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GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE app received 117 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE? Can you share your negative thoughts about goddess of victory: nikke?

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GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE for Negative User Reviews

This could be such a great game…I’m still playing, and so much about the game has a amazing. The characters are gorgeous, gameplay is fun, and it’s a perfect amount of low time commitment when you want, but plenty to engage with if you have the time. I can even look past all the bugs, as they seem to be working hard to fix them. I think the censorship complaints are way overblown, the art is amazing. The rates, however, really hurt the game. I just finished my 200th draw with no SSR from the normal banner. That is so deflating in a game like this. There isn’t a pity for the normal banner, they only let you get a dupe. Thats little consolation in a character collecting game. The rates on the special banner at least have a pity, though it’s really high. The special drops you get for characters only have a 60 percent chance to be SSR…just so many situations where a great game suddenly feels no fun. Feels disappointing. Given how there are expensive skins and cosmetics, they’d make their money no problem. I dropped a bunch off the bat. But after yet another disappointing summon, that doesn’t even have a chance that I’ll earn someone new through pity, I’m wondering why I’d throw any more money? So I reccomend it, if you’re F2P and don’t care about getting all the characters. If it’s going to drive you crazy to keep getting nothing? Maybe another game is your go to..Version: 102.4(16)

Not loadingI got through to the end of chapter one. I’m enjoying the game and about to do the boss fight for chapter one and it suddenly stops loading. I can’t even finish the tutorial because I’m stuck in a stage loading screen at 10%. It’s really bummed me out because I was enjoying the game.Version: 102.6 (1)

It’s all downhill from here.This game had a lot of potential. That’s all been kneecapped since Tencent’s influence has become increasingly more apparent. The censorship, bugs and microtransactions have been piling up with no signs of stopping. It isn’t worth getting invested in. If you anime girls with guns, go play Blue Archive. If you want anime girls in edgy post apocalyptic sci-fi settings, go play Arknights or Punishing Gray Raven. If you want both, play Girls Frontline. If you want that as a cover shooter, pray that replaying Time Crisis over and over again will keep you going long enough for another developer to try this premise without being bought out by Tencent. I still love the characters and story this game has to offer but I can’t recommend them to anyone else knowing how much everything will be held back now..Version: 102.6 (1)

Honest reviewSo the story so far seems to be okay though I did have a problem with the very start of the very first cutscene where your main character look like a bit more of a coward. I believe they should’ve made a choice. Overall, the voice acting is actually pretty good. Gameplay is very different. In my opinion, quite solid, though it does crash quite often. The freebies aren’t much and requires you to spend a lot unfortunately so this game is quite costly and to be honest needs revamp That said, the summoning is quite terrible. You only have a 4% chance of summoning something good, and even then most of them aren’t even that good to begin with and could be a SR instead. There is no pity system, and therefore your chances are very low. Overall, this game is different and not too bad. It is worth checking out though I’d be careful spending your money as things are too expensive. In comparison to other Gacha games they’re much better in the summoning, but this game does have some quality if it wasn’t for the bug crash in the game.Version: 101.6 (44)

Good Game BUTDon’t get me wrong this game is very cool, plays nice, the girls look great, The UI looks clean and isn’t over complicated. My few issues is that I’ve tried to connect to play the game twice using my own apple account and the game provided service account system and now both have failed. So essentially I’ve played the Tutorial twice now. My other problem is that switching Voice overs takes time to download. So if you initially started with English voices but want to change it to Korean you’ll have to download the voices. And you have to download the voice packs if you want to switch. Why not just keep the download and make it an easier switch rather than delete the files and download it over again? So currently I have two accounts that are now not usable. I would have to use other services to play the tutorial again and hope I can make progress further than my last attempts..Version: 101.6 (44)

Customer support is garbageI bought some packs but the game got an error and i had to reinstall the game. After coming back, i was billed but still did not receive the gems I can’t seem to address a specific problem to support since an ai is the customer support and is not giving me the right solution..Version: 101.6 (44)

Fun game, terrible pricingGame is fun. But after a few weeks, you hit the wall, and the choice is to grind forever with boring chores, or spend far too much money for the chance to progress… not a great system, quickly growing tired of it..Version: 102.4(16)

Great way to bring into the game & also make you feel like quittingChainsaw man really seemed to bring a lot of new players in. Great! We start to watch videos, tutorials, get into the community etc, we look up characters that are coming and wow we jump on the Nihillister hype train along with everyone else because of such an amazing design looks wise and I even say the best design in this game. But then they waste it by adding her to liberation system which is already an absolute time waste pay wall, makes absolute no sense for her to be in there lore wise. Her kit is good right now, but by the time you get her, there will be a ton of other units released that will be much better than this kit that will quickly become “mid”. Oh and to get dupes you’re gonna need even more of a long time to get any. The way they handle the 160 cap is terrible, the requirements to get her are terrible. 95% of the player base can’t even get her. No gacha game should ever have units be so inaccessible to get. I come from DBZ dokkan battle, and everything there can be grindy, tedious but it’s obtainable to get free premium LR’s in a single day using up just a few stones to refill your stamina to redo a simple fight over and over until you get enough medals to get the brand new shiny LR. I rather spend my gems trying to get her and also let her have a much stronger kit for the future than wait to see this character in 2026. What a horrible handling..Version: 104.6(2)

Amazing potential but still needs a TON of work.You can tell that whoever designed this game put a lot of effort and love into it. The gameplay is fun, the art is fantastic, the story is incredible, and all the small interactions you have with the characters you get really builds a connection between you and the game. However, the publishers of this game have taken what could and should have been a great game and turned it into a complete mess. Every (not an exaggeration) SSR unit in the game is currently bugged, some worse than others. The F2P currency handed out after you’ve cleared all content only amounts to about 13 pulls PER MONTH. The first event they’ve now launched doesn’t allow for f2p players and, believe it or not, even most spending players to complete it and clear out the event shop. The ONLY time we’ve heard from the devs about these massive bugs with the game is when the shop broke and was giving players free materials, no surprise there. All in all this game has potential, but as it is currently I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that cares about their time and I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone to spend on this game as its currently $40 a multi. This game is not f2p and surprisingly isn’t p2w friendly either..Version: 101.6 (44)

