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Coloring Match App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Coloring Match app received 179 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Coloring Match? Can you share your negative thoughts about coloring match?

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Coloring Match for Negative User Reviews

Too many adsI downloaded this game after seeing it a lot on my socials and it seemed fun to pass a bit of time. However I deleted it after about 30 min of on and off game play due to the amount of ads , there is an ad when you load, when you choose a different colour, when you match the colour, when you’ve sold to auction and when you come out to go onto the next level! No game needs 5 ads a level when the level takes about 10 secs 😫 it also crashed during several of the ads so I had to close the game down and start again. Very frustrating..Version: 3.8.1

Watched 7 adverts in a row for 60 seconds of game playI don’t usually leave reviews, but i felt compelled to with this game. Like all free things, I expect a caveat, usually in the form of semi frequent ads. HOWEVER! This game appears nearly unplayable due to the sheer number of adverts that appear one after another. I’ve managed to do two rounds of this painstaking game, and for what it’s worth I enjoyed the simplicity of the colour matching and felt it was soothing and relaxing. The amount of adverts has the opposite effect, and it’s just too much. Maybe if there was a 30 second ad every 15 minutes it would be more playable, and bearable but unfortunately I’ve had to uninstall. Shame, I hope for future players something can be done :) thanks!.Version: 3.2.1

Stupid gameStupid game full of ad.Version: 3.9.0

Am very disappointedThere’s just too many ads. It pops up every 2seconds, normally the ads pop up after every round in other games but this one is just horrible. I was thinkinh which colour to choose so i can match and it showed an ad for legit 10secs and once i chose a colour another ad showed up. How the hell am i supposed to play the game or did i just download an app that shows ads only..Version: 3.13

Pretty good but…This game is AMAZING but there is so many ads!! As soon as I get a reward it says I can open for an ad or skip. When I click the skip it still makes me watch an add! And when I click the option of watching the ad for the reward as soon as come back from that ad I go to another straight away! But other than that I like the idea of the game..Version: 3.8.4

ADsWe need to something about so many ads. When I click continue when I have to eight colour it makes me watch an ad and the ads are 30 seconds long. Like can’t you make it like 15 or 10 or 5 seconds. 30 seconds might seem short but it feels like a 2 minute ads because Think a GAME, it shows you how to play, then it makes you play it so you can see if u like it and final at the end it makes you wait 5 seconds added to the previous time to wait to leave the ad. Less ads. That’s why I rated it 3 stars.Version: 3.25

Good game but way too many ads!I really like this game but the amount of ads basically makes it impossible to play for more than about 10 minutes. If you don’t touch the screen straight away - ad. If you decide to restart the matching - ad. It’s ridiculous, unplayable and ruins the fun. It’s also very frustrating how it can’t be played using airplane mode as I have a trip coming up and this would pass some time. These need looking at to make it more enjoyable for the player. The colours match okay but when you actually check it against the item it turns darker, so what you’re matching on the paper first isn’t correct and this makes it frustrating!.Version: 3.1

A RIDICULOUS amount of adsI understand ad revenue is a great way to make money, and am usually completely fine with watching a few ads when i sit down to play a game. but there are just too many ads in this game. this is the first time i’ve ever written a review, because despite the app being actually very fun, the fact that it gives you an ad quite literally every 30 seconds is entirely too aggravating and annoying that i had to delete the app within five minutes. i’d be completely fine with watching an ad after each “level”, but since it forces you to watch one after matching the color AND after painting the object AND after the auction AND every 30 seconds when you’re in the “lobby”, i decided i could not put up with it anymore as i felt that 40% of my time was spent actually playing the game and 60% watching ads. Please fix this, i would reconsider downloading and playing what was otherwise a really fun game..Version: 3.1

My ratingGame is crap.Version: 3.8.7

Advert GameDownload now in order to watch adverts! This app shows ads very smoothly, and they loaded fast and played well. No real waiting time or lag in order to display the adverts. Also the adverts were a nice decent length, no 5 second pop ups, but a good 30 seconds or more. Exactly what we want. I am impressed as well because out of the 10 minutes I spent on this game before removing it, I spent at least 70% of the time dealing with adverts and only 30% of the time with the secondary purpose of the app - which is some painting game..Version: 3.9.8

Far to many adsPlayed first round, watched two ads following. Went to play next round two more ads then took me back to home screen. Two more ads without doing anything. Finally got to play the next round although it took me back to the first round. Deleted after 5mins..Version: 2.72

No adds to much and moreOK first off there was too many apps so many ads this game has so many ads like I never have this many and I play games that have a. Lots of ads, and then the ads would be glitched but I have this camera on the side so I knew the ads weren’t frozen they were just doing it purposely to make you watch ads the ads just randomly pop up when you were in the middle of something. There was also when I would get a color into The where the colors were and it came out a different color like I dipped my paintbrush into the red color and it came out with black knight even have black on my thing told colors, and then there was also I did my paintbrush and pink came out with green and ruined the whole thing in the know what they’re trying to make it funny and stuff with the fruit like yawning and stuff but it isn’t funny and it just gets annoying because he doesn’t like every five seconds..Version: 3.7.1

Extremely annoying and disappointing…I was really happy to try this game as I find playing around with paint colours to be therapeutic and interesting and was hoping that that was what this game would be about. But no, mixing colours is barely the point! Don’t get me wrong, the game does still involve mixing paint colours in order to match the resulting colour to that of an object, but it would have been nice if it was left like that. What is this whole auction idea?! I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it weirds me out that I’m apparently selling artificially coloured fruit to the highest bidder. And a lot of people have previously mentioned this, but I definitely agree that the amount of ads on this game is DISGRACEFUL. Some of the ads are very inappropriate and graphic as well. There is an ad every time you don’t touch the screen. And after an auction, it doesn’t allow me to close an ad so I have to close the whole app in order to go back in and continue playing. I’m extremely disappointed with this game and it’s just overall poorly thought-out. Please try to focus on MATCHING the COLOURS like the title suggests. Lift your game!!.Version: 3.1

Don’t Let Your Kids Play This GameNot that it is raunchy or inappropriate in any sense, but rather this game targets a vulnerable audience and exploits those drawn to the bright graphics. Every step of the game there is an ad. Not a short one either, a full flow 4-5 stage ad with hidden close buttons, fake interactives, misleading content (I once saw an ad that involved a pregnant woman getting hit in the stomach with a soccer ball — it was a solitaire ad), and loads of gambling. If you don’t make a move for 5 seconds, and I wish I was kidding on this, it plays a full blown ad. The items you color match have really strange faces that move and seem to pog for no reason. There is no tutorial and you’re kind of just thrown in to this chaotic world where people shop for eggplants in gardens where everything grows on trees, and you auction item lookalikes in a small roadside auction house for thousands of dollars. Not to mention it’s ugly as sin. As a disclaimer, I am an adult who enjoys the chaotic experience that is bad mobile games, but this isn’t even the icing on the cake. This is the cake crumbs that get stuck in the couch and attracts ants. It’s a novel concept sure, but it could not be more poorly executed. Do not recommend..Version: 3.8.0

Too many adsThe amount of ads in this game is actually unbearable it’s impossible to play as an add keeps popping up every five seconds when you are trying to match the colours, if the ads were after a level it would be fine but every five seconds which isn’t even an exaggeration when you are TRYING to play the game is ridiculous. If i could give it a minus I would they are that bad and the game isn’t even good enough to pay to get rid of them or maybe it is I wouldn’t know I didn’t get chance to actually play it due to the ads.Version: 3.11

Pourquoi que 2 étoileJe trouve qu’il y a beaucoup trop d’annonce je ne peut pas jouer 2 minute sans une annonce, sa m’énerve. J’aimerais aussi si on pourrais jouer sans réseau. Merci.Version: 3.26.1

Good game, way too many ads to enjoy very wellI really like this game, and am happy to watch a few ads here and there. But there are ads popping up every minute basically which makes the game really difficult to enjoy. You watch an ad to get to the next point, but then 30 seconds later while you’re in the middle of the task, another ad pops up. You end up spending more time watching ads than playing the actual game. I’d the ads were more focused around completing the task, rather than in the middle of playing it would be much more enjoyable.Version: 3.25

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! 🛼You are probably downloading this because you saw one of their ads. 😏 And yes, it’s a game THE SAME AS THE ADS! 😍 What couldn’t be better? I’ve always wanted a game like that!, Your thinking.. 🤔 But seriously.. this game is NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! 🤨⁉️ Here are 3 problems with this game: 1: If you want 100% match, it takes ages! I have no idea how many HOURS I have spent trying to get it! 🚫😭 2: Maybe you are going to have some lunch 🥗, Or you need the bathroom 🚽, Well , You might have to wait! 😫 It’s so annoying how this game is so cheaply made! If I exit the app, I have to restart my HOUR of colour mixing! This isn’t cool or fun at all! 😒 3: Bruhhh!! It is so painful to colour mix in this game! 🤬 My fingers ache so badly after colour mixing for about ten minutes!😩 I have NO CLUE 😪 what other people mean by the levels are EASY! They take ages and your fingers get so sore I feel like they have been running a finger marathon. Otherwise, this game is ok.. Just don’t get your hopes up! No offence to anything I have said. Thank you for reading! 💕.Version: 3.9.8

