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GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE App User Positive Comments 2023

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE app received 91 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about goddess of victory: nikke?

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GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE for Positive User Reviews

Good but there’s problemIt keeps saying server is one maintenance.Version: 101.6 (44)

Love this gameThis game is so fun it really cures my boredom every time I play it! The graphics are so amazing, and the gameplay has little to no problems not to mention the lore and story is absolutely incredible for a mobile game they make you like the characters for what personalities they have! They clearly have worked really hard on this game and they deserve all the love. I miss marian though..Version: 101.6 (44)

Not a bad way to kill some timeGame play is fun, story is interesting and I don’t feel a pressing need to spend money. Gems are stupidly overpriced but what’s new?.Version: 102.4(16)

Syuen deserves to sufferI want her to die.Version: 102.6 (1)

Love the game!I think what the game should do is have landscape mode. Especially when you can’t really target raptures that are out of your reach! Like how cool would it be if Goddess of Victory was played in Landscape mode.Version: 102.6 (1)

AddictiveIts been a while that i can find any game fun to play at all, this is it. Some modes are challenging, and the girls are top notch. 10/10 look forward for more.Version: 103.8(7)

AdviceThe advice section is glitch please fix asap as very annoyed and need way to earn materials quicker instead of just buying with real money other than that good game.Version: 101.6 (44)

Love this game already !I only started playing this game for a day and i Already love the game. It's so much fun and I love the animation and graphics and I love like the fact they included a voice actors to🥰 ! I wish that the commander can come in 2 gender because I am a female and when the commander is giving orders and some NIKKE talk like lovey dovey it makes feel slightly gay which I'm not 🤣 haha so please do include another gender ! Other than that no complaints :) I've always been searching for an RPG Game that I would love and I finally found it 🫠🤠 yay!.Version: 102.6 (1)

Addictive, fun and Nice artwork!This game is really hard to put down. The art quality is also amazing. The only problem is the crashing but I’ll assume that they’ll patch it later..Version: 101.6 (44)

Changing Negative review to Positive and why.Despite the app crashing during battles and character draws I find myself logging in everyday and playing. The depth of the character’s personalities has me feeling like each one has something to be immersed in. Earning premium currency is as easy as buying it and if your patient you can save for enough draws to gain your duplicates. The upcoming Chainsaw-Man crossover is an absolute bullseye if done well. I enjoyed the Valentines Maids and story and think with future updates to prevent crashes this game should get 5 stars. You don’t need to k ow rocket science to play this game but you can’t blindly run through it with no idea how to strategize in some areas. A great balance. I’m looking forward to future additions to the game. Ty!.Version: 103.8(7)

Pretty decentGacha rates ain't so bad, and surprisingly even friend points used could also get you a 5* unit or should I use the term in this game SSR units. To the developers, I would recommend implementing controller support for this game as it looks controller friendly and it would feel nice to have some extra immersion with it despite the gameplay is playing with one handed. The one thing that I beg for to have in this game is landscape mode, because I don't know if I'm saying this for myself but I have an iPad which it feels very awkward to play in compared to a phone which is more smaller and compact. And I know the app is mostly designed to be played on the phone however, I would appreciate it if there is an option to play it in widescreen. Other than that, gameplay wise is fun and fast pace if you turn on auto battle but where's the fun in that?.Version: 101.6 (44)

This is an idle gameJust my opinion: Probably some of the best art that you can ever find in a tactical idle game. If you’re patient, you don’t have to spend money on this game. Maybe some if you’re looking for a different skin or wanting to get the season passes and other things, but you don’t have to spend much just to enjoy it. I’m sure you’ve heard the complains online about this game being a money killer but i think it’s because people get impatient. The game is fun and can be addicting but again, it’s an idle game. The story is pretty darn interesting and so are some of the side stories and bond connections with the Nikke. True, it comes off as an 18+ game but a lot has been censored (angering a lot of the fans which I can understand why they would be mad). All in all, it’s a fun idle game with gorgeous art and beautiful anime girls with a great story. I would recommend it if this is your kind of thing..Version: 103.8(7)

Greatest game of all timeThis game is good for my health.Version: 101.6 (44)

