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SLIME - ISEKAI Memories app received 132 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about slime - isekai memories?

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Please help I’m crashing as soon as I got into my gameSo this problemo started like a few days ago. I kept crashing like every five to seven minutes but half a day later it turned to two minutes then it turned to ten seconds then now as soon as I’m loading I crash please fix this I really want to play again..Version: 1.0.2

Lost account and purchases permanently, no refund! But gatcha luck more than made up for it!AI needs improvement, i.e. characters with healing abilities should only activate group healing when it is worth doing so and not during the first few rounds of the game, etc where the HP bars are still full..Version: 1.1.0

Lost account butThe game is great and I’ve had lots of fun but I had an error message to where I couldn’t log in no more and I couldn't transfer my data so I was literally stuck in the beginning cutscene so I couldn’t do anything no more and I’ve only had the game for about 2 weeks but I’m 2 weeks of grinding was great because I was able to grab plenty of my favorite characters and I work all the time as well as me being f2p. But I lost my account yesterday and my wife was just so excited that I lost my account and I was just upset about it cause I had a few 5 stars that was leveled up but it’s gone completely and I sold my ps4 and laptop to help this family and other things as well and this game genuinely made me happy but I guess it’s whatever but I hope you guys enjoy the game and I wish you luck on your spins🥹.Version: 1.4.10

IssueI love the game but I can’t summon 10 if I have 10 tickets. It’s been like this for awhile. Unsure what to do-.Version: 1.0.10

Stuck on start.Awesome game! Although i’m a bit gutted….. I’ve beat the 5th chapter and now I cant log onto the game at all, at the main screen it will not allow me to start or even press the menu button. Please sort this issue soon as I really enjoy this game..Version: 1.0.20

Love this game, NOT a cash grab!I never write reviews because I normally don’t play games long enough to justify them, but I absolutely adore this game. I’ve been playing since maybe a month after it was first launched and I haven’t payed a single penny towards the game. The devs are always creating new content and fixing any issues that may arise quickly. The story is fun and the game is challenging but not to the point that you have to drop money to get past levels, there is some grinding that has to be done but there are also plenty of events and new features that make it much easier. Speaking of events there’s not a long gap between events which means more opportunities to strengthen your team. You need crystals to do certain things like character pulls but they aren’t incredibly hard to get and are usually obtainable through quests, weekly sign in and events. Again I normally fall out of love with games quickly if I have to spend money, I have never once thought about deleting this game. Hope this helps.Version: 1.2.02

Great game, badly optimisedEDIT: okay turns out my phone was actually overheating and this had nothing to do with the game lol This game honestly deserves five stars... if not for one big issue. It drains power like crazy. Even with my phone plugged in and graphics at low, it goes through about 10% of battery every half hour. I will say that the game is enjoyable enough that I will literally sit for hours playing on the 5% power my phone turns back on to every time it dies though. It's so hard to put down that I can't let my phone charge for a bit before starting to play it again. If they fix this issue, it will honestly be a perfect game!.Version: 1.2.02

GeezGreat game soo addictive only down side is it’s soo hard to be a ftp or even ptw when the free side it’s impossible to actually get anything cause your always waiting or you pay and it’s throu the roof for a 5 star they should learn some tips from Genshin impact other then that the game play is great till you can’t power up as the only way is to be op as hell and it’s hard to get there.Version: 1.2.21

SlimeI keep trying to enter but it keeps saying there’s an error so I’m redownloading now to see what happens- I entered.. This is such a great game but I wish I could level up a bit more freely, cuz the levelling feels so limited and moving up a star is like a miracle, I can’t really feel my growth. I just feel like the level caps are way too low for each star or something..Version: 1.0.31

Draw ratesThis game is a lot of fun and if your a fan of the series you’ll enjoy playing it but the only thing that disappoints me is the pull rates. The amount of times I’ve saved up to get a ten pull and end up with no new characters to look at and use is just sad. If that could be improved on with either more characters in the draws or better chances from more expensive draws it would help the game ten fold.Version: 1.0.52

I keep getting errorsSo far, I'm enjoying the game and its very different to the normal games I play. The problem lies in me always getting these “Unexpected error” messages and I'm not sure why. Either way, I'm enjoying the game and love the art style. Also really love the village building system, would love to play more.Version: 1.0.0

Bug making game unplayableHey just want to start off with how great this game is, unfortunately I have encountered a bug making the game unplayable, not sure what caused it but the last thing I was doing was levelling up characters, then ‘unexpected error returning to title screen’ ever since then I can’t play the game, now it’s not that the game is broken no since when I try to play again it goes into the lobby perfectly fine, only the ‘unexpected error’ message always appears and the moment I close, BAM title screen. Please look into this, I sent a inquiry form via the bandai site yesterday and there’s been no response yet..Version: 1.0.0

Great game butI was having a hard time organizing my nation. Is there any way that you can make it easy to organize like other games. Overall it’s a good game but in this past few events it’s getting hard to get a good drop rate and it’s starting to be less fun..Version: 1.2.02

Good game. Horrible gacha system.Game is overall good with turn based mechanics. Happy to have a slime game to play but you can’t do anything in the game because getting strong enough recruits from gacha system is near impossible even if you spend money. I have played many similar games and this is the worst drop rates I have ever seen in any game. Worse than dokkan..Version: 1.4.30

BugWhen I go to send aid it says there is an unexpected error please fix..Version: 1.0.0

ErrorDamn that errors kinda gae.Version: 1.0.0

Great anime but game has issuesSince the new updates have stopped the game breaking crashing there are still the odd crash when the game uses up too much resources but the game is great..Version: 1.0.10

Good game but…The good: very decent anime and character design, perfect game for a fan of the anime series. Combat has a lot of strategic fun. The bad: the most frustrating part is somehow this game only allow you to play on ONE Single device. The data transfer allow you to login into the same game account but will disable the previous. Which means, if you own both iPad and iPhone, you will have to choose only play on one of them. Second is the Gacha, so far I have pulled quite some and got a SSR every ~50 pulls, which is not too bad but far from the posted 4% rate. Also, I have NOT get any of the up-rated character from any banner, which also ridiculous. The only up-character I have was ended up exchanged with the “pity” after 200 pull in the banner. In sum, good game but I hope the flaws can be fixed in future..Version: 1.0.13

I love the game! But some things are lacking or overdone.Everything about this game is great! But there are a few things I have some constructive criticism about. First of all, I feel that the game isn’t nearly as free-to-play friendly as it should be. First off all there needs to be a lot more opportunities to get magicrystals. And secondly there should be some sort of system to put some characters onto a ‘wishlist’ of sorts which would increase the chances of getting them on a draw. Also, for those of us whom might not want to stay free-to-play, the items within the magicrystal shop are way, way too expensive for their worth. Unless the chances of getting good/desired characters from the draws are significantly increased, the prices for buying the magicrystal packs need to be significantly decreased..Version: 1.0.10