Too many adsI cannot even play the game for a full one minute. After few seconds there is ad. It would be great if it doesn’t have so so so many ads in it.Version: 3.27

Too many ads and poor quality gameI just played two rounds, and five adverts played. Definitely ruins the flow of the game and makes it feel boring. Also the paint is so textured it’s not easy to tell if it matches well or not until you get the percentage and even then I’m not convinced I agree. Feel that the rooms/garden part is a bit pointless and doesn’t add much to the game. Overall a bit dull, and you have to wade through so many ads per game it makes it even less interesting to play.Version: 3.3.0

LaggyYour a bit laggy and to slow waiting I give a three star get the game going better please.Version: 3.15

WAY to many ads!Colour match is just another one of those games that has an ad every 1 or 2 minutes. It is quite fun and i do like to play it but, i just wish they would make you watch less ads! In my opinion the game is not worth the time. And when you are selling your things in auction after you sell them there are two buttons: one says double it! And the other says continue and you have to watch an ad for double, and if you click on continue it STILL gives you an ad! So this game is pretty much just an ad itself. I think this would be a great game if it just did not have as many ads!.Version: 3.3.0

The reviews are fakeAll those 4 and 5 star reviews are 100% faked. There are ads so constantly in the game is is literally unplayable. Oh and when they go “do want to watch an ad for _____” you can say no, but you’ll still get an ad. And it’s not like a simple short one, it’s ALWAYS those horrible interactive ads that are like “oh try the game!” But as soon as you touch the screen it takes you to the download page. It’s ridiculous. And yet there’s “people” saying there’s little to no ads in the game, they’re fake. 110% bought reviews by the creator..Version: 3.11

Ads>:(This game is amazing and challenging which is the perfect game for me but their is a problem with the adds. Most of the adds are about 2 minutes long and all they do is let you tap one thing and then it keeps you waiting. Also my friend bought a new phone and she bought the app including ‘add free’ but she still got adds and she technically wasted her money. Love the app but with the amount of adds I deleted it. If I continue playing it I might just keep watching adds my whole life. I literally watched an add and the second I got back to the game another add popped up. Love the app but I’ll have to give it a 3 stars. I hope you fix this issue and also I understand games like this have adds but this is just too much. Hope you understand and if I see that this issue is fixed, I might download it again:).Version: 3.23

Too many adsTheres so many ads i have to watch 5 ads before i can play.Version: 3.1

Was having fun at first, but the ads made it unplayableThe game itself is pretty alright. if it weren’t for the sheer amount of ads, i can see myself playing this whenever i feel bored. my only real problem is that you can’t stay still for like 9 seconds without an ad playing (and usually not short ads either, like full blown minute-long ads), and i just couldn’t keep going anymore. i understand having a few ads play randomly or letting the player decide to watch one for a reward, but this game was just excessive with it. and i guess this isn’t the fault of the game itself, but if you have kids, you probably shouldn’t let them download this game. a concerning amount of the ads i saw were weirdly sexual or just plain gross, and these ads play a LOT, so keep that in mind..Version: 3.9.7

Fun game but too many addsA lotsssss of adds. More time passing with the adds than the game... i just deleted it because of that..Version: 3.26.1

Don’t downloadToo many ads I got 3 in a row, no play time and also you can’t play offline. It had good potential but bad delivery. It also runs bad..Version: 2.62

TOO MANY ADDS + some stuff that needs to be fixedIt’s really annoying how every 10 seconds you get an add, like half of the time ur just watching them instead of playing the game. You literally just can’t do anything with them. Also I don’t like how the paint is a weird texture. like when you see people do it on tiktok, it’s nice and smooth. Plus when ur mixing the paint, it’s really light and not matching at all and when you choose to see if it matches, it turns darker to match it more. Overall all I think the game itself is alright but just these things here are stopping it from being good.Version: 2.72


The ads are completely unreasonableI just downloaded this game recently, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It’s right up my alley in terms of mobile games and it’s quite fun in general. However the ads are completely out of hand. I’ve thought about deleting the app purely because of this. I understand that mobile games often have a lot of ads, however this is just crazy. I get one every time I complete a level, which is reasonable. But then after I spray paint the item I get another one. It honestly feels like I spend more time watching ads then I do actually playing the game. Normally I’m not one to write reviews, but I really enjoy this game and the ads are just completely ruining it for me. I’m still debating on deleting it even though I really do love the game..Version: 3.9.8

Hate this gameToo much add. I like the game. but when I started playing I feel like this is not a game app. This is an advertised app. So disappointed.Version: 3.8.7

Ads as usualIt’s a great came concept that’s lots of fun, but the ads… not just adds between scenes but ads if you linger on the screen for too long. Not only that the game is bugged something chronic so ads can freeze the game and result in a restart which means repeating the same levels over again. So while I enjoy the game itself the ads are too many even for a normal game with ads, oh and it won’t let you play without the internet so no airplane mode to avoid ads..Version: 3.8.7

Way too many adsLiterally spend more time watching ads than playing the game.Version: 3.2.3

Too many ads!I gave this game 3 stars and following is to inform why: This game is a game of ads. After watching 8 ads, I got to paint/color match. Some of the ads I watched were inappropriate or did not let me exit, so I had to exit the whole game, which made me watch MORE ads! I recommend this game if you are OK with watching ads over and over in order to play one round. this game is a fun game and allows you to express your emotions with colors! Yet, I find this game a little annoying to play, because I get tired of watching ads over and over again. When I was trying to play with my family members, there were so many ads that they didn’t want to play anymore. Not fair, right? I recommend this game if you’re looking for a fun game yet, you might have to suffer through some ads. Otherwise, this game is fun, allows me to learn how to make different colors, and so much more! This is my first time giving a review, and I hope it informed you on the things you needed to know..Version: 3.25

So many ads, hardly worth downloading!After every small game, there is a 30 second ad. The ads don’t even make me want to download the product, they’re irrelevant and take my time away from the game. Other than that, fine game!.Version: 3.7.0

Great concept, poorly designed.First of all, this is an offline game, why do I need internet to play it. Second of all, I get at least 3 ads a minute. Third of all, the should be simplistic enough to make the graphics actually good. Instead of making stupid looking apples with eyes, take a non-3d image for an apple, give us a card to color match, give us colors, and give us a white background. Types of games like these need to be simplistic for them to look good and this one clearly isn’t. More on that graphics thing, don’t give the mixed colors a brush texture, it just makes it look out of place when some things look complex, some aren’t complex, and some are in between. My eyes just see too much and it’s almost blinding. Also, I know that was visual preference, but I guarantee if you follow basic game-graphic rules (like I explained) it would look hundreds to times better. Take Bacon - The Game as inspiration for these graphics, that game has really simplistic graphics that make it look awesome..Version: 3.11

Good game, but 1 ad every 30 seconds not worth itI don’t mind watching ads but I’ve never come across a game with this many ads popping up. I literally couldn’t get through a minute without an ad popping up. Worst part is the game doesn’t even allow you to play offline to avoid the ads and data usage..Version: 3.8.6

There’s a million ads😡 !!!There’s wayyyyy too many ads . Only played for 5 mins and 50% of the time I was watching ads I could not skip. Literally the worst game I’ve played..Version: 3.2.2

Good game butThis game is very fun but there is ALOT of adds like every like 10 seconds it's annoying but it's a fun game.Version: 3.28

DONT DOWNLOAD THISI heard static! Turn your volume all the way up and see!.Version: 3.8.7

Nobody’s gonna wanna playThis is a good game, I enjoy matching the colours but after every round I have to watch an ad, in the middle of a round I have to watch an ad. Even in the auction room I have to watch an ad! I watch about 4 ads per round and it would only take about 2 mins without ads but with ads it takes about 5. Even my mates don’t wanna play cause of how many ads there are, if it isn’t fixed no one is gonna have your game on their device.Version: 3.13

Your app is messing my phone upWon’t let me click it or delete , it’s not showing in settings as a downloaded app and is blinking like I’ve selected it to delete or move somewhere else and there another thing behind it that’s somehow a part of the problem.Version: 3.28

AdvertisingToo many adverts, I had 3 long advertisements pop up within the span of 2 minutes.Version: 3.9.7

NiceAnd fun + kinda hard.Version: 3.29

ADSOkay this game it’s really fun and I definitely recommend it IF U DONT MIND ADS. Listen I really do love this game but the amount of ads is crazy. I get ads after every level and in between levels. I know it’s how the game makes money but seriously two ads for every level? I stop playing in between levels because these ads are really annoying and when I want to play again I have to do that level again. I recommend putting less ads in this game because I am so close to deleting this. It’s good this is one of my favourite games otherwise it would’ve been deleted a long time ago. I and many others delete games due to the crazy amount of ads. Please fix this 🙏.Version: 3.13