Has potentialBut the game constantly crashes and is not f2p friendly. Players are hard gated to progress unless they are lucky enough to pull 3 copies each of 5 SSR units in the games huge roster. Premium game income to recruit characters is very low as you can possibly get 20~30 rolls a month as a f2p, and with a pity system at 200 rolls....expect really slow progress if you're unlucky. The game also blatantly throws limited time sale deals at you when you reach certain milestones trying to nickel and dime you if you end up falling for those. The game has great potential as the story and characters are well written and even with the simple gameplay, it's fun to play. But the game feels like a cash grab with the prices for the premium currency, the flash sales and the expensive character skins. I would not recommend this game unless you want an idle game to play for an hour a day and can get past/ignore the monetization..Version: 103.8(7)

So many bugsBuggy.Version: 102.4(16)

First review everAmazing game. Story is incredible the fact that there is audio for the campaign is outstanding. It is a must play in my opinion but i do agree with other reviews saying it shouldn’t be a game go 12+ definitely 17+ I know the game is new and there is a lot to do and work on. Something I would lol to see eventually is the ability to date as the premise of gifting the NIKKEs is pointless unless you love to story behind it. But still an outstanding game deserving of its high reviews..Version: 102.4(16)

Enjoying so farCouple of performance issues but so far enjoying the game anyways. Have an old iPhone so chances are it’s half because of that.Version: 103.8(7)

Fantastic game that has few flawsNot gonna lie, when a friend asked me to play this with he and his girlfriend I was skeptical at first. I thought it might be eye candy anime babes with shallow, vapid gameplay. Thankfully I was wrong. Gameplay is solid and rewards aren’t crazy hard to earn. But like anything else, it needs a few tweaks here and there. First, the Situation room being as important as it is, needs to be streamlined. It’s too important to ignore, but takes too much time during the day. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to put it on auto battle and fly through it, especially when your power level is more than 15k above the enemy. Also, it would be great to have more multiplayer events, especially those that can be done with alliance members. That’s it though. There’s not much to complain about. Thankfully the makers of the game are very involved with tweaks and fixes, so even if you spend money on the game (I sure do lol) you don’t feel that you’re throwing it away. And you don’t HAVE TO if you don’t want. There’s still plenty to earn and play. Great game. Download it and give it a shot..Version: 102.4(16)

Greatest immersiveThe story is on point. Seeing every character had their quirks come to life as you play with them over time. Live 2d jiggle physics are nice, but if you don’t want the fan service so you could play in public, there are characters like Diesel who likes trains and has an rpk machine gun. If you can’t aim get a rocket launcher or shot gun character. Ignore the people that say this is pay to win. Theres a way to lvl up characters past the lvl cap without duplicates called synchronization. Paying for in game currency is just as fast as grinding being theres so many ways to lvl up, and every player has to beat the wall/lvl cap that people struggle with pay to win or not. Just build a good team. Interacting with your characters rewards you with actual gameplay buffs and hidden voice lines. Guillotine in my opinion has the best voice line, “when Im with you my heart starts pounding. Maybe I should see a doctor.” 10/10.Version: 103.8(7)

The Game Keeps Kicking Me out when I Do A Summon and when I get back in I don’t have my rewardsAs u can see in the title of my RANT about this game don’t get me wrong I love this game and I was one of the people that pre-ordered to get the game. But lately this game has had a problem and that’s when ever I do my summons it kicks me out and when I go back in the game I don’t have any of my stuff not even what I’m supposed to get after the summons. The first time left me stuck with 1000 gems when it took 3000 away & I was kicked out this is the second time and took away all my cards. I’m not gonna keep playing the game if I can’t even get my rewards as I had the same characters man long now. I hope you guys can reach me out about this situation but until then I don’t plan on doing any summons until I get my stuff back. PS: it’s not easy getting all that stuff I even loss good characters so u guys got to make it up.Version: 103.8(7)

Great game overallGreat game overall but for some reason it crashes once in a while so im not sure why its like that. But overall combat is very fun,story is somewhat interesting and i love how each character can msg u XD.Version: 101.6 (44)

I keep getting kicked out of the gameThe game is great and all but seriously can you fix the lagging and the kicking out issue.Version: 102.4(16)

FortniteThe jiggle jiggle skin 😈😏.Version: 103.8(7)

Very good artworkNice art guys, you should download this game. It’s nice that you can play offline too. One of the best games ive ever played. :) 👌🥰.Version: 103.8(7)