Amazing game, apple is the issueThe game is amazing, great graphics, easy to understand gameplay and cool fighting although the problem comes in with apple, 2 days since the game released and it had a “error has occurred: returning to menu” bug; that alone doesn’t sound too bad but when you take into account it’s on apple for waiting 2 days (or more) before allowing the update on the game it becomes a joke, I’d love to play the game and will still play it after the bug but come on for crying out loud..Version: 1.0.0

Poor chance to ever get SSRI really enjoy this game and have put many hours into it however I have used the recruit button like 10 times without ever getting a SSR the chances just seem to be very against you ever getting one and I can’t level up my characters anymore because of this so have hit a wall..Version: 1.0.52

It’s a great game!I enjoy the game and all of its events! It does make gems quite easy to get without paying but the only problem I have is that the price of the gems or even bundles is very high! I can basically get more gems by playing for a bit then I could with buying them.Version: 1.2.10

Good game but crash and frame rate issueThe content of the game is good. I like the music and graphic. But, the frame rate need to be fixed to be more playable without lagging all the time. I played on iPad mini4 but it keep lagging wherever like the frame rate cause to lag a lot. Also, it keep crashing a lot that it force the app to return to the Home Screen wherever it is overheating or something else. The bug or crashing all happen in when i upgrade character, giving character input command in combat, watching the relate scenario event, even summoning character and many more….Version: 1.2.10

Not a bad gameWhenever I try to do the request it just kicks me out and it’s very irritating, but graphics and storyline is amazing.Version: 1.3.05

Gacha guySo, despite the 100’s times I’ve had to delete back up and data transfer to get past the error. I believe this game has a pretty bright future (strictly gameplay wise) I’m loving the fact that I’m not seeing some sort of weapon gacha and the powerscaling is very unique in the fact levelling a unit from level 1-80 will only increase their power by like 4k where as you can do loads of other things to get quadruple that. Never seen that done before now personally. I do wonder what late game will look like. since even after day 1 i felt very limited on how far I could progress strengthening my units..Version: 1.0.0

Amazing game!Amazing game well made and good graphics it is especially good if you are a tensura fan.Version: 1.2.10

Fun & BugsFrom what I was able to play the game seems like it will be a decent gacha game. The town building and exploration system is a very unique addition to a gacha game and a welcomed one. Now for the depressing bit. Unexpected Error... New game new bugs, expected as much. However, the slow response to this problem is quite the problem. Many of us preregistered for this game months prior to play it first and get all the grand opening item drops, which normally last a week sometimes more. This error has now lasted three days... Therefore, causing most of us to lose out on the opening bonuses. Yeah they will probably compensate us with a free 5 Star or something less. However, what about the grand opening bonuses? We won’t get them and what about the people who don’t have this bug? They get a massive advantage over those of us who have been cursed with the unexpected error bug. Also what if we want to reset and start again we won’t get the opening bonus or even the compensation. Maybe if we could save our current account before we reset but alas they have no feature for that in the menu. Sadly, those of us who got hit with this will have to crawl while the rest get to run..Version: 1.0.0

GoodReally good game.Version: 1.0.0

Best NEW Gacha Game IMONow, I’ve been asking for more diverse gacha games and man, does this one deliver. Not only does this look beautiful, the TBS (turn based system) in this just hits different. I also like the fact they start you off with more than decent troops/units, makes it more rewarding in the end when we put in the effort to get them stronger, also the prices on the IGC (in game currency) aren’t ridiculously over priced, the rewards are nice for a NEW gacha that’s just starting, the over world of your town is interesting too, also I’d like to add I love that they keep to the original anime with some added in new sub story is great too! I’m glad they took their time with this and can’t wait for it to get bigger and better, I’m hoping to see them do crossovers, I’d love to see them do all the other popular and under the radar Isekai anime, the .hack// series included..Version: 1.0.2

Closing bugI’m loving the game but I found a random bug, Whenever I switch from home or enhance characters into quests it’ll randomly close the app and then whenever I’ll load up the game afterwards it’ll freeze up on the white loading screen and the app needs to be closed and re-opened.Version: 1.0.20

Good game, bad bugsFor the first 10 or so minutes of playing I liked the look of the game, after that a bug occurred and I can’t play anymore, “an error has occurred returning to title screen.” I thought it might have just me so I reluctantly deleted and re-downloaded, this didn’t fix it and now I’m stuck with some characters that weren’t as good as my first account, although I did get one that I liked. For those who read reviews in search for answers on how to fix this bug, don’t do what I did, wait for the next patch..Version: 1.0.0

Great content, bad optimization and a few bugsGreat content coming from this game, I can already see the potential and I’ve played a bit so it’s like a Gacha, turn based, town building and story like game. If you haven’t watched the anime that is fine, the whole story is repeating the anime from the beginning, so players who have watched the show can simply skip while others can watch at their will. However, I keep crashing and keep getting error messages that quite literally prevent me from playing the game. Obviously these will get fixed sooner or later ( I’m hoping sooner) but for now the game would be a 2-star for me. The reason I gave it a 4-Star is to help the game get popular as initial rating will heavily impact any game. I know a few games who have terrible ratings from the initial launch but are quite good nowadays. It’s past reputation still plagued it. In any case, if you don’t have a strong phone, I wouldn’t recommend playing just yet..Version: 1.0.0

Great game but…I believe this is a great game. I enjoy this very much but the one thing that is getting characters and the pricing of the gems and multis cost. Like you can go free to play the game gives a lot of gems but for people who want to buy gems and summon the price seems kinda off like spending $80 dollars for 3 multis is kinda of a rip off either they lower the cost of gems or lower the multi cost to like to 150 or 100 then spending $80 would be worth it. I’m still hoping for the best for this game and can’t wait to see what they have in store. Lastly could we please raise the rates of getting the characters cause my luck has been so bad and probably for many others too. To even get the character out of the little “pity system” you have is way to expensive maybe lowering the pity points from 200 to 100 would help..Version: 1.0.13

AwesomeFun game. Awesome gameplay and just like the anime. Highly recommend..Version: 1.0.10

GlitchesI really like the game and I like how it’s set up. But I have had to restart my game and uninstalled it a couple of times because I get up to episodes 4 and it just glitches out and says unexpected error return to Home Screen.Version: 1.0.0

EpicThe app hasn’t even downloaded yet but I’m pogging and champing edit: the game is currently broken but I’m still pogging and champing edit 2: now that the game is fixed, it is genuinely a great game and I can’t stop playing. Whilst it has some classic and cliché features of other gachas, it has plenty of great and unique features and you can tell that effort was put into making this an actually good game rather than just an attempt to make core money off of a good anime..Version: 1.0.2