AdsToo many ads. Deleted it within the first 5 minutes of playing..Version: 2.62

Good when you get 100% but becomes boring quite quicklyI read other reviews complaining how it’s impossible to get 100% yet I’ve matched 100% loads of times. Others also complain about constant ads but you only get an ad when you accept your reward - so don’t accept the award and you can avoid the ads. I really enjoyed the game to begin with but after a while it becomes quite boring. It would be better if you had a town where the player could choose a building, then a room and then an object. It would keep the player involved and stop it becoming monotonous..Version: 3.7.1

TrashThis game has good potential, it’s a good game but almost every 20 seconds an ad comes up. Please fix this bug but in the meantime I’m going to delete this game.Version: 2.62

Not worth the timeA genuinely obnoxious amount of ads I just had 9 ads back to back and had to exit the app just to restart and get another ad.Version: 3.2.2

So many adds holyThe game would be super relaxing and fun, if it weren’t for the 600 ads that pop up every time you do something.. don’t recommend.Version: 3.29

Once again AdsSimilar to other reviews there are too many ads. Nearly everything I did came with an ad right after, and (from what I’ve seen in the 10+ minutes I’ve played in which most of it was ads) it requires internet connection to play which I personally find makes it less playable and enjoyable. In the time I’ve played it, it was an enjoyable game which could give a bit of educational value towards colour theory (or something) but with the amount of ads and the need of internet connection I feel it’s not really worth it. But if you want to give it a try then go for it. (I should mention I haven’t paid for no ads so I have no idea how the paying functions change it but I don’t think paying for no ads on a matching colours game is worth it.).Version: 2.62

Ads out of ControlI understand games like these depend on ads to make money. However there are so many ads that the game is impossible to play. Most games like this if you play on airplane mode you are able to enjoy the game content and avoid ads. (Some games you get extra rewards for watching a video so you go off airplane mode for the reward while you are willingly watching the ad.) This game refuses to allow you to play the game on airplane mode. It blocks the game wanting to connect. The only reason it would need to connect is for the ads. This is a huge annoyance but was not the final straw. If you open the game and don’t touch the screen for a couple of seconds an ad will automatically start playing. At this point you’re like ok this is awful but if I stay engaged on the screen maybe it will be fine. Wrong. It is incapable of moving from part one of the “level” to part two without an ad in between same with part two to part three. If you refresh to avoid the ad it completely resets the level. I understand ads to get through a game but at this point it takes away from the function of the game. In order to actually play the game you are spending more time watching the ads than you are actually playing the game..Version: 3.1

Most annoying game everLiterally auto plays a thirty second ad every 10-15 seconds wether you’re in the middle of game play or not, makes playing the game impossible bc you’re constantly watching freaking ads. Maybe change it so that we only watch an ad when we want bonus’ bc it’s a complete and utter waste of your time. Zero stars if I could.Version: 3.28

Too many ads not enough levels.I really liked the game, thought it was really relaxing and stress relieving but the amount of ads was just too much. I get a few ads like to double your winnings and add to the percentage but it was too much for me. I have only been able to complete 3 levels and the others don’t exist/won’t appear. There is the garden, kitchen and the garage. I got 100% in each and no further levels will unlock which is disappointing considering I paid for the game to get rid of the stupid ads..Version: 3.2.2

🙂It’s alright not the worst, but could be better.Version: 3.28

MehSuch a fun and satisfying game. Except for the fact that it is so hard to play with all the adds. I was just loading in and had three ads before I even got to play!!!.Version: 3.25

Are we playing games or watching ads?!I barely ever make a review for anything. So the fact your seeing this means it was either really good or really bad. I gave this game 2 stars. The game is super fun and could be almost addictive. There’s one issue though. After color matching 2 items you already get to see 10-12 ads. Most my time in this game is watching ads. It’s not only ridiculous; it’s pathetic. Far to money hungry. After you actually fight your way through the ads you can notice the game beyond color matching is pointless. If you leave the app after color matching and maybe you even did a spray paint. It will have you color match again. Usually that wouldn’t bother me. But since I have to watch 5+ ads each it’s ridiculous. Also, if you don’t click on something fast enough you get to watch 2 ads in a row. So people who made this game. Get your stuff figured out!! Nobody wants your game anymore! Email me when you lessen the ad amount! Bye..Version: 3.0.1

Too many adsI get it that the developers need advertising to help offset the cost. I get it that they do offer an ad free version of this game. However I don’t trust the me spending money will really be incredibly effective. I’ve spent money on games in the past to remove ads before, but I still have to watch ads for plethora of aspects of the game. There’re so many ads in this game I cannot imagine the money would be worth it because I feel like they would still be a lot of ads to enjoy it. I think it’s ridiculous in the middle of mixing the ads pop up. I think it’s ridiculous that after I’ve just watched an ad and I’m just on the home screen deciding if I want to do another round an ad pops up. I thought this would be just so fun mindless game, but it feels more like pop goes the weasel with ads. Aheads are not popping up in places that are natural to the game playing experience..Version: 3.2

TOO MANY ADS! HAVE EPILEPSY!!!I can’t even enjoy the game there’s so many adverts and also they should come with a flash warning because I suffer from epilepsy and some of them can really mess with me! Please just let me unwind while playing this game!!.Version: 3.8.6

Too many ads deleted after 5min of playingFun game but ads ruin it completely. I got over 10 ads in under 5min of playing. What’s the point?.Version: 3.7.1

Cash Grab Game (Don’t buy it)Every level has 3 ads that pop up and it takes the fun out of the game. I played it, and got extremely bored after the first 2 levels just because of dealing with the 3 ads. I don’t know why a company would even do that, it is a terrible move because it will draw peoples attention away from the game and they will get bored. People often find ways to avoid the ads by turning off wifi or putting on airplane mode, but this app requires internet connection. I almost have a feeling the company did this on purpose for money. Unfortunately, most of these “relaxing” and “fun when you have nothing to do” games have turned into this with the ridiculous amount of ads, but I have never seen 3 each level. It is an awful marketing strategy. The game itself is mediocre, (it atleast relaxes the brain) but you can’t do much of that with the 3 waves of ads every level..Version: 3.6.1

Okay then BoringFirst game was ok. Then ads and more ads. Then the next game was basically a repeat of the first. Then lots more ads. Then another game the same as the first two just different colours each time. Then even more and more ads. So bored by then I just deleted the app. It only works if you’re online. Way too many ads especially at the start. Users aren’t yet hooked on the game. The ads just bore everyone. Terrible. Don’t waste your time..Version: 3.20

We need to be fairWhen I downloaded this app I thought it would be a bit of fun. After a few tries it got very boring. I mean why can’t you match things to other materials an objects instead of fruit? But the thing that I am most surprised about is when you click on the country flag it shows you a range of flags but it doesn’t show you the English flag. In a way I and probably a lot of other brits would find that disrespectful. I think we need to be fair and show some equality here. Thank you.Version: 3.6.1

Too many adsWay to many ads, you’lll be in the middle of mixing paint and a ad will pop up. Sad because its actually a fun game. Stop with the ads, such a disappointment.Version: 3.4.0

Colorado MachMy favourite.Version: 3.27

Ads ruin itThis was fun until I realised there’s ads unprompted way too often. Most games I play have ads when you finish a level or if you fail, etc. but the automatic ads playing sporadically quickly ruined this for me and I deleted after less than 5 minutes after downloading and playing..Version: 3.20

Unplayable due to frequency of adsThere are so many ads That this game is rendered unplayable. Unfortunate because it is a fun concept..Version: 2.72

Too many adsFun game but the amount of advertisements is RIDICULOUS!!! Can’t do anything without one popping up. After watching one another plays almost straight away. You also can’t play offline for some reason?.Version: 3.26.1

Boring…This game is frankly kinda boring and a waste of time, but is very good for young kids to learn there colours! I would suggest using more variety of colours and maybe to give a bit of a lead to the other games, like add things like upgrade your paints or get new things to paint with..Version: 3.29

Too many ads.Too many ads. Ads took up more time than the actual task/level..Version: 3.2

STILL GET ADS AFTER PAYING FOR NO ADSI actually like this game, and unlike a lot of other games this one was true to what they were offering/showing. You actually get the game your looking for, and it’s fun to play. If I play a game enough and long enough I don’t mind paying the few bucks to get no ads so I can progress further without the frustration of the 8 ads per level. However I payed the no ads thing, and for the rest of the night it was cool. Three days later I open the app up again to play and I’m back to getting 3 ads back to back every time you press anything. If you’re going to charge people for no ads, and they are stupid enough like me to pay then give me my ad free gameplay. I refuse to pay every time I open this app. I feel like I should get my money back because this has gotta be a scam. I will now just play in airplane mode with my Wi-Fi off.. thanks for taking my money 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: 3.2.1