Load issuesHaven’t been able to load the game since the CSM update gets stuck at 57%.Version: 104.6(2)

Would be 5 stars but the crashes ruin itThe game is fairly enjoyable and great to look at but the crashes happen so often (talking every 10 mins at least) that it totally kills any motivation to continue. Quite sad actually as it seems like a solid waifu collecting gun game but it’s nothing short of frustrating..Version: 101.6 (44)

Keeps crashingLots of storage, latest version of iOS, but unfortunately the game always crashes when downloading an update upon install :(.Version: 103.8(7)

Infuriating Boss DesignWhoever designed that worm boss (gravedigger) needs to get fired. Its weakpoints keep darting all across the screen like fruitflies, making it impossible to aim (auto is garbage and track them for you) and if you don’t destroy them in a measly few seconds your team basically gets oneshot and wipes. Worst gameplay experience ever. Not to mention the game is horribly optimized: it turns even high end devices into toasters and decimates battery life. Unless you want to play with 30fps and poor graphics but at that point, why even bother?.Version: 104.6(2)

LaggingEver since the new update it been crashing and lagging constantly sad to see a good game go to waste.Version: 103.8(7)

I want to like it, but it’s a major let down.As much as I want to like this game and be swept away from the hype and enjoy the waifus and gunplay. This game doesn’t “dangle the carrot” to keep me playing or give me any reasons to play. The rolls are drops are atrocious. After doing some research to see if I have terrible luck, turns out The developer got caught manipulating drop rates in Korea with another one of their games. You will spend most of your time playing with all R characters because that’s all you will get, any SSR characters you get are way to far and few in between or the game doesn’t recommend you use them. Even if the drop rates increase don’t expect much. I don’t min paying a little for some extra stuff if I like a game, but $5 for one roll just to get one common or uncommon character is a waste for me but they got to make money somehow right. The story and gameplay is what I stayed for up to halfway through chapter 5. But you hit the paywall and you are stuck. Maybe one day I’ll come back, but I’ll spend my time and money on player friendly games like Azur Lane or Arc knights..Version: 101.6 (44)

F2p reviewThe rewards after chapter 12 do not feel rewarding at all. You used to be able to get a currency to pull for characters but after chapter 12 the rewards astronomically drop. You get 1/30th of a pull per challenge and there are not that many challenges to get a full 10 pull either. The power scaling is also not fun. After chapter 11 you might end up stuck for a couple of days before progressing 10% of a map and then getting stuck another couple of days due to inefficient power. The character’s burst skills are even bugged, there is no difference between level 10 skill vs level 1. There is even a character you can use on your team that kills her own teammates effectively failing the stage. I was hoping this game would be fun and that I would enjoy leveling up my Nikkes but its just so slow, so broken, and unrewarding. Future readers, pray that this game is a lot more rewarding in your time. Check out current reviews of this game at your time before downloading. As of Dec 2022, it is not fun..Version: 102.4(16)

It Gets Worse…I’ve played as much as I can of this game as I could up to the point where I noticed how pointless the Gacha system becomes. Rates are so bad that you are better off using the Nikkes they give you. This is because levels are locked behind Ranks. Simply put, you don’t pull a dupe, the Nikke becomes useless. You are in fact more likely to pull a new SSR Nikke than one you already have which is good for people who play to collect, but god awful for people who are F2P that genuinely want to progress. It’s painful to say all of this because the gameplay and much of the story is very good. The threshold in which you start to realize this is around Level 50 which is maybe 3-4 weeks depending on how long you play everyday. By then you might have pulled roughily 20 full 10 pulls. Unfortunately if I continue playing the game any longer my rating will continue to fall as I’ve never had such bad rates in any of the hundreds of gachas I still play. So if you are looking for a good gacha don’t look for it here. If you are looking for something new, try it out. It’s a good game, but a terrible gacha..Version: 101.6 (44)

Doesnt workWhat is the point of releasing a game that has obviously had no real testing. It crashes on loading every time, something that would have been picked up if proper testing had been carried out!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Has potential but is a broken and greedy messCan complain about the actual gameplay much - when they're working. I do enjoy Nikke, and I hope much of the gameplay issues and publisher drama gets resolved soon, but as for how it currently stands, Nikke is on the path to a quick death after milking whales the first month. There are so many flaws in the way this game performs (skill levels should be fixed by Dec 8th patch, but currently every character's special move is stuck at level 1 effectiveness), so many things wrong with the scaling of rewards, so many things wrong with how community servers are handling freedom of opinion. I actively recommend staying away from this game for now. Maybe it'll turn out better like how Destiny Child has after being freed from the original publisher, but this game's reputation is in freefall as of now. Update: Dec 8th update led to game breaking bugs, though have to credit the devs that they fixed the bugs they intended to fix.... But now a week later things have smoothened out and the game is now in a more playable state than in launch. There still are several bugged characters that require attention, but I think this game still has a chance of recovering from a terrible launch. Here's to hoping the massive launch earnings are put to good use..Version: 102.6 (1)

Good contents, terrible compabilityInteresting story and worldview, ground breaking gameplay. However, it runs poorly on my phone (iphone xr), it constantly lags, freezes and crashes. Staying at the main screen would still heat my phone up quickly and eat up a whole lot of battery charge. If not for those situations, i would have spent more time and resource on this game..Version: 102.6 (1)

Randomly crashesIt’s a good game and would definitely get it more then two stars if the game didn’t constantly crash randomly which is now so annoying I’ve done everything possible like uninstall to game to changing settings but to no avail please fix this crashing problem.Version: 103.8(7)

It’s… a gameA fairly enjoyable game, I have my gripes with the story and such but that’s not really important, the gameplay is fun but I’m annoyed that your stuck in portrait mode (especially since cutscenes are landscape), the characters are cute and the voice acting is pretty good. Unfortunately, there are still some bugs and UI features that make it feel very “cheap mobile gamey”..Version: 101.6 (44)