Almost goodI thought I would never play it cause the error. Now I play it. It is good so far. Hard to lvl up. But it be better if we can name some of the monsters since naming is a whole concept itself. It allows the player to be more invested somewhat.Version: 1.0.2

Pretty great gameI don’t usually play these types of games but I loved the manga adaptation and anime adaptation and decided to download it. First off your given a lot of stamina from quests and you could play anytime without having to wait. Second, the Secret Skill animations are pretty cool as well as the skill animations. Third, I like how it’s not just the Orginal Story but also some events. Fourth, it has a lot of ways to increase the power of a character like leveling up character, awekening character (or increase the stars), forging weapons, leveling up weapons, evolving weapons, leveling up skills, evolving skills, unlocking health, attack power, defense, and input through ability release, and talking and bonding with the character in your town or interact menu. Fifth, you can build your own town, although you can’t really change the shape of land (only by leveling up the town centre) or add pathways, you can still add building to give you resources and build decorations, think of it like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach without the towers and units. I think overall it’s a great game and although right now it has some bugs and features and characters yet to be added, it’s fun to play a few battles every now and then..Version: 1.0.10

RIGURDWhy does it cost so much to get a 3 star unit to 6 star? I understand why it needs to increase with each star. But 250 of a single desired unit seems a bit high. I’m not expecting for it to be changed, I’m just voicing my opinion..Version: 1.0.13

Great gameIn general its a great moblie game the only thing with this is the character for summon came too early but its my opinion..Version: 1.0.30

Wicked game!It took a little bit of time to figure out all of the games features, but it was well worth it! I’m happy my fav anime/book series has a great game to keep me busy while I wait for season 3 and volume 21 of the book. Can’t wait until the anime and game catches up with the light novel! I want the 3 demonesses! My only criticism is the balancing of the in game currencies. Some shops end up being a lot cheaper than others for the exact same items. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since you just have to pay attention, but there are some currencies I won’t even bother grinding for when there’s easier routes. Anyways, 5 stars - the game deserves it!.Version: 1.3.40

Having a issue with loading my gameI loved the game while it still worked and was looking forward to playing this game to the fullest. But my game stopped working and is start just past the tittle screen, it doesn’t load and comes up with a “Unexpected Error. Returning to tittle screen” Please help on this matter I really want to play..Version: 1.0.0

Error returning to titleI finished a mission and now it keeps sending me back to the title screen.Version: 1.0.0

Thoughts on the game.As a huge slime fan, I have waited for a game like this be released for a while now and I’m so glad it finally happened. The game in the first few weeks were amazing. The animation is good, great retelling of the story, and amazing town building mechanic. However the game does have a lot issues. Frequent bugs that kick you off the game. People losing data, and some issues with the data transfer. I also feel there is no real way to grind for magic crystals for summons and it is difficult to keep up with recurring banners (weekly banners). There is also the issue with summoning tickets. I feel a 10x ticket draw should be a thing instead of using each individual ticket. This is stuff I feel can always be fixed by the developers and I hope they make some sort of way to grind missions that get you magic crystals for completions. But aside from that I like the game and I hope the game improves and thrives well. It has potential to be one the best gacha games and I hope it gets to that point..Version: 1.0.13

Requesting game controller compatibilityPlease add game controller compatibility.Version: 1.2.55

Something is missingI love the game so far, it’s faithful to source material while adding something new which is all you can hope for from games like this. Powering up is tedious but manageable, and it’s fun to play. The only thing I think is missing right now is a way to farm awakening materials.... the only reliable way to awaken your characters that I can find is to get ultra lucky on the gatcha banners.... you get ‘some’ through ambiguous means here and there but it’s by no means a sustainable amount. Games like this want to make money sure, but you also want to ensure that you maintain your player base and making it so all 5* characters are basically locked behind a gatcha mechanic is a sure fire way to lose said player base (the 4* and below are all gatcha as well but are common enough and weak enough that it isn’t really that big a deal since if you have 5*s, you’re using them).Version: 1.0.10

Good game! (Also, weird bug report)I actually really like they game, it has some of the best graphics I have seen from this kind of game and so far I am really enjoying it, however I encountered a bit of a bug where during cutscenes the borders of the screen would kind of duplicate itself and blur the edges on the top and bottom of the screens, it even does that during the title page, I don’t know why but any advice on how to fix it would be nice, I am using an iPad for reference..Version: 1.5.41

I don’t know what’s happening but please fix it soonSo for starters I would like to say how good this game is, the design graphics game play it’s all awesome but there’s one thing I can’t seem to access my account after a few hours of playing due to some unknown reason it keeps repeating “unknown error returning to Home Screen” please fix this soon. This game is overall a great game.Version: 1.0.0

Good game, not the best thoughI never write reviews but I very much enjoyed the anime and playing this game was a pretty good experience. There are a few problems but I feel like they're easily resolvable for the player to handle. Firstly, the drop system for a 4-Star & 5-Star character is a little too low but thats something that's reversable due to how easy gems are and thats my favorite part about this game, I've been playing for about 16 days and I've easily acquired over $300 (possibly even $500) worth of gems in that amount of time. Secondly, the difficulty spike is a little overbearing especially in Hero's Jubilee but thats understanding since its about skill (and dedication I guess) and it's very easy to get stuck during story missions. I wish abilities were a litte improved but they do provide a noticable difference and the cost of forging / evolving items is a little pricey. That's all I can write for now but it's definitely a fun game with its flaws. (There are a few errors with the subtitles like the occasional mispellled words or a space that wasn't added here and there but those don't really bother me.).Version: 1.0.51

Unstable and sometimes unplayableHonestly, the thing that stops me giving a 5* review is the stability issues. It seems to crash when you play the game for more than 10 minutes, even on the lowest settings possible… It doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience, it gets annoying quite fast when it kicks you out of numerous battles.Version: 1.5.10

The error is being worked onThe error is being fixed, if you want more information you can go to the website or load up the game, click menu, and find information on issues there. The game is good despite the error though..Version: 1.0.0

Quite good gameSo I’ve made this review to alert some people who decide to play… there is a big chance where a bug can happen that makes the game unplayable, said bug only happens when you leave the game after doing the tutorial and such, then when you come back and try going into the game, and “unexpected error” appears..Version: 1.0.0

Love it but problem?I love this game I really do, i want to play it more but hte updates take FOREVER and the main issue is that it tells me that Connection Failed time and time again even though I’m connected to good WIFI and have plenty of space on my iPad, and its as far as up to date as can be for the system itself. How do I fix this?.Version: 1.4.65