Limited or Special Recruitment Gold Mileage TicketsI think we should bring it down to 100 gold mileage tickets for limited or special recruitment banners because if there percentage rate of getting the character is low, it’s not fair for the players to keep summoning and keep having false hope of not getting the character of their choice. To be honest, the event right now, is nice and all but I really want the limited Rupee NIKKE but it seems like I’m not getting it but I have 100 gold mileage tickets so far but I need 200 gold mileage tickets to get her but the event is 16 days left and I think I wouldn’t be able to reach that. So I think, that should be please to change that right now because it’s not fair for me and other players. Thank you..Version: 102.4(16)

Fun idle gameGreat designs and animation. Landscape on iPad is fantastic. Packs and gems are too expensive though..Version: 103.8(7)

FunFun game to kill time with.Version: 103.8(7)

GoodIt very good but it lacks more content and the cases for the nikke’s are kinda buggy with it keep resetting to 1,2 and 3 other than that it a very good game.Version: 101.6 (44)

A great game to play whenever!This game has been a blast to learn play. The rates are insane with more characters being ssr rather than sr. I’ve been mostly ftp, and been blessed with many ssr’s and with the selection in wishes they have. The only ssr’s that’ll show up are the ones you’ve chosen. Meaning it’s not hard to get copies of your favorites. The gameplay actually does require you to have thought about who you send in and they have a system where you only need to level 5 units. Then choose 10 other units and they will be the same level as the lowest level between the 5 you leveled. That 10 can be increased to 40-50 by spending gems. The game is generous and beautiful and if your a gacha fan then this game should be on your radar.Version: 101.6 (44)

Could be skimpier but that's just meI am a fan of the DoA gacha series and this game could show more skin, but maybe that would be overkill and make me not interested. Jiggle physics are really good but for some reason better on some characters than others where they look loke they should have more. The story is surprisingly good. Typical cringey anime moments and such but they are done well and they commit to them instead of trying to be self aware like a lot of writing nowadays tries to do, and i really like that they commit to their tropes. The game can be sexual in clever ways at times with it's dialogue. I enjoy it. Gameplay 9/10. Writing, jiggle physics and voice acting 10/10. Good quality gacha game that i hope gets even sexier skins..Version: 104.6(2)

Golden story, great graphicsPros: aside from the great graphics/chars, the story is actually golden, enough to cover some short comings of the game and make me give 5stars. cons: simulation is fun but really time consuming coz it’s a daily thing. the combat power penalty in campaign hard time gates progress and makes it impossible to “challenge hard stages” coz it’s simply impossible, delete that please. kills one of the fun factors..Version: 101.6 (44)

This is seriously addictiveAbsolutely brilliant game. Lots of strategy required to update the characters correctly. You can’t avoid falling in love with your Nikkes..Version: 102.4(16)

Best mobile game I’ve ever played!!!!This game is very addictive! Anime girls with gun with cover mechanic sounds awesome! I know there is some bugs and glitches in the game but I hope future updates will fix the game. I also download on my iPad for more wider screen. 5/5 stars!!!!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Great gameGames pretty fun. Basically what I thought it’d be from the adds for the pre register which is nice. The mechanics are fun and it’s pretty easy starting out. It gets a bit more difficult as It suddenly went from recommended power being like 5k to 10k and I got smacked around a bit but that might just be from me not paying attention. One problem is there are some bugs that are annoying. Like the view episode in advice is bugged out so when you press on a story and finish it, it says error ___ (numbers I don’t wanna right out) and then sends me back to the home page without giving me any reward or update to the episodes. There are a few other bugs like it would kick me out or lag really bad and then kick me out but that was once an hour ish so not too bad. Pretty fun and I can’t wait till there’s more to it. Also kinda wish there was a global chat..Version: 101.6 (44)

Nikke Goddess of VictoryThis is such an amazing game apart from the main reason of getting this game which is the cute girls also known as Nikkes the lore and interactions between characters feels real it’s a great way to spend your time if you’re a casual and amazing if you’re hardcore, overall fantastic game the only thing lacking is better gacha rates you can spend lots and not get the limited time SSR that you want but that happens with all gacha systems but this one seems less rewarding 9.7/10 Good for gameplay, bad for your wallet.Version: 103.8(7)