Game CrashesGame crashes every few minutes. I can’t fight the whale at all, Game crashes every time. Haven’t gotten through a simulation or pvp battle without restarting the app many times. Was hoping to get to account level 200 but it’s becoming very time consuming to restart the app every few attempts at any activity in the game. It used to be rarer during one or two activities. I am regretting investing any money into this game. (Battle passes and skins) Privaty needs a nerf in pvp, the only comps everyone uses is Healer plus Privaty and the rest of your squad can be spoons and you will still win. Why are the rewards for every event the same? There isn’t anything unique about what you can earn. It’s rinse and repeat with all of the event relying on story being the unique experience (which it is. lore, stories and side plots are fantastic.) just routinely do each activity through the crashes. I rarely do the simulation anymore cuz of how often I have to restart. The crashes are severely hurting my want to play, my play time and my activity completion rate as well as my resources. I will finish out the Dorothy event and pray y’all get some stability in the game and if it’s still horrible by the end of it then I’m throwing in the towel. Ty for the entertainment thus far..Version: 106.10(3)

Game good bad publisherTencent is trash..Version: 102.4(16)

AvoidingThis app is filled up with pornography and violence contents not suitable for younger users. Please recheck the app rating..Version: 101.6 (44)

Too difficult And constant crashes and server issuesI have spent at least $300 in the game so far and I’ve already hit a roadblock and I’m only on chapter 6. The boss mechanics are way too difficult he has way too much health and my units cannot possibly tank all the damage he deals while they hit him with spitballs they call bullets. Not only that he has one shot mechanics and a few attacks of his can wipe out your cover. All this rage and frustration stacked on top of constant crashes and server issues and many times a fight that you beat will not count because it cannot sync battle data with the server so you get kicked back to the title screen and you have gained no progress. Until these issues are fixed I am not spending a single dime more on your game because I have not gotten my moneys worth I started out loving this game but these frustrations have caused me to really hate it..Version: 101.6 (44)

Great art, awful lagLove the game and the artstyle, especially attached to the storytelling and individual nature of the characters. However, game is basically unplayable due to constant crashes and disconnects..Version: 103.8(7)

Still buggedThe game itself is a good, unique and attractive game. However, too many bugs destroyed my gaming experience. I wish the developer can fix these bugs asap. Known issues are: account synchronisation error, character data error, unknown suddenly quit, unable to connect system..Version: 101.6 (44)

Buggy and crashes a tonCrashes almost guaranteed, can barely even look at the recruit screen without it crashing. Then with the loading times makes it overall pretty choppy to use..Version: 103.8(7)

RefundSpent a lot of money on the game, was looking forward to it after playing the closed beta. To keep it short - Devs are extremely slow with bug fixes - some characters skills still don’t work due to bugs - Pop-up ads - 25% shadow debuff if you’re under the recommended power level - Full of bots and cheaters - Some characters are still censored - Ground breaking bugs like skill level breaking were on the backbench for a MONTH but as soon as shop was down app went into emergency Maintenance to fix it.Version: 101.6 (44)

This is dumbI can’t login as a guest fix it or go to hell.Version: 102.4(16)

How the bigscreen?We want to play landscape screen on ipad.Version: 101.6 (44)

Can’t even play.I’m having trouble downloading the game, it’s usually the last hundred mb. It always restarts because of an error, or just depletes the progress already made. I’d greatly appreciate if I’d be able to actually play the game, then I’d give it a proper rating thanks. :).Version: 103.8(7)

Unrewarding GameplayPersonally I really enjoy the setting and theme of Nikke. I want to know what happens in the story and looked forward to each story driven mission. However, unlike Destiny Child, you either need to invest an unrealistic (months on top of months of boring dailies) amount of time as a F2P player or invest an unrealistic amount of money; just to progress the campaign. Recruitment currency gains are terribly low unless you are buying them. Even if you do, this doesn’t guarantee success. Clear Data is a nice touch to see comps, however when using the same comp at a higher power level I was still running out of time or having Nikkes getting one-shot. Most of my Nikkes were the same power level individually, or higher. It doesn’t help that some of the raptures required to progress the stage would bug out (i assume) by hiding behind terrain and none of my Nikkes would fire, even manually. I would have to restart the stage. Ultimately, I don’t play games to be forced into a wall. I am looking to have a fun experience. This is not fun, to me. This is pay to have fun (this is also questionable). If the gameplay was the priority, the money would follow without feeling like a necessity. I will check back in a few months, i still feel like there is a lot of potential here..Version: 104.6(2)

Didn’t let me playI downloaded the file and got the language ready and when it downloaded it didn’t download it asked me to do it again! You need to fix this.Version: 101.6 (44)

游戏本身可以 腾讯策划请滚粗好好一个游戏 让你🐎策划 霍霍的成啥样了 不氪的玩不下去 氪的也玩不下去 我氪了快2000美刀 还抽的朝圣者池子就是不出 我非也算了 然后就是卡关 只要低一点战斗力 就什么都很难推 尤其是特殊拦截的火车 人家用模拟器玩 可以超大视野 白嫖伤害阶段 手机的就只能被boss白嫖是吧! 我再说一遍游戏很好,策划nt.Version: 103.8(7)

Extremely bad launch with horrible event rulesYou easily miss out on rewards if you even miss a single day and the game had a even worse launch (like bad multiplayer and glitching out events) and now they punish players who cant play “single second of the day taken up on this game only” which is unfair to people who have a life or juggles other games.Version: 104.6(2)

Buggy and Greedy in Equal MeasureThis game is filled to the brim with bugs, some of which make certain characters much worse than they should be. Not to mention the consistent crashes. Additionally, none of the major bugs have been patched out. The monetization is also extremely greedy: packs are extremely expensive for what they offer, resources are fed to the player on a drip feed after the first few days of playing, and most importantly the game requires the player to spend money if they want to clear all of the content. The current event is gated by stats so hard, even some big spenders can’t clear it. Most day 1 players have a combat power of less than *half* of what the event requires to complete it. I’m still holding out hope that eventually this game can be good, since the gameplay, characters, story, and presentation are all great, but bugs, performance issues, and excessive greed mean I can’t recommend this game in good conscience until it cleans up its act (which, judging by the way things have gone so far, will take a long time if it happens at all)..Version: 101.6 (44)

