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Moncage App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Moncage app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Moncage? Can you share your negative thoughts about moncage?

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Moncage for Negative User Reviews

Prepare to be bored and frustratedBought this game because it was on the Apple awards page for bests of the year. I wish I wouldn’t have. It’s not a very good game. It tries to be escape room but fails in its attempt. There is no “ figuring of a puzzle out”. It’s basically blind luck, hoping to match up shapes to get to the next screen. I tryed to give it a chance. Played it for 2 hours, aimlessly turning the cube. I think it made my eyesight worse, straining to look at the small pictures on an iPhone screen. This game isn’t fun, it’s pain..Version: 1.06

Will not openLiked the look of the game but as for others it will not open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, checked the version is up to date, checked my iPad is running a suitable version of iOS, looked at the discord site, added headphones ... and frankly I have had enough. Please can I have a refund. Thank you..Version: 1.06

Beautiful but arbitraryBeautiful game and a clever mechanic. Hat’s off to the designer’s for creativity. But the puzzles are arbitrary and disjointed. There’s a lot of time spent just figuring out what to do next. That leads to a slow game pace which can get frustrating..Version: 1.06

Crashes on startupThe game won’t load on iPad Air 4th Gen..Version: 1.06

24 hours of fun.Gorgeous game. Problem is that i bave finished it all in less than 24 hours. I don’t want to sound cheap and I am not really sorry for the money spent but in this day and age for its price it should give me more than a day of entertainment . Given a week or so I would have rated it 5 star..Version: 1.06

I started to like this, but then it got to a point where it just got ridiculous!When you have an interface that insists on doing certain actions in a specific order, AND also insists on you tapping to complete an action to turn something on while having you trying to maintain the merging of two separate images, this not only goes beyond ridiculous, this gets downright frustrating and makes ordinary patient people want to break their iPads in half and course the developers of the game. I love the concept. However, the devs need to keep in mind that if two actions require you to tap at the same time, once to merge and then once to complete a separate action, like turning on a light, then the program recognizes that as a double-tap and backs you out. This game was never meant for tablets and should have never been set up for tablets unless you could have come up with additional instructions for merging or having the scene merging lock itself in some way. Next time, thoroughly test your games before releasing them out into the world. It would save a lot of time and frustration. The concept is awesome and would've worked had you workshopped it a little more, but nothing frustrates me more than a game that is incomplete and frustrates the user because the devs didn't take the time to figure out how to handle merging scenes..Version: 1.06

Such a great idea but….Update: I had to take a star back. I had tried the radio puzzle 19 times and couldn’t get it to link. Finally I viewed the video-i hate to resort to a walkthrough-only to find out I was doing it exactly right. Yes, I’m on a new IPad. A lot like Vignettes but less finicky. Also each puzzle does not rely solely on the correct position to merge two items — other aspects come in to solve puzzles. So if nothing happens when you’ve managed to create a beautifully merged item, it does not mean you’ve got the wrong solution — just not the entire solution. Also try the solution at least twice. Its a matter of touching the switch (or whatever) juuuuuuussst right. My source of frustration..Version: 1.06

It’s a fun concept and beautiful interface but there are bugs and some things don’t make senseA lot of these solutions are illogical or weirdly convoluted. I found myself using hints on a many of them. I never would have deduced some of these solutions. For example, the light switch only able to be used in the split-second it’s illuminated. And the pressure plate. There are also some issues with items not connecting that appear to be aligned perfectly but aren’t..Version: 1.04

Keeps crashing !Crashes when truck drives into the garage. just bought game 24 hours ago..Version: 1.03

Like Others Have Stated: Does Not LoadI downloaded it today (Nov 30th 22) on my iPad Air 1 and I have the same issue as most of the people writing these reviews. The game crashes right after the headphone message..Version: 1.06

Not as clever as the developers think they are.There are several things about this game that are quite glitchy. I’m sure they had a lot of fun making it, but all it really becomes is tedious and annoying, not fun. Definitely should not have won any awards. Do not buy. I wish I could get a refund..Version: 1.06

Will not openPaid for this game, downloaded and when you get to the “best played with headphones” it crashes. Do not buy. I will be requesting a refund..Version: 1.05

Don’t buy just because it got “game of the year” awardInterface BUGS galore. Can’t align wheel to trap door no matter what angle I try. And this is on the new iPad Pro M2!!!.Version: 1.06

Fun but crashesI am enjoy the game quite a lot but the frequent crashes is very annoying. Got a lot of potential to be great but the crashes ruins the gameplay. Hopefully the devs will fix this..Version: 1.03

Won’t playCrashed right after the headphone message. Tried several times..Version: 1.06

Not worth the timeYou have to line up the image exactly before it will let you move on. I spent 10 minutes trying to get an image to work with no success. I thought I was doing it wrong so I watched the video and I was doing it correctly. But still it was not letting me place the image on. It’s a game it should be fun. If you’re way off it’s understandable, but to be a hair width off is another thing..Version: 1.06

CrashesDoesn’t load.Version: 1.06

Battery drain & spamExcellent game, I love it - but it drains the battery incredibly quickly, in fact my charger can’t keep up with it.. Also I have been plagued with spam gambling messages since downloading. Deleted it today..Version: 1.06

DifficultI can’t figure out how to connect the truck on the first level it’s really confusing.Version: 1.06