Deserved a review!I don’t often write reviews, but this game honestly deserved one. Yes you can pay, buy so far I’ve earned a lot of pulls for free. The artwork and gameplay os phenomenal too! Huge amount of effort has gone in to creating an actually enjoyable game that you can either AFK or get fulling involved with. Well done!!!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Loved it!I started playing the game just a few days ago and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I find the story engaging, the nikkes personalities to be dynamic and everything from gameplay to voiceovers and graphics to be top quality. I love to try out new games and this app is one of the most pleasureable experiences in a long time. I believe this is rather f2p friendly so far but it engages the audience to want to dish out more money because of the relatively obtainable ssr rates compared to mainstream games like genshin impact. I can’t wait to find out what endgame has in store. The only thing I feel is missing, however, is that I find it’s a bit hard to grind for some level up materials. It’s likely because I’m still early in the game but I’m mostly relying on the synchronizing device. My highest level character is around 60 but I’m still having a hard time leveling everyone else up enough to be around the same (lvl 51 is the average). My gear and skills is fine but obtaining tier 3 and above I would have to either do dailies such as interception or clear storylines. All in all I genuinely love this game and I hope more like it come out!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Big Boing BoingsThe big Boings Boings makes Johnny taller. He is very tall and sometimes he cries when I rub him to make him feel better. It makes me feel happy when I rub him. He loves the physics of this game; the boing boing of the back and the front from the recoil or any movement.Version: 101.6 (44)

Surprisingly great GachaFun mechanics, tons of waifus, played for hours without hitting a pay wall. Great soundtrack. Very good..Version: 103.8(7)

Logging into my account with nothingI logged in. I had to restart without any of my characters and starting at the tutorial again..Version: 102.6 (1)

Fun and entertainingIts the best I love the art and storylines especially the voices. keep it up.Version: 101.6 (44)

FunIt a fun and easy game, it very entertaining to. Easy to play as well you don’t have to try so hard in this game unlike most of the game that in my opinion is the best part..Version: 103.8(7)

Amazing Gacha GameNIKKE, is a breath of fresh air. The game’s story is interesting, the character designs are amazing, animation is great (even the Gacha animation!), and gameplay is new and different from others. The game has aspects from other Gacha such as an afk collection, a tower, and bosses to fight for gear. The gameplay is something I’ve never seen before and is what made me play the game. The character designs have a cyberpunk-esque sort of look for most characters and even Mecha designs. The characters have fun side stories and a sense of personality. The Gacha is pretty standard but feels frustrating sometimes (as with all gachas), the rates are not too bad and are pretty standard with the rates of other games, getting an SSR feels extremely satisfying. Overall I would give this game a 4.8/5, it’s got a fun concept and story, with great characters, there are times where you will be stuck on certain levels but that’s part of the experience..Version: 101.6 (44)

Amazing!NIKKE is a wonderful game, it is very fun and we can get different types of characters! We can even advise and there is an actual storyline, and i love the graphics. But just one problem, the music keeps glitching when It is loading. I don’t know if it is because of my device or a bug..Version: 104.6(2)

Not bad but more f2p contentFun so far but I hope they make it fair for f2p players to have a nice chance on getting favourite characters..Version: 101.6 (44)

There is a tiny little thing to tweakHi, I really like your game, I play literally every day and I came face to face with a problem. Each time I do some levels of the campaign and go back to recruit a character, the game just crash…if you can just fix this please..Version: 103.8(7)

:)Such a fun game would definitely recommend.Version: 102.6 (1)

Game keeps crashingThe game is really good one of the best games I have ever played but the game keep’s crashing.Version: 103.8(7)

Casual fun gameGame that you can play or leave afk, very fun currently and decent compensation and rewards.Version: 101.6 (44)

Good gacha gameLove the chance of pickup and stuff still kinda confusing with the team setup and what to do but still pretty good <3.Version: 104.6(2)

Great characters, great voice acting, engaging gameplay, just great all roundThat’s all.Version: 101.6 (44)

Fun but…The game is pretty fun, draw rates seem to be ok so far and premium currency comes fairly easily, the only problem is when the game crashes while summoning new nikkes, it seems to happen to me about 70-80% of the time and it gets really frustrating…a fix would be really appreciated.Version: 103.8(7)

MaxyCooleThanks for the legendary Nikke, Milk!.Version: 103.8(7)

Big WubsShooting is pretty satisfying. We all know the real reason you’re installing this though...Version: 101.6 (44)

GameI think we all know the reason why we downloaded this game…Cuz the art is amazing 😂😁.Version: 101.6 (44)

