoyable game..Version: 1.0.30

Great Game BuuuuuuutAmazing details and really fun mechanic buuuuut as soon as you get stuck you literally get stuck and are almost forced to spend money on gems just for a 4% chance of getting a 5star character. After you’ve spent your gems you then have to work up to 300 again and sometimes it can be a majorly tedious task sometimes only earning 5 gems at a time. It’s brutal..Version: 1.0.60

Crashes all the timeThe game always crashes it’s fun but it don’t ever let me play.Version: 1.0.20

Nice game.. lot of bugsWhen i start the game it is great but there is this bug which boots u to the title screen in a never ending cycle.Version: 1.0.2

What a pity!After latest update which is “fix a few bugs”, my game turns to black screen after logging. Delete the game and reinstall, then I found the game saving file is not connected with Apple ID, my one month playing data is gone. However I still want to restart the game, but the new installation still turns to black screen after initial newbie direction, what a pity!.Version: 1.0.60

Game is not ready to be top # but has the potentialI am a gamer who is happy to pay for a good designed / contented mobile games. From $100 to $10k, really depends on the gaming experience. From my opinion, this game needs following improvement: 1. More purchase package for paid gamers with much more extra contents bonus. You want to make the game free for everyone, but give enough credits to the pay players. 2. More balanced game system for both paid and F2P. I don’t see how F2P can really enjoy the game atm without purchase some of the packages $124 and $64 options only? Errrrrrr 3. 3D is good, but please bring more 2D pictures. 4. Keep the story line logical please, most ppl here because of the story, don’t randomly change it..Version: 1.0.52

DisappointedAlways a fan of the anime,light novel and the manga, but this game is disappointing , first of all it’s buggy, like everyone reported, it keeps getting the error message and no matter what u do, it’s not doing anything, and if u made a mistake like I did ( deleted the app and reinstall) u would realise it is not connected to ur phone and u have lost everything! I spent some money on it too so that’s all lost! Btw they say u can restore it by transfer code…but u can’t even log in! I’m not happy with the solutions in the help page, it’s like they don’t care either, DO NOT BOTHER unless u want to waste time, effort and money!.Version: 1.0.0

It’s a great game, if you dodge all the bugs.Soo far I really like how the game feels and the characters designs are really great aswell, But I’ve only got too play for roughly 30mins since it got released because of the “unexpected error” which stops you from being able to play, which if that was the only problem I still might have given it a 4*, but it’s been roughly 24 Hours now and still noo fix which is why I can only give it a 3* for now. But if there was noo problems I would say it’s a really great game with a lot off potential..Version: 1.0.0

IssueI am trying to put this issue out there and please fix this quick. Issue : there is “unexpected error” popping up on my screen each time I log in which sends me to title screen each time. And yeah it happens EACH time.Version: 1.0.0

Was good now boringAt the start it was really fun lots of characters to play and try out. When you reached late stages of the game it became really boring with nothing much to do. Not enough premium currency to obtain any new characters at late game. Facebook milestones give doo doo poo poo rewards 150 premium currency at most and for the logins 15 premium currency daily. This is a joke seeing how the releases of characters are coming. Right now, this game is not FTP friendly and basically feels like a cash grab. This game feels as if it is becoming worse and many will potentially lose interest. Fix your game..Version: 1.0.13

Rates are worse then most gachasBe more like seven deadly sins grand cross. Ok. So summoner wars was prolly the worst when it comes to summon rates. Until this game. Its just depressing how bad it is when how scarce it is to actually get diamonds in game. Since u get 5 gems IF you get all the stars for that mission. But its also 30 gems to pull 1. You can pull 10 and get all silver characters which speaks for itself. Getting a good character in this game is like getting a ld nat 5 in summoner wars. This game is awesome but of course will die cuz they prolly wont get the gacha system right. Blance patches are needed. It is a pretty new game but its kinda easy to tell where a gacha game is gonna end up when it releases. Only time when u get any decent amount of gems to summon anything. Is if the devs bless u themselves witn a random reward of crowns. Game is way to stingy over in game currency. Feel bad for the people who wasted their money in the shop. Cuz they prolly most likely got nothing..Version: 1.0.10

BugPlease fix the “Unexpected Error” bug immediately..Version: 1.0.0

Equipment bugCouldn’t disassemble some equipment because they’re being “equipped” by certain characters but upon checking the characters the said equipment isn’t equipped at all. Any ways to fix the bug or invent a button to remove all equipments from characters because I’m running out of slots and can’t unequip an equipment that wasn’t equipped to begin with..Version: 1.2.21

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