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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns app received 5 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using JUMANJI: The Curse Returns? Can you share your negative thoughts about jumanji: the curse returns?

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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns for Negative User Reviews

New level of boredom unlockedThe most high production digital board game I’ve seen is a while is unfortunately also the most boring, mindless game I’ve ever played. I found myself pining for the single player game to end. It was excruciating. I did appreciate the team cooperation elements. And freeing each other repeatedly from vines, which got a bit old after a while. Ultimately deleted it after really trying to like it. Animations and feeling of anticipation were great. But the gameplay itself was slow, repetitive nonsense. And having to constantly swipe to the target for each card was the last straw for me. Too bad. Maybe by speeding up gameplay rhythm, adding a tap mechanic alternative to replace swiping, adding a rules sheet, and making the game more than some endless parlour trick mini game would help. The aesthetics are great. But not enough to keep me. Not aimed at gamers but at kids I guess. Also confusing that, unlike their other titles, it’s not based on a physical board game. The existing physical Jumanji board games are completely different. And universally panned..Version: 0.0.30

Fun but RepetitiveIt’s kinda fun at first, but it gets very repetitive very quickly. All of the mini-games are essentially identical. The DLC might help, but at nearly $30 I’m not going to find that out. Still, it looks good and little kids might be diverted for awhile..Version: 0.0.6 - Release Candidate

Great ideaI love the idea and it looks great too, but there isn’t a great deal to it. I wish there was different challenges to do, rather than the same battle game ya know?.Version: 0.0.6 - Release Candidate

Good start but needs moreThe multiplayer aspect is great but the game Is just you and your team constantly fighting the animals . They need to add some puzzle solving aspects to the game..Version: 0.0.14 - Frontend Updates and bug fixes

License game that doesn’t use licensed music from the movie.It’s a decent game but probably the most disappointing aspect of it is that it doesn’t use any music from the movie, which is incredible, the music in the game is rather forgettable and generic. I don’t understand why, when given the license to use every aspect of a movie, but you choose not to use the music, in this regard the game is a letdown..Version: 0.0.21 - New Gameplay

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