Good startStory (8/10) Visuals (10/10) Gacha (8/10) Difficulty (5/10) Mechanics (10/10).Version: 101.6 (44)

Well done and smoothI play a few games regularly and an admittedly F2P player. I wasn’t looking for a shooter but decided to give this one a chance. I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised at how smooth and well done this game is. There is a lot to the game play and the ability to jump into the middle of the fight or let the game do its thing is extremely intuitive. I like games that allow me as a F2P player to get the resources needed to advance as far as the P2P players and I fully accept that it will take me longer to do so and I might miss out on a few extra “draws” on a particular character. I am very happy with the pace of the game also, and never really felt stuck or held back by a pay wall. As for the characters of the game I am also pleasantly surprised at their variety of shapes and personalities and the game company does a good job of integrating those personalities into the storyline. The voice acting is well done also and if you’ve spent anytime playing games you will recognize the voice actors and know your getting quality acting from them. All in all a very well done and respectable effort put forward. Definitely a game worth considering..Version: 102.6 (1)

Holy molyThis game is soooo frickin amazing, I wish you could add in functions where you can rewatch the cutscenes cuz i really wanna rewatch it. Overall graphics is amazing jiggle physics is good too.Version: 101.6 (44)

There are some bug and it very lagPls fix it.Version: 101.6 (44)

This game is greatAbsolutely loving the game so far, my only criticism is that the packs are waaay too expensive..Version: 101.6 (44)

Excellent gameOne small problem however. I claimed the 10 special summon tickets earlier today and as I used them the game crashed. I logged back in and the tickets had been redeemed but I hadn’t received any new units.Version: 101.6 (44)

Good but crashingGreat game, loving the gameplay so far. I’d love to give 5 stars however, the app crashes almost every time I go to do a recruit pull :(.Version: 103.8(7)

It’s really goodI love the effort the devs put in the game. Like getting to know the characters better give them their own charm and help us get more interested into the plot. If I could only ask for one more thing, maybe have a drawn scene for each character when you complete the final case at bond level 10. That scene can be used as one of the wallpapers in the home screen as well..Version: 103.8(7)

ConcernsThe game is really fun but the issue is is that it takes up a lot of storage on mobile.Version: 103.8(7)

Glad to see fixes!I wrote a review earlier to describe issues with the game and especially about its random crashes, friending in-game issues, and individual character story errors and I’m happy to see some improvement! So far the game hasn’t crashed on me for a bit and the individual character stories are working as intended. I still run into issues with friending commanders who seem to pop up on “recommended commanders” to add to my friend list due to them already having a full list. I don’t know if that still is a bug or just how little people play in the NA server but kinda ruins the game a bit for events. Some events require to send nearly 30 friendship points but I can’t do that if I can’t friend people. Besides this, I appreciate this game is being worked on by developers who are keeping an eye on complaints and working on fixes! Keep up the good work developers and hope to see this game continue for many years to come..Version: 101.6 (44)

Make it so the commander can be female pleaseI love this app a lot it has amazing graphics, cool character designs, amazing voice acting AND animation and the story is awesome, the only thing i would recommend changing is that the commander is referred to as only male i know this game is mainly directed to guys but i want there to be an option where i can be a female commander Apart from this the game is absolutely amazing.Version: 104.6(2)

Really nice game, it really catch me.Overall the game is very intuitive and the gameplay is easy to understand. The only thing that I don’t like, but I really don’t mind is the fact that if you really want to have the best characters in the game you have to pay a lot of gems, and that doesn’t guarantee you to get that character, is random otherwise you have to play a lot, that’s a good thing because the game gives you alternatives to get gems. Another thing to remark is that the game drains your battery. I have a iphone 12 pro max (battery is basically new) and it drains it in about two hours or so, maybe if the game is more optimize it should be battery friendly. Nothing more to say, the story is very good! And the waifus nothing to say, they’re gorgeous. Good game. 5/5.Version: 101.6 (44)

Best anime game everHey y’all this game is inf/10 in rating for me it’s a must play for everyone who loves anime also can I get some help cuz my friends say I don’t play NIKKE for the guns when I really do play NIKKE for the sci fi guns what do I say to them?.Version: 104.6(2)