Gacha issueIt is great game for many people that likes the anime waifu characters, especially on the animations you have put into them and the details for each character once you pull into the campaign. Buy my opinion is heavily on the Gacha because the rate of Ssr is low, I see many others players having incredible luck of pulling more than 2 ssr characters through a 10 pull. I get it that Ssr characters are suppose to be rare to pull out from Gacha, but like seriously, I have done at a least 100 pulls by now, and I have not have such great luck compare to other players. I barely can get a 3rd Ssr from the Characters shard that we obtain from the mission and even that had give me a zero chance of giving me a Ssr and from the Gacha. Like the Sr characters has a higher chance of obtaining compare of the Ssr due to only having like 8-10 Sr characters that are on the list of Gacha, and there is like 30 Ssr characters with such low chance rate to get one and seeing others getting like 4 or 6 Ssr later on just a few days of release of the game!.Version: 101.6 (44)

For what40 rolls for the event character and for what man? Time wasted and chance rate garbage, So many time I save up rolls and get nothing..Version: 103.8(7)

Combat sync errorTrying to push hard levels and you succeed but after the game goes NOPE. Combat data sync error try again..Version: 101.6 (44)

Too unstableGreat game but currently it’s too unstable. I’m on iPhone 12 with the latest version of ios16 and regularly find the game crashes or won’t load. Since yesterday I haven’t been able to login at all…. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help fix the problem..Version: 101.6 (44)

Now it’s a pay gameYea, got this when it first came out and loved the art, concept, and stories behind it. After about 100+ hrs in, and with recent updates, I can no longer get unique units……. Just the same 10 common ones even after using like 9k + diamonds and 50 + some recruit cards…….. yea no longer playing it. I played it to get new units once in a while, but for the past month and this update with the event, not playing it anymore since I received zero new cards. Not sorry. Gave it 2 stars as it started great and I received allot of unique units and skins, but I’m tired of the same 10 I am always getting meow. Update: Giving them 2nd chance as they responded (even though it’s a generic response). Noticed also the last several reviews have been this same issue so definitely fix the recruit %. Heck, someone spending $270 (wasn’t me) and not getting any SSR cards is an issue. Might be something with the coding of the Over Zone event update as this is when I (and it appears others) spent all the stuff. Changed to 3 stars too..Version: 106.10(3)

GarbageI tried to play this game multiple times and over the space of 2 weeks I was only able to play 15 minutes because it wouldn’t download and every time I went into play it there was yet another download and the game would crash.Version: 103.8(7)

Why do I keep on getting kicked when recruitingI keep on getting kicked but it still good.Version: 103.8(7)

SD shoots at each other. It looks so boring.Such an arena is too boring. It's a waste of time. It's not as good as the Destiny child.Version: 102.4(16)

Dear: Developer of NIKKEDeveloper of NIKKE fix make better allow us who we can save and who we can not save THE GAME NIKKE DEVELOPER PLEASE MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION PLEASE OR ELSE I WILL STOP PLAYING THIS AMAZING GAME YOU MADE SO PLEASE MAKE IT BETTER PLEASE DEVELOPER OF NIKKE😀😄😁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💖.Version: 104.6(2)

Wish I Could Say It’s PerfectI’ll start off by saying this is by far my favorite gacha game and my favorite mobile game in general. The gameplay feels unique and is extremely addictive, not to mention the character design is amazing (wink wink). With time, I’m certain this will become a game worthy of five stars. I have three main problems with it. First of all, my game seems to crash at random or log me out often. Like, it’s noticeably affecting the game experience. Second is game progression. If you want to quickly grind your way through, this is not the game for you. There will often be times when you’re trying to advance through the main story or an event and you’ll have to wait until you can level your girls up enough to not die. My last criticism is, and maybe this is just me, the prices. To be completely frank, I wouldn’t pay $20 USD on a skin, much less in a mobile game. I even considered buying the battle pass until I realized it was $20 USD, not the standard $10 USD. But again, this may be just me, as I know some people are willing to pay TONS for their digital waifus (respect!). Overall, I love this game, but it’s got some issues that just can’t be ignored. That being said, I still would recommend to any degenerate gacha enthusiasts such as myself. Hey, anything is better than Genshin..Version: 103.8(7)

New updateEver since the new update, I’ve been lagging and disconnecting all the time..Version: 102.4(16)

New update that I wanted to seeCould you guys add "arena" game mode that fighting against enemies and two challenge that I wanted to see no. 1 called "survival" where you most survive til round 20 to get most credits, battle data, and core dust to use levelling up characters. Each source gains on every round 1 complete will reward 6,000 credits, 12,500 battle data, 1-2 core dust. No. 2 "endless survival" which allows to survive as long as possible until all your select characters fallen. Each wave will reward more than survival like 10,000 credits, 20,000 battle data, 4 core dust. That game mode will unlock by constantly after installing update Will you added gems exchange with credits which will get 800 gems equal 2,000 credits each.Version: 103.8(7)

LagYou complete a mission? Lag You start a mission? Lag You are in your character? Lag WHY.Version: 104.6(2)

Too many bugsThe game constantly crashes, especially during banner recruitments. The game has stolen 6,000 diamonds from me due to this. Developers needs to compensate or refund..Version: 101.6 (44)

Buggy GameNofication and pop up won't go away. Game crashed multiple times. Will change rating once issues is resolved..Version: 101.6 (44)

BuggyThe game crushes so often, and also some other bugs, which takes weeks to be fix with almost no compensation. It can be a good game and it probably will be, but just not right now..Version: 103.8(7)

I love this game . ButI didn’t think I would like this game at first because it looked like a soft core you know what but the story is actually really good and the voice actors are very good which is a bonus but unfortunately, I’m stuck because you can’t progress in the story until you have multiple copies of the same NIKKE and if your power isint high enough you can’t progress I can’t seem to draw the ones I need and it is taking ages to get free gyms. The paid ones price is absolutely ridiculous. I think it was going to be like $30 to do a 10 times draw maybe more than that I can’t remember and it’s taking forever to form up enough experience to even level up the ones I can level up, so other than being hard stuck in the story against the Paywall this is actually a very good game and one of the only gotcha games that I’ve actually been invested in the story.Version: 103.8(7)