I give upIt’s a pretty experience with a fascinating puzzle dynamic, but turns out it is next to impossible to play, and you don’t even have any interest in playing because there is no story (sorry, cryptic faceless photographs don’t count). The hint system is crucial because you never know what to do. If the developers had done any testing with real people this should have been a red flag. I finally gave up when it was impossible to replicate what the hint video did with the lighthouse light. I want my money back..Version: 1.06

Doesn’t workWas enjoying this until I got to a part that doesn’t work. I am supposed to use the lighthouse to turn a light on but it doesn’t work. I’ve seen the video of what to do but there’s a bug that won’t allow it to work..Version: 1.06

Won’t load. Refund pleaseI’m having the same problem as Don’ttellthemyournamePike - after it advises to wear headphones, it reverts back to my home screen..Version: 1.05

DisappointingPurchased this app which said is was compatible with my IPad. It crashes and shuts down whenever I try to open the app. Buyer beware!.Version: 1.06

Bug or problem on the first screen kills itUnfortunately, I can't get past the first puzzle because of a bug that doesn't allow me to move an object I'm supposed to move, nor does it allow me to save my progress. I watched the walkthrough and I'm clearly doing the right thing. It just doesn't respond properly on my device, an iPad Pro. Really disappointing that it stopped working at the very beginning. I was really looking forward to this game. Sad..Version: 1.06

Waste of moneyI agree with some of the other reveiws. The lighthouse switch to turn the power on has been not possible. Barely into the game and stuck. When you try to hit the switch the panel recedes back. Sorry I spent money on this..Version: 1.06

Clever but unplayable in partsThe design is lovely, the cube puzzles are ingenious but there are levels (Beacon) where I work out what to do, it doesn’t work, I review the hint and discover I was doing the right thing but apparently can’t quite touch the right pixel to register that I know what I’m doing..Version: 1.06

Doesn’t work.Program crashes after headphone screen. Using iPad Air and iOS 12..Version: 1.06

Game won’t loadLike the concept but unfortunately the game won’t load - I am taken back to the iPad home screen after the game advises me to wear headphones for a better experience. Please fix this or refund me. I am happy to amend my review if I actually get to play the game..Version: 1.05

Have to stop playing, so sadGreat concept and interface for the hints and walk thru video BUT I just can’t get the switch in the room turn on after it is revealed in the light from the lighthouse. Got the parts to line up but try as I might the switch never moves, after over 100 try’s …I’m out of here… looks lovely though..Version: 1.06

Pay for frustrationIt does not surprise me that there is a certain segment of the gaming population that enjoys this type of game. However, I assumed the iPad game of the year would have more of a broad appeal. I was wrong. $4 wasted. Caveat emptor..Version: 1.06

Stuck on level with lighthouse switchI was loving this game, however the level where the lighthouse is shining the light on the dark room that lights up the switch won’t let me flick the switch and I am incredibly frustrated!.Version: 1.06

Marred by terrible touch interfaceThe game is clever and challenging in all the right ways, BUT it was clearly designed for a non-touch interface, as the alignments necessary to get the puzzles to click into place are WAY too finicky. The result is that you know what you need to do but the UI makes it nearly impossible. I gave up at a light switch that was so near another item it was literally impossible to activate without shifting the view and making the switch inaccessible. After 20 mins of frustration I decided to stop wasting my time. Disappointing..Version: 1.06

Doesn’t open.As several others have said, game crashes after headphone recommendation. I’d like a refund please..Version: 1.06

A big con!!!😡Another ripped off customer!!!😡 Said it was compatible with my iPad device, so bought it but crashes when opened!!! Would demand an immediate refund , but all in Chinese so haven’t a clue how to get a refund!!!🤬.Version: 1.06

Kind of exhaustingThe idea is neat, but the puzzles are so unintuitive that they become thoroughly frustrating pretty early on. I found myself not only waiting for hints, which I almost never do in games, but watching the videos. And even then, I still didn’t really grasp how or why I ever would have guessed a particular action. It’s not a bad game, but it’s not a particularly fun or satisfying one either..Version: 1.06

Crash!!!It ALAWAYS CRASHED at the scene when that car driving into the garage(just after the introduction). Though I can tell It's a wonderful game only with that three minutes gameplay(two star for that), I have to ask for a refund..Version: 1.03

Not openingGame crashes after headphone recommendation. Please refund. Knock, knock..Version: 1.06

Terrific game,But I cannot get the light switch on from the lighthouse! I have lined up the birdcage, seen the switch, but when I touch it, the pictures move and I’m still in the dark! I am ready to delete it but would love to know how to proceed instead! Help! Ps and I’m playing on my IPad..Version: 1.06

GOTY 2022? Seriously?That this title was awarded GOTY is a damning indictment of the lamentable state of gaming on the iPad. Bought it. Tried it. Hated it. Uninstalled it. Gaming is down the drains on this platform..Version: 1.06

Dead end bug!This game started out great and was progressing smoothly, but when it came time to drop the blue battery into the toy train, there was no train anywhere and the room shown on video was not visible either. That scene was not there and something else was. I deleted app and reinstalled twice and wound up at the same dead end each time. There is no tech support in English. Sounded great, but a big frustration and waste of money!.Version: 1.06

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