Honestly I love it…Ignoring the whole Rimuru’s daughter part, I love this game. It’s incredibly entertaining and the battle mechanics are pretty fun. I have kinda reached a spot where I can’t continue, however, because I can’t get my team any stronger so there isn’t much I can do anymore. I’ve also been forced to kinda squeeze all of my buildings together in order to have room for more buildings so I can get my population up so it would be nice if the requirements to expand your area were lower. Even still, I love being able to walk around and talk to people and do requests for them. I also like being able to give them food, but I kinda wish there were more options to interact with them. Like a pat on the head option? Another feature that would be nice to have is an option to ride Ranga around town or even for some kind of mini-game. There’s a few more things that could be added or changed, but all in all it’s a great and entertaining game that I really don’t want to get bored of. So please just give me some more things to do. 💖.Version: 1.2.31

An Amazing game!As a huge fan of the series I love this game already the animation makes me feel like I’m feeling the excitement of the characters I’ve come to love! Though there are some problems such as gear being difficult to get as well as summoning at a certain point you won’t be able to rely on gear and have to summon, to get duplicates of your character so that you can upgrade their level cap aswell as their level 5 ability release. Obtaining magi crystals is slowly becoming more difficult and tedious to obtain and sometimes you won’t pull a single 5 star. I do hope these issues are addressed and they continue to help their free to play players. It has huge huge potential and it’s expected to have some drawbacks because it has barley released, I hope they continue to listen to the community and go down the most exciting path!.Version: 1.0.2

Honestly an enjoyable game.The animations are solid, the custom story along with the OG story is interesting. The combat system is interesting and quite fun, while not being overly complicated. And the small things like building your own tempest and interacting with the characters is cool. I have a small few issues with the game but overall It’s definitely worth playing~.Version: 1.0.10

I hope it gets fixed soonI was so excited to play the game of a anime series that I love. Started pretty well, fun and then after the Ranga’s father battle the game only notices an error that makes impossible to play and if you uninstall the game you loose your progress..Version: 1.0.2

FreezesEver since the previous update the game freezes a lot please fix it.Version: 1.2.20

Unexpected Error Returning To TitleGreat game so far with great animations and great gameplay, it only just released so expect to have many errors one of the errors is that you get a message saying “Unexpected Error Returning To Title” every-time you boot the game up this was caused due to my daily login pop up or going on specific areas of the menu hub. Overall great game so far keep up the good work!.Version: 1.0.0

I cant even download it 😭😭Idk what to do.Version: 1.2.02

I LOVE THE GAME…..BUTI really like this game but I once had a ID i made and my sister deleted the game once but thankfully i had already prepared the data transfer but when i downloaded again it did not work i just hope they will add a sign in with google in it here is the ID if it work for anyone you can keep it ID: GTNJ8CTGHCINGFOV Password:Rimeruiscool.Version: 1.4.11

Unexpected ErrorNot fixing “Unexpected Error” Issue is just plain lazy.Version: 1.0.0

Great game but……I really enjoy this game. The story line is on par with the series and graphics are beautiful. However the game just keep crashing and booting me off. Having that happen in the middle of your game is really frustrating. And upgrading my character and buildings are too slow unless I use real money to get gems. Please fix the problems so we can enjoy the game to the fullest. Thnkx.Version: 1.3.02

My New Investment🥲Dude i cant tell you how much this game has me stoked for its release man, honestly cant even begin with every that is going for this game when i saw it pop up on my app store for pre release i was mind blown 🤯 i was like no way dude this is one of my top favorite animes and i cant believe their releasing a game for it unlike some gacha games this one isn’t so money hungry where u have to use a load of cash just to get good at the game honestly i play dokkan and even though they need 50 stones to do one multi it feels like grabbing 300 on this game is a lot easier im not even kidding i play this game for hours and i have a good paying job so this game is gonna end up taking all my money 😂 the gameplay, city building aspect and everything else is nothing short of amazing i love it all and i hope this game doesn’t ever shut down let it be as successful as the other games bandai has made keep up the good work i look forward to the futurw progression of this game -honest and truly your loyal player💙.Version: 1.0.2

Few bugsLove the game but it has a problem started when using high graphics would shutdown so I switched to medium graphics and play for a little while before shutting down again. Don’t like playing at low graphics could you fix please.Version: 1.3.30

Not badPretty solid game however it crashes randomly which is annoying but bearable what really annoys me is how much magicrysts cost is ridiculous for the gotcha rates, 60$ for 2 10x and the amount of free is super low, at the start you get a lot but eventually you only get 5 for leveling a bond which takes a while or 5 for using all your energy pots on an event.Version: 1.0.40

Little buggyF2P player here! Been playing for about a week now and have a few 5 star characters. Both on the fighting and support side. So it’s pretty easy to level up to the required PR to pass chapters. Onto the bugs: *There has been a number of times when the game crashes while going from checklist to quest. It happens about 2-3 times a day, but I see as just a minor inconvenience. *Another bug that happens fairly often is while in the middle of a battle if I happen to receive a phone call/text message the game will freeze up if I decline the call. *Another game freezing bug is skipping the opponent’s power up or attack sequence, and immediately selecting my support characters special skill afterwards. The only way to fix this is to exit the app, and reload the game. Luckily the progress is saved, so it’s more annoying than anything right now. *Other than those the game with randomly crash from time to time while moving through the main menu options. If those minor issues don’t bother you, then I say give this game a chance! There’s a number of things I hope will be added in the future as well. -Such as quick edit in the construction/village to make moving buildings around easier without having to save one at a time. -Compare stats between two characters to make team building more effective. -Weekly quests for summoning tickets or crystals Thank you for your time :).Version: 1.0.2

Data RecoveryIt’s a good game but recently my iPad was locked and after I had unlocked my iPad I re installed the game but my data cannot be recovered and I had to make a new account so please fix the game as I put a lot time and grinding to get legendary characters as well as I pre ordered the game to get a legendary character.Version: 1.2.01

It’s very goodAs far as mobile games for anime go, this is outstanding, the gameplay is fun and all the animation is perfect, unfortunately there is the current issue with server errors which once you play for a certain amount of time on a save it just mentions a server error and sends you back to the title screen. It’s such a shame since this game is genuinely a masterpiece and has so much further potential but this current bug is drastically ruining the experience for myself and all those encountering the issue. Hopefully this will be fixed as soon as can be and I’m very excited to see the future this game holds..Version: 1.0.0

Good game though drop rates pretty far and between.I like playing this game with the simple mechanics and the good graphics. The only compliant I would have is drop rates for characters. In the beginning it seemed like I would get a 5 star ever so often, know after around 3000 crystals used and not one 5 star to my name. Maybe implementing a way to increase odds of getting a 5 star would help out? Anyway good game overall!.Version: 1.0.20

IssueI love the game I enjoy playing it this is why I am leaving the five star rating. I do not feel the need to say more on its quality. I am writing this review because of a technical issue that I would like to see fixed immediately. I despise the latest update, when you obtain a duplicate of a character, you obtain their memory stone specific to them to awaken them to the next level, you can also do this with non-specific memory shards to awaken any character you choose, which I prefer to save for a character I would really want to improve but with this new update, I now have the notification of the red exclamation point on every character that is not fully awakened because I have not spent my non-specific memory stones THIS IS HIGHLY IRRITATING.Version: 1.3.30