I Finally Got to Install ItAfter almost two weeks since launch, I was finally able to install the game on my iPad after one of the most annoying bugs I’ve seen in any game. The download progression would just loop back until it gave me an error. Now, the error still persists, but at least now it still continues until it finishes, wasting unnecessary bandwidth. Still, now that I’ve been able to play the game, it is pretty fun. I really like the look of the game overall: from the UI to the characters. Voice acting seems pretty on point and the devs are continuously adding new features. I’m still very early in the game, so I’m yet to experience the grind for equipment and levels, but so far so good. Having said that, the game still has plenty of bugs, and seems poorly optimized for the moment. It adds plenty of heat to my iPad Pro even on Medium settings., and I’ve seen reports that the game starts to stutter after playing for a while. I would’ve liked seeing the game delayed a bit more to iron out some of these bugs instead of having to experience a bad launch. Oh well… Anyways, give the game a shot, because it really seems they really are trying to bring a good game. Now, I only hope they add Landscape Mode soon since playing this game on a tablet in Portrait it’s kinda uncomfortable..Version: 101.6 (44)

MeThis game is actually really good the animation is right and the storyline is really good!.Version: 102.4(16)

Fix some bugsThe game is really fun, but every time I try to recruit a character it crashes. It gets really annoying because I want to see what characters I got. So can you please fix this bug..Version: 103.8(7)

Buggy but funPlease fix the bugs aka insta crashes, failed to sync info, failed to update info, system error, etc. It kills the fun..Version: 103.8(7)

Pc versionI am so happy that the pc version came out. I love this game and play a lot but my mobile device crashes often. I enjoy gaming on pc a lot more so this is very good news..Version: 103.8(7)

Actually really goodDespite the very clearly sexualized characters this games story is not only good, but really interesting and deep. Every character has their own unique and interesting backstory that you can learn about and even story’s that you can create with them. The gameplay is not only challenging but actually makes you tactically think and makes you try out new nikkes at almost every turn so you never feel like you wasted any of your nikkes. The story and lore of this game is extremely good and even though I'm barely done with the story I cannot praise this game enough for all of its deeply interesting and unique story aspects. Great way to spend time if you enjoy great gameplay and even better storylines. Honestly deserves it’s own anime. 10/10 top pick for anyone. And to the reviews saying anything abt the currencies or in app purchases, those are all optional you don’t have to buy them and they really don’t affect anything. In my opinion a few in game purchases shouldn’t affect the overall quality of a game since they are completely cosmetic or unneeded and shouldn’t be considered when writing a review for something, especially considering every other good aspect of this game..Version: 103.8(7)

Loving itBeen playing for a while now and so far am enjoying the hell out of this game. It’s easy to manage, understand and fall in love with. If you’re into collecting characters than this is the game for you, highly recommend!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Good gameI originally downloaded the game for the “plot” but I actually started to enjoy the game and it’s story the only bad thing I can think of is how it takes forever to get new characters.Version: 103.8(7)

Awesome sauceThis game is mucho gusta.Version: 104.6(2)

Amazing gameplay 🥸Me during the tutorial: whoa cool, I wonder when I can recruit new characters 1st animated cutscene: 🫡 Me: ..oh This game is great 🤣.Version: 101.6 (44)

System errors?Nikke Is an extraordinary game and I’ve been enjoying it a lot but I’ve recently been experiencing “System errors” and It’s been saying “Failed to initialise user information” whenever I try to load In and wherever I look I can’t seem to be able to do anything, If this happens Is it something I can’t do anything about or Is it something on Nikke’s end?.Version: 103.8(7)

HelpI got an ssr pull but then it kicked me out of the game and still took my card pulls but didnt give any nikke :(.Version: 103.8(7)

FunFun, very unique concept and the gameplay is fun and the story is intresting.Version: 101.6 (44)

To The DevelopersThe Gameplay is simple but enjoyable the auto future is also nice if you don’t feel like controlling the characters and skills and just want the Ai to do it The Character designs are amazing I’ve been loving all the characters they have put into the game playable and non playable their designs all all great the voice acting is also really good And As for the Story I’m so into it the story is really interesting and the small event stories we get are funny and interesting as well I originally got this game to try it out and thought i would get rid of it after a couple of weeks but with the story character’s and voice acting this game gots me hooked I wanted to Thank The Developers and everyone who was apart of bringing this game to life you all did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.Version: 103.8(7)

I like itI like this game.Version: 101.6 (44)