Too many ads!!!I have never seen so many ads in my life, I have stopped playing this game because of it, I understand this game needs ads to keep it free but seriously find a better way there is too many. It is so difficult to match the colour unless you of course watch an add to complete after you reach 96% or something. There is also no coordination of levels there is like 3 things that you do and for me I keep getting the same things to match the colour to. Also last thing, please fix the home page, it is so messy!!! Over all alright if there were less ads. Thank you.Version: 3.26

Ads inhibit PlayabilitySome of these games are really attractive and creative have the potential to be lots of fun - IF an unskippable ad wasn’t forced onto you every time you press a button. Want to play a level - here’s a 30 second ad for another game. Even in the middle of playing a level there’s an ad. It’s actual spam. Honestly, make the game like 99c on the App Store and stop with the ads and stop with the overpriced in app upgrade and subscription. It is such a turn off and I have a number of apps that I have just deleted never to download again for this same reason..Version: 3.4.0

BadWas very disappointed, the fruit were not talking to me and calling me stupid and saying they wanted to go home..Version: 3.2.2

WHO RUINED IT WITH STUPID TALKING FACES???!!Great game I love how satisfying it is. I enjoy the sound it makes when I mix the colors, but unfortunately I can’t even LISTEN to it because the game was RUINED WITH STUPID TALKING FACES! And it’s not just like telling you to go lighter or darker, that would be somewhat acceptable, but NO! These stupid faces get upset if you get the wrong color. I was doing the bowling pins when the idiot said “Do you really think I look like a disgusting frog?” The GAME ROASTS YOU IF YOU DONT GET IT RIGHT FIRST TRY. What better than to play a relaxing game and lower your self esteem by talking skateboards 😡Also, don’t even get me started on the ads! Every time you complete a level, start a level, accept an offer, or even sit on the Home Screen for more than two seconds you get booted to a 40 second ad! I don’t even know WHY I’m writing a review on the game because the devs could care less about what anybody is saying, since they obviously haven’t seen the complaints about the faces. I got the game because I saw my friend playing BEFORE the stupid talking faces and when I got it absolutely sucked. My point is, the developers need to remove those faces I’m uninstalling and I’m sure others will too. 😡 My opinion and many other’s, Storm.Version: 3.26.1

There’s some things you need to fix…So when I downloaded this I thought to myself I hope this game is good… welp I was kinda wrong, I’ll go over the things that this game needs to fix now. 1. THERES SO MANY ADS, so every time I even just MOVE THE PAINT ROLLER.. THERE. IS. A. AD. Like can I PLEASE just go 1 SECOND without seeing an ad. 2. It’s VERY G̸̡̦̰̤̼͎̥̤̥̬̥̻̯̾̓͂̀̈̀̚͝͝ͅl̴̻͍̻͈̱̗͗̃i̶̢̐̄̂̅̀̈̿̃̔̾̌ṯ̷̢̲͉̮̲͎̝͇͈̦͎̝̜̝̐͆̐̓̐́͂͐̏͌̉͋̂̚̚c̶̨̛͙͕̙͉̫̒́̉̎h̵̢̭͎̞̩̲͈̞̩͉̳͇͋͊̌̈́͜ÿ̴͖̥̖͉̮̜́̈̾͠(plz excuse the glitch text) so basically supposedly I try to “mix the colors” really fast it just doesn’t mix at all so I hope someone can please fix that error 3. SCAM. So in “SOME” (a lot) of the ads ab this game, IT SAYS YOU CAN GET FREE ROBUX but obviously that’s not true because I also downloaded this half expecting it to actually give me robux… and guess what, it DIDNT so that’s why I’m only rating this 2 stars, so I hope someone can plz fix all of these things that I stated in this. Bye✨.Version: 3.17

Good, but lots of errorsIt’s a relaxing game to play, but there’s many levels where you can get 100% accurate and have completely different colours. And I also got 94% accurate on one level and the hints said that it was perfect and didn’t need anything else. I ended up paying the $5 to remove ads, but you still need to watch ads to get any rewards, soooo…...Version: 3.10.1

SO many adsGood game but because of the ads coming up every second had to delete.Version: 3.2.3

Delete itI had this for 5 minutes I spent more time watching ads than I did playing, dont get it it its not worth your time.Version: 2.62

It’s really rude😣 but no problem with ads🙂I think it’s a good app in general, but you can’t chose which objects you want to Mach to, when you are like 98% colour matched for some reason it says 100% when you spray it on, when you are also trying to match the colour it’s hard to know whether you need to make it lighter or darker because the brush lines show Massively. And last thing the fruit or veg you are trying to matching is really rude and annoying.Version: 3.8.7

Too many adsI really liked this game but every time I tried to play it an ad would pop up and it was so annoying. I really liked playing it but the ads made me hate it. If I were to spend 30 minutes playing it I would watch 20 minutes of ads and like 10 mi utes of playing the game. So don’t download this game if you don’t want to have a ad watching app.Version: 3.0.1

If you like watching ads……then download this game! Sure, it’s kinda entertaining if you’re bored, but I have two complaints, and unfortunately they take away most of the fun of the game and can make it slightly annoying: 1) It is not challenging. Like at all. If you’re tired of the other games on your phone/tablet/whatever, this game can be a somewhat entertaining way to pass the time, but it is not in any way challenging, and I REALLY wish that it could be. 2) As the title of my review suggests, the amount of ads in this game is insane. I have never played a game with so many ads! Not only is there an ad between levels, but if you stay on one screen without interacting for too long (and by “too long” I mean just a few seconds) an ad will pop up! No, I’m not joking. Even on the main screen there are not only banners, but tile ads, so you don’t even see the game’s main page in full screen. I know what you’re thinking, “why not just pay the $2.99 to unlock the ‘No Ads’ mode?” Simple: I hate to say it, I hate to sound rude, but the game isn’t worth $2.99. As of right now, I wouldn’t spend more than a few cents on it. Anyway, I’m going to keep it on my phone and play a little longer to see if the amount of ads improves or if the game gets more challenging, and if either of those improve I will gladly update my review. I really hope it gets better, but, for the time being, I can’t rate any higher than two stars..Version: 3.4.0

AddsTo many adds pop up on the screen. Some of the adds are even inappropriate considering this app is used by kids..Version: 3.26.1

Good but disappointingThis game is so fun and satisfying and one of the best colour games I have played it makes u understand which colours make which colours it’s really great. But I am disappointed due to how many adverts there are. No here me out I don’t mind an advert or two but when u legit have an advert every time u have finagled colouring or spray painting or the auction u get an advert so that is like 3 every level no that’s just stupid I mean I want to play the game not be shown other ones. No I know u need money from adverts but I know that loads of people love this game and want to play it and to tell u the truth I got this game because of an advert u saw of it but there is a difference between some adverts so u can get good games but 3 each level now that’s ridiculous. Less ads and u will get an amazing review from me. That is my only problem so sort it please..Version: 3.2.2

Good gameIts okay i like it.Version: 3.26.1

Colour matchThis game is fun to mix colours and try to win, however sometimes the ads can be annoying and ruin the experience of the game. Also when you sell at auction you only have one choice which is doubling the cash and you have to watch an ad. Maybe to make it better you could reduce the ads and say keep your money or double as an option.Version: 3.1

AdsThis game would be a 5 star if, there were no ads and there’s ads EVERY SECOND!!📢 please change this! But over all I rate this game 3 stars because it’s very fun to play!! ✨ -please change to have NO ads!!.Version: 3.29

Ads every 5 secondsFor a very basic game, the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. Rather than make you want to pay to get rid of them, it just made me want to uninstall it. You get an Ad when you load the game, an Ad when you start a level, an Ad during a level and an Ad when you’ve finished a level. And on top of that, if you take longer than a couple of seconds before you touch the screen during play, it will throw another Ad at you. So forget trying to have a seconds thought. It makes the whole game pointless in my opinion.Version: 3.8.7

Poor player experienceDevs care more about ads than player experience.Version: 3.8.7

Worst game I have ever playedI normally don’t write reviews, but this game is on a whole other level of bad. First of all, there are way to many ads. I understand if they come between games, but they shouldn’t come EVERY TIME YOU TOUCH THE PAINTBRUSH! In one game, you would have gotten at least 6 ads. It is to the point where you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Now you might be thinking, “I can just turn off the Wi-Fi”, but Nooooo, the game doesn’t allow you to play without Wi-Fi. Last of all, why the faces and the voices? When I first saw it, it looked like a someone poorly edited a face onto a strawberry. When it talked it surprised/scared me so much that I almost fell of my chair. It was really strange, because I thought it was supposed to be a relaxing game, but instead, I have to hear a strawberry’s disgusting voice, and being flooded with ads. Terrible game. If there was a 0 star option to put on a review I would have done it..Version: 3.8.1