Unexpected errorI really enjoy this game and I think it will come on to be a really good game. However I am experiencing issues whenever I beat the 4th mission defeating the dire wolf. I beat him this afternoon and then went for my tea but when I tried loading into the game it said unexpected error. So I deleted the game and downloaded it again but wanted to test something and I beat the 3rd stage turned my phone off and came back, I could load in fine but I then beat the 4th mission again and did the same thing but couldn’t load in due to the message of an unexpected error. I really hope this gets fixed soon..Version: 1.0.0

Unexpected ErrorThe game is very good BUT after 5-10mins of playing (after finishing tutorial) an error message was displayed. It said “Unexpected error. Now returning to title screen.” After closing the app and reopening it, the message appears right after pressing start on the title screen. It might be my phone but the OS im running is iOS 15.1 so i dont see why that would be the case..Version: 1.0.0

Just Wow!!!! Crossovers in the future?Ayye it doesn’t matter what those people that want everything easier think ( the ones that complain about lower rates, gameplay…etc) THIS GAME IS AMAZING🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩….I literally started a week ago and already got 4 sssr units all while just playing the game. This anime is excellent and i was stoked to know that this game was coming out😁🤝❤️ that being said since black clover was a bust I hope this games gets it right from content to possible crossovers? I know it’s still early to talk about crossovers but I know that dev team have something in mind for years to come!!!!🤫😁🤝 Keep up the great work and from a legit F2P player thanks for all making every actually accessible just by playing the game!!!❤️❤️ I will be watching closely for years to come👀🤩❤️..Until the next update Great Dev team And lord fuse🙏❤️.Version: 1.0.2

It keeps saying unexpected errorWhile I was playing this it was really great hence the four stars however for some reason I keep getting a message when I log into the game saying “unexpected error”. I hope this does get fixed cause I literally deleted the app and reinstalled it and it worked well until it happened again. I would give this a five star if I could play. I hope this gets fixed soon but when I did play it it was great. So yeah just an unknown issue.Version: 1.0.0

It’s a fun game but..I honestly really like this game but I have a few problems with it one of them being that you can’t bind your account to an email it would be an amazing addition so people don’t lose their accounts and so they can connect their accounts to another device I’ve actually lost about 3 accounts because of this.Version: 1.3.32

Crystals disappearedMy magic crystals from slime isekai disappeared, it suddenly dropped from 498 to 193 and I didn’t summon or use it for anything.Version: 1.0.2

Some updates break the gameI’ve been playing for over two months now and I can say its an enjoyable game. The mechanics work well the grind for seasonal characters is achievable and the new story is really fun and creative. There is one big problem that haunts the game right now and that is some of its occasional updates that can break the game in its entirety. With the release of the most recent patch, I was unable to play the game. I am quite annoyed because it was the final week of the valentines event and the game would not let me log in… for two weeks. The update would not properly apply itself and it was always restarting. I don’t know If this happened to anyone else but this was infuriating. It annoys me that I couldn’t complete the event and that I could not make use of the items that were granted to me In the time. I hope this problem is fixed soon. And that there is some sort of compensation like being given the remaining memory fragments to complete myrran. Great game, great potential. But some really bad game breaking bugs..Version: 1.0.70

The game is not updatingI have downloaded the most recent update many times however when I open the app it says there is another update for the game , I like this game and wish I could play it but it will not let me please fix this and I will give five stars.Version: 1.0.20

Worth getting....BUT!This game has very high graphics and honestly I’m a huge Slime fan, the issue I have is that the summon rates are too low and it’s hard to get gems. If only they’d make it a bit easier to get gems for players who can’t afford or don’t want to spend money buying gems..Version: 1.0.10

SlimeLoving this game so far.Version: 1.0.20

It’s a good game but if stops working after chapter 1.7I wanted to play more of this but it just won’t work anymore I tried uninstalling and all that but when I get back to the same spot it just did the same thing.Version: 1.0.0

Loved it but…Unexpected Error so you can no longer play the game. Besides that though this game is beautiful with great graphics and good dialogue. and I swear to whatever gods up there if this update doesn’t fix s- Update, the update fixed it for me..Version: 1.0.2

Complex but funAs a Gacha game, you’d expect this game to push you to spend money, but as of now, I haven’t seen any need to spend money. The combat is simple and the AI is very effective for when you want to AFK the combat. The complexity comes in with team building and unit development. There are so many ways to construct a team, whether it be the backup units, the aid units, armour and weapons, town structures, the support unit assigned to the team, etc. This can make it a bit tough to figure out what works best, but it also creates room for freedom in team building. The only complaint I have is that the gameplay slows considerably once your basic town structure reaches a certain point, and you are forced to wait several hours to advance your town further, which also slows down your ability to collect and strengthen units. The game is also crashes fairly frequently and the gameplay is laggy with older technology, but that is more an individual concern than one with the app as a whole. Overall, fun game, a little rough around the edges, but I’m sure those will buff out as things progress..Version: 1.0.13

Please fix this issue !!Absolutely love everything about this game as a massive fan of the anime, but it keeps on saying there’s an unexpected error when you get to a certain point. Please fix it ASAP 🙏🏼 Thank you !!!!!! 😻.Version: 1.0.0

A few bugs but it’s still early daysLike the title says there are some bugs to sort out at the moment but that’s something to be expected as it’s not been long since the release of the game as it was only released on the 28th October 2021 so it will be a while for the bugs to be all fixed but the developers are doing their best to solve the problems all they need is for players to tell them about the issues they discover by using the menu at the lower left corner of the main startup screen in game then inquiries/faqs and submit a inquiry all players can do at the moment is be patient and wait as things take time to sort out so give the developers some time to get the bug fixes done then they can do an update for the game etc.Version: 1.0.0

Possible improvementI am enjoying the game finding it easy to make my way around but I think events are a bit too difficult for example not being able to complete expert or normal even tho my my EP level is much higher that the quest/mission I am trying to do.Version: 1.0.13

Not too hard not too easyFirst this games draw rates are amazing I love to play gotchas but I'm usually ftp like with this game. I haven't spent a single dime yet and have summoned quite a few times and have gotten pretty good characters out of it and that has allowed me to play with and build characters I actually like from the anime. Second this games balancing is perfect, as with most gotchas you draw a high tier character and you can dominate the whole game with ease but this game makes it so that the characters being used all have to be leveled and equipped no matter the rarity. There are of course some characters who gain a advantage simply by being a higher rarity but its not such a big advantage that other characters are out of the picture completely. Third I would like to thank the developers for taking careful consideration into the game when making events and leveling rewards because the events and rewards have helped me out tremendously throughout the game and I wouldn’t have advanced as fast as I have without them..Version: 1.0.2

