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Mapper for Safari App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Mapper for Safari app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mapper for Safari? Can you share your negative thoughts about mapper for safari?

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Mapper for Safari for Negative User Reviews

Bought the app but it’s not workingI read about this app and bought it immediately but it’s not working for me. When I checked the Safari extensions, it just shows Mapper and Mapper: Waze but doesn’t show an option for Mapper - Apple Maps. I need my money back..Version: 2.0

Mis leadingIt’s just a google product.Version: 2.0

Paper no longer seems to block google mapsMapper worked wonderfully for awhile. The updates all worked. In the last few weeks it has stopped working. I tried re-install, etc. I think Google figured out how to bypass it. It was very helpful when it worked. Please consider making it work again!.Version: 1.05

Don't workIt does not redirect to apple maps at all.Version: 1.05

Only works on Google.comBought this expecting it to work on any website. It actually only works if you specifically Google an address, then tap the directions button. It doesn’t do anything on any other website..Version: 1.05

Not workingWorked great in the past, but not working now….Version: 1.05

Does Not WorkTried the example in the extension app. Opens in Google Maps. Author should make clear it only works if you have the Google Maps APP installed. This extension could be great if it supported mapping the GM web app..Version: 1.03

Doesn’t work at allFollowed all instructions and troubleshooting steps and this did not work at all. I’ve requested a refund..Version: 1.05

PointlessIt only works if you use Google browser, and agree to track. The whole point of using Apple Maps is re preventing tracking….. and you also need to agree to Mapper tracking…..Version: 1.05

What happened to “ask every time”?There used to be a 3rd extension to “ask every time”. I want the option to use Waze for driving directions and Google Maps for exploring a map, but I no longer see this option. Where did it go?.Version: 2.0

MehJust opens apple maps but doesn’t open the address you click on lol.Version: 1.05

Not working after few daysIt worked for first few days, now it stopped working . Not sure why. I even purchased this app. Looks like wastage of money..Version: 1.05

Where is my privacy?Why does this only work when I ALLOW the app to alter/access my webpages and browsing history? As the app developer states on the AppStore, this app shouldn’t collect personal data. But you still need to grant it to make it work!!!!! That alone gives it this rating..Version: 1.05

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work. I followed the directions. Doesn’t work..Version: 2.0

I prefer opener because I know they don’t collect data from me.This app is sketchy. Using the excuse of the fact that it needs to scan every website is disgusting. 👎🏻.Version: 1.05

Doesn’t workDon’t wast your time or $2.00. It doesn’t work..Version: 2.0

MapperDoesn’t work that well lots of detour to make it work waste of time I’m deleting it now!.Version: 1.05

Ok app till it stopped workingWhen I updated my phone it quit working now my phone just opens google maps which is fine but I prefer to use Apple Maps because it uses less battery than google maps the app was great till it wasn’t.Version: 2.0

Not working on any site apart from GoogleOn any site except Google I get an undefined address. Apple Maps opens but there’s no address passed to it. I don’t suggest buying this until this problem is fixed..Version: 2.0

FraudRunning ios15.1 and it keeps defaulting to google maps. Everything was set up as directed. It’s a fraud..Version: 1.05

Works a couple of times then stops workingYes, the app works for the first few times. After some use it stops redirecting to Apple’s Maps, and sends you to Google Maps. If a few addresses show up for the same location it redirects to some random address, in my case in Turkey (completely different country!!). Currently running iOS 15.0.2.Version: 1.05

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Mapper for Safari works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Mapper for Safari.

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