Too many ads and not accurateThe amount of ads in this is absolutely ridiculous. If you made a better game which would make people want to spend money on in game purchases than that would make it much better for you as a game developer rather than smacking an ad in every 2 seconds. If you dont touch the screen for more than 3 seconds you get an ad, an ad when you load in, an ad after you paint, and ad everytime you finish anything basically. Another big issue is that the paint itself is not accurate. In real life when you mix colours, black is the strongest colour and will absorb all the other colour mixed in a pallet so you only need the tiniest amount rather than 6 brush fulls just to get a few shades darker. Another issue is that in the palette the paint looks like it matches perfectly because of that shiny white reflection layer on top, and then it pairs to the food and it goes 10 shades darker so its hard to get 100% accuracy and if you go back to change it -BOOM! advertisement (again). It is a fun game but its just too annoying to carry on playing..Version: 3.2.1

Unplayable with addsThis game is fun and I really enjoy trying to match the paint, however the adds are unbearable and I have to delete the game. Even when I haven’t clicked anything it will play a 30 second add and I just get so annoyed and stop playing. The game isn’t worth paying for adds free either. As well as when you chose to use a different paint brush or paint box you get 100% accuracy immediately which is not challenging..Version: 3.9.9

Eh It’s a bit… ehIt’s fun the first couple of times and I’ll admit it’s useful when your bored but I literally finished all the sections on the map, and then it just then restarted. This app just seems quite rushed and I know it’s hard to make an app but please not so many apps and also it’s not just women who go to auctions! Seriously like if your looking for a kinda boredom-curing app then download but like, eh, I could live without it because at the end of the day, it’s just the same thing over and over.Version: 3.6.1

Stupid gameOk, so when I downloaded this game I liked it. It was cool but the thing that dissatisfied me was the fact that the app is closing automatically and I have to keep on opening the app over and over again. Also, the map is so crammed. I had to try and figure out how to use the map before the app closed. And, when did a strawberry speak?! It is so weird and the voice is so robotic. Add some expression please! Also, TOO MANY ADS! They give you this option to pay to have no ads but who's gonna do that? NOBODY. After you have mixed the colors, you have to spray paint the object. It really doesn’t need that. Like, you just found the color you don’t need to paint it again! Excessive. And, I don’t get how you get to higher levels like kitchen or whatever anyways, I watched the ad for this game, downloaded it and instantly regretted it because I was forced to repeat the same levels over and over because of glitches. So please, don’t trust the rates and don't download..Version: 3.8.0

Super annoying adsWhen I get to my Home Screen if you don’t push the play (whatever it is) button after about 5 seconds an ad pops up. This is the same with colouring your item. Once I’ve coloured my item, I decide to auction it and then guess what pops up: a super annoying ad! These ads are really out of control. The game is even worth waiting for 2 minutes till the annoying ad passes. Really annoying! Don’t download this if you can tout up with it..Version: 3.26.1

Good concept bad executionToo many ads. Yes as a free game you obviously need to have advertisements, but the amount of ads in this is absolutely astounding. Makes it unbearably painful to attempt to play a small amount of game in between so many ads. The gameplay isn’t the best either. The brush often likes to jump around the screen and select colours out of the blue. The actual painting part is ok. Everything else is a no. Also selling at auction. Played about 6 levels and had absolutely no idea what the money I was earning was for. Didn’t care either as I could keep playing anyway..Version: 3.2.3

This is not a gameI don’t believe that the intent of this app was ever about a game. This is purely a way for them to trick people into watching ads. After downloading the app the first time I opened it, it played three ads back to back to back. I closed it out thinking something may have glitched and reopened it. It again opened with an ad. Each level is broken into three parts, the color matching part, a painting part and then an auction. I watched the ad to start the level, then another popped up after matching the color, I painted the object and then a third ad popped up before the auction and a fourth after that part. That’s 4 ads for *maybe* 30 seconds of gameplay, if that. I did a second level to see if it would continue that way and I got 4 more ads. I understand the need to make money, I actually quite often will pay to remove ads from a game but there’s no way to play long enough to see if this game is even worth the cost. I honestly think that this app is nothing more than an advertising app disguised as a game. Even the 5 star reviews mention that the advertising is excessive..Version: 2.72

Most recent update ruined the whole gameI actually used to enjoy the game: it was one of the few free games that wasn’t crazy in shoving ads down your throat, and the gameplay itself is a fun time killer. HOWEVER, after the most recent update, it refuses to let me play if I’ve lost internet or the internet is spotty (I play on my ipad and it only connects to wifi), then spams me with ads; also ugly FACES were added onto the reference items you’re supposed to match AND the faces TALK!?! Who thought THAT was a good idea?? I used to play with my music playing because the game used to be relatively relaxing, but because of the TALKING FACES it stops my music even if I can’t hear their voice since I have the ipad on silent (no system noises, media/music would still play). There is NO option provided to turn off the ugly faces and their constant chatter (even when technically silenced) so that I can continue playing with my music and enjoy the game properly. Finally, a constant problem the game already had: the auction segment makes no sense because auction prices are only supposed to INCREASE until no one else has a higher offer; the nonsense the game does with jumping around in price from, for example, $3826 to $1539 to $2190 is ludicrous!.Version: 3.6.1

MehSo I was intrigued when I saw an add for this game in another game. I gave it a shot. The actual color matching part is fun but everything else I do not care for. I don’t want to try and sell things at auction, I don’t want to try and improve the town or whatever, and there are sooooo many ads. And I don’t just mean between sessions. There is a stupid bubble that floats around the color matching page and sometimes it lands over your paint while you are trying to paint, so you have to wait for it to move, or sometimes you accidentally click it and then are forced to watch an ad. I’m fine paying to remove ads in a game I like, but this game is just too cluttered. There are too many things going on and too many things on each screen. I guess that is the hard part with the ads you see - they only show you the best part of the game and not all the other stuff, so I guess I thought it was just a color matching game, but you have to do all kinds of other stuff..Version: 3.1

Lazy Game DevelopmentI don’t usually write reviews for apps but I felt compelled to for this one. This game is so lazily made its amazing really. So many levels are way too easy, majority of them just require you to mix all the colours they give you together once to get the right colour. Sometimes you have to mix everything once and then add one more colour. As the game goes on it gets lazier. I’m on the 4th section and it’s literally just cubes. The section before was cars which had like 2 different models of cars. Also had 2 cars the exact same colour. At least in the first 2 sections the models for the objects were somewhat interesting, although still very low quality. They also repeat colours throughout the game. This game is just capitalising on the popularity of a real life person with talent who went viral by perfectly colour matching items. They have no passion for the games they are making and are just making games to farm ad revenue. It’s sad because it’s a really fun concept for a game. I decided to pay the £2.49 to get rid of ads since I enjoyed the early levels. But the game still requires you to watch ads to unlock various things in the game. So all you’re doing is paying to stop being harassed by ads every 2 seconds..Version: 3.2.2

I LOVE THIS GAME … just a couple problemsI downloaded this app after seeing an add about it. i thought it seemed fun so i gave it a try. and when i tell you this game IS SO FUN. i love how you have to try to mix the colors until you get it perfect and i love the auctioning aspect about it. it’s a really neat concept for a game i just have one huge problem. THE ADS. i understand that games have ads and all but this is a RIDICULOUS number of ads. it seems like every five seconds after i do something oh surprise here’s another ad. also when i started playing it my phone was at 70% when i got off it was at 12%. this game runs down your battery so much its crazy. another thing is it’s VERY glitchy. it seems every time there’s an add or every couple seconds it glitched. it’s annoying honestly, for a game this good. if you ignore these inconveniences this game is incredible and amazing. i really wish y’all would fix this because i had to dented the game bcs of how annoying it got..Version: 3.1

Way too many addsIt’s a good game just too many adds there’s like 3-4 adds per level and you only get too play for like 10 seconds it’s annoying this game sucks.Version: 3.1

Ads are beyond out of controlI cant even get through a level with out seeing like 3-4 ads literally. There is a ad when it starts, an ad dead in the middle of mixing, an ad after the submission, and one after u auction… and if u have to restart the color there is an ad for that… oh and dont for get an ad when u pick a brush… to be honest ive even noticed that if the game is idle for any time it will throw an ad in the middle of where ever or what ever your doing in the game … at this point i cant even enjoy the game and will most likely uninstall. The little time i get to play a game i dont want to spend 98% of it watching ads and clicking out of boxes. dont get me wrong i dont mind an ad or two or even one after every level but they have no boundaries for where and when they put there ads… at that point its just Ridiculous and even borderline impolite….Version: 3.8.0