Game crashed? No refunds!NIKKE is overall a pretty fun game with an actually intriguing story, superb art, great voice acting, and fairly consistent and generous rewards (at least early game). However, this is where the fun ends. the game will crash out pretty regularly, like every 30 minutes or so with the focus seeming to be on when you try to load into an area like the main campaign or the ark. This isn’t a significant issue on its own (just re-launch the game and you’ve got another free 30 minutes of gameplay :D), but since this problem occurs when loading things, it also has a habit of happening when you try to use the gacha mechanics! Whenever this happens and you reload the game, you’ll find that those hard earned gems of yours are gone, and you don’t get so much as a notification telling you what characters (if any) you managed to pull! It’s honestly baffling to me that this game doesn’t just roll you back to before the crash happened, but no, I guess all sales are final for this publisher (tencent, who would have guessed), even the ones you didn’t get to see happen. I foresee this game going the way of the dodo pretty quickly if these seemingly very common and well documented issues (look at other reviews) aren’t corrected soon, which is a shame because there is some really obvious effort put into this game..Version: 103.8(7)

Had PotentialHonestly when the game first launched, it seems there were a lot of potentials for this game to be big. Upon launch of game, there were quite a lot of bugs, but nevertheless, the character designs, story, and game play was decent enough to keep me playing, and I was patient enough in hope that they will solve the bugs soon. A big update finally comes after a month, but it seems like for every bug they fix, they add 10 more. At first, it felt the developers were listening to the player base and taking the feedback into consideration, but as time goes on it felt less so. Constant bugs, poor game balancing, some player’s account getting banner for no reason, hard to get an actual response from developers, etc, and honestly feels like we are getting ignored. Furthermore, in game rewards are terrible after you reach a certain point. I know it’s a gacha game but the in-game purchases are sometimes outrageous ($20 for a single character outfit or overpriced battle pass) and drop rate seems to be rigged on some of the pulls. There’s also the recent controversy of censorship in game, and obviously didn’t went too well in the community. If you look at who the publisher is (Tencent), it’s not a big surprise that all these issues exists. I wanted to like this game, and originally wanted to give it 5 stars, but at the rate it is going, I’m not expecting things to get much better soon..Version: 102.4(16)

Problems alreadyI’ve watched YouTubers, streamers etc play this game and thought I’d try it out, problem is that logging on is impossible, it’ll get stuck at the 4/7 when I boot the game up and won’t move…. Shame hopefully it gets fixed.Version: 102.6 (1)

Bring back MarianBring her back by all means. As NIKKE or as an Adjutant. She doesn’t deserve that. Otherwise the rating remains..Version: 101.6 (44)

Other than the art, everything else is garbageJust download the art online or something. The gacha rates are horrible, arts are getting censored left and right. Game gets buggier with each update, everything is being charged at ridiculous prices. The survey clearly indicated the intended audience is people who's earning 80k USD a year. So if you’re not making that much, just go download the art online. It’s a wonder i endured this long and reached lvl 71. But this update and the truckload of bugs that came with it is the last straw. Fix your game and get a sense of your actual audience because it’s not dudes earning 80k USD..Version: 102.4(16)

Great concept, poor executionUpdate: the developer has actually made some good progress on fixing many of the problems that prompted most of these 1 star reviews, including my own. I say “some” progress because the game is still full of bugs and paywalls. So, much improved, but still a long way to go. This would easily be a 5 star game all day long if not for all the bugs. Almost every part of this game has some kind of bug in it. From menus that tell you that you need to do tasks that are already done, to Nikke skills that don’t work as described, to game breaking bugs to freeze bosses for easy wins, it’s all just bugs bugs bugs all the time. Add that to the fact that micro transactions are way more expensive than it’s competitor and you have a recipe for a unsatisfying experience. It’s a shame too because there is so much potential here for a top-tier game..Version: 104.6(2)

It’s a scamI tried to play nice twice now. Fairly. Nikke is a ravening gacha game that heavily preys on the player base with constant flash sales and one sided community support. The game is setup to be not in your favour. Milking as much money and time out of you. It will demand a lot. Nikke is a sort of game that will produce false reports and rob your enjoyment. You will be unrewarded without explanation and potentially lose access to your account. It is also full of bugs and any of those bugs may get you banned. Customer support is nonexistent if any problem arises. Only a bot will answer your enquiries. Your case might not be heard for a long time either. Not a pleasant experience. I was met with grief instead of enjoyment. Refund if you experience this..Version: 103.8(7)

Unfairly bannedAfter working so hard as F2P was banned even though I did not use any unauthorised tool nor breach any player conduct. Don’t was your time if you are F2P. Customer support is slow and only aims to close your complaint..Version: 101.6 (44)

Shouldn’t be 12+This is an amazing game with beautiful art and story line, easy to learn,however my only problem is the rating on this game. It shouldn’t be 12+ as some of the images and many of the characters aren’t appropriate for 12 year olds. You can tell what the designers are trying to do with the outfits they created- especially in the combat style. As I said this is an amazing game but it shouldn’t be 12+.Version: 104.6(2)

Terrible gacha systemNo pity, ridiculously inflated ssr pool with 44 ssrs (at least half of them could be sr and no one would bat an eye) and very stingy with pulls considering the no pity system.Version: 101.6 (44)

Please recheck the app rat ingRestore the age rating that the game should have, and produce content that corresponds to that age rating. If the operator insists on 12+ game ratings then the operator needs to modify a huge amount of inappropriate content to get back on the shelves. The content can only be re-shelved, and according to the current performance we all know that the workshop simply does not have this ability, if you want to minimize the harm can only be re-rated shelves..Version: 101.6 (44)

Extremely fun game butI’ve never had a gacha have THIS bad of rates. Ive probably been playing for about three weeks to a month now, and im currently in a dry spell of over ONE HUNDRED pulls and they’ve been all SR and R rankings. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gacha and that’s part of the gamble but seriously? It’s 3,000 gems to pull ten units. You’re really going to sit there and tell me that 30,000+ gems and I can’t pull even a duplicate SSR?? The game lacks a pity pull system and it makes it a weak contender for gacha games. I want to like the game, I really do. The graphics are fantastic, the art style is gorgeous, the story is by far the best one I’ve played for a gacha, and there’s so many Nikkes that have amazing personalities. But it becomes painfully disheartening to even attempt to get your team stronger and all you pull is duplicates of SR and R nikkes. You very quickly see how you hit a glass ceiling that if you’re not willing to put out money, you’re out of luck..Version: 105.8(21)