Fun gameReally good game with fresh gameplay, great art, and a really good story. I’ve been playing it for a month now. It had a bunch of bugs when it first launched, but almost all of them have been fixed now..Version: 102.4(16)

Really good game but crashes too oftenI just started playing this game a week ago, and it really surprised me. It wasn’t like the other RPG games that I played before. The storyline is actually really intriguing and the characters themselves each have unique storylines as well. It’s overall, a really good game. The only problem that I have with this game is how much it crashes. It crashes like every 5 minutes now! Before the February 1 maintenance, it would crash every 15 to 20 minutes, but now, you can’t even fight 3 monsters without the game crashing. Not to mention, you could spend credits on a recruit, and when the game crashes, you would lose not only your credits, but also the NIKKE that was promised! I know that you game developers are trying to keep us interested in the game, and you don’t have time to read comments like these, but if you fixed this tiny bug, it could really help this game a lot, it could even give that tiny push to people to spend money on this game as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and I really hope you fix the game crashing problem, it will really benefit you and the players as well. I don’t know if this matters but I’m on the NA server..Version: 103.8(7)

Engaging gameHello! I wanted to share what I’ve thought of this game since I have been playing daily every day for a month, and the two problem that stops it from being a 5 star. This game is very slept on and I feel like ads on other platforms fail to show this. The story, sound track, art is absolutely stunning and I wouldn’t have known myself if it weren’t for me being curious. Im level 73 and have a cp of 36,000 with a good variety of ssr+ and 12-3. The only problems I have, are random crashes and how expensive it is. This game is totally f2p, but since I spend on game I like, this was one of them. However, the prices seem to be ridiculous and a big turn off on what little you get. The gacha system isn’t a big problem but getting crystals really is. I understand y’all will work hard to make this game better so keep it up with the events and changes in the future!.Version: 103.8(7)

Love it!This game is amazing! The graphics are amazing and if I’m being honest the NIKKE are kinda hot (especially rapi.).Version: 101.6 (44)

Great Visual NovelThe game is a good blend of Action-Stretegy 3rd person but the story is delivered as a visual novel. There is nothing truly special about the gameplay unless you push the boundaries of what should be possible at your current level or in PVP. That being said what makes the game great is its writing. You get attached to characters, from the first few scenes, and you grow more found of them as time passes and you go on missions with them. They grow and change with time, you learn about them, you relate to them, you connect more with some than others… Even side-quests and events are very well written. Finally, the serious tone without being edgy in this the post-apocalyptic surface world and the Cyberpunk city underground. A dystopia of despair, sadness and anger while the characters still love through Hopeful and joyful moment making their lives a roller coaster of emotions. You don’t need to focus on the depressing parts though, if you’re just interested in the light-hearted wifu collection aspect of the game: just do that. Play for the writing, character development, and story. You won’t be disappointed.Version: 103.8(7)

Beautiful girls and fun game!The characters in this game are beautiful! The gameplay is fun. And im really enjoying playing through the storyline and even getting text messages from the girls, its really funny and fun. Its just plain fun and so much eye candy :).Version: 102.4(16)

Goated Gacha? Or Grimey Game?As a mobile Gacha fanatic I can quickly separate the trash from the treasure on my radar. When I found out about Nikke and it was by the same people and cultivated tower of fantasy (which was pretty good) I had to give it a try. I’m really in love with the vertical style of this game. The art and music has so much soul and heart out into it. It almost seems like Nikke was this studios true passion project. But not only does this game have amazing gameplay, but it has stunningly beautiful characters and Animations as well. The rates for this game are also really amazing too. With a healthy difficulty, I’m proud to recommend this game to anyone who comes across this comment. Only gripe is that is crashes quite a bit for IOS. But I can’t really say anything else!.Version: 101.6 (44)

Bad gacha systemSo long story short good game bad gacha system. Long story the story is good, a little bit of cheesy humor but still gives me a good chuckle, most skills are unique, music sounds great, game play let’s your cruise on auto pilot for alot of missions if your power is high enough if you just want to play the story, getting materials to level up equipment and characters is pretty easy if your active, and the list goes on. But the ssr drop rate is way to low and you should be getting one every 10 drops but you don’t which makes limit breaking characters hard which also makes leveling characters up impossible after you reach a certain point and then there’s the rewards for challenges which are way to low so you have to ether pay for gems to summon or grind for very long time..Version: 104.6(2)

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