Some issues but overall solid gameHad some issues with connectivity and getting login errors. But from the parts of the game i have played it is very good..Version: 1.0.0

Bandai namcoI need help I have a problem with my game and can’t increase my population it’s stuck on 6080 citizens and I specifically need 20 more because I can’t upgrade unless it’s 20 people.Version: 1.2.40

Entertaining, but could use some clarityLove the game play! However, a place of improvement, redo the suggested power level per stage. I have reach chapter 10 and exceeded the suggested power rating and still failed the mission (team wipe). I suggest including a rating for passing the stage, rating to clear it perfectly, rating to clear with full team of suggested element, and perfect clear with suggested element. Of course difference would be coloring of the text: white, green, gold and rainbow respectively. Also, another idea, you could add a material gathering section under training to help with forging needs. Alternatively, instead of adding additional power ratings, keep the single power rating, but add something like an increase in stats (10% increase to damage dealt and 10% decrease to damage taken) for every 10% over suggested power rating. So, as you reach higher power rating you can achieve perfect clears easier. Note: first method will require a bit of testing to set the power ratings accordingly. While, the second method, requires keeping power ratings within a limit so players can still reach higher power ratings and more coding than first method. This is just my opinion. So, whatever you decide, I would still like to thank you for making this game..Version: 1.0.10

New favourite mobile gameAbsolutely love it, the unexpected error glitch has been fixed now too. Not many events at the moment since it brand new but the game is so fun. Only problem i would have is the city building and how long it takes to upgrade houses which is a big deal considering how much population affects the game.Version: 1.0.2

Incredible gameI’ve been playing this game for exactly a year now and still enjoying it! That time I got reincarnated as a slime is my favourite anime and is the only anime’s light novel series that I’ve read. This game does great at showing off everything I love about the show while adding new and interesting storylines every month. Only downside is that if you want to p2p it’ll cost you a fortune! Thankfully though f2p is actually really easy, magicrystals are super easy to come by and I can usually save up 6,000 magicrystals for each months events (which is equivalent to 200 rolls). Rolling is very hot or miss. Sometimes you’ll get two purples in one 10 roll and sometimes you won’t get any purples for 80 rolls. Overall though cannot fault the game!.Version: 1.3.15

Great game,butI don’t know if it just an iOS thing but I can’t even log into the game anymore. When I click on start I get an error message that says” unexpected error now returning to title screen”. I was wondering if it was a bug or something else..Version: 1.0.0

Jus a slight problemThe game is beautiful, free to play, you even get crystals just regularly and anyhow without buying them. But why I am giving this game 4 stars is because of the stamina. Some modes of the games like events and all take about 15-20 stamina and if you have not upgraded your town you have about 85-90 staminas that you can store max. So you can only play about 5 times of the battle event then you have to wait for about 3-4 hours before all your stamina is recovered except if you use gems or potion. I don’t mind that the more cost 20 stamina per match but only if the time it took to build up the stamina back is way less than it is now. Right now is way too high. We just play a few matches and check if there is anything to upgrade in our town then we shut down the game since there is no stamina to play. Please look into that. I am surely not the only one who might have said or is thinking about this.Version: 1.0.31

Decent GamePlayed this game when it came out and ended my gameplay just when they release Loupe tower. Came back on the 2nd anniversary. Honestly decent game and artwork also. But unless you spending money to get more crystals for summoning, and even then the cost of those crystals per dollar is high. Not very generous to F2P players, started with a new account and the ability to get more crystals is very limited. Not being able to summon will hinder growth for a F2P stuck with level 80s, unless you get lucky for those EX characters instant 100 or just use the freebie heroes that you can grind to 120 while event is active. Aside from that, game like any other game is repetitive, same characters given new designs/skills. Best to every other event as stamina will lack if you do every event. I still give it a 4 star for their original stories that are worth while, thank you for that..Version: 1.5.51

Good potential but massive bugsSo far i think that this game has huge potential. It’s got good summoning, good story, and amazing animations. Although, there is a major bug that makes you unable to play the game, and forces you to reinstall the game. Doing this resets progress and is extremely frustration. Apart from that, very nice.Version: 1.0.0

Super fun!!This game is really entertaining… I’ve been obsessed since release and the gatcha is so forgiving!!! The only thing I can think of that might make it better would be to make the bazaar points you get from summoning have a combined pity (for example, instead of having 16 bazaar points on one banner and 24 bazaar points on another banner, you’d just have 40 bazaar points altogether), or make the seeds of growth shop have more important items… right now, it’s really difficult to try and get 200 bazaar points if you’re summoning on several different banners, and the seeds of growth shop that you can purchase from with the leftover bazaar points once the banner ends are really mundane and don’t feel equal to the value summoning has. Overall though, I’m very satisfied with the gameplay!!.Version: 1.0.10

DEVELOPERS PLEASE SEE THIS.I was really enjoying the game, now all I get when I try to play the game from the main menu is: Unexpected Error, Now returning to the title screen. I’ve uninstalled and installed the game multiple times to try and fix the problem myself. After the prologue this happens each time… SEND HELP?.Version: 1.0.0

A Bug in the appI started the game went through the tutorial and finished it but had to close the app after to do something. Soon after I finished I opened the app clicked start and as it loads it says “unknown error returning to title page” but after 2 more goes of doing it, it finally loads in but is frozen on the free to play but blah blah blah 14 and over blah blah ask parent permission. If you fix this little bug it will be perfect..Version: 1.0.0

Quick suggestionDear sir or madam at Bandai Namco I love playing this game it is so much fun because there are so many characters to collect and the game’s graphics it looks as good as the anime the realism of the buildings in home is quite amazing but sometimes I get kicked from the game not much but every now and the and sometimes it lags for a few seconds but besides that it is a incredible game but getting to the point I would and I think other people would agree with me that you should make a chat in the game so that sworn friends can chat together it would be so much fun and make the game better so could you please put a chat for sworn friends thank you for reading this good bye -Tempest fan 0101.Version: 1.4.0

Please help meI loved this game when it first came out but I never knew it had a transfer code and I’ve lose all my things, I have my account code and im praying someone can help me recover my account.Version: 1.5.40

Error loadingHello, love the game but had a problem after the last update . When i start i goes until the first two logos and after that the screen becomes black, the text now loading should apear but it does not , just frozen . Could you please look into this . Thank you.Version: 1.0.13

Best Game Ever!I loved watching the anime and being able to playing this game, makes it feel like I’m actually walking through it like I’m actually there, this game just comes to life right in your hands..Version: 1.0.0

WawBest game.Version: 1.3.02

Love the game but its not workingI started playing the game it was going really good then i started to upgrade my village to lv3 then out of nowhere the game popped up with Error unexpected error returning to title screen. Don’t get me wrong this game looks great but when the game would open or even let you play its kind ofConcerning so if you please can you fix this because i want to play this game.Version: 1.0.0