Mold rates killed the gameGot a blue character from pilgrim mold. that should tell you everything.Version: 103.8(7)

Unable to get onI do not find this game enjoyable because with all due respect I cannot get onto this game every time I need to install something at the start it takes hours I wasted 40% on this game because every time it loads it kicks me out and I need to do it again.Version: 102.6 (1)

Can’t even playIm trying to make an account so i can play the game but it doesn’t send the verification code to my email.Version: 103.8(7)

Over monetizedEvery good aspect of the game is soaked by monetization it’s impossible to have fun once you hit chapter 15 it takes weeks to clear 1 stage and there’s 10+ more stages to the next story mode..Version: 102.6 (1)

Fix these downloads!Love the game but… these downloads are killing it! Try to open: You need to update the game. Ok You need to download 2000Mb of stuff. Ok Think for 10 minutes… Now you need additional 190mb. Come on! Pack these updates togeter!!! Every time I open the app I have to download something!!.Version: 103.8(7)

Crash Simulator 2023All this app does is crash. Can’t sync combat info, can’t connect to server, failed to update this, failed that, hard crash with no error. Seriously, try to do your dailies without crashing a minimum of once a day. Very unstable app, would rate 4 without crashes but it’s been so consistent and annoying I can’t take it anymore. Fix your app on iOS holy fk.Version: 103.8(7)

Game is bugged on iPhone 6sNot only do I have to constantly reset the app to download all the updates I can’t do the last mission on the tutorial as it stops on 90% loading.Version: 104.6(2)

🌶️🐔活动新活动比上一个还要拉,策划的🐴是批发的吧.Version: 101.6 (44)

A shiny coat with nothing behind itAlmost every single character is bugged. Co-op is unplayable because of disconnects. Character bond rewards are not collectible. No notices from the devs to acknowledge the bugs or steps to fix. Gacha itself has no pity mechanic. There are better polished games out there that better value your time..Version: 101.6 (44)

Files are not downloading properlyI am unable to even play the game, when the file’s download reaches about 60MB left, the download resets back to 0. I tried deleting are reinstalling, turning off my phone and everything in between yet it’s not working..Version: 101.6 (44)

Pls fix this bugWhenever I try to recruit, the game always crash and I lost all of my gems without receving anything back.Version: 102.4(16)

This crayon chewing login systemYo. You’re a cross platform game. Not having google login on your ios version is just stupid. This type of short sighted crap always ruins my day.Version: 103.8(7)

Got through the tutorial of the story but cannot progress any further due to bugs on iOS (iPhone6s)I got through the tutorial part of the story but after I got access to the training room I couldn’t use it as I was faced with a black screen that didn’t load anything, forcing me to close the game and load back in only to face the same problem meaning I cannot progress at all. Please fix this bug as there is a similar bug to where you select a NIKKE in the NIKKE menu.Version: 101.6 (44)

Has good potentialCurrent issues that I’m currently dealing with are some of the SRR characters I have obtained are not useable and don’t have a player model for the in game shooting. This means the game crashes when a character that doesn’t have a model does not load and stays in a continuous loop of loading. Also when on the IOS version when you click on an SRR character within the character selects to try and upgrade it freezes and the app needs to be restarted. To get round this you can swipe to the character from a different character but not ideal. Overall the game machines are really fun and the idea of all the different types of guns and strategies that can be used to beat a level is so fun. Other then that the game runs fine but these bugs needs to be fixed for iOS users. I feel like once these have been fixed and all UI has also been fixed this game is a solid 5/5..Version: 101.6 (44)

Huge Potential But Needs Serious BalancingLike I said, this game is awesome! Through its artwork and action, the game is phenomenal! The story is fantastic and there is already a lot of content provided in the game since it’s release. I would rate it 10 stars just from that. However, the game needs to be balanced hardcore. I understand that the game leans towards afk, just get rewards after some time being gone. But in that case, it’s not too friendly towards f2play and as of now, the game is pretty heavily geared towards p2play. As a paid player myself, I’ve spent at least 400 already and is the reason I’m writing this review. I figured if I pay I may keep up with top ranked players, but oh no, I am way wrong. Those players would have to be spending at least over 1000 often to get multiple of the best units. I know it’s a risk, but heck, with the rates, luck doesn’t cut it. As of the money I spent, there needs to be some sort of reward system in place so when people like me drop a bunch of money but don’t get lucky, there can still be rewards that will make up for it. So for all you readers, don’t drop a single penny on the game until it’s more balanced out or else you’ll regret it. Other than my rant, keep up with the updates and try to make the game more balanced out in some way. It’s a fantastic game!.Version: 102.6 (1)

Bugs bugs and more bugsThe game crashes EVERYTIME I pull and there is no pull history, no joke!!! The bugs makes this game even worse. The music is the best part of the game but I would suggest dont spend money on this game, at least for now..Version: 101.6 (44)

Good but CrashesI am really enjoying this game, however, it is unplayable. I can only play for approximately 5 minutes at most at a time due to the constant crashing and having to reload the game and lose my progress in the mission I was doing. It’s really frustrating. If there was a fix to this I would be playing more and probably spending money as I love the gatcha system. Until this is fixed though I cannot play the game.Version: 104.6(2)

Censored, unoptimised messThe latest patch attempts to fix the multitude of bugs that have been present since release. Now the game runs horribly and will continue to suffer at the hands of Tencent. I chose to play this game due to ShiftUp, not Tencent pretending to be someone else. The decisions made since CBT are obvious and I recommend not supporting this blight of a company..Version: 102.4(16)

ReviewThe gameplay and the art itself is pretty neat and it’s an enjoyable game to play with nice content but since I started playing the game always crashes in the recruit window and it’s pretty annoying, as it happens every single time. So I’m not sure for how long I’ll be playing if that keep happening..Version: 103.8(7)

CensorshipWhat could be a great game is ruined with meaningless censorship. Literally takes away half of the game. An example would be Yuni, her design before censorship was so much better and worth paying money for. Don’t add capes and cloaks that cover the backside. Don’t be afraid to show some bottom. Children aren’t the ones paying you for the game and content..Version: 101.6 (44)