My opinionThe game itself is good, but the amount of ads there are. It is really irritating, you’ll just be matching the colours, but if you don’t interact with the screen, you’ll get an ad. I haven’t thought of getting no ads payment, because there is just no worth. This game is just a game that you would play in your free time, so there isn’t really any use to spend your money. But if you do that’s totally fine, I just think it’s a bit of a waste. While this game could be used for educational purposes, and other things, it does get annoying at times. You get so many ads, so the majority of the time you spend playing it are just ads. The games amazing, but there needs to be less ads. Another thing about the ads, is the fact that when your putting your items up for auction, at the end of the auction when you’ve sold it, it comes up with “double it”, or the option to “(money amount) is good”. But when you press the (for example) 1000 is good, it still gives you an ad. But most games do that, so it’s not so surprising. And good game but needs to be less ads..Version: 2.72

Too many adsLove the game but theres too many ads I know you guys are trying to get money but there just too much 🥲.Version: 3.13

Way too many adsI downloaded it to give it a crack, and the amount of ads is so disruptive it turned me off. I finished two levels quickly and there was basically ads before, after, sometimes even during it unprompted, and if you flick between another app and come back, surprise - another ad. I tried to turn off data to at least have a chance to play the game and see if it’s worth tolerating, but you can’t play without data enabled for the app. Just a money grab from the developers, don’t waste your time.Version: 3.1.1

Amazing game, too many addsAs everyone else in here. I did three levels and I had 6-7 ads in the Short amount of time I played. Internet connection to play this type of games? Its just not worth it. I’ll try and keep playing but the most likely scenario is that I will delete it. I know everyone works really hard for this type of games but im sure you can tone it down with the adds. One after the matching colour is done? 100% on board. 3 adds while you try to match? Ridiculous.Version: 3.2.2

Way to many adsWouldn’t recommend downloading it because so many ads I played this for 30 minutes and all I got was ads so don’t get if you don’t want to wait round .😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 3.8.7

To many addsWay too many adds even when you buy the add free version.Version: 3.4.0

Good but the adverts…The game is very good and has a great consept but the objects talk like a robotic monotone version of Siri. Some of the blends that you get 100% on look nothing like the actual color. I like how you can keep the items in your room or action them off but on the garden one I kept a sliced mango and it was displayed growing on a tree? Like chopped up mango does not grow on trees. And if you don’t press the screen for about 3 seconds it gives you an add. As soon as you start painting you get an add. As soon as you finish painting you get an add. As soon as you start spray painting you get an add. As soon as you Finnish spray painting you get an add. As soon as you start the action you get an add. As soon as you Finnish actioning you get an add. Ok you get my point there are a lot of adverts. We know you need funding for the game and you get them off adds but half the adverts are for there own games. And the adverts are like 30 seconds or 1 minute long. Anyway the actual game is very good and if you are willing to shed £2.49 for no adds it’s worth it. But if it wasn’t for the adds I would give it 5 stars. (Also please work on the voice it’s getting really annoying).Version: 3.21.1

UghAds every second.Version: 3.26.1

Paid for no ads, got ads the next daySo this game is fun and kind of addicting! I don’t usually pay for games, but found myself loving this so I paid for no ads… and there are a LOT of ads. I paid $2.99 and i thought I was done with ads… but the next morning the ads were back. Sooooo… don’t bother paying I guess. I’m not sure if it was an error in the system, or an error on my part in assuming that paying would get rid of ads altogether. It’s a super fun and simple game, but the ads are insanely annoying. More than with any other game I’ve ever played. Like if you take too long to click on something (I’m easily distracted) an ad will pop up in the middle of the game. Super bummed that I paid for this because it was basically for no reason. Without the ads I paid not to have, id give it five stars!.Version: 3.8.6

AdssssssAd every 5 seconds even after not doing anything. also confusing and unorganized layout. cool concept though.Version: 3.26.1

Didn’t know the devs had that supercell in them ☠️☠️☠️The game generally is a very fun game, but the amount of ads for a simple 5 minute play is outstanding. Maybe if the game didn’t require wifi it would be better. Still a good concept though!.Version: 3.28

Review :(I liked matching the colours but there were way too many ads like i couldn’t get in colour in without an ad popping up. Delete!.Version: 2.62

AdsThis game would’ve been amazing if the bugs were removed and less ads. There is WAYYYY to many ads. Everytime I open the game, it comes into an ad straight away Deleted.Version: 3.28

Too many adsOpen app x2 ads played , open a level another ad , played 1 round 2 more ads ! Way too many !.Version: 2.72

ScamThis morning colour match tried to get information from me during a “give away” I kept investigating into it and every single time some how I won! I knew that this was fake and that colour match was trying to get my address and details. I did not let this happen. Also I figured out that every time I did the surveys new Prize would come up. And the comments and reviews were from the same people but every time the words would be changed slightly for every prize that was being pretend given. I do not longer feel that safe on this game and I would love if you could report this behaviour. Kind regards, Ella.Version: 3.15

SO MANY ADS!The game itself is good, a bit repetitive but good. However, there are so many ads! After every single mini game there is an ad and even if you just leave the game on for 10 seconds without touching the screen, there is an advertisement. You also can’t use the turning off WiFi trick either, there’s not even a paid option to remove ads. It’s such a shame, I would’ve enjoyed this game and played it so much if there wasn’t an ad every second. Don’t recommend to get, a waste of time and frustrating with the amount of adverts..Version: 2.62

Why so much ads?I joined the game and there was an ad as soon as I opened it, so dumb.Version: 3.28

Too many adsI’ve only played it for ten minutes and the ads are too much, the game is okay..Version: 3.4.0

Way too many adsI’ve said it before!! And same as a lot of other people have too!! I love the concept of your game but I hate how there is sooo many ads. I’ll happily watch an ad after each round but not ads every 5 seconds that I look away! I love painting and art but I really think you need to improve on the ad issue. You’re not going to have people keep the app if this is the amount of ads we get, I hope you can fix the issue. 👍.Version: 3.4.0

AdsI enjoy playing it but there’s too many ads!.Version: 3.9.7

Okay appIt was very challenging to colour match things and the voices were pretty distracting,instead of this game I recommend playing Fill The Fridge hope this helps you.Version: 3.27

Doesn’t let me actually match the colorsSo I was just playing the game and every time I got the colors matching it would say like 9189 everything but 100 and whenever I wouldn’t get correct I would say 100 like I was doing a golf ball and it said that on the first try I got it correct but it didn’t say that it said that I got wrong and whenever I did it the second time it was correct even though it was actually wrong. Somethings wrong with this game. It’s not letting me actually match the colors. Say no you got this incorrect now so I don’t like the way it talks to me I don’t like it creepy worst game ever never play it but it’s for relaxing, but also gets me really frustrated so here’s my review it doesn’t let me actually match the colors and if anyone wants to play this, make sure you read this review because this game is absolutely the worst it’s relaxing whenever you know how to get the colors right but it makes me really frustrated so I am just going to like not play anymore and also like I don’t like the way it stares at me, so yeah, read this with you.Version: 3.15

DisappointingThis game caught my attention as I’ve not seen anything else like it. The concept is great, I love the idea of giving an understanding of colour matching and learning which colours cancel each other out, but the execution is awful, the game is glitchy, the roller has a mind of its own and will add in other colours when you’re mixing, you also have to have the sound on which I don’t like and the noise of the paint mixing is horrible, and this is all before we have even mentioned the adverts…. Why so many adverts, you can’t get into the game and relax because there’s an advert constantly popping up! Sorry but this didn’t even hold my attention for 5 minutes, infact I’ve spent more time writing this review than I have playing the game! Unfortunately I will now be deleting.Version: 3.20

It's ok..So first of all I do think it's fun when you mix the paints to see if it matches but what's constantly bugging me is how the the object is always talking and distracting me from what I'm doing. Yes, sometimes it helps but I'd also like to figure out how to do it myself. What's really annoying is when it's says something like this, "Do I look anything like this!? Come on.." . Honestly, that just makes me want to stop playing. Second of all, THERE'S TO MANY ADS!! Like when you just want to do a bit of painting, suddenly, you get around three ads in a row and it's ALL THE TIME!! Otherwise,the app is sometimes fun to play but please correct this..Version: 3.9.8

.Trop de publicité pour le peu de temps jouer.Version: 3.26.1

Could be better…What really annoys me about this game is there are way too many ads and it makes you just not want to play because when you play you’re not even playing, half of the time you’re watching adverts. Not to mention the fact you can’t turn airplane mode off. This is the same with all games, but sometimes the first levels are way too easy. So maybe make them a little harder because the first levels sometimes last for a while and are boring when they are too easy..Version: 3.9.9

Ads ruin everythingI hate writing reviews but was so mad that I felt the urge. The game is okay made (not great) but the ads keep interrupting what I’m doing. It’s not the usual annoying ad in between each level, I had 2 ads during the 3rd level! I would never even consider giving this game any money because of how ridiculous it is. It’s unplayable, takes any kind of satisfaction out of it. It’s the epitome of how bad mobile games have become..Version: 3.3.0

So. Many. AdsUsually pretty patient and will hang in there for a good game, but I couldn’t even press submit on the second level before I gave up..Version: 3.2