Game's good butThe game is fun and has the potential to be one of the top gachas in the market but, as it is, there's too many issues to even consider it up there yet. The main issue is that once you get to the current endgame content, there's not much you can grind for magicrystals leaving you with almost nothing to summon for characters you want especially if you went all in on the starter banner a couple weeks ago like me. There's also the issue of the game being a little buggy. There are times when the game will freeze but still work just frozen on one frame, the framerate will randomly drop and stay to however it dropped, and sometimes the app just outright crashes. These aren't too big issues since the game is new and I don't expect too much but as of right now, this game is a good 8/10. Game is good, fun, and enjoyable while not being too easy nor too hard, just a few minor issues holding it back..Version: 1.0.10

Good gameI was really surprised by the quality of the game when I first logged in, free roaming the fully built Tempest city. However I assumed that the combat would match the free roam style and was disappointed by what I saw. However this is a mistake on my part, and the combat system in place is decent. The first day log in bonus was a bit lacking but coming from other gacha games it’s nothing new to me. Overall the game has a lot of different aspects and gameplay types mashed together. Currently the point of free roam is not known to me other than exploring the city for fun. The city building is quite good but it’s hard to click buildings behind another building. The combat is disappointing that it isn’t actual combat, but I’ll take the turn based system. 7.5/10 Also in response to the review titled Very Lacking by Global Shaft Fr ur review is hilarious to read thank you for not understanding the genre at all..Version: 1.0.2

This is a great game but…This is a great game but the game keeps crashing with an unknown error. I’ve cleared my cache and even made a new account but it still happens and it means I can’t log on. Please fix this because currently this game is amazing, but doesn’t seem to be working on mobile since this bug is really bad..Version: 1.0.0

Would be a 5 but error is causing problemsSo I know it is day 1 of release but the fact you gave to uninstall the fans every time the “unexpected error” occurs us a bug annoyance. The game itself is very good (similar to 7ds) just the bugs dragging the score down..Version: 1.0.0

I’m into slimeFeels like Slime anime has caught on to plenty of people, collaboratively through other games like Epic 7 and other mobile titles, im glad this has its own IP and it’s good for a mobile game for sure. Im happy I am playing the game and also WATCHING throughout the play through, yes your watching the show as you play it. And it’s not that this is basic. Lots of leveling needs to be involved for the characters, bit of a slow start but keeps you informed on how you go throughout the menus, story is of course great because it’s from the series and sure enough definitely free to play friendly unless your really chasing after S+ tier characters or supports. Take your time and enjoy the slime like I am. Just keep leveling equipment and you will be set up for more difficult events. Keeps you occupied..Version: 1.0.0

Pretty good gameFrom what I’ve been able to play so far it’s a good game. But whenever I start playing it gives me an unexpected error message and takes me to the title screen, then it just gets stuck in an infinite loop and the only way I’ve been able to find that will fix it is deleting my save data, I can’t tell if there is a specific cause for this but the most recent time it happened was when I claimed all rewards In the menu. So apart from that it’s a pretty good game from what I can tell..Version: 1.0.0

Love the game but small glitchI love this game!!! The gotchas are amazing and the battles are amazing I actually haven’t played any games that battle like this and I absolutely love it. Along with that fact you can interact with your favorite characters and have their attack and health increase because of it is incredible. Being able to customize your own nation is something I personally love as it doesn’t just have buildings that can help you but also small little decorations. There is one small glitch that I have been experiencing while walking around in town about four times where the game freezes and kind of pixels out though I can exit and reenter the game and it fixes. Nothing beside it pixeling and freezing happens though so it’s not much of an issue. Though I did want the developers to know about it cause this game is still new and these types of things are expected. It really is an amazing game though and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a rpg. Cause wow it really is incredible!!!!.Version: 1.0.10

Options to increase performance for low-spec devicesHello Production team, I am a big fan of the TV show and the game, but the game keeps crashing whenever there are animation or reward displays. I know maybe my ipad's technical specs are a bit low, but it would be great if there are options to reduce graphics and loadings even more, so us Slime fans can enjoy the best of the game! 😃 The gameplay and story deserve 5 stars but if the team can resolve the problem i mentioned then I will be sure to rate from 4 to 5 stars!.Version: 1.4.10

F2p friendlyI love the anime and series in general, and just started playing for the original story and events. I downloaded the game since day one, and have just logged in to my daily rewards for the past 4 months, but every bug fix and twitter event gives you 100 or 300 gems, so I have almost every character and most of my 5 stars have duplicates. That’s not from luck alone, as mine is garbage; there was even a time where I had 6000 gems after saving for a month(again, I haven’t spent a penny). The only complaint I do have is that the pity for summons is a lot worse than other gachas I’ve played, and the frequent events and separated banners don’t help with getting pity(though I love the events because of the new event story it brings).Version: 1.2.10

Everything was perfect until…Everything was perfect until I kept getting “an unexpected error has occurred” now I can’t get past the title screen.Version: 1.0.0

Great game so far, but has stopped loading.I like what I’ve seen so far, as limited as it is, with the gameplay being relatively interesting and unique, and lots of things to do. However, the game has completely stopped loading properly, only opening to the title screen and then bringing up a notice saying ‘Unexpected Error: Now returning to title screen’ I’m sure this is just a minor teething problem, but it needs fixing..Version: 1.0.0

Love itI watched the anime of this, and I found the anime very very good. It dried a little bit, but you have to watch it. The game itself is fun. Make sure you pay attention to the tutorial. There’s a lot of stuff I skipped through because I was rushing overall, I love how they switch up the characters, different events, different wardrobes there’s things here that I have not seen in the anime. The only thing I don’t like is there will be a time you’re going to get stuck because you don’t have the highest of luck when it comes to spending your diamonds to basically get the character you need to level up I guess stopped dead right before I can reach the boss because I don’t have the attribute of the same character to boost there levels they need to figure out another way for us to be able to compete in tournaments in PVP. Not everybody luck is high with the draws other than that they can turn in tickets and other stuff but you’re not guaranteed to get the cards you want if that doesn’t bother you we go ahead and play the game..Version: 1.5.30

Great game, I’m just saltyI really enjoy the game so far and the unique story the game has. I just have two problems so far, I which may just be my horrible luck and lack of knowledge. My first problem is the high combat power you need for some of the earliest missions. You need quite a bit over 100k power for 1-1 elite and yet one of the first missions is to complete the entirety of chapter 1 on elite. My second problem is the summons, which is probably just a personal problem. I’ve summoned seven five stars so far but four out of the seven times it’s been the same beretta. This may just be me being super unlucky but I don’t understand how I am constantly getting the same character in these pulls when there are some five stars with a much higher chance to get and every other five star has the same rate..Version: 1.0.2