Constant disconnects led to wiped account!I was constantly getting disconnected from the game with multiple different errors after completing a few campaign battles. But the last error said unexpected failure and now when I log in I am starting over from the beginning tutorial… even though I linked my account and it shows my account logged into the right region. Update 2/1/23. Game is definitely more playable so updated starts from 1 to 3. However, I am still getting disconnected at least twice a day when completing dailies, across all of the devices I play on. Once a week or so I am also getting the failed to sync battle data error. Also, not sure why even when I check the box to not display the notice when logging in the rest of the day, it still pops up every time… The idle time of 12 hours max for resources in the outpost defense also doesn’t help the situation, if I log in once a day I’m missing out on half a day or more of resources because the outpost is full… With these issues and the fact that I am starting to hit the wall between 140 and 160 progress has slowed immensely. I will start logging in less which usually leads to a steady decline in satisfaction in the game until I stop playing completely. I imagine many other players have/ are in the middle of/ or quickly approaching the same point in the game. Hopefully the developers change up something, otherwise I see the game loosing traction quickly..Version: 103.8(7)

Bugs and takes way to long to loadThe friend button is bugged and I can’t friend anyone and I need it for a limited mission the games also takes way to long to load and freezes.Version: 103.8(7)

Very greedy gameThe game has a lot of issues which the developers seem to ignore. The difficulty to progress in the game, mold not guaranteeing SSRs, the horrendous gacha rates,etc. For the difficulty to progress after a certain point, the only way to progress is to get lucky. In the beginning, the max level for all units is 160 and to get the max cap of 200, you need 5 SSRs with 3 dupes each. Without that, you’re forever stuck at level 160 and have to get lucky to get those dupes. But with the horrendous rates, it seems impossible. I just did 9 multis and only 2 of them had 1 SSR, which doesn’t help me progress. If you see other people do their pulls, they have similar experiences where they get only 1 SSR in 6 multis. And with how greedy they are with diamonds and pull currency, it’s very discouraging to save up, pull, and get nothing that can help you move forward in the game. And with SSR molds not guaranteeing an SSR, it makes it even harder. I hope the developers actually make changes for the better of the game, but given the past few months, it doesn’t like that will happen..Version: 103.8(7)

Why won’t it workWhen ever I try and log in I can’t please help.Version: 103.8(7)

Horrible dev teamAfter making multiple purchases one didn’t go thru, after notifying the dev team multiple times they finally responded to me and waiting over a week i got fed up and said i will ask apple for a refund because if they cant figure it out that’s ridiculous. For that they banned my account. I cannot log in because i asked for a refund. How’s horrible of a company can you be to ban a account for someone that’s supported your game since launch? This is your fault that you couldn’t just fix this problem in a timely manner. It’s called good customer service and quality assurance but you all at this company do not know anything about this. You’d rather just take money and if you cannot have the money ruin someone’s gameplay by banning their account when they’re put time and effort into your product. Horrible, horrible business dealings here. Despicable..Version: 103.8(7)

Fun game, world’s worst performanceIt’s an enjoyable shooter with cute characters and an overall enjoyable story but after playing for about two weeks the game no longer opens and crashes before I can even log in. Genuinely some of the worst performance I’ve seen with a mobile game, it’s actually unplayable, which is unfortunate since it had a lot of potential..Version: 104.6(2)

Can’t open the gameEvery time I try to open the game it just shuts down it once loaded for 10 seconds and I was so exited until it closed I was trying that for 2 weeks until I uninstalled but I’ll give it another try but won’t be surprised if it fails 3 stars though just because the ads and the gameplay I’ve seen especially from youtubers it looks good but I would have no way of knowing.Version: 102.4(16)

Good story, alright game.So, I’ve been playing NIKKE for the past 2 weeks and I’ve enjoyed the gameplay. I do have some gripes about it. I’ve been playing as a free-to-player and I’ve enjoyed most of the experience but I’ve noticed that the cost of upgrading gets ridiculous for F2P around Chp. 11 and it only gets more difficult to upgrade further on. The game constantly coerces the player into spending actual money in order to keep up the power level with the story and I personally think that’s whack. I was just playing at the beginning of chp. 11 and was around 1200 pts above the power lvl but then it jumped 2000 pts after two missions and now I’m behind. Of course, the whole point is to wait for your idle storage to fill up, but the 12 hour limit only gets you so much. (It’s not even enough to upgrade 1 NIKKE atp.) Another Gripe of mine is that when you begin to play, they give you the beginner event, which gives you an Idea of what to achieve each day you play, but for day 8, one of the challenges is to complete the 1st chapter of the “hard” story. How am I suppose to complete that when I find difficulty in getting past chp. 11 of the normal story?!? Oh right, I gotta buy my way in to it. Overall, I did enjoy the gameplay and voice acting but I’m kinda overwhelmed with how fast the game got expensive with the resources. So, that’s the reason I’ve given it a low score..Version: 105.8(21)

Horrible updateDesign of the game is actually really good, but the tech and management team is a huge disappointment..Version: 101.6 (44)

Gacha Pool is too big and you can’t get the SSR you want.Wasted 12 hours rerolling..Version: 101.6 (44)

Won’t loadI’m going to give this a 2 star for now. The game simply won’t load past 90%. I’m going to give it another shot, and see if it works this next time..Version: 103.8(7)

Rubbish gameA lot bugs. Low rate for drawing. I haven’t even get a ssr by 100 draw..Version: 101.6 (44)

Instability issues and gachaI would rate this game higher, but there are issues with the game that I feel needs to be addressed. For one, the game crashes on my iphone 13 whenever I open the recruitment tab or am rolling. It could just be an optimization issue as the samsung counterpart doesn't do that, it just lags a little instead. Also, the gacha can get a bit invasive with it's low rates. The game attempts to resolve this with a wishlist that lets you get higher rates on the characters you want. However, I would often roll 20+ rolls in order to get 1 ssr. They also have shards that when you have enough, gives a chance to give you a random ssr. Those chances are not great despite the gold molds claiming a 60 percent chance of getting an ssr. Also a future problem with getting ssrs especially pilgrims is that they will only level up to 80. If you want their level to be higher, you need to get extremely lucky or spend countless dollars into rolling to get another copy to limit break them. Pilgrims are also not on the mentioned wishlist so your chances of getting the same exact one is not guaranteed. Good luck with your pulls!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Third review regarding unresolved issues P.SAdd on to last issue, convenient that your support team is exclusively contacted in game when most issues that I am aware of for myself and others actively block people from even signing in.Version: 103.8(7)