1 ad per min ffsI got an ad for this game and it looked interesting, I clicked on it and read the reviews while downloading it. Every shingle review mentioned too many ads so I thought I’d take count of how many I encountered while playing. I kid you not, there was an ad per min. Played for 10mins and I got 10ths and even while closing the app I got another. Sometimes you even got 2 ads back to back and they were the annoying ads that even when pressing the x, a second portion shows that you need to close too. The game itself has potential but also isn’t done very well either so all in all just isn’t worth it..Version: 2.62

Great game !!!There are a lot of adds but this is a really fun cool game.Version: 3.26.1

So badI rarely leave reviews but jeez. The ads on this are excessive to say the least, and while the concept of this game is interesting, it’s so poorly executed. I painted a green apple completely yellow and it gave me like 93% accuracy?? Like you could be colour blind and still successfully play this game. Cheers for being inclusive I guess.Version: 2.72

Just ads, would rather give my kid some real paint!I would rather give my daughter paint and have her paint the walls an then clean it up than have her sit through endless ads. No stars..Version: 3.25

An annoying experienceI played this game for around 15 minutes and i’m already deleting it. it’s a fun concept, but the gameplay itself has issues. everything is very touchy, you constantly dip your brush into other colors that you didn’t want. mixing only a little on your palate will give you a completely different color than if you fully mix the colors. the object talking at you in its stupid AI voice is a useless addition, it completely ruins the “relaxing” experience the game tries to market. my main issue is of course, the ads. trying to navigate the menu is nearly impossible. even clicking onto your game settings will pop up an ad. you can get an ad before and after every single level you play. overall this game is not fun, ads follow you at every single turn. playing this game in an ad for it is all the fun you’d ever get from actually downloading it..Version: 3.29

Don’t download this gameYou spend more time watching ads than playing it. Absolutely terrible user experience..Version: 3.26.1

The ads are out of controlI’m going to start off on a good note saying that yes, this is a wonderful game I love playing it but the only thing that I didn’t like AT ALL was the ads. Right after you finish something, AD. Once you sell what you made, AD. There are like 3 ads in a row and it’s just out of control. I know that ads are good for games to have so they can make money, but the this game has WAY too many ads. Since there are so many ads yes, this game is going to get deleted immediately once the player finds out how many ads there are. I found this game on my friends phone. I started playing it and really enjoyed it, so I downloaded it on my phone the next day. But that’s when I find out how many out of control ads there are. If you don’t care about ads this is the game for you. But if you hate ads this is definitely not the right game for you. Maybe if they decrease the high number of ads they would get more player but for now, I don’t know how they are going to get players with all these ads. Thank you for reading..Version: 3.2.2

Games is fun but glitch PLEASE RESPOND DEVELOPERSHey! This game is really fun itself but there is a glitch. For example let’s say I was matching cherrys in stead of doing a long blob of spiny it does dots and the. Dots don’t go away so it messes up my colors also I don’t mind ads unless they have one before the game after the game and in the middle now this game is good with adds but the only thing I have to say about the ads is yes it has adds all games do but it REPEATS ads it repeats the same ad and it is annoying and the add I see it has a boy in underwear a girl in a bra and underwear and all the other girls are like that!!! This was really disturbing to me an innocent 10 year old girl. But other than that this game is really fun. (Tip) if you hate ads just turn your wi fi off and any games that don’t need internet don’t have any ads..Version: 3.7.1

It is okay but need a couple of changes ❤️First of all I love how you have all these different colours to match the item but the paint needs to blend smother to look more realistic and at the end of every single colour match and before you start colour matching target every single mini game and I I don’t touch the screen for like 10 seconds there is and ad!!!!!you should also be able to choose the item that you would like to colour match. I am not going to lie it is very annoying and I am not very pleased this is getting a 2 out of 5 anyways I hope you have a good Christmas ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄.Version: 2.62

AdvertsNumber one thing I absolutely hate about this game is the obsurd amount of the same ads every time I click on something for example, I click on shop - advert - I click off shop - advert- it’s so repetitive and annoying. Secondly, they play the same ads again and again (I DONT CARE). And, just to let you know, I played the game for a little bit and I enjoyed it and I would have rated 5 stars until I gave up because of the insanely repetitive and annoying ads every 10 seconds..Version: 3.10.1

Too many adsFun concept but the amount of ads makes it impossible to play.Version: 3.1

Good concept, but a major design flaw…I really enjoyed playing this game because the levels were just the right amount of challenging for me. I’m not a fan of the talking faces, but fortunately there is a button to turn it off in settings. I enjoy the spray painting bit and the auctioning after. That’s why the three stars are there. Why the other two aren’t there? The major problem that gets brought up in nearly every review ever: MY GOD THE ADS. I know everybody complains about ads but this is crazy. Ads after every level that I can’t skip through, as well add more ads if I’m not actively playing for too long. If my finger isn’t touching the screen, I get an ad or even two in a row. It’s honestly frustrating to the point deleting the entire app. I don’t spend money on games, because it’s kinda pointless. Developers please fix this. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not, but it’s ruined the whole game for me..Version: 3.13

It’s fun, lots of adsIt’s to be expected, most of these games are just cash grabs by spamming ads, but this one is kinda fun.Version: 2.62

Don’t downloadIt’s quite literally just ads back to back during the game, also the airplane mode hack doesn’t work so no matter what you’re forced to watch ads, I think I only had the game downloaded for 2 minutes, had three ads in that time. Also ads at the bottom of the screen and to the side of the Home Screen, it’s pretty embarrassing for the developers considering it’s clearly only made to make money, not for people to enjoy or play at all..Version: 3.9.3

So many ADSSo annoying there are ads every 5 seconds. Can’t play offline.Version: 3.28

😋The game is fine but their is to many adds.Version: 3.25

Ads every minToo many ads. Deleted after less than 5 mins playing..Version: 3.1

Do not downloadToo many ads more than any game. You can’t play this offline and every 30 seconds there is a add, plus the game runs badly not worth it..Version: 2.62

Needs some workGood game actually . My problem is that we don’t get to choose what we make. I feel that we should have some responsibility on this game as we can’t choose anything except from how much it is worth . It is okay but we need to choose more things like what colours we use , what we recreate and how much it’s worth. Other than that this game is a great game but there is one other thing: the items. This is a problem because the items talk and this is not realistic. If you want this game to be better then don’t make the items talk to you. Oh and when the person wins the item in the auction, they should have different celebrations. In my game they all have the same dance and it’s always the same person. My advice would be change it up a bit , put a little bit of spice on the curry. The game is amazing other than that and if you liked this review give it a 👍🏻 Thank you !.Version: 3.6.1

Hi this is my reviewThere are two problems with this app, first, way to many ads every single level you get like to minutes of adds and like five seconds of game play, second, once you get to a certain level it just repeat’s it’s self or at least that’s my experiences with the game.Version: 3.7.1

HUHIt’s not too bad but way to many ads!!! And how is this game 12+?!!!!??? My 1 year old cousin could play this!.Version: 3.28

AdsSo basically u don’t want to put you off this game but when you want to press a button that just wants to carry on with the game it presses the one with the ad and the advantage and it gets really annoying there are also a lot of ads for no reason and when you finish around it suddenly has a 30 sec ad and it gets really annoying apart from that though it is a good game :).Version: 3.16

Absurd amount of adsI understand apps need ads in order to make money off of your app but the amount of ads these types of games give you is absurd. Seriously, an ad after every level? What is this sick joke, and these ads aren’t those click off ads but the ones that make you watch until the end. Terrible, you should make it one ad after 3 or 5 levels..Version: 2.62

Ads + wifiI bought this game just a while ago and almost instantly was bored out by the amount of ads you get with everything you do. It’s a game similar to those that are easily accessed without wifi, but unlike them you must be on wifi so you can’t run away from the ads. Im pretty sure everyone just wants a simple game without ads to other games we do not want!.Version: 2.72

WAY too many adsIt’s a fun game and I totally understand needing to fund it via ads but there’s way too many. I’m talking like three ads in a row. You can’t click on a button or sit on the same page for more than 10 seconds without an ad coming up. And the ads aren’t even the 5 second versions it’s the longer ones with three separate pages that you have to sit on to wait for the exit button. I only got a few levels in before I was too frustrated with the amount of adverts to keep playing..Version: 3.1.1

Onslaught of adsThe game itself is fine. I thought “yep nice concept, this will help me chill out in my down time” but the onslaught of ads is just relentless! I’m only 3 levels in and I’ve encountered something like 20-30 ads And when I clicked the “no ads” button to see how much that would cost, no less than 4 ads popped up while us was trying to read it. Felt like the biggest scam to irritate someone into an in-app purchase. Not worth it, I’m deleting the app..Version: 3.2.2

Too many adsThis game looked good when I saw it, but, I hadn’t even finished the third one and had to watch 21 ads, they just kept popping up, you finish one and another one would start straight away. Have already deleted, it’s a waste of time.Version: 3.1