SlimeI’m trying to play through main quest since it’s very good story line an game storyline has a major bug that keeps knocking u to starter screen over an over its annoying me pls fix it developers.Version: 1.0.0

Amazing game but game breaking bugI played this game for a few hours, mostly doing rerolls and when I finally got a decent account, which trust me, took a long time, the game decides to stop working for over 17 hours. A bit ridiculous but still, amazing gameplay in my opinion..Version: 1.0.0

Slime IMI was enjoying the game it’s like anyone favourite gacha but sadly after an hour of play the game kicked me out and every time I reopen it I get unexpected errors but this ain’t something to get annoyed about it is a new game so these thing are expected to happen.Version: 1.0.0

Love the game, but feels punishing to purchaseLove the gameplay, and the graphics of this game. But it feels as though you don’t get enough gems to summon especially with the rate at which banners come. In comparison to another gacha game, 7 deadly sins, you get about 2 and a half worth of pulls in gems from dailies, whereas in this game you get around 0.5 multis. Not only that, but the price per gem is ridiculously overpriced. 5 multis for $110 is crazy..Version: 1.3.02

Great game but crash a lot and heat up my phone fastI love this game. But Gem is hard to get. Spent good money in game but the drop rate is quite low. The game crashes at least 20 times a day from summoning, fighting, over heating my phone. It burns my phone battery crazy fast. This is the only game where my iPhoneX got heat up in 5 min. Seriously, please work on optimizing the game. By the way, this is the only game I can’t conveniently play on multiple devices unless you perform a transfer of data..Version: 1.3.40

Unexpected errorAfter completing mission 4 there is an unexpected error message and sends you to the title screen and when you try to go back into the game the same error happens. Re-downloading the game doesn’t help and the restore data button doesn’t help either please fix because this game has been very fun so far..Version: 1.0.0

Great game but something don’t add upThe gameplay is great in my opinion and the decrease are flawless. I also enjoy the town and my ability to free roam although I wish the player could interact with more buildings. Building relationships with other characters is great as well. My issue is with the hero recruitment. It says there is a 4% chance to draw a 5 star. But on the new awakened demon lord Rimuru alone I have drew over 100 times and only got a single 5 star hero. The percentage is not correct with those numbers I don’t think. I also think the percent should be higher when a person does a 10 hero recruit vs a single recruit. Other than the lack of 5 star attainability I have no issue with the game. But it is hard to progress without spending money which is not good for those who can’t spend money on games. But I do appreciate the uniqueness this game brings to mobile rpgs..Version: 1.0.10

More F2P than people thinkAlthough it is pay to win it’s a lot more F2P friendly than people think. They do lots of events and if you log in on those events they are pretty generous with crystals. I haven’t spent any money on the game and I’ve still loved the game and been able to acquire lots of cool characters..Version: 1.2.02

Loved the anime and the game is alrightI rated the game 5 stars because me personally I find the game very fun to play for a couple hours each day, everyone says the game is p2w but you can still do just as good without it, it’s like Genshin impact you can spend hundreds and deal a lot more dmg but that doesn’t mean f2p can’t play, it’s a very money grabbing game but it’s fun if it’s just a fun game to play not competitively.Version: 1.0.31

Veteran player opinionI’ve played this game since release, I think the events as they are now as done in a good way, but the challenges for the Late game are pretty time consuming like the bond raising, and Mastery challenges for conquest. I think the amount of Magicrystals given our for quests and rewards should be increased, and there should be easier to acquire pity bazaar, as it is now, it requires 20 multis for one character. I think that it should be easier to acquire UR characters as well, I have had good luck on this game however acquired second and third copies of a character seems impossible. I think that it should be easier to acquire characters, I remember banners like the first Veldora one and the Rimuru dark one, where drop rates seemed nonexistent . But then there’s banners like the First banner where URs seem to pop up every other multi. I still enjoy the game a lot, but there has to be changes be noticed so many people with 25,000+ and many more with under 10,000 population quitting the game..Version: 1.0.30

If you wanna enjoy it just be patientFrom checking the reviews, it seems to be the same for others, after getting predator an error occurs, from the little I’ve played I really enjoy it and I’m sure this issue will be solved quickly as it is so widespread, can’t wait to see the future of this beautiful game! :).Version: 1.0.0

Good game, bad launchWhen I first downloaded the game, it was extremely fun for the first hour that I played it, and I love the mechanics, graphics and the battle system of the game: However, after completing the tutorial, you are kicked off the game and unable to log back in. This glitch has been affecting a majority of players, and the company has fixed it, we’re now waiting for Apple themselves to accept the update, so please, don’t be mad at Bandai right now, it’s mainly Apple. Other than that, the game is lots of fun, and once this glitch has been fixed, I think it'll be a blast to play..Version: 1.0.0

Pink slime?Hello!!! I just wanted to throw this out there… as someone who loves this game along with the anime.. I really do not understand what’s up with the pink slime. I honestly thought the game was going to go with the story, I didn’t expect this odd change. While it is interesting I just don’t seem to understand the concept of why it’s there… there’s also the matter of the other versions on our friends, why are we being teleported to another world where our friends are enemies? Is there a specific reason for this that I haven’t gotten just yet or something else? The game is fantastic in almost every other aspect. The animations are great, the combat is great, though I will admit I did get a little confused at first lol. I love the fact we are building our own version of tempest and taking on quests to aid our comrades in game. I look forward to playing more!! I just really want to know what’s up with the pink slime and the other world. It’s very odd and confusing..Version: 1.0.2

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The popular Japanese fishing game Ace Angler is now a mobile fishing game! Let’s go on a fishing adventure and earn coin...

PAC-MAN Party Royale Positive Reviews, comments
PAC-MAN Party Royale Positive Reviews

Take on the world in this eye-popping PAC-MAN game! Enjoy the instant fun of arcade retro-gaming with a thrilling multip...

Very Little Nightmares+ Positive Reviews, comments
Very Little Nightmares+ Positive Reviews

Enter the world of Very Little Nightmares+, a puzzle adventure game that mixes a cute and creepy universe. Help the G...

Dragon Ball Official Site App Positive Reviews, comments
Dragon Ball Official Site App Positive Reviews

"Access the Latest News from Anywhere in the World in One App!" ・Dragon Ball news in a variety of languages, released al...

MY HERO ULTRA IMPACT Positive Reviews, comments

A new mobile game based on My Hero Academia is here! Check out a lot of exclusive illustrations of the Heroes and the Vi...

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Positive Reviews, comments
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Positive Reviews

Take the loot you pirate! One Piece Bounty Rush is a 3D anime battle arena treasure looting game set in the popular mang...

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Positive Reviews, comments

The ultimate anime action RPG is here! DRAGON BALL LEGENDS puts the power of your favorite DRAGON BALL heroes in your ha...

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Positive Reviews, comments

Sail for the Grand Line with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE! ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is...