Decent but expensive3.5 / 5 Decent game so far and am enjoying it. The battles are cool with the ability to aim and control the characters. My main complaint is how long it takes to get enough gems or tickets to actually try to squire new characters. And the costs for any gems or packages are astronomical, almost $30 for enough gems for 10 package pull, not to mention the last 40 pulls I haven’t seen an ssr… I would be inclined to rate higher if there was a way to gain the gems / tickets needed a bit faster or if things were cheaper I may actually make a purchase…..Version: 103.8(7)

5 star ratings are a jokeWhile the storyline is engaging, the game is riddled with bugs that are being overlooked by the publisher. Imagine having to deal with the game crashing every 20-30 minutes for no reason, unprecedented ban notices, and reward glitches. Additionally, the excessive lag and bugged descriptions/mechanics for new and old units. Some which make units either borderline broken or unusable. This can hinder general progression because you are stuck with bad rolls pretty much for the entirety of the game. Even if you were to reroll for better units the process is excessively time hungry at this point in the game—it can take anywhere from 20-25 minutes per reroll and you can’t skip tutorial. Considering that the f2p income is fairly limited in Nikke, these restrictions only make the experience worse. Additionally the quality of the mobile client is laughable, primarily because auto functions become worse as you go into harder stages—mainly aim, screen panning and the overlapping/unnecessary visual elements in coop. While the game is playable that doesn't mean that it is good, it is clearly visible that the company is trying to reap profits with minimal effort..Version: 102.6 (1)

Un playableUnfortunately I can’t play the game because for some reason every time it loads it says it was unable to download something I would really appreciate it if you could fix it please when I was looking at the other reviews someone else said it happened to them too so ye plz fix it.Version: 101.6 (44)

A bug within the gameAudio issues: I’m writing this ( a thing I normally never do) in hopes it will help you better this brilliant game, while playing I’ve noticed that the voice lines and audio sometimes doesn’t match up, they could have said something different or not say something that was written underneath but that’s just a small issue I find not the main problem. Main bug problem: The game tends to crash while playing, if you don’t use auto mode and use your ability’s quickly the game could crash, randomly the game will crash too and make you have open the app again. I do hope you read this and investigate the problem of the game crashing as the story, the design and time that you’ve work on this really does show and beautifully reflect your work, I just wish to enjoy it with the game closing on itself..Version: 101.6 (44)

Hard mode doesn’t loadGood experience so far can’t do any hard mode missions.Version: 103.8(7)

Poorly managed gameSomeone clearly spent a lot of time and creative energy developing the storyline and lore of this game, which is fantastic. Unfortunately they sold their creative energy to someone else who does a terrible job managing gacha games. Whether your F2P, a dolphin, or a whale, your time and money is better spent with another game. It takes over an hour to do your dailies. And 1/3 of that time is spent in one obnoxious module. There’s very little free rewards given and the good deals for spenders are few and far between. The gacha drop rates are fine but you need a lot of copies of SSRs from a constantly expanding pool to max out your team. And the game level caps you at level 160 if you haven’t been able to get 4 copies each of 5 different SSRs from that ever expanding pool. The in-game shops are also a joke. One of them has been accessible since the launch of the game but is for future content/currency that hasn’t even been released yet. So you can’t buy anything from it. Another only has items for sale that you don’t need if you have enough currency to buy something from that shop. A lot of players complain about the bugs in this game as well but I think the developers do actually work on fixing the bugs, they are just sloppy about not removing the bugs before they release content. It really is a fun game, but the poor management is super frustrating. Go find a different fun game..Version: 103.8(7)

Game is unresponsiveWhen trying to claim login rewards that pop put I’m unable to accept or leave and I’m softlocked from playing the game..Version: 103.8(7)

Fun but..Don’t get me wrong the game is fun I enjoy the story events and the characters… when you can actually pull them the gem system is not a kind system I played for a week saving my gems for the next Christmas summon proceeded to summon for 40 units I didn’t pull a single ssr which made me mad since I had to go through a lot of the story spent money on the battle pass just to be screwed by the rates 4% chance for a ssr is too low needs to be around 6% or a easier way to get gems I hope the rates change eventually or we get a better system to the gems but honestly losing patience with the game.Version: 102.4(16)

I’m just madTo be honest, gacha is gacha. But when your friends are pulling Helm left right and centre from a 10 pull and you spend 50 pulls both from the free cards and my paid gems and not even get one stinky ssr. And no pity… maaaaaaan 😭seems like the rate is up for everyone but me sometimes ;-;.Version: 101.6 (44)

False BanI have spent over 10,000 dollars on this game. I played from the first day of server, every single day. Sadly, I got false banned 5 days ago. I figured out the time I got banned was exactly the time I received a WeChat call on my iPhone(iOS 16.1.1)and interrupted the game. I got banned straight away after the call. I guess NIKKE’s stupid detecting system take the WeChat call as a third-party program. Ironically, WeChat is also from Tencent. I tried to appeal twice already, through every possible way. No useful response so far but just some system reply. I am so depressed. Is it my responsibility to investigate myself? I have paid to play games for 10 years, it is the first time I got humiliated in this way..Version: 101.6 (44)

L160 wall and yellow matz not 100 percent dropNo thanks LI shift up and recent.Version: 103.8(7)

Fix the serverSeriously always getting booted, loosing character draws ( which you won’t refund me ) screwing up battles fix the server an I’ll give better if not then I can’t in good faith recommend this game.Version: 103.8(7)

DegenerateBoring game.Version: 103.8(7)

Gradually lose patienceThe game system is very unstable and keeps crashing!😠.Version: 101.6 (44)

Buggy but goodThe game crashes frequently but underneath the bugs is enjoyable game..Version: 101.6 (44)

BruhIt won’t let me in as guest I don’t wanna put in a email >:(.Version: 103.8(7)


GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

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