Ads make it almost unplayableThe ads make this game almost totally unplayable. Way way to many between every stage of every level and then just randomly in the middle of each stage. The cost is way to high to go ad free should be no more then a 0.79p game. The mixing and matching is enjoyable but for such little amount of game play when compared to ad watching it is not worth it. Also burns through my battery. I could accept an ad at the end of a level and even the bonus ads but your game is completely trashed and unplayable due to the adverts..Version: 3.8.0

Fun game! But…You get an ad after every lvl You would think since tiktok advertised it it wouldn’t need its own ads, so. Fun game! Annoying ads..Version: 2.62

Really?!?!Just wanna see you if I need more colour… AD. Ok I’m still in the middle of mix… AD. Really?! Can i just look to see if I need more colour?! AD. Literally 3 ads back to back on one mix. Ads in the middle of mixing. How about just leaving ads until after the auctions and not in the middle of a task. Would have been a good game too. You won’t get money from the ads, if people keep deleting the app, because they pop up every 2 seconds..Version: 3.1

STOP THE ADS!When I saw this I decided to play it but when I had ads play every time I did something e.g. when I tap a button when I claim something and when I start and complete a level! If you want ads running do at least one at the end of every level and or when claiming something like the others. Btw when I turned on airplane mode I thought it would stop the ads but nooooooooo… IT JUST HAD TO NEED WIFI TO PLAY! LIKE CMON ITS JUST A MOBILE GAME DONT BE SUCH A EA WANNABE AND RUIN GAMES AND THROW ADS CONSTANTLY INTO PEOPLES FACES! Please and if done… thank you!.Version: 2.72

Neat gameI like the game but soon as it asks for a review and you give one it’s ad after ad after ad insane.Version: 3.28

Great ConceptDon‘t get me wrong, this game has great potential, but would be a lot more enjoyable if there were a few changes. For example, the faces on the items are a bit creepy…not horrifying, but not pleasant. The game would be so much better if they had more friendly, cute cartoon faces, or simply no faces at all. Also, the robot voices of the items is kind of annoying and repeats boring phrases, over and over. There is one phrase in particular that is repeated throughout the levels,“There are so many possibilities, can you handle it?“ but there is a mistake in the pronunciation of“possibilities“. Instead it says,“POSSIBLILITIES“. Look closely, there‘s an extra L after the B. I think a lot of people would like the game more if it just had different little text bubbles for each level. Lastly, maybe add some more unneeded colors to make the levels more challenging so we have to decide between more colors for which we need to mix and what we don‘t need to mix. This game has its flaws, but with a few fixes, people will enjoy it a lot more. Thank you!.Version: 3.8.1

Why on earth does this app look like this?I feel like the people who conceptualized this app fail to understand what might be appealing to the sort of folks who might enjoy a color matching game long term. This app is extremely visually noisy, ugly, the UI is obnoxious, there are in-app sounds with a very irritating voice track that yells at you to hurry, and there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to turn off the sounds from the main menus. The many large buttons around the color matching screen flash regularly with am irritating animation, on a screen I would think should be focused on the actual game process instead of being distracting. I was expecting something designed for people who would appreciate clean lines, thoughtful design, a soothing app environment, and a tone of encouragement. This starts you off with a very Windows 2000 clip-art looking apple yawning at you derisively. Seems like the color matching process is fine but it was immediately not worth it due to how grating and user-hostile the app is. It looks like it was slapped together. Pass..Version: 3.5.0

So many adsI feel like every single button you press leads to an ad. If I exit the game and return to try and skip the ad, it gets rid of the progress I made in the level. The ads are also the ones where you have to click the x twice and wait an extra 5 seconds..Version: 3.20


Too many ads. Waste of your timeI enjoy the concept of the game however there was an ad every time I clicked a button..Version: 3.1

Coloring matchI don’t mind the app. I only wish that there weren’t any ads after 5 seconds of doing nothing. If there weren’t any ads then I’d change my rating to 5 stars.Version: 3.1

RIDICULOUS number of adsIt’s hard to get a sense of whether you like this game enough to spend $5 on the ad-free version because the amount of pop up ads while trying out the free game is out of control. It’s a shame, I would’ve probably paid for the full version if I hadn’t spent more time waiting for ads to finish than actually playing. Deleted within 5 mins..Version: 3.1

Unplayable and unsettling…This game is by far the WORST game I have ever played, no exaggeration. This game is physically unplayable simply because of the ads. I have played 7 stages and I got 28 ads. Also I simply refuse to believe how ANYONE in their right mind would think faces on the objects were a good idea. The faces were really disturbing and unsettling and the faces would change if you added a different color. They also would not stop talking, All the time, it was just talking and talking and talking and talking. My next problem is the auction. Usually the prices keep going UP!! Not going DOWN!! And that’s exactly what the game does. For example a normal auction would go $1045 - $1130 - $1254. But what the game does is it goes from $1034 - $921 - $306. It only goes down. OCCASIONALLY it goes up by $10 then goes back down. I could go on and on about how this game is so bad but I am tired and don’t feel like writing more..Version: 3.11

Love the idea, HATE the bubble and AdsIf I could give this 0 stars I would. Love the concept but I can’t play it. Too many ads! If they fix the ads and the bubble, I will change my rating Then I bought the no ad function (and I hope it doesn’t go away like I’ve read in some reviews). This is a much better way to play. I like the mixing and painting parts a lot! I am really into colors! I like the auction part pretty well. I am ok with the decorations part, though it would be nice to have some choice in what I decorate with. The only problem is that STUPID bubble! If you play this game (assuming you either play through the ads or buy the ad free option), you will see a bubble floating across the screen. It is inevitable to hit it NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! And the worst part is you can’t say I didn’t want to hit it. Can’t it be stationary? If I want help, I’ll reach up 2 inches and click the button for a hint,.Version: 3.2.2

An advertisers heavenGame is okay, it’d be good to just switch off your head and relax. But the amount of advertisements makes the game feel unplayable sometimes. Two banner ads on main page all time, when not in a level the game can interrupt you for an ad, there is a bubble floating around on the colouring page at all times that if you accidentally click you will be forced to watch an ad. The game even forces you to to be online so they can advertise to you and probably sell your data..Version: 3.2.1

Wish it was better1. The game is well made in some aspects, but poorly done in others. The zoo room, for example, has a “realistic” elephant figure as well as a Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny figure. These style inconsistencies lead me to believe the developers took 3D models made by other artists, or, at the very least, could not be bothered to create original pieces for their game. 2. At some point my game developed a glitch where a giant 3D object is rotating and clipping in the overworld. It’s incredibly distracting and I’m way too far into the game to delete the app now. 3. My biggest complaint is that some of the items have a completely incorrect solution or the solution is completely impossible with the colors provided. When this happens, the game will either insist your incorrectly mixed color is 100% right or you will never be able to get a correct match. The further you get into the game, the more frequent this happens (which is what led me to finally submit this review.) 4. I don’t like that I can’t turn off the sound. I would really like to listen to my own music while I play, but because the audio is forced to be on it will make anything I try to play stop playing. I’m shocked that this wasn’t an option that was implemented at the start. I do like the game as a concept, I just wish it was executed better..Version: 3.13

Overall everything ⭐️⭐️⭐️I put a timer for 10 minutes and I had 10 ads. That means a ad every minute. 🥱🥱🥱 The amount of ads was ridiculous. When we have a auction for the item the first person says $530 , so you have to choose take a chance to see what else someone says or take it, you say chance and they say $200. 😠😡 You should be able to hear all options and choose one.😡 The game itself was amazing the graphics were grate and there was no glitches but I noticed it drained my charge a bit compared to other games.🙃 Overall I think the game is great but please reduce the ads and let people see the options for the auction.😁 ⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 3.1.1

CONSTANT ADSMid play you’ll get an ad. Immediately followed by another ad. And then another. It’s almost impossible to play when ads constantly start. Don’t even bother..Version: 3.2

More ads then actual play time.Ridiculous amounts of ads. Game is pretty much unplayable expect 10 seconds of actual game time to 30 seconds ads. Don’t waste your time..Version: 3.2.2

Horrible.I don’t even know where to begin with how bad this game is! First of all Im sure you know what this is abt, the ads is just unbelievable. We watch more ads than we can even play the game! It already takes like 10 seconds to load into the game and as soon as the tip of my finger touches play there is a ad before even getting started. Let’s also mention how even when it offers you extra something bad you click no thank you, you’re just forced into it anyway, what’s the point of the button then?!! Another thing.. when you’re mixing the colors and it looks just about right, you put the card up to the thing and it just turns into a whole different shade! How can I mix and determine what the outcome might be if it is just going to change my color! Lastly, when I get finished with a item and I decide to close out the game, it will just take you back right into the one you just did. This game is so money greedy with the ads and just all of it, never getting this game again 😡🤬.Version: